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(% $. 01 234 &(03) 5) . 6(*7) *)
Stories of Inspiration, Healing, Laughter and a Lifetime of Wellness
(with Jack Canfeld and Mark Victor Hansen)
FEELING FAB: Four Steps to Living a Fabulous Life
Feel-Good Stories from the Heart of Chiropractic
(with Dr. Gilles A. LaMarche and Donald M. Dible, M.S.)
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Un l o c k Yo u r Na t u r a l
He a l i n g Pot e n t i a l i n 21 Day s !
234 &(03) 5) . 6(*7) *)
Carlsbad, California º New ¥ork CiLy
London º Sydney º |ohannesburg
vancouver º Hong Kong º New Delhi
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CopyrighL © 2012 by labrizio Mancini
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1he sLories LhaL appear LhroughouL Lhis book have been reprinLed wiLh pernis-
sion fron Lhe individuals involved. ln sone cases, nanes and idenLifying deLails have
been changed Lo preserve conhdenLialiLy.
All righLs reserved. No parL of Lhis book nay be reproduced by any nechanical,
phoLographic, or elecLronic process, or in Lhe forn of a phonographic recording, nor
nay iL be sLored in a reLrieval sysLen, LransniLLed, or oLherwise be copied for public
or privaLe use÷oLher Lhan for "fair use¨ as brief quoLaLions enbodied in arLicles and
reviews÷wiLhouL prior wriLLen pernission of Lhe publisher.
1he auLhor of Lhis book does noL dispense nedical advice or prescribe Lhe use
of any Lechnique as a forn of LreaLnenL for physical, enoLional, or nedical problens
wiLhouL Lhe advice of a physician, eiLher direcLly or indirecLly. 1he inLenL of Lhe auLhor
is only Lo offer infornaLion of a general naLure Lo help you in your quesL for enoLional
and spiriLual well-being. ln Lhe evenL you use any of Lhe infornaLion in Lhis book for
yourself, which is your consLiLuLional righL, Lhe auLhor and Lhe publisher assune no
responsibiliLy for your acLions.
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Mancini, labrizio.
1he power of self-healing : unlock your naLural healing poLenLial in 21 days! } labrizio
p. cm.
lncludes bibliographical references.
lS8N º78-1-401º-3ó21-1 (hardback)
1. Self-care, HealLh. 2. Healing. 3. Mind and body Lherapies. l. 1iLle.
kA77ó.º5.M2ó 2012
Hardcover ISBN: º78-1-401º-3ó21-1
Digital ISBN: º78-1-401º-3ó23-5
15 14 13 12 4 3 2 1
1sL ediLion, |anuary 2012
PrinLed in Lhe ÜniLed SLaLes of Anerica
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)8 9:9,;< ,- 9< =,>?8@ -ABC:;D +?,>A88? 6A8E?8?
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Foreword by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ix
Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . xi
8ody Heal 1hyself . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
Healing versus Curing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
!&%' ) * !+,-. /01 231 45 6301 . 78 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25
Chapter 1: Self-Healing loods . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27
Chapter 2: Anti-Healers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4º
Chapter 3: Self-Healing SupplenenLs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ó3
Chapter 4: AcLive Healing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 85
Chapter 5: 1he New Healing ArLs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 103
!&%' ) ) * $9:;. :701 231 45 6301 . 78 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 127
Chapter 6: ¥ou 1hink, 1herefore, ¥ou Heal (or NoL) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12º
Chapter 7: Emotions That Heal, Emotions That Harm . . . . . . . . . . . 141
Chapter 8: 1he 1rusL lacLor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 155
!&%' ) ) ) * 2<. =. ;>01 231 45 6301 . 78 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 171
Chapter 9: CreaLive lorces . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 173
Chapter 10: 1he Healing 1riad . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 185
Chapter 11: 1he Healing SpiriL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 201
!&%' ) ?* @A B0,- ; : 231 45 6301 . 78 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 215
Chapter 12: Week 1: Ünlock ¥our Healing PoLenLial . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 217
Chapter 13: Week 2: LisLen Lo ¥our 8ody . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22º
Chapter 14: Week 3: Nourish ¥our SpiriL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 251
Afterword. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2ó5
Self-Healing References . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2óº
Acknowledgments. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 277
About the Author . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27º
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l encourage you Lo read Lhis book very deliberaLely. lL speaks
Lo a fundanenLal LruLh LhaL has becone losL÷or aL Lhe very leasL,
obscured÷in nodern Lines. We seen Lo have forgoLLen LhaL each
and every one of us has builL inLo our very exisLence Lhe power Lo
live our lives aL a level of super healLh. kaLher Lhan looking wiLhin, we
have becone a people who are foolishly searching for Lhe answers for
living healLhfully everywhere . . . everywhere, LhaL is, buL where Lhe
answers Lruly reside.
We are conLinuously being bonbarded by nessages Lelling us
LhaL healing will cone Lo us fron an exLernal source: 1ake a pill÷
raLher, a whole handful of pills÷in order Lo nake yourself well. EaL
foods LhaL have been geneLically nodihed and conLaninaLed wiLh
addiLives, rehned carbohydraLes, and overly processed Lo Lhe poinL of
Lricking your body's "l've had enough¨ regulaLion. 1his has resulLed
in excessively high raLes of obesiLy, hearL disease, and a nulLipliciLy of
disorders LhaL are all prevenLable.
Dr. labrizio, or "lab,¨ as he is known, has provided you wiLh a
guide for Lapping inLo your own inborn poLenLial for healing. He re-
ninds you LhaL you are Lhe hero, your body is Lhe hero, and your nind
is Lhe hero. MosL enphaLically, he assures you LhaL your spiriL is righL
Lhere for you, a superhero LhaL can and will renind you LhaL when
you hnally cone Lo conpleLely LrusL in yourself÷yes, yourself÷you
are LrusLing in Lhe very wisdon LhaL creaLed you, and LhaL wisdon is
inhniLe and onnipresenL and yours Lo access aL will.
Power of Self-Healing interior.indd 9 10/25/11 9:49 AM
!"# %&'#( &) *#+), "#-+. /0
AfLer reading and digesLing Lhis "fab¨ulous book, you will have your
eyes opened Lo Lhe healing capaciLy LhaL you carry around wiLh you every
nonenL of your life. ¥ou will look wiLh new eyes aL whaL an anazing
niracle worker you are, and you will narvel aL how sinple iL is Lo reLake
conLrol over all aspecLs of your life. l read Lhis book very carefully, Laking
noLes as l wenL along, largely because l have so nuch respecL for Lhe nan
who creaLed iL. l can say wiLh cerLainLy LhaL Lhe conLenLs of Lhis powerful
conpendiun have broughL ne Lo a whole new awareness of whaL l can
do Lo circunvenL Lhe efforLs of so nany exLernal facLors LhaL seen Lo con-
spire Lo keep ne fron living ny life aL Lhe level of super healLh.
We were all neanL Lo live aL Lhis super-healLh level. lL is our original
naLure, iL is Lhe inLenL of Lhe Divine force LhaL creaLed us. We are all walking
pharnacies who are capable of producing whaLever chenicals we need
for perfecL physical, enoLional, and spiriLual healLh. ¥eL we now live in a
Line when Lhe children being born Loday have a shorLer life expecLancy
Lhan Lheir parenLs. And Lhis is a hrsL in Lhe enLire hisLory of our species.
We have cone Lo a place where we are consisLenLly looking
ouLside of our perfecL selves for soluLions, ignoring our own Divine
self-healing gifLs. We have cone Lo look everywhere buL where Lhe
answers Lruly exisL. The doorway to perfect health opens inward.
My friend and colleague Dr. labrizio Mancini has provided all of
us wiLh Lhe ulLinaLe guide for reversing Lhis Lrend and puLLing us
on a paLh of self-healing. As you read and sLudy Lhe conLenLs of Lhis
renarkable book, keep in nind LhaL when you cone Lo LrusL in your-
self, you are Lruly LrusLing in Lhe very wisdon LhaL is responsible for
your creaLion. 1here is no greaLer power anywhere, and you are LhaL
power. l urge you Lo Lake Lhe 21-day naLural healing challenge LhaL
lab offers and observe Lhe LransfornaLion LhaL you will experience. l
have done iL, and l have never felL beLLer in ny life.
l love Lhis book, and l love Lhis nan who creaLed iL. 1hank you,
labrizio÷The Power of Self-Healing is desLined Lo becone a classic, and l
an honored LhaL you asked ne Lo wriLe Lhis brief loreword for iL. l cel-
ebraLe every day because of all of Lhe efforL LhaL you puL inLo Lhis nonu-
nenLal work, and l know nillions of people will be celebraLing as well.
÷ Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
Maui, Hawaii

Power of Self-Healing interior.indd 10 10/25/11 9:49 AM
) *!3.2G7!) .*
MosL of us are no sLrangers Lo healLh problens, illness, or pain,
buL nosL of us wish we were. And nosL of us would love a new lease
on life wiLh Lhe abiliLy Lo live disease-free, have nore energy, and
enjoy greaLer well-being.
ls LhaL possible, Lhough7 ls iL Loo laLe Lo even Lry7
¥es, iL is possible . . . and iL's noL Loo laLe.
8uL don'L boLher looking for answers in Lhe rapidly changing and
unfriendly "sick care¨ environnenL. 1hey're noL Lhere.
1he answers are wiLhin your own body. 1haL's righL. ¥our body
has a builL-in capaciLy Lo heal iLself÷a renarkable sysLen of self- repair
LhaL goes on day in and day ouL÷and inproving iLs abiliLy Lo heal is
wiLhin your conLrol.
MosL people, however, don'L fully grasp LhaL Lhe body has Lhis
incredible abiliLy Lo heal iLself, largely because LradiLional nedicine
has done liLLle Lo naxinize Lhis poLenLial, insLead enphasizing LhaL
health comes from the outside in and not from the inside ouL. Did you
know, for exanple, LhaL nany illnesses nay evenLually heal on Lheir
own7 lL's Lrue!

