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David Herman

Production Assistant, Saturday Night Live · Attended to production needs including talent, crew, props, driving, and loading out Audience Assistant, Piers Morgan and Anderson Cooper 360 · Handled phone calls, ood orders, ile organi!ation, and loc"up Audience Assistant, Anderson #dayti$e tal" show% · Organi!ed and loaded in 2(0 audience $e$)ers or daily dayti$e tal" show · *ecruited new audience $e$)ers in +i$es ,-uare. created new audience strategies Oct 2012 – Present May – Jul 2013 &ov – 'ec 2011

Page, NBCUniversal Page Program Oct 2010 – Oct 2011 · Acted as liaison or pu)lic while leading tours o 30 through &/0 studios · 1or"ed audiences and )oo"ed tic"ets to 2ate &ight with Ji$$y 3allon, ,aturday &ight 2ive, and 'r4 O! · Oversaw talent +reasury ,ec4 5eithner, Ji$ 0ra$er, 5ov4 0or!ine, and other guests or live 0&/0 event Fast Money Production Assistant, NBC Page Program 3e) – Jun 2011 · 5reeted and catered to high6pro ile guests including 07Os, govern$ent o icials, and inancial ir$ owners · *esearched show content, ran rundowns and scripts to set, too" care o talent re-uests ,aturday +our 0oordinator, NBC Page Program Jan – Mar 2011 · 'istri)uted stand)y tic"ets or ,aturday &ight 2ive at 8AM on show days, oversaw orderliness o stand)y line · 7nsured sa ety and ti$eliness o wee"end studio tours in 30 *oc"e eller Pla!a 9ideo 0ontent :ntern, Bravo Emerging Media Jun – Aug 2010 · &/0 Pilot Progra$; *esearched digital $edia integration to create a pac"age to pitch a new +9 show, · 0o6coordinated and hosted on6location co$petition video series or +op 0he All6,tars contestants Production Assistant, Kitchen Nightmares, Fox · Assisted with transportation, e-uip$ent, and security on set 0a$era Assistant, Toddlers and Tiaras, The earning Channel · Assisted ca$era$an )y sound recording and tape logging Jan – Mar 200< ,ep – 'ec 200= May 200<

Production :ntern, !arrior Poe"s, Morgan #$%rlo&' #,uper ,i!e Me, 30 'ays% · *esearched or 3rea"ono$ics $ovie, o)tained per$its or &>0 shoots · Assisted production on location with security, transportation, and props $anage$ent Audience Page, The Late Sho ith !avid Letterman , 0/, · Prepped Audience o (00 or daily load6in to 7d ,ullivan +heater · *ecruited audience $e$)ers in +i$es ,-uare and )y phone ,tudio Production Assistant, "ron Che# America, Food Ne"(or' · Acted as assistant house $anager assisting construction, $aintenance, and disasse$)ly o set · Oversaw live studio shoot, reported directly to house $anager and production $anager Production :ntern, The Col$ert %eport, Comed) Cen"ral · *eviewed and transcri)ed interviews or ?/etter @now a 'istrictA ield seg$ents · Participated in the writers, ele$ents, and sta production $eetings

Oct 2008 – May 200=

Aug – Oct 2008

Jan – May 2008

Engagement Manager, Veri+on i,e on FiO# , Mar"eting 1er"s · +raveled to &>06area events to )uild rapport and educate residents on 3iO, eatures and )ene its · Per or$ed group and individual presentations in apart$ent )uildings and co$$unity centers · Advised 9eri!on on progra$ i$prove$ents or its new $ar"eting initiative Brand Ambassador, Po$&hi$s · +raveled to concerts, dances, and sports events to pro$ote product )y engaging crowd · 'rove and delivered Popchips to pro$o partners or charity events Brand Ambassador, *ll Terrain · ,hot and edited pro$otional events or &>0 Marathon and HBM :sa)el Marant de)ut · +ea$ lead or several events, including Metro newspaper distri)ution, $arathon, and HBM Jan – Oct 2013

Apr 2012 – Present

&ov 2013

Brand Ambassador/Videographer , MassiveMedia · ,hot and edited pro$otional events or &>0 Marathon and HBM :sa)el Marant de)ut · +ea$ lead or several events, including Metro newspaper distri)ution, $arathon, and HBM Brand Ambassador, Even"Pro #"ra"egies · Oversaw tea$ or 0ru$)sC,tar)uc"s Doint pro$otion · Pro$oted 30 Rock as @enneth the Page · 'istri)uted lavender candles or 0ele)rity 0ruises, lyered or +/, Promotions, Brand *ll%re · *ode pedica)s and distri)uted +ropicana coupons throughout populated &>0 locations

Oct 2012 – Present

,ep 2011 – Present

Oct 2012 – Present

Brand Ambassador, Red igh" Mar'e"ing ,ep 2012 – Present · 'istri)uted @ra t cheese sa$ples to passers6)y in Herald ,-uare · Assisted at ,usan 54 @o$en *ace or the 0ure )y $anning >oplait )ooth, interacting, ta"ing pics Promotional Model, En&ore Na"ion(ide · Approached passer)y as ,ecret ,ervice agents pro$oting H/OEs Veep · Pro$oted Justin /ie)erEs new ragrance ?,o$edayA Brand Ambassador, Overland En"er"ainmen" · 5reeted and oversaw guests at 9euve 0li-uotEs Polo 7vents · Operated registration or +oys F*E Gs *o)in Hood 3oundation in the Marriott Mar-uis · Aided auctioneers at Ma"e6a61ish 3oundation 5ala in 0helsea Piers · Organi!ed registrants to G4,4 Open childrenEs song audition at *adio 0ity Music Hall &ov 2011 – Present

'ec 2008 – Present

Event Prod ction Assistant , *-el M&*llis"er &ov 2011 – &ov 2012 · 1or"ed setupC)rea"down o events #&eHHus, ,print, 5lad, +re,e$$e, AO2, etc4% at &>0 locations Event Prod ction Assistant , T. Prod%&"ions · 1or"ed setupC)rea"down o Iuir"yEs ?,antaEs Iuir"shopA in ,oHo 'ec 2012

Per!ormer" The Peo$le0s Im$rov Thea"er and U$righ" Ci"i+ens Brigade · Hosted *424 ,tine or two i$prov shows )ased on his interview and )oo" readings · Per or$ two or $ore ti$es per wee" in i$prov shows · Produce several s"etch co$edy videos; writing, per or$ing, casting, directing, and editing · 5raduated the core i$prov progra$s at G0/ and the P:+ · 0o$pleted the s"etch writing progra$ at G0/ #omedian" These*reDavesVideos · 0reate wee"ly videos or >ou+u)e 6 co$edy, inspirational, and adventure Jul 2008 – Present

Jan 2013 – Present


The College o, Ne( 1erse), +renton, &J · Bachelor o! Arts in #omm nication $t dies% Radio/&V/Film" 3'( )PA

Aug 2003 – May 2008