SUBMISSION OF THE SPIRIT TO ALLAH – March 6, 2002 Dear students, audience, friends of my life, friends of my heart!

We thank Allah Almighty countless times that we all exist. You exist; we exist as well. Allah created all of us. Allah created all of us to be happy. Allah Almighty points to us as happiness, and that is the reason why Allah Almighty created religion: to make people happy, to live the life of this world in happiness, and at the same time after this world, after Doomsday, in order to be in indefinite happiness, in order to have people in the heavenly life. Dear students, audience, if we take a look at the basic foundations of religion together, we realize that İslam has been divided into seven different stages. The first stage is wishing to reach Allah, reaching our religious guide with Allah’s ten favors. Taking our allegiance is the second stage, and delivering our spirit to Allah is the third stage. Our subject matter is delivering our spirit to Allah. The fourth stage is the submission of our physical body to Allah. The fifth stage is the submission of our soul to Allah. The sixth stage is reaching irshad, guidance. The seventh stage is submitting our free will to Allah. The one and only religion of Allah in the universe is the Hanif faith, faith religion. In Arabic it is called Islam. Starting from Adam, who was the first prophet, the first man, all the way to our Prophet (PBUH), who was the last prophet, all prophets in between and the people who took their allegiance to them all lived these seven stages. They all managed to submit to Allah. When we say all of them, these are the people who were less than 10% of the entire population in every given place. Dear students and audience, even today those who are willing to submit to Allah are, as usual, less than 10% of the entire world population. In the beliefs that people think are different religions, within those groups less than 10% of those people have still been performing the seven stages of Allah and their submissions. Four of the seven stages include submission to Allah: 1. Submission of the spirit to Allah, 2. Submission of the physical body to Allah, 3. Submission of the soul to Allah, 4. Submission of the free will to Allah. Our subject matter today is the submission of the spirit to Allah. The spirit reaches Allah with a journey, called SEYRİ SULUK, and disappears in Allah. This is the submission of a spirit to Allah. Between the 14th step and the 21st steps, these seven steps are the process of submission to Allah, or Seyri Suluk, the journey to Allah. Before that, the person in the earliest stages was in a different design. Before the submissions was the preparation. Even from the beginning, we realize people are in two groups: people who wish to reach and people who do not. People who do not wish, of course they are outside of our subject matter. People on the first step are human beings experiencing events. They interpret these events. People are at the second step while living these events, through the trials and tribulations they go through, and some of them are successful through those, and some of them are not. Among those who can succeed through these trials and tibulations, some will wish to reach Allah. Some of the successful ones will be selected, and some of these selected ones will wish to reach Allah. This is the third step. At the fourth step, people who wish to reach Allah will be manisfested upon by Allah with His mercy attribute. This manifestation will remove the Hicab-i Mesture from these people’s eyes. Vakra will be removed from these people’s ears. Ekinnet will be removed from these people’s hearts, and ihbat will replace it. Each one of these is a different concept. With each one of these, this person will be going to a stage of perfection. With the removal of the Hicab-i Mesture from their eyes, this person sees the guide as a guide. It would not be an ordinary person anymore. He realizes that this person is the person who is going to give him guidance. Once the vakra is removed from the ears, this person will start hearing and understanding the words of the religious guide. Once ekinnet is removed from the heart, this person does not only understand the meaning, he also comprehends the words of his guide. Dear students and audience, friends of my life, friends of

