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Example Information Sheet for Potential Participants Note: This is an example of an information sheet for potential participants.

You will need to adapt it for your own study. Σημείω η: !" #$%&' $#"(ε)εί *#&+ε,-μ$ (η. /&%μ$. #"* #%0#ε, '$ *μ#)η%1 "*' & ", *μμε(02"*' ($ pro3ect $.. 4/εί)ε(ε '$ (η' #%" $%μ& ε(ε -,$ (,. *-5ε5%,μ0'ε. $'6-5ε. ("* 567ε 8ro3ect. My name is Sam Student and I am an undergraduate student from the School of xxxxxxxxxx at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh. As part of my degree course, I am underta ing a research pro!ect for my "onours dissertation. #he title of my pro!ect is$ xxxxxxxxxx %&'()*'(+,-.. ./(+, .00.01+((2&'345 67' 81901+((+--------------.. 7': Queen Margaret University. ;,+ 7,3 +&)0<.3 7': 87:=/': #his study >ill investigate 4 is about 4 is loo ing into xxxxxxxxxx. #he findings of the pro!ect >ill be useful 4 valuable because xxxxxxxxxx. ?9f applica:le: #his research is being funded by xxxxxxxxxx.@ I am loo ing for volunteers to participate in the pro!ect. #here are no criteria Ae.g. gender, age, or healthB for being included or excluded C everyone is >elcome to ta e part. ? 9f there are inclusion ; exclusion criteria then these should :e stated. @ If you agree to participate in the study, you >ill be as ed to xxxxxxxxxx. #here is a ris that xxxxxxxxxx 4 #he researcher is not a>are of any ris s associated >ith xxxxxxxxxx. #he >hole procedure should ta e no longer than xx minutes. Dou >ill be free to >ithdra> from the study at any stage and you >ould not have to give a reason. ?9f applica:le: Since your participation >ill involve you travelling to Queen Margaret University especially, you >ill be reimbursed for outEofEpoc et expenses.@ All data >ill be anonymised as much as possible, but you may be identifiable from tape recordings of your voice 4 or xxxxxxxxxx. Dour name >ill be replaced >ith a participant number, and it >ill not be possible for you to be identified in any reporting of the data gathered. #he results may be published in a !ournal or presented at a conference 4 or xxxxxxxxxx. If you >ould li e to contact an independent person, >ho no>s about this pro!ect but is not involved in it, you are >elcome to contact Fr Ghris Hecturer. "er contact details are given belo>. If you have read and understood this information sheet, any Iuestions you had have been ans>ered, and you >ould li e to be a participant in the study, please no> see the consent form. Gontact details of the researcher Jame of researcher$ Address$ Sam Student Undergraduate Student, Fivision, School Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh