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Read the following passage and write the appropriate form of the new words in the blanks below.

abide by agreement assurance cancel determine engaging establishment obligates parties provide resolve specifies

Contracts are an integral part of the workplace. In simple terms, contracts are an (5.) _________________________________________________________________________ betw een two or more (6.) ________ that (7.) _________ terms or something to be done and that (8.) ___________ the parties to follow through. Contracts often include the amount that the client will pay the contractors and what services will be provided. For example, in your office, you may have a contract that provides (9.) _______ that your copier machine or phones will be repaired within a certain amount of time. This service can either be done off-site or at your (10.) ______________________________________________________________________________________ . A contract often states ways to (11.) ________ if quality of work delivered is acceptable. Well-written contracts usually (12.) ________ ways to (13.) _________ problems like these when they happen. Before (14.) _______ in a contract, the parties should think carefully, as they will have to (15.) ___________ the conditions specified in it. A contract usually specifies how the two parties can (16.) _______ it if either party fails to meet the terms.
Read the following passage and write the appropriate form of the new words in the blanks below.
attract compared competes consumers convince current fad inspire market persuaded product satisfied

Yassir is getting ready to realize his dream: opening a business that sells plants on the Internet. After completing a business plan that helped him to determine that there was demand for his (5.) ____________ in the (6.) _________ , Yassir is ready to start promoting his business. Having (7.) ___________ the bank that there was a market, that there were consumers willing to buy flowers on the Internet, he needed to find these (8.) _____________ . Once he has an established base, Yassir, like other business owners will have to continually (9.) _______________ new customers. At the same time, he must make sure current customers are (10.) ____________ . In order to be satisfied, (11.) . these customers . customers must be happy with the product they receive. Yassirs job is to (12.). consumers that he offers a good product at . to gain their repeat business. To do this, he will have to (13.) _________ And, of course, he a good price, especially when (14.) ___________ to the businesses with which he (15.) will have to compete with other businesses on the price he charges and service he offers. He hopes that Internet businesses are here to stay and not a (16.)