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Bible Believers' Newsletter #237

"We focus on the PRESENT Truth -- what Jesus is doing NOW . . ."
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Good to gather with you once again around God's unchanging Word. May I re ind you that !"s o# the !hurch We$site are a%ai&a$&e. '&ease send a co(y o# this News&etter to your #riends) in%iting the to su$scri$e) and (ro%e a&& things (ersona&&y in your own *i$&e. . . +nthony Grigor-Scott

Earth Battles Bulge

August 3, 2002 -- New research says that the ,arth is getting wider) $ut the scientists who disco%ered the change are not sure what is causing it. . . a start&ing study in the -S has shown its waist&ine shran. #or two decades and then) in the years since 1//8) $egan e0(anding again. 1he researchers $ehind the study noticed the $i2arre (heno enon a#ter studying sate&&ite o$ser%ations #ro the (ast 3uarter-century. . . +round #our years ago) they #ound the ,arth's width $egan to e0(and again) a trend which continues today. 1hey say nothing on the ,arth's sur#ace) such as rising sea &e%e&s) cou&d e0(&ain such a ra(id change. Full story: a$

Fed Chief Greenspan to Be Knighted

Washington August 6, 2002 -- 4ueen ,&i2a$eth II has a((ro%ed an honorary .nighthood #or Greens(an's 5outstanding contri$ution to g&o$a& econo ic sta$i&ity)5 *ritish 1reasury announced 1uesday. + co(y o# the re&ease was distri$uted in Washington. Full story: washington(

! "est Nile #irus $at%hes &sraeli !train

Washington August 7, 2002 -- 1he strain o# West Ni&e %irus s(reading ra(id&y across the country is a genetic atch to one #ound in Israe&) . . . says a !enters #or "isease !ontro& and 're%ention scientist. . . 6arry Sa%age) 5So it at &east indicates that it ca e #ro that (art o# the wor&d.5 7edera& scientists) howe%er) are sti&& trying to #igure out how the os3uito-$orne %irus 8u (ed the +t&antic) an unusua& #eat. Full story: wor&dnetdai&

"hat is Behind Bush's "ar with &ra'(


'resident George W. *ush a((ears to $e o$sessed with Ira3) e%en though that country cannot reasona$&y $e considered a terrorist nation. 1his o$session is no new thing. 9ess than three onths a#ter the Se(te $er 11 terrorist attac.) we were hearing 'resident *ush was a$out to un&eash the dogs o# war. 6e intended to gi%e ar ed su((ort to dissident grou(s in Ira3. 6e had ordered the !I+ and his senior i&itary co anders to draw u( detai&ed (&ans #or a i&itary o(eration that cou&d $egin within onths. Comment: 'hotogra(hs o# -S i&itary en $ui&ding airstri(s on -S-contro&&ed territory in northern Ira3 a((eared on a&& #i%e a8or 1: networ.s) inc&uding 7o0 ;War onger Watch -(date +ugust 6) 2002<.Full story: her es-(

)a*sa+ Clar, "rites N on ! -hreat to &ra'

Washington August 7, 2002 -- +n attac. on Ira3 $y the -nited States wou&d %io&ate the !onstitution and &aws o# the -S and e0(ose 'resident *ush to i (each ent $y the 6ouse o# =e(resentati%es under the !onstitution . . . #or the highest o# cri es) those against (eace and hu anity) to 8udg ent $y the -S Senate and tria& in #edera& court #or cri es charged. -n#ortunate&y in recent years our !onstitution has $een ore honored in the $reach than in #aith#u& o$ser%ance o# the rights it is intended to (rotect. Full story:

$i%rowave "eapons $a+ Be )ead+ For &ra'

London August 6, 2002 -- +n attac. on Ira3 is e0(ected to see the #irst use o# high-(ower icrowa%e wea(ons ;6'M< that (roduce a s(&it-second s(i.e o# energy (ower#u& enough to da age e&ectronic co (onents and scra $&e co (uter e ories. 1hey are designed) at &east initia&&y) #or use #ro Full story: cruise issi&es and un anned aircra#t. . .

