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D i v i s io n o f V e lo c id a d ,I n c .




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-. sheetmetalsctews Poprivets. nuts. L/4n to L/2x paint Quartof rust-inhibiting : and -1- . is very easily assembled The Clodhopper ontoa is Fiberfab's of fiberglassbodiesfor shortened Volkswagen . handle 3/8" . severalu. 9/L6n ./8" sockets and/oropen-end wrenches of thesame size. lf yourre-doing the.driveratchet blade Standard screw-driver -. L L/4 " longwith nuts. L/2" .drive) VL6u . The Clgdhqppql -aryay -entry -. the followinginventory of tools andsupplies ihould suffice: HAND TOOLS (3/8u . integral. holesaws Woodworking 2'(for steering column cutout) cutout) 4 L/4't (for speedoheter tool Wireterminal crimping workshop variety Poprivet gun-. ln addition resin an_d_ to this highquility y6uwill-note.) MATERlALS round head.when you reccive your Clodhopper. 5. 3/8tt .medlum Phillips blade screw-driver -. The Clodhopper polyester gel-coatsthat are commercially available.nique designfeatures -.project. assortedlengths. square Standard. American andlockwashers. chassis. neck.shortening you'll needan oxy-acetylene welding.iberfab is manufactured products-.:l 1. stepbolts . 5/L6" lengths l" to 3r'.the shortening'being the "toughest"part of the.medium Straight-edge (72") Steeltape files anddrills Assorted rasps.richly and permanenlly textuied interior suriaces.F.L8.from the highestqualityglassfi5er.lockwash erci L/4" . INTRODUCTION in the ever-expa$li.wtrichplaces it a notchabove you that yourClodhopper the competition andassures is therrbest buyrtin the fun-vehicle'market. The instructions deal with all asoects projectwith emphasifiT'TT6i6ipan of your Clodhopper construction prepaiation and shortening -. washers and. 3/8" various Assortedheavy-gauge. batterywells. lf yourrenot. heavily-reinforced TOOLS POWER L/4" capacityelectric drill (Sabresaw andL/2t' capacity electricdrill are helpful. washers Assortedmachine bolts. 5/161'./cutting outfit. 2 doz. 7/L6t' . one-piecehoodand dashboard.

e are intact. l nanycase. non-synchromesh employ-a The earlier beetlesare all 36 hols-epow. headlight assemntyi etc.000.gearbox. 3i Variant. Otheibuildersplanto acquire parts. tips sometimes car ads and VW repaiishopbare other potentialsourcesof the parts you need. weatherstripping. a 4-speed. remernber Whenbrowsing 1. can also be usedto. 2) the "Volkswagen For our ourooses. 4) Karmann-Ghia. g. 4. ge^arbox.the VW 'rplatform column the steering unit including Frontsuspension/steering differential andaxles Transaxle -. but thesecan generally be solvedwith little difficulty. address is: PARTSL0CAT0R. anddimmer switches. if the four itemslisted above M A NG L E . complete chassis. 1696 Washington that what you needconsistsof four majorpieces: throughthe wreckingyards. least 4O-hors-epower and all employ numbers startingat 5.'. areaandwouldassist you sigriificantly Avenue. but the later modelsare preferred. and transaxles) with metricand specialVW tools (andlike to tinkerwith engines Unlessvou are equipped it i. the wreckis usable-. sectionshouldbe of interestto all prospective familyilcan be dividedinto four groups:1) Pre-1950beetle. TheVariantandGhiaare not suitablefor use as chassis Post-|961brietie. Someminorcompatibility comoonent gether. local newspaper insurance broker concerning cheiper(e.N G V OLK S W A GEFLOOR PAN 2 . All the beetlesare suitable. For you reference. Sources ilo*'SZbO to $6rSO depending -from used yourautomo.the San Francisco lists and contains extensive calledthe PARTSL0CAT0R. synchromesh Bay Area-. San are listed in a automobile dismantlers ln the localeof Fiberfab -.sother.and for a Clodhopper.finish-your Manybits and piecesof VW hardware specialwheelsare goingto be used.e.' .ge-n cqqP-onggt! difficult to estimat_e_pri-cgs_fg1 It is extremely (not and running fo-r_$_25--$50. 4-speed. Most likely. framel Floorpan -.. alone). w henbuyi ngachassiswit h youcomplete the purchase.havethe sellerrun the enginebefore for iri engine "ngi.bile VW [totals"^ll We haveseen1954-1958Volkswagen acrossthe country-. as they vary considerably. gas tank (1961 or later).California.have The latercaii (englne gearbox. En g i n e (perhaps partfroma dismantler and partfroma You can buv all four piecesin onewreckor buy themseparately toproblems pre-1960and post-1960partsare pieced arisewhen rebuilder).thls brief a few "fresh" mechanical and perhaps cast" with a newClodhopper'body builders. lut r u n n i n q i . of Volkswageq updnage and condifion.wheels(unless gaugesi ignition. thanwreckingyardsare p3l!. wiperm-otor windshield Clodhopper.DON!TLET A Alwayskeepin mindthat. C ompl etepost-1960wr ecksr un 1 9 5 8 -6 0 fl o o rp a n sw i thrunni nggearsel l weli. ln either instance. The PARTSL0CATORis issuedmonthly oublication exist in your Northern California. ot oU i [l i a a u i i a U l t[ri ]n v e s ta l i ttl e m orei nal ow -mi l eagew reck. AC Q U IR IN A bodykit wish to replace the travel-worn a Clodhopper shell of the "beetle"they Manypersons Furchasing yardandrefurbish Volkswagen a wrecked this "outfroma salvage alreadv owh.001) . similarpublications in yardsthroughout automobiles bf all wrecked the PARTSL0CATOR if you choose_to utilize usedparts. the required Voltswa.94577 .9.D BOD YF O OLYOU ! -2- . for$100-$250. 2. 3.

