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Dorothy Eunson
13 January, 1992

Dear Friends m Christ,

God has granted us a New Year. May yours be a happy and fruitful

College re-opened on January 6. There are still a couple of students

who have not returned, but we

haven't given up. They may be searching for book fees or support money. Classes are proceeding

smoothly, even thou^ the

computer printer is on the blink, so not syllabi are not yet printed.. This term I am teaching Basic
Christian Doctrine in addition to the continuation of Christian Education.

raised up some regional leaders who aie good at administration. For so many years everything that happened was on Christian Adjei's shoulders. He was not feeling well that week so came only one day and preached for one of the evening outdoor evangelistic services. The young church at Tema worked very, very hard, and were much encouraged by the interest shown them by our presence. They got several prospects from the outdoor

the minister. I pray tfiat tfiose who are more capable can help him improve. He is a farmer and
sent us home with plantain,
cassava, and bananas.

The Brights were approved to fill our new quota space on January
15. We received official word on

January 17 and sent a message to them in Togo so they could return

to Ghana the same day. This is a

big relief to all concerned. Thank
God with us.

The weather at Christmastime suits

Quick and complete recovery

for David and Barbara Kalb

me best for a real vacation, so with tv;o other single women, I spent ten days at the beach again this year. We had a wonderful

after respective surgeries; safe travel and spiritual and

emotional refreshment for Kalbs

The month off from classes was

filled with good things. A little library work got done, with the help of the student typist. One Sunday I visited the church at Akramang and taught a lesson on sexual immorality.. This topic had been requested by the minister because of some problems in the congregation.
Five of the seven churches in this

relaxing time and interesting experiences including eating turtle, caught by the local fishermen.
Just yesterday I drove three men from the regional leaders to visit a village minister who seems to limp along from year to year. He was not expecting us, and it is doubtful whether he had even planned to have a service. But we did finally
visit a

and Hostetters on furlough; quick recovery for Jessica Hostetter from bilharzia; thanksgiving for Dorothy's

praise for official status for Brights in Ghana.

Thank you for you faithful support. I thank God for it and

region participated in a Christmas convention at Tema, just 20 miles

neighboring village
where he

Love in Him,

from here. Not being sure of my strength if I should get up at 5 a.m. each morning for prayers, I
chose to drive back and forth.

has won


Everything went well, even though

some plans were made at the last

northerners to the Lord. We

minute. Events took place

surprisingly on schedule. God has

had a service with them and the men discussed the situation with


Dorothy Eunson
17 February, 1992
Dorothy Eunson Ghana Christian College
church has had several additions

through other avenues.

with a good, interested group Sunday morning. They will go

back in a few weeks and finish

A young man in the church went with me and an elder to help settle
a case between two new converts.

showing the film. We are thankful for the protection

of God for one of our teachers and

It was a girl friend and boy friend and had even ended up in the We are halfway through the term police station when they carries off already; college classes are each other's belongmgs. We proceeding smoothly. The suspect that the girl is not serious
Christian Education students are

Dear Friends in Christ,

church leaders - Nelson Ahlijah.

He was in a vehicle that rolled over twice. He suffered a lot from

in her commitment to Christ, but

we continue to pray for them both. Christian Church. They only each one lesson apiece, but it does give A big thanks to those who made
the regular teachers a short break. special gifts for the books to be
distributed to church leaders at the

doing their practicals at Abeka

body pains, but tiiere was no "structural" damage. In fact, no one in the van was seriously hurt.
The missionaries of West Africa

I believe the news got through last month that the Tim Bright family at along last has legal standing in the country other than visitor status. The application is in for their resident permit, now that they are on the college quota. Each new applicant is thoroughly investigated, so this step may take a couple of months. We
missionaries had a

Easter convention. They have been ordered. Pray that they arrive in

are planning a conference at the end of April in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. I will probably go a get a mammogram or equivalent test at
the same time.

This past weekend, Tim Bright took my place driving Brian Jennings and all the equipment to a cluster of villages about two hours
from here. The Koforidua






last week and cleared the air of the tensions of the last six months.

brethren, who planned the occasion, got the dates mixed up, and were not expecting our men. However, they went ahead and
showed half the film and met

Thanksgiving for Dorothy's health (one year ago I had shingles) (2) Wisdom for Hostetters concerning timing of dieir return to Ghana. (3) Willing spirits for all of us to keep working at harmonious relationships. (4) Thanksgiving for my good support in spite of the

Now with the Lord's help, we will build a good working relationship with the Brights. The college board also met with the Brights
and laid a similar foundation.