my heart! In such a design, as we see, Allah Almighty removed the ekinnet from the people’s hearts and put ihbat instead. A system that prevents us from comprehending is taken out, and the system that makes us comprehend is put in. Then Allah gets to the heart of this person and turns the divine light door towards Himself as it was previously turned down to Satan. Then Allah Almighty opens the chest of this person and opens a path from his chest to his heart. Then this person does zikir, and rahmet starts leaking into the heart of this person. Why does not it enter, but only leaks? Because the heart is still sealed. Iman is still not written into the heart. Then, with 2% mercy accumulation in this person’s heart, he enters the state of reverence. At the next step, Allah shows his guide to this person; whoever this person is going to take his allegiance to, Allah shows him to this person. This person finds his religious guide that Allah Almighty appointed for him at the 14th step. Our story starts right after this. This is our subject matter, our spirit’s arrival to Allah. For our spirit to reach Allah, we have to receive ten favors of Allah Almighty, and we have to reach our murshid with these ten favors. If this does not take place, nothing else happens. If this is not the case, the conditions will not take place and we cannot cleanse our souls. Along with the cleansing of the soul, our spirit cannot reach Allah either. Dear students and audience, with these ten favors, we reach the reiligious guide that Allah Almighty apointed for us, showed to us, whoever that person is. What happens? We take our allegiance, we kneel before him, we kiss his hand, and we take our allegiance to him. This allegiance is an obligation. For all human beings, allegiance is an obligation of Allah Almighty. Allah Almighty says, “Oh Amenu Ones! Become the owner of TAKVA, PIETY. And whoever is going to be the reason for you to reach Alalh, ask that reason from Allah.” In Surah Fatiha, Allah Almighty says, actually we ask Allah Almighty; “We only ask istiane from you.” Show the religious guide that will deliver us to Sıratı Mustakim. We only ask that from You! With delivering us to that murshid, to that religious guide, after we repent to Allah, our spirit leaves our physical body and delivers us to Sırati Mustakiym. Through this religious guide, the spirit of the Imam of the Time will be placed upon our head and will deliver us to Sirati Mustakiym in that regard. Allah Almighty says, “That is the path of the people to whom We gave blessings upon their heads.” The Spirit of the Imam of the Time comes over our head as a blessing. To whom? Not the ones that you curse; not the ways of the blasphemous ones. In other words, Allah Almighty says, “The ones who are cursed are the people who are blashemers. And the ones who are in dalalet, in darkness, cannot be upon Sirati Mustakiym either.” During the time our spirit reaches Allah, there is a special concept. Within this period of time, what we see is going to be the cleansing of the soul, and the spirit has to go towards Allah on its journey. If there is no cleansing of the soul, the return of the spirit cannot be the case. Both events are totally connected to each other. If there is no cleansing of the soul, there is no deliverance of the spirit to Allah either. Dear students and audience, if we reach our murshid with ten favors, what happens is that the spirit of the Imam of the Time comes over our head. Mucadele 22: Over their heads, we send a spirit from the presence of Allah in order to convey the message. This spirit is from the order of Allah Almighty, according to Secde 24. Allah Almighty says, “We bring forth Imams, ministers from human beings with our order to deliver people to Hidayet.” Those are the Imams of the Time. What kind of an Imam is that? That is the Imam of the Time who leads the Presence Prayer in the presence of Allah. Within 24 hours, there are seven prayer times. When we take a look at this Presence Prayer, there is an Imam who is leading the prayer.

That is the Imam of the Presence Prayer, and it comes as a blessing over the people who wish to reach Allah. This Imam comes over the head of the person as a spirit and takes its position. Allah Almighty says, “From Our Presence We send a spirit over their heads, and with that spirit We support them.” When this spirit comes over our head, what happens? Allah Almighty starts the procedure at Mucadele 22, which is that Allah writes iman, faith, into the heart. First of all, as a second blessing Allah Almighty has to open the heart that was sealed. What was the first blessing? During this time that our spirit is still within our physical body, Allah Almighty sends the spirit of the Imam of the Time over our head. This spirit comes over our head and takes its position. With its positioning, Allah Almighty will write iman, faith, into the heart within three stages. First, Allah Almighty unlocks the seal of the heart. Second, Allah Almighty removes kufur, blasphemy, from our heart. Third, Allah Almighty writes iman, faith, into our heart. These are all of the procedures regarding our heart: removal of the seal, removal of the kufur from the heart, and writing iman, faith, into the heart. Then, Allah Almighty converts all our sins into merits. In Furkan 69, Allah Almighty talks about the people who are going to go to Hell. In Furkan 70, Allah Almighty says, “Whoever repents, taking his allegiance to his religious guide, and repents to Allah, and in this regard becomes mumin, and starts the cleansing of the soul, We convert all their sins