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H115 S, H120C S, H130 S, H140D S, H160D S, H180D S

FEATURES & BENEfITS: Sealed Housing n Powercell protected, fully enclosed in housing. Bottom of housing is closed and sealed while the covers prevent material intrusion on the top. Hammer & Carrier Protection n The effective suspension system, including buffer and side pads, not only protects the hammer but also the carrier from recoil forces. Sound Suppression n All large hammer models are delivered in sound suppressed version. This results in greater operator comfort and environment protection. Slip Fit Rotatable Lower Tool Bushing n The slip t lower bushing can be rotated once in the eld without the need for special tools. This doubles its life and reduces owning and operating costs.

Automatic Shut-Off (ASO) n Prevents blank ring of the piston. Reliability and durability are increased as high stress levels internal to the hammer are reduced. Available only in D-series models. High Pressure Accumulator n High pressure hydraulic accumulator is eld serviceable and protects both the hammer circuit and carrier pump from hydraulic pressure spikes. Special Applications n Built-in lubrication port and air port make it easy to convert the hammer to automatic greasing and underwater use. Screw Adjust Pressure Control Valve n The screw adjust feature allows the adjustment of the pressure control valve without having to remove it from the hammer power cell. This simplies the adjusting process and eliminates oil spillage. Available only in D-series models.

Hammers / Machines Compatibility

Model H115 S H120C S H130 S H140D S H160D S H180D S Machines

Small Hydraulic Excavators, Medium Hydraulic Excavators, Large Hydraulic Excavators, Wheeled Hydraulic Excavators 312C, 314C CR, 315C, 318C, 320C, 320D, M313D, M315D, M316D, M318D, M322D 315C, 318C, 320C, 320D, 321C CR, 324D, 325C CR, 325D, M315D, M316D, M318D, M322D 320C, 320D, 321C CR, 324D, 325C CR, 325D, 328D CR, 330C, 330D, M318D, M322D 324D, 325C CR, 325D, 328D CR, 330C, 330D 330C, 330D, 345B, 345C 345B, 345C, 365B, 365B II, 365C

Cat Hammers
Hammer Illustrations
1. 2. Shock Absorbers Provide maximum shock and recoil protection for both hammer and carrier. Accumulator Self-contained diaphragm accumulator designed for long life. The accumulator access is on the side of the hammer. This side access allows for recharging the accumulator while the hammer is mounted on the machine. Housing Symmetrical lean enclosed housing no parts to break through external shock. Hydraulic Valves The Pressure Control Valve maintains maximum hydraulic pressure to ensure that the hammer delivers all blows at full power. A check valve isolates harmful pulsation spikes from the carrier hydraulic circuit. Auto-Lube Connection and Grease Channel Provides grease to the upper and lower tool bushings to ensure proper greasing. Proper greasing provides longer life for the bushings and the tool. Auto Shut Off (ASO) Prevents blank ring and extends hammer life by reducing internal stress and heat (available on D series models only). Seal Carrier Contains special high performance seals to extend leak-proof operation. Hydraulic Brake Dampens idle strokes and prevents steel to steel contact between piston and cylinder. Piston Long piston transfers a long shock wave into the rock. Tool-piston diameters are matched for maximum energy transfer.
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10. Tie-Rods Heat-torqued tie rods ensure maximum clamping force and minimum maintenance. 11. Cylinder Low recoil stress. 12. Full Length Wear Plates Long high abrasion resilient plastic wear plates with visual wear indicators which provides lower bearing pressure between hammer and housing reducing noise and increasing service life (available on D series models only). 13. Upper Tool Bushing Guides the tool to optimize in-line piston to tool contact. 14. Tool Retaining Pins Allow quick and easy tool maintenance. 15. Upper and Lower Wear Plates High abrasion resilient plastic wear plates between hammer and housing reduce noise and guide hammer assembly properly. 16. Rock Claw Special high abrasion resistant rock claw, enables quick positioning of boulders, gives maximum wear life. 17. Lower Tool Bushing Easily replaceable during normal maintenance. Grooves are added on the inside bottom portion of the tool bushing for visual wear limits indicating time to rotate or replace. 18. Dust Seals One Dust Seal helps prevent foreign material from entering the housing. This helps to reduce wear on the front head and wear plates. The second Dust Seal prevents foreign material from entering the grease between the lower tool bushing and the tool. This reduces the wear on the lower tool bushing and tool. 19. Tool Specially heat-treated tools match piston diameter and mass, to deliver full blow energy.
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H115 S 26,400-44,000 lb 12,000-20,000 kg 2,200 lb (1,000 kg) 370-800 bpm 2,500 ft-lb (3,390 J) Acceptable oil flow 18-34 gpm (70-130 lpm) Operating pressure 2,030 psi (140 bar) Sound power level Lwa** 123 dB(A)

Recommended carrier weight Working weight* Impact frequency Energy Class

H120C S 37,400-57,200 lb 17,000-26,000 kg 2,860 lb (1,300 kg) 350-620 bpm 3,000 ft-lb (4,067 J) 26-45 gpm (100-170 lpm) 2,030 psi (140 bar) 124 dB(A)

H130 S 41,800-70,400 lb 19,000-32,000 kg 3,740 lb (1,700 kg) 320-600 bpm 3,500 ft-lb (4,745 J) 31-57 gpm (120-220 lpm) 2,030 psi (140 bar) 124 dB(A)

H140D S 55,000-88,000 lb 25,000-40,000 kg 5,170 lb (2,350 kg) 350-600 bpm 5,500 ft-lb (7,457 J) 42-60 gpm (160-230 lpm) 2,320 psi (160 bar) 126 dB(A)

H160D S 70,400-121,000 lb 32,000-55,000 kg 6,946 lb (3,150 kg) 380-560 bpm 8,000 ft-lb (10,847 J) 58-82 gpm (220-310 lpm) 2,320 psi (160 bar) 130 dB(A)

H180D S 88,000-165,000 lb 40,000-75,000 kg 8,600 lb (3,900 kg) 400-505 bpm 12,000 ft-lb (16,270 J) 67-88 gpm (250-330 lpm) 2,320 psi (160 bar) 127 dB(A)

* Working weight includes hammers, standard tool and average mounting bracket. ** Sound power level Lwa as tested per Directive 2000/14/EC.