In Christian love,

The local church held a two night crusade. Well, actually, the first night the generator failed us, so we
showed the whole film on the

second night. The fruit of our







Other than that,


29 March, 1992
packed. After the sermon, the men
took a break outside and I gave a ten
minute talk to the women to use their

Accra, Ghana

The Brights have their residence permit. Tim's teaching


Dear Friends in Christ,

The time has slipped away. We have finished the second term of the college

year and have begun a month off from classes. Our Mission Emphasis week was the highlight of the term, even though one of our speakers showed up only two days before the start of it to say he could speak. He is a missionary in the north and had only gotten our messages a couple days earlier. 1 gave the first speech on "Call and Commitment"; I was very
"stressed out" ahead of time, but once

full potential for the good of the Kingdom. Our Abeka women want to help encourage Women's Fellowships, but none or them was able to go along on this trip. The village was very, very hot while we ate our rice and chicken stew; it was a reUef to get
back in the air-conditioned truck for

responsibilities will increase third

term. Jeff and Sherrie Hostetter and

family arrived back in Ghana March 21. They will be down here until an expected visitor arrives April 8; then they'll all return to Sunyani.

(1) Thanksgiving for progress in inter-missionary relationships: it's a constant prayer need also.

the trip home.

On March 15, I took ten people to the Tema church to help celebrate their first anniversary. One of our young
men also took a car load and two

(2) Safety in travel and harmony in

the home for Kalbs.

people went by themselves. Most of thee service was just singing and rejoicing, but we did have
communion, and we planted a new tree on the property to show faith in the future growth. They meet on a

In Christ,

I stood up I was O.K. There were three other speakers - all very good. The graduate serving in the north really challenged us with his faith and commitment. He has very Uttle

room-sized verandah of the preacher's

one room house, so for the occasion

support and has suffered a lot just to stay there. No one will get
unrealistic, romantic notions about

being an Africa-supported missionary;

it will be hard! But the consciousness that Africans must also send Africans

to reach urueached peoples is being raised, and for that we praise God!

they had rented a canopy to shelter us from the sun. The preacher told us earlier that he and his family are not starving but all their clothes are wearing out. Their members number about 25 and most are young with no steady income.

At the very end of Februaiy 1 went to

Takoradi with Bro. Christian. I had

expected to sleep in a village as usual, but to my surprise, we stayed in a hotel in the city! Bro. Christian had
to meet with the Takoradi church

leaders concerning the upcoming

Easter convention to be held there.

So I just sat in my comfortable room and marked school papers. Early the next morning we drove about ten miles out of the city to a village church and worshipped with them.
Their small half-walled shelter was

Here at Abeka, we finally re-started the new convert class. A young man teaches the Twi-speakers and an older man teaches the Ewe-speakers. The first week the total was 24 (we are trying to catch up for more than a year) but today there were only 10. For many,many people the idea of attending church every single Sunday is a hard one. Probably some of them
came for the main service. Two


young women were baptized today. That is the third Sunday in a row for additions. The challenge is to get them taught.


May 2, 1992
A good percentage of the churches in the brotherhood were represented. The teaching was done by gender and language groups as usual - seven groups at once. The preaching was very lively and everyone survived the
lack of "facilities" but me. We had


Dear Friends in Christ,
What an eventful month this has been! Dr. Bob Reeves and Mr. and Mrs.

regular part ot it once we have informed those who were not present. Tim Bright was also there.
On the afternoon after the end of the

Bob Kelly, all visitors from FAME, spent ten days with Enoch Nyador visiting existing FAME clinics and sites for possible future work. The Kellys slept at my house and 1 shared a little of the meal preparation.
Six of us from the church took a two

been told that all amenities would be

available. We were to sleep on the floor in a Junior Secondary School. No problem. I had my mat, pillow, gas burner, food, bucket. We expected lights, but there were none, so we used candles. We expected
toilets and bathrooms, but the school

conference, Tim got a message through the Embassy to return to Ghana as his wife Twyla was in the hospital with heart trouble. He caught a flight that night. Twyla was in the hospital six days with an apparent
heart attack but now is at home

resting. Preliminary tests show no permanent damage.

hour trip to visit a Guistian sister who suffers severely from lupus. Her body was pitiful, but her spirit is strong. We chatted nearly an hour, then spent nearly that long singing hymns, with our sister joining in with vigor. We ended with a prayer time,
and she sent her tithe back with us.

authorities refused to give us the keys. So only a nearby public toilet was available (and they are not nice), and there were no bathing places. Most people just stood with their bucket in the dark and bathed. One of the young women found us a nice place in a private house, but I didn't want to go several hundred yards everytime I
needed to go to the bathroom, especially in the night. 1 would have gotten lost. So for the second night I moved to a modest priced hotel where

We have now begun the third and final term for the year. Brian Jennings is counting the weeks left before furlough. Thank you and God bless you for your continuing support.
PRAYER REQUESTS;(!) Complete recovery for Twyla Bright and for improvement in their finances, (2) Recovery from neck pain for Christian Adjei, (3) Solution to a radio licensing problem for Hostetters.
In Christ,

One of our deacons is a poultry farmer who is gradually moving his business to a village ten miles out of the city. He will eventually move his

family there. He has been witnessing

spontaneously and thirteen people have been baptized so far.

Tim Bright and Brian Jennings were already staying. I don't mind a certain amount of roughing it, but that
was a bit too much for me.