! $a+ put &ranian Nu%lear .lant on /it 0ist

July 30, 2002 -- + nuc&ear (ower (&ant $eing $ui&t in Iran has e erged as a (otentia& test o# the *ush +d inistration's doctrine o# (re-e (ting threats to -nited States security. 'resident George *ush has &a$e&ed Iran a (art o# the 5a0is o# e%i&5) and so e o# his de#ence o##icia&s argue that a nuc&ear (&ant at *ushehr) on the country's 'ersian Gu&# coast) shou&d $e destroyed $e#ore it recei%es its #irst &oad o# nuc&ear #ue& #ro =ussia) which is he&(ing to $ui&d it. . . a (re-e (ti%e stri.e a((ears to $e su((orted $y on&y a inority in the +d inistration) Israe& has suggested it wi&& not a&&ow the (&ant to o(en. (Comment: 1he on&y 'threat' is that o# chea( (ower &eading to econo ic de%e&o( ent and (ros(erity. "Love your enemies, . . do good to them. . ." Matthew >?42-4@<. Full story: s .au

)esist the 1evil2 and /e will Flee

God's Word re3uires a tota& se(aration #ro un$e&ie#. When Israe&) on his way to recei%e the (ro ise) #e&& in un$e&ie# to God's un#ai&ing Word) God (&aced the nation) and only that nation, under the curse o# the 9aw. 1he na es o# a&& adu&t Israe&ites in that #irst generation were re o%ed #ro the *oo. o# 9i#e $ecause o# their un$e&ie#) and are &ost ;Aohn 6?4/<. , 18?20) 5The soul that sins shall die. The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son. . ." God arched Israe& around the desert #or #orty years unti& the &ast o# that generation was dead. Sin (re%ented a&& $ut Aoshua and !a&e$ #ro entering the 9and. nto this day !srael ha"e not entered their sa##ath, #e$ause that rest is A#raham%s &romise #y the #a'tism (ith the )oly *host (hi$h !srael re+used (hen they ,illed the ,ing o+ *lory (&salm -./ )e#re(s 0:123 6ere in ty(e we see a&& those who were ca&&ed out o# 9aodicea $y this end-ti e Message) $ut #ai&ing to &oose the se&%es #ro 'entecosta& drea s) wandered in a 9aodicean desert #or #orty years without entering their rest in !hrist. 1hese wi&& (erish without entering the eterna& 9and o# the Mi&&enniu ) &i.e the generation that #o&&owed Moses out o# ,gy(t died without entering the 'ro ised 9and. 1hen God to&d Moses) "You have compassed this mountain long enough: turn northward. Command the people, You are to cross over the border of your brethren the children of sau, who dwell in !eir" and they shall be afraid of you, so ta#e care: don$t start a fight" for % will not give you even a foot of their land, because % have given mount !eir to sau for a possession" ;"euterono y 2?@-><. +#ter tra (ing the #oothi&&s o# Mount Seir #or a who&e generation) Israe& was going to (ass through ,sau's &and. Since they were the (rogeny o# Israe&'s $rother) the ,do ites were his cousins. +s ,sau had arried two Ser(ent's seed wo en whose o##s(ring cou&d ne%er $e on the &oo# of Life, they cou&d not carry the seed o# +$raha to rea&i2e God's (ro ise to +$raha . 1hese ,do ites were &arge&y a sers through iscegenation. 1hey ty(e our deno inationa& cousins who are $astard-$orn through hy$reeding God's Word with hu an reasoning. *eing s(iritua& Ser(ent's seed) they are not on the Lamb$s &oo# of Life and can not inherit God's 'ro ise to +$raha and his seed. +s Israe& had to (ass through the &and o# ,sau to enter the 'ro ised 9and) $ut were not to %e0 hi ) !hrist's end-ti e *ride ust cross through deno inationa& &ands) en-route to the eterna& 9and o# the Mi&&enniu . We ustn't touch their unc&ean things or e0cite stri#e) $ut we (roc&ai the re%e&ation o# the Message which ca&&s $oth the wise and #oo&ish %irgin out #ro the wor&d church syste ;Matthew 2>?1-1@B =e%e&ation 10?8-11<. =e%e&ation 18?4) "% heard another voice calling from heaven, Come away from of her, 'y people, do not te#e part in her sins, or you will be punished with her plagues". Christians are not A#raham%s se4ual in$rease, #ut his seed through the #a'tism o+ the )oly *host3 +$raha was a Genti&e) a !ha&dean #ro the city o# -r and the #ather o# the Israe&ites. God ade a !o%enant o# grace with "(braham and his seed forever." *ut his natura& seed) the nation o# Israe&) re8ected grace and recei%ed the 9aw on Mount Sinai which was a curse #ro God $ecause o# their un$e&ie#. No Israe&ite has et the i (erious de ands o# the 9aw ;"anie& /?@-1>B Matthew >?20B Ga&atians @?6-16<.

