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November 21, 2013

Viking Fusion to release free app for iPhone and Android phones
The new Viking Fusion smart phone application will be available for free download starting Friday. The app, available for iPhones with iOS7 and Android phones, will contain nearly all the same content the website currently contains. Viking Fusion advisor Stephen Hames said the project originally began in September 2012 when a committee of communication professors examined the benefits of having an app and the process for creating one, including costs. The actual designing and programming of the app began in spring of 2013. After much deliberation and searching for a developer, Berry alumni David Moskovitz (07) and Isaac Jessup (09) were hired to create the app. Hames said Jessup was a good part of the team because he was one of the students who helped create the original Fusion website during his time at Berry, so he was familiar with the mission and goals of the organization. Hames said one of the motives for building a mobile app was that it was practical. We are keeping up with technological demands, Hames said. More and more people are going mobileso we need to provide a mobile platform to keep up with the times. Bob Frank, associate professor of communication and department chair, was a member of the development committee. He said the idea for an app came from another committee member: Brian Carroll, associate professor of communication. The motivation was a realization triggered by Brian Carrolls reading and thinking that by 2014 the majority of people will be getting their information from a mobile site, Frank said. Carroll said creating a mobile app was a smart move. The desktop is declining; smartphones are now the dominant interface to get information, Carroll said. We needed to make it easier for people to access Fusion. Frank said most of the app development process was done via video conferences during which Moskovitz and Jessup would display the current state of the application and the committee would comment on what they liked and what they wanted changed. The app development hit a rough patch when the Apple app development system crashed, delaying the process for about a month, but Frank said the team worked through it. One of the biggest concerns the committee had was the cost of working with different operating systems. Whatever you develop for a phone, you have to develop for both Android and iOS7, both of which are constantly updating, Carroll said. Carroll said the new app will be good for the department and the school as a whole. If these trends are true, we dont want to


VIKING FUSION IS RELEASING a new smartphone app which will be available on Friday.
wake up and find ourselves marginalized, Carroll said. We want to keep ourselves mainstream. We want as many people to see our students work as possible.

Former Berry juniors being held in Marion County Jail

news editor
Two former Berry juniors, along with their mother, are being held in the Marion County Jail after being charged with exploiting a 91-yearold Berry high school alumnus for money, some of which was used to pay the students tuition. According to the Associated Press, the bond for sisters Kelsy Critter Dawsey, 19, and Patricia Buddy Dawsey, 22, was set at $50,000 on Nov. 18. Their mother, Kathryn Kit Dawsey, 54, is being held without bond. Kelsy, Patricia and Kathryn Dawsey are all facing charges of theft and exploitation of a disabled adult, Bob Webb. Kathryn Dawsey is facing another charge of theft by taking, Trebor Randle, assistant special agent in charge with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), said. Marion County Sheriff Derrell Neal told The Journal, a newspaper in Buena Vista, Ga., that Kathryn Dawsey befriended Bob Webb of Buena Vista and convinced him to grant her power of attorney. Randle said the Dawseys have been involved with Webbs finances for over a year, although the GBI investigation is focusing on events



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KELSY (LEFT) AND PATRICIA (RIGHT) DAWSEY AND THEIR MOTHER HAVE BEEN CHARGED with exploiting a Berry alumnus for financial gain.
within the past year. The GBI began investigating the allegations in July after being contacted by the Marion County Sheriffs Office. The investigation has been ongoing since then, and the case remains an open act of investigation, Randle said. A court order issued in September restricted Kathryn Dawsey from using Webbs finances. However, transactions continued to be made from Webbs account, Randle said. Authorities executed a search warrant at Kathryn Dawseys Pike County home on Nov. 8. She was arrested and charged at that time, Danny Jackson, special agent in charge with GBI, told the Rome News-Tribune. According to the Rome NewsTribune, Kelsy Dawsey was arrested on Nov. 10 after she turned herself into the Pike County Sheriffs Office. Patricia Dawsey was arrested the next day after she turned herself in at the Marion County Sheriffs Office. Kelsy and Patricia Dawsey are no longer enrolled at Berry, Jeanne Mathews, Berrys assistant vice president of public relations and marketing, said. Dale Benik, a relative of Webb, said the family is very concerned about the situation but declined further comment.

Thanksgiving meals p.6

Vikings volleyball season ends p.10

Academic Support Centers Van Cise to retire next month

staff reporter
After 12 years serving as director of the Academic Support Center (ASC), Martha Van Cise is set to retire at the end of 2013. In keeping with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Berry will immediately fill the position. Two people will be hired as her successors to lead the ASC for the next academic year, Van Cise said. Interviews for the position will take place after Thanksgiving break. Van Cise said she currently has 169 clients, plus 18 students with concussions with whom she also works. Its a big job, and its going to take two people to do it, Van Cise said. Van Cise has worked at Berry since 1984, teaching English 095, 101 and 102. She started working in the ASC in fall 2001. The hall leading to her office has pictures and news clippings of her past clients, Berry students she has assisted over the past 12 years. Van Cise said she has worked with well over 500 students throughout her career with the ASC. Her task, and the purpose of the ASC, is to assist those with special needs, that includes learning, psychological and physical disabilities, so that they can achieve their full potential. Its frustrating at times, Van Cise said. But its rewarding to see students who wouldnt be able to be successful without accommodations become successful. Van Cise discussed a notable student she helped to overcome obstacles and achieve his full potential during his years at Berry. This student has since graduated and done well in his career. John Hall was one of my clients who graduated about four or five years ago, Van Cise said, referring to a photograph of him. He is a quadriplegic. [Recently], he was appointed by the governor to be on the Governors Rehabilitation Board. [Now], he works at the CDC. John could not have gotten his education without accommodations.