One of the third year college students did his practicals with us for two
weeks. I led him on visitation twice

Immediately after the convention 1 flew to Abidjan, Ivory Coast for a

conference with some of the other Christian Church missionaries in
West Africa. Those in l.C. have

and arranged with others for three more afternoons. He did very well and it was good to have a well-trained person who speaks Ewe, as the majority of our members are Ewe. He also helped the aforementioned deacon with twice-weekly Bible studies in the village.
From the I6th to the 19th we were at

the Easter convention in Takorado,

130 miles from Accra. Over 60

people went from our church alone.

already formed an association to improve cooperation and mutual encouragement and to provide a united front when applying for government recognition, especially in the francophone countries where church regulation is strict. It was three days of good discussion, devotions,a nd fellowship. I'm sure of us serving in Ghana would like to be a


For the Contributors
5 August, 1992

Dear Friends in Christ,

A letter was written to you in mid-June, but I forgot

to mail it to Barbara Barkes, and some of it is now
out of date!

In the May newsletter, I related the account of Twyla Bright's heart attack. She has been suffering angina periodically, and the doctors are not certain what is causing it. Therefore, on July 19, Twyla and oldest
daughter I'eresa flew home to the U.S. Teresa will attend her senior year of high school in the U.S. Twyla will have further medical attention, take care of family matters and try to raise funds to buy a vehicle in Ghana. Pray for them.

First, I'll bring you up to date on people. In May,

when Hostetters were down here in Accra to clear a

shipment in harbor. Immigration officials came and searched the house where they were staying. They
also required Jeff to make the six hour drive back to

Sunyani so they could search their house there. All

this was in connection with the "walkie-talkie" radios

which Hostetters had illegally, but innocendy, brought into the country in March. Then on June 24, they received a deportation order, effective July 15. They came back down here packed and ready to go, if necessary, but the American Ambassador made discreet high level inquiries.. The strain of not knowing was enormous, but finally on July 13, Hostetters got word that they did not have to buy their plane tickets and could go about their daily business. Their residence permits have been renewed, but it has been a grueling experience. Without American and European fellowship, Hostetters did not want to live in Sunyani until some co-workers arrived. Since the timing of that is so
uncertain, the board and fellow missionaries thought

Brian Jennings flew out on July 24 for his first eagerly awaited furlough. He has a difficult job ahead of him: supporting himself by substitute teaching in the public schools and raising enough
support to come back. It may take him more than a year. Pray for him, too.

We are sorry that Enoch Nyador is resigning from the college at the end of August. He will be working
ftilitime with FAME in medical clinics and

evangelism to unreached tribes. We will miss him a lot at the college and in Abeka Christian Church, but he will still be in the brotherhood serving the Lord.

A farewell dinner for him and Brian was held in July.

Former missionary Ron Rife and potential recruit for
West Africa Steve Boll were here for a two week visit

in eariy July. During that period they spent four days

visiting Benin and the new Christian Church missionaries there to consider the field for Steve, who speaks French.

it best tor them not to live in Accra. Now they have

found another house in Kumasi and moved there. It

is a sizeable city only an hour and a half from Sunyani. Jeff can drive there for his teaching and administrative work until such time as they can transfer their Evangelism training center to Kumasi also. They have already met three missionary families with whom they can have fellowship and social companionship and are really happy about the

On July 15. visitors of extra-special interest to me

arrived; Tom and Barbara Barkes came for their first

visit. Barbara has done an excellent job as my forwarding agent for twenty-tbur years, and Tom is always there to assist her when,needed. We have had a wonderful three weeks together through a variety of
experiences. They have helped with some practical

tasks as well as met people and shared events and

observed things that previously they had only read

about or seen in slides. It has been a welcome

confirming experience for me to have them here. Thank God He made it possible for us.

In the college in June we had a very uplifting and challenging Spirimal Awareness Week with the theme of the fruit of the Spirit. On July 18, eleven diploma and two degree students graduated. Graduation was very orderly, but colorful as usual. Nearly half as many people as were seated inside had to hang around outside. The week after graduation, we held entrance exams and interviews for September students and have accepted 34 so far. Usually, not all of them turn up, but it still may be a record class. Right now,,
the August short term course is in session with about

nearly emptied and operations were postponed. An old student stayed at the college while waiting for an operation. He was suffering from a cancerous growth and steadily growing weaker. Finally he had the operation, but died the next day. Since no family had accompanied him (very unusual, but probably they lacked money), and none responded quickly to the news of his death, some of us at the college and local church made all the arrangements for his burial and
actually conducted the ftineral. As is the custom here, pictures were taken at the mortuary and at the graveside. It was a very unusual experience for all of us, but one bom of compassion for a lonely, suffering

Please pick the prayer requests out of the letter as our space is gone. Thank you for your loving, patient

50 students altogether. My one week course on Church History is scheduled for the fourth week.

In Christ,

Several months ago Christian Adjei started new efforts to have the college quota for ex-patriate workers increased. He goes to the appropriate office
regularly, but at this point he is just told to come back
and check next week or in two weeks. All we can do

is pray and that is vital.

P.S. Kalbs are due back here August 18.

