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Thomas 1 Daily Writing #1 1. My parents from day one started to teach me how to read and write. 2.

My kindergarten teacher taught me how to write and read simple words. 3. My elementary teachers taught me to read and write complex words. 4. My middle school teachers made sure I knew how to write essays and read large novels. 5. My high school teachers taught me to write in depth papers and read/ analyze some of the most difficult novels. 6. My most influential writing teacher was my 12th grade English teacher. She taught `me that writing does not always have to be a hassle and that it can actually be fun. She also showed me that within every books lies some type of theme that impact my life in any way.

Daily Writing #2 The beach is the place that intrigued me to read and write since the very first time my toes touched the sand. The exciting atmosphere at the beach made me want to read the bright billboards that were advertising events and places to visit. I would stare at the words on the signs that would read something like “come see the pirate show” or “come watch the mermaids sing,” until I would finally make out the sentences on them. Of course I would beg my mother to take me to these shows after seeing the billboards. Also, just the simplicity of the sound of the crashing waves and hot white sand made me want to write descriptive essays all about it and my experiences there. I love to bring a book out there, sit with my toes in the water, and read until the sun goes down.

Thomas 2 Daily Writing #3 The book fair for me was always about all of the cool toys and trinkets they had. My teacher and parents always forced me to get at least two books before I could even look at the toys. Naturally, I would pick the books with the most pictures since I did not like to read as a child. Most of the time I would pick a book that had a cute dog or cat on the cover. I would skim through the books as quick as possible so that I could go look at the toys. The book fair wasn’t always fun for me because my parents would never give me any money to buy anything, since they knew I would end up spending it on toys. I wouldn’t say that the book fair helped shape my ability to read and write, but it did get me some really neat toys.

Daily Writing #4 When I started my senior year last August, UNC Charlotte was the last school that I wanted to go to. I had always pictured myself at UNC Wilmington until I went on a tour at NC State. I became obsessed with NC State’s campus and athletic teams. I definitely thought I was going to follow in my sister’s foot steps and go there, until I got deferred. I then realized that I was going to have to start looking at other schools. One day, my mom took me on a tour at UNC Charlotte’s, and I loved it. But, I was still a little bit hesitant about coming here because it is so close to my house. I am excited to strengthen my literacy narrative while I am here. I feel like a lot of my classes are helping me read and write quicker. I hope to become a much better writer and reader while I am here.

Thomas 3 Daily Writing #5 As I continue to read Sue Monk Kidd’s, The Secret Life of Bees I find myself being able to connect with the protagonist, Lilly. She is constantly venting about her father and their relationship. He is constantly nagging at her and blaming her for things she might not have done. Their relationship lacks connection and true love for one another. This can also relate to my dad’s relationship with me. Like Lily’s dad, he does love me very much but he has a bad way of showing it. He is always tough on me and constantly wants me to do my best. Unlike Lily’s dad, my dad does not physically hurt me. I relate to Lily because we both have to appreciate our dads even though they can be extremely tough on us sometime

Daily Writing #6 I believe that cell phones have had the largest impact on my literacy narrative. The reason for this is because text messaging has become a huge part of my everyday life. When I am texting, I notice myself using abbreviations and spelling words wrong. I do not practice good grammar or writing when I am texting. I also notice myself incorporated these bad habits in my writing for school. I have become a lazy speller also because I rely too much on “auto-correct.” My cell phone also distracts me when I am trying to read a good book. This piece of technology is the reason behind my laziness when it comes to strengthening my literacy narrative.

Thomas 4 Daily Writing #7 1. Include information from my writing prompts 2. Technology 3. How I started to read 4. My tutor 5. Struggles 6. Relate to the novel and other readings 7. How I want to continue strengthening my literacy narrative

Daily Writing #8 1 What type of heritage do we have in our family? 2 Where were my great grandparents and their parents from? 3 How long has my family been in America?

Daily Writing #9 Whenever my family gets together we always have the classic country meal. My grandmother will make fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, corn, green beans, mashed potatoes, and more. She takes all of her fresh vegetables from the garden and cooks them. She will also make her famous chicken and dumplings. Whenever my grandmother cooks this meal she starts early in the morning and doesn’t stop until we are all done. She slaves away for hours and only uses the oven and the stovetop. Just when we think we are done she brings out the apple pie, banana cake, and pound cake. This meal is famous at all Thomas family reunions.

