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Article appeared Friday, November 22nd, 2013 in The News Today, Bangladesh

The Revelation 303!

yo"s"# mahb"b"l $slam, %h&

'hat is a tr"st( The concept o# tr"st may be analy)ed #rom at least two di##erent angles* The #irst is when we tr"st someone* The tr"st may deal with a secret, a belonging, a +ob, a responsibility, etc* $n s"ch a case, what wo"ld be the proper role o# the person tr"sted( ,ho"ld the person brea- the tr"st( Also, i# the tr"st is bro-en, how sho"ld the person giving the tr"st #eel( The second point.o#.view is i# we o"rselves are entr"sted with something* Again, the tr"st may deal with a secret, a belonging, a +ob, a responsibility, etc* 'hen we o"rselves are tr"sted, how sho"ld we deal with the tr"st( Also, how sho"ld we #eel when someone tr"sts "s( To help "nderstand this angle, the ,cottish novelist /eorge 0ac&onald 1122 . 1304!, said, To be tr"sted is a greater compliment than being loved* {1} 'hy is this so( 'hat is the di##erence between being loved and being tr"sted( 'hile being loved is a great compliment, being worthy o# tr"st is a greater compliment* As an e5ample, a child may be loved6 however, the child may or may not be tr"sted* Being loved and tr"sted together wo"ld then be a highest compliment and honor* 7ave h"man beings been given a tr"st by the 8reator( $# so, what are h"mans being tr"sted with( The 8reator says in the most recent Revelation, the 9"r:an; < yo" who believe= Betray not the trust of Allah and the apostle nor misappropriate -nowingly things entr"sted to yo"* >1*2?@ $n this Revealed Aerse, which tr"st is o"r 8reator as-ing "s not to betray( 7as 7e entr"sted h"man beings with anything( 'hat co"ld this be( 7as the 8reator given h"man beings something that belongs to 7im( To 7im belongs what is in the heavens and on earth and all between them and all beneath the soil* >20*B@ $t #ollows that everything we have and are en+oying, incl"ding o"rselves, o"r so"l, o"r intelligence as well as the time that we have been given on earth, all belong to the 8reator* ,o the 8reator has given something that 7e owns #or h"man beings to en+oy* 7"man beings are being tr"sted with things that are owned by the 8reator* 7ow can h"man beings demonstrate that they are tr"stworthy( At the very least, B"t we do thin- that no man or spirit sho"ld say anything that is "ntr"e against Allah* >?2*4@ 0an has been given analytical intelligence to wor- o"t the reality o# the 8reator and also comm"nicate this tr"th to those aro"nd him* <therwise, the tr"st given by the 8reator wo"ld be betrayed* 'e are warned, Aerily 0an is in loss, e5cept s"ch as have Faith and do righteo"s deeds and +oin together! in the mutual teaching of Truth*** >103*2 C 103*3@ 'e need to ta-e the tr"st given to "s serio"sly* Allah points o"t that 7e did not create "s #or play and am"sement* 7e as-s, &id yo" then thin- that 'e have created you in jest and that yo" wo"ld not be bro"ght bac- to Ds #or acco"nt!( >23*114@

,o what does one need to do( 'e need to #irst reali)e that the 8reator is very real* By creating "s, 7e has demonstrated 7is divine love and at the same time 7e has entr"sted "s with a responsibility* The moment we come with this reality, we sho"ld #eel a tremor in o"r hearts, For believers are those who when Allah is mentioned #eel a tremor in their hearts and when they hear 7is Aerses rehearsed #ind their #aith strengthened and place their complete tr"st in the Eord* >1*2@ < people, hear-en to the one who invites yo"! to Allah and believe in 7im; 7e will #orgive yo" yo"r #a"lts and deliver yo" #rom a %enalty /rievo"s* >2B*31@ Fear o# the 8reator is a sign o# belie#*

8.29 O you who believe! If you fear Allah He will grant you a riterion !to "u#ge between right an# wrong$ re%ove fro% you !all$ evil !that %ay affli t$ you an# forgive you& for Allah is the Lord of grace unbounded.
$# we #ear the 8reator, 7e will help "s adapt good deeds, e*g* try to please the 8reator and -eep away bad deeds* 'e sho"ld concentrate on doing good as all o"r needs are better "nderstood and loo-ed a#ter by the 8reator* For e5ample, having created "s as new born babies 7e n"rt"res "s in vario"s ways to #"ll.strength as ad"lts* 7e #reF"ently gets "s o"t o# tro"ble* $n the #ollowing Aerse, 7e reminds the %rophet how and in what ways 7e helped him*

8.'( )e%e%ber how the unbeliever* +lotte# again*t you to ,ee+ you in bon#* or *lay you or get you out !of your ho%e$. -hey +lot an# +lan an# Allah too +lan* but the be*t of +lanner* i* Allah.
Those who disbelieve in the verses Revealed by the 8reator create mischie#* The 8reator is as-ing "s not to worry abo"t the doings o# s"ch mischievo"s people* Allah has everything "nder 7is #"ll control* Eet not the str"tting abo"t o# the "nbelievers thro"gh the land deceive yo"* Eittle is it #or en+oyment6 their "ltimate abode is 7ell; what an evil bed to lie on!= >3*13B C 3*13?@

8.'1 .hen Our /er*e* !0ign*$ are rehear*e# to the% they *ay& 1we have hear# thi* !before$& if we wi*he# we oul# *ay !wor#*$ li,e the*e& the*e are nothing but tale* of the an ient*.1
They "nderestimate the importance or the signi#icance o# the Aerses given as /"idance by the 8reator* They do not "nderstand the need to st"dy and ma-e "se o# the -nowledge given in the verses* ,ome even #eel that they already G-nowH what is in the verses* ,ome went to the e5tent o# ma-ing #"n o# the verses as they were being Revealed thro"gh the %rophet pb"h!*

8.'2 )e%e%ber how they *ai#& 1O Allah! If thi* i* in#ee# the truth fro% 2ou3 rain #own on u* a *hower of *tone* fro% the *,y or *en# u* a grievou* +enalty.1
They ridic"led the %rophet and challenged that the 8reator sho"ld send down a p"nishment, however,

8.'' 4ut Allah wa* not going to *en# the% a +enalty while you were a%ong*t the%5 nor wa* He going to *en# it while they oul# a*, for a +ar#on.
Being 0erci#"l, the 8reator allows time #or people to reali)e their mista-es and see- 7is #orgiveness* .......... {6ote*}; {1} http;IIwww*brainyF"ote*comIF"otesIF"otesIgIgeorgemacd3123B2*html