I 3148 Internship Level 3




#tu$y -.perience /. Contact for further information 2 .Contents 1 General Information o Purpose of the Placement o Timing 2 What happens when you are on Placement? o Host Contact o Agreeing ob ecti!es o Wor" Programme o Placement Portfolio o #tan$ar$s an$ %esources o &inancial Arrangement o Insurance of #tu$ents on Placement o Health ' #afety ( Host )rganisations * Assessment +.

8earning outcomes articulate with prior an$ future aca$emic stu$ies in the programme6 encouraging e. The placement mo$ule has a set of learning outcomes pre5$etermine$ by A1C. Practice e$ucation is an integral core element of the curriculum enabling you to integrate theory an$ practice in a meaningful6 reflecti!e an$ realistic manner. Ha!ing the chance to obser!e an$ participate in me$ia an$ communication relate$ wor" in an organisation or stu$io may also pro!i$e you with a rele!ant career choice.ournalism stran$. Ti'in+ The placement is sche$ule$ to last si. 7ou may un$erta"e the placement anytime from November 2012 for the &ilm :irecting stran$ an$ from March 2013 for the . 1# ener$l In%&r'$ti&n Pr$(ti(e E)*($ti&n A01I 1etropolitan College an$ 2ueen 1argaret 3ni!ersity 4A in 1ass Communication an$ 1e$ia Arts programme recognises the pi!otal role of practice5base$ learning throughout the e$ucational process.ploration an$ e!aluation of practice6 enhancing learning an$ transfer of "nowle$ge s"ills an$ instilling essential professional !alues. wor"ing wee"s although you an$ your placement host may arrange further employment if you so wish. 3 .perience in practicing in a safe an$ ethical manner. 7ou will ha!e opportunities to apply6 practice6 consoli$ate an$ transfer e.isting s"ills an$6 in a$$ition6 learn new s"ills rele!ant to each practice setting. Integration is facilitate$ by9 • articulation of A1C base$ mo$ules with the practice placement • preparation of stu$ents prior to each placement • $ebriefing of stu$ents following each practice placement • strong communication lin"s between A1C an$ practice placement pro!i$ers • preparation of practice e$ucators through in$uctions6 presentations an$ wor"shops.This guide provides information to students about the placement on the BA Mass Communication & Media Arts programme. • $iscussions an$ meetings with in$i!i$ual or groups of practice e$ucators • 1oo$le $iscussion areas • use of learning agreements on all practice placements • use of self e!aluation reports • instruction on portfolio5buil$ing #tu$ent representati!es6 placement pro!i$ers an$ practice e$ucators are !alue$ members of programme planning teams an$ their contributions gi!e useful insights into effecti!e an$ practical ways of facilitating the embe$$ing of "nowle$ge within practice P*rp&se &% the Pl$(e'ent The aim of the placement is to pro!i$e you with practical e.perience rele!ant to your programme. The placement can either be run on 2 $ays per wee" basis o!er the / months. 7ou will also gain e. Throughout practice e$ucation the integration of "nowle$ge an$ practice forms the "eystone of continuing professional $e!elopment through meaningful an$ reflecti!e learning. 3ltimately6 the timing of each placement will be a mutual $ecision ma$e by you an$ the host in con unction with the placement coor$inator.

The importance of punctuality6 attenti!eness an$ willingness to help cannot be stresse$ strongly enough. If you are not clear about what is re>uire$ of you ? A#0. 4 . Effort in = reward out. This is someone for you to $iscuss issues6 concerns6 wor"loa$s or responsibilities with.hen /&* $re &n Pl$(e'ent0 1&st C&nt$(t We as" host organisations to appoint a "ey contact for you for the $uration of the placement6 the pl$(e'ent e)*($t&r. 7ou nee$ to be enthusiastic an$ be willing to ta"e on tas"s an$ challenges an$ complete them to the best of your ability. It woul$ be useful to set up a meeting with your pl$(e'ent e)*($t&r in the organisation before or at the beginning of the placement to $iscuss a programme of acti!ities. 7ou are encourage$ to ta"e the opportunity • to gain e.perience in.# -h$t h$ppens .perience • to ma"e a goo$ impression • to en oy your placement. Any problems on placement6 which cannot be resol!e$ by the host organisation6 shoul$ be referre$6 as soon as possible6 to 1ag$a %emoun$ou6 Placement Coor$inator <see contact $etails below=.. 4e proacti!e an$ organise$ an$ ha!e a clear set of ob ecti!es before you oin your host. If you pro!e your worth they are more li"ely to gi!e you more responsibility. 4e clear about what you can offer an$ areas you want to gain e.