l should Lake a nonenL here Lo inLroduce nyself. l an a doc-
Lor of chiropracLic and Lhe presidenL of Parker ÜniversiLy in Dallas,
1exas. lornerly known as Parker College of ChiropracLic (of which l
an also a graduaLe), Lhe insLiLuLion was founded by Lhe laLe Dr. |anes
Power of Self-Healing interior.indd 11 10/25/11 9:49 AM
!"# %&'#( &) *#+), "#-+. /0
W. Parker, Lhe nan so nany lovingly called "Dr. |in.¨ Parker College
opened iLs doors in SepLenber 1º82 wiLh 27 sLudenLs. 1oday, Lhe
universiLy is Lhe leading chiropracLic school in Lhe world. 1here are
nore Lhan ó,000 Parker graduaLes pracLicing in all 50 sLaLes and living
in 31 foreign counLries.
l renenber so clearly Lhe day l received Lhe phone call fron Lhe
chairnan of Lhe board of Parker College. He Lold ne LhaL since Dr. |in
had passed on, Lhe board felL LhaL l was Lhe righL person Lo assune
Lhe leadership posiLion. My hearL skipped a beaL. l was only 33 years
old. l LhoughL Lo nyself, What do I know about running such a huge
AL Lhe Line, l had builL a successful pracLice of ChiropracLic Well-
ness in 1exas. My wife, Alicia, was pregnanL wiLh our second child,
and l was happy being in Lhe ofhce 27 hours a week and spending
Lhe resL of ny Line wiLh ny fanily. 8uL as Alicia and l discussed Lhe
opporLuniLy, l realized LhaL l knew a loL nore Lhan l LhoughL l did,
as Dr. |in had nenLored ne for Len years and was one of ny closesL
friends. l was also aware of Lhe challenges LhaL Lhe college would face
wiLhouL sLrong leadership and a clear vision. As a producL of LhaL edu-
caLional sysLen, l knew whaL could be done Lo inprove iL. l accepLed
Lhe offer relucLanLly and Lold Lhe board nenbers LhaL if iL didn'L work
ouL, a replacenenL should be found innediaLely. Once iL was ofhcial,
a reporLer cane Lo do a piece on ne because, as l was Lold, l had
becone one of Lhe youngesL presidenLs of a college or universiLy in
the United States.
1welve years laLer, l hnd nyself loving every day as Parker's presi-
denL. l realize Lhe nore l can conLribuLe Lo Lhe beLLernenL of oLhers,
the more that my life is worLh living.
¥ou can'L Lell fron reading ny words on Lhese pages, buL l'n
originally fron Colonbia and l have an accenL. My fanily relocaLed
fron Colonbia Lo Miani in 1º78, afLer l had jusL Lurned 13 years old.
When ny parenLs announced our inninenL deparLure Lo Lhe Ü.S., iL
was LraunaLic news for ny four broLhers and ne. Life in Colonbia
was our world÷we had nany friends and also played a loL of sporLs.
lL was scary Lo Lhink abouL leaving all LhaL behind. 8uL ny noLher and
faLher, who were very wise, puL iL like Lhis: "lsn'L iL anazing LhaL you
Power of Self-Healing interior.indd 12 10/25/11 9:49 AM
! "# $ %&'(# ) %"
can go Lo a whole differenL counLry, learn a whole differenL language,
and pick up a whole differenL undersLanding of anoLher culLure7 lsn'L
iL anazing LhaL you'll be able Lo explore any possibiliLies LhaL are ouL
Lhere7¨ 1hey were so righL. ¥ou see, Colonbia had provided us wiLh
a happy childhood, buL Lhe Ü.S. offered us Lhe opporLuniLy Lo grow
and go beyond our conforL zone. My broLhers and l felL nuch beLLer
abouL Lhe nove.
l can sLill recall ny hrsL day of school in Miani as if iL were yes-
Lerday. lL was frighLening and unfaniliar. 1here was no such Lhing as
"English as a Second Language¨ aL Lhe Line, and very few sLudenLs
spoke Spanish aL LhaL school. Even Lhough l was supposed Lo be in Lhe
sevenLh grade, Lhey pushed ne back Lo hfLh because l didn'L know a
word of English.
l walked inLo Lhe classroon and ny Leacher, Ms. Hill, said, "Okay,
class. LeL's welcone our new sLudenL. His nane is labrizio.¨ 1he whole
class replied, "Hi, labrizio.¨ Ms. Hill Look ny hand and saL ne down
nexL Lo a young girl naned Maria, who was bilingual because her
parenLs were Cuban. l saL nexL Lo her every day, and she LranslaLed
whaL Lhe Leacher was saying. l had Lo spend Lwo-and-a-half hours
afLer class every day in order Lo undersLand Lhe lessons. 1haL was Lhe
beginning for ne. Once school was ouL, ny parenLs senL ny broLhers
and ne Lo a sunner canp in 8osLon, MassachuseLLs, where nobody
spoke Spanish . . . buL LhaL was where we really picked up a loL of Lhe
English language.
l bring up Lhese challenges l faced as a young boy because Lhere
was a huge life lesson in all of iL for ne: soneLines we're going Lo be
Lhrown inLo circunsLances we don'L expecL÷sone nonunenLal life
change such as an illness, a new job, a losL job, a deaLh, or a divorce,
for insLance÷and we nusL respond opLinisLically. We nusL be resil-
ienL. l didn'L expecL Lo nove ouL of Lhe counLry, l didn'L expecL Lo
learn a new language. 8uL whaL l did know, even back Lhen, was LhaL
l could do soneLhing posiLive abouL Lhe siLuaLion. My parenLs always
encouraged ny broLhers and ne and Lold us LhaL we could do, or
becone, anyLhing we wanLed. As we learned Lo speak English, for
exanple, Lhey'd renind us of Lhe opporLuniLies we were creaLing for
ourselves in our lives and careers by being ñuenL in Lwo languages.
Power of Self-Healing interior.indd 13 10/25/11 9:49 AM
!"# %&'#( &) *#+), "#-+. /0
1hose early experiences profoundly shaped who l an, and how l
Lhink, Loday.

l Lhink LhaL soneLines we geL sLuck and severely liniL ourselves.
ln oLher words, l nean LhaL we becone paralyzed by Lhe circun-
sLances we're Lhrown inLo raLher Lhan looking aL a siLuaLion as an
opporLuniLy Lo grow and becone a beLLer person÷a nore powerful
hunan being.
kesponding Lo life's evenLs in a posiLive way has been Lhe greaLesL
foundaLion in Lhe life l've creaLed for nyself. Don'L geL ne wrong. l've
endured ny share of suffering and negaLive experiences, including
Lhe hearLbreaking loss of Lwo fanily nenbers. ln facL, a friend once
asked ne, "WiLh all LhaL's happened, how can you be so happy and
l shared wiLh ny friend LhaL despiLe Lhe hardships, l sLill felL in-
nensely forLunaLe Lo have such an incredibly fulhlling, peaceful, joyful
life. And every single day, l wake up and ask nyself why oLhers don'L
feel Lhis way, Loo. 1he answer l consLanLly cone up wiLh is LhaL nosL
people don'L Lhink iL's possible for Lhen÷Lhey don'L believe LhaL Lhey
can do iL or have iL. 1hey allow Lheir negaLive percepLions and Lhe
opinions of oLhers Lo inLerfere wiLh Lheir lives and dicLaLe who Lhey
becone or how Lhey Lhink and feel, raLher Lhan hrsL Lurning inward
and discovering all of LhaL fron wiLhin. ln shorL, Lhey jusL don'L know
how Lo nainLain a posiLive, healLhy ouLlook and view Lhe journey
Lhrough life wiLh hope.
¥our nind-seL nosL cerLainly affecLs your well-being. And ny pur-
pose for wriLing Lhis book is Lo share whaL l have learned afLer nore
Lhan 20 years of sLudying and discovering exacLly how Lo achieve
your naxinun poLenLial in Lhe nosL inporLanL area of your life: your
ÜnLil l was inLroduced Lo chiropracLic, l had never nade healLh
a Lop prioriLy. ChiropracLic is a forn of healLh care LhaL enphasizes
self-healing. lL focuses on disorders of Lhe nusculoskeleLal sysLen and
nervous sysLen, and Lhe effecLs of Lhese disorders on one's healLh.
Power of Self-Healing interior.indd 14 10/25/11 9:49 AM
! "# $ %&'(# ) %"
My background had been in convenLional nedicine, l was a pre-
ned sLudenL on ny way Lo beconing a neurosurgeon. 8uL l becane
fascinaLed by chiropracLic, which LaughL ne LhaL Lhe body is designed
Lo heal iLself, and LhaL wiLhouL proper healLh, we are liniLed in every
area of our lives. 8uL Lhis book is noL abouL chiropracLic care÷iL is
abouL Lhe body's abiliLy Lo hx iLself.
1here is a well-worn cliché LhaL says: "lf you don'L have your
healLh, you have noLhing.¨ Well, LhaL's Lrue÷for everyone. lf you're
noL Laking care of yourself, Lhis nay inpacL Lhe way in which you
perforn in your career. lf you're noL feeling well, naybe you don'L feel
like doing anyLhing wiLh your spouse or parLner. lf you have children
and Lhey wanL Lo play wiLh you buL you jusL don'L feel up Lo iL, you
nighL push Lhen away. LiLLle by liLLle Lhey nighL sLarL asking, "Why
doesn'L Monny wanL Lo play wiLh ne7¨ or "Why doesn'L Daddy
wanL Lo play wiLh ne7¨ lf you don'L have your healLh, even all Lhe
noney in Lhe world has no value. lf you don'L have your healLh, you
don'L have nuch of anyLhing.
Now l'n jusL noL referring Lo physical well-being. l'n Lalking
abouL physical, enoLional, and spiriLual healLh, and each of Lhese
areas are inLricaLely woven LogeLher and forn Lhe hearL of Lhis book:
Part I: Physical Self-Healing. Ünleashing your body's self-healing abil-
iLies sLarLs wiLh good nuLriLion and supplenenLaLion, physical acLiviLy,
and posiLive lifesLyle changes. ln ParL l, l'll enpower you Lo nake Lhe
necessary changes Lo supporL your body's inherenL healing abiliLies.
Part II: Emotional Self-Healing. NegaLive LhoughLs and feelings can
cause pain and illnesses LhaL clear rapidly when you change Lhose
LhoughLs. 1he benehLs enjoyed fron enoLional self-healing nay in-
clude Lhe following: relief fron sLress, deep relaxaLion, healing energy
ñow, increased and focused energy level, prevenLion of injury, relief
fron sore and aching nuscles and joinLs, and enhanced conhdence
and well-being.
Part III: Spiritual Self-Healing. 1he najoriLy us have a hxed idea
LhaL healLh is nosLly physical and, Lo an exLenL, enoLional, buL good
Power of Self-Healing interior.indd 15 10/25/11 9:49 AM
!"# %&'#( &) *#+), "#-+. /0
healLh enconpasses nore Lhan LhaL. lL is also inLensely spiriLual, and l
believe we are all spiriLual beings.
