My hobby: reading books

One of the things that I really love to do is to read. Through reading I have found out so many things about life in all of its aspects. Reading page after page, book by book, I have discovered the world around me, facts about past, present and versions of the future and i have learned so many amazing things. I've started reading at the age of five when The stories from 1001 nights fascinated and captured me completely. It helped me to open my mind to new situations and I understood that the power of creation can change lives. ater, at the age of !", I was amused by Păcală and Tândală adventures and I've started to smile more often than before because if you look carefully, there is something to laugh of no matter the circumstances. Reading Winnetou, I was deeply impressed by his courage in front of unpredicted events, his honesty, his strength and his loyalty towards his dear ones, his compassion for other human beings and his communion with surrounding nature. #t the same time, I've learned to respect different cultures and to appreciate others' values. #fter a while I read The Prince and the Pauper. That story made me understand that clothes and social position offer different chances in life, that perception affects our entire worldview and the ways we react socially to others are influenced by our ability to evolve . $alzac, with his keen observations to details, manged so beautifully to offer me precious information about humans motivations and our reactions to society's values. %et, one of my favorites, &ostoyevsky's allowed me to e'plore human psychology and understand that (life is within ourselves and not in the external( world. Reading science fiction books I have found out that my universe depends also on the power of my imagination. Childhood's End is one of my favorite novels. The story speaks about our planet invaded by aliens, the Overlords, which in time prove to be some sort of guardian angels for our race. )nder their strict guidance, we humans manage to reach a golden age, we live in peace, we have a a world government, we live in abundance until we evolve in something diverse, a transcendent form of life where we are all connected. ater, I started reading love stories. I cried while I was reading The Lady of the Camellias and I was astonished by how *arguerite sacrifice her riches and her lifestyle for the man she loved. %et, self sacrifice or giving up at peoples you really love isn't always a smart thing. Romeo and ulieta love didn't served any of them. Reading !anon Lescaut I've learned that true love implies devotion but also that running away from the problems dose not solve them.

anatomy and human mental faculties. human achievements. information about human nature. human art and history. to be creative and offers me new perspectives. I love reading because it helps me to learn. #s Isaac #simov said ("f #no$ledge can create pro%lems& it is not through ignorance that $e can sol'e them(( .Reading has become an important part of my life and helped me to find out more about me.