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6th August’ 2009


AGM & Elections for the new Executive committee were held on 28 July 2009 at
Islamabad Club, 25 members and other guests attended the AGM.

• The AGM approved the minutes of the previous AGM held on 30th July 2008, at
Islamabad Club, Islamabad.

After presenting the annual report by the Honorary Secretary, Ar. Fawad Suhail Abbasi
and annual accounts by the Honorary Treasures Ar. Haroon ur Rashid, the Chairman, Ar.
Salman Mansoor thanked his team for their hard work and continuous support in the
preceding year. He spoke about the guidance and encouragement he received from his
seniors and colleagues, who were always available to him for advice.

The Chairman also brought forward a resolution for the approval of AGM, on the
formation of a Trust on the similar pattern as adopted by the IAP, Lahore chapter, for
looking after the assets and properties of IAP, Rawalpindi- Islamabad Chapter. The
proposed Trust will have seven Trustees, following names were proposed as trustees:

- Ar. Suhail A. Abbasi, FIAP

- Ar. Sikander Ajam Khan, FIAP
- Ar. Shama Usman, FIAP
- Ar. Murad Jamil, AIAP
- Ar. Salman Mansoor, AIAP
- Ar. Naveed Aslam, AIAP

- The 7th Member will be the sitting Chairman of the Chapter (as an ex officio

It was unanimously approved by AGM, as proposed by Ar. Shama Usman and seconded by
Ar. Suhail A. Abbasi.

The second resolution brought forward, for approval by the AGM was “that 65% of the
IAPEX-RIS Chapter’s profits from all future IAPEX events will be kept away for the
construction of IAP house on the plot purchased in Naval Anchorage, Islamabad, and for
acquiring/ buying assets and properties for IAP- RIC, for which a separate account will be
maintained by the Trust. It was unanimously approved by the AGM, as proposed by Ar.
Suhail A. Abbasi and seconded by Ar. Zain ul Abedin.

Ar. Fauzia Asad Khan, Convenor of the Election committee conducted the elections for
the new Executive Committee 2009-2010. According to the new charter 5 members will
continue from the previous exec. Committee, while 5 new members shall be elected.
Since only 5 nominations were received, and all of them were found to be valid, she
announced the election of 5 new members (elected unopposed) to form the following 10
members executive committee.

- Ar. Naveed Aslam, AIAP

- Ar. A. Kabeer Malik, AIAP
- Ar. Fawad Suhail Abbasi, AIAP
- Ar. Muhammad Attique, AIAP
- Ar. Jahangir S.M. Khan Sherpao, AIAP (New)
- Ar. Zain ul Abedin, AIAP (New)
- Ar. Malik Muhammad Yunus, AIAP (New)
- Ar. Iftikhar Ahmed, AIAP
- Ar. Ambreen Thebo, AIAP (New)
- Ar. Mubashar Ahmed Khan, AIAP (New)

The outgoing Chairman, Ar. Salman Mansoor, gave his closing remarks and briefly talked
about his three year tenure as Chairman. He congratulated the new committee 2009-
2010 and assured them, his complete support. He thanked his committee for the effort
and time given for the cause and making all the events a success.

Ar. Shama Usman, Chairperson, PCATP thanked Ar. Salman Mansoor and his EC for their
achievements and working non- stop for the betterment of the profession. She welcomed
the new committee and wished them a successful year ahead of them.

In their first meeting on the same day, the new executive committee (2009-2010) elected
the following office bearers:

Ar. Naveed Aslam Chairman

Ar. A. Kabeer Malik Vice Chairman
Ar. Fawad Suhail Abbasi Hon. Secretary
Ar. Muhammad Attique Hon. Treasurer

The Rawalpindi- Islamabad Chapter started the year by thanking the outgoing Executive
Committee and congratulating them on a wonderful year in which many milestones were
achieved, especially the purchasing of IAP plot.

A calendar of events was then requested from EC members for the next meeting to improve
interaction between fellow architects and the professionals of the building industry. The new
Chairman, Ar. Naveed Aslam welcomed the new committee. He told everyone that he is very keen
to work together as a team and maintain the standards set by the last Chairman. He requested
the EC members to suggest ideas in the upcoming meeting of the chapter.

The meeting was then adjourned.


Ar. Fawad Suhail Abbasi, AIAP

Honorary Secretary, IAP-RIC

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