Side bolts are accessible retaininq bolts at the locations lifted. 9. chainhoist.) Disconnect canbeextracted fromthe body andused as a source Thewiringharness of wire. lf not.3 . thefrontandrearseats Remove loose carpeting andfloormats Remove the battery andremove Disconnect thegaslines thegastankanddisconnect Drain the gastank Remove fluid reservoir thehydraulic fiomth body Separate (e. 2. careshouldbe exercisedwhen heavyand consideiable performance fromyour completed Clodhopper. the left frontwheel. Referring to Figure I -. 4. lt i-sbecause of this weight. R EMOV ]N GA W FLOOR P A N withoutthe body. 5.remove the body Now you are readyto unboltand remove under the edgeof the bodyand rearboltsare shown. The bodyis nowfree of the floorpan andcan be lifted-off using fromwithin the body(carpet accessible andseveralrrstrong andwillingil helpers. 8. you can skip this section. electric from wiring theengine all electrical choke.etc. 3. coil. 10.incidentally. readon! Volkswagen lf you acquired a wrecked from the floorpanthe followingtasks mustbe completed: Beforethe VW bodycan be separated I. 7. that you can expectconsiderablybetter-than-Volkswagen -3- .loss. 6.g. Remove shaftretainer Unbolt steering thesteering column clamp at thedashboard Unbolt thesteering assemlby column Remove the Volkswagen body.. The VW bodyis extremely a blockandtackle. or yourself removing it. 11.

{l r(./ .' ./ .t " oh * .Y' a / // / /' / -I- '-f* I I I l- I -4- . AU\ / .t / at\ .x r\* {{ vt1 Nr\N / .ou .$t $c inR HNm' $il$ I FIGURE ?/ lsfu Nut $AT {sq ^ \ i.

4 . provides adjustment of camber withou-tre1m-?ifrf-7ernftT-of continuous easily installedand -5- .bit anti -sw ay ant i. g e fl oorpan i s decamberi ng i he V W rearsuspensi on. to th e c e n te r Therefore the V W fl oo r pan m ust he C l odhopper body.D ri l l i ngi s performed w i th a 1'r dr ill.J<. uncouple t o t he a 15r' l i ne on the shi fti ngrod p ar allel h o leat the frontof therpan. backandforth o n th e re a ro f the ' pan-. b ro k e n be sanded to baremet al and p a i n to r p ri mer attenti on c ov er e d w i th a ru s t i n h i b i ti n g -.see Figure1 for couplin-g shift pedestil. *T he d e c a mb e ri n Set is by C amber S et .. 80" w heel bases a re v e h i c l es M o s t" d u n e buggies" fromthe center o f t he f r ontw h e e l s o f th e re a rw heel s). g l a s s . i ncl udi ng arm(referred D e c a m b e ri n ga c c o mp l i s h e radi us to by VW as of the fl oorpan. andthe frontsuspensi on b e d .e c a m b e r ed.rectangular can be accomplished Front-end lowering six or morestripsof steel-. 2 FIGURE r----(6] &6.5" w heel bases. radiusarms LEFT EAD'd'S AEPI F)-----K -\-. several t he ba ra rrd ra d i u s a rm/ a s s h o w n the bar i n the spl i nes ."-* 6/Ls . In addi ti on 1 4 " to a c c o mo d a t te be s ho rte n ea to shorteni ng.:ir.* \^p aYle o)'\ o-\s. Th e n e x ts te pi n p re p a ri nth i s r equir ed D ecamberi ng in sprung-w-eight caused by the replacement to compensate for the reduction of the VW steel bodywith the Clodhopper yourC l odhopper w i l l ri de several i nches f iber g l a s b s o d y .rem_ove th e tw o p i e c e s linesa n dre j o i h i n g access. A ny hol esi n the ' panshoul d b a tte ry bat t e ry tra yw h e re be pl ugqed or patched. l l e a n -u p c l e arthe fl oorpan pi eces of bi ts..r "r. Nowr ot at e " s pr in g -p l a te " ). The C am ber consi derabl y usi nga Fi berfab og p e ra ti o c na n b e h a stened the torsionbars. db o u t the' panshoul d be cleaned. half the strips in eachbar(cut bothsidesof bothbars--the torsionbarhousings is to drill throu_gh method of halvingthg front-ehdTpring-rate and lowei). is us u a l l y n o t re q u i re d bd y di sengagi ng the torsi on is bar. s h o u l d b e vacuumed or sw ept off. Decam ber ing i f C o rv a i r-p o w er i s pl anned.the rearw heel s be verti cal w henthe torsi on b ar sar e set wit h t w o p e o p l e s ta n d i n g shoul d properl y .. androtateas shown.floorpan Referring t he gear the. l i nesal i gned.gearshifr ftor n n Fi gure o f th e' panas-show in 3. To begi n.. Nlxt. The torsi on o n es o c k e t diill t h ro u q h barcanbe removed. S cri be th e a c c e s s t he s h i fti n g ro d th ro u g h of the rbd suchthat 3/8" of the scri bed l i ne appears ax is o f th e ro d ..and Th e g e n e rac should of tornfl oor coveri ng andw eather st r ipping. pul l -outthe barandradi us arm.s w a y l a ra n dth e " o ri g i n a l -e q u ipment" to the endof a 3-foot extension.'i o'nrl. fro rrth e s p l i n e s a t th e center i . cutting. e tc . secured the dotted is accomplished by cutting-out the piecebetween shortening first to FigureI -.nomi nal l y.. R ustspotsshoul d S t one s . by rolling the floorpan bothbarshavebeenrotated on wheels.lo pull out torsion barsand ldY. V W ' s have94. Another upper the dri l l eds-ocket barrunni ng through w i l l nowact as an o n l y (s e eF i g u re1).urf -. Remove the shiftinqrod fromthe transaxle -. i n F igure2. t he r e a rw h e e l s before should the C l odhopper bod yis secur ed " softened" t o it . Af t er andre-engage " notches" the settingis checked w el di ng. W i th o u d t e c a m b e ring too hi gh i n the rear.a/f e4DtL^t &1 \ of barscomposed by removing the fronttorsionbars-.speci al shoul d be gi venthe areasurroundi n the g VW a c i d m a yh a vespi l l ed. o i n th e s etw o p i e ces.Sgl"'oc f on ^ u'. e. P R E PA R IN G/S H OR TE N IN G TH E FLOOR P A N (di stance havi ng. R e m o v a e 1 4 l /4 " secti on on t he t wo piec e s w i th the tw o scri bed re ma i n i n gJ .i :l:1.

