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English Composition 2

Dr. Gerald R. Lucas • 81545 ENGL 1102.15 MW 12:30-1:45 H/SS-118

Welcome to English Composition 2

The objectives ENGL 1102 concentrate on the interpretation of literature in an at-
tempt to develop critical-thinking, observation, analytical, and comprehension skills.
Prerequisite: at least a “C” in ENGL 1101.

ENGL 1102 provides These books should always accompany you to class
an introduction to tra- when they are assigned, as we will make heavy use
ditional literary forms of it in our daily discussions. Please do not come to
— prose, poetry, and class without your books: we need to reference them
drama — and an ex- for class activities, in-class writing, and all aspects of
amination of other our study.
cultural texts, like
film, music, and vis- Humanities Online
ual arts. This course You are required to
will also introduce to have an account on
students various approaches to textual interpretation, Humanities Online,
like reader-response, ethical, feminist, and psycho- the server that will
logical modes of criticism. Through various read- support all of your
ings, forum posts, research activities, and instructed work in this class.
guidance, students will further develop those written As a part of this re-
and verbal skills begun in English Composition 1. quirement, you
should have access
Required Texts to a computer with
Internet capability and a current web browser, like
• McCarthy, Cormac. The Road. New York: Vin- Firefox.
tage, 2008.
• Sipiora, Phillip. Reading and Writing About Lit- Pen and Paper
erature. New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 2002. You should also bring an ink interface of some sort,
• Shakespeare, William. Titus Andronicus. New as well as dead trees on which to take notes. Notes
York: Bantam, 1988. should not only reflect good listening skills, but in-

dividual interest in every topic discussed in class. You leave. In addition, I do not allow class discussions to
should not sit in class like you’re watching TV: learn- be taped, so please do not bring any voice recording
ing requires active participation. devices to class. You may use laptops unless I ask you
not to bring them.
Materials, like cell phones, food, magazines, iPods, Rated R
etc., should be left in your car. They are not needed Finally, since class lecture
for our class and should, therefore, not accompany and discussion will often
you. I understand our contemporary need to be in touch on the controversial,
contact with everyone all the time, but do not let this this college classroom is
personal need distract the rest of the class. If you an- not an appropriate place
swer a cell phone in my class, I will expect you to for children.

Exams Writing Daily Work

A midterm and a final exam will To get you thinking more critically Regular class attendance, question
be given that will test your knowl- about the major works, you are posing, and active participation in
edge of the subject matter (texts, required to respond to class read- classroom discussions are re-
lecture material, and vocabulary), ings in writing, usually once a quired. Participation, effort, and
your ability to synthesize this ma- week in the class forum. All writ- attitude will count significantly in
terial, and your creativity in going ing should be thoughtful, refer to this course.
beyond the discussion and lecture specific portions of the text, use
materials. the critical vocabulary, and cite Quizzes, other class activities, and
using MLA citation method. homework assignments not explic-
These exams will include vocabu- itly outlined above will be consid-
lary, identification, and interpreta- These written responses will be ered daily work.
tion. All exam grades will be posted in an online forum on Hu-
based upon objective knowledge manities Online, so the entire class Occasionally, I will give research
of the material, thoroughness, can benefit from reading your assignments and other library
depth of insight, precision, and thoughts. The forum will also give work; these, too, will be counted
originality. you a chance to respond to others’ as daily activities.
ideas. Your writing in the forum
should total at least 350 words per