On Nov. 15 a student reported a bicycle stolen from outside Dana Hall.

On Nov. 18 a student reported the smell of marijuana in the West Dana parking lot.


On Nov. 19 a student reported a bicycle stolen from outside Morton-Lemley. OLIVIA MURPHY, staff photojournalist

MARTHA VAN CISE, DIRECTOR OF THE ACADEMIC SUPPORT CENTER, IS RETIRING at the end of 2013. Van Cise has helped students with special needs succeed academically for 12 years.
John has been very successful, and I feel very fortunate in being a part of it. Van Cise said that for these students, academic accommodations include extra time or an alternative text to help level the playing field with their peers. Without those, they are at a disadvantage in the classroom, Van Cise said. Its not about getting them something they dont deserve or disadvantaging other students. It allows them to demonstrate what they know. And without those, its difficult for them to do that. Van Cise said she truly loves her job and will miss her work and the students dearly. Ill miss the kids, Van Cise said. I wouldnt be here if I did not enjoy student contact. Ill miss knowing that Im helping someone. While Van Cise will be missing her time at the Academic Support Center, others said they will miss her and her passion for the program. Senior Brandi Tyson, who has worked as a receptionist for the ASC and a volunteer tutor, said her time working with Van Cise at the ASC was a highlight of her career at Berry. Ever since I began working there my sophomore year, Ive loved walking into the office every day because [Van Cise] has a spitfire personality and is one of the most honest and true people I know, Tyson said. Her bold personality makes her an advocate for her students, so they can receive their proper accommodations. Ms. Van Cise is more than my boss. Shes a close friend and role model. Kim Sippel, secretary for the ASC, has worked with Van Cise since 2011, and she said she has enjoyed working with Van Cise. There have been so many great things that [Van Cise] has done for this program. I will miss working for her and with her, Sippel said. Van Cises last day of work will be Dec. 31. She said her plans for the future after retirement are still undetermined. [I plan to do] whatever I want to do, when I want to do it, Van Cise said.

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Scottish Ceilidh

The Swing and Ballroom Dance Association will be giving students the opportunity to learn Ceilidh, a traditional Scottish folk dance. The event will be held on Nov. 21 from 8 to 10 p.m. in Ford Dining Hall. CE

Book Signing

Student Ryan Boyle is hosting a signing of his book When the Lights Go Out: A Boy Given a Second Chance. The book signing will be at the Barnes and Noble at 1442 Turner McCall Blvd. in Rome on Nov. 22 at 2 p.m.

So You Think You Can Drum?

Circle K is hosting a drumming fundraiser to raise money for charity. The event is from 7 to 9 p.m. on Nov. 22 in Krannert Ballroom.

Fall Fest

KCAB is hosting a fall-themed festival with smores, pumpkin bowling and sales from Berry enterprises. The festival will be on Nov. 22 from 9 to 11 p.m. in the barns near Morgan and Deerfield halls.

Miss Berry

Lumen Lecture

Some of the dazzling ladies of Berry will be particiating in a beauty pageant on Nov. 23. Tickets are only four dollars and part of the proceeds go to Girl Up. The competition begins at 8 p.m. in the Ford Auditorium.

Dr. Amy Sherman, from Baylor University is coming to talk about advancing Gods purposes through ones vocation. The lecture will is on Nov. 25 at 7 p.m. in the Krannert Ballroom. C.E.

Lessons and Carols

The concert choir and Berry Singers annual Christmas performance will be on Dec. 3 at 7 p.m. in the College Chapel.

Land of the Morning Calm

Star Party

Several speakers are coming to present on the culture of Korea. The event begins at 6 p.m. on Dec. 4 in Krannert Ballroom E.

Interested in space? On Dec. 4th at 8:30 p.m. there will be a collection of telescopes set up at Clara Bowl to help students see some planets, and some assorted nebulas.

Woodwind Ensemble

Christmas Play

The Berry College Woodwind Ensemble will be hosting its annual winter concert. The show begins at 7:30 on Dec. 5.

Berry College Theatre Company is putting on its annual Christmasthemed play. The show runs from Dec. 5 to 8 and begins at 7:30 p.m., except on Sunday when it begins at 2 p.m.

Dana, Thomas Berry host food ght event

BRAD TILKA, staff photojournalist RESIDENTS OF DANA AND THOMAS BERRY PARTICIPATED in a food fight on Nov. 17. The program gathered residents for the opportunity to pie their resident assistants, wrestle in a pool of mashed potatoes, slide on a creamed corn slip and slide and pour buckets of applesauce over their friends.