needonly be painted with a rustpaintto makeit readyfor the Clodhopper body. inhibiting -6- . cut a temporary the emergency insidethe tunnelawayfromthe sidesof tlie brakemounting andcut as shownin Figure1. in Figure1. Use an oxy-acetylene Mark the floorpan with chalkandcut as shown torchor a sabresaw. Checkdimensions "X" (X is approximately 54 L/2") to see that they equal. Shorten the various cablesusingcable aftercutting-outL4 L/4tt. awayfromthe side of t he t unn e l .sanding_. lnstall the shortened shift rod.accesshole in lhe tgp of the "tunnel". Coil the excessbrakeand gas lines. Movethe brakeline. Startthe holeabout4" behind Now. Reinsert the cut-outsectionby withdrawing the tubesin the holes in the rearsectionof the tunneland move the frontand rear piecesof the 'pan together as shownin Figure3. completed the floorpan With the cleaning. Reweld end of the tunnelandcut off the excess.shortening.. spficesor by havingnewendsswaged-on patching. Breakthe retaining weldssecuring the emergency brakemounting thesetubesto the tunnelbehind thoseat the pointswhere -. Beqdthe tubesrunning tunnelso that they will not be damaged duringthe subsequent cuttingoperation. running outsidethe tunnelon the floor. etc.breakall welds including the tubesexit the rearof the tunnel. Nowweld the shortened the tubeto the 'pantogether. Remove it overthe endsof the tubes.

.u .{ ."Yn""' \r .^ .t) n .L " vl.r-o ( .

5.flat-head(oi filister head) -. The windshield shield.the recommended on the molded-in lampsare manufactured by: R . D i etzC ompanv 225 W i l ki nson S tre6t Syracuse. at[ach it using stock VW hardware 0n to th e w i ri n g . Drill the bodyandhood.Urebestappearance the frame machine bofts. E . The originalVW body-6-panweather' directlyto the shown in Figure5. provided with the windthe frameandthe top of the dashboard.put washers the screwheads. Heavygaugesheetmetalscrewsshouldbe usedto secure the bodyto the 'pan alongthe front andrear mounting' placement lip -. Figure5 showsthe mounting of othercomponents in the Clodhopper body. * To f it the steerjng column. sheetmetalScrews the fasteners.hortened per side. to accept with poprivets. With the framein position drill through andsidesof the dashwith a5/16" drill -countersink the holes if flat-headbolts are to be used. Bolt the bo{y !o_th. Added support for the wiperassembly can be provided with a bracket mounted on the lowerI ip of the dashboard. The qas tank is placedin the pre-formed well in the noseof the bodyandsecured usingstock-VWgas tank hold-down clamps. column to the lowersurface as shownin Figure5. pasiedthrorr4h using8 step-bolts strip can be used. clampaffixedto the fiberglass the gas tankfillet placethe hoodin positionon the body After boringa hole in the hoodto accomodate or #10 machine and secure bolts.NewYork L32OL andcarrypart numbers 820-B and 820-C for blackandchrome units. Nowlift the steering of the dashboard and (U. Support the column temporarily universal-joint on the steering until the hoodis secured to the body.. with 5/16" hardware is gained usingplated. can be mounted on the forward The brakefluid reservoir side of the "firewall" usinga standard 3" hose usingpoprivets or small machine bolts and nuts. hole in the firewall 10" fromthscenterof the bodyand4" through the holeahdsecure downfromthe top of the firewall. wiper motorin the ho'od by drilling through Mountthe windshield the pair of mounting bosses with a 7/I6't drill . Passthe column the steering shaftlo the box. Headliqhts pedestals are mounted on the body-. between is secured to the hood. boreal-3/4".Placethe weather strip. General under of the bodyis shownin Figure4.ifavailable.. t * see pagel5 for the preciselocationof the windshield if a soft top is to be installed -8- . respectively. MOUNTING THECLODHOPPER ONTHE'PAN The Clodhopper bodymounts floorpah.-clamp and rubbergromme0. provided The windshield with the Clodhopper kit is boltedto the sidesof the hoodwith the vertical portion of the frameparallelto the face of the dashboard.body mounting lii of the body.e the 'pan holes in the rpanand 5/L6" holesdrilled in the mounting original. Place the wiper shaft bushings throughthe holes and securewith stock hardware.

<4 c:- -A c:::- : wl ul r' l .

r.*/ "&f /7 \--\"-.. l'. v l1 rnv I L0rl.FIGURE 5 -I0- . .$ \ .. q:f.""".