Course Policies Grades tence structure and word choice.
Quotations and paraphrases must
Assignments Letter grades are based upon a tra- be cited to avoid plagiarism.
Your work represents you. There- ditional ten-point scale. If you
fore, I expect everything you turn would like to know your official If you use ideas or information
into me to exemplify the very best grade, you should see me during that are not common knowledge,
of your professional self. Please my office hours or make an ap- you must cite a source. Unsure as
proofread all writing before sub- pointment. to what to cite, when to cite, and
mission. how to cite? Check your handbook
Materials for the best information.
Attendance Course readings are an integral
The professor reserves the right to
Attendance will be taken at every part of the class and should be
use Turn It In, a plagiarism pre-
class meeting. If you come in late, brought daily. When readings are
vention service, to evaluate any
it is your responsibility to inform assigned to be discussed in class,
written work submitted for this
me of your presence that day. If please bring a copy of the reading
course. As directed by the profes-
you fail to do so, you are absent. (assigned PDFs should be printed
sor, students are expected to sub-
Two tardies count as one absence. on dead trees) with your reading
mit or have their assignments
There are no “excused absences” notes ready to participate in the
submitted through the service in
in my class, but you are allowed to discussion. Do not come to class
order to meet requirements for this
miss one class before your grade without your books and something
course. The papers may be re-
suffers. Each additional class to write with and on. Everyday.
tained by the service for the sole
missed beyond the allotted one Seriously.
purpose of checking for plagia-
will result in your final semester’s rized content in future student
grade being dropped one letter. Plagiarism submissions.
Any time you use ideas that are
Deadlines not your own — be they para- Special Needs
Late work is not acceptable and phrased or copied verbatim — in
Any student who has special needs
will receive a zero. Technical, anything that you write, you must
should contact Ann E. Loyd at the
computer malfunctions are not ac- supply a citation in an identifiable
Counseling and Career Center
ceptable excuses for late work. citation method, e.g., MLA, Chi-
(478-471-2714) and fill out the
Quizzes and in-class activities cago, etc. Willful plagiarism will
appropriate paperwork.
cannot be made up for any reason. result in automatic failure of this
Pay particular attention to forum class and will be submitted to the
Dean for further potential conse-
Technology Competency
deadlines; if you complete the fo-
rum after the due date, you will quences. Remember two things: Computer competency is an inte-
receive no credit. gral skill in any discipline. Stu-
If you use the language of your dents should be familiar with the
source, you must quote it exactly, general uses of a computer, par-
Email enclose it in quotation marks, and ticularly using a web browser.
The best and quickest way of con- cite the source using MLA citation Students should be willing to put
tacting me is via email. Only use style in all my courses. A para- forth the effort to learn what they
the email address that I provided phrase employs source material by need to in order to succeed in the
on this document for class busi- restating an idea in an entirely new course. Please see me for addi-
ness: <>. form that is original in both sen- tional assistance when necessary.

Schedule Overview
This schedule represents the ideal outline for our semester, but it is
tentative and subject to change. It reflects only an overview of
readings and assignments, but does not always indicate other spe-
cific class session assignments or activities. See for the
most accurate information on reading and assignments. This
schedule is up-to-date as of August 12, 2009 2:01 PM.

Week 1 (8/17 & 8/19) Week 9 (10/12 & 10/14) Exam (12/7)
Course Introduction Midterm Conferences 1-3pm
Sign up for HO account
Week 10 (10/19 & 10/21) Notes
Week 2 (8/24 & 8/26) Shakespeare
Sipiora, Chapter 1

Week 3 (8/31 & 9/2) Week 11 (10/26 & 10/28)

Sipiora, Ch. 2 Shakespeare

Week 4 (9/9) Week 12 (11/2 & 11/4)

Sipiora, Ch. 10 Shakespeare/Taymor

Week 5 (9/14 & 9/16) Week 13 (11/9 & 11/11)

Sipiora, Ch. 7 Sipiora, Ch. 4

Week 6 (9/21 & 9/23) Week 14 (11/16 & 11/18)

Sipiora, Ch. 6 Sipiora, Ch. 8

Week 7 (9/28 & 9/30) Week 15 (11/23)

McCormac Sipiora, Ch. 8 (Cont.)

Week 8 (10/5 & 10/7) Week 16 (11/30 & 12/2)

McCormac Catch up

Dr. Gerald R. Lucas LitMUSE

Associate Professor of English
Email: This sever contains all the information
Office: H/SS-117 presented in this document. It also houses
resources that go far beyond this syllabus.
Office Hours: MW 11a-12:30p; by ap- I would recommend that you spend some
pointment time familiarizing yourself with these.
Phone: 471-5761 They are designed to help you help your-
self to produce stellar work both in this
Web: class and those you will subsequently

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