Resp&nsi2ilities )*rin+ pr$(ti(e e)*($ti&n This section outlines the roles an$ responsibilities of the !arious in$i!i$uals in!ol!e$ in practice e$ucation. Resp&nsi2ilities &% the Pers&n$l A($)e'i( T*t&r The personal aca$emic tutor <PAT= is a lecturer from the programme team who acts as a name$ point of contact for you an$ your practice e$ucator $uring your practice placement. Their $uties are9 @To offer support throughout the placement6 respon$ing to re>uests for a$!ice an$ information from you an$ your practice e$ucator6 offering pastoral support an$ gui$ance as re>uire$.pectations for the specific practice placement6 course assessment re>uirements an$ regulations for practice e$ucation from the Placement Coor$inator. @To contact your placement coor$inator imme$iately6 if there are concerns pertaining to your well5being6 beha!iour or >uality of performance. @To offer in$i!i$ualise$ constructi!e fee$bac" to you on a regular basis. Resp&nsi2ilities &% the pr$(ti(e e)*($t&r Practice e$ucators play a "ey role in the professional $e!elopment of 1ass Communication an$ 1e$ia Arts stu$ents. @To pro!i$e a timetable outlining the o!erall structure of the placement an$ your responsibilities. This inclu$es an o!er!iew of the host organiBation6 clear $irections an$ tra!el information6 recommen$e$ pre5placement rea$ing an$ any other information consi$ere$ helpful. @To forwar$ pre5placement information to you in a$!ance of the start of the placement. @To arrange a three way meeting between the practice e$ucator6 you an$ the practice coor$inator if there is a serious concern re>uiring to be a$$resse$. These are practice e$ucator6 stu$ent6 personal aca$emic tutor6 an$ the practice placement co5or$inator. Their $uties are9 @To obtain information on the A1CAs e. @To liaise with the practice coor$inator if concerns arise about your performance $uring a professional practice placement. @To pro!i$e the appropriate information to the placement coor$inator towar$s your proper assessment6 accor$ing to the gui$elines pro!i$e$ by A1C. @To mo$erate the stu$ent on5line $iscussion area in 1oo$le. @To offer you an in$uction into health an$ safety at wor" at the start of the placement. 5 . @To negotiate a super!ision structure with you incorporating the learning agreement as part of this process.

pectations6 assessment re>uirements an$ ethical regulations for your practice placement.Resp&nsi2ilities &% the st*)ent 7ou will wor" closely with their practice e$ucators $uring practice placements. @To be fully prepare$ for super!ision sessions an$ contribute to the super!ision process in a reflecti!e manner.ceptional circumstances. @To contribute towar$s an$ acti!ely participate in the e!aluation of performance $isplaying openness to an$ ac"nowle$gement of other peopleAs i$eas. @To stu$y an$ become con!ersant with the A1CAs e. @To prepare three self e!aluation reports in accor$ance with the gui$elines pro!i$e$ by A1C. @To collaborate with the practice coor$inator an$ the practice e$ucator to $e!ise a learning agreement for each practice placement. @To abi$e at all times by all health an$ safety at wor" issues an$ be cognisant of policies an$ proce$ures specific to the placement location. @To contact the placement coor$inator an$ A1C6 if there are factors a$!ersely affecting performance $uring practice placement. @To rea$ any pre5placement information materials pro!i$e$ or recommen$e$ by the practice e$ucator. @To be punctual at all times an$ $resse$ appropriately as befitting for the placement setting an$ the wor" in!ol!e$. Gi!ing consi$eration an$ thought to practice e$ucatorsA nee$s an$ responsibilities shoul$ enable you to establish a goo$ collaborati!e wor"ing relationship. 6 . Planne$ absence from placement will be allowe$ only in e. @To be responsible for any tra!elling an$ accommo$ation costs incurre$ to an$ from placement. @To inform the practice coor$inator in a$!ance if a contingency arises that $oes not allow you to atten$ placement on a particular $ay. @To collect materials towar$s the enrichment of your portfolio6 always a$hering to the regulations of the placement location. 7ou will ha!e9 @To assume responsibility for your learning using a!ailable resources. @To return copies of stu$ent self e!aluation reports to the placement coor$inator within + wor"ing $ays of completion of placement. @To a$here to matters of client confi$entiality as a$!ise$ by the practice placement setting an$ the practice coor$inator. It is ac"nowle$ge$ that practice e$ucatorsA first responsibilities is to ser!ice users an$ that in a$$ition to facilitating stu$ents learning they ha!e many a$$itional responsibilities to $eal with on a $ay to $ay basis. @To $iscuss any planne$ absence with the placement coor$inator in $)v$n(e of the start $ate of the placement. @To atten$ an$ participate in all preparatory placement acti!ities on the appointe$ $ates specifie$ by the A1C. @To reflect the status of a team member an$ respectfully engage with other members of staff at the placement setting as appropriate.