There are at least three new churches in the

brotherhood in the last year, but I have been close to one. The local deacon I mentioned in May enlisted the help of the Abeka church to help hun plant a new church in the village where his poultry farm is located. Many weeks of Bible studies had preceded the first formal service and tiiuteen persons had already been baptized. Nevertheless, it was pleasant to be one of a group from Abeka who joined them for their first service. Their meeting room is very small, and they are already studying hov/ to enlarge the place. The Abeka. church loaned tiiem some money and gave them some to buy benches and other necessary furniture to start with. This past weekend,
we cooperated with them in an outdoor film crusade.

Our church hired a trotro (open wooden-framed truck) to carry our members there. A good number expressed interest in following Christ. Ten of tiiose attended tiie Sunday morning services and they have more names to follow up on. I have been asked to come and help them learn some English hymns to add
to their local choruses.

Ghana has suffered through a four week Nurses' strike during which government hospitals had to be


VOL 6, NO. 3 17 AUGUST, 1992

Dear Friends in Christ,


In January of this year I was ready to write a general newsletter like this one
when Judy Tobin, the faithful Christian sister who has published the newsletter

for me for a number of years, wrote that she could no longer do it. It is a big job,
and many thanks are due Judy for her wonderful help. I wasn't sure what to do next and it was easy to procrastinate. Finally I began corresponding with Mission Services about the possibility of doing it; at about the same time my forwarding agent, Barbara Barkes, and her husband Tom volunteered to take up the task with
the assistance of other members of the East River Park Christian Church in

Elizabethton, Tenn. So this issue comes from Tennessee after coming from Florida for 24 years! Thanks to all who have helped along the way!

Last October in this general newsletter you learned that the Tim Bright family came to Ghana before their government visa had been given. This entailed months of anxiety for all of us, trying to get legal status for them without incurring the displeasure of the government. The Brights had to make several trips to Togo, , the country next door, and were even there during some street fighting arising from political tensions. After arriving June 26, 2901, the college was granted a quota space for them in mid-January 1992 and then a residence permit was issued to the Brights in mid-March. After such a rickety start, we have all worked hard at becoming a team. The David Kalb family went home on furlough in late November, 1991 and are due back tomorrow. Instead of attending Johnson Bible College, as had once been planned, Kofi Kalb is returning to Ghana with his parents to be a student at Ghana Christian College. The Jeff Hostetter family arrived back in Ghana in late March from a six-month furlough. The act of innocently, but illegally bringing two "walkie-talkie" radios through the airport brought them a lot of trouble: Passport seized, house searched and fmally a deportation order that was lifted only two days before the July 15th deadline. Jeff and Sherrie have moved to Kumasi, a sizeable city an hour and a half away from their former work. Jeff will commute to Sunyani until such time as they can move their Practical Evangelism Training program to Kumasi, too. They felt the need of more companionship with Americans and Europeans to balance strains of living and working in another culture. Brian Jennings left for a long-awaited furlough to England on July 24. He has a big task of raising more adequate support before he can return. Please pray for him in this challenge. He is administering some scholarships for Christian Church students from the Ross World Mission fund from Disciple acquaintances. They go for those studying for the ministry, education, or medicine. Christian Adjei is the chairman of that committee, but I'll be handling the funds.

We finished the year with fifty-three students. Our special weeks of Prayer, Missions, and Spiritual Awareness, were all successful. On July 18 eleven diploma students and two degree students graduated. The following week we had entrance exams and interviews for prospective students: so far we have accepted 34 for September. It is unlikely that all of
them will come, but even so, it should be a recordbreaking class. We will interview late applicants the

0/st week of September. Enoch Nyador has resigned from the college to work fulltjime with FAME, supervising the medical clinics and the evangelists who work with unreached peoples. We will miss him a lot in the college and in Abeka Christian

Church, but he is still active in the brotherho^ and we expect to see him often.
The college is working on plans and studies to acquire an arrangement with the University of Ghana at Legon for our students to take their diploma exam. This would give our students recognition aUowing them to teach Bible Knowledge in public schools and also to serve in the chaplaincy. We are also applying again for more quota spaces for expatriate workers for the college. The principal checks regularly, but not very much is happening. The Hostetters are especially anxious for spaces because two different families (one is single) are preparing to come and help them. The college is in the middle of the short term course. About 65 men and women are attending. My course on Church History is scheduled for the fourth week. As someone pointed out, I'U be teaching one hundred years of church history per hour!

Two of the three new churches that David Kalb had helped are hanging on by their toenails. 1 believe they are all eager for his return. Enoch and his family are moving to Tema, our port city, to help one of them. That will be a big encouragement and practical help. The greater-Accra regional churches had a good Christmas convention in Tema. Attendance was not huge, but God raised up some young leaders who are good organizers. These same men are reaUy active in visiting each of the regional churches to encourage, pray for and help. The national convention was held at a Junior Secondary School in Takoradi at Easter. Attendance was about 300 with 25 churches represented. 1 slept the first night in the school, but toilet and bathing facilities were even too poor for me, and I am not too hard to please. I moved to a modest hotel for the other nights.' One of our Abeka deacons has moved his poultry farm to a village ten miles outside Accra. Through Bible

studies and personal witnessing, he won some souls and Abeka's help is now nurturing a baby church theri^* We
have visited, helped in an outdoor film crusade, and given and lent money for some start-up needs. When our deacon finally moves there, hopefully in December, it will be even better for the new church.

