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UNIT OPERATING PROCEDURE Boile !e"# i$tio%: Natural circulation, Single drum, Radiant reheat, Balanced draft boiler with Tangential tilt type burners. Remote controlled HEA High Energy Arc! igniters, air cooled oil guns. "SSS RAH "' fans )A fans *' fans ES)s # # # # # # "urnace safeguard super$isory system Regenerati$e Air Heater % & Nos. & Nos A(ial reaction & Nos A(ial reaction & Nos Radial 'ouble Suction + Nos.

A) P e$a atio% o& lig'ti%g ($: ,. -hec. and remo$e any foreign material from boiler. Ensure all manholes and others should be closed. &. Remo$e any restriction obstructing the boiler e(pansion. /. Ensure "urnace hopper water sealing. +. Ensure a$ailability of compressed air, power, chemicals, cooling water etc. 0. 1eep all $ents and drains as per the $al$e operating diagram. 2. Burner tilt in hori3ontal position. 4. Ensure 5il system and firing e6uipment is ready. 7. Ensure all interloc.s and protections. 8. -hec. up the wind bo( for proper damper positioning. ,9. -hec. the functioning of all instruments. ,,. 1eep all dampers in air : ;as side in start up condition. ,&. -hec. the correct functioning of furnace probe.

,/. -hec. all the e6uipments are properly lubricated and .ept ready for start up. ,+. "ill the boiler up to normal le$el. ,0. -lose all de%super heating control $al$es. B) I%itial )i i%g: ,. &. /. +. 0. -hec. that no boiler trip condition e(ists. Air flow is </9=. )urging of furnace. Ensure enough oil and air pressures. -hec. that burners are burning well free of smo.e, proper automisation etc.! 2. -hec. for good furnace condition. *f the furnace is found smo.y ad>ust the au( air or total air flow. 4. -hec. for rotation of burners for uniform heating. 7. -hec. the e(pansion of furnace and record it. 8. "iring rate should be with in limits. ,9. ?aintain the drum le$el nearer to normal. ,,. -hec. and control Boiler water, "eed water and steam conditions as per the recommended. ,&. "re6uent soot blowing of RAHs. ,/. )ut S-A)H Steam coiled air )re%heater! into ser$ice during fuel oil firing. C) No *al Loa!i%g: ,. &. /. +. 0. 2. *ncrease the boiler load as per start up cur$e. Start coal firing if sufficient ignition energy is a$ailable. )ut all automatics in ser$ice. -hec. and record SH : RH metal temp. ?aintain windbo( pressures e6ual on all sides. Ensure the following# a! "lue gas analysis b! @uality of "eed water, Boiler water : Steam c! )ul$erised coal fineness. 4. "re6uent soot blowing of RAHs to a$oid fire. 7. 1eep S-A)H into ser$ice upto the recommended cold end temps are reached.


D) No *al Re!(#tio% o& Loa!: ,. Reduce the load as per the recommendations. &. Ad>ust the 'ESH spray. /. Ta.e the controls into manual where e$er re6uired for better control. E) No *al "'(t !o+% to #ol!: ,. &. /. +. 0. 2. Reduce the load gradually. ?aintain normal drum le$el. Enough purging after tripping the fuel. "ill drum to A,09mm during bo(ing up. -hec. and maintain drum le$el till it cools sufficiently. Run *' : "' fans : RAH till the inlet "; temp drops down to &999-.

A) I%itial )i i%g: ,. 'o not continue firing if drum le$el is $ery low. &. "urnace 5BC temp should not be more than 0+99- if there is no flow in RH. /. 'o not light up or continue if RAH is not running. +. 'o not .eep furnace probe inside the furnace if ".; temp e(ceeds 0+99-. B) No *al Loa!i%g: ,. 'o not put mill into ser$ice until sufficient ignition energy is a$ailable. &. 'o not operate at higher )r. : Temp.

,. Air flow is </9= for safety during start ups. i! ii! "or air D rich furnace atmosphere. High e(cess air through the air heater.

&. Saturated steam temp. rise should not be more than --..C. /. 'uring start ups furnace e(it gas temp /01..C until flow is established through RH by cutting in H)BC) bypass system. +. Eind bo( )r. /4 mmwcl. 0. 1eep open economi3ed recirculation line $al$e. 2. Ta.e the boiler e(pansion readings. 4. -hec. the boiler water parameters. 7. *ncrease wind bo( pressure to ,99 mmwcl if load is <&9=. 8. -hec. 5& and increase the air flow if re6uired.