#Che has9 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • To "eep accurate recor$s of practice placements pro!i$e$ an$ to createCmaintain a $atabase of practice e$ucators. To ensure that stu$ents are rea$y for placement in that they recei!e the re>uire$ information6 paperwor" an$ preparation prior to the commencement of the placement6 inclu$ing an up5to5$ate placement han$boo". 7 .g. To collaborate with A1CAs a$ministration to i$entify new placement opportunities. learning contract6 religious obser!ance nee$s etc. To $iscuss with you any issues or circumstances that may impact on the placement <such as the nee$ for A$ ustments on the groun$s of $isability= an$ agree on how this will be share$. To negotiate practice placements with rele!ant establishments an$ practice e$ucators on an annual basis an$ ensure that there are contingency mechanisms for late changes. Information $isclose$ shoul$ be agree$ beforehan$ with the stu$ent. If you $o not wish to $isclose information it is important that you un$erstan$ the implications of this $ecision an$ sign a $isclaimer. To collaborate with placement pro!i$ers to comply with practice e$ucation gui$ance an$ stan$ar$s pro!i$e$ by 213 an$ A1C. To "eep up5to5$ate with current practices in e$ucation.Resp&nsi2ilities &% the pl$(e'ent (&3&r)in$t&r The placement co5or$inator <PC= at A1C ta"es the lea$ in practice placement. To co5or$inate A1CAs contact mechanisms for stu$ents an$ practice e$ucators $uring practice placements. To bring to the attention of the A1C6 as soon as possible6 potential $ifficulties arising which may result in the cancellation of a placement To co5or$inate an$ ensure the completion of all re>uire$ tas"s an$ reports $uring practice placements. To inform you on health6 safety6 confi$entiality an$ other regulations in the P8s. To pro!i$e the practice e$ucator with rele!ant information that may impact on the $eli!ery an$ management of the practice placement learning e. To ensure staff acting in their capacity as practice e$ucators ha!e a$e>uate training an$ $emonstrate ongoing commitment to their professional role. To organise an$ $eli!er the post5placement tutorials. To prepare you for your roles an$ responsibilities $uring practice e$ucation. To !isit you at P8s on regular basis at times mutually con!enient to all parties. To "eep in contact with stu$ents an$ practice e$ucators throughout practice placements an$ assessments pro!i$ing gui$ance an$ counsellingCconciliation as re>uire$. To offer support to practice e$ucators ta"ing into account the time an$ resources necessary for stu$ent super!ision. To ta"e cognisance of comments ma$e in your self e!aluation reports an$ to use this as an integral part of a constructi!e e!aluation process. To liaise with managers to monitor an$ increase a!ailability of practice placements. To collaborate with you in $e!ising a learning agreement for practice placement. #Che is responsible for the $e!elopment an$ re!iew of practice e$ucation through planning an$ co5 or$ination of practice placements for 1ass Communication an$ 1e$ia Arts stu$ents within the !arious professional placements6 establishing robust communication networ"s with placement e$ucators an$ practical placement locations <P8=. To monitor an$ e!aluate placements with practice e$ucators. To re!iew your progress an$ placement gra$e as assesse$ an$ recommen$e$ by practice e$ucators.perience e.