5ho( me one 5$ri'ture that hints at A#raham o#ser"ing a sa##ath day6 A#raham (as under gra$e, not under la(3 A#raham (as a #elie"er (ith +aith, (ho lo"ed and o#eyed *od, and needed no La(3 Aesus !hrist the (ro ised Seed o# +$raha was $orn and died under the curse o# the 9aw ;"euterono y 21?2@B Ga&atians @?1@<. *eing ade a curse #or us) 6is death and resurrection redee ed us #ro the curse o# the 9aw) that the $&essing o# +$raha ight co e on we Genti&es through Aesus !hristB so we ight recei%e the (ro ise o# the S(irit or new $irth through #aith. 5ho( me one 5$ri'ture that im'lies that the early Christians, ha"ing re$ei"ed the 'romise o+ the 5'irit through +aith, o#ser"ed a sa##ath day6 7here is no 5$ri'ture, and sin$e the Chur$h is #uilt on the +oundation o+ the a'ostles and 'ro'hets (here is your stand6 From the #irth o+ the Chur$h on 5unday, "when the day of Pentecost was fully come" to the 'resent day, no Christian has #een re8uired to o#ser"e any sa##ath day3 7his is unthin,a#le3 5Aews5 atte (ting to o$ser%e a sa$$ath day outside the 'ro ised 9and are hy(ocrites -ignorant o# the 1orah and their own 'ro(hets. 1he sa$$ath can on&y $e o$ser%ed in Israe& ;Isaiah 61?1<. +ny Israe&ite who is a 6e$rew o# the $&ood o# +$raha ) Isaac and Aaco$ is outside the !o%enant o# Moses so &ong as he is outside Israe&) (articu&ar&y since the state has $een restored ;as (ro(hesied) to non-Se itic anti-Se itic (eo(&e) who sto&e the &and #ro its Se itic +ra$ and 6e$rew owners) and who #o&&ow the &ewd 1a& ud which negates the 9aw and the 'ro(hets ;"anie& /?2CB 9u.e 21?24B Mar. C?1@<. 1hese 5Aews5 are not o# the $&ood o# +$raha ) Isaac and Aaco$) $ut i (ostors) with no c&ai s to the !o%enant o# Moses) or the sa$$ath<. Any one $laiming to #e a Christian yet attem'ting to maintain the old sa##ath day is re9e$ting the +ree gi+t o+ gra$e, #y im'li$ation denying the resurre$tion o+ Jesus Christ, and the $oming o+ the )oly 5'irit3 1hey are dishonoring God and ser%ing a &ying s(irit. 1here is no Scri(ture co anding !hristians to o$ser%e a sa$$ath day or any other day. 1he %ery idea is gross carna&ity) and dou$&y sin#u& $ecause those who ha%e recei%ed the (ro ise o# the S(irit are e0(ress&y co anded to o$ser%e no s(ecia& day. No ,aster day) no !hrist as day) no saint this or saint that day ;Ga&atians 4?1-11B ,(hesians 2?20<. 7he Christian sa##ath is the #a'tism (ith the )oly 5'irit (hi$h is the ne( #irth3 It is an eterna& rest #or the sou& which is sea&ed #or twenty-#our hours a day) se%en days a wee. to the day o# our (hysica& rede (tion ;,(hesians 4?@0<. Dne cannot $e a !hristian and o$ser%e a sa$$ath day #or the one (rec&udes the other. God is not dou$&e- inded? o((osing &aws can not coe0ist. ")o man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other" or vice*versa" ;Matthew 6?24<. 'au& e0(&ains this 3uite c&ear&y in 6e$rews 4 where he says. had Aoshua gi%en rest to the (eo(&e o# Israe& $y $ringing the into the 'ro ised 9and) .ing "a%id) who ru&ed Israe& 400 years a#ter an's #irst #ai&ure to enter in to rest) wou&d not ha%e s(o.en o# another day. +nd he instructs us that the place o# this sa$$ath is not a geogra(hic &ocation $ut in the 'resence o# God whither !hrist our #orerunner has a&ready entered -- ha%ing ceased #ro 6is wor.s as God did #ro 6is. Eou (eo(&e c&ai ing to $e !hristians whi&e i (ersonating a sa$$ath day had $etter cease your carna& wor.s (rogra s and recogni2e that Aesus !hrist has a&ready acco (&ished the wor. you cou&d ne%er achie%e. Curse this sa$$ath day i (ersonation which is the ar. o# the $east ;i.e. reasoning against the #aith<. Get into !hrist and rest. +ela,, recei%e the grace 6e has (urchased #or you) and en8oy it. 1he ystery o# God was #inished when God too. the 'ro(het Wi&&ia *ranha 6o e. !hrist's *ride has no e0cuse #or (resu (tion and