After Easter, Tim Bright and I attended a meeting of Christian Church missionaries in West Africa. The goal is to form an Association to promote cooperation among us to plant more churches in West Africa and to recruit more workers. We are very few in this region of enormous black population. I believe this may be even more helpful than the All-African missionary meetings. The distances are too great for all of Africa. My life was really blessed in July and August by a three week visit firom Tom and Barbara Barkes. This was their fet visit ever after twenty-four years of helping me in so many ways to live and serve here. They have met

people and experienced and observed many things that they have read about or seen a few slides of. Ask them to tell you how much more REAL our endeavors are now that they have seen it for themselves. Ghanaian Christians also enjoyed and appreciated their presence and participation. The Barkes' helped us in practical ways ass well as
observing. Thanks, Tom and Barbara, for coming.

Our old friend and co-worker, Dr.Ron Rife was here for a two week visit with Steve Boll, a potential worker for
West Afnca. We also enjoyed their visit.

(1) Kalbs' readjustment to Ghana and the boys' school life. (2) Twyla Bright's efforts in the U.S. for medical care for angina and raising of funds for them to buy a vehicle in Ghana. (3)A11 faculty need health and strength to
continue heavy work loads. (4) Thanksgiving for stable support despite U.S. recession.
May God bless you and keep you all.
In His service, Dorothy

Direct mail to: Miss Dorothy Eunson

Box 5722

Forwarding Agent and Newsletter: Mrs. Barbara Barkes

662 Golf Course Drive

Accra N, Ghana

Elizabethton,.TN ,37643







HORIZONS Mission Services

P.O. Box 2427

Knoxville, TN


Ghana Christian Coriege Dorothy Eunson

7 September, 1992

Jenning's English classes. Lots of paper meu*king this year!






married and has three children.

Dear Friends in Christ,

He has been a patient man.

Lots of good things have happened recently for which we

thanked God. The entire Kalb

My one week of church history during the short term course went better that I had expected.
I used a book written for






family is back in Ghana. David is already working on building projects at the college and visiting churches. He also taught
a week in the short term course.

children to add some interesting

anecdotes. Also, Mr. Manuel

evening to the new church at Mayera to teach them English hymns. I will also teach them
some in Ga and Twi, but must

Adjei taught the lessons on

African and Ghanaian church

get somebody to help me brush up on them myself first.

A Mennonite nurse who has


Twyla Bright has also returned with the good news that Christians at home gave enough money for the Brights to buy a used double cab pickup. That will be such a blessing to them and others. Tim Bright has had
four attacks of malaria this

The week following that, I spent a lot of time sorting papers in

order to reduce the level of them stacked on a table here in the

been a good friend for many years will be retiring in October.

This last weekend she and I and

dining room. I made a lot of progress, but still have two rather big jobs to finish before
school reopens next week.

a third single lady spent three days at the beach as our retiring
friend will not be with us for our







vacation, but with a change of

medicine, we trust there won't

be any more. Twyla's heart problems stem from low blood volume and can apparently be
controlled with lots of fluids and rest when disease in tired. There the heart is no itself.

The college is going to hire fulltime the young man who drove for Christisui Adjei all during his student days. He is excellent driver and a very
humble' man. The house where

PRAYER REQUESTS: (1) Thanksgiving for my good health (2) Thanksgiving that someone gave Christian Adjei a free week in a hotel so he could get a deserved rest (3) Thanksgiving
for all the safe returnees and

Daughter Teresa has a fine home in which to stay for her senior year of high school back
in Indiana.

One of our teachers, Mrs. Eghagha, has been accepted as

a Master's student at the

Enoch Nyador lived is going to be renovated, duplexed and added to! It will become living quarters for the new driver and his family and for one of our teachers who has been living in a two room compound house sharing toilet and bath facilities
with several other families for

their good news (4) Prayer that the students accepted will be

able to come (5) Prayer that the

brotherhood as a whole will

improve in cooperation suid love

(6) Thanksgiving for



University of Ghana right here in Accra. We are very happy for her. The college pays any expenses involved although the
government gives free tuition. She will not be teaching at all this year, so I'll pick up her classes as neither of my two big ones comes up this year. I'll
also teach one of Brian

In His love and service.