into merits.” All their sins will be converted to merits according to Furkan 70. Furkan 71 says, “And their repentance is accepted and their spirits will be returned to Allah and will be accepted by Allah.” For our spirit to be on his way to Allah is based on a condition. It is only possible in this regard. How is this possible? Only if we repent before our religious guide with the ten favors of Allah Almighty. Iman will be written in our heart and we will become mumin, and we will start the cleansing of our soul. In this regard, our spirit will be on its journey towards Allah. It will reach Allah. My dear brothers and sisters, for our sins to be converted into merits is a great favor of Allah Almighty. After this, our spirit reaches Allah as our repentance is accepted. What is the meaning of the repentance being accepted? This means, all our spirits will be converted into merits. This person’s sins will be converted into merits. Is this enough? Not at all. This is the fifth blessing of Allah Almighty. The sixth blessing is that we start the cleansing of the soul. The seventh blessing is that parallel to the cleansing of the soul, our spirit goes through the seven levels of heavens and reaches Allah. The eighth blessing is that along with the cleansing of the soul, our physical body starts not to be a servant to Satan anymore, and it starts being a servant to Allah. The ninth blessing of Allah Almighty is that Allah Almighty was giving ten to one every time we earned a degree. From this point on, Allah Almighty starts giving ten times more, and gives one hundred to one. Therefore, when your spirit reaches the first of the heavens, 100 times; with the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th heavens, the favors of Allah Almighty go all the way to 700 times, according to Bakara 261. The tenth blessing of Allah Almighty is that up until then Allah Almighty was sending us rahmet and fazl when we did zikir, and from that point on, Allah Almighty adds rahmet and salavat to this. Dear students and audience, with the ten favors of Allah, a person who reaches his religious guide is a person who has seven conditions in the heart. 1. Allah Almighty removed ekinnet from the heart. 2. Allah put ihbat in the heart. 3. Allah turned the divine light door towards Himself. 4. Allah split open the chest of the person and opened a path into his heart for the divine lights to be able to get into the heart. When this person reaches his murshid, his religious guide, Allah Almighty removes the seal, removes blasphemy from the heart, and writes iman, faith, into the heart. This person becomes mumin as an honor. The person who is going to be able to do the cleansing of the soul, the person who is going to be able to deliver his spirit to Allah, are these people only. They are the people who can become mumin. Allah’s

fazl, virtues, are upon the mumins, and what really brings us to our target in regards to the cleansing and the purification of the soul is these virtues. Only with the virtue accumulation in the soul’s heart can one manage these. These virtues are only for the mumins. Allah Almighty says, “Our fazl, Our virtues are only for the mumin.” In such a design, dear students and audience, now we come to the vital point of the subject matter: ZIKIR. When we were doing zikir up until now, Allah Almighty was only sending rahmet and fazl, but from this point on, rahmet and salavat also are added to that. In Bakara 156, Allah Almighty says, “Whenever We test them with a calamity, when that calamity touches them, certain individuals say, ‘O Our Lord! We are of course created for You, to reach You, in order to return You. And we will certainly reach You.’” We are of course for Allah; we are created for Allah, and we will certainly reach Allah. Do these people reach Allah? These people certainly reach Allah. They reach Allah within these standards. With ten favors they reach their religious guide, their murshid, and then receive ten blessings of Allah. Ten of these ten blessings are the starting of three different Hidayet. The spirit left the physical body and will go on his journey towards Allah. This is what Allah Almighty says in Sura 13: Allah selects certain inidividuals to Himself as He wishes. Among the selected ones, whoever returns to Allah, Allah delivers them to Himself. Therefore, a person who wishes to reach Allah is the person who turns towards Allah. This person will certainly be delivered to Allah if he lives long enough. At the 14th step, we reached the murshid and took our allegiance to him. What happens is that along with the allegiance, the spirit starts his journey towards Allah. Nebe 39: That is the day of Hakk. That is the day of Allah. The person who wishes takes the Sıratı Mustakıym that delivers to Allah as his own path. That is what Allah Almighty says. Then Allah Almighty says: “Afterwards, for him whose spirit reaches Allah, Allah becomes a shelter, meab, to that person.” For our spirit