-rO. Fuse partsstore(e.t lc 6.headl i ghts. BATTERY: ln the right-hand whichto passthe cables.ithe surfacewhereit fgain . but anydimmer Ford switches all employ I'firewall' nearthe lowerright handcorner -.. just to the left of the clutchpe{al -. are yet to be installed.. Enginestarting i g n i ti on 2. late model andmechani sm i nstal l ed V W w i ndshi el w d i permotor W IP ERM 0 T 0 R: S tandard 3. etc. WIRING.viz.lrsi i. windshield fuse holders blocks be asry1n[te-d-rping may The fuse block is partof the WiringKit.onsideied floorpan. or VW to name CorvetteStingray.this The itemsin the list below. part number 57 E3006 as listed in the froma local electronics available for 1968I catalog Allied Electronics body. ETC.dashboard tai l l i ghts. FUSE BL0CK: 0n the insideof the "firewallt'above of four fuses: built cars use blockshavinga capacity parki ng l i ghts. of yourClodhopper.instruments. provides the ground-rules for completing the basicwiringof your This sectionof the instructions described below is based wiring system. generator.a wiring harness "l*3- tl*'u'- no{ a. from The factoryprgpared combinatidns.startersolenoid. etc.itFftOni liSf lppended fromyourlocalVD0 dealeror directlyfromFiberfab. oiI pressure. F R 0 N T PA R K IN G/T U RIN VVKarmann Ghia.11- .engine etc. Boreholes into the rearseatof the Clodhopper box molded 7.touse a more manyof our customers can be_used. Brakelights C. l i g h ti ng E x te ri o r -. the starter...factory6. lights. for the following: shouldprovide To begin. The hub-to-frontharnessis routedthroughthe Volkswagen t'ainJsieJrLjitiuJto itu shortened i.'55 Chevrolet nearthe headl i gh t s LIGH TS : 0n top of the frontfenders N D IC A T0R 2.. H0RN: 0n the outsideof the brace the centerof the floorpan -.l is .' -Y \rJ ttt"t 61e t. wipermotor. which has proven harnesses are .show./generator Instrumentation -. TAIL LIGHT/BRAKE a few. The configuration Clodhopper to the widestvarietyof engine/instrumentation/lighting the mostadaptable "harness". Additionally. instruments Althoughstock Volkswagen gauges vehicles are given used in_factory. forwaidalongthe side of the gastank to ihe headlights runninq biancheitii*. and locations itemsplus recommethods of theseto-be-installed mounting concerning list contains remarks mended sources -is gained -a pleasing appearance LIGHTS: 0n the reardecklip wherever 1. switchand'headlights. At this staqein the construction voltage fuel level sender.ignitioncoil.w.DO in the 0PTl0N LIST maybe ordered to theseinsdrlctions. lnteriorlighting-. The At this pointthe harness fuel tank-mountinglurface-.hub-to-rear is dividedinto two majorsections The wiring harness routingof . in the Clodhopper mountingbosses usingthe molded-in conventionally 4."+*tT'r t( r t t .or on the factory-assembled body. Fiberfabat extra cost. as the left to the right headlight in the samemanner . Horn. The gauses il'ih. 5. . fuel level.-Fltlt extensives-etof garges in th-eirnew Clodhopper. D. Turn indicators accessories.s lo Uettrerrhubr''of instrument nini. E n g i n e manyitemsto be wired havebeeninstalled. WIN D S H IE L D hood.e. andhub-to{ront--vfiere the -.fe. tai l l i ghts A. 1. battery. to the left edgeof fhe tank-mounting tefi-nanapdition ot the harnessis brought and parking lights. however. onebranch portionis routed switch. in the sidesof the box through prefer.these the general the wiring. or on eachside olthe front licenseplate-.use a VW horn..oil pressure regulator.9.tffi.factory-built cars DIMMERSWITCH: 0n the rrfirewall" unit shouldoperate successfully.f (. The V. The right-hand Tne otn"r brinilr is routedbackilonq the firewallto the dirnmer and parking light. divides in a "T".as partof the Clodhopper Wiring Kit. Figure6.9. H e a d l i g h ts. condition. 4.

t4 . /7 p KErt 7p rt/ulrcA /N 7Et(r 6 FIGURE l*ot* /ax Ii^*' O 4^tutE -t2- .

6. T = to h u b . 18. 2. (to dimmer power switch) Headlight p o w e r (1 2 ) A. I9. 25. 7. (to oneterminal of the pressure in the end switchmounted Brakelight switchpower of the brakemastercvlinder) switchterminal) Brakelight switchrelurn(14) T. 9. Leftturnlight (14) F. (10) F.along just above lip at the base of therearseatandfromthereit is extended the mounting to through the body thestarter. 15. 2]-. L7. catalog listed in the Allied Electronics * numbers wire sizes refer to recommended in parentheses #F = f r omh u b . 5.based diagrammed in Figure7. low beam of the rearharness Allwires leadto or fromthe hubwith the exception (#17). Right (I4) F. turnlight(14) F. fuel gauge and3-wire turn signalswitch). thewiresin theharnesses shown terminate as follows: to thenumbers Referring HARNESS REAR 1.s.5. Spare (14) F. (warninglightpower) Voltage regulator "61r' terminal (14) B.the inside is brought down surface harness of thefirewallto thefloorandthenback Thehub-to-rear I'tunnel" therightsideof thetunnel. 23.hub.6 is grounded to engine) Lighting (14) F. 10. Tail lisht(s) Brake light(s) (14) F. rearlightsandengine. (warning 0il Pressure (16) F. 24. 3. Hi g hb e a m power (I2) A. l i s h t(s ) (1 4 ) F . on the use of VW instrumentation in Figure7 is.and (# 18) andhigh beam the connection to it. FRONT HARNESS L3. (to the otherpressure F u e l ta n ks e n d (1 6 ) T . speedo-. Starter solenoid (14) F. iqnitionswitch. P a rk i n g Left turn light (14) F. power ground(wire#B). terminal coil "BATil lg-nition lightpower) switch (16) F. (terminated High beam-indicator (ground) wire (14) F. The wiring of the. Holn operating HornPower (14) F. The diagram wiperswitch. Spare (16) is passed thefloorandcentral along thejoint between -. -.. L2. Ri g h ttu rn l i g h t (1 4 ) F . 16. in Figure 6.. (wirein cluster giound with3. A = a h e a d B = backi n harness i n harness. L4.. F r o n te n dg ro u n d(1 4 ) A (1 2 ) T. 11. 8. is power of the harnesses (viz. 20. 22. windshield meier. Low beam in the sameterminal as wire#I7) light power (16) T.electrical motor Starter (14) F. 47 E 1876 and 57 E 3005 as e l o c ka re i n c l uded T he t 6r m in ab l l o c ka n d -fu s b for 1968). 4.4. rrhot'r primary primary system lead (8)* FYik. -1 3 - . headliqht i nthew i ri ngki t(e. switch.