Deepening your spiriLual rooLs Lhrough faiLh or oLher pracLices, or
sinply feeling close Lo naLure, has profound effecLs on healing. Spiri-
LualiLy provides neaning and conforL in Lines of illness so LhaL Lhe
experience of a disease is beLLer, which can pronoLe healing. An ill-
ness nay also help awaken your spiriLualiLy and help you achieve spiri-
Lual growLh. And ofLen, your spiriLualiLy can supporL and sLrengLhen
your capaciLy for self-healing in ways LhaL border on Lhe niraculous.
Self-healing occurs when Lhe physical, enoLional, and spiriLual
are aligned. When we're working every single day Lo nake sure we
nurLure Lhose Lhree areas, Lhen we can Lruly realize and achieve our
self-healing poLenLial. 1he hunan body has evolved Lo live well and
hghL off disease, provided we give iL Lhe nurLuring iL needs.
The word doctor stems from the Latin word docere, neaning "Lo
Leach.¨ As a docLor of chiropracLic, one of ny nosL inporLanL jobs is
Lo Leach people how Lo keep Lhenselves healLhy and enpower Lhen
Lo Lake responsibiliLy for Lheir own well-being. l always nade sure
LhaL ny paLienLs never lefL ny ofhce wiLhouL recognizing LhaL Lhey
could only achieve Lheir full poLenLial÷in Lheir relaLionships, faiLh,
life's work, and so forLh÷when Lhey Lapped inLo, and worked Loward
achieving, Lheir ulLinaLe healLh.
Üsing Lhe guidelines and suggesLions l lay ouL for you, you will noL
only help prevenL disease fron geLLing a fooLhold in Lhe hrsL place,
buL you will also help your body begin Lo heal fron illnesses already
in progress wiLhouL resorLing Lo drugs or surgery. 1his all cones Lo-
geLher in Lhe hnal parL of Lhe book:
Part IV: 21 Days to Self-Healing. l give you an innovaLive Lhree-
week progran LhaL focuses on how Lo inprove Lhe physical, eno-
Lional, and spiriLual areas in your life and Lap inLo your body's own
healing poLenLial Lhrough:
º Sinple subsLiLuLions Lo your daily dieL Lo sLinulaLe your
body's naLural abiliLy Lo rejuvenaLe and heal
Power of Self-Healing interior.indd 16 10/25/11 9:49 AM
! "# $ %&'(# ) %"
º 1he laLesL breakLhrough supplenenLs LhaL can
sLrengLhen Lhe self-healing capaciLies of your body
º New insighLs inLo how physical acLiviLy ñoods your body
wiLh naLural healing subsLances
º 1he laLesL nondrug, noninvasive Lechnologies LhaL can
bring you back Lo opLinal healLh
º 1he power of your nind and spiriL Lo heal your body
l designed Lhis progran Lo geL your body looking and feeling
iLs besL, according Lo whaL's healLhy and realisLic for you, so you can
genuinely be aL your besL÷inside and ouL. And whaL are sone of Lhe
besL surprises of a self-healed life7 1ake a look:
º Surges of energy LhaL resulL fron healLhy living
º kenewed happiness and joy
º Newfound opLinisn
º An enoLional and spiriLual connecLion Lo your own
º A life LhaL feels nore in focus
1here are so nany posiLive sLeps you can Lake Loward self-healing,
and l'n going Lo show you which ones are besL. CranLed, noL all of
Lhen will resonaLe wiLh you, or even work for your lifesLyle, buL l en-
courage you Lo Lry each sLep you can and use Lhe ones LhaL hL in wiLh
your way of being in Lhe world. And don'L even Lhink beyond Loday!
Make a choice Lo Lake one or Lwo posiLive acLions for your healLh each
day fron ny 21-day plan. Do LhaL every day, and you'll accunulaLe
Lhe rewards of healLh÷rewards LhaL will inprove your odds againsL
everyLhing fron hearL disease, obesiLy, cancer, and diabeLes Lo arLhri-
Lis, allergies, colds, ñu, and nore.
My sLance has always been LhaL each and every one of us has
been designed Lo be healLhy. ¥ou have Lhe power Lo be and sLay
healLhy because healing cones fron wiLhin. The Power of Self-Healing
will help you live Lhe life you were Lruly neanL Lo live.

Power of Self-Healing interior.indd 17 10/25/11 9:49 AM
0.21 "#(% !"1$#%&
l love Lo Lell Lhe sLory abouL Lhe nedical sLudenL who was Laking
a course on diseases. One norning afLer class, he said Lo his professor,
"WiLh all Lhese diseases, l don'L undersLand how anyone can survive.¨
1he Leacher replied, "When you sLudy how Lhe body works, you'll
wonder how anyone can geL sick.¨
Our bodies were designed wiLh Lhe abiliLy Lo nake repairs and Lo
even defend againsL illness or injury. We are, in LruLh, self-healing crea-
Lures. ¥ou've seen Lhe proof nany Lines yourself. lf you nick yourself
while shaving or scrape your knee, you can see Lhe healing sLarL alnosL
innediaLely. lnside your body, specialized blood cells, called plaLeleLs,
seal up Lhe wound Lhrough cloLLing Lo sLen Lhe ñow of blood. WhiLe
blood cells are dispaLched Lo Lhe area Lo hghL bacLeria LhaL nighL enLer
Lhe body Lhrough Lhe broken skin. And red blood cells arrive on Lhe
scene Lo nourish Lhe healing Lissue wiLh oxygen. Over Lhe nexL few
days, Lhe Liny wound scars over and hnally disappears÷Lhanks Lo Lhe
body's own naLural Lean of "cellular paranedics.¨
And if you've ever broken a bone, you've experienced self-healing
in acLion, Loo. AfLer being in a casL for a few weeks, whaL happens Lo
LhaL bone7 lL heals iLself wiLh new, naLural bone in quiLe an anazing
process of repair. 1haL's why when your docLor renoves your casL and
says, "¥ou're as good as new!¨ he or she isn'L kidding!
Likewise, a sprained ankle, pulled nuscle, or a painful back will
usually heal wiLh resL. And while over-Lhe-counLer nedicines will
Power of Self-Healing interior.indd 1 10/25/11 9:49 AM
!"# %&'#( &) *#+), "#-+. /0
relieve Lhe synpLons of a cold, iL is your own healLhy innune sysLen
LhaL brings you back Lo healLh.
And jusL as niraculously, your body hghLs againsL cancer. Several
Lines a day, a nornal cell in Lhe body nighL nuLaLe inLo a cancerous
one, buL your body recognizes Lhis and iLs naLural defense necha-
nisns acLually knock ouL LhaL cancer cell. 1here is healing going on
every single nonenL of our lives.
C, D31.34 .7 231456301.78
More Lhan ny profession, iL was a personal experience LhaL nade
ne an advocaLe of self-healing. Many years ago, ny faLher had colon
surgery in Colonbia because of sone recLal bleeding. 1he surgeons
renoved parL of his colon, and as we discovered laLer, Lhis procedure
was unnecessary.
When Lhey suLured Lhe snall inLesLine Lo Lhe recLun, iL was noL
done properly and soon Lore open. My dad developed periLoniLis,
an inñannaLion of Lhe inner wall of Lhe abdonen. AL Lhe Line, ny
fanily nade Lhe decision Lo ñy hin fron Colonbia Lo a hospiLal in
Miani, llorida. Due Lo Lhe urgency of Lhe siLuaLion, a Lean of docLors
in Miani decided Lo operaLe on hin innediaLely, wiLhin a few hours
of his arrival. 1his saved his life.
My faLher spenL Lhe nexL 15 days in Lhe inLensive care uniL, wiLh
a respiraLor and dialysis nachine. Every single day was a vicLory in
his sLruggle Lo live. He was laLer noved Lo a hospiLal roon, and had
Lo endure an open wound in his sLonach LhaL would noL heal, along
wiLh an ileosLony bag. He had Lo relearn how Lo eaL (sLarLing wiLh
very snall porLions of food), and he also had Lo learn how Lo walk
again. AfLer six nonLhs as an inpaLienL, which included nore surger-
ies, he was able Lo cone hone, where he conLinued his recovery wiLh
rouLine checkups aL Lhe hospiLal and anoLher surgery in his sLonach.
AfLer Lwo years of living like Lhis, Dad's docLors were unable Lo
close Lhe wound in his sLonach, as iL kepL opening up wiLh every
surgery. 1hey laLer Lold ny parenLs LhaL an x-ray showed a black spoL
in his lung and referred Lhen Lo an oncologisL. AfLer sone LesLs, Lhe
Power of Self-Healing interior.indd 2 10/25/11 9:49 AM
!"#$ &'() *+$ ,') -
oncologisL inforned us LhaL he had deLecLed lung cancer (sLage lv),
and iL had already forned a neLasLasis in Lhe oLher lung. 1he docLor
also Lold us LhaL ny faLher had abouL Lhree nonLhs lefL, buL his desire
Lo live was so sLrong LhaL he survived an addiLional year and a half.
1hroughouL LhaL period, he was only allowed Lo Lake painkillers,
because of his open abdonen wound, he wouldn'L benehL fron che-
noLherapy or radiaLion. My faLher snoked and drank since he was a
young nan, buL he'd given up boLh over Lhe lasL 18 years of his life.
l'n sure LhaL Lhe snoking and drinking played a parL in danaging his
lungs and liver. He also didn'L exercise properly, and his dieL wasn'L
Lhe greaLesL eiLher.
Sadly, for all of us, Dad passed away aL Lhe age of ó4. We losL
our faLher aL a young age, and his early deaLh was unnecessary. l
sLill grieve Lo Lhis day, nainly because ny children and ny broLhers'
children didn'L have nuch Line wiLh Lheir grandfaLher Lo share all Lhe
joys and experiences in Lheir lives.
l Lell Lhis sLory ofLen Lo help people recognize LhaL we can nake
beLLer choices, fron our lifesLyle habiLs Lo Lhe Lypes of LreaLnenL we
choose. All of Lhese choices have long-Lern consequences, good or
bad. And when iL cones Lo soneLhing like surgery, l wanL Lo know
wheLher Lhe docLor has exhausLed every possibiliLy before even con-
sidering going forward. Ünless iL's necessary because of an energen-
cy, l've always encouraged ny paLienLs Lo visiL aL leasL Lhree providers
before naking a decision. We need Lo hnd ouL wheLher surgery is
needed, how soon iL nusL be done, and if Lhere are any oLher opLions.
'+3 !:E3= ;: 231456301
Each one of us is differenL in so nany ways÷physically, enoLion-
ally, and spiriLually÷and we all have unique needs when iL cones Lo
our healLh care. ldeally we should be LreaLed based on our individu-
aliLy, yeL nedical science prefers Lo LreaL Lhe disease wiLh sLandard
protocols or treatments, rather than treat the whole person.
