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Letters per word: 6.07 5.99 Words per line: 30.13 21.89 Words per page: 207.63 317.21 Rated 4.9 by 83 users. Click to rate. Add to your reading list Remove from your reading list Document Information Flag This DocumentPlease select the reason(s) for reporting this document Spam or junk Porn adult content Hateful or offensive CancelIf you are the copyright owner of this document and want to report it, please follow these directions to submit a copyright infringement notice. 4,906 Reads | 6 CommentsDescription Explanation of underground rivers and tunnel network around pyramids. 174 Pages Date Added03/05/2009 CategoryUncategorized. Tagspyramid, Tesla, chi, Orgone, Yin, Yang, prana, hrvoje, great pyramid, zujić, zahi hawass, Science & Engineering GroupsMesopotamia Add This Document to GroupsYou haven't joined any groups yet. Browse groups, or start your own. Awards Rising CopyrightAttribution Non-commercial More info » CommentsAdd a comment: manooshree 12 days ago you have done the good work, but...... can you allow me to download?please? Close This ScribdAboutPressScribd StoreJobsContactBlogLegalTerms - generalTerms APICopyrightHelp & ToolsGetting startedSupportFAQiPaperDesktop uploaderScribd MobilePartnersPartners / PublishersDevelopers / APIFollow Us On Twitter On Facebook

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