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Brianna Lynn Moreno English 1311 M, W, F 9:30 Nov.

11, 2013 Rights in Jeopardy Although the term slut-shaming has not been around for hundreds and hundreds of years, the act most definitely has been. In any given patriarchal society in countless cultures, women are expected to behave a certain way and are limited as to what rights they may have in comparison to a males. The effects that it has on women, why it happens, and the double standard between men and women is incredibly important as an issue and discussion topic if the people are to move forward as a society. According to the article, What is Slut-Shaming? by Tekanji (FAQ, 2010, paragraph 1); slut- shaming is the idea of shaming and/or attacking a woman or girl for being sexual, having one or more sexual partners, acknowledging sexual feelings, and/or acting on sexual feelings. The effect of slut-shaming on a woman is a very serious and personal attack that asserts pressure into feeling remorseful and condemned. This is damaging too many aspects of a womans livelihood such as her self-respect, ego, and most of all, her sexuality. It is commonly conceived that a woman should not engage in sexual intercourse until marriage and that her husband should be her only sexual partner. These are a couple of the expectations that women are encouraged to meet; however, this is not the only issue. The clothes that some women wear may have a appeal due to that are slutty. Just flirtatious come off as aggressive to as slutty as more sexual revealing areas typically seen as as how a woman who may sexually some can be seen well. This is not

to say that all women are closeted sexual deviants or that all women want to be able to be sexual but cannot. Society would only benefit by giving all women equal rights to their bodies with no double standards with men, because it is when just one persons rights are in trouble is when

everybody elses is, too. Sometimes it poses as taboo to discuss sexuality and what may or may not be acceptable for a woman to engage herself in, but it is something that cannot be ignored. For example, in 2010 there was a case in Steubenville, Ohio where two boys had raped an inebriated girl at a party. In certain news stations such as CNN, the main focus of the articles was the crime that was committed, who the two boys were, and the consequences that face them. Not much attention was given to the girl in regards of her name, current situation, and family. The two boys, Trent Richmond were were given much almost every ruined futures. school football to be good that it was all them was everybody. But Mays and Malik found guilty and sympathy from angle for their now They were high stars and were said students. The fact taken away from emotional for what of the girl? The

only information given was that she was a West Virginian girl who just got way too drunk at a party resulting in the inevitable rape. After the story surfaced, many social network users began to post and discuss the fact that this girl was just some young, dumb highschooler who was probably provokingly dressed who did not care for her surroundings. She was not careful and had got what she deserved. Did this West Virginian girl actually get what was coming to her? I do not think so. It is normal for people these days to have more than one partner despite the fact that there are still the famous double standards between men and women. Not so surprisingly enough, there are (give or take) 220 words that are used to describe a sexually promiscuous woman but only 20 for a sexually promiscuous man. Some words that are used for women have been known to describe men as well; however, there is not the same amount of consistency. Women are also known to slut-shame other women just as much as men do creating an ongoing competition. It is easy to feel power and superior as a means of looking more desirable to others. Yet there are women who insist on dressing in a more provocative manner to be seen as desirable as well.

There is a solid line between sexy and modest that create confusion and psychological issues amongst females. Women will always have rights to their own bodies just the way men do as it is our human rights. Both women and men need to stop what they are doing to one another and remember that every single one of us is human, we have feelings, and we have rights. Men and women are both equally as important and respect amongst us is vital. Once we can stop slutshaming each other and treat one another with dignity, then we may be able to move forward.