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This week: TTC Special: Castle: The Little Something | The Caribbean is Urged to Look East and South to Expand
its Market | Dominican Republic: a Caribbean Leader in Infrastructures | And more...
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TTC Special: Castle: The Little Something
TTC Service.- During its heyday, in the 1920s and 1940s, its owner
called it "home" or "The ranch" and only Hollywood stars and other
local and international celebrities were invited over.
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The Caribbean is Urged to Look East and
South to Expand its Market
Miami.- As the tourism industry continues to grow worldwide, the
Caribbean will have to look east and south if it wants to remain
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Dominican Republic: a Caribbean Leader in
Punta Cana (Dominican Republic).- Dominican Republic Minister of
Tourism Francisco J avier García affirmed that the country has the
best positioning in the Caribbean, achieved mainly by the large
number of ports and airports it has in relation to its territory.
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Trinidad and Tobago Expands Hotel
Port-of-Spain.- In anticipation of a significant arrival increase due
to an aggressive campaign, Trinidad and Tobago will add more
than 200 new rooms to the islands' present stock, announced the
local delegation attending the World Travel Market tourism trade
show in London.
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JetBlue to Fly Direct to Dominican Republic
The U.S. J etBlue airline is increasing the number of flights from
Fort Lauderdale (Hollywood, USA) with new direct operations to
Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic, and Montego Bay, J amaica,
the company announced.
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TUI Holds Annual Awards Ceremony in
Dominican Republic
Punta Cana (Dominican Republic).- TUI tour operator, considered
one of the most important worldwide, chose the Dominican
Republic for its annual TUI Inside Award ceremony, dedicated to
the most outstanding German travel agencies' outlets.
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After Iran: Obama Proposes Lifting Embargo
on Cuba
By Daniel GreenfieldBarack Obama says it is time for the United
States to revise its policies regarding Cuba. Speaking in Miami
Friday, Obama said it doesn't make sense that policies put in place
more than 50 years ago would still be effective in the Internet age.
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Movies, Drinks and Meals at Gourmet Festival in Havana
Havana.- Designed as an inquiry from visual arts, audiovisual, literature, and tourism, dedicated to
beverages and meals making life worth living, the 2nd Gourmet Festival, Taste of Cuba and the world, is
due for late this month in the Cuban capital.
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Social Media Expert Offers Tips to Optimize QR Codes for Hotels
New York.- With advantages such as quick reading by mobile devices and the capacity of storing large
amounts of data in a small code, Quick Response Codes, or QR Codes, may be the answer for hoteliers
to enhance their guests' experience while improving their search engine ranking.
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Airplane Passengers Count on New Gogo in-Flight Text and Call Service
Itasca, IL.- In the past, using mobile phones and similar devices during flights were forbidden because of
potential disruption of the airplane's communication system, but thanks to a new in-flight text and call
service by Gogo, the in-flight Internet provider, mobile phones can now be used safely while in the ...
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US Travel Industry Adds 16 000 Jobs in October Despite Government
Washington.- Despite the disruptions caused by the government shutdown, the U.S. travel industry added
16,000 jobs in October and contributed to more than six percent of October's total non-farm employment
gains, said David Huether, senior vice president for research and economics at the U.S. Travel
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Approved Same-Sex Marriage Bill Expected to Boost Tourism in Hawaii
Hawaii.- As Hawaii becomes a destination for same-sex couples in other states beginning December 2nd,
the local tourism industry is expected to benefit from the approval of the bill legalizing and recognizing gay
couples ties with over 217 million dollars over the next three years.
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Caribbean Promoted as One Sea, One Voice, One Caribbean
Bridgetown.- The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) is marking the regional Tourism Month this
November with an open call to local authorities to integrate and promote the area as 'One Sea, One Voice,
One Caribbean'.
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