Q t Hist \tr i$ vr " $!$I$ i 0 ++ i$ UR -L4- .$$ t: rl I rrJ I Il -l IH $t d)t t bs ir .

lf tlris dimension moreor less tffifi-60 inchesthe top will not fit or will fit improperly. s c u ff-p l a te o s n th e " d o o r"s i l l s . FiguresB and9 showhowthis top lf you decideto use the Fiberfab to thesefigures-. etc. to carpetyourClodhopper are: The materials required 1. carpetjute for padding l 0 y d s . Installthe mounting screws. pull the the locating-and-drilling repeating frameand locate. a u to mo ti vcarpetti 4 yds. etc. Thenspraythe jute and install the carpetting Spraythe floor with trim adhesive over it. Referring with the small bowto the rear.the top{ows are assembled is installed. centerthe top on the bowsanddrill through lf all measurements screws. Then. Otheritemsto be considered be yourgui de."stock" VW front seatscan be used I'minimumt' with a pieceof plywood and the rearseat spaceneedonly be covered forming a seat. Tuck the frontflap of the top into the top to the bowswith chrome-washered the bowsand secure frameand pull the top reanvard until it is taut.. by measuring fromthe centertop edgeof the rearseat Checkthe positionof the top of the windshield is to the centerfrontedgeof the windshield.. This measurement shouldbe 60 inches. Let youri magi nati on soft-topon yourClodhopper. as shown. etc.drill and install the frontsnap-studs. The principalitemof upholstery -. the seamsin the top into check. 4. bar s . sure it is nodubside-down)'and and install the jute. Sew on the binding. Cut the jute to match the iarpetting. Drill the bodyand install the stud. startingat the center the groovein the windshield snap. brackets. 2. Workout fromthe center process until all the snapsare affixedto snap-studs. 3. (36rrw i de) e ng 4 y d s . Finally. (mounted grabfor interiorfinishinginclude ashtrays in the dashboard). v i n y l c a r pet-bi ndi ng I spraycan of trim adhesive Use heavykraft paperto makepatternsof the floor area.with#10 self-tapping The tops of the bowsshouldbe parallel.accomplished usingpart or all of the materials Upholstering listed in the is the carpet 0PTION LIST. top smoothly overthe windshield 4 I 60 w -t5- .TOUCHES FOR YOUR FINISHING CLODHOPPER yourClodhopper can be. markthe bodyto locatethe snap-stud. Transferthe patternsto the carpet (making cut.

Chrome-washered screws 9 FIGURE -t6- .

5 0 01 No. the Volkswagen To complete the engineinstallation.0 0 to $ 3 0 0 . Nowbolt the Corvair transhxle--interferenbe between the transaxle and the engine heater by reshaping duct is eliminated the ductsor replacing themwith Crown #5012 Heater Adapters.6-vol t uni tsw i th seri esvol tage droppi ng resi stors. of the V ol ksw agen 6-vol t . remove the Corvair in the endof the crankshaft and r eplac e w i th th e e x te n d e d -ty p se u p p l i ed by C row n-. T hc Cro w n Ad a p te K r it includes: N o . is available fromCrownManufacturing. 5 0 03 N o .:ed hy CrownManufacturing 651 West Seventeerith Company.using. Univ ers aT l h ro ttl e a n da s u i ta bl e exhaust system i s i nstal l ed Linkage th e e l e ctri cal becomes Us i n gth e C o rv a i e system 12-vol t i nstead r ngine. m u s tb e l 2 -v o l t L r ni ts -.7. The ring gearilflopoverl by one unfamiliar with settingup automotive shorrld rrot be attempted rearends. gauge sti l l appl i cabl e.0 0 . pilot bearing After the bell-housing is removed. Next. GoodCorvair 1962 or later. Street.A voi dthe turbo-charged engi nes. how ever. 5 005 N o . C row n#5010). lhe bell-ho. Bolt the adapter plateto the Corvair(if the of the Volkswagen plate. compensates transaxle to a VW shopandhavethemput the ring gearon the otherside of the Takethe Volksw-agen case(thedirection engine opposes of rotationof the Corvair that of the VW.. make oil seal is not yet installedin youradapter surethat whenyou do install it you referto the or irina l C o rv a i b i t i n backw ards). bol t the adapted fl yw heel to the (w i thcl utchdi sc i n pl ace) rra n k s h a ft Cor v a i r a n dth e nb o l t th e c l u tchpl atecover to the fl yw heel . l h e ny o uw ri te . CostaMesa. engineis readilyreplaced with a muchmore powerful glSilq. 5 0 04 N o . 5 008 A dapter E ngi ne Adapter Starter H eavy-duty' Fl yw heel P l ate H eavy-duty P ressure P l ate C l utchD i sc U ni versal Throttl e Li nkage it_ems Crown also manufactures a number of accessory suchas muffler-exhaust systems whichcan be powered Furfter information usedtor yourCorvair Clodhopper. Drivethe starter-motor-shaft bushing out of the VW transaxle andreplace with the specialbushing in the StarterAdapter to the Volkswagen kit. throttlewire is coupled to the Corvair via the (e.lkswagen adapter strongly recommend the use of the adapter kits prodrr. -t7- . r e l l -h o u s i nto g a v o i dp l aci ng N ext.9. Califoinia.the-ori gi nal beari ng hasthe proper l D butdoesnot engage cnough transmission inputshaft.or -. T hewi ri n gh a rn e s s ed se s c ri b e d i n Se cti on 5 removed fromthe Corvair enginein preparation for mounting a Corvair-toplate.A l l bul bsgauges.. 5002 N o . d e p e n d i no the Volkswagen floorpan It is not necessary to decamber if Corvairpoweris usedas the added weight of the CoiG-irengine for the Volkswagen camber. Corvair yardsfor at mostwrecking gn yearandcondi ti on.i f y o umenti on that the ki t i s to be used I t will h e i re l p fuw w i th a Fi berfab body.$f 00. are available engines. The Corvair starteris usedby means of the starteradapter. s lndc r ri n i ts e tc . With re-gard to adapters--w_e Vr. C OR V A IR P OW E R the Volkswagen For more"G0" fromyourClodhopper.