Of course, we are condiLioned Lo run Lo Lhe docLor afLer synp-
Lons occur and geL a prescripLion for a drug, which nay or nay noL
Power of Self-Healing interior.indd 3 10/25/11 9:49 AM
!"# %&'#( &) *#+), "#-+. /0
work. We wanL Lhe synpLon LreaLed, and we ignore LhaL perhaps Lhe
underlying cause should be LreaLed. l believe, Loo, LhaL we relegaLe
nosL, if noL all, of our decision-naking auLhoriLy Lo our nedical doc-
Lors. All Lhis does is fosLer dependence, and iL undernines our per-
sonal responsibiliLy for gaining and keeping our good healLh.
Dependence on third parties is not the best possible path to
healLh and self-healing. lL's up Lo us÷as individuals÷Lo be Lhe keep-
ers and proLecLors of our own healLh. SLaLisLics prove ny poinL: Lhe
healLh-care sysLen affecLs only abouL 10 percenL of our healLh ouL-
cone, Lhe renaining º0 percenL is deLernined by lifesLyle choices,
and how and where we live. HealLh-care providers have liLLle conLrol
over Lhose Lhings, buL we cerLainly do! And l an on a nission Lo
help people everywhere realize LhaL healLh and healing is wiLhin
Lheir own grasp.
C0.7-;=309 C3F./.73 G-H I:9<13937;0=, C3F./.73
My opinion of WesLern, or nainsLrean, nedicine is LhaL iL is effec-
Live for LreaLing severe energency condiLions when Lhe body's naLural
abiliLy Lo heal iLself has been danaged. 8uL, iL overfocuses on LreaLing
synpLons raLher Lhan Lhe cause of Lhe problen. SynpLons are Lhe
body's way of Lelling us iL needs help, Lhey shouldn'L be nasked or
suppressed. 1hey should lead us Lo Lhe cause so iL can be alleviaLed.
WesLern nedicine also Lends Lo zero in on a disLincL objecL of
disease÷be iL a gallbladder, a gern, or even a gene÷insLead of re-
sLoring harnony in Lhe whole person. Medical LreaLnenLs, especially
for Lhe degeneraLive diseases of age, generally help people geL along
by hxing Lheir hearLs, replacing joinLs, or nedicaLing pain, buL don'L
do nuch Lo help heal any underlying danage.
OLher sysLens of healing, ancienL or nodern, do iL differenLly.
1hey view sickness in a holisLic way and Lhe body as an enLire enLiLy÷
in balance or inbalance÷wiLh every parL of your life affecLing every
oLher parL. lor exanple, if you're depressed, Lhe depression will in-
Lerfere wiLh your physical being, and a problen wiLh your physical
being, such as poor nuLriLion, can creaLe depression. Even a problen
Power of Self-Healing interior.indd 4 10/25/11 9:49 AM
!"#$ &'() *+$ ,') -
in your environnenL, such as living around Loxic chenicals, can harn
your body and nind. All of Lhese facLors nusL be Laken inLo consider-
aLion for self-healing Lo occur.
l'n sure you've heard oLher healing approaches referred Lo as "al-
LernaLive¨ or "conplenenLary¨ nedicine. ln nany parLs of Lhe world,
convenLional nedicine is considered a ninoriLy approach and nighL
be considered alLernaLive or conplenenLary by OrienLal, African,
Ayurvedic, NaLive Anerican, and oLher healers!
1hankfully, WesLern nedicine is opening iLs arns Lo all forns of
LreaLnenL. More docLors are now convincing Lheir paLienLs Lo fol-
low dieLs and Lake nuLriLional supplenenLs. 1here is nore inLeresL
in giving paLienLs opLions in care LhaL were fornerly disnissed by
nany WesLern-Lrained docLors. When l have soneLhing aniss in ny
own healLh, l Lurn Lo nulLiple experLs, including nuLriLionisLs, chiro-
pracLors, naLuropaLhs, and of course, nedical docLors. l an anong
Lhe nore Lhan one in Lhree Anericans who uses sone forn of non-
WesLern nedicine, according Lo Lhe NaLional CenLer for Conplenen-
Lary and AlLernaLive Medicine, and LhaL nunber is rising.
l applaud Lhis Lrend. Medical docLors, nurses, chiropracLors, na-
LuropaLhs, and oLher healers can cerLainly play a pivoLal role in your
healLh. 1he LreaLnenLs Lhey advise can sLinulaLe Lhe healing poLenLial
LhaL is already wiLhin you. And if you fervenLly believe in your healer,
science Lells us LhaL Lhe resulLs will be nuch beLLer. 1here are far Loo
nany people who are diagnosed wiLh life-LhreaLening illnesses and
auLonaLically Lhink Lhey are dooned. ¥ou cannoL Lhink in Lhis way.
very ofLen, iL isn'L jusL Lhe LreaLnenL or Lhe healer LhaL is doing Lhe
healing, buL your LrusL in Lhen.
23145 I0=3* '+3 630=; :4 6301.78
lorLunaLely, nany people are asking: ls Lhere a beLLer way Lo sLay
healLhy7 ls Lhere a beLLer way Lo geL healLhy7 lsn'L Lhere soneLhing
beLLer ouL Lhere7 1he answers are yes, yes, and yes. 1hroughouL Lhe
following chapLers, you'll cone Lo realize LhaL your healLh cones fron
Power of Self-Healing interior.indd 5 10/25/11 9:49 AM
!"# %&'#( &) *#+), "#-+. /0
wiLhin, iL does noL cone fron Lhe ouLside. Once Lhis concepL sinks in,
you'll wanL Lo nake self-healing an operaLing principle in your life.
1here are so nany sinple lifesLyle opLions Lo help your body self-
heal. Here are a few exanples:
— Exercise is self-healing. lnagine siLLing indoors on a nice day
waLching Lelevision. 8uL you also feel Lired, naybe even depressed. So
you geL up, Lurn off Lhe 1v, and go for a walk. lL nighL be hard aL hrsL,
buL Lhe longer you walk, Lhe beLLer and nore energized you sLarL Lo
feel. Mood-lifLing chenicals in your brain sLarL Lo circulaLe. ¥our hearL
sLrengLhens. ¥our neLabolisn revs up. And Lhese effecLs conLinue for
aL leasL 48 hours afLerward. ¥ou have acLually begun Lo self-heal!
— Sleep is self-healing. A good nighL's sleep helps your body re-
generaLe. When you wake up in Lhe norning, you'll feel refreshed.
— A healthy body weight is self-healing. lf you're overweighL,
changing your dieL habiLs and losing excess pounds will innediaLely
inprove your healLh. ¥ou nay reduce (or no longer need) your blood-
pressure or diabeLes nedicaLion. ¥our joinLs nay heal, and your hearL
funcLion will inprove÷all by sinply changing your nuLriLion and
physical acLiviLy!
— Hugs are self-healing. Anyone who knows ne knows LhaL l be-
lieve in hugs. Have you ever had anyone say Lo you, "Hey, do you
need a hug7¨ 1hen Lhey hug you, and you jusL feel beLLer. 1here's
power in a hug. Science has verihed LhaL Lhe sinple acL of reach-
ing ouL and hugging anoLher person slows hearL raLe, reduces blood
pressure, and even acceleraLes recovery fron an illness. All LhaL in a
sinple hug!
8y Lhese few exanples, l believe you can see LhaL we all have Lhe
power Lo nake self-healing easier or harder by our acLions. And whaL
abouL niracles7 ¥es, Lhey can and do occur. 8uL in general, when an
illness is healed, Lhe body is Lhe healer, and LhaL is Lhe real niracle.
Power of Self-Healing interior.indd 6 10/25/11 9:49 AM
!"#$ &'() *+$ ,') -
231456301.78 J30F- ;: 6301;+ 07F #301;+
MosL of us Loday are looking for ways Lo inprove our hnan-
cial siLuaLion, buL Lhe answer isn'L necessarily in working harder
or longer. 1he answer is in Laking beLLer care of ourselves and
our fanily. Sone colleagues of nine puL LogeLher an inpres-
sive piece of daLa on Lhis issue. 1hey calculaLe LhaL if you nake
enough of a lifesLyle change Lo reduce healLh risks by 50 per-
cenL, you can save up Lo $1,000,000 over a 35-year period.
A sLudy published in Lhe journal Health Affairs states that the
average healLh-care cosL per Anerican÷every nan, wonan,
and child in Lhe ÜniLed SLaLes÷is $ó,280 a year. 1haL is a sLar-
Lling sLaLisLic÷nore Lhan $25,000 per year for a fanily of four.
lnagine how nuch wealLhier you'd be if you could save LhaL
nuch each year÷or even half LhaL anounL. 1ake a look:
º PresenL cosL of healLh care for a fanily of four:
$ó,280 x 4 = $25,120
º Savings resulLing fron a self-healing lifesLyle:
$25,120 } 2 = $12,5ó0
º MonLhly savings Lo invesL:
$12,5ó0 } 12 = $1,047
A 30-year-old who sLays well and adopLs healLhy habiLs can
LheoreLically (using averages) save nore Lhan $1,000,000 by
Lhe Line he or she is ó5. And LhaL nillion dollars is jusL a bonus
Lo Lhe facL LhaL Lhey will enjoy a life of enoLional, physical, and
social wealLh far beyond Lhe hnancial benehL.
Adapted from Discover Wellness by Dr. 8ob Hoffnan and Dr. |ason A. DeiLch.
Used with permission.
Power of Self-Healing interior.indd 7 10/25/11 9:49 AM
!"# %&'#( &) *#+), "#-+. /0
#+0; $K0/;1, )- 231456301.78L
ln 2004, a friend of nine, 8ecky, was diagnosed wiLh chronic
hbronyalgia. 1his condiLion is believed Lo be acLivaLed by changes
in Lhe cenLral nervous sysLen LhaL heighLen sensiLiviLy Lo Louch and
LenperaLure. 8ecky is a 52-year-old, sLrong, and peLiLe wonan. An of-
hcer in Lhe niliLary, she was diagnosed wiLh Lhis condiLion six nonLhs
prior Lo being deployed Lo lraq. lor four years, she connanded aL Lhe
sLraLegic levels of Lhe Ü.S. Arny, buL she also endured chronic pain
Lhe enLire Line. Deep and debiliLaLing aches perneaLed every nuscle,
Lendon, and liganenL in her body.