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Give thanks this holiday

Usually when one thinks about Thanksgiving, they think about eating an immense amount of food with their family/friends and then passing out from all of the consumed turkey. This year, some people are thinking about shopping on Thanksgiving. Holiday shoppers are expected to spend about 3.9 percent more this year than they did last year according to a National Retail Federation estimate. Because of this, a lot of stores like Macys, Best Buy, Target and Gap are opening Thanksgiving night. This is distorting the image of what Thanksgiving really is: families coming together and giving thanks. Thanksgiving is one of the fastestgrowing shopping days for online, meaning some retailers are losing business if they dont open on this holiday. Businesses might lose some profits, but with people working on Thanksgiving, time to spend with family might be lost. There are still a few stores against opening on a family-oriented holiday. The head of Patagonias retail marketing, Vickie Achee, explained that their decision to keep their store closed is so our associates can celebrate the holiday with their family/friends. This has been our tradition during our tenure in retail. Costco, Nordstrom, REI and Burlington Coat Factory have also confirmed being closed on Thanksgiving for the same reason. Lets commend these stores for realizing what this holiday is about. With strong competition between stores, places that arent open on Thanksgiving are losing sales. Also, there are some frustrated customers that want to shop but cant because their store of choice isnt open. As sad as it is for some people to work on Thanksgiving, some people need the money and so do the businesses. So this year, if you decide to go shopping, make it a family trip. Also, be grateful that employees are spending their Thanksgiving working for you. Regardless, if you decide to stay in or go shopping, try to be thankful for those around you.

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Hello, my name is Rachel Yeates, and Im a vegetarian. This usually doesnt turn out to be the greatest conversation starter. For some reason, vegetarians and vegans have been caricatured into pretentious, tofuguzzling, animal rights extremists (Your bacon touched my tofu-scrambleits been contaminated!), but I can assure you that is not the case. When someone finds out Im a vegetarian, the first question Im always asked is why? Its only natural to be curious. Some people chose to eliminate meat for health reasons, others for religious reasons. Me, I disagree with factory farming and the unethical treatment of animals. After they know, though, theres usually some apprehension. Theyll realize theyre eating a piece of chicken and look down at their plate, suddenly embarrassed. I dont mind, I assure them. I dont have a convert quota to meet. What you eat should be your choice, but make sure its an informed one. The questions continue: Wait? Do you still eat dairy? Do you have to take vitamin supplements? How do you get enough protein? Let me bring you up to speed. Many people identify as vegetarian, but some people eliminate only meat products, some eliminate meat products and dairy, and still others eliminate meat products, dairy and eggs. If you should choose to remove all animal products from your diet, you are a vegan. But any combinations of the above are possible. Western meals have fallen into a protein rut. My mom, when learning how to cook, was taught to center each meal around meat. This idea runs through almost every meal in western society. But 1) meat is not the only source of

Make an informed choice about what you eat

proteinspinach, broccoli, beans, yogurt, the list goes onand 2) meat at every meal is excessive. And when you think about it, many of your favorite meals may already be meatless: beans and rice, vegetable lasagna, pasta, stir fry, cheese pizza. If you are looking for new sources of protein, try tofu, tempeh or seitan. Although at first they seem alien and disgusting, if prepared properly, they can be delicious. They are concentrated sources of protein from plant sources, soy and wheat. And they are easy to incorporate meals, just be prepared for some trial and error. Try adding tofu to pad thai or add it to your Moes burrito (of if youre feeling extra adventurous, try making some Thanksgiving Tofurkey). These proteins are not meant to be meat substitutes, just another way to get nutrients. Being a vegetarian doesnt make it difficult to plan meals, you just need to be sure that you are maintaining a balanced diet, but omnivores should strive for this too. I had a friend once who tried out vegetarianism for a few weeks; however, his definition of a vegetarian meal was French fries and a bag of Cheetos. Being healthy, vegetarian or not, needs to encompass multiple food groups: vegetables, fruits, beans, grains, dairy. Just follow my moms advice and try to make your plate colorful, but make sure the color is natural and not red dye 40. Right after I decided to become a vegetarian, eating at friends houses suddenly became a problemnot because I didnt have anything to eat, but because I didnt want them to feel they needed to go out of their way to accommodate me. Unless all they were planning on serving was fried chicken, I am fine just eating sides. Ill do this in restaurants

too if there are no meatless entrees. The food still tastes good, it just takes a little longer to order. As the vegetarian, I make it my responsibility to make sure I am getting all the nutrients I need, and if that means bringing a portabella mushroom to a grill out, I am glad to do it. What about the cost? Healthy food is often automatically assumed to be super expensive, and if all you buy are processed meatless frozen dinners and the like, then yes, it is expensive. But if you buy vegetables and fruits and make them into meals that can give you leftovers for a couple days, you are saving money. But what about eating in the dining hall? Although this is only my first year at Berry, Ive been very satisfied with all our dining hall offers by way of vegetarian meals. I love how clearly they mark whether or not a dish has meat, and, if nothing else looks good, the salad bar is fully stocked. Also: there is always pizza. In recent years, vegan culture, sustainable and environmentally friendly eating and living, has become more easily accessible. Vegan restaurants and clothing have become more popular and, therefore, easier to find. Just up the road in downtown Rome is a quaint little health food store, Purple Mountain Natural Foods, and the new Publix has a good health food section as well as a great stock of fruits and vegetables. If you take anything away from this, I hope its that not all vegetarians are crazed neo-hippies, you have to power to control what you eat and it doesnt take much effort to change your diet for the better. Even if vegetarianism is not in your future, I hope you will consider what all went into the food on your plate and make sure you are eating a variety of foods. Never be afraid to try something new!


