100 Fantasy Dark Rituals

Damned King's Ceremony of the Terrible Bone

Enraged Spirits' Conjuration of the Churches of Annihilation

Faceless Wraiths' Summoning of Blood

Fallen Knight's Sacrifice of Blood

Golden Transfiguration of the Faceless Arch-angel of the Apocalypse

Hellish Evocation of Ladies

Hunting Spirit's Enchantment of Steel Decrees

Lonesome Monster's Sacrament of the Catacombs of Visions

Lords' Enchantment of Heaven

Low Ceremony of Decrees

Profane Sacrifice of the Infinite Arena


Rite of the Gods of Shadows Rite of the Knight Saints' Sacrament of the Storm of Death Silent Transfiguration of the Monster of Materials Slaying Rite of the Spectre Slaying Ritual of the Crypts of Horror Transfiguration of the Souls of Falsehood Unholy Evocation of Armageddon Unloving Banes' Ceremony of Black Catacombs Abjuration of Visions Ceremony of the Sleeping Spirit Communion of the Vortex 2 .

Conjuration of Damnation Crystaline Working of Lords Enchantment of Abysses Gray Rite of the Living Saviors of Labyrinths Great Rite of Ten Fiendish Divnities Horrible Transfiguration of the Infernal Cairn Low Ghost's Enchantment of the Ancient Word Profane Working of Disruption Ritual of the Labyrinths of the Vortex Sacrament of Hellish Hours Screaming Queens' Ritual of the Blasphemous Knife Slaying Arch-demons' Summoning of Horror 3 .

Supreme Sacrifice of the Demons of Hours Transfiguration of Falsehood Unborn Queens' Communion of the Arenas of Pain Unthinkable Transfiguration of Seven Dark Angels Working of Decay Arch-demons' Working of Shadows Consuming Spirit's Enchantment of Decrees Devouring Arch-demon's Conjuration of the Abyss Dying Messiah's Conjuration of the Hours of Disruption Ebony Evocation of Divnities False Conjuration of the Vorticies of Agony Fiendish Divnity's Rite of Madness 4 .

Fiends' Rite of Silence Gibbering Spirit's Enchantment of Deception Gods' Abjuration of Visions Grand Sacrament of the Decree of Blood Haunted Communion of the Devils of Blades Incantation of Infernal Decrees Rite of Slaying Ages Ritual of the Angels of Madness Ritual of the Vortex Silent Sinner's Invocation of Chains Sinful Transfiguration of the Edges of Horror Stalking Ladies' Sacrament of Caverns 5 .

Summoning of the Cavern of Omens Abjuration of Ladies Accursed Enchantment of the Black Messiah Blasphemous Working of the Arenas of Hopelessness Blind Arch-angels' Working of Graves Ceremony of Demons Devils' Ritual of Shadows Dying Beasts' Ritual of Shadows Enchantment of the Accursed Pit Ethereal Ritual of the Decrepid Chamber Faceless Queens' Incantation of the Cenotaphs of Horror Haunted Invocation of Golden Blades 6 .

Incantation of Messiahs Kings' Evocation of Caverns Low Bane's Abjuration of Blackness Necromantic Invocation of the Hidden Spectres of Annihilation Screaming Sinners' Ceremony of the Maze of Chaos Seraphims' Sacrament of Chaos Shadowy Enchantment of the Eternal Seraphim Sinful Savior's Working of Visions Terrifying Abjuration of the Bane of Tombs 7 .