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Bespoke Insurance and Risk Management Solutions for the Heritage Rail Industry

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Specialist insurance solutions for the heritage rail sector

Your heritage railway may be a slice of living history - but youre still subject to many of the risks and regulations that are an everyday part of commercial passenger operations. Thats why it makes sense to work with an experienced insurance broker who understands heritage rail and the issues you face.
Risk is part of your business: risk is our business. Specialising in heritage rail since 1998, Oval Insurance Broking (Oval) is the UKs leading insurance broker for the heritage rail sector and collaborates closely with the Heritage Rail Associations Members. We already work with over 120 UK heritage rail policyholders ranging from private owners, restorers and consultants to museums and commercial operators. This commitment helps us deliver specialist insurance protection that is uncomplicated, competitive, efcient and cost effective. It also provides you with expertise from people who understand your operations at a level of complexity you need and expect. In addition to the traditional railway operations and the restoration of rolling stock, infrastructure, bridges, tunnels, and stations, competition for leisure time has expanded into ever diverse income streams. Built on a deep and extensive understanding of the additional risks these activities create, we work with leading specialist underwriters to offer custom built insurance protection that closes the gaps our competitors often leave behind.

The Heritage Rail policy wording has been carefully designed to deliver superior cover for your assets. As well as providing standard cover for your property, business interruption and liabilities, you will also enjoy many additional benets of cover for risks unique to the industry, which can include:  All Risks cover total UK-wide protection for all types of rolling stock from steam and diesel locomotives to modern electric power cars and multiple units. Cover automatically includes re-railing and recovery costs, explosion or collapse of locomotive boilers and third party steaming fees.  Property in the Open cover available for items that are unable to be located in locked buildings (subject to conditions).  Loaned or Hired Locomotives -automatic cover up to 3m for locomotives on temporary loan or hire agreement for up to 110 days with higher limits available when required.  Liability - specialised Employers and Public Liability protection, including voluntary workers.  Contingent Public Liability - for heritage steam and diesel locomotives or coaching stock running on the mainline. Limits available of up to 155m for mainline operators and other limits available for non-mainline railways operating above 25mph.  Loss of Revenue a wide variety of cover that will cater for the different sources of revenue the railway generates.  Infrastructure - includes physical property cover for stations, platforms, bridges, tunnels, signalling and track.  Supplementary covers extra covers include the provision of Professional Indemnity, specialist engineering inspection, Directors and Ofcers Liabilities, Trustees Liabilities and Motor Fleet all from insurers who are used to and comfortable with heritage railway exposures.  Long term options the option of 2 or 3 year agreements with insurers at guaranteed rates, and renewal bonuses for well managed low claim risks.

Intelligent insurance solutions built around you

Youll nd the specialist insurance and risk management solutions and services you need to help keep your operation t for the future under a single roof. Our approach is geared around a strong service ethic and focused on the key values that you need.  A safe pair of hands: an insurance broking partner you can trust, backed by experience and a proven track record.  Market strength that drives value for money: placing over 2.5m in premium for heritage railways, means that specialist insurers trust us and want to work with us.  Innovation that delivers better protection: working with leading insurers, we offer an exclusive policy wording designed specically around your needs.  Fast, expert problem solving: our team understand how diverse your operation can be and are usually able to answer any query which arises immediately. When we do need to refer to an insurer we usually receive a quick response.  Contract vetting: we can assist with the sometimes complex area of vetting insurance clauses in contracts between various parties when rolling stock is out on loan, particularly around theme weekends.  Services for all shapes and sizes: we can cater for the smallest to the largest operators.  Commercial operations: with the continuing expansion of the industry into public service operations, the chosen underwriters have experience to understand and offer the range of appropriate indemnities.  Single specialist team: located centrally in our Leicester ofce, our dedicated team of heritage rail specialists are here to help.  Also available to your broker: cover is available on a sub-broker basis, should you wish to retain long standing advisers but benet from superior cover.

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Oval has been at the forefront of heritage rail insurance since 1998. We are respected stakeholders in the sector, helping drive best practice and innovation. Above all, we invest in our people. We have drawn together experienced, high calibre professionals and we keep workloads manageable so our people have the time and scope to stay close to your needs, develop the relationships and deliver the high service standards and innovation you expect.

The heritage rail industry by its very nature produces claim situations that do not occur in general business sectors. In particular applying value to vintage items that may be awaiting restoration or restoration that is partially complete. Our own claims handlers and our insurers claims teams understand the true value of your losses. Youll receive friendly and efcient service from our in-house claims handlers. The choice of specic adjusters that fully understand this aspect has been a major factor in achieving full client satisfaction when the unexpected has occurred.

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