ploration of the process an$ outcome of learning. 7ou shoul$ also ha!e the opportunity to put into practice some of the "nowle$ge you ha!e attaine$ on the course as well as pic"ing up practical !ocational "nowle$ge. • 8 . 1ore importantly6 ob ecti!es set shoul$ re>uire you to interface with a wi$e range of in$i!i$uals on a number of tas"s or pro ects. Conse>uently6 there is share$ responsibility for the outcome of the learning e. #tu$ents an$ host organisations both get more out of this type of arrangement than if you are confine$ to a limite$ number of tas"s wor"ing mainly on your own. #tu$ents negotiate an$ fulfil the learning ob ecti!es an$ are acti!e partners in their own learning process. This will enable you to focus on aspects of practice in which you wish to gain more e.To atten$ an$ participate in meetings6 wor"shops an$ other e!ents associate$ with practice e$ucation. #uch learning agreements foster the integration of theory an$ practice through their emphasis upon prior learning an$ e.perience an$ help you to capitalise upon learning opportunities specific to each practice setting.perience as stu$ents wor" in partnership with their practice e$ucator<s= to try to secure a successful outcome. Le$rnin+ $+ree'ent 7our ob ecti!es for the placement shoul$ be agree$ between you an$ the host organisation before your Placement beginsD i$eally6 $uring the meeting with your practice e$ucator6 at which host re>uirements an$ your s"ills an$ e.perience shoul$ be $iscusse$.

9 . -&r4sh&ps Interacti!e wor"shopsC tutorials facilitate$ by the practice coor$inator enable you to prepare for the practice placement. These inclu$e interacti!e wor"shops6 group wor"6 personal $e!elopment planning6 self ?e!aluation acti!ities6 $irecte$ rea$ing an$ e5learning. They focus upon topics salient to the practice placement such as9 • re!iew of the aims for your placement an$ e. The practice coor$inator also carries out !isits to placement sites at the re>uest of practice e$ucators an$Cor stu$ents.Prep$rin+ st*)ents %&r pr$(ti(e pl$(e'ents Approaches to your preparation for placement are blen$e$ within this programme to allow fle. In)ivi)*$l s*pp&rt #tu$entsA personal aca$emic tutors an$ the practice coor$inator are both a!ailable !ia e5mail an$Cor telephone to answer any >ueries throughout practice placements <see pg 1/=. #tu$ents are also assiste$ in completing rele!ant ethical issues paperwor" when appropriate. M&&)le Practice placement mo$ules are supporte$ by A1CAs !irtual learning en!ironment 1oo$le.ibility of $eli!ery an$ to accommo$ate your $ifferent learning styles. In a$$ition each 1oo$le mo$ule area houses a ban" of information resources an$ materials inclu$ing useful web lin"s6 $iscussion areas6 sources of accommo$ation6 han$boo"s6 assessment forms6 templates for reflection an$ rea$ing materials. This pro!i$es a useful platform for the implementation of a phase$ approach to placement preparation. 0ey aspects of the preparation process will now be $escribe$ in more $etail below.ploration of how these will facilitate the integration of theory an$ practice • professional con$uct $uring practice placements • learning cycle an$ learning stylesCpreferences • preparation for an$ re!iew of self e!aluation on placements • $e!eloping an$ using learning agreements on the practice placement • $e!eloping an$ using a professional portfolio Ethi($l Iss*es #tu$ents recei!e e$ucation an$ training upon a range of issues such as9 • #afe guar$ing !ulnerable a$ults • Confi$entiality • a$!erse physical or psychological reactions • a$$ressing sensiti!e topic areas These topics are compulsory elements of the curriculum an$ are treate$ prior to the practice placement.

7ou will be informe$ on it by your Placement Coor$inator an$ at your in$uction at the placement. 1e$lth Cle$r$n(e Che(4s Accor$ing to the regulations of the Gree" 1inistry of -$ucation6 all stu$ents ha!e to $eli!er prior to their registration health clearance $ocuments from a $ermatologist6 a pathologist6 a psychiatrist an$ a chest CT at the beginning of each aca$emic year.clusi!ely by the Gree" u$icial authorities6 prior their registration at the beginning of each aca$emic year. All stu$ents ha!e to submit their criminal recor$ $ocument6 which is issue$ e. C&p/ &% Cri'in$l Re(&r) #ince you will be interacting with e. Placement pro!i$ers may re>uire a$$itional chec"s before accepting stu$ents on placements. Dress C&)e A placement pro!i$er may re>uire a particular $ress co$e. 10 .D&(*'ent$ti&n 7ou are re>uire$ to submit !arious $ocumentsCcertificates in preparation for progression to your placement.ternal groups6 you must pro!i$e a copy of your Criminal %ecor$ <the e>ui!alent of the #cottish Protection of Eulnerable Groups Act=. 7ou will present this e!i$ence to your practice coor$inator $uring the in$uction phase of placement.