00 45.) Tachometer 44.5 ft.12 ft.78 Fe 3272 gauge Fueffevef L3.50 6 d 'a v SETBYVDo CoMPLETE 6 VoLT TNSTRUMENTS. List Price Description VDONo.6 ft.o . seatcovers(black Front andback resO.85 aaiqn SETBYVDo CoMPLETE 12 VoLT TNSTRUMENTS.00 7 5 .68 Fuellevelgauge Fu 3002 L4.07 Va 0002 gauge installation kit .LZ ft. pressure gauge 0il De 3502 $ 10.22 Tank Unit Tf 220t Ammeter 6.00 45.) 44.05 Speedometer U 64 rev/milel Sp 1222 2.95 59.78 sender Oil temperature Fe 3273 L3.00 29.25 Am1903 gauge Vacuum L3.85 Tachometer zeisA -t 8 - . Vacuum 23.97 sender Oil pressure L2.00 39. pair sidecurtains Deluxe Bootfor top (6 or 12 vol0. (4 cyl.22 Tankunit Tf 220L unit 2.. 5. gauge pressure Oil De3501 $ 10. 0 089.30 Vacuum (764 rev/nild 23.80 .CLODHOPPER OPTION LIST finish Two-tone solidcoloror Metal-flake or black) vinyltop(white Covertible (black.97 L4.68 Fu 3001 Kit Tank lnstallation 2. B0 cable VW-to-VD0 speedometer .00 45.30 installation kit .00 1 0 0 .set Rear seat(cushion pair Economy sidecurtains. complete kit Harness Wiring $ s0.25 Ammeter Am1903 gauge L3.set Carpets pair vented-vinyl).92 Fe 32L3 sender Oif temperature 6. (withframe).75 0il temperature Fe 32L6 6.vinyl-textured) Hardtop Show-bar 0oll barfor looks) safety) Go-bar(roll barfor maximum (black only).07 Vacuum Va 0002 gauge s.40 sender 0il pressure De3603 gauge L6.52 Tankinstallation Tf 225L 6. 2'?' si) do 25.52 Tf 225r 14. Description List Price VDONo. (6 cyl.A5 Speedometer Sp L222 VW-to-VDO speedometer cable 2.30 De3601 gauge Oif temperature L3.95 35. 0 0 '- { .