to reach Allah, and for Allah to become a shelter for that spirit, for our spirit to leave our physical body in order to reach Allah, is as Allah Almighty states: the day of Allah, the day of Hakk, the day we take our allegiance to our murshid, our religious guide, also the day of religion, the same day. Is this true for everyone? The person who takes his allegiance to his religious guide with ten favors of Allah Almighty has to take his allegiance to the murshid that Allah shows to him or her. With this kind of allegiance, the spirit will be on his journey towards Allah, according to Furkan 71. In order to deliver the spirit to Allah, we take our allegiance to our murshid. Certain individuals fulfill their promise to Allah, and they deliver their spirits to Allah. Here is Rad 20 and 21: Allah Almighty says, “They fulfill the testament of Allah; they deliver their spirit, physical body, soul and free will to Allah. They never break their promise.” What do they do if they do not break their promise? They fulfill it. How? They deliver the thing to Allah that Allah orders them to be delivered. They deliver the thing, their spirit, to Allah before they die as Allah orders them to deliver it. That is what Allah Almighty says. In order to reach this target, our spirit leaves our physical body, according to Fecr 27. Before anything else, what we need to say is that for our spirit to leave our physical body and reach Allah is an obligation twelve times. Zumer 54: “Before the torment of the grave is upon you, return to Allah and reach Allah. And submit to Allah.” In other words, deliver your spirit to Allah for sure. That is not enough. You also submit your physical body, soul and free will to Allah. “Submit to Allah,” says Allah Almighty. The second verse is Fecr 28: “Return to your Lord, oh spirit! Return to your Lord and reach Allah!” The third one is Zariyat 50: “Then, escape to Allah. Take refuge in Allah.” The fourth verse is Lokman 15: “Whoever reached me, follow their path, follow the same path and reach ME,” says Allah Almighty. “Return to Allah, reach Allah and become an owner of takva, piety,” says Allah Almighty. We said five of the verses. The sixth one is Yunus 125: “Allah invites to the Land of Peace, the Land of submission. And whoever Allah wishes to deliver there, then He delivers them to Sıratı Mustakiym. And Sıratı Mustakiym is the path that delivers us to Allah Almighty.” Therefore, the invitation is certainly an invitation to Allah.

The seventh verse is Muzemmil 8: “Repeat the name of Allah, and refraining from everything return to Allah.” The eighth verse is Rad 21: “And they deliver the thing that Allah orders them to return to Allah.” As we see, we have a spirit that Allah orders us to return to Him, and we have to return that to Allah before we die, while we are alive. The ninth verse is Sura 47: “The death day that you cannot change is upon you, except by the invitation of Allah.” As we have seen, the invitation of Allah is clearly an invitation to Allah Himself. “Allah invites to the Land of Peace, the Land of Submission,” says Allah Almighty. Allah Almighty invites to Himself. Allah Almighty says that this submission, this invitation, should be accepted before the day of death is upon you. So far there are nine verses. The tenth verse is Maide 7: “You said you heard and obeyed, and Allah obligated your promise upon you; to fulfill your promise is an obligation upon you,” says Allah Almighty. At the same time, the invitation includes the invitation of Allah, not only submitting our spirit to Allah, but submitting our physical body, soul and free will to Allah Almighty as the invitation of Allah. This was the tenth verse. The eleventh verse is Enam 152: “Fulfill your testament with Allah. Submit your spirit, physical body, soul and free will to Allah,” says Allah Almighty. The twelfth verse is Nisa 58: “Allah orders you to submit the trusts back to their owner,” says Allah Almighty. In twelve verses, as we have seen, Allah Almighty orders to deposit our trusts back to Allah. Especially the submission of our spirit is in the first place. This is an obligation upon us twelve times. Submit our spirits to Allah before we die! We reached our religious guide, and we took our allegiance with ten favors and received ten blessings from Allah. We started doing zikir. Now the question is: How do we deliver our spirit to Allah? Dear students and audience, friends of my life, friends of my heart! How do we put our spirit on its journey towards Allah? In order to do this, all three hidayets should take place. With the cleansing of the soul, everything starts. What is the cleansing of the soul? To put virtues in the heart of our soul around the iman, faith written in our soul’s heart. With the accumulation of the virtues, they start taking over the darknesses and get rid of the darknesses and vices of our soul’s heart. Dear students and audience, at this stage, which is the 14th step, when