se&#-wor.s in this day) this is a rela,ing ti e when we dress ourse&%es in "the true sayings of -od" ;=e%e&ation 1/?C-/<. We &i%e under the holy convocation or #i#tieth day sabbath o# the 'entecosta& #east ;9e%iticus 2@?16-21<. 5er"e *od #y gra$e through +aith3 :eing +reed +rom the La( and sin (hose +ruit is death, and #e$ome ensla"ed to o#edien$e through gra$e, (hose +ruit is holiness, (ith e"erlasting li+e (;omans .:<2-<3/ 6:2<-2323 Curse 5atan%s +alse religion o+ sel+-righteous (or,s3 +$raha who was ca&&ed out #ro a ong his (eo(&e to wa&. in a strange &and) was a ty(e o# the !hurch) the 'e..&esia' ;G..<) the ca&&ed-out and se(arated ones. +$raha 's decision is a $eauti#u& ty(e o# the !hristian wa&. today. We ha%e $een ca&&ed out #ro our wor&d&y associations to wa&. with !hrist $y #aith to an unseen 9and 8ust &i.e +$raha wa&.ed in a strange &and not .nowing where he was going) & #or a !ity Whose *ui&der and was God) on&y we .now where we are going) and we .now the way. Aesus said) "%n 'y .ather$s house are many mansions: were it not so, % would have told you. % go to prepare a place for you. (nd if % go and prepare a place for you, % will come again, and receive you to 'yself" that where % am, there you may be also. (nd whither % go you #now, and the way you #now. . . % am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes to the .ather, but by 'e" ;Aohn 14?2-4)6<. +$raha did not .now the way) #or the sacri#ice through Who we return to the 7ather had not $een ade in his day. *ut the city was a&ready there in another di ension) 8ust a$o%e his head) ".or whom -od fore #new, /e also predestinated to be conformed to the image of /is !on, that /e might be the firstborn among many brethren. ;Which is why Aesus has gone ahead o# us<. 'oreover whom -od predestinated, /e also called: and whom /e called, /e also 0ustified: and whom /e 0ustified, /e also glorified" ;=o ans 8?2/-@0<. 1he theo(hanies o# our g&ori#ied a((earance were a&ready in the 'resence o# the 9ord when Aohn saw the %ision o# !hrist o(ening the Se%en Sea&ed *oo. ;=e%e&ation >?C-14<. +s 'au& said in ,(hesians 2?6) "-od has raised us up together and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ 1esus". "2here were you when % laid the foundations of the earth3 . . . 2hen the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of -od shouted for 0oy3" When they saw the re%e&ation o# their rede (tion through !hrist ;Ao$ @8?4) C<. We'%e always $een there. God's e&ect are a part o# the 9ogos. We were a&ways a (art o# God and eterna& 9i#e. 9i.e Ao$) we 8ust had to catch the re%e&ation. *rethren) we #now the Way. +&& we need do is to recogni2e our day and its Message) and see that (art o# the Word &i%ing through us. 2e are the !ity or dwe&&ing '&ace o# God) the '&ace o# 6is eterna& sa$$ath. We don't need to wor.-u( e otions or o$ser%e non-e0istent sa$$ath days) Aesus !hrist has done e%erything that needs to $e done. +&& we need do is recogni2e that 6e has #inished the wor.) recei%e it as the #ree gi#t o# #aith) and die to se&# so that through our o$edience 6is 9i#e ay &i%e through us. Dur o$8ecti%e is not what we can do $ut what we can stop doing so that /e can do through us. Wor,s are +aith e4'ressed3 Not you e0(ressed or me e0(ressed $ut /is faith ani#ested through us. 9i.e +$raha ) we are #o&&owing the &eading o# God's S(irit to an unseen 9and. Dur ten natura& senses were gi%en so we cou&d see) taste) hear) s e&& and touch) reason) &o%e) re e $er) etc.) this natura&) ateria& rea& . 1hey cannot contact the unseen. 7aith a&one ena$&es us to discern that unseen Su(ernatura& rea& which is our destination.