opinions editor
The policy for applying for tenure at Berry College is anything but easy. Let me explain. Starting next year, professors only in their sixth year of teaching (unless an exception is made) can apply. If they are denied, they may not re-apply. In addition to having a one-shot opportunity, professors have to leap through several hoops of approvalfrom the Board of Trustees, their Department Chair, Dean of Students and Provost. There is an additional Merit Credit, which examines academic achievement, effective teaching, professional growth and involvement with the department, school and college. What Im writing about, however, is the election process by which teachers receive or are denied tenure. Traditionally at Berry, there is a committee made up of nine members that reviews the dossiers prior to the meeting. The committee can onlygive a recommendation to the President, who can either deny tenure or pass a recommendation to the Board of Trustees, who either grant or deny tenure. The President and the Board of Trustees may deny tenure without cause if they please. I have two problems with this. One, there is no form of appeals in place if for whatever reason, a professor or other staff wants to redress the vote. And two, the first meeting for the committee takes place in September. That means any published works submitted by professors seeking tenure have to be published almost a year before they actually are tenured. This is simply the policy that is in place now. That doesnt mean that some form of appeals or requests for re-submission cant be put in place. According to the 2013 Faculty/Staff Handbook, Granting tenure is among the most critical of faculty personnel decisions. It represents a major commitment of institutional resources and stewardship. Tenure is a big honor and duty, and by creating a system of checks and balances for that job, staff would further define Berrys professional ethics and standards. Jilli Leonard, junior

More to life than social media

We all have become far too entrenched in the social media generation; almost everyone has been a victim at one point to one social media or another. Ive been guilty of this as well, but I find it hard to have a substantial conversation with some people without them checking their phones to see if anyone liked their Instagram picture of their Starbucks pumpkin spice latte or them talking about gossip theyve seen on Facebook. Im tired of not being able to have a real conversation. By a real conversation, I mean I want to talk about books by F. Scott Fitzgerald or ask someone what they think the meaning of life is. We are so caught up with what Kanye West just tweeted that we forget to slow our lives down to look at the questions and issues that really matter and deserve conversation. Some people use social media as a place to express such things, and I commend them, but, this does not represent the norm. Im not suggesting we get rid of social media altogether, but I think we should re-learn how to spend time with our friends and have conversations about what we care about without checking to see who reblogged our most recent Tumblr post. There is a lot more to talk about besides social media, I promise.

Whats your favorite part about Thanksgiving break?

Doctor Whos 50th anniversary special.

Silmaril Nicely, Freshman

Berry College
Editorial Board

[Eating] stuffing.

asst. graphics editor

Sarah Odorn, Freshman


entertainment editor

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Strive for wholeness, not happiness

Its that time of the year again spending time with loved ones and making special moments while sharing the old ones. Its time to surprise significant others with sweet gestures. But if you are single, like myself, it is time to stomp on every pumpkin and wallow in self-pity. There is nothing wrong with being alone; in fact it is enlightening. However, this is the absolute worst time of the year to be so. Therefore, do not, jump into any relationship solely because you feel alone. I am here to give some advice in avoiding such setup for failure in a few simple steps. For starters, do not sign up for any social media dating site like Okcupid, or what I like to call, Okstupid. People take these sites way too seriously, putting on a suave faade and making their lives seem much more exhilarating than they really are. Meeting someone online is so 2004. I know Rome is a ghost town, but avoid online dating. Try meeting someone fetching in Atlanta instead. If you do find yourself talking to someone and it is getting serious, or so you think, take a step back to revaluate the situation with questions like: Is he or she using me? Aside from being physical, what is our relationship really based on? Is effort being put forth on both sides? Ask these questions before jumping into the deep end to ensure both parties are on the same page. If you find yourself answering negatively to the majority of these questions, it means you should sprint away. It is not worth sticking around. This is when Single Ladies starts playing and you begin to feel empowered. You by no means deserve to be treated with disrespect by an inconsiderate pretty face. It is so much easier said than done, but it must be done. Being in a relationship is not the only way to be happy. This leads me to my next point. In The Good Life, Hugh Mackay points out that the concept of happiness is so misunderstood. The belief that everything we do has to be on this straight and narrow path of the pursuit of happiness is actually insane. Happiness is a dangerous idea, a disease even. Writing down three things that make you happy after waking up is furthering this disease and creates the fear of sadness. We are taught that happiness is supposed to be our default state. Mackay says, Wholeness is what we ought to be striving for and part of that is sadness, disappointment, frustration, failure; all of those things that make us who we are. Happiness and victory and fulfillment are nice little things that also happen to us, but they dont teach us much. Everyone says we grow through pain and then as soon as they experience pain they say, Quick! Move on! Cheer up! Id like just for a year to have a moratorium on the word happiness and to replace it with the word wholeness. Ask yourself, is this contributing to my wholeness? and if youre having a bad day, it is. So leave the pumpkins alone and eat your Aunts cooking with a smile, or frown, because it is contributing to your wholeness. Make yourself whole this holiday season.

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Being at home with my family.

Kelsey Merriam, Sophomore

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The brisk weather.

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Its a breather before finals.

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November 21, 2013

Food Fight
Three commentaries from editors arguing for their favorite Thanksgiving Day entres.