During Lhe nexL four years, docLors had prescribed nore Lhan 17
differenL prescripLions Lo help nanage her synpLons. "EveryLhing
hurL, and l was deeply unhappy,¨ 8ecky Lold ne. "l couldn'L per-
forn Lo Lhe level ny soldiers deserved. 1haL's when l decided l wasn'L
going Lo live like Lhis for Lhe resL of ny life.¨
8ecky reLired fron her sLressful niliLary career, changed her life-
sLyle, and focused on recovering her healLh. Over 18 nonLhs, she
swiLched Lo a naLural foods dieL, pracLiced various forns of deLoxih-
caLion, received regular nassages and chiropracLic adjusLnenLs, and
underwenL acupuncLure. WhaL resulLed was noLhing shorL of niracu-
lous: 8ecky no longer had Lo Lake prescripLion drugs. 1oday, she lives
wiLh nuch less pain and has a wonderful qualiLy of life. She says,
"Self-healing7 l'n living proof LhaL iL can be done!¨
As 8ecky's sLory so wonderfully denonsLraLes, if we give our bod-
ies whaL Lhey need, Lhey will funcLion properly and will ofLen heal on
their own.
Power of Self-Healing interior.indd 8 10/25/11 9:49 AM
!"#$ &'() *+$ ,') -
AM 2;3<- ;: &/+.3G.78 #301;+ '+=:>8+ 6301;+
1. SLay well and fully fund a "healLh savings accounL¨ as an
addiLional reLirenenL invesLnenL vehicle. 1his is a Lax-
exenpL accounL LhaL is paired wiLh a high deducLible
healLh plan. lL's used Lo pay rouLine nedical expenses,
while Lhe healLh plan pays for Lhe cosLs of najor nedical
evenLs and chronic nedical care.
2. SLay well and save Lhe noney LhaL you would be paying
for pharnaceuLical co-paynenLs. 1he average co-
paynenL is $15 Lo $30 per nonLh, and ofLen people are
paying nuch nore. PuL LhaL noney inLo your healLh
savings accounL or an lkA, or invesL iL. Over Line, LhaL
noney will grow wiLh conpound inLeresL.
3. CeL a parL-Line job exercising for noney. 1each a
hLness class aL your local gyn or rec cenLer. ¥ou have
Lo exercise anyway, so why noL geL paid for iL7
4. kedirecL Lhe noney you spend on Lhings LhaL are
desLrucLive Lo your healLh inLo Lhings LhaL are
consLrucLive Lo your healLh. On average, a pack of
cigareLLes cosLs $3.80, so a pack-a-day habiL would
seL you back nore Lhan $100 a nonLh. SLop snoking
and invesL Lhe noney and sLay well. How abouL
invesLing Lhe noney you spend on alcohol7 Cable
1v7 8ar nighL7 ¥ou can hnd $25 Lo $100 a nonLh
LhaL you are presenLly spending on harning your
healLh and insLead invesL iL for your fuLure÷while
kicking bad habiLs!
5. Many enployers have arrangenenLs wiLh Lheir
local hLness cenLers. lf your enployer is willing Lo
subsidize you, Lake Lhe noney you would spend on a
nenbership and invesL iL while sLaying well.
Power of Self-Healing interior.indd 9 10/25/11 9:49 AM
!"# %&'#( &) *#+), "#-+. /0
ó. Many enployers offer wellness prograns such
as snoking cessaLion, weighL loss, and sLress
nanagenenL, and even offer incenLives Lo
parLicipaLe, because iL is in boLh of your inLeresLs for
you Lo sLay well. 1ake advanLage of any incenLives
your enployer is offering. 1ake Lhe noney you would
oLherwise spend yourself, and invesL iL.
7. SLop spending noney on fasL food and prepare fresh,
wholesone neals aL hone. ¥ou should also bring
healLhy neals Lo work. lL will be healLhier for you and
save you Lhousands of dollars over Line.
8. When you feel beLLer, you will save Lhousands on
over-Lhe-counLer nedicaLions LhaL are jusL nasking
your synpLons anyway. SLay healLhier by noL living
on unnecessary nedicaLion, and invesL Lhe noney
for your fuLure.
º. 1hink abouL your perfornance aL work. lf you felL
beLLer and perforned beLLer, could you nake nore
noney7 Would you have Lhe energy Lo geL a parL-
Line job or Lurn a hobby inLo a hone-based business7
10. lf you have a preexisLing condiLion and Lry Lo change
your healLh insurance, unless you work for a big
conpany, your condiLion can cosL you Lhousands
of dollars in increased preniuns÷even if iL's only a
ninor condiLion. SLaying well will prevenL you fron
paying Lhese increased preniuns. lnvesL Lhe savings
for your hnancial fuLure.
Adapted from Discover Wellness by Dr. 8ob Hoffnan and Dr. |ason A. DeiLch.
Used with permission.
Power of Self-Healing interior.indd 10 10/25/11 9:49 AM
!"#$ &'() *+$ ,') -
6:E ;+3 D:F, 231456301-
ln Lhe chiropracLic profession, we enphasize innate intelligence. lL
sinply neans LhaL "Lhe power LhaL nade Lhe body, heals Lhe body.¨
8enjanin lranklin puL iL Lhis way: "Cod heals and Lhe docLor Lakes
Lhe fee.¨ OLher disciplines refer Lo innaLe inLelligence as a life force.
WhaLever Lhe LiLle, iL endows Lhe body wiLh healing power, as long as
we provide posiLive healLh pracLices such as dieL, exercise, and naLural
lnnaLe inLelligence can be a difhculL concepL for sone Lo grasp.
1he inporLanL Lhing Lo know is LhaL as long as you believe you're con-
necLed wiLh, and creaLed by, soneLhing greaLer Lhan yourself, Lhen
you can easily recognize LhaL everyLhing you need Lo be healLhy is
already wiLhin you. 1here is never a nonenL when Lhis inLelligence
or life force is noL acLing aL iLs uLnosL Lo provide you wiLh a nore
enriched living experience. 8uL iL's up Lo you, Lhrough your behavior,
acLions, and choices, Lo supporL LhaL healing inLelligence.
ls Lhe concepL of innaLe inLelligence soneLhing LesLable7 NoL unLil
quiLe recenLly. CuLLing-edge research inLo connunicaLion anong
cells is validaLing Lhe guiding force of innaLe inLelligence. We now
know how innaLe inLelligence acLivaLes soneLhing called "cell signal-
ing.¨ 1his refers Lo how cells inLeracL wiLh, and "Lalk¨ Lo, oLher cells
using various biochenical signals.
lor exanple, leL's reLurn Lo Lhe exanple of nicking your skin. As l
described earlier, Lhe body does so nany niraculous Lhings, all work-
ing in concerL, Lo bring healing. 8lood vessels dilaLe Lo deliver oxygen,
nuLrienLs, and oLher healing subsLances Lo Lhe wound. 8acLeria and
gerns are aLLacked, and Lhe skin is repaired and rebuilL. How is all Lhis
orchesLraLed7 lL is Lhe innaLe inLelligence aL work, conLrolling all Lhe
signals anong cells Lo effecL healing.
We know too that bad choices can block this process and inter-
rupL cellular connunicaLion. 1ake cigareLLe snoking, for exanple.
SLudies show LhaL snoking delays Lhe delivery of healing subsLances
Lo wounds, and healing is slowed. Snoke also causes Lhe body Lo
forn Loo nuch scar Lissue.
Power of Self-Healing interior.indd 11 10/25/11 9:49 AM
!"# %&'#( &) *#+), "#-+. /0
lnproper cell signaling is aL Lhe rooL of nany diseases, including
cancer, diabeLes, and arLhriLis, Lo nane jusL a few. ScienLisLs are now
looking aL Lhe body as a huge connunicaLions neLwork, and Lhose of
us in Lhe naLural healing helds believe LhaL an innaLe inLelligence is aL
Lhe heln, acLivaLing self-healing.
One reason l'n so faiLhful Lo ny profession is because iL inLro-
duced ne Lo innaLe inLelligence. And when you Lap inLo LhaL inLel-
ligence, l pronise you LhaL iL's Lhe greaLesL supporL you can ever

1he body is designed perfecLly Lo funcLion perfecLly. lL conLains
inhniLe wisdon and vasL resources LhaL can, given Lhe righL condi-
Lions, conquer illness, exLend life, and perforn niracles. Whenever
a paLienL would say, "Dr. Mancini, you're Lhe greaLesL÷you healed
ne,¨ l'd always reply, "l didn'L heal you. l wanL you Lo Lhank yourself
because you are giving your body whaL iL needs Lo heal iLself.¨
1he greaLesL niracle on EarLh is Lhe hunan body. lL is sLronger
and wiser Lhan you probably realize. And inproving iLs abiliLy Lo heal
is wiLhin your conLrol. SLarL believing in your innaLe abiliLy Lo heal,
give your body Lhe righL nuLrienLs, provide your body wiLh self-repair
Lools, renove all negaLive obsLacles and inLerferences Lo Lhe process
. . . and your body will heal. Don'L you Lhink iL's Line Lo unlock your
self-healing powers7

Power of Self-Healing interior.indd 12 10/25/11 9:49 AM
H#3$G$ 7G3)*+
We use Lhe words heal and cure inLerchangeably, buL do Lhey
nean Lhe sane Lhing7 NoL exacLly. 1hey are subLly differenL in nean-
ing, and l'll explain why.
As l've enphasized, healing cones fron wiLhin. lL's Lhe process
by which Lhe body, nind, and spiriL work in concerL so LhaL we be-
cone whole again. Curing is when we are conpleLely freed fron ill-
ness or injury.
ln curing, we depend on Lhe experLise of a pracLiLioner (such as
a docLor) Lo conLrol Lhe course of Lhe disease, in healing, we depend
on our own inner resources.
Soneone nighL be healed, buL noL cured. AnoLher person nighL
be cured, buL noL healed. 1here are nany people who are "cured¨
buL don'L feel like Lhey are living a life full of neaning. ln realiLy, Lhey
aren'L healed. SLill oLhers nighL be healed and cured.
Consider Lhe exanple of sone cancer paLienLs. SLudies have
shown LhaL cancer paLienLs live longer if Lheir qualiLy of life is beL-
Ler÷LhaL is, Lhey adhere Lo a nuLriLious dieL, Lhey exercise Lo relieve
sLress, Lhey're surrounded by supporLive friends and fanily, and Lhey
have a spiriLual foundaLion on which Lo lean. 1hese are all parLs of a
healing lifesLyle. So healing, because iL posiLively affecLs qualiLy of life,
Power of Self-Healing interior.indd 13 10/25/11 9:49 AM
!"# %&'#( &) *#+), "#-+. /0
is associaLed wiLh living longer. And in cancer survivors, healing has
been known Lo prevenL Lhe recurrence of cancer÷curing iL, in oLher
l'n noL hairspliLLing Lhese concepLs, l'n jusL poinLing ouL Lheir
subLle disLincLions. 1o furLher illusLraLe Lhese disLincLions, l'll share
Lhe sLory of Carlos, who was LreaLed by ny dear friend, Dr. |ohn l.