I# we consider our natura& circu stances and a&&ow ourse&%es to $e &ed $y the sensations o# our ten senses) instead o# & $eyond the natura& to #aith in the (ro ises o# God's Su(ernatura& Word) we wi&& $e re(ro$ate &i.e Israe&'s ten un$e&ie%ing s(ies who recognised on&y the natura& circu stances) and whose unani ous re(ort was un$e&ie# in the re%ea&ed Word o# God. Dur ten senses contact the wor&d which is sin since Satan is the god o# this e%i& age. Dur own $ody is the dust o# the wor&dB our orta& s(irit was gi%en $y God) $ut it is not o# God. 6ence we .now no an a#ter the #&esh) $ut a#ter the s(irit ru&ing that #&esh. +nd we don't try to (er#ect the $ody) $ecause it was concei%ed in sin) sha(ed in ini3uity) and ca e into the wor&d s( &ies. Dnce our sou& is $orn-again it has a 'new 6us$and' and is no &onger su$8ect to the wor&d and the things o# the wor&d $y ser%ing the &usts o# the #&esh and orta& s(irit. Since it is united with the Word and is one with the Word $y #aith) as Aesus (rayed in Gethse ane ;Aohn 1C?21-26<) it has a new desire that re3uires it to $ring the s(irit under su$ ission) which in turn $rings the $ody su$8ect to the re%ea&ed Word ;Genesis @?16<. *ut the #&esh cannot co e to (er#ection $e#ore it is g&ori#ied. 'au& said) "% find a law that when % want to do what is right, % inevitably do what is wrong". Dur orta& #&esh and s(irit are as yet unredee ed) and $eing o# the wor&d) desire the things o# the wor&d. =our mind and #ody are in $onstant (ar against the 5'irit in your #orn-again soul3 1he #&esh says) 5I' too tired.5 Dr the ind says) 5"o you re e $er when we used to. . .5 or 5i agine i# I was. . .5 So when God's Word states e (hatica&&y) "+ebu#e the 4evil, and he will flee from you"" "&y /is stripes we were healed"" or) 5Your sins are remitted," you ust ta.e God at 6is Word. 6owe%er i# you reason against #aith) dou$t that hea&ing is #or you) or when the doctor says) 5Eou're going to get worse)5 you $e&ie%e the doctor and your (ain instead o# ho&ding to God's un#ai&ing Word o# (ro ise) you wi&& ser%e your doctor and your wor&d&y senses) and God's Word is not your 9ord ;Matthew 6?24<. 7he "i$tory is yours to re$ei"e (ithout money and (ithout 'ri$e3 It has a&ready $een won #or you $y Aesus !hrist. Eou don't need to #ight #or it) 8ust ta.e It) It is your right. +&& the (ro ises o# God are "Yes," and they are yours. NowF +#ter *rother *ranha re%ea&ed the Se%en Sea&s God to&d us to go to !hrist and "ta#e the open &oo# from /is hands." No 5'&ease) Sir. May I5G 1he unsea&ed *oo. is yours. It is your right5 =ou are your soul3 =our #ody is not you, it is the house you li"e in3 Eour orta& s(irit (owers the $ody and o(erates its $rain. 1heir ten senses are on&y to contact this natura& rea& . Eou cannot trust the Su(ernatura& God with those senses. Eou are united with the irac& God Who s(ea.s o# (ro ised #uture e%ents as i# they a&ready e0isted. 6e ga%e you 6is S(irit with which to contact and trust in 6i $ecause God is a S(irit and not #&esh) and you $e&ie%e things that are i (ossi$&e #or your orta& senses to concei%e. I# you're an o##s(ring o# God and 6e is in you) 6e wi&& $e&ie%e 6is Dwn Word) a&though the hea&ing or whate%er it was has not yet ani#ested) and can't $e seen) #e&t) tasted) s e&t or heard) God in you wi&& $e&ie%e 6is Dwn Word. So you $eco e dead to your senses and enticing s(irits that reason against the #aith) and ho&d to God's unchanging Word. Christ has already healed you, and )e%s already sa"ed you (! &eter 2:2023 !t%s 'ast tense3 7he only thing you ha"e to do and all that you $an do is to a$$e't it #y +aith3 Eou weren't sa%ed ten years ago) you were sa%ed and hea&ed 2)000 years ago -- indeed you were sa%ed and hea&ed $e#ore the #oundation o# the wor&d when in 6is God saw you cruci#ied in !hrist on !a&%ary.