Ghana Christian College Dorothy Eunson


each other's laps on one side of the

Dear Friends in Christ,
What wonderful news we have for

increase came from the increased

you: Ghana Christian College is bursting at the seams! We processed a few more applications the week before school opened and then waited expectantly to see how many would turn up.
Registration night was an orderly hubbub as a large percentage of accepted applicants turned up to join the upperclassmen. Additional newcomers continued to appear during the first two weeks of classes. As of now, having lost one whose parents insisted he attend the university instead, the count of
brand new students is 37! It

If you could hear these men and women sing in chapel, your hearts would be thrilled. We are all happy and excited to have so many opportunities to share the precious
Word. But we are also concerned

number of cedis that we get for each dolleu*. This helps those who have the dollu-s, but for the avereige Ghanaian it is not much help when any salary increase scarcely keeps up with inflation.
One of our longtime Christians died last month of lupus. Sis. Lydia suffered for over three years smd we had prayed much for her. But the
Lord took her home from her home

about the future - even one year

from now. David Kedb has been

doesn't seem so memy years ago

that such a number reflected the

trying to urge us on to the major undertaking of a whole new campus, but many of us have been dragging our feet because the money needed is frightening. But what else can we do? Begin to turn students away? To find land in this now heavily populated community seems virtually impossible, but our basic buildings are now too small. Brothers and sisters, pray with us
and for us as we look to the future

village where she had been staying

for about nine months near a

mission hospital. Bro. Enoch went the same evening with eight if the youth to keep wake and sing and preach. I went early the next morning with our two elders and six
others and another service was


She was a faithful, talented

size of the entire student body. Two of last year's students are repeating their first year, so there are 39 for me to teach in Bible Survey and Orientation. For experienced teachers in larger schools, that is
not unusual, but I've discovered it
takes much more emotional and

and plan for it with the Lord's guidance.

In the third week of classes we

young woman of about 30, and we shall miss her sorely. We also had a wedding in our local
church that lasted five hours, but

physiced exertion to deal with that many. The class is divided into 19 degree students and 20 diploma students. The total student body numbers 73. There is also a good percentage of day students, but
about 60 of these are crowded

enjoyed a Prayer Week. Since the local church that uses the college chapel had already planned a similar week for the same period, we made a few adjustments uid combined with 'them. We heard some fine messages from the college faculty men and students and church members took turns in song leading. Part of each service was a
prayer meeting, too.

that's another story!

PRAYER REQUESTS: (1) Thanksgiving for a student body of record size, (2) Prayer for our wisdom in finding and securing and site for a new campus altogether. (3)
One year from now I'll be home with you. Lord willing, so start praying about my furlough, please.
In Christ,

together in the hostels. In fact, nine su-e being temporarily housed in a former faculty house that at the same time is being renovated into two staff apartments. That will have to do until a new dormitory room is built for them. And things will still be CROWDED. In the library and in the old dining hall, students sit elbow to elbow during classes. When the old dining hall leaks during rains, they practically sit on

For three Monday mornings I have

shared with three others in

preparing the college budget. I cannot say new budget because we are way behind. Our fiscal year began August 1, so we will have some back wages to pay. It is a big job, but we hope to finish next week. We added only about $100.00 from the U.S. to operations budget this year. Most of the


Ghana Christian College Dorothy Eunson

14 HoveaaberF 1992

Yesterday was Friday and I closed classes at 12:15.

In addition to lunch and supper and "deskwork", I enjoyed these encounters: one student came by to make up a ten minute Bible Survey Quiz on the Ten
Commandments; two other students came at

Dear Friends in Christ,

To tell you the truth, there is not much more to say for the past six weeks than that we have been busy

teaching! Other than a few Thursday evening trips to the village of Mayera to teach hymns, I personally have not done an3rthing outside the regular college sund local congregational activities. I did try to start
a Music Seminar for church song leaders on

different times to repay small loans (one loan was to pay the hospitsd bills for a sick mother - the other had borrowed the money to host an evangelistic team at his church for a weekend); a young friend

from the church stopped by for a chat and a glass of

tea sind while he was here another student came for

help with a lesson she didn't understand; somewhere

in there, one of the teachers stuck his head in the

Saturday nights, but the response was poor. They are older youth who are busy and perhaps think they know enough already. However, the church committee is considering some of my proposals for improvement in the quality of music and worship
and the elders will make the Seminar mandatory for

door to inform me that no progress had been made yet on the overheating problem of my truck when
the air conditioner is used; in late afternoon, another

teacher had brought a young American "vagabond"

to David Kalb and I also talked to him for a few

song leaders. I pray it will be enjoyable and not a


We are well past the mid-term mark and will probably have completed first term with our annual Christmas party in December by the time you get this. I am really enjoying most of my classes; only the second year English class had me discouraged, but after I told them I had completely given up teaching them one of the lessons, they showed much
improvement the very next class. .

minutes about his spiritual needs; my househelpers' four sons came in to play a while sind get the small allowances I give them each week; a church teenager stopped a few minutes in the evening to exchange her reading book for another; I walked up the lane twice to see Christian Adjei about the upcoming annual board meeting 9 the first time he was having a bath, and the second he had gone to bed(but I did see him today, Saturday); watched an old video of
M.A.S.H.with the Kalbs for a few minutes and then discussed how we could combine and streamline two

different student scholarship programs. Where did

Some personal landmarks have passed since the last month: my 55th birthday; my first mammogram in Ghana (formerly they were unavailable); the permanent retirement to the U.S. of a long-time
friend, Anna Kurtz, of the Mennonite faith.

the time go?