Turkey is by far the best Thanksgiving Day option. The tradition of eating turkey is more American than ham in every way. If you look up Thanksgiving Dinner on Wikipedia, it brings up the fact that turkey is the typical center dish within the first few lines, which supports my position. Turkey practically defines the Thanksgiving Day meal. Dressing, another Thanksgiving Day favorite is frequently made from a poultry broth, and, while some people do choose to use chicken broth instead, others make it from the less desirable cuts of the turkey. So if you were to go for ham instead of turkey, you would lose not one, but two of your favorite holiday dishes. Aside from this, dressing can also be referred to as stuffing, which comes from the fact that it is a dish you can put inside a turkey. You cant really stuff a ham, unless you want to go the suckling pig route, but no one really wants to see that on the Thanksgiving Day table. Turkey and dressing are like peanut butter and jelly; you can have them separately, but their union is a classic. The turkey is also just the symbol of Thanksgiving Day. The fall colors of the birds feathers, and its longstanding rank of being the bird of choice, make it an obvious centerpiece dish. Turkey gives everyone an option because it has both dark meat and light meat, and it makes great sandwiches for a week after the actual meal day. The leftover possibilities of turkey are endless. It can be put into a whole host of soups, casseroles and sandwiches, and no one would ever even know you used leftover meat in it. Is that gross? Maybe. But so cost effective! You can see the turkey wherever you go this time of year. There are even local races named after the famous bird. From the Gobble Jog in Marietta to the Turkey Trot in Johns Creek to the Turkey Day 5K in Norcross, people subject themselves to 3.1 miles of movement of some sort on Thanksgiving Day morning so they can justify eating the amount of turkey they intend to consume. Besides, running gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy and happy people eat turkey. If you want to be happy this Thanksgiving friends, choose turkey. Finally, think of the wonderful relaxed feeling of sleepiness that we so lovingly dub the food coma. Turkey contains tryptophan, which allows you to produce serotonin, which allows you to relax and sleep. While more recent studies have shown that the effects are insignificant, it may still have some impact and it is totally worth it. While results may vary, and other dishes consumed may influence outcomes, turkey definitely plays a role in the post-feasting mellow. Overall, turkey is just the more popular, more common choice. Yes, both ham and turkey are delicious, but turkey is such a Thanksgiving tradition that it cannot be replaced.

online editor

asst. features editor




features editor

features editor

asst. features editor


You probably think Im crazy, but I cant imagine celebrating Thanksgiving with out a HoneyBaked Ham, or baked ham in general. Sure, turkeys are generally associated with Thanksgiving and baked ham with Christmas, but I firmly believe that ham is the superior holiday entre! I have four main arguments: 1. Ham has fewer calories than the currently popular fried turkey. Coming in at 125 calories and 5 grams of fat per 3 ounce serving HoneyBaked Ham beats out fried turkey, which has about 200 calories and 10.4 grams of fat per 3 ounce serving. Sure, 3 ounces of ham/turkey seems like a good portion in theory, but in reality 3 ounce is only the size of your palm considering I usually go back for seconds or thirds, the ham is becomes the clear winner if Im actually trying to watch my calorie intake during the holidays. 2. Ham has more protein. When comparing the nutritional facts of ham and turkey, I observed that a standard 3 ounce serving of ham had 18 grams of protein versus turkey which has 13 grams. Sure, its only a 5 gram difference, but the more protein the faster you get full. So, because ham has more protein, Im probably going to get fuller faster and, therefore, consume fewer calories. 3. I have two words for you: HoneyBaked Ham. Sure, HoneyBaked also puts their delicious glaze on turkey, but from personal experience the glaze brings out the rich flavor of the ham and tries to cover up the fact that turkey has no flavor. Yah, I said it! Turkey has no flavor. And who wants to spend Thanksgiving (a holiday defined by a meal) eating bland food? 4. Ham is the perfect option for people looking for alternative option to Turkey. Turkey is so mainstream. And who wants to eat what everybody else is eating?

I have been a vegetarian for approximately four and a half years, which has given me some experience in adapting holiday menus to fit my eating practices. For the record, I am a total vegetarian. I do not eat chicken, fish, or any type of bird. This makes it a bit difficult when most holiday meals are defined by their meat centerpieces, i.e. turkey at Thanksgiving and ham at Christmas and New Years. Its even harder in the South, where most add meat to any dish possible. This means ham in the collards, ox tail in the green beans, chicken broth in the stuffing, meatbased gravy, etc. My wonderful mother has done a great job making sure that I dont feel left out on these special days. First of all, being a vegetarian on Thanksgiving rocks because you can fill your plate with side dishes and no one bats an eye. No more portioning out your plate to make sure that your side dishes dont overwhelm the meat and no more excessive amounts of meat on your plate that make you look like youre about to join Carnivores Anonymous. Plus, my mother is a control freak about the dinner, like most mothers, which means everything is guaranteed to be vegetarian friendly. No wondering about whether or not something is safe to eat, having to take tiny bites or enlisting a family taste test to make sure no meat is ingested accidentally. It is a safe zone. Also, any and all guests are informed well ahead of time about my eating preferences and only bring vegetarian dishes. But what do you have instead of meat? you must be asking. Well, Im glad you ask. While collards, green beans and yams are super delicious, the plate feels a bit empty without a well-defined main dish. Having noodles or something is a bit awkward because it detracts from the spirit of the holiday, so I add some type of soy dish instead. My favorite is soy beef tips with bell peppers and onions. They are actually pretty delicious and make my tummy generally happy. Also, no one ever really wants to try the soy dish. This leaves tons for me and my gluttony. But, Austin, come on. You have to admit that you miss meat. I mean think about it! Well, dear critic, on holidays I really dont miss the meat too much. Blasphemy, I know, but hear me out. There seems to be this widespread myth that vegetarians hate meat. Im not sure where this comes from, but I would like to dispel this. On the whole, the vegetarians Ive met (including me) like meat. We just choose not to eat it. We all have different reasons for not choosing to eat meat, but most of us do like the taste of meat in some form or another. So, why dont I like meat on Thanksgiving? I dont know about you, but it never seems to be warm. Especially the ham. Always the ham. Plus, you get all these weird misshapen pieces of turkey and there is never enough to really make you full. The sides, in my experience, are what really get the pants buttons popping. Nice filling mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and all of those delicious green things. Yum.

ving dinner college edition

46 million
are consumed ON THANKSGIVING PER YEAR in the United States of America.