. Our only preface to Johnts artr icle ls that you should not play around 'r:ith the torsion bars just because you have notlring else to do on a Sirnday afterrroon.e deeanberilg the rear wheels.rg Although arn is a length of metal i-he suspension gecr:etry of t. and a.he car rnay'be ab:r{+.ecjtnlcai and need e:i c::-eern us here.uendency. particularly under the influence of a crossuind. -"he rear axle housilg to are nosl noticeabl"e. nosily with just hi.e e l s e v e n j J r a n e w c a r : : . ::! nay be necessary to loosen +. of course. ?he :::cice::tal effect of decanberGg which causes .-pruru uol lhe effect of decarnbe:.. the heat exchanger fc.flexlble "" nove this bra_ke hose and to is in such cases tha+.rorizontal.s to jack up the car and remove o"" oi'ti""lhat degree to which the rear wheels are tilted rear rreels.heri lhe rear wheels are perfeerJ-y verl.r the heater and bility Jf you have ihe perriii. In the . ''"rlani pot"crt"sr. _'.ing or: the oiers:€er=g teridenc.cnt -uor_ --+ s:c:.4lo'r. a pre no-.. cester in *. has a pronounced"iffecl :r the oversteering tencie::cy and rtrilL decrease j-t in all cases. The iraiii. be r::o. hence greater directional stability. t h e f r o n t t-ie rea:.l'so a tenalency. conducted some adjustEenl on hri-s rear torsion bars and lrrote up the details and explained a few techalcal polnts as he went."*is rather +. r+e donrt know his weight.sine for pivotal perrnanen'"1ydefo:'rned than do the rear torslon li:--h .ie a noscd do'rrnappearanee.:e a-tle housing which serves .ilal5 they i.g ihe car to have trcre cr less a neutral_ steering .q:per ends. A1l of faults -ihese Here ccrrected by decanbering the fear 'I'he fact that the shfurmying disappeired "h. doi. lowering of the a 19 mn.astoo Little front wleel caster bejor. Eeili:ighann. :.tions. and in many case. : """ neasure the angle &5A). 5il wide and about VB" at 3/16'. these nuis and boLts fitted are inciepencienlly suspended.::e car be new or used.... We suggestthat jJ you lo:row there is a li.t. along. and reports thlngs are back on arr even ke e1 . 'b e q u i te .uly ou.:src€d degreq . Then r€move the three sets of outwardly so that their upper portions nulvs and bolts nhlch connect the bifurcated are disp_1aced outrardty of the road contacting po:. a . The operation on the rear torsion bars ca:: be done by alnosi ar{fone who can turn a lrrench provided sorne guidance is angles have developed on other cirs at about the sane nileage. of . reports that after clriving his Porsc. rdrich*. ho of the nuts and bolts also servj_r:p are said to have zero canber. a J-953 coupe.rdnether '. The first stpn The ciegree of carnber of the rear lrheels is 5.j-r.rench. t ". Wash.he about 2OTOOO ni1es.r a nerr pair. WeLl equinned =ifriii""r L ^-. liu. a droop snoot. perfectiy proper when back . the front torsion a::c rtich extends foru:ardly of the rear'ax"le bars apparen+. lhe above-neniioned overc1a:e sl-igh. Potorec Region..urrardly to preve.. kin4rjns are tilted toward the rear of tbe car at thelr i. rz::+.heels of a porscbe. &'e urlterrs auJomobile. -. These conditions r€y in large part. whereas the rear end nay be '-:is. possessed a great tendency to overdte. it developed a port or /cu want the rear end to hold in corpetition.. causing c:r t.ri it fron :teering lendency and lack of dlrec. if no*". . ^. . Because of the to att€cil the shock absorber lewer bracket"to rr€rner irl rfrich ihe rear wheels of the porsche the ar*ie housing. then go ahead and do the job..rn from the l. :3rz:ax]g.a rs so i hat af ler pr c longed us e. to follow a path of progres$ive1y decreasing ridiue in any one given turning position oJ the steerjng rheelp requlring the driver to ropen uprr on the steering wheel 1n order to steer around a curve of constant radius. although perhaps an hour to ar houtr and a h-aif should be allowed.y so as io l-eave '1ir? rs:i end of enci of the car nay tre lower to the grou:rd fhan the trailing anrr free.91f"-being the anount tha"" th.Ler factor contributing to directibnal sta_ is the proper anount of toe in of the lielty lront wheels.f. puff .of .op.+ gc -^ out ano Du. ?o do i'" orirhali. read '-::e res-. . si:Fle. :ut u:rusl..ege. a1_ i:cugh z 3nt" soeket rues also used to good rear enc of the car wiih respect to the rear ad'":hee1sproduces negative canber. be eonr pletely overcotne by decanrbering the rear wheels.ers the rear enC of the car aad that lo"*ering the rear end of tte car will tend to create i greater degree of caster of the front wheels. k-e g:'eater tendeney for the front rfieels to reroirl in or return to the stral.hese three nuts and bol_ts re"rorrea.uional stasir':. fhe greater the degree of caster.r.:p:' The radius arm (uhicb is attached to the end of the rear torsion bar) when hlngJng^free. should have an angle of from 6f" to 7. of tf:is a l f h c u g h a s l i g n t c e c a n t e : i n g o f th e -=e : ': -l e : . Many Porsche owners have erperienced the tendency of thelr car to oversteer.directional instaUi i i ty. . causi:. ttrat will accurately on lhe rear radius arna.' was. since the frcni e:rd in all other respects uas 1n gocd shape.ght-ahead positioa. John Snyder.hick. rear end of the trailing arm to the a:rte hous!.. suffice it to say that ciec"--::e:irg the rear . h31.i_ to have greater directior:al stability i=" is easily understandable when it is real_ized 'i:at cecamberilg the rear wheels lov. job. that n1"m at substar-rfiaii-y< its origir:a1 height. 38 lecarnbering the rear wheels is a rathel . It fc: :he . Gene got out hj-s shop nurual ard reised the lefi: rear of his car one degree and lowered ttre right rear one degree.DE0II'EERI'{G T}IE F.Iy have a greater tendency to be conneciion to the franne.EA-R i\IEEEIS Gene Rj-Ceout.l.riterrs car. a requirenenl mdgl any circunstances. axLe housing reanlard3. the ca:" t.nseif in the car. shous tlrat there r. l'lany have al-so e:rperienced the tendency of the car to "wander" at higher speeds.

