Ariel Chen (ac47386) 10/21/13 Short Assignment 4 Hal Lipper. ""Princess Bride" ascends to the Hollywood throne." St.

Petersburg Times (Florida). (October 9, 1987, Friday, City Edition ): LexisNexis Academic. Web. Date Accessed: 2013/10/21.

Hal Lipper, movie critic for the St. Petersburg Times, reviews Rob Reiner’s movie “The Princess Bride” and he is very positive about the film throughout with hardly a criticism to be found. Starting the review off with a fairy tale cliché, he makes a point of distinguishing the story of the Princess Bride from the “storybook classics” of Brothers Grimm, particularly in its comedic tone and fast pacing. He points to Rob Reiner’s earlier films to explain the warmth that is also found in this one, marking it as a characteristic of Reiner. Lipper also praises the cast of the movie for their talent and “earnest sincerity”, as well as the script of the film. He praises the script for including elements such as adventure, danger, and romance, as well as for being a fairy tale with wide appeal and that is for audiences of all ages, for “the child in everyone”. He continually notes the effective comedy and quotes memorable lines. Lipper briefly explains the framing device in the narrative, describing how the director begins the story in a young boy’s room and how the sick boy’s grandfather comes in and begins to read him a tale about Buttercup, the farm boy Westley, and their love story. He comes closest to criticism with a comment about the transitions back to reality through the movie being jarring, but turns it around and says that this seeming flaw in fact makes the story more engrossing. The reviewer states that the whole tale is “executed with the whimsy and grace that eluded the makers of Labyrinth and the NeverEnding Story” and goes on to explain this with Reiner’s smaller budget and less polished special effects that actually add to the tone and quality that he tries to achieve. The fact that the movie


There is the impression that this critic has not been particularly pleased with shifts toward impressive special effects that have developed over the years that lead to a style over substance approach. and the quotes are generally ones considered nowadays to be memorable and funny lines unique to this script. Hal Lipper’s expectations for a good movie are evident throughout his review. He seeks entertaining adventure films with enough danger and tension as well as uniqueness. he quotes the movie liberally to demonstrate what he liked about specific scenes. and notes earlier on that the smaller budget Rob Reiner had to work with “enhanced the storybook quality” he was aiming for. He has a clear appreciation for movies that are charming.Ariel Chen (ac47386) 10/21/13 never takes itself too seriously is praised. 2 . and good-natured but not overtly serious. and the substance over style approach is deemed “a throwback to an earlier generation of movie making”. warm. as he closes out his review by describing The Princess Bride as a throwback to earlier generations of filmmaking.

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