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Joel Rostau Nikolas, According to public records (available online) Joel Rostau didn’t exist except in the newspapers

. There are no birth records, no death records, and what is really unusual is he turns up under live person search (residing at the same apartment he lived in, in 1969).

The birth record is for Jean Rostau and so is the Census record. When I click on the living people search I get the following: Normally when you do a living person search there will be an age next to the names. There is no age here because there are no birth records for the computer to calculate.

Also, Joel’s body was found on May 26, 1970. There is only one news article immediately following. All the rest are from July 1970 when John B. Eaten’s body was found in a field in Florida. Notice the differences between the details about Joel in the two articles. From May 1970: From July 1970