The practice e$ucator structures the stu$ent learning e. 7ou may be as"e$ to co!er a role while the member of staff is on lea!e. It will also pro!i$e han$s5on e. The $egree of super!ision an$ the amount of responsibility gi!en to the stu$ent may !ary6 $epen$ing on the practice setting. 7ou may be gi!en a specific pro ect to complete. #tu$ents are engage$ to implement pro ects an$ Cor un$erta"e a "ey role in a $e!elopmental aspect of pro ect wor".ible an$ a$aptable approach. Placement wor" can ta"e a number of forms.ible6 supporti!e learning e. 7our placement will in!ol!e time spent sha$owing in$i!i$uals in the host organisation6 accompanying staff to meetings6 obser!ing an$ $iscussing $aily staff routines. Pl$(e'ent P&rt%&li& 7our placement pro!i$es an e.c. 7ou may also ob sha$ow. %egar$ing the &ilm :irecting stu$ents6 the range of tas"s may inclu$e wor"ing as Pro$uction Assistants6 Assistants of the Prop 1aster6 #cript #uper!isors <Continuity Persons= in a film shooting6 selecting shots in the postpro$uctionCe$iting process6 communicating with the pro$uction crew an$ the actors6 e. 1oreo!er6 the super!isors pro!i$e a certificate of 11 . 7ou may be re>uire$ to $o some a$ministrati!e tas"s6 but also nee$ to as" if you can write releases6 Fsell storiesA to ournalists6 write copy for leaflets an$ newsletters6 buil$ a $igital presence online6 help organise e!ents etc. -. systems an$ $i!erse populations. Alternati!ely you may be as"e$ to help out on a range of pro ects or acti!ities. They are also aware that A1C is happy to $iscuss a suitable programme of acti!ities with the host organisation if appropriate.-&r4 Pr&+r$''e We recommen$ to placement pro!i$ers that they $raw up a timetable of acti!ities for you. We $o6 howe!er6 stress to them that we6 an$ our stu$ents6 appreciate the nee$ for a fle.periences accor$ing to 213 policy.t of the 4#c <Hons= in 1ass Communication an$ 1e$ia Arts6 a !ariety of super!ision mo$els may be use$ throughout practice placements to pro!i$e fle.periences an$ pro!i$es $irect super!ision an$ role5mo$elling to the stu$ent throughout the course of their placement.t. M&)els &% s*pervisi&n )*rin+ pr$(ti(e e)*($ti&n Within the conte.perience of what it is li"e to wor" in a P%Ccommunications $epartment or consultancy.amples inclu$e9 Apprenti(eship '&)el 51!16 )ne stu$ent per practice e$ucator. Pr&7e(t %&(*sse) '&)el This mo$el prepares stu$ents for practice in a changing economy an$ recognises the nee$ for contemporary practitioners to possess s"ills an$ lea$ership for wor"ing creati!ely within comple.cellent opportunity to practice professional s"ills eg writing press releasesD copies of all your wor" shoul$ be retaine$ to get inclu$e$ into portfolios that will assist you at inter!iews for obs after gra$uation.