,%ery !hristian was 8udged and conde ned) and has a&ready (aid #or his sins in !hrist on !a&%ary since we are each +ttri$utes in the 9ogos o# God. 1hen God raised !hrist #or our 8usti#ication so we can ne%er again co e into conde nation. We were g&ori#ied and ade to sit in hea%en&y (&aces in !hrist Aesus ;=o ans 4?1@-2>B 8?28-@0B I !orinthians >?1@-21<. 1en years ago) or ten days ago) or whene%er it was you 8ust $eca e conscious and acce(ted your hea&ing and your sa&%ation. Wa.e u( to the rea&ity o# God's Word and #aith in 6is Word. "on't gi%e-in to the "e%i&) he's on&y a $&u##. I# you want to do right $ut so ething .ee(s (re%enting you. Dr i# you want to $e&ie%e $ut so ething causes you to dou$t and reason against God's re%ea&ed Word) saying It wi&& not wor. #or youB or i# it (re%ents you #ro (raying in the Na e o# the 9ord Aesus !hrist. 1hat is an enticing s(irit. +nd !hrist co issioned 6is !hurch) "%n 'y )ame they shall cast out demons" so they can recei%e the $&essings o# God contained in 6is (ro ises. 1hat hea&ing is yours) new $irth is yours) #reedo #ro o((ression) and e%ery (ro ise o# God is yours. Dn&y sin in your &i#e can hinder you #ro recei%ing it. Sin us un$e&ie#F Faith $asts out demons and sets the 'risoners +ree3 When God %ei&ed 6i se&# $ehind a created Man in the days o# 9ot) when 6e %ei&ed 6i se&# $ehind the %irgin-$orn Man) and when 6e re%ea&ed the Son o# an %ei&ed $ehind the #&esh o# *rother Wi&&ia *ranha ) God discerned the thoughts and intents o# (eo(&e's hearts in order to raise their #aith) so they cou&d reach out and ta.e the $&essings that are there waiting #or the to recei%e. Seeing that 6e .new their na e) where they &i%ed) their (ast and e%en their thoughts) they saw God is a rea&ity) and $e&ie%ed 6e cou&d a&so hea& the or cast out the e%i& s(irit) and their own #aith ade the se&%es who&e ;Matthew /?20-22B 1>?28B Mar. 10?>1->2B 9u.e 1C?111/B +cts @?16<. Forget a#out the lu$,y ra##it%s +oot o+ long 'rayers and +astings, slee'less nights sear$hing your mind +or some se$ret sin, or la$, o+ 'eniten$e, and other (or,s o+ the +lesh3 Without +aith this is a#omination to *od3 5u'erstition> Jesus Christ has already done the (or,s3 5im'ly ta,e 5imon &eter%s 'res$ri'tion +rom the day o+ &ente$ost - "Re ent and !e !a ti"ed in the Name of the #ord Jesus $hrist for the remission of sins% and all these things will !e added unto you". Wor,s (ithout +aith is death3 9oo. at the 'harisees) whose righteous wor.s o# the 9aw cruci#ied their own Messiah) $ecause their wor.s were without #aith. 9oo. at the =o an !atho&ics who whi( and nai& the se&%es to hea%y wooden crosses they ha%e dragged #or i&es) or craw& on $&eeding .nees to &ight a grease cand&e $e#ore the shrine o# so e dead (erson. 1hose are wor.s without #aith. Since the deno inations re8ected !hrist in 1/6@ when the re%e&ation o# the Se%en Sea&s $rought 6i $ac. to earth in Word #or ) and (ut 6i to an o(en sha e - outside the door that $ears 6is Na e - they ha%e cruci#ied unto the se&%es the Son o# God a#resh. 1oday e%ery deno ination cruci#ies 6i on a cross o# =o an creed $ecause their (reaching is wor.s without #aith) and is not acce(ted o# God. Aesus ca&&ed the "blasphous names" ;=e%e&ation 1@?1<F +&& o# these (eo(&e were sincere. "ead&y sincereF *ut *rother or Sister) i# our sincerity is not grounded on faith, we are sincere&y decei%ed. !o e out o# her) My (eo(&e. 7or why wou&d you (erishG !t (as their own +aith that $aused the demons to +lee3 Aesus) *rother *ranha ) any inister or $e&ie%er) is si (&y an instru ent God uses to he&( raise another (erson higher in their own #aith to recei%e their needs. So eti es God wi&& e0(ose Satan $y re%ea&ing uncon#essed sin Satan has he&d against a (erson. !on#essing that secret sin dise (owers the "e%i& and #rees the to recei%e hea&ing) or whate%er their need ay $e.