Demartini, D.C.
Carlos was an aspiring young acLor who had been injured in a se-
rious car accidenL LhaL severed his spinal cord. When Carlos appeared
aL Dr. DenarLini's ofhce in HousLon, 1exas, he was sLrapped very care-
fully inLo a special quadriplegic wheelchair. His head was harnessed,
and his body was paralyzed fron Lhe neck down.
His eyes were casL downward and his noLher said LhaL he was
feeling hopeless, depressed, and÷yes, sadly÷suicidal. Carlos's inner
drean had been Lo becone a greaL acLor, perforning in LheaLer and
novies. He wanLed Lo be on 8roadway and dance in nusicals. 8uL
Lhere he was in a quadriplegic wheelchair.
Dr. DenarLini looked aL hin and said, "Carlos! WhaL are you
Lhinking and feeling inside7 1alk Lo ne!¨
"l jusL wanL Lo walk again,¨ he replied. "l wanL Lo dance and acL
again. l don'L wanL Lo live if l have Lo renain like Lhis.¨
"Carlos, if you have a deLernined will Lo live, if you have a sLrong
desire Lo reLurn Lo greaLer funcLion, and if you believe in Lhe possibil-
iLy of having sone kind of recovery, Lhen and only Lhen will you have
Lhe necessary elenenLs wiLh which Lo achieve success. And l will help
you geL Lhere. lL's essenLial LhaL you have sone neaningful and in-
spiring vision Lo work Loward. 8ecause if you don'L have a will Lo live,
Lhen you're already defeaLed. Do you Lruly have Lhe necessary desire
Lo overcone your poLenLial challenges and obsLacles7 l need Lo have
your conpleLe conniLnenL. l wanL Lo nake sure you have soneLhing
driving you Lo success far beyond Lhe ordinary.¨
Power of Self-Healing interior.indd 14 10/25/11 9:49 AM
!"#$ % &' )"* +,+ -,* % &'
Carlos nade his decision innediaLely and wiLh enLhusiasn. "¥es,
l wanL Lo do iL! l wanL Lo walk, dance, and acL again!¨
Dr. DenarLini exanined Carlos's spine, reviewed his huge sLack
of radiographs, pored over his nounLain of previous LesL resulLs, and
fornulaLed a LreaLnenL plan. He worked wiLh Carlos daily. During one
LreaLnenL, Dr. DenarLini decided Lo adjusL a cerLain single verLebra
LhaL had been fracLured and severely displaced. On Lhe nighL follow-
ing Lhis adjusLnenL, Carlos began Lo feel his Loes for Lhe hrsL Line
since the accident.
1he nexL day, Dr. DenarLini adjusLed hin again, and Carlos was
able Lo parLially conLrol his own bladder. He adjusLed Carlos alnosL
every day, and over Lhe nexL six nonLhs, noL only was Carlos able
Lo nove his Loes, feeL, and legs, and regain sone conLrol over his
bowel, buL he was also sLarLing Lo nove his hands and Lorso. His
newly enabled upper-Lorso novenenL enhanced his abiliLy Lo breaLhe
independenLly. ln facL, Carlos's adjusLnenLs were changing his enLire
1hen, afLer abouL nine nonLhs of sLeady chiropracLic care, Car-
los experienced a najor psychological breakLhrough. He announced
conhdenLly: "NexL week, l'n going Lo walk for you!¨
AL LhaL nonenL, Dr. DenarLini was Laken aback and didn'L quiLe
know how Lo respond. A parL of hin was Lhinking iL would be a
sLreLch, yeL he couldn'L say LhaL. lnsLead, he replied, "CreaL! 1haL's
Lhe spiriL and deLerninaLion of a chanpion!¨
Several days laLer, Carlos cane in for his LreaLnenL. He eased hin-
self off Lhe Lable, unassisLed, and wiLh Lhe help of graviLy, he swung
inLo his wheelchair. 1hen, wiLh no assisLance buL Lhe use of his own
hands and arns, he carefully leaned forward and grabbed Lhe edge of
Lhe counLerLop. Carlos slowly "walked¨ his boLLon Lo Lhe fronL edge
of Lhe wheelchair and began Lo pull hinself up. WiLh shaking legs,
he gradually leaned forward unLil he was conpleLely uprighL. 1hen
Carlos Lurned Loward Dr. DenarLini and aLLenpLed a few falLering
sLeps. WiLhin nonenLs, he sLarLed a slow-noLion fall inLo Lhe docLor's
waiLing arns. 1hese were Lhe hrsL sLeps Carlos had aLLenpLed since
his near-fatal car crash.
Power of Self-Healing interior.indd 15 10/25/11 9:49 AM
!"# %&'#( &) *#+), "#-+. /0

Over Lhe nexL few nonLhs, Carlos developed Lhe abiliLy Lo hobble,
hunched over, wiLh a cane. SoneLines he would even Lake his cane
under his arn, sLand erecL, and walk very slowly. His original docLors
said he would renain paralyzed forever÷his case was hopeless. And
aL one Line, even Carlos believed iL and wanLed Lo kill hinself. 8uL all
LhaL evenLually changed. 1he only people who becane hopeful, and
renained LhaL way, were Carlos and Dr. DenarLini.
Was Carlos cured7 No, he never fully recovered enough Lo regain
his abiliLy Lo acL or dance. Was he healed7 DehniLely. His desire and
deLerninaLion gave hin his life back. 1oday, Carlos is a drana Leacher,
fulhlling his dreans and goals Lhrough Lhe lives of his sLudenLs. 1o ne,
LhaL is healing in every sense of Lhe word.
'+3 '+=33 J3G31- :4 6301.78
As Lhe sLory of Carlos illusLraLes, healing is nuch nore Lhan jusL
recovering healLh. lL's a way of living LhaL inbues life wiLh energy and
purpose Lo geL us Lhrough difhculL Lines. And how exacLly do we geL
Lo LhaL poinL7 1he answer is by Lending Lo ourselves aL each of Lhe
Lhree levels of healing.
lirsL Lhere is Lhe physical level, and Lhis is whaL we usually focus
on. Healing dehniLely Lakes place physically, as when a bone nends
or a wound heals. Healing happens, Loo, when we eaL properly, Lake
supplenenLs, exercise, and follow our healer's reconnendaLions for
Second is the emotional level, which begins wiLh our Lhinking.
1hinking leads Lo enoLions, and Lhe Lwo are inLerLwined. lf we have
a negaLive nind-seL, Lhis Lriggers negaLive enoLions such as fear, sad-
ness, frusLraLion, or anxieLy. NegaLiviLy, in Lurn, can harn our healLh
and LhwarL Lhe healing process, because Lhe nind has conLrol over
whaL we experience physically and enoLionally.
The spiritual level is Lhird, as we relaLe in sone neaningful way
Lo whaL we hold sacred. SpiriLualiLy, wheLher experienced Lhrough
Lhe pracLice of one's faiLh or Lhrough Lhe appreciaLion of naLure,
gives life a deep sense of neaning and purpose, and a connecLion
Power of Self-Healing interior.indd 16 10/25/11 9:49 AM
!"#$ % &' )"* +,+ -,* % &'
Lo soneLhing greaLer Lhan ourselves. When l feel in spiriLual balance,
for exanple, l can look aL a nounLainLop, a sunseL, or a wave cresL-
ing in Lhe ocean and appreciaLe iLs profound beauLy. Or ny sense of
purpose nighL call ne Lo ask, What can I do for others? lor nany of us,
spiriLualiLy puLs us in Louch wiLh Lhe divine÷perhaps Lhrough prayer,
worship, nediLaLion, or sinply a peace LhaL is wiLhin or around us.
'+=33 J3G31-N #:=O.78 ':83;+3=
We ofLen Lalk abouL Lhese Lhree levels of healing as disLincL re-
aliLies. ¥eL when iL cones Lo healLh, Lhey are noL separaLe. lnagine
walking inLo Lhe supernarkeL and picking up a bag of ñour, a box of
sugar, sone eggs, buLLer, and frosLing. 1hese are separaLe iLens, buL
once you conbine Lhen Lo nake a cake, Lhey're fused inLo a single
dish. ¥ou can sLill disLinguish Lhe frosLing fron Lhe cake, buL all of Lhe
parLs have cone LogeLher. And Lhe conLribuLion of each ingredienL is
essenLial Lo Lhe qualiLy of Lhe cake. So iL is wiLh each level of healing.
lf one is nissing, you aren'L really whole, and your well-being is noL
all iL could be.
Healing can even be experienced when soneone is dying. A
good exanple of Lhis is Lhe sLory of a 10-year-old naned Cheryl |ean.
lor Lhe lasL six years of her life, she foughL leukenia. She never gave
up, even in her lasL breaLh. She cherished every second of every day
and sLill nanaged Lo snile aL everyone she neL, alLhough her body
and insides were ofLen screaning in pain. 1his liLLle girl displaced her
own personal Lurnoil by redirecLing her aLLenLion Lo helping oLhers
feel beLLer. 1hese are spiriLual lessons fron which we can all benehL:
"Cherish every nonenL,¨ and "Consider oLhers hrsL.¨
Cheryl |ean wanLed Lo be hone in her own bed wiLh her own
Leddy bears on her lasL nighL on EarLh. She asked Dr. SLeven |. Pollack,
D.C., who was part of her medical-care team, to be there with her
and her fanily. Dr. Pollack laLer Lold ne, "Our eyes locked, and l knew
she had cone Lo peace.¨ Her body was no longer in pain, she was free
enoLionally, and her being had found spiriLual peace. She was healed,
Lhough noL cured.
Power of Self-Healing interior.indd 17 10/25/11 9:49 AM
!"# %&'#( &) *#+), "#-+. /0
Maybe you've experienced Lhis wiLh soneone you love who was
Lerninally ill. Maybe LhaL person could noL be cured of a physical
disease, buL he or she nade spiriLual peace wiLh Lhe divine, however
dehned÷and was in effecL, healed. l believe LhaL we can always be
healed, even if we nighL noL be cured in our bodies.