Hammers for H115 S, H120C S, H130 S, H140D S, H160D S, H180D S

Cat Hammers
Applications Guide with Standard Tools




H115 S H120C S H130 S H140D S H160D S 1. Roadbuilding/construction Breaking of road surface C,M,P,S C,M,P C,M,P C,M,P C,M,P Breaking uneven bedrock to lay a road C,M,P C,M,P C,M,P C,M,P C,M,P Primary breaking to prepare road bed C,M,P C,M,P Trench excavation for drainage C,M,P C,M,P C,M,P C,M,P C,M,P Demolition of bridges B,C,M,P B,C,M,P B,C,M,P B,C,M,P B,C,M,P Heavily reinforced bridge pillars B B Making holes (for trafc signs, lamp posts) M M M M M Breaking of frozen ground C,M,P,S C,M,P C,M,P C,M,P C,M,P 2. Demolition/housing development Demolition of concrete walls, roofs, oors B,C,M,P B,C,M,P B,C,M,P B,C,M,P B,C,M,P Demolition of light, reinforced B,M,P B,M,P B,M,P concrete foundation [<.5m (19 7)] Brick walls B,C,M,P B,C,M,P B,C,M,P B,C,M,P B,C,M,P Rock trenches for mains/water supply/utilities C,M,P C,M,P C,M,P C,M,P C,M,P Rock excavation for foundation C,M,P C,M,P C,M,P C,M,P C,M,P Mass excavation of rock for industrial C,M,P C,M,P C,M,P building bases Massive reinforced concrete foundations M,P M,P Separating rebar from concrete (for recycling) B,C,M,P B,C,M,P B,C,M,P B,C,M,P B,C,M,P 3. Quarrying/open cast mining Secondary boulder breaking B B B B B Primary breaking of rock C,M,P C,M,P C,M,P Breaking oversizes on a crusher/feeder/feed chute B,C,M,P B,C,M,P B,C,M,P B,C,M,P B,C,M,P 4. Underground applications Scaling C 5. Metallurgical applications Breaking of slag in casting ladles C,M,P Breaking of slag in converter openings C,M,P C,M,P C,M,P Cleaning of castings C,M,P Breaking of massive steel slag C,M,P Breaking of aluminum electrolyze slag C,M,P C,M,P C,M,P C,M,P 6. Other applications Demolition/Rock breaking under water C,M,P C,M,P C,M,P C,M,P C,M,P

H180D S C,M,P C,M,P C,M,P C,M,P B,C,M,P B M C,M,P






Hammers for H115 S, H120C S, H130 S, H140D S, H160D S, H180D S

Cat Hammers

H115 S H120C S H130 S H140D S H160D S H180D S A. Length 23.0 in 23.0 in 23.0 in 23.0 in 28.7 in 28.7 in 585 mm 585 mm 585 mm 585 mm 730 mm 730 mm B. Width 21.3 in 21.3 in 21.3 in 21.3 in 28.7 in 28.7 in 540 mm 540 mm 540 mm 540 mm 730 mm 730 mm C. Height 63.9 in 70.1 in 74.1 in 85.3 in 93.3 in 97.4 in 1625 mm 1783 mm 1885 mm 2167 mm 2369 mm 2478 mm D. Tool Diameter 4.2 in 4.5 in 5.1 in 5.5 in 6.3 in 7.0 in 106 mm 115 mm 130 mm 140 mm 160 mm 174 mm E. Tool Working Length 15.4 in 14.1 in 15.6 in 17.9 in 23.2 in 21 in 390 mm 357 mm 397 mm 454 mm 589 mm 542 mm

Non-Reinforced Concrete Reinforced Concrete Sedimentary Rock Volcanic Rock H115 S 150-375 yd3 115-287 m3 140-240 yd3 107-184 m3 165-300 yd3 126-229 m3 75-150 yd3 57-115 m3 H120C S 200-450 yd3 153-344 m3 160-300 yd3 122-229 m3 200-340 yd3 153-260 m3 110-200 yd3 84-153 m3 H130 S H140D S H160D S 275-490 yd3 210-375 m3 200-350 yd3 250-650 yd3 300-850 yd3 153-268 m3 191-497 m3 229-650 m3 3 3 250-400 yd 300-700 yd 350-900 yd3 191-306 m3 229-535 m3 268-688 m3 3 3 135-275 yd 150-350 yd 200-600 yd3 103-210 m3 115-268 m3 153-459 m3 H180D S

385-1705 yd3 295-1301 m3 440-1760 yd3 337-1345 m3 275-990 yd3 210-757 m3

* Production rates listed are based on 8-hr shift. The above gures are for general estimation purpose only and must not be used to guarantee any production gure to the customer. The actual working results may vary according to the quality and structure of the material to be broken, required degree of material size reduction, installation, condition of the carrier, conditions at the worksite, haulage of the broken material, skills of the operator etc.

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