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The Everest Base Camp trek is arguably the most famous trekking route in the world and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see some of the most breathtaking scenery imaginable. is a fascinating country and the trek gives an insight into the lives and culture of the !herpa people. "ur ascent is steady and well paced to best suit the acclimati#ation needed. !unrise on the snow$capped peaks above the %humbu &lacier is an unforgettable sight from the summit of %ala Pattar. This trek is one for the lover of high places and those wanting to push themselves to the limit. 't is a tough challenge and not to be taken lightly. (ery tough sections along the Khumbu glacier. )rom %athmandu* we fly to Lukla, Tenzing-Hillary Airport* also known as +ukla ,irport* and the adventure begins as we land at its tiny airstrip. -e spend several days trekking through the homelands of the !herpa people* among the most beautiful mountains in epal. , day is spent at Namche Bazaar* the bustling market town in the heart of !herpa country* and at Pheriche, a cluster of houses set among the high summer gra#ing pastures of the region. These rest days allow time to e.plore further and to acclimati#e* an important factor in your en/oyment of the trek. Those who have fully acclimati#ed may trek to the Everest Base Camp but without doubt* the highlight for most will be the awe$inspiring views which unfold from the summit of Kala Pattar $ the chaotic ice sculptures of the Khumbu Glacier* Everest itself. uptse and the south$west face of ot forgetting* of course* the personal sense of achievement that many e.perience epal

at the end of their trek* when it is all over and we fly back to %athmandu. ctober-!-"#$%& Kathman'u ($%$#m)*,"+,-t. airport representative will be received you at the airport and transfer to hotel. 't is 0km and takes about 11 minutes. tour leader will brief group about trip during the pre$departure meeting. This will be held at 1.22pm or will notice you after your arrival in %athmandu* at the hotel or in the uni3ue Path Trekking office. The briefing will cover whole itineraries and re$confirm flight times. "4 at 5otel

ctober-,-"#$%& City guided tour in %athmandu. ,fter breakfast about 6 am* sightseeing tour to Pashupatinath* one of the most sacred temples of 5indu and see Bou'hanath* one of the holiest Buddhist sites in %athmandu and biggest Buddhist stupa in the world 7stupas are spiritual monuments built to bring peace and harmony8 Patan city 719th century royal palace8 and %athmandu City. ctober-+-"#$%& %athmandu to +ukla: trek to Phakding 7;912m40*62<ft8 $ )ly to TenzingHillary Airport (Lukla.. The trail descends* gradually passing above the large village of /haunrikharaka 7;9=2m8 and on through small villages* fields and forests following a wide well

t village of 2on3o 7.fter Ku0um 1rargka* a large stream* the trail crosses the >udh %osi ?iver at Phakding. )rom @on/o the trail crosses a small rock saddle and then descends abruptly to re$cross the 1u'h Ko0i at 4or0ale 7.1ft.$#. ctober-$#-"#$%& Phak'ing-Namche Bazaar 7<442m411*.=9ft8 $ )rom Phak'ing the trail follows the western bank of 1u'h Ko0i passing through forests of Blue Pine until it reaches the village of Benkar 7.19. @ost of the trading is over by mid$day and the traders return to their villages.5!# -eet. Between here and the ne. "ur second acclimati#ation day* the group will be taken to Nagar3un Hill 71212m411.fter appreciating the surrounding scenery* we trek back to our camp in 1ingboche* rela.61ft8.*5. 'tCs symmetrically laid out stone dwellings house the families of many of our !herpas.8!m)$".*499ft8* which is the biggest settlement of !herpa. short trek to the museum celebrating the traditional customs of the !herpa people* as well as about flora D )auna D its land* more importantly* from here you will get the proper glimpse of Everest and the surrounding mountains.t section of the trail climbs less steeply* traversing above the Bhote %osi until amche Ba#aar is reached. .Page . This point offers fantastic views of the fifth highest mountain 2akalu =49<m4. . .=24m8. Namcha Bazaar is a market town* where every !aturday morning traders from lower altitude sell goods to !herpas. )rom here the %humbu region begins. and climbs gently to the village of /humoa. of 4 constructed path.". steep but short climb takes us to Tengboche 2ona0tery through forests of blue pine* fir and black /uniper. climb to altitude 4<12m ctober-$*-"#$%& "n' acclimatization 'ay in 1ingboche (**$#m)$*.-t.. Everest can be seen rising above Nupt0e-Lhot0e wall. .-t.nd we hike up the 6yangboche Air0trip* and Everest view hotel and sightseeing at the Khum3ung 7illage 7<=22m41. The ne. %nown as the B&ateway to EverestC we will spend today here in order to acclimati#e and ad/ust to the thinning air.t to water driven prayer wheels.* in the evening. trek climbs 4612m419*12=ft .022m8. )rom the top of the spur* @t.=22m8 the trail drops steeply to cross 2on3o Khola. ctober-$%-"#$%& Tengboche to 1ingboche (**$#m)$*. )rom here the trail crosses to the eastern bank of the 1u'h Ko0i. walk down to the river at Phunki Thanhka to lunch ne.-t. ctober-$"-"#$%& Namche Bazaar to Thyangboche (%. ctober-$$-"#$%& Acclimatization 'ay At Namche Bazaar (%**#m)$$. ctober-$8-"#$%& 1ingboche to Lobu3e (*+$#m)$5. %hum/ung is one of the most beautiful villages in Everest area. .5-t. .bove the bridge the trail #ig#ags up <22m of the steep spur between the two rivers through sparse forest. Beyond Aorsale the trail undulates up until the confluence with Bhote %osi is reached.