5in is un#elie+ in the re"ealed Word o+ *od3 Aust as your #aith wi&& cast out the de on) your un$e&ie# wi&& in%ite hi $ac. again. May$e that sin is a #a&se doctrine) &i.e o$ser%ing a sa$$ath day. Whate%er that #a&se doctrine) one word contrary to #aith in the Word o# God is the .ingdo o# Satan) and wi&& .ee( you #ro recei%ing the #u&& $&essings o# God. "2hen an unclean spirit goes out of a man, he wal#s in dry places, see#ing a home: and finding none, returns to find his old house sanctified and vacant, so he brings bac# seven other spirits more wic#ed than himself, and they all enter in and dwell there. !o the last state of that man is worse than the first" ;Matthew 12?4@-4><. Now when #aith e%icts the de on) &et the 6o&y S(irit enter in. 6e can on&y enter $y #aith or a c&ear understanding o# the re%ea&ed Word o# God. 1he Word can on&y enter through your eyes or your ears) and i# It is not re8ected $y inte&&ectua& reasoning which is sin) or un$e&ie#) It wi&& #ind rest in your heart when it we&co es that Word $y understanding and agree ent. *ut i# you reason against 6i 6e can not #ind that rest. +nd the S(irit o# God wi&& not go where the Word o# God is unwe&co e) #or the Word o# God is the S(irit o# God in a #or we can recei%e $y #aith. !+ you 9ust re'ent o+ your sins and 'erha's e"en san$ti+y your li+e - (ithout #eing #orn-again - you may #e (orse than e"er you (ere #e+ore you re'ented3 Eou ust fill that (&ace Satan once occu(ied with the 6o&y S(irit. 7i&& it with God's Word #or this day as re%ea&ed to us $y 6is 'ro(het. 1hen you'&& ha%e God in you $ecause 6is Word is 6i se&# in a #or you can recei%e $y #aith. +nd i# you ho&d the re%ea&ed Word in the strong hand o# #aith) the de ons wi&& tre $&e and sinners awa.e #aith in Aeho%ah wi&& anything sha.e. I ight $e a sinner in your sight) $ut i# I' in !hrist) God can't see y $ecause the *&ood o# !hrist has atoned #or y sins. !hristians can not sin. I Aohn @?/) "2hosoever is born of -od does not commit sin" for /is seed ;or re%ea&ed Word< remains in him: and he cannot sin ;or un$e&ie%e<) because he is born of -od." Sin is un$e&ie# in the re%ea&ed Word o# God. Dne cannot ha%e #aith or understanding in God's Word and not $e&ie%e It. Christians do ma,e mista,es #ut (e $an ne"er sin3 And (hen the Christian ma,es a mista,e, he (ill $on+ess it as soon as his error is re"ealed3 + an tru&y $orn o# the S(irit o# God wi&& not $e in the Word one day) and in the wor&d the ne0t. I# you are $orn o# the S(irit o# God) you are a !hristian? eterna& with God) and sea&ed to the day o# your rede (tion. When a wo an gi%es $irth to her $a$y) the water $rea.s #irst) ne0t the $&ood) and then its orta& s(irit and sou& enter. +&& three stages are re3uired to a.e it a hu an $eing) a &i%ing sou&. 1hese three stages in the natura& $irth ty(e the three ste(s o# #aith re3uired to gi%e S(iritua& $irth to a $a$e in !hrist. 7irst we are 8usti#ied $y grace through #aith in Who Aesus !hrist is and what 6e has acco (&ished #or our rede (tion) and we ta.e 6is )ame in Scri(tura& water $a(tis . Dur second ste( is sancti#ication $y the *&ood. In the natura&) God's on&y c&eansing) hea&ing strea is our $&ood which conducts the s(irit o# orta& &i#e. In the S(iritua&) the 6o&y S(irit which $eca e #&esh and $&ood in Aesus !hrist) c&eanses our &i%es $y #aith) showing us where we ust se(arate #ro the wor&d unto the Word that we ay &i%e ho&y &i%es a&&-(&easing to the 9ord. 7ina&&y co es the $a(tis o# the 6o&y S(irit $y a c&ear re%e&ation o# our day and its Message 3uic.ening our sou& to e0(ress the present 1ruth in our &i#e. 1his is the new $irth. Just as a $hild $an #e still-#orn in the natural, one $an #e still-#orn in the 5'iritual3 Eou can $e 8usti#ied without $eing sancti#ied. Audas Iscariot was 8usti#ied and $a(ti2ed in water ;Aohn 4?1<. Eou can $e&ie%e on the 9ord Aesus !hrist with a&& o# your heart) and not