you start doing zikir, let’s see what happens. Loudly or silently you do zikir. From the presence of Allah, the divine lights of Allah will be coming down. These divine lights will come all the way to your chest: rahmet and fazl, and rahmet and salavat, two groups of divine lights. In Zumer 23, Allah Almighty says that, just like the Quran and the verses in the Quran, just like that in pairs they are revealed, in two pairs: rahmet and fazl, and rahmet and salavat. They come all the way to our chest; from our chest they follow the path, and they get into the heart. He says, “They reach our heart since the seal is unlocked in the heart.” When did this happen? When we reached our murshid, our religious guide, Allah Almighty unlocked the seal and removed kufur, blasphemy, from the heart, and wrote iman, faith, into the heart. Since the seal is not blocking that door, Allah Almighty wrote iman. That means we have iman written in our heart. We had the honor of being mumin. The rahmet, fazl and salavat particles coming from Allah start pressuring the seal, and they push the seal all the way to the bottom door, which is the satanic door. The seal closes the door to Satan’s darknesses. During zikir, Satan’s darknesses cannot enter into the soul’s heart. There are darknesses already in the soul’s heart, but since Allah’s door is open, with the entrance of the rahmet, fazl and salavat divine lights, since they totally cover our soul’s heart, the darknesses cannot remain in the soul’s heart, because the kufur that was holding them in the soul’s heart has been removed by Allah Almighty. Now fazls, virtues, are going to be kept in the heart because we have iman, faith, written in our soul’s heart. When we do zikir, the fazls, virtues, coming from Allah start accumulating around the written iman. This is not the accumulation of the rahmet, mercy, but these are the virtues, fazls. Throughout the cleansing of the soul, rahmet, mercy, is only a carrier. At the same time, the salavat divine lights, the salavat

particles, do not allow the darknesses to influence the iman writing in a negative manner. In this regard, the virtues start accumulating around the iman, faith writing. This accumulation comes to 1%, 2%, and as soon as it reaches 7%, we complete nefsi emmare. There is a captive within our physical body, and that is our soul, and Allah Almighty says in Mudessir 38, 39 and 40: “All souls are captives as a result of the degrees they earned, except the souls that kept their vows. They are going to be in Heaven,” says Allah Almighty. Within our physical body, the soul that is a captive, as soon as we have 7% divine light accumulation in our soul’s heart, gets the remote control of the first of the heavens’ door and opens this door. It opens the door for the first heavenly floor, and our spirit goes to the first heavenly floor. Are we alone? Not at all. Whichever dergah where we took our allegiance, we are going to leave from there, and we are going to reach the main dergah, the dergah of the Imam of the time. With the lines of ten human spirits, whatever our position is, we are going to take our position in those lines of ten, and there is a stand in front of every spirit, and there are Qurans for every spirit. The Quran is taught to them. Dear students and audience, whoever can go to the first heavenly floor and beyond that, they leave from the main dergah right after the morning prayer, they go from the golden gate, and they get into lines. In a horizontal line they stand up. Within this line, and from the basement they go to the first heavenly floor. The spirit that we talk about who is just on the path, who can go to the first heavenly floor goes to the first of the heavens and prostrates there. There is only 7% divine light accumulation and that is why the spirit can go all the way to the first of the heavens. This is called nefsi emmare. In Yusuf 53 Allah Almighty says: “Joseph says, ‘I cannot free my soul because the soul orders negative things, except the souls that Allah manifests upon with the mercy attribute; they are excepted.’” Allah Almighty manifests on these souls, and Allah Almighty gives 2% divine light accumulation, and that is for the state of reverence. Then, this rahmet accumulation is 2% and the remainder of them is the virtues. With the first 7% accumulation, we complete nefsi emmare, and our spirit goes to the first heavenly floor because the door is opened by the captive. Then, we increase our zikir with the order we receive from our murshid, religious guide. Once we increase our zikir within a short time, there will be a second 7% divine light accumulation in our soul’s heart. This is called nafsi levvame. Now we are a person who condemns our soul. Kıyame 2: “I condemn that sinning soul.” This person is condemning his soul. Then, we come to the third stage. First of all, let’s see the result of the second level. With the second 7% accumulation, the captive opens the door of the second