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The amount of information available to us is literally exploding to manage this large task we require tools that simplify the management and presentation of data in a timely and ordered fashion. The software Test Co-ordination system is a tool for atomizing the test process carried out in MC department of !"#$T the software facilitates the test coordinators. department. The software Test coordination system simplifies the activities of test coordination process by automating the various tasks being followed by the MC maintains detailed information about the student and his academics details. $t also maintains records pertaining to attendance and marks details for each student. Objectives: The #oftware will provide high flexibility and simplified approach for the system. %eports will help in easy maintenance of various records pertaining to the different aspects of the system. Manual tasks such as seating arrangements and finalization of $ be automated. Charts will give dvanced nalysis about !erformance across internals. marks will


The Test Coordination system is a #tandard process followed in MC !"#$T for the whole coordination of the $nternal Test conducted.

&epartment of

The existing system involves a lot of manual and handwritten work and hence almost always prone to some kind of an inevitable human error. #ince data is temporarily stored and needs to be entered explicitly for each report. Manual tasks such a seating arrangements and report generation for list of absentees' etc are repetitive tasks. Maintaining (uge amount of data pertaining to marks of students is very difficult without a specialized system The different types of reports to be prepared including the final $ marks

which include the average marks and also lab internal marks is very tiresome. The proposed system in many ways overcomes the drawbacks of the existing system especially in the reduction of repetitive tasks such as Marks entry for report generation and #eating arrangement. !erformance long with overcoming the drawbacks it provides certain new innovative features such as student nalysis across internals through the !ictorial %epresentation of Charts which gives an instant idea of performance and consistency ' which helps the department to regulate student)s performance. #ome of the salient features of the proposed system are The software maintains detailed information about the student and his academics details. !erformance nalysis of student for each #ub*ect and across $nternals opted

through +ar Charts #ingle system for workstation' spares and customer care sections their by eliminating information being isolated in the sections' leading to inefficiency of the organization.

System Requirement Specification SRS!

"#$ Intro%uction #%# is a document that completely describes what the proposed system should do without describing how the software will do it. $t is completely responsible for describing the external behavior of the proposed software. ,eed for #%#.. /. n #%# establishes the basis for agreement between the client and the supplier on what the software product will do. high-quality #%# pre-requisite to high quality software and reduces the development cost providing a reference for the validation of the final product 0riting SRS is the most challenging part of the pro*ect development phase. $ts basic purpose is to bridge the communication gap between the customer and the developer. nother important purpose of developing an SRS is helping the clients understand their own needs. #%# establishes the basis for agreement between client and supplier on what the software product will do. "#& System requirements Current System %equires considerable amount of work and is sometimes error prone. ll the #tudent' sub*ect and Test details are maintained by typing manually in "xcel #heets and this increases complexity. The 1aculty needs to make seating arrangements manually and is very cumbersome. The 1aculty needs to calculate Total marks and average of marks for each student manually. #earching of records takes much time' 2 sometimes may lead to wrong results.

"#' (ropose% System T"#T Coordination system fully atomizes using 3+ as the front end and #45 #erver /666 as back end. The user who will be using the automated system needs to enter only the student' sub*ect and Test marks details. The details will be stored in database and can be accessed easily by selecting semester' section' or sub*ect code' or Test ,umber' or %oom ,o like keys from the combo box. The data is secured and requires login name and password before using the application. The user can easily find the student details and marks details 2 generate reports by *ust click of a button. %educes stress' workload' and gives proper and accurate results in no time.

"#) *unctiona+ Requirements 5ogin must be provided with user name and password to avoid unauthorized access to the system. The system should be operated by Test Coordinator of the department as well as by other authorized staff. The system must validate the inputs given by the user to ensure consistent and error free data. The user must be able to generate the student report' test marks details report at a given point of time. The user must be able to save the generated reports to disk or print them. The user must be provided an option to modify or delete the details of student test marks and other details.

# ,ARD-AR. an% SO*T-AR. R./UIR.0.NTS

system development environment is a set of hardware and software tools that act in combination in an integrated way to provide support for the whole of the software process form initial specification through to testing and delivery. The minimum 1ar%2are requirements for system to work efficiently are!rocessor - !referable !entium $$$ and above Memory - ./7 M+ % M (ard disk - /68+ The minimum soft2are requirements for system the are9perating #ystem 1ront "nd +ack "nd %eporting Tool - 0indows :x or higher - ;ava - M# #45 #erver /666 - Crystal %eports 7.6