United States Department of Agriculture

Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition

Throwing rolls across the table. We always play a football game. The 'Turkey Bowl!!' My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is going around the dinner table and telling each other what we are most thankful for.


Favorite Thanksgiving Memory

My favorite memory was when the cat ate the turkey that was on the counter cooling. My papaw bought a HoneyBaked Ham one year, but he didn't understand that the sugar glaze around the HoneyBaked Ham was suppose to be eaten. So he took the time to carve it all off...the best part of the ham!


1O,OOO pillows Do you prefer ham or turkey on Thanksgiving Day?

*These answers were obtained from a recent survey of 216 Berry students. When my aunt caught the sweet potato casserole on fire.





*Top 3 answers were chosen.


Baked ham Rotisserie Chicken


College student Thanksgiving dinner menu Entree Sides

2 boxes of instant chocolate pudding mix 4 cups of milk (for pudding) 2 containers of Cool Whip 2 packages of brownie bites (found in bakery) 1 package of Heath Bar Toffee Bits Make the chocolate pudding according to the directions on the box. After the pudding has set, crumble brownie bites and begin "layering" the ingredients. Start by putting a layer of brownies on the bottom of the trifle bowl or serving bowl. Then add a layer of chocolate pudding followed by a layer of Cool Whip. Sprinkle a handful of Heath Bar Toffee Bits on top and repeat two more times.

Green bean Casserole mashed potatoes Hawaiian sweet rolls


1 can cream of mushroom soup 1 6 ounce container of French Fried Onions 1 cup milk 1/8 tsp black pepper 2 cans green beans (drained) Mix all ingredients together in a casserole dish, saving about 1/3 container of the onions, bake at 350F for 30 minutes, add the rest of the

Chocolate brownie trifle



store-bought pecan/pumpkin pie

November 21, 2013

Orchestra plays to packed house

The Berry College Symphony Orchestra performed their fall concert Monday night. The concert featured a range of pieces from Beethoven to popular, modern songs. The orchestra is one of the larger college orchestras in the area. Berry students from nearly every major, as well as students from the Rome community participate. Orchestra director and visiting professor Dr. Mirna Ogrizovis prepares and directs each concert. Senior Amanda Guidi enjoyed the work of the orchestra and the director. I was incredibly impressed by the orchestra concert, Guidi said. I belive this is the best concert the orchestra has had in my time at Berry.

NEALIE SMITH, staff photojournalist

American Horror Story keeps viewers guessing

graphics editor
Its the show that everyone loves to fear. Every Wednesday night, we brace ourselves for another round of ridiculous scares and insane plot twists that almost happen for the sake of happening. American Horror Story (AHS): Coven is halfway through its third season, and Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk keep redefining how to completely horrify us. Its hard to say how this season is doing in comparison to its previous seasons because, as we all know, each season is a different subject matter, a different location and a different time period. However, its safe to say that, so far, AHS: Coven has given us an entirely new definition of horror. Now we are reaching the mid-season mark of season 3, and Coven has seemed less scary, and more shocking and repulsive than previous seasons, making it arguably more horrifying. Fiona Goode is played by Jessica Lange who is, as always, a force to be reckoned with, and as Supreme of the coven, she is at times the strongest and at other times the weakest character in the cast. From the very first episode of Coven, we see her dealing with her aging body and suffering health while trying to reestablish control over the shrinking coven. Fiona Goode is so, so excellently terrible and frightening and identifiable to anyone who has ever drunkenly smoked a Pall Mall while setting someone on fire from thirty feet away. This season, so far, has been more overtly about race and feminist politics than anything else. Its an interesting plot move, creating a group of persecuted individuals witches, mostly femalewho take in someone who, historically, has been a persecutorAfrican Americans. This group is represented by the singular magical force opposing the coven: Marie Laveaus voodoo crew. Laveau, played flawlessly by Angela Bassett, is supposed to be the villain of the show, but her actions against the coven are not unjustified. Shes one of the more redeemable characters in the show, as she is merely defending herself and taking out understandable revenge on Delphine, Goode, and Co. Then, to top it all off, there are the teen witches. The arguably mostprimary character of the show, Zoe Benson, as played by AHS alumni Taissa Farmiga, is stumbling through her new life in New Orleans and cannot seem to do anything right. Bensons curiously strong and often misled moral compass makes her almost insufferable when she flippantly agrees to resurrect her boyfriend of one night and then let him loose on his creepy mother and the general public. She better start winning soon or Ill lose any interest I have left in her characters development. Lily Rabes character Misty Day, on the other hand, is incredibly detached from the main plot, and I really hope to see her enter the the coven sooner rather than later. Mostly because Im ready for Stevie Nix to be blaring at Miss Robicheauxs academy 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but partly because her power is arguably the most interesting to control. If she can revive basically anyone and is on the covens side, how will that change the witches chance of survival?