heavenly floor. Once that door is open, our spirit can get to the second heavenly floor. Dear students and audience, this is the point when our spirit gets to the second heavenly floor. There is a process of washing in certain special pools at the second heavenly floor. We increase our zikir again, and we realize that one day our spirit that ascends is ready for the third heavenly floor. Because the captive, with the third 7% divine light accumulation, with the cleansing of the soul, with the vices to be diminished by that much and the increase of the virtues, at this point what is true for everyone is to have another beautiful notion of Allah Almighty. Our spirit reaches the third heavenly floor. This is called nafsi muhlime. We start receiving inspirations from Allah. According to Sems 8: “The fuccur of Satan and takva of Allah is inspired to that person,” says Allah Almighty. Satan can get to everyone at every level, but a person can only receive inspirations from Allah at this stage when this person reaches the third heavenly floor. At the third heavenly floor, there is a two-story mosque where the spirits prostrate. Then, with the fourth 7% divine light accumulation, this person’s spirit reaches the fourth heavenly floor. Spirits leave the third heavenly floor after the prostration is completed; in order to get to the fourth heavenly floor, they go through the door,

and there is a sort of an elevator. Actually this is an elavator without any covering in it, because whoever gets in it, with the indefinite speed, travels to the upper level. The head of the spirit is under the feet of the previous spirit. The other spirit’s head will be underneath this spirit’s feet. That would be 20-25 cm space between the two. Nobody touches each other. They go to the upper level. The upper level is the original Beytul Makdes, Masjidi Aksa. Every spirit gets there. With the fourth 7% divine light accumulation in the soul’s heart is nafsi mutmainne. In Rad 28, Allah Almighty says: “They are amenu, and with the zikir of Allah, their hearts are satisfied.” You should know that only with Allah’s zikir can hearts find rest and get satisified. You should know that the hearts can only find satisfaction with the zikir of Allah. “Isn’t that the case?” says Allah Almighty. This is the mutmainne level. This person is certain that whatever Allah gives to her or him is enough. Beyond this point, this person does more zikir, and gives his consent to Allah. His spirit is at the fifth heavenly floor. He does more zikir. Allah gives His consent to this person. The spirit is on the sixth heavenly floor, Radiyeten mardiyye. Fecr 28 states: “Give your consent to Allah and have Allah’s consent.” The spirit is at the fifth and sixth heavenly floor. At the fifth heavenly floor is the original Beytul Haram; at the sixth heavenly floor, it becomes sibgatullah; it gets the divine light. Then comes the seventh heavenly floor. With this last 7% accumulation, the spirit gets to the seventh heavenly floor, and here it hits the chain in front of the golden gate with his sword, and he completes his conquest. He conquers the seventh heavenly floor. At the seventh heavenly floor, he is going to go through seven worlds. At the indi ilahi, which is the seventh world, he is going to reach the utmost point of indi ilahi. Once that takes place, he is going to go through the vertical journey from Sidretul Munteha and reaches Allah. According to Furkan 71, Allah Almighty says, “Their repentance is accepted; they return to Allah.” It explains this fact. This spirit reaches Allah at this point and disappears in the presence of Allah. In this regard, the spirit takes Allah as a shelter. The person who reaches Allah disappears in Allah. In this regard, Allah Almighty talks about people who reach Allah and who hold fast to Allah. In Nisa 75, Allah Almighty says, “They wish to reach Allah, and they hold fast to Allah. Allah puts them into his rahmet and fazl, delivers them to Sirati Mustakiym that delivers them to Himself.” In this regard, He delivers to Himself. This person reached Allah, and whenever the spirit disappears in Allah, that means the spirit held fast to Allah and took Allah as His shelter. Here are Kaf 30 and 31. Allah Almighty says, “Heaven is brought closer to the owners of takva. This is the heaven that was promised for all evvab ones,” says Allah Almighty. In other words, they are the ones who took their shelter to Allah as their meab. This is the point of vuslat, and your spirit reached Allah at this point. This is the point where your spirit reached Allah. This is the concept that Allah Almighty obligated you twelve times to fulfill, dear students and audience. I ask Allah Almighty to deliver you to indefinite happiness, to the happiness of heaven and the happiness of the Hereafter and this world. We finish our speech right here, dear students and audience. May Allah bless you all.

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