EHS and Sustainability – helping you build business value

As Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) experts and skilled advisors in Sustainability, TRC offers you programmatic solutions at every level of your enterprise to help you drive business performance across the value chain. We understand that EHS is a vital component of Sustainability and that both are tied to the success of your core business strategy. Our unique “Systems Thinking” Approach connects and leverages your existing EHS initiatives into an overarching Sustainability program that moves you from risk to opportunity—helping you build business value.

Risk VS. Opportunity

“TRC’s experts helped take our sustainability program to the next level of performance and transparency in a very focused way, within a very tight deadline. Their approach always addressed our needs and goals, providing results that are helping us build business value.” - Rich Weber, Director of Safety, Health and Environmental Affairs, Flakeboard America Ltd

TRC’s “Systems Thinking” Approach

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Our full spectrum of services will give you the strategies, structures and systems to take you from a strong EHS compliance foundation through to Sustainability and full stakeholder engagement. Our approach builds a culture of assurance, generates insight into emerging issues, promotes the successful management of change and uncovers opportunities for continuous improvement.

For more information, please contact: Karen Lutz at 734.585.7823 Jeffrey Bremer at 608.826.3613

Flakeboard’s ongoing commitment to compliance assurance and improved Environmental Health and Safety Systems includes the development of management systems certified to the international ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. system gap assessments and analysis of existing www. We drive progress efficiently and effectively where companies typically get stuck. training. faster. we pull the pieces together to strategically optimize EHS management. more transparent and fully integrated with its business objectives.trcsolutions.3613 jbremer@trcsolutions. behaviors and culture. Solutions Working with Flakeboard’s internal crossfunctional team. For more information. our depth and breadth of experience ensures that the strategies and solutions you implement will yield credible Jeffrey Bremer at 608. • Materiality assessment • Stakeholder mapping and engagement planning • Target objective setting • Implementation roadmap development Integrating Management Systems Whether your system is currently aligned with an existing framework or based on an independent corporate model. helping you build business value.Flakeboard: Building Business Value Creating Sustainable Value We can help you build and optimize your Sustainability strategy through a streamlined process focused on systemic solutions. It is focused on metrics that are relevant to driving overall business performance. stakeholder engagement. we look for root causes through risk based audits. TRC developed the company’s first Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) report for external disclosure in 2013. please contact: Karen Lutz at 734. As public disclosures of . Using a systematic approach. and metrics setting in a manner aligned with the Flakeboard’s culture and business goals and objectives. Delivering Results You Can Rely On As pioneers of groundbreaking scientific and engineering methodologies that are used by the environmental industry today. The use of renewable and often recycled wood fiber—along with a strong commitment to its employees and community—is a key part of their core business strategy. When traditional compliance audit programs fail to drive change in attitudes. TRC facilitated the creation of a sustainability strategy that evaluated the issues of materiality.826.585.7823 klutz@trcsolutions. TRC is currently leading them through every phase of this process—from strategy. procedures. Benefits Flakeboard’s sustainability program is strong. Building Business Value Building Business Value Establish Current Positions Assess Internal & External Factors Generate & Prioritize Strategic Actions Ensure Sustainable Business Processes Challenges Flakeboard is the largest manufacturer of composite panels in North America. Beginning in 2011 Flakeboard sought to formalize and enhance its sustainability program to increase transparency and implement formal EHS management systems. you can rely on TRC to deliver technically sound performance improvements and verification services. while also ensuring day to day EHS compliance and enhancing their commitment to their core values. Assuring Compliance We develop tailored models and toolsets to advance your compliance assurance goals. social and governance issues are increasing and expanding. auditing and through to implementation and certification.

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