Native American performers bring a taste of tradition

asst. entertainment editor
American educator and from a young age has traveled the country teaching people about Native American culture. I have three different nations whose family were on the Trail of Tears, Little Big Mountain said. I have representatives of the Choctaw out of Mississippi, Cherokee out of North Carolina and Tennessee and Creek out of Alabama. Our dances and our songs are to honor their families. Other performances by M.J. included a horse dance and a wedding dance where he brought freshman Sarah Carroll up on stage and danced with her. Dances that highlighted the evolution of dance among Native American women and a war dance were also performed. The performance ended with Little Big Mountain inviting the entire audience to take part in a social dance with him and the Iron Horse dancers. I really enjoyed it, freshman Whitney Kirkpatrick said. I smiled a lot and got to dance. Overall, the audience responded well and took the opportunity to be able to take part in a traditional Native American dance with the Iron Horse dancers and Little Big Mountain. It was pretty cool, sophomore Zach Wimmer said It was the first time I have ever seen anything like this. While Little Big Mountain and the Iron Horse dancers may be remembered for their performances, their main goal was to diminish stereotypes about Native Americans. There are a lot of misconceptions of our people, and we hope we cleared up some of them, said Little Big Mountain.

To commemorate the 175th anniversary of the Trail of Tears, the office of Multicultural & International Student Programs invited Little Big Mountain and the Iron Horse dancers to share the songs and dances of the Native American people. The performers silenced the audience before they even took stage. Their bright, multicolored regalia, which was authentic and accurate to the period, announced their every step with the jingle of the beads adorning their clothing. All eyes were on Little Big Mountain when he took the stage and played a song on the wooden flute. I was born into this, Little Big Mountain said. I was three days old when I was first on stage. Despite this introduction, the performance was not all serious. You guys look scared, Little Big Mountain said. Dont worry we dont scalp people anymore. Now we have casinos and we scalp your wallets. Little Big Mountain is a descendant of the Comanche and Mohawk tribes. He is a fourth generation Native

We have songs to honor everything, even the grass you walk on. - LITTLE BIG MOUNTAIN
The first dance was a grass dance presented by a Cherokee man named M.J. who is a competitive Native American dancer. The grass dance was originally performed before socials and was meant to bless the ground. We have songs to honor everything, even the grass you walk on, Little Big Mountain said.

NEALIE SMITH, staff photojournalist

M.J., LEADER OF THE IRON HORSE DANCERS, PERFORMS traditional Native American dances. M.J. is a descendant of the Cherokee tribe and performed a horse dance and grass dance to commemorate the Trail of Tears.

Puzzle of the week

NEALIE SMITH, staff photojournalist

NATIVE AMERICAN PERFORMERS INVOLVE the audience in traditional dances. Dancers of all ages (left) participate in a group dance. Little Big Mountain (right) provides drum accompaniment to the dancers and gives important commentary on the history of the dances. Following the event, Little Big Mountain invited everyone in the audience to meet and take pictures with the Iron Horse Dancers.


Difficulty: Easy KENKEN Instructions: 1) The numbers you use in a puzzle depend on the size of the grid. For a 3x3 grid, use the numbers 1-3. In a 4x4 grid, use numbers 1-4, etc. 2) The heavily-outlined groups of squares in each grid are called cages. In the upper-left corner of each cage, there is a target number and a math operation. 3) Fill in each square of a cage with a number. The numbers in a cage must combine -in any order, using only that cages math operation- to form that cages target number. 4) You may not repeat a number in a row or column.


706.291.4030 770 BRAVES BLVD.


November 21, 2013

Volleyball wins rst round in NCAA tournament, loses second

sports editor
The Vikings posted a 3-0 shutout over the Washington & Lee University Generals in the first round of the NCAA Division-III Volleyball Championships on Friday. On Saturday, the Vikings fell to the sixth-ranked Emory University Eagles in the second round 1-3. The set scores for the two games were 25-21, 25-23, 27-25 against the Generals and 13-25, 25-15, 20-25, 13-25 against the Eagles. The match on Friday marked the Vikings first-ever appearance in the NCAA national tournament. Vikings volleyball head coach Mika Robinson said that the teams spot in the tournament was a goal of theirs since before Berry began the move from the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) to the NCAA Division-III during the 2009-2010 academic year. This years championship and NCAA D-III tournament appearance was really won back last December when this group came off the first SAA championship and committed to working even harder in the weight room, in the gym, and on their relationships than they had the previous year, Robinson said. The fact that they were hungry to continue to improve rather than complacent with what they had accomplished is the reason they finished this season the way that they did. Sophomore outside hitter Emily Stromberg recorded a game-high 12 kills with 11 digs in the effort and junior outside hitter Anna Keappler added 10 kills and a team high of 12 digs to aid the Vikings. The game in the first round against Washington and Lee was a lot of fun because we were able to play some competitive volleyball in front of so many of our amazing fans who drove all the way to Atlanta to watch us, Stromberg said. We really appreciated their support not just during the tournament, but all season long. Saturdays game saw the Vikings season come to an end as they could not hold off the Eagles in four sets. This season was truly special for Berry volleyball, senior setter Stephanie Quinn said. After winning