Please note however that you must have permission to take any copies or originals from host organisations even if it is all your own work ! as it remains the property of the host and could be competitor sensitive. )nce the :irector of A1C6 Programme 8ea$er an$ the Practise Placement Coor$inator are both satisfie$ that the organisation has the potential to support stu$ent 12 .pertise inclu$ing e. The range of issues to be e.pecte$ to a$here to the host organisationAs health an$ safety proce$ures. Ass*rin+ the 8*$lit/ &% pr$(ti(e pl$(e'ents A !ariety of systems an$ mechanisms are currently in operation by A1C as $e!elope$ by 213 to ensure that the >uality of practice e$ucation is monitore$ an$ re!iewe$ thereby contributing towar$s enhancement of the placement e.atten$ance to the stu$ents who were interns in their wor"spaces6 referring to the tas"s that they carrie$ out an$ their general progress within a real life wor" en!ironment.perience of stu$ent super!ision an$ atten$ing practice e$ucatorsA coursesD %esources a!ailable for stu$ents inclu$ing library6 accommo$ation6 transport6 technology6 access to internet6 stu$y space6 etcD The o!erall structure of the curriculum an$ the support a!ailable from the A1C is also to be $iscusse$.perience. This process prepares stu$ents for using portfolios to e!i$ence their continuing professional $e!elopment after completion of their stu$ies. Initial !isits will in!ol!e $iscussions with the :irector of A1C an$ the Programme 8ea$er to consi$er the feasibility of locating stu$ents in the organisation for practice placements. St$n)$r)s $n) Res&*r(es We as" the host organisation to clarify issues of confi$entiality6 $ress co$e6 wor"ing hours6 sic"ness proce$ures etc with you in a$!ance of you oining them6 either $uring a meeting or !ia e5mail or letter. The use of portfolios gi!es stu$ents opportunities to e!i$ence an$ reflect on their learning. #tu$ents on placement will be e. We also as" the host organisation to allocate a personal wor"space $e$icate$ to each of the interns6 within the organisation6 allowing for some $egree of integration.plore$ an$ $iscusse$ will inclu$e9 • • • • • • • %oles an$ responsibilities of all sta"ehol$ers ? College6 stu$ents an$ placement pro!i$ersD Health6 safety an$ insurance issuesD ->ual opportunitiesC anti5$iscriminatory policies an$ how these might be applie$ to practice e$ucationD #uitability of the location for stu$entsD #taffing le!elsD #taff e. All potential placement sites are !isite$ by the practice coor$inator.

7ou an$ your host organisation shoul$ negotiate the remuneration in$epen$ently of A1C. 1&sts Hosts !ary from year to year an$ inclu$e P% consultancies an$ in5house communication $epartments6 &ilm ' TE pro$uction companies6 pri!ate ' national TE channels web channels6 web magaBines ' papers6 ra$io stations ' web ra$io stations. The PPC may then facilitate or a$!ise upon appropriate strategies for assessment an$Cor learning opportunities for e. If you an$ your host organisation agree that you will wor" for more than 2H $ays6 you shoul$ be remunerate$ for the e. Practice e$ucation is routinely $iscusse$ at the programme an$ stu$ent staff consultati!e committees.plore the issues raise$ in partnership with the placement site.placements6 a further meeting will be arrange$ to gi!e all staff the opportunity of $iscussing the matter further. )rganisations participating in our placement scheme come both from the pri!ate an$ public sectors. At the meeting6 the PPC presents information about9 • • • • • %oles an$ responsibilities )!erall structure of the curriculum an$ its e$ucational philosophy 4rief resume of content of each programme mo$ule Aims of the practice placement Contact mechanisms with the 3ni!ersity before6 $uring an$ after placements )ther internal >uality assurance mechanisms inclu$e9 • #taff an$Cor stu$ents with legitimate concerns about a practice placement bring the matter to the attention of the College PPC. Go payment will be e. Ins*r$n(e &% St*)ents &n Pl$(e'ent #tu$ents on placement are fully co!ere$ by A1CAs liability insurance. 1any of the 4A in 1ass Communication an$ 1e$ia Arts gra$uates ha!e become employe$ in the wor"spaces of their internship.tra time. -nsure that you gi!e $ue consi$eration to the type of host employer that you woul$ li"e to un$ergo your placement with prior to the placement networ"ing e!ent. The PPC will e. 13 .pecte$ from the host $uring the 2H $ay placement6 although e. #houl$ concernsCissues remain unresol!e$6 the placement may be with$rawn temporarily or permanently from the potential pool of practice placements.penses are always welcome an$ appreciate$.ample6 resetting of specific ob ecti!es. • "in$n(i$l Arr$n+e'ent 7ou will oin a host organisation for a placement perio$. In the $eca$e long realisation of the programme6 a networ" of super!isors has been establishe$D collaboration with them is on a recurrent basis an$ each year stu$ents are as"e$ to fill their intern posts.

