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Megan Blouin Instructor: Malcolm Campbell English 1102 September 1, 2013 Topic Proposal: Can physical therapy be a benefit for you Introduction/Overview !or this assignment, I ha"e chosen to #rite about ho# physical therapy can be a benefit to the in$ure% an% to people #ith muscle loss or $oint pain& I %eci%e% to choose this particular topic because of my interest in physical therapy& I also ha"e a strong connection #ith it, since I #ent through it last summer& I 'no# little about this topic besi%es #hat I learne% in a month an% a half of therapy& I thought that since I #ant to possibly #ant to ma$or in physical therapy, I consi%ere% this to be a goo% topic to #rite about& My senior e(it #as base% on animal e(perimentation so I %eci%e% for this topic, I #oul% #rite about something more positi"e than something %epressing an% contro"ersial& )he benefits of physical therapy are e(traor%inary, from a spee%y reco"ery to restoring mobility in %amage% $oints to simply creating a bon% bet#een you an% your therapist& !or my research, I starte% gathering some information online an% recor%ing my fin%ings into my %ayboo'& I use% #ebsites such as ###&sooperarticles&com an% ###&therapeuticresources&org& I also s'imme% through the library*s %atabases to fin% publications that co"er my topic& So far, I ha"e foun% a numerous amount of articles an% boo's that portray to my topic& Besi%es tal'ing to my peers the other %ay about my topic, I ha"e also tal'e% to my mom about it since I tal' to her about e"erything that %eals #ith physical therapy or school& +o#e"er, I ha"e not gotten the chance to spea' #ith a librarian or post anything about my research,topic i%ea on any sort of

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social net#or'ing site& I %o ho#e"er, plan to blog about this after my conference meeting #ith you& I #ill most li'ely blog about ho# I*m %oing on my topic an% interesting facts I fin% along the #ay& )his techni-ue #ill help me 'eep up to %ate #ith e"erything an% not fall behin%& I belie"e for my topic, I can tal' about many things such as the benefits of therapy, %isagreements on ho# therapy can*t be a positi"e, #hy therapy is important, an% maybe e"en inclu%e my o#n e(perience an% tal' about ho# I percei"e physical therapy as being beneficial& In all honesty, I #oul% say that the "ast ma$ority of the population #oul% see physical therapy as a beneficial #ell.being for the a"erage in$ure% person but some may %isagree an% e(press their opinion ho# therapy can be a #aste of time an% money& I can usually fin% con"ersations about peoples* personal opinions on physical therapy through "arious blogs an% #ebsites&

Initial Inquiry Question(s) /ne of my initial -uestions for this topic #oul% be0 %oes physical therapy increase the li'elihoo% of reco"ering faster 1ith physical therapy, can the a"erage human being heal an% reco"er faster than someone #ho %i%n*t go through this process 2bout ho# long #oul% the a"erage person reco"er from an acci%ent 3#ith,#ithout therapy4 5oes the se"erity of the acci%ent come into play #ith reco"ering time )hese are $ust some of the -uestions that I ha"e been pon%ering only on the process of reco"ery& I ha"e also ga"e thought to the benefits of physical therapy an% #hy others #oul% thin' therapy is a #aste of their time an% precious money& /ne of my -uestions about the benefits #oul% be, besi%es reco"ering faster, are there any other benefits that come along #ith this program 1hy #oul% people belie"e that going to physical therapy is a #aste of money #hen there are pro"en facts about it being classifie% as a beneficiary /f course, I ha"e many other -uestions that I ha"e thought about an% I am currently loo'ing for research to support them&

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My Interest in this Topic 2s I sai% earlier, I am intereste% in this "ery topic mainly because of t#o things& !irst, physical therapy is a possible career that I #ant to spen% the rest of my life %oing& I en$oy helping people an% encouraging them to %o their best in any type of situation& I ta'e pri%e in ma'ing a positi"e %ifference in peoples* li"es& I thin' that after #riting this paper, it #ill help me fin% out if I #ill really #ant to go to school for a long perio% of time in or%er to %o something that I #oul% truly lo"e& Secon%ly, I also ha"e that strong connection #ith my topic& )his is a topic that I %eeply care about consi%ering the fact that I ha% to e(perience the reco"ery myself& E"en, if I can*t fin% enough information to bac' up my topic, I #oul% still #ant to fin% a #ay to #rite about physical therapy #hether it #oul% be the benefits about them or the connection of in$ure% athletes to physical therapy or something similar to that& E"en though I gra%uate% from physical therapy in a month an% a half, I still 'no# little of this sub$ect& 2ll I basically 'no# is #hat e(ercises you might perform after an acci%ent an% ho# you progress through the e(perience& I am intereste% in fin%ing about more about this topic inclu%ing personal stories from "ictims of other acci%ents& I also #ant to learn #hy some a%ults chose to become physical therapists& I also I hope I gain an insight of benefits that come along #ith process besi%es the ones I ha"e alrea%y researche%&

Next teps I thought I #oul% start off #ith my research by going to the library an% chec'ing out boo's, researching online, pulling blogs off the internet, an% "isiting local physical therapy #ebsites to fin% out more information& I also ha"e the i%ea of going bac' to my o#n personal therapist to get an inter"ie# from her an% getting an actual physical therapist*s insight on this

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topic& 7ot only #ill it be an emotional e(perience, but it #ill also greatly help me #ith my topic because I #ill be tal'ing to someone in person about their thoughts an% opinions on this topic&