$eing sancti#ied) sti&& carry your unc&eanness with you. +nd you can $e $oth 8usti#ied and &i%e a c&ean) ho&y &i#e) without ha%ing the 6o&y Ghost. Audas was sancti#ied $y the Word o# God) and his inistry in the Su(ernatura& was no &ess than that o# the other 81 a(ost&es ;Aohn 6?C0 1C?1CB Matthew 10?1-4B +cts 1?1?1C<. S( in tongues) e0ercising other gi#ts or $eing a inister) is no e%idence o# the new $irth ;I !orinthians 1@?1-@<. I Aohn >?C-8 says) "There are three that bear record in heaven, the .ather, the 2ord, and the /oly -host: and these three are 6ne ;'erson<. (nd there are three that bear witness on earth, the !pirit, and the water, and the blood: these three agree in one" ;$orn-again (erson<. Eou can't ha%e the 7ather without ha%ing the SonB you can't ha%e the Son without ha%ing the 6o&y Ghost) #or these are three D##ices or dis(ensation c&ai s o# 6ne indi%isi$&e S(irit. 9i.ewise a&& three stages o# grace agree in the S(iritua& $irth o# one chi&d o# God. Sad&y) (eo(&e are either not instructed) or they ha%e not #o&&owed instructions that were gi%en and they go away and gi%e u(. 1hen the de on that has $othered the #or so &ong o%es $ac. and o%er again. When God te&&s you anything $y ins(iration through 6is S(irit) don't dou$t that) or a worse thing wi&& co e u(on you) and your &ast estate wi&& $e se%en ti es worse than it was at the #irst. "on't dis$e&ie%e) ho&d to God's unchanging Word. 1e&& the de on) 5I wi&& not $e o%ed no atter how sic. you a.e e) or how isera$&y you treat e.5 Ao$ wou&d not $e o%ed. Ao$ ty(es those &oya& 144)000 Israe&ites who wi&& not o%e #ro the #aith o# Aesus !hrist a&though the Audaeo-=o an !atho&ic church wi&& ta.e their &i#e. *e sincere #ro the de(th o# your heart $ut sei2e the %ictory $y #aith) and don't &et go. Eour sic.ness or o((ression wi&& &i#t) and e%erything wi&& $e a&& right. =e e $er) "Christ is the high priest of our profession. . . !ubmit yourself therefore to -od. +esist the devil, and he will flee from you" ;Aa es 4?C<. n&