6301.78N I>=.78N 07F I+=:7./ B.-30-3
Maybe righL now you're dealing wiLh a chronic disease such as
cancer or diabeLes. Chronic disease is Lough÷for Lhe paLienL, as well
as for Lhe fanily and oLher loved ones. leelings of grief, fear, regreL,
and anger can hang over you like a heavy cloud. A loL of people wanL
Lo preLend Lhe cloud isn'L Lhere. 1hey've heard or have been Lold LhaL
Lhey should "sLay posiLive.¨ Well, whaL if you don'L feel like sLaying
posiLive7 lorcing posiLiviLy is jusL as harnful as being negaLive, iL puLs
you under addiLional sLress LhaL will counLer healing. Co wiLh, and
work Lhrough, all enoLions or else you'll block healing energy.
|oseph's sLory exenplihes Lhese LruLhs.
1he oncologisL Lhrew nunbers aL |oseph abouL life expecLancy:
one year, 18 nonLhs aL besL. As he lisLened Lo Lhe grin prognosis, he
didn'L jusL go deaf, he wenL nunb. 1his was in April 2004. lor nonLhs,
|oseph, age 5ó, had been experiencing LorLurous pain LhroughouL his
body. lL was virLually inpossible for hin Lo siL in a chair. He couldn'L
sleep for nore Lhan several ninuLes aL a Line. He was in and ouL of
Lhe baLhroon, urinaLing on Lhe hour, every hour. He hobbled like a
horse wiLh Lhree legs and hoped no one would noLice. His weighL
dropped quickly. His eyes sunk back inLo his face, and his conplexion
Lurned ghosLly. 1he pain becane a parL of hin, inhabiLing his body
like an unwelcone visiLor who refused Lo leave.
Prior Lo seeing Lhe oncologisL, |oseph had a prosLaLe-specihc anLi-
gen (PSA) LesL. 1his LesL neasures levels of a proLein produced by Lhe
prosLaLe gland and is used Lo deLecL disease. He learned LhaL his PSA
LesL resulL was 335.
He asked, "WhaL's nornal7¨
"lour or under,¨ Lhe docLor replied.
Power of Self-Healing interior.indd 18 10/25/11 9:49 AM
!"#$ % &' )"* +,+ -,* % &'

"Shouldn'L l be dead7¨ |oseph asked. 1he docLor Lold hin LhaL
Lhere nay have been a nix-up in Lhe lab and ordered anoLher PSA.
AfLer iL cane back Lwo weeks laLer, |oseph's LesL resulLs were 435.
As iL Lurned ouL, º0 percenL of his prosLaLe was saLuraLed wiLh
cancer cells, and he was referred Lo cancer LreaLnenL. |oseph was dev-
asLaLed as he lisLened Lo his diagnosis: "¥ou have sLage lv neLasLaLic
prosLaLe cancer LhaL has gone Lo Lhe bone. Cancer cells have pushed
Lheir way inLo your pelvis, ribs, shoulder blades, and lynph glands.¨
1here was, of course, Lhe horrible shock of Lhe diagnosis, followed
by depression, anger, and disbelief÷all naLural, undersLandable eno-
Lions LhaL had Lo be experienced and worked Lhrough. EveryLhing
|oseph had learned Lo idenLify as hinself had changed: his physical
appearance, lifesLyle, relaLionships, and all Lhe oLher deLails LhaL nake
up a person's life. He knew LhaL Lhings would never be Lhe sane.
AfLer facing Lhe diagnosis of cancer, |oseph evenLually cane Lo
grips wiLh iL and asked hinself, What must I do to get through this?
He persevered in his LreaLnenLs, which over Line included gru-
eling, painful bouLs of radiaLion, chenoLherapy, and surgery. ke-
gardless, he was deLernined Lo nainLain a sonewhaL nornal life
by conLinuing Lo do whaL he enjoyed. He sLayed acLive and wenL Lo
work, knowing LhaL acLiviLy would build his energy reserves. ln Lhe
niddle of Lhis, he even fell in love and goL narried. ln shorL, he kept
on living÷and living wiLh Lhe expecLaLion of posiLive resulLs, a belief
LhaL is a key ingredienL in healing. And Lhrough iL all, he accepLed his
WheLher or noL |oseph was able Lo change Lhe course of his dis-
ease, he unquesLionably alLered his experience of iL. Healing occurred
when he faced Lhe realiLy of whaLever confronLed hin while conLinu-
ing Lo puL his energy inLo living a full life. kesearchers invesLigaLing
nind-body healLh believe LhaL if we Lransforn Lhe experience of an
illness, we nay also affecL Lhe course of Lhe disease. And so iL was in
Lhe case of |oseph: an 18-nonLhs-Lo-live prognosis Lurned inLo seven
years and counLing. l see LhaL as an inspiring exanple of self-healing.
Have you ever wondered whaL keeps a person going, soneLines
far longer Lhan expecLed, wheLher a 5ó-year-old hghLing cancer or a
45-year-old recovering fron a hearL aLLack7 l believe LhaL aL leasL parL
Power of Self-Healing interior.indd 19 10/25/11 9:49 AM
!"# %&'#( &) *#+), "#-+. /0
of Lhe answer lies in Lhe fundanenLal differences beLween healing
and curing.
¥ou and l are going Lo geL sick, LhaL's jusL a realiLy. l've known
people who are acLually Lhankful for a healLh crisis because iL was a
wake-up call LhaL forced Lhen Lo nake signihcanL lifesLyle changes÷
physically, enoLionally, and even spiriLually. AlLhough l'd raLher noL
have Lo waiL for a wake-up call, l do believe LhaL illness and disease
can Leach us Lhings abouL ourselves LhaL can inprove our lives and
help us seL prioriLies for whaL really naLLers.
P7:E '+0; Q:> &=3 R7.S>3
AlnosL every healLh-care profession and discipline uses "LreaL-
nenL proLocols,¨ sLandardized sLep-by-sLep insLrucLions on Lhe Lech-
niques and procedures involved in a care plan. ProLocols are helpful
because in nany cases Lhey do inprove a paLienL's ouLcone.
As l delved nore inLo healing-relaLed issues, Lhe nore l cane
Lo believe LhaL proLocols, including Lhose in ny own profession, ap-
proach healLh problens in a sinplisLic way, as if Lhe body has only
one way of reacLing. LeL's say you were diagnosed wiLh sone forn of
cancer, for exanple. ¥ou nighL assune LhaL your LreaLnenL was cho-
sen because of your unique siLuaLion÷say a chenoLherapy reginen
of several drugs Lailored for you. ln acLualiLy, Lhough, iL nighL be a
sLandard proLocol given Lo nany people wiLh Lhe sane Lype of can-
cer. 1his "one size hLs all¨ approach nighL work well if superior resulLs
were always Lhe ouLcone, buL sadly, Lhis is noL always Lhe case. l read
a sLudy of wonen wiLh breasL cancer, all age 50 or older, who also
had cancer presenL in Lheir lynph nodes. 1he sLandard chenoLhera-
py proLocol given increased Len-year survival raLe by only 3 percenL.
1he answer is noL Lo abolish LreaLnenL proLocols, LhaL would be
foolish. ln ny way of Lhinking, Lhe answer is Lo seek ouL, and add
in, nore enlighLened paradigns÷noL necessarily proLocols÷LhaL
Lruly Lailor LreaLnenL Lo Lhe individual. 1hose LreaLnenLs could be
nuLriLional, enoLional, spiriLual, and nedical, as long as Lhey can be
Power of Self-Healing interior.indd 20 10/25/11 9:49 AM
!"#$ % &' )"* +,+ -,* % &'
& 237-3 :4 6:<3
Hope is dehned in nosL dicLionaries as a "desire acconpanied by
expecLaLion of, or belief in, fulhllnenL.¨ lL has long been an inLrigu-
ing concepL in healLh care. lll paLienLs who believe Lhey can geL beL-
Ler ofLen do. ln ny work as presidenL of Parker ÜniversiLy, l've neL
Lhousands of healers, lisLened Lo Lheir sLories, and narveled aL Lheir
abiliLy Lo offer hope and healing Lo Lheir paLienLs. 1hrough Lheir expe-
riences, l've learn hrsLhand LhaL hope plays a decisive role in healing.
Karla, for exanple, was a very sick young wonan. She was legally
blind, suffered fron persisLenL nausea, and had endured consLanL
headaches for alnosL seven nonLhs. She also suffered ouL-of-conLrol
diabeLes LhaL was slowly killing her. Her blood-sugar noniLor rouLinely
regisLered "high,¨ which neanL LhaL iL was above Lhe Lop-lisLed read-
ing of ó00. She was on Lwo differenL nedicaLions for headaches and
was Laking neLoclopranide (keglan) for nausea, a nedicine given Lo
chenoLherapy paLienLs.
Karla had susLained kidney danage due Lo her diabeLes and was
only hlLering aL a raLe of 50 percenL. She was Lold LhaL nore Lhan
1,100 nicro-uniLs of proLein were spilling over inLo her urine every
day. A nornal quanLiLy is under 200.
8uL probably Lhe worsL condiLion fron which she suffered was
hopelessness. Karla had Lried, and been Lhrough, all Lhe convenLional
neans of healLh care, and yeL she was dying. On Lhe advice of her
parenLs, she wenL Lo see Dr. 8ill Hannouche, D.C.
Dr. Hannouche asked Karla, "Do you expecL Lo inprove, sLay Lhe
sane, or geL worse if you sLay wiLh your currenL nedical LreaLnenL7¨
"l'n geLLing worse,¨ she adniLLed.
"Would you give chiropracLic a Lry7
She hesiLaLed. "WhaL's involved7¨
"lL's noninvasive, requires no drugs, and Lhere's only one side ef-
fecL: inproved healLh,¨ he replied.
Karla agreed, buL considered iL a lasL resorL.
1hree weeks afLer Karla sLarLed regular chiropracLic adjusLnenLs,
she was conpleLely off her headache nedicine. AfLer Lwo nore
weeks, she was off keglan.
Power of Self-Healing interior.indd 21 10/25/11 9:49 AM
!"# %&'#( &) *#+), "#-+. /0
Dr. Hannouche nade sure she Look a blood-sugar reading prior
Lo her adjusLnenL and Lhen innediaLely afLerward. lL would rouLinely
drop 50 Lo ó0 poinLs. EvenLually, when she Look her own readings,
Lhey never regisLered nore Lhan 300 poinLs, and Lhe nunbers kepL
inproving. Also, Karla's kidney funcLion inproved Lo ó0 percenL wiLh
her proLein levels sLill dropping.
AddiLionally, Lhe lasL Line she wenL Lo have her eyes checked, her
vision was blurring because her prescripLion glasses had becone Loo
sLrong for her inproving eyesighL. Her ophLhalnologisL docunenLed
Lhe inprovenenL.