THE VIKINGS CELEBRATE the 3-0 victory over the Washington & Lee University Generals on friday to win the first round of the NCAA Division-III Volleyball Championships. Despite the 3-0 win, the Vikings lost to sixth-ranked Emory University 1-3 in the second round.
the 2012 conference tournament, we decided that we were not going to be a team to settle for less than we are capable. We set really high standards for ourselves, and decided to work really hard in the off-season and over the summer. So, not only did we meet our goal of winning conference again, but we exceeded our own expectations and made it to Regional semifinals. Quinn finished her college career with a team-high 30 assists. I couldnt be happier ending my career going that far into the tournament, Quinn said But Im mostly thankful to end my career with this group of girls. I have never had better teammates. Despite the 1-3 loss to the Eagles, the game was statistically close. The Vikings only trailed the Eagles in blocks 5-8, in digs 59-67 and led the Eagles in aces with six to their five. Freshman libero Katie Truluck tallied a match-high with 26 digs. The biggest statistical discrepancy for the Vikings was in overall match hitting percentage; the Vikings posted a .81 hitting percentage to the Eagles .269. Despite the loss, many of the players said, that while they were disappointed, they were still very excited and satisfied with their performance this season. I am definitely proud of our season and all that we accomplished during it, Stromberg said. Sure, it didnt end the way we would have liked, with a national championship trophy, but we were able to participate in the NCAA tournament for the first time ever, and that was a great accomplishment and a great experience. The Vikings finished the 2013 season with an overall record of 28-8. Our theme for this year was Leave a Legacy, Robinson said. I am so proud of the legacy that this team is leaving and the standards they have set for every Berry volleyball team coming behind them.

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Volleyball vs. Washington & Lee W: 3-0 Mens Swim & Dive vs. LaGrange W: 179-49 Womens Basketball vs. Agnes Scott W: 76-38

Basketball vs. Covenant Womens - L: 60-72 Mens - L: 65-71 Womens Swim & Dive vs. LaGrange W: 133 -51 Mens Basketball vs. Huntingdon W: 79-76 Volleyball vs. Emory NCAA Round 2 L: 1-3

Basketball teams begin season 1-1, Vikings win with only four men
asst. sports editor
Berry College hosted the 2013 Berry College Basketball Classic Friday and Saturday. Both the Men and Womens Basketball teams were defeated by Covenant College on Friday. However, both teams won their games on Saturday. The Lady Vikings defeated the Agnes Scott Scotties, 76-38. Head coach Stephanie Dunn said that, although she was not happy with the focus of the team on Friday, she was not shocked with the outcome of the game on Saturday. We have a talented team, Dunn said. On Friday, we didnt make shots that we usually make with ease. The mistakes we made are easy mistakes that can be fixed and I think that we will look better down the stretch. Dunn said that the Lady Vikings looked like the team that she expected them to be on Saturday. We came out focused, we worked hard from start to finish, we made the shots that we are accustomed to making, and we executed our game plan Dunn said. Junior guard Chanlir Segarra said that they have high expectations for the rest of the season. Coach Dunn has prepared us extremely well and I have a lot of confidence in our team, Segarra said. We have been set up with the tools to achieve the conference championship and that if we calm down and play with that ability, anything is within our reach. The Vikings defeated the Huntingdon Hawks, 79-76. Not only were they successful in winning the game, the Vikings were able to defeat the Hawks with only four men on the court with only a few minutes on the clock. Head coach Jeff Rogers said that he is very proud of the guys and is excited about the season as the new coach for the Vikings. The team embraced a change in culture and won a game off of sheer determination, Rogers said. It was good to see them play that hard and care that much about winning and fighting that hard to be successful. With only two minutes remaining on the clock, the Vikings were down to only four players: sophomore guard Lee McCloud, sophomore forward Owen Jacobs, senior guard Hunter Smoak and freshman point guard Brandon Park. McCloud said that the pressure was on as one of the four players left in the game. I felt like we had a slow start, McCloud said. The normal energy wasnt there. When all the players fouled out, I felt like it was part of my job to step up as a play-maker in order to make a win happen. It was amazing. During the last two minutes, the emotions were running high, it was a great atmosphere, and all the fans were on their feet. The Lady Vikings will return to action against Lagrange, on Nov. 30, for the SAA/ USA South Classic Shootout at the Cage Center at 4 p.m. The Vikings will play at Emory & Henry College on Nov. 23 at 3 p.m.

BRAD TILKA, staff photojournalist

SENIOR POINT GUARD HUNTER SMOAK DRIVES the ball past a Covenant College defender.




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November 21, 2013 11

Bust-a-Move Bollywood
Semi-Formal was this past weekend. It was hosted by KCAB, and it was Bollywood themed. Students had the opportunity to dance with their friends, receive Henna tattoos and try the oxygen bar that night in the ballroom.
HENNA TATTOOS ARE GIVEN for free by senior Grace McMullen.

JUNIOR JENNIE WAINER BUSTS a move on the dance floor.

DATES TRAVELED to accompany their dates, like freshman Morgan Bozydajs boyfriend.

STUDENTS TAKE a break at the oxygen bar in between dances.

PHOTOS BY CHRISTIAN TURNER, photojournalism editor

FRIENDS WENT out in groups to the dance, which is customary; sophomore Allie Reed, freshman Chandler Brooks and Nicole Surla and juniors Sydney Perry and Jordan Epperson exemplified this behavior.