Thomas 5 Daily Writing #10 The most unconventional place where I have stayed is my grandparent’s bonus room. We moved in there when my parents got divorced and we had no place else to go. It was weird being in their house because our only space was their upstairs and our only bed was a mattress on the floor. We had to live out of boxes for three months because there was no were that we could unpack our clothes. This place never become “home” for me because I knew it was a temporary home until we found a new one.

Daily Writing #11 1. 50, they represent each state 2. George Washington and Barack Obama 3. Mayflower and the Native Americans 4. Francis Key 5. Bill of Rights 6. Congress 7. Preamble 8. The president

Thomas 6 Daily Writing #12 Of course I spent my fall break at the beach. But before I drove down there I walked in the Breast Cancer Walk in down town charlotte. I had a lot of fun at this walk and it was really cool seeing all the survivors walk to cure others. After the walk I jumped in my car and drove to the beach. As soon as I got there, I threw my bathing suit on and went to the beach. I ended up falling asleep out there for about two hours. It was incredible, being able to relax and not have to answer to anyone. On Sunday, I worked at the restaurant that I worked at all summer. I was really hoping that I would make good money but we ended up being really slow. Although my beach trip did not have any relation to my family tree project, it was still incredible. Daily Writing #13 Of course I would go to Hogwarts, it’s the one place that I have always dreamed of going to. As soon as I arrived Harry Potter greeted me with a warm welcome. He brought me through the gigantic front door of the castle where I saw Hermioni and Ron whispering about something that sounded detrimental. Harry quickly introduced me to them and then said, “we have to get straight to work.” There was no time to ask Hermioni all the questions that I had for her or to make small talk with Ron. They started running through the dark massive hallways like there was a headless ghost chasing after us. We stopped at these large locked doors and Harry started to scope out a plan of how to get through them. In the mean time, Hermioni informed me that Vouldermert was in the castle in search of me. Ron then chimed in and said, “he wants to turn you over to the dark side.” Harry finally casted a spell on the doors and got them to open. Hermioni said that we were safe now because Vouldermert could not get through those doors.

Thomas 7 Daily Writing #14 Yes, I agree that in order to stay positive and motivated you must surround yourself with uplifting people. It is important to stay positive so that you go throughout life feeling happy and successful. I am always trying to uplift others in times of need, so that they will help me stay optimistic when I am going through a tough time. I think that my peers and family members are the ones that help me stay on the right track. They all surround me with love and good energy, which helps me stay in control and content. Daily Writing #15 My peer reviewer is probably going to say that what I have so far on my annotated bibliography is good but I need to work on it a little more. While preparing the annotated bibliography I was finding it pretty easy to find what the people were arguing about and seeing what the issues are throughout the source. I need to probably go a little more in depth with my answers to these questions. Doing this project made me develop my own point of view and definitely got me thinking about stuff. Daily Writing #16 Not that long ago, I was giving a presentation that had a video in it and sadly it did not play. I had to keep my audience waiting while I figured out how to play the video. Eventually I got the video to play and everyone loved it. I recovered from this mistake by giving a good conclusion which left my audience thinking about that rather than my mistake.

Thomas 8 Daily Writing #17 Time management is crucial for a college freshman. If I could do it all over again, I would not procrastinate all the assignments I have been given throughout this semester. I would start working on them as soon as they were assigned, that way I can ensure that I will get a good grade on them. I would suggest that any incoming freshman should take earlier classes that way they can be done early and have almost their whole day to work on whatever homework they need to. Daily Writing #18 When I was in the seventh grade, I had to read my paper allowed in front of my entire English class. I was not nervous until the smarted girl in my class went before me and read the most incredible paper I have ever heard for a seventh grader. When the teacher called my name to read my paper after her, I froze because I did not want to follow her. I got up there and felt more nervous than I have ever felt. I began to read and almost every word I read I stuttered or pronounced wrong. It felt like it took me thirty minutes to get through that tiny three-paged paper. My classmates were overwhelmed with boredom and I was overwhelmed with nerves. Daily Writing #19 My Eportfolio is almost done. I need to add the last two writing prompts and edit them. I also need to add my daily writings on. The most important thing that I need to do is write the farewell letter. I need to add on a few more of the requirements such as things about my personal life and things about the portfolio itself. I also need to add my semester long project and all of my research. It is not going to take me long to do these things, I just need to take about an hour to put the finishing touches on it.