+#5-t. The most dangerous time to cross the Khumbu :ce-all is generally in mid$ and late$afternoon. an' back to Gorak 6hep. ctober-$!-"#$%& 97ere0t Ba0e /amp (8%5%m)$!. Crossing crevasse is an unnerving e. 1e0cent to Namche Bazaar. .*#m)+.$+"-t. 'f decided yes* some !herpas will go ahead to ensure the Khumbu :ce-all route is set correctly with aluminum ladders breaching the huge crevasses and seracs.%$!-t.plore the town as well as reflect upon the mountains you have recently visited for one last time before heading back to Kathman'u..-"#$%& Hiking up Kalapathar (88*8m)$.5-t. "ur final day of trekking returns us to the town of +ukla* where the overnight stay gives you time to e. /limbing Gear nee'e'& F Trekking polesG ad/ustable and collapsible F 'ce a.lpine Climbing 5arness w4 ad/ustable leg loops F Carabiners on$lockingG Two lightweight 7B> 5otwire8 F Carabiners +ockingG Two large pear$shaped* screw gate F .scenderG +eft or right handed F Prussik CordG 42 feet* 9mm perlon F ?appel4>elay deviceG )igure = recommended ctober-$+-"#$%& Trek to Namche Bazaar (%**#m)$$. ctober-"#-"#$%& Namche Bazaar to Lukla(".perience but you will have a tremendous thrill crossing them and climbing ladders up the cliffs. !trong* acclimati#ed climbers can ascend the icefall in /ust a few hours* while climbers going through it the first time $ due to a lower level of acclimati#ation* being understandably very careful* and lack of e.8+8-t ctober-$.. -e will discuss the opportunity to climb through the Khumbu :ce-all to Camp 1.perience with ice ladder and climbing techni3ues $ can make the /ourney take 12E1. @ost climbers try to cross the icefall during the very early morning* before sunrise* when it has partially fro#en during the night and is less susceptible to moving. an' Pherbuche .s the intense sunlight warms the area* the friction between the ice structures lessens and increases the chances of crevasses opening or blocks to fall. -e start early to reach the viewpoint that offers some of best views of @ount Everest as well as other panoramas of the surrounding mountains. hours. .Page < of 4 ctober-$5-"#$%& Lobu3e to Gorak 6hep (8$8%m)$5.fter reaching Base camp our aim today is to trek Kalapathar 71141m8.e w4+eashG 02cm recommended F Crampons F .8+8-t. we reach Everest Base Camp at altitude of 8%5%m)$!..".

The constant changing terrain and moving blocks of the %humba 'cefall along with the crevases make it one of the most dangerous portions of the climb. airport to catch our return flight to Kathman'u. Camp 1 $ Camp 1 is located at 16*=6= ft on the -estern C-@ /ust above the %humbu 'cefall .an National Park for four day elephant safari Khumbu :ce-all $ . The blocks are as large as cars* trucks* and sometimes the si#e of a house.fter Breakfast. The %humbu 'cefall is a result of the glacier in the -estern C-@ pushing down the valley where it reachs both a turn and a steeper drop in terrain.. ctober-""-"#$%& A-ter break-a0t tran0-er to the airport -or 'eparture. . These blocks are constantly moving due to the pressure of the ice pushing down the mountain and due to the constant heating and coling caused by the strong day sun and evening cold. &ina and %ent fly* on to /hit. The turn steeper terrain below cause the glacier to break up into larger blocks.fter reaching base camp climbers begin the climb to Camp 1 going through the %humbu 'cefall. )light an early morning at 0 am to %athmandu. -e will walk about 1 minutes to Tenzing-Hillary Airport (Lukla. Climbers use ladders to cross the wide crevasses.Page 4 of 4 ctober-"$-"#$%& Lukla to Kathman'u. Climbers typically leave Base Camp at < am so that they can climb through the 'cefall before sunrise when the sun hits the 'cefall and begins to melt the ice increasing the danger of the icefall. "vernight at hotel in %athmandu.