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Masonry brick panels made of brick and mortar have found its existence in the construction arena from time immemorial. Developing countries like India have their dependence on brick masonry structure at a greater magnitude increasing the requirement for safer and stronger masonry structures. The aftermath of the bhuj earthquake in 2 2 brought in to pipe line the researches for the development of safe and strong structures to !ithstand seismic forces. Masonry sustains damage in the form of cracks at initial stage of loading as the mortar breaks at lo! level of load compared to brick units. The brick mortar joints are found to be the !eakest and the first to fail in a masonry structure during the time of earthquake. Methods have to be employed to strengthen these fragile areas in masonry units in order to improve the strength of the !hole structure. . During an earthquake the lo!er part of the structure gets displaced !here as the upper part remain unaltered due to the inertial force. Due to this property the structure !ill experience a diagonal compression along one diagonal and a diagonal tension along the other diagonal. The structure is found to be subjected to shear failure.

fig Diagonal compression experienced by the masonry structure during an earthquake

"or the easiness in the investigation of the shear strength of brick panels# the corner of the brick masonry panels can be placed on a shoe and the !hole set up can be made to stand on its ends. The shear strength of masonry brick panels can be evaluated by $%TM &'()* . This test method covers the determination of the diagonal tensile +shear, strength of 2 ft by 2 ft masonry

assemblages by loading them in compression along one diagonal. The given loading causes a diagonal tension failure !ith the specimen splitting apart along an axis parallel to the direction of the compressive load.

"ig -The specimen sho!n in the figure is splitting apart along an axis parallel to the direction of the compressive load.

Innovative methods and materials in construction can bring about a considerable boost in the shear strength of structure. In the present experimental !ork !hich !as performed on masonry brick panels# !oven mesh reinforcement !ere placed on alternate bed joints of both clay bricks and fly ash brick panels built !ith mortar of varying amount of sand +namely .#( .#2 ., partially replaced !ith fly ash has been introduced. The resistance of these specimens to shear has been studied by evaluating its diagonal compressive strength. Specimen Details "or the detailed investigation of the shear behavior of masonry brick panels# (2 brick panels of si/e 0 mmx0 mmx21 mm !ere constructed !ith brick of si/e 21 mmx(( mmx2 mm and mortar of cement sand ratio (-0. The fine aggregate in (-0 cement mortar is partially replaced !ith fly ash in the order .# ( .and 2 ...3oth reinforced and unreinforced panels !ere constructed. 4einforced sections consist of !ire mesh on alternate bed course of the brick masonry panel.The !ater cement ratio used for construction !as .2. The brick specimens !ere cured for more than 25 days .(2 brick panels of varying parameters !ere cast for the study. The details of the brick prism cast for the study are given belo!

Table !" %pecimen details of each brick panel B#ic $ %se& Specimen name "3 ."$ "3( ."$ "ly ash brick "32 ."$ "3 .9M "3( .9 M "32 .9 M Cement ' Fl( as)'san& (- - 0 ( - .0 '.8 ( - (.2 8.5 (- - 0 ( - .0 '.8 ( - (.2 8.5 Mes) %se& 6nreinforce d 6nreinforce d 6nreinforce d 4einforced 4einforced 4einforced B#ic $ %se& Specimen name 73 ."$ 73( ."$ 7lay brick 732 ."$ 73 .9M 73( .9M 732 .9M Cement 'Fl( as)'san& (- - 0 ( - .0 '.8 ( - (.2 8.5 (- - 0 ( - .0 '.8 ( - (.2 8.5 Mes) %se& 6nreinforce d 6nreinforce d 6nreinforce d 4einforced 4einforced 4einforced

!* E+pe#imental set %p The brick panels !ere made to rest on a shoe made according to $%TM &*'(). :ne corner !as placed on one shoe one shoe !as placed over the other corner. The !hole setup !as placed on the loading frame and diagonal compression of the brick panel !as applied. The figure belo! gives a detailed idea of the experimental set up. The results obtained are studied and tabulated

"ig - "igure sho!ing the experimental setup of diagonal compression test