Wright County Public Health Has Been Awarded a SHIP Grant!
After a lengthy negotiation process with the MN Dept of Health, we have been approved as a “Staged Implementation, Expedited Planning” Grantee. We apologize for not being able to notify you sooner on our award status. There are still many unknowns with our SHIP award; we expect to have a much clearer picture of the situation in time for our November CLT meeting. It will be our first meeting as once again a SHIP grantee!

Can a Bicycle (Particularly a Mountain Bike) Be the Answer, To Many Questions Facing our Communities?
I left the 2013 PedalMN Bicycle Summit 2 weeks ago thinking it is plausible. Here are some of the impressions that stuck with me and truly excite me… - People who mountain bike usually like to spend money. That creates jobs and a demand for services: Bike Shops, Restaurants/Bars & Lodging. - The Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Trails is a beautiful place. If you like to bike, this place has it all – paved trails as well. Recognized as 1st ‘ride center’ in the United States.

- We have a gem that is being developed right in our backyard, the Bertram Lakes single track! - Local volunteers take ownership with these trails, by creating crews. Often donating thousands of hours/year to sustain and progress a trail that caters to riders of all levels. They are guided by well respected organizations; IMBA, MORC, etc… - Mountain biking is NOT just for men. This sport is embracing and actively engaging women, children and minority populations.
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- High School students (particularly those who may not fit the mold of a typical athlete) can thrive in a growing, sanctioned high school sport – MN High School Cycling League. - There may come a time when doctors will refer to bicycles as a medical device. The idea is already being ‘pedaled’ around. - Quality Bike Products (QBP) and Health Partners tracked employee health status over a 3 year period. Most employees commute to work on a bicycle or ride quite often; their insurance premiums dropped 4% in those 3 years, while other companies faced an avg. of 24.4% increase in health care costs! Additionally, QBP employees receive a $3 stipend each day they ride their bike to work!

Local Food Day Events:
Buffalo Hospital Cafeteria: 11:00am – 1:30pm Big Apple Crunch in Delano: 12:00pm – 2:00pm

Arrival of Fall Brings Another Growing Season to a Close
I hope your garden was good to you and yours this year! If the frost hasn’t halted your growing season, that will likely change in the coming days. If you have a stockpile of vegetables from the garden and are wondering what to do with them; here are some tips for proper storage and handling of your vegetables. Additionally, we know the winters can be hard on our soil, so consider some of these tips as you prepare your garden for the winter.

October Video Spotlight: SHIP: Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice

News & Stories on Health, Obesity and Obesity Prevention
Avid St. Paul cyclist bikes through pregnancy, to hospital for birth (KMSP-TV, 9/23/2013) Exercise ‘as good as medicines’ in treating heart disease (Yahoo News, 10/2/2013) If star athletes sell junk food – is your kid more likely to eat it? (NBC NEWS, 10/7/2013) Addicted to Oreos? You truly might be (NBC NEWS, 10/15/2013)