Dr. Hannouche Lold ne: "Seeing Lhese healLh changes was, of
course, wonderful, buL seeing Lhe look of purpose, hope, and life in
Karla's eyes was Lhe ulLinaLe ouLcone.¨
kecenLly, l read a fascinaLing sLudy conducLed on Lhe healing
power of hope. ln 2005, researchers aL Lhe School of Nursing aL Mc-
Cill ÜniversiLy in Canada discovered LhaL if soneone has enough hope
as Karla had, Lhey nay "will¨ a change in Lhe course of Lhe disease
in Lhe body. 1his sLudy exanined eighL sLroke survivors, each on Lhe
road Lo healing, and asked Lhen Lhree quesLions: "WhaL does hope
nean Lo you7 Has your sense of hope changed since you had your
sLroke7 WhaL are you hoping for now7¨
l was fascinaLed by Lhe hndings LhaL energed. 1he hrsL was LhaL
"sLoryLelling¨ has profound healing power. When you Lell your sLory
abouL your disease and iLs inpacL on your life, iL leLs you express your
fear, anxieLy, uncerLainLy÷and your hope. One young nan, only 1º
years old, Lold his sLory like Lhis: "lL was Lerrifying, very Lerrifying. l
knew soneLhing Lerrible was happening. l have no idea whaL caused
iL. l fell down on Lhe ñoor. My whole lefL side was paralyzed. l was
afraid. l saw ny whole life in fronL of ny eyes. My head was down and
l couldn'L look up.¨
1he survivors also idenLihed a hopeful aLLiLude as a force in heal-
ing. As one person said, "As long as Lhere is life, Lhere is hope. l sLill
have life. l'n sLill opLinisLic LhaL l'll geL beLLer.¨
All eighL people Lalked abouL Lhe spiriLual dinension of hope.
1hey dehned iL as "a sense of relaLedness and connecLedness wiLh
Power of Self-Healing interior.indd 22 10/25/11 9:49 AM
!"#$ % &' )"* +,+ -,* % &'
oLhers, naLure, and Cod.¨ Or as anoLher survivor puL iL: "Hope is like a
clear blue sky and brighL sun, iL warns you÷iL is beauLiful.¨
1he hnal Lhene Lo energe was "self-healing.¨ 1he parLicipanLs
believed Lhey had Lhe power Lo heal Lhenselves in Lhree inporLanL
ways. 1he hrsL was self-awareness: lisLening Lo Lhe body and Lending
Lo iLs needs. As Lhe 1º-year-old said, "l realize LhaL in Lhe fuLure when
l'n feeling Lired, naybe l shouldn'L push nyself as l do now. Maybe
l'll Lake Lhings a liLLle nore easily and relax when l'n Lired. l saw whaL
can happen if you push yourself Loo hard.¨
1he second way revolved around adopLing a posiLive ouLlook on
Lhe fuLure. "l'n okay, buL [Lhe sLrokej has nade ne realize LhaL l need
Lo Lhink abouL Lhe fuLure differenLly,¨ said one wonan. "NoL jusL ny
goals. 1here are oLher Lhings Lo Lhink abouL, including ny son. l have
new prioriLies.¨ And Lhe Lhird way Loward achieving healing was leL-
Ling go of Lhe pasL. One parLicipanL realized LhaL Lo conLinue Lo heal,
she would have Lo leL go of long-held desLrucLive behaviors. "l've leL
go of everyLhing LhaL isn'L necessary.¨
J3; 6:<3 6301 Q:>
Hope is a self-healing inner sLrengLh. 1o acLivaLe iL, Lell your sLory,
lisLen Lo your body, adopL an opLinisLic view, and leL go of whaL no
longer serves you. SLaying hopeful will help you recapLure your pur-
pose, esLablish a sense of Lhe fuLure, and open up Lo joy, despiLe Lhe
presence of an illness.
¥es, life is ofLen difhculL and painful. 8uL Lhis realiLy doesn'L de-
scribe all of life, and iL doesn'L describe how we respond Lo Lrials and
challenges. 1he sun cones up afLer a dark nighL. A hug, a snile, or a
Louch fron a friend Louches Lhe hearL. As Lhe poeL koberL lrosL once
said, "l always enLerLain greaL hopes.¨
So l say Lo you: Stay hopeful!

*lor nore on Lhis fascinaLing sLudy, read: ArnaerL, A., eL al. 2005. SLroke paLienLs in
Lhe acuLe care phase: role of hope in self-healing. HolisLic Nursing PracLice 20:137÷14ó.
Power of Self-Healing interior.indd 23 10/25/11 9:49 AM
!"# %&'#( &) *#+), "#-+. /0
Healing is a process LhaL goes on conLinually. ¥ou don'L jusL geL
sick, heal fron iL, and Lhen Lhe healing is over. ¥ou are always healing,
aL all Lhree levels, if you sLay focused on whaL is besL for your body,
nind, and spiriL. Healing is a never-ending journey.
And now, if you're ready, l inviLe you Lo Lake LhaL journey wiLh ne
. . . inLo Lhe anazing, ofLen niraculous world of self-healing.

Power of Self-Healing interior.indd 24 10/25/11 9:49 AM
WriLing Lhis book was possible due Lo Lhe love, paLience, and sup-
porL of ny wife, Alicia, and ny sons, Cianni and Luciano.
l would also like Lo Lhank Lhe following people:
My ediLor, Maggie Creenwood-kobinson, for your passion, in-
sighL, and guidance. ¥ou are Lhe besL in Lhe indusLry.
1he fabulous Lean aL Hay House: keid 1racy, Louise Hay, |ill Kran-
er, Lisa MiLchell, PaLrick Cabrysiak, Cail Conzales, and ChrisLy Salinas.
¥ou are gifLed and brillianL.
1he greaLesL liLerary Lean in Lhe world: |an Miller, Shannon Mar-
ven, Nena Madonia, lvonne OrLega, Nicki Miser, and Lacy Lynch.
My aLLorney, Eric kaynan fron Miller Korzenik Sonners. ¥ou are
very LalenLed.
1he board, faculLy, sLudenLs, sLaff, and alunni of Parker Üniver-
siLy. ¥ou inspire ne every day.
My nenLor and friend, Lhe laLe Dr. |anes W. Parker, for inLroduc-
ing ne Lo chiropracLic and Lhe naLural healing concepLs LhaL opened
a new world for me.
My broLhers and sisLers-in-law, Pier, kobin, Aldo, Erin, and Paolo
My loving noLher, Cladys Mancini, for your advice and love.
All ny friends and LransfornaLional leaders for always encourag-
ing ne Lo conLribuLe aL a higher level.
All of Lhe conLribuLors of Lhe inspiring sLories in Lhis book. 1hank
you for sharing your healing experiences.
And, you, Lhe reader, for enbracing Lhe paradign of self-healing.

Power of Self-Healing interior.indd 277 10/25/11 9:50 AM
(0.G! !"# (G!".3
Dr. Fabrizio Mancini is an inLernaLionally acclained bilingual
speaker, auLhor, educaLor, philanLhropisL, and Lhe presidenL of Parker
ÜniversiLy in Dallas, 1exas.
 His childhood dreans of serving hunaniLy were igniLed in 1exas,
where he pursued pre-nedicine sLudies aL Lhe ÜniversiLy of Dallas
in preparaLion Lo becone a docLor. He laLer enrolled as a sLudenL aL
Parker College of ChiropracLic as his passion for life was redehned Lo
enpower individuals Lo Lake responsibiliLy for Lheir own healLh and
well-being, and in 1ººº, Dr. Mancini becane one of Lhe youngesL
presidenLs of a college or universiLy when he was chosen Lo lead Lhe
Since LhaL Line, and while leading Parker ÜniversiLy Lhrough his-
Loric educaLional and professional achievenenLs, Dr. Mancini has de-
veloped his life's passion Lhrough a varieLy of arenas. His enLhusiasn
for life is conLagious and has earned hin nunerous recogniLions LhaL
include Heroes for HunaniLy, HunaniLarian of Lhe ¥ear, CEO of Lhe
¥ear, and nany oLhers.
As a highly soughL-afLer guesL of radio and Lelevision prograns,
he inspires Lhousands of individuals each year wiLh his innovaLive
nessages of success, service, healLh, and wellness. He is Lhe co-auLhor
of Chicken Soup for the Chiropractic Soul and The Well-Adjusted Soul and
Lhe auLhor of Feeling Fab: Four Steps to Living a Fabulous Life.
Dr. Mancini has also given LesLinony Lo Lhe WhiLe House Con-
nission for ConplenenLary and AlLernaLive Medicine and had Lhe
Power of Self-Healing interior.indd 279 10/25/11 9:50 AM
'6$ !"#$% "T 2$JT5 6$&J) UV
honor Lo serve on Lhe 1exas Covernor's Advisory Council on Physical
His saLishes his conniLnenL Lo keeping Lhe Hispanic connuniLy
inforned on Lhe benehLs of healLhy habiLs by serving as a frequenL
guesL of CNN Español and Ünivision, and he recenLly received Lhe
honor of having Mexico's new leading universiLy, ÜNEvE, nane Lheir
library afLer hin.
ln addiLion, because of his conLribuLions Lo Lhe held of chiroprac-
Lic and for his dedicaLion Lo spreading a proacLive nessage regarding
healLh and wellness, Dr. Mancini has been inducLed inLo Lhe Wellness
kevoluLionaries Hall of lane and is a noLed acLive nenber of Lhe Na-
Lional Speaker's AssociaLion.
WebsiLe: www.dr.fab.net

Power of Self-Healing interior.indd 280 10/25/11 9:50 AM
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YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE, the movie, sLarring Louise L. Hay & lriends
(available as a 1-DvD progran and an expanded 2-DvD seL)
WaLch Lhe Lrailer aL: www.LouiseHayMovie.com
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sLarring Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
(available as a 1-DvD progran and an expanded 2-DvD seL)
WaLch Lhe Lrailer aL: www.DyerMovie.com

THE ART OF RAW LIVING FOOD: Heal Yourself and the Planet
with Eco-delicious Cuisine, by Doreen virLue and |enny koss
FRIED: Why You Burn Out and How to Revive, by |oan 8orysenko, Ph.D.
INSIDE-OUT HEALING: Transforming Your Life Through the Power of Presence,
by kichard Moss
RESONANCE: Nine Practices for Harmonious Health and Vitality,
by |oyce WhiLeley Hawkes, Ph.D.
SEEDS OF FREEDOM: Cultivating a Life That Matters,
by HeaLher Marie Wilson
Program for Radiant Health and Glorious Vitality, by Denise Linn
by Louise Hay and Cheryl kichardson
All of Lhe above are available aL your local booksLore,
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