PRAYER REQUESTS: (1) Funds and suitable land for a new campus. (2) Good health and safe travel for all
those who visit the churches on the weekends for

Nationally, Ghana held its long awaited Presidential elections on the ssune day as the United States. We prayed for both countries. Ghana has elected as
President the same man who had been head of the

preaching and encouragement. (3) Thanksgiving for the good health of the whole faculty and their families. (4) Thanksgiving for our unwavering
support from the U.S.
In Christ.

militauy-backed government for ten years. Most Christians in the country had prayed for peaceful elections for weeks, and our prayers were answered. There were a few complaints, and there have been a
few scattered incidents of violence, but basically the


country is going ahead calmly.

VOL 6. N0.4
Dear Friends in Christ,




workere. The principal has been working on the application since March. 1992. Now Hostetters can bring in the single man and the young family who are willmg to come and help in Sunyani. Of course, this depends on the government's approval oftheir qualificaUons. The college is also hopmg to find aone year substitute for my furlough year, as we are very shoithanded even now and

The college got wonderful news just one week ago: the Department ofImmigration has granted us six new quota spaces for expatriate

Tot S^tembCT^1993

eveiyone can teach. Praise God for the quota spaces, and ask Him to provide aone yearsubstitute

My present plan is to be in Florida by the first ofOctober and spend at least six months there.

Yes. furlough ye^ is wming up. The Lord willing. I'll be coming home for eleven months beginning at the end of August 1993.

DeS,bS''^;h incommg class. We about during the after tenn,David but finished in early December wift astill record-breaking number of 74 big swdents altogether. The lost hostels arethree crowded, even Kalb built a n rrom to house nme of them. TTie classroom for the first year degree class was veiy oamped and it leaked Uke asieve each
!Si buildings in this old campus,we butcan until provides a sizeable sum^to i buy land and start anew campus, we have to continue to make what enlargements orthe turnLoid away students.


weU-built room is

"P now. and the new donnitoiy room that went up in September, David Kalb has been expansion and division ofone ofthe faculty houses into a duplex. The teacher who had Kved with his

nearly reacfy. is similar and is to be used by our newest employee - adriver.

Christian Church $2,000.00 to get their as-.v building under roof The purpose is to provide aplace for them^er to contmue his extension classes for thecollege. Their landloKl has been pressing them to leave theirpresentpre^s

for some tmie. The church wiU repay half of the loan and tne rei wiU be agrant to help the e,Sensioa

brought back aMwmill that is to be used to help provide income for the college. Various members of the Boarf and faculty are mvolved and helpmg to get it into operation in the Westem Region where the timber is.

the Christian Churchy who so choose hold their conventions regionally, rather than one big one. There were at I r ?H h"] '?dnnkmg water in my truck before Ireturned The Afst day.The Itook theday chaiiman and all theAdiei electrical eqiupmmt. f 1also hauled two drums of home. next Itook Christian MhoJ^ ! f*"? ^ ""e moniing than an hour ofsmging md dancmg.' as each local congregation is given achance to choose several songssession. and leadThere out inwas the more dancing Ihauled of water and then Ibrought home. Iwas The plan' was that Idnve him to adifferent convention the next day andanother stay tillload Sunday afternoon. However, by Christian Friday evening so
ted '^ 'j Ch rgo i sti an to the other By convention, and 1stayed on the bed or the couch. Still f feelmg sick r Sunday mommg. Ididnt anywhere to church andjust rested. Monday Ifelt fit again.

hymn& We id be^ mEnglish and Twi because 1knew them best. Our two Ga songs were pretty shaky. We had agood time and I
enjoyed gettmg to know them.

Iwent anmn^ of times to the baby churoh at Mayera about ten miles out of town to teach them some

and the youth are respondmg very well. I am enjoying them also.

Some changes have been made mthe Sunday School at Abeka. Iam now the substitute teacher for Junior High age youth One of our first ye^students. a mature man from the Christian Church, teaches them while he is in school. He is atrained teacher

I!lf left thm wiAout was partially Christian Church help ayoung village churchThe got young discouraged. actually tellmg them.supported We hope by he Abeka is not so discouraged thattohe leaves the Lord' s service. chmchHe at
s^ould now be shepherded and led by one oftheir own young men. He has had two months of our short tenn course and will have one more month next year.

to ^tobCTayomg woman in .he churoh died oflupus. She had suffered for over three yeare. She had been staying with relatives
1^ spread Nyador happened torecruit be mthe vicinity (he townBless now), so he came to responded my house innumber and we made some 1.^ hasty plansto the news and afew people to Uves travelintoanothothe village. theyouth; thqr
of hS "I boyitol there. Church members had visited her anumber of times. When the message

more than we could accommodate. I spent two and a half hours gomg across town toinform the elders and a few other key people. Bro. Enoch left that night with eight ofthe youth. On the way, they informed two sister churches and asked them to join us the following morning. They arrived at the village after midnight and discovered that because ofthe diseased condition ofthe body and the lack ofrefrigeration the body had aheady been buried. That little group sang, preached, prayed and sympathized with the family and friends who had already gathered. Some ofthem slept a couple hours atdawn. I left Accra inmy truck at5 a.m.
Surprisingly, all those that had been selected, including thetwo elders from across town, were on time. (Most of them arelate for church.) We arrived at the village before 7 and were introduced to all the relatives. We all goaround in a file and shake hands
with thirty or forty people. Then wejust sat in sympathy until those from the sisterchurches arrived about 8:15.