.p""ing than this l wel .:s l::-::ecteci t.-.iii-dJ. scratching beco*es bad.e the inner end of the bar a. We tried this on a 'rtiredlr blade holder by tappi-ng '1 i f rr ^^-.iral positi:n on the bar in a direct:.drich extend. Incicentai"ty.e j-t one spl1ne il the directlon which '.Ll.le shatter-proof tho it.ere are lrlr splines on the outer end of the tcrsi.nosn1-el.6s burne.j WIPTREI"ADES .qh: gradc of Lubri -pl are.'.__r as w el l as rai ny ones. tne'bf the dlsadvantases of the Porsche nildshield material is ttrli it is sonewtrat softer thsn ordina# gb.rn w i .jter end.g.face of t.. The rrindshields. iti lower edge vi1l eit::el . ir.adeholders will scratcn the vindshield. uhlch are used to aftaeh the blade holders to the n-iper arrrs.o *oJ_f eration ishould be the keynote.hese two sieps be'i. Ir w orke._l .C rot€-.l a new onet he reprtcked the gear case *.rg -ro jus.e l:ailirg a:. ?ne nerL ste_: is to renove the four i. usilg a larger haruner as an anvil on the other end of the rivet.. the trailing _ atrr on both sides of the car sniirra be so positionea --ft that..has some go. If this.uer job afier the rivets nere tightened" ii p ii I ir P. eve! nne spline irith respect io the torston bar so tbe rear end of the arrn 1s moved uprrerdJ.arts are all reassenbl"ed.lus ireed.such a pcs:. I?ris is rather easiiy acco=lished since there are fer+er s'pli.r. ""p eiit er a steps should be repeat. it tr l J V:i 39/ .rear il: j: t' I' l. a:-. !fuc: n:ore . r. I: othe: w6rds. Insofar as ti:e i:rsion bar is concet-nec. These two 17 rm '-:rencb or a 2V32" srencb. r.t..c --:.traiii:rg arn jiist ciea:. as well as the rrj-n_ d91s. Ii'r. i! ll fi F.n he rerel v e.-.u ve:-.'::st :-ear Ine . throughout the internrediate length oi tne Uar to protect it fron rust.:.f.3:r whlc: wcu]d 'icwer its rear end from its orj-gj-*ii p:. The bcss is fr6ffoin . doing tbls to uark a vertical iine on-tfre outer.:sit::: of the tlaiii. i.ei'orf { [.ctfier siCe of the car. res.s transversel-. lubri-cated. F li WIPERS V{ORKING? E ugene R i deout of B sl l i ngh.! I F rr---h t-: -. tight the netal parLs cannot tip over far enough to touch the windshleld. One of our rnembers suggests that if the snall rivets.ion..rrg arrr boss wnen lhe parts are assenbled. . t. the flt being ra+.-oi not."o ihe torsion bar and to the: rotz'-e and re-er. nake it ve:y diffitult io .=.s or is no iore ?I thar 1/bil frcnr tne st. wl!tr a screl=rivere since it carrles on lts rnner siCe a resilient b-:shing drictr ernbraces the oEtes ed of a boss . Thrs nrikes it easier to grab the iorsion bar anc exert tne necessary pullrng force io renove it fror its spl-ured socket.liar a_ rounct uetroit.:! when fre:. anci re-.y f. "orl...on bar and its ir:ner end is provided rfith LC gpfir€s' Since rctating the freed traiL.:lt in very.oirl"C :a':se raisi-::i of the r:ear end of the ar: irere it a+-tached .re a cloclcdse directi_on. s1igh.rc i r D pl S r.y spJ_i. rhe dy:l *O vili probably have to be pr5.op.nat iis lower ecige :-s e:ga::i aga=:ls-L -_:e siop on the frane jusi r:-rrzrl. both wheeLs are identically camt. thrc:gh and is rigidly secured to the ronraFd end of 1.e motor duri ng rhe *'arranry peri .ns'i-fii:ient clearance bei"*een tle brate Crun and fe::er.. C 6.j rh a li . torsion bar. many state lavs requir8 tfr"t tn.r.lng ana.n6 w i ndshi el d w i per machani sms. of the F. H .r.rlts -s=:_chseeure :ie dust for "ure tors:o:r bar Lo f.i-on .s did a bet..e it..rewarding "iii and noticeable results. probably be nec€ssar:/ to rne-nipulate both the inner end of the icrsion bar a:d the outer end to adriere the lesired resrlt.erua. . Fr lt lz al E n t.s rea:. r.rrl rcr .::oab-i..rcq j"ts orLgiml position and then reengagi::g t}:e a:'n rrith tb"e torsion bar railI effect a ccnsilerable Cegree of 1or"-ering of the reaf e:d of the car on tlat side. are kepr .her s:'..gage the arm one spline fron r:s or:. q!/ s-o thet rbe original position of the "fff torst on ber can be Ce^"errrlnsdo c-ection. the :-::t effect of .he .son" of us have discovererl that the irui"i-i" ti:" uindshield rriper b3. Needless'to bar :s rotaied c:e spii_ne in a counterclcclc. Tbe nexl step is the bai'lina ara autwardly €o that it !o-p"y pur r-q off frca tbe outer end of -ttre torsion -U""l-Oufo"" Eoneve. it is best to first renove the rub_ ber bushing wirich is slipped i-ntc the frane and enbraces the ir^:rer end of the trailj.stance ic :lear en. n!) rj rL\rerr oui rl c . uh1-e the arm is rotated one fyene.enough.n.ui ti .rnade pf a specfai glass whigh.d aJ. particular care shoulcj be taken not to scratch it an$" although the splirres are ^". hop in the car and head for the nearest dirt road.r.r:ne lnner enri of the bar than there are o:i rhe c.l . It shc':*rj be roteci at tr:.:=t at which tne trail_ 1ng a::-. and if you canrt take that curve faster and wlth less rear end sliding. on :he feft rear wheel. a. \l l i . This dld the trick brut we suggest that you be careful the rlvet is not so tight that j"t vil1 prevent free movement of the holder as i-t passes over Lhe curved surface of the rindshleld. I hrs w oul d probabl v appl v rr. there shouLd be a coatin!-of g""ur. let rne trorou."r.'ri ni ui n..:'a11irg a::t t..nes on ..rshi ngr.:ba:-y be '.cl be renewed.J.g am. or be spaced no more +-han i a'' ab. i i arnr will probab1y be =:ch :. should be reraernbered that even a very slight overall adjustnent of the trailing . WitU ifre parts reassenbled...torsibn bar (nai]. arrd vice versa icr +-le -.d cj -..l rrr_. podlf.^-^ ugrlry severa_L -L+1.::.. oi trru sandrich construption whLch is farn:i. it n'il"l prcbably t" !"T.:. 'v{e also noticed that the viper. is .eci lmtil.point that tire optfunn . in Porsches are. terna.ned and recelves the splined outer end of tle torsion bar.l . it ldll 13ai].lace :be rear r*te: since there r+ill be i."*o. unes uith a snal1 harnmer.hnen re_ rnoving fhe ir:::er end cf the torsion bar .r. the best rnanner of proeee:ing is to Cisenga.a si:Ji::ien-.fron its forked. Lhe torsj..1y raise the rear end ci the a:n wherr .na f"-.. it wi1J.the lower edge thg.

? .1'1 I " 6 .v".-y--'/ .. e-1 .