If the mo$ule is ultimately faile$ an$ retrie!al processes for the mo$ule ha!e been e. At $esignate$ points throughout the placement stu$ents participate in on5line $iscussions6 which are mo$erate$ by their personal aca$emic tutors. The assessment forms focus on fi!e areas of "nowle$ge6 s"ills an$ attitu$es appropriate to each stage of professional $e!elopment. 7ou woul$ be a$!ise$ to carry out some research on those of interest. A stu$ent may also be $enie$ the opportunity to retrie!e the mo$ule if the failure originally occurre$ on groun$s of professional suitability <C)T6 2HHI=. 14 . If your performance is causing concern on any practice placement6 a !isit can be arrange$. There are three self5e!aluation report forms to be complete$ one for each stage of your practice placement6 reflecting the learning outcomes for the placement an$ e. Attention is pai$ to the s"ills of the stu$ents ac>uire$ within practice e$ucation that foster their abilities to be self5 $irecte$ learners. Gui$ance on preparation for an$ participation in these on5line $iscussions is pro!i$e$ to stu$ents $uring preparatory sessions hel$ at the College. S*pp&rtin+ st*)ents )*rin+ pr$(ti(e e)*($ti&n The programme team is committe$ to the learning e.7ou will be gi!en information in a$!ance of the e!ent $etailing which employers will participate. The !alue of $i!ersity that in$i!i$uals as a$ult learners bring to the programme is recognise$. A stu$ent may be !isite$ on more than one occasion. 0nowle$ge sharing amongst the on5 line community is acti!ely encourage$ by the coor$inator through the use of peer5generate$ fee$bac".t with the A1C learning en!ironment. 1oo$le pro!i$es a forum for group $iscussion an$ communication to facilitate sharing throughout the learning e.perience of the stu$ent being one that facilitates an acti!e an$ interacti!e process promoting intellectual autonomy.pectations for professional $e!elopment an$ practice. This process of self5assessment contributes towar$s the $e!elopment of your professional u$gment. The process of assessment is ongoing throughout the placement an$ in!ol!es both the practice coor$inator an$ you in e!aluating performance6 using e!i$ence from your practice.hauste$ then the stu$ent will be as"e$ to with$raw from the programme. anapty"si ligo A stu$ent who fails a placement will be permitte$ one attempt only to retrie!e a faile$ practice placement mo$ule.pecte$ to acti!ely participate in the mi$way re!iew an$ final e!aluation. A Practice placement $ebriefing wor"shop is normally hel$ following the placement offering you a further opportunity to integrate the e.perience. Assess'ent &% st*)ents9 per%&r'$n(e )*rin+ pr$(ti(e e)*($ti&n 7ou are assesse$ on your practice placement by the practice coor$inator in collaboration with yourself an$6 if appropriate6 other $epartmental staff.perience of practice placement conte. Within this wor"shop6 stu$ents will be encourage$ to re!iew their personal an$ professional $e!elopment with the professional practice coor$inator6 $iscuss rele!ant issues an$ prepare for future practice placements. 7ou are e.

St*)/ E:perien(e Ten5wee" wor" e. The placement will run for e. This will count as a first attempt. %eporting to the super!isor9 Placement9 :irecte$ stu$y9 In$epen$ent stu$y9 2 hours a wee" 1+H hours 1H hours 2H hours C&nt$(t %&r "*rther In%&r'$ti&n 1ag$a %emoun$ou Placement Coor$inator tel9 21H5I22*HJ* ? 21H /1KKIK1 e5mail9 mremoun$ouLamc. A retrie!al or $eferral of a practice placement will be un$erta"en o!er the ne. In)ivi)*$l 'eetin+s A stu$ent who fails a practice placement will be offere$ in$i!i$ual meetings with the professional practice tutor to prepare a personal $e!elopment plan for a retrie!al placement.ournalism stran$.gr 15 . Appe$ls pr&(e)*re A stu$ent wishing to appeal against a $ecision in practice e$ucation may $o so sub ect to the 213 proce$ures an$ practices as set out in the Aca$emic Appeals %egulations <2136 2H1Hb=.t aca$emic perio$ The placement is sche$ule$ to last si.e$u. wor"ing wee"s although you an$ your placement host may arrange further employment if you so wish. 7ou may un$erta"e the placement anytime aroun$ Go!ember of the following aca$emic year for the &ilm :irecting stran$ an$ from 1arch of the following aca$emic year for the . This is $epen$ent upon the a!ailability of an appropriate placement for the stu$ent concerne$.actly the same time.#tu$ents who are unable for legitimate reasons to un$erta"e the placement at the allotte$ time or who ha!e to with$raw from placement for such reasons as ill health will ha!e a placement arrange$ at a $eferre$ time.perience ta"ing into account fiel$ research an$ obser!ation.

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