Together we had another service ofworship to God and thanksgiving for Lydia's life. It ishard for us to accept the fact that God did not choose to heal her. But none can doubt that her staunch faith isawitness to all. Her own cousin testified that although the
family begged her time and again to give up on Jesus and go tothe fetish house, she absolutely refused but rather was faithful
unto death.

Lydia had an irrepressible sense offun and was one ofthe most talented interpreters inthe brotherhood. She was only 33. She left
behind a nineyear old son. Wewill missher sorely. On November first, the whole church here in Abeka helda memorial service

inmorning worship; we took up a special offering to help with funeral expenses and tohelp care for her son. From January 1-3,

1993, the family is holding a"^al wake-keeping and funeral" in her honor in the village.

I'm not surewhether anyone from our church willbe going. Thefamily expects it, but the church is tornbetween our desire to

please them and show ourlove for Lydia and the need to bewise stewards of time and money by not doing again what wehave
already done. Funeral traditions are very, veiy strong andsuch decisions are not easy.

We continue to work and teach sothat others may also be delivered from ungodly traditions and puttheir trust completely inJesus. PRAYER REQUESTS: CD Ask for stabihty for Togo, thecountry nextdoor where wehave many friends: they areon theverge of a civil war. (2) Askfor good health andpatience for all the teachers andstudents of the college. (3) PRAISE Himfor the six
new quota spaces. (4) Money for land and a new campus.

May God bless you for your caring support shown in so many ways.
In Christian love.







M/M Carl Bridges Johnson Bible College Knoxville, TN 37998

Ghana Christian College Dorothy Eunson


week for a conference on preparing English teaching

materials for the churches in West Africa. Bob

Sheffler of Abidjan was the host and chairman.

Dear Friends in Christ,

There were representatives from Nigeria (one of them is a graduate of our college and of Jeff Hostetter's
evangelism training program), Liberia, suid one other English speaking country. One Liberian who was scheduled to come had gone back to Liberia from Ivory Coast and couldn't get out when the fighting broke out again. The men here enjoyed the conference very much. They are addressing a genuine need.

Two weeks ago we finished first term with 75 students. We had three days of exams sind the annual Christmas party. Everyone was tired suid glad to see the end of term. It took me a full week to finish marking exams and assignments euid then figure grades. One senior student worked for 18
hours to mark some workbooks for me. Now it's time

to prepare syllabuses for second term- they are a

month overdue. Surely I will get them done before Christmas because the day after Christmas I take my auinual vacation at the beach with another single

Christian Adjei has received a phone call from Immigration that our application for six new quota spaces has been granted. Praise the Lord!
I've had three mild bouts of msdaria in the last six

weeks. The third time I took a newer drug that is Hostetters came down for Thanksgiving. We Americans give ourselves a holiday from school and meet with other Americans for a joint worship service in the morning. I went to town from there to buy more Bibles to sell at the upcoming conventions and

good for the resistant malsu'ia and I have had no

trouble since.

Bro. Enoch Nyador's father died a couple of weeks ago. He had had cancer for some time. The funeral
was held last weekend. Some of the church members

my truck overheated again. I parked it, wgdked to the "Bible House", bought my Bibles sind took a taxi
home. Someone else went sifter the truck. Since then

we have finally uncovered the problem - a small gauge in the aid-conditioning system was plugged

Thanksgiving evening over 100 people joined together for a potluck dinner suid delicious turkey
donated by some kindly soul. It was a very pleasant evening.
Last week we had our annual Boau-d of Directors

went for the wedce-keeping on a Friday night. I took seven men early Sat. morning. Christian was one of them; he preached the funersd sermon. I have never gotten used to the fancy white shrouds they dress the body in: they look almost like wedding gowns and gold jewelry is spread around to beautify it. The family had hired a six member brass band to make
it a fine occasion. By the way, the gold jewelry is not buried with the corpse. Enoch's father was a fine man and an elder in the church in his village.

meeting for the college. I was quite nervous since I am president this year. Thanks to God it went smoothly, even though it was long as usual. We are still pra3ring for funds to buy land and build a new campus over a period of years. The longer we wait the more expensive the land will be, but we don't
have the money yet.

^llew campus^) political pea^e m all Wesi Africa (3]

August, 1993.
In Christ,

Please continue to pray for: |ljland^and money for^T^

my ability ^to plan well and prepare for furlough in

Two Ghanaian co-workers went to Ivory Coast last