“Alliance is working to build a united community in Northern Ireland.

The Agreement is not the ceiling of our ambition, but the foundation on which we can build a shared society. “Alliance is working for an open, free and fair society. Only Alliance rejects the notion that we must all be boxed into ‘two communities’. “Alliance is working to give everyone something better than tribal politics – a genuinely shared future.” Seamus Close



Lagan Valley
THURSDAY 29th MAY 2003


Seamus Close Alliance Works

Election Communication

Lagan Valley Constituency

Alliance works Tribal Politics doesn’t

“Only Alliance asks the questions that need to be asked, and raises the difficult issues that need to be raised.” “Improving community relations must be the biggest priority for our Assembly – not an optional extra. Only Alliance is providing credible answers to the problem of how we deal with our divisions.”
Seamus Close
Published by Trevor Lunn on behalf of Seamus Close, both at 12a Whinney Hill, Lisburn, BT28 3UZ. Printed by Alan Evans Associates, 17 Godfrey Avenue, Bangor, BT20 5LS.

Seamus Close Works • Over thirty years of service to the people of Lagan Valley, recognised through an OBE. • Assembly Member 1982-86 and 1998 – today, and local councillor since 1973, Lisburn Mayor 1993-94. • As a Leading member of the Public Accounts Committee, has been recognised for his efforts to Combat Waste in Government. • Noted for his strong stance for the enforcement of the law against gangsters, rioters and vandals. • Prominent Campaigner for the retention of the Knockmore Railway. • Leading the fight against Government Plans for fixed charges for water. • Strongly opposed to any reduction in service provision at Lagan Valley Hospital.


Lagan Valley
“I am fed up with the tribal politics and the tribal politicians who vie with each other to see who can beat the drum loudest or fly the flag highest. The ‘superprod’ and the ‘supertaig’ are using the people as pawns in their age old quarrel. “I want to change Northern Ireland and put people first not the tribe. I am asking you to help me by voting for the person not the tribe.”

Seamus Close

Alliance Working ~ Making the Difference
• Alliance proposals set out a new vision of how we can live and learn, work and play together. • Alliance is the only party to speak out against all illegal paramilitary flags and murals. • Alliance successfully proposed the appointment of a Children’s Commissioner to protect the interests of children in all aspects of government. • Alliance has persuaded the Government to introduce ‘Hate Crime’ laws, creating stiffer sentences for racial or sectarian offences. • Alliance is the only party to vote for free personal care for the elderly – the same as Scotland.
Community Relations Law and Order Education Health

Alliance Working for You

Locally-elected politicians should be accountable for the key decisions that affect people’s everyday lives.
Alliance MLAs will work to:

• Improve the quality of public services; • Protect the environment; • Promote a strong and vibrant economy; • Put community relations at the heart of government policy.



Alliance will work to Alliance will abolish the Alliance will abolish ensure people can live discriminatory 50:50 tuition fees for students in security in mixed quota, to put more at Northern Ireland housing areas. police on our streets. universities.

Alliance will introduce free personal care for those living in residential and nursing homes.

Alliance will reform Alliance will work to planning laws to ensure fair taxation, preserve our greenbelt, with value for money, and protect ending the abuse of important buildings. the regional rate.

The full Assembly Manifesto, and detailed policy papers are available from www.allianceworks.org or by phoning 9032 4274

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