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Yvan Martinez

July 8.2007
Essay 1

The Journey throughout my life as being good and at the same time hard. This
essay is like my biography of my life. There are good and bad times throughout my life
as a child, teenager, and Adult. My life as being happiness and as while was sorrow. My
life as a child has being though starting my life, parent getting diverse, and my family not
being a whole. As a teenager or as people call it “the good times”. Well as a teenager, I
moved where I want to go, I enter a new school (Middle school), I met new people, and
then my life changed when I moved far from my family and from my school. That time
was the worst time of my life. I had no friends near, no family near, and no other friend to
go outside to play or hung out with. Then go to school far, after school had to go to my
mom job. Finally I enter high school, met more new people and knowing that their were
from different school and their were cool to hung out. Finally at sixteen, I get my car.
Drove went I want to and was I wanted to go. Then moving was I belong the most.
Hanging out with friend near by and going to family houses to visit. My journey
throughout high school was good and fun. Then went I finish high school and started the
real world. Entering college and meeting new people. And everything I am doing now at
the age of nineteen. From going to work, going home, then I have to take a quick shower,
then picking up my girlfriend, going to school, then going to my girlfriend house and
spending time with her after going to school, going home and cleaning a little, and after
that going to sleep.
As a child, I was though a lot, including my parent getting diverse, my
father not always been there went I needed him, and my family always in a fight and not
being together. My parent called me Yvan Martinez instead of Ivan Martinez. I was born
at Jackson Hospital on February 16,1988. It was on a Tuesday at 8:40A.M. I weight eight
pound and 13 oz. The next day the hospital release me and I went home. At that time, my
parent lived in Homestead, Florida. At the age of three, my parents get diverse because of
my aunt sleeping with my father. That went my life started to change. I grow up with my
father not being there and my family always in a fight. When I would go to my father
house, he wouldn’t spend time with my brother and me. Instead he would leave us at my
grandmother house and he would go back home with his new wife. His wife would

Yvan Martinez
July 8.2007
Essay 1
always complain about my brother and me because she was jealous. So as a child, I grow
up with my mom and my grandmother. My mom was always in a fight with her family
because their didn’t want me and my brother to grow up in homestead. When I turn six
years old, we moved to Sweetwater. I went to elementary in Sweetwater to the 5th grade.
After finishing 5th grade, I moved to 2535 S.W. 132 Court, next to my
uncle’s house. I started the sixth grade at W.R. Thomas and met a lot of friends at W.R.
Thomas. Well from sixth though eighth grade, my friends and I were the most popular
kids at school. I used to play a lot of video game thought middle school. When I was
about to the eighth grade, my mom moved us to coral garble. That went I started to do
bad in school. I finish middle school and started the summer. That was the worst summer
ever. Throughout the whole summer I was board. Summer end and I started high school. I
met a lot of different people in high school. I went to G. Holmes Braddock Sr. high
schools were there were more then five thousand students. High school was a lot of fun
for my friends and I. The entire students were down to earth and friendly. And the entire
Teachers were nice and there were easy to pass the class. That went I started to do good
in school. During high school I met my girlfriend at the end of the eleventh grade. The
last year of school was a blast with my girlfriend and the entire event that were in high
school. Including grad night, Prom, luncheon, the prep rally, the field trips, and Lou out.
On May 23,2006, I graduate from high school. Our graduation took place at the UM
After finishing high school, I start to work with my father. We install
marble and tile floors. I have been working with him for a year and two months. And now
is when I started the real world. I started college at the in the fall of 2006. I go to work
everyday at 8 A.M. and then go to school at night. I am now nineteen years old and I have
more things to do then any other person in the world. I start work at 8 A.M., and then I
leave at 4 p.m. when I leave, I go home and take a shower. After taking a shower, I go to
my girlfriend house and pick her up for we can go to school together. I sit in class for
three hour and write in my notebook. Around 9:40P.M, I leave school and then I go to my
girl friend house. I spend around two hour at my girlfriend house. I go home and clean a
little. And now I have to start remodeling my kitchen, my brother’s room and my room. I

Yvan Martinez
July 8.2007
Essay 1
also have to do my bathroom of marble. So after I clean a little at my house, I go to sleep.
The next morning I start everything again. That what happens went you finish school and
start the real world.
In conclusion, my journey as been through the best and worst time of my
life as a child, teenager, and adult. My journey has made me the person I am now. From
going through a lot of pain with my parents getting diverse, and my family not always
being together, when there shall have been. Then went I change schools and met a lot of
different people at W.R. Thomas. Then when my mom moved my brother and me to
Coral Garble. After all the summer that I had fun with my cousin and then when we
moved the summer of my eighth grade year was the most bordering time. Also the good
time went I moved back to coral way and 127. Meeting my girlfriend in high school. And
now has an adult, that I start the real world. Also at the age of nineteen, I have more
things then any other person in the world. If my life had been the same then god would
not have made me the man I am now.

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