T he Cullen family attends a club party ALICE P.O.

V This was gonna be fun alright I thought as me and jasper drove my car to the club behind us was Edwards Volvo with bella and behind emmets it started to rain whatever I thought it was in the forecast We reached finally I hated the speed limits around here and so did Edward EDWARD P.O.V Me and bella got out of the car the rain dripped on my skin ooh Emmets thought said feel the rain on your skin Eddie isn’t it shut up Emmet I grumbled under my breath Rosalie thought were about pretty and expensive she looked wearing that new Paris Hilton bag which she had brought yesterday alice and jasper were thinking about the club as we entered it there was a sign that said strip contest and the host was picking people to join suddenly he pointed at me and that dude he said what I thought no this can’t be a couple of people came up to me and pulled me up the stage bella face was a mask of horror the others were staring expect for alice who looked calm the guy came up to me and said so boy who’s gonna be your partner without thinking I pointed at bella she got pulled up to the stage to she looked embarrassed im so sorry I told her in a quiet voice that no human could hear she half smiled at me of course she said like I would ever be mad at you I smiled for a mille second ready get set go me and bella started to kiss it was wild alright we didn’t really strip like the others

Bella p.o.v I didn’t realize people were watching us I just started to kiss him like we mostly did although We didn’t really strip now we were on the ground then it stopped I bell rang everyone stood up including us the guy came I looked around at the couple’s the guys were all wearing boxers the girls in bras and underpants then fully covered same as Edward we lost I knew it then the host came the award goes to for best striping Kelly quar and jack ferigo he handed the couple a trophy then said since one couple did the best kissing on stage he shot a smile at us I give them a 100 dollar voucher to buy anything drink they like from the bar great I thought I felt like but we are vampires but kept my damn mouth shut real shut he gave it to us and we exited the stage with Edward by my side Emmet p.o.v

Whoa eddie I thought that was some kissing he just smiled back at me alice came over to them and said you are giving the card to that girl why I said keep we don’t drink emmet bella said in a sharp tone whatever I grumbled then we strode off to dance on the dance floor jasper and alice had turned to the center of attention they were doing some kind of dance I couldn’t see because of the crowd come on rose let’s do the low I started singing the song which brought attention to us Rosalie had learned to break dance and boy was she good as I started to sing the chorus the dj put it on and I was dancing to the beat like hell alice had a mad expression on her face which made me smile more after I while the song faded out and people left still singing the song in hush voices after it was all done I didn’t realize the time it was two o clock whoa didn’t anyone tell me we tried you just didn’t listen emmet Edward said uh huh I said we started to leave since Carlisle and esme were going to get worried but as we opened the door I girl wearing short shorts came in she was wearing a hat a lot like the one miley cyrus wore when she performed at the teen choice awards to party in the U.S.A (myfavesong) she wore a sweater to she looked at Edward with a smile on her face yanked him by the shirt and said boy I will be around this town for a few days and stuffed her number in his pocket bella quickly came to pulling closer and saying in an annoying tone sorry girl he is taken she said pointing at her ring the girls jaw dropped she fixed herself and simply walked away we kept as we walked as soon as we were out I said way to go bella rock on little sister she looked down in embarrassment but I could she her smile then we headed home


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