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Mass Infotype Deletion

Sometimes, it may be required to mass delete infotypes. Usually this would happen in the development or testing phase of a project where test data is being loaded, or maybe from data conversion or interface tests. Of course, it would be possible to write an ABA to delete the data, but here is an easier!quic"er way using fast entry. #or this to wor", the infotype you wish to delete needs to be available on A$% fast entry. &f it is not, clic" to our page Adding &nfotypes to #ast 'ntry A$%

To Perform the Deletion (o to transaction A$% Easy Access menu – human Resources – Personnel Management – Administration – HR Master Data – Fast Entry

)clic" to enlarge* +o bring up the selection screen for you to enter employee numbers, personnel area, etc, clic" ,preselect using reportas shown.

+hen you should select the button ne/t to the infotype you want to delete. &f you want to delete a particular sub0type )wage type* then enter it in the field provided.

&f you want to remove data for a particular date or period, enter in the date selection. e.g..

+he following screen that appears is a selection screen for you to identify the employees with data that you want to remove. or simply press the delete icon again. then click the delete button again and the records will be deleted ! . just e/ecute without entering anything. 2lic" 'dit 3 Select!4eselect all. +he ne/t screen to appear will be a list of the employees. li"e so. +his will display a list of records to be deleted. you can edit this list if you wish.1hen you-ve made your selection. Take off the D for any records that do not need to be deleted. clic" the delete icon . &f you want to remove data for all employees. and you-ll see the right column changed to 4 all the way down which means 4elete 3 an e/ample is shown.

you will be using the reference user group. click Infotype Menu In the dialogue bo$ that appears. currently has fast entry for infotypes ''().# -e wish to add infotype +''( to this list as an e$a!ple# .Adding Infotypes to Fast Entry Screen It is possible to add re!o"e the infotypes that appear on the fast entry initial screen# This e$a!ple shows %A&' %ersonnel Ad!in. ''(* and '(+. '5 for Ti!e Data# '& is the one used in transaction %A&'# For this configuration. which is usually 55 8look at the ref user group field at the top right9# An e$a!ple/ .ote/ This docu!ent was written fro! SA% ")#0c 1ere2s a screen shot taken fro! %A&' Fast Entry/ click to enlarge The configuration e$plained/ Change Infotype Menu IMG – Personnel Management – Personnel Admin – Customising Procedures – Infotype Menu 3n the sub4!enu bo$ that appears. enter '& for %A Master Data. we need to know which user group we are to !ake the changes against# 6ook down the list on the left for 7user group2 and page down to the one you want to !aintain# If you do not see yours on the list.

o# ') for the se>uence nu!ber 8ne$t on the list9. enter 55 and . %A&'# To add +''( Absences to the list. it !ay look like so/ ?lick <sa"e= and e$it. then +''( for the infotype# The screen colu!n is where you can specify an alternate screen nu!ber. but this would not nor!ally be used# After the changes. we click <. follow these steps# IMG – Personnel Management – Personnel Admin – Customising Procedures – set up infotype menu for fast entry This displays the following table/ . perhaps a custo!er defined one.ew entries=.1ere we see against user group 55 the : entries that are controlling the screen shot at the top of this docu!ent . then go to %A&' and check your new infotype appears on the screen# 1ere2s our e$a!ple screen with the new +''( infotype on it# Adding infotypes that are not available @ou !ay notice that not all infotypes are a"ailable on the list to be added to fast entry# If you wish to add another infotype.

To add the desired infotype copy an e$isting line or click <new entries=# Enter your infotype nu!ber and lea"e the screen control blank# Enter )''' for the default value and *''' for fast data entry# . but typically the standard pre4selection report will suffice so enter A%6FST''# The selection report is defines the pre4selection screen that appear when you this on %A&'/ .ote that the infotype needs to ha"e a fast entry screen *''' created for it# ?reating fast entry screens can be done by a dialogue progra!!er or possibly the person who created the new infotype# The selection report can be a co!ple$ area.ow test your changes by going to %A&'###### .