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75 years of power, mobility & safety
Leonding, September 24, 2012. The two core values of continuity and independence have shaped the Banner’ history, forming a thread that has run through the past 75 years. Accordingly, the family-owned company, which numbers among Europe’s leading battery producers, intends to remain true to these values in future. A policy that is more than vindicated by the fact that as of now Porsche numbers among Banner’s OEM reference customers.

What began on September 16, 1937 in Rankweil/Vorarlberg/Austria with the pioneering spirit of Artur Bawart was successfully continued by his sons Norbert and Roland in Linz-Leonding. In the 1970s and 1980s, they turned Banner into an international synonym for high-quality products and launched the first maintenance-free battery onto the market.

In 1996, the third family generation in the shape of Andreas and Thomas Bawart assumed the management of the company and introduced rotary expanded metal as a new production technology. Furthermore, their timely investment in start-stop technology and internationalization through the foundation of additional sales branches has resulted in market leadership. Banner has now surpassed the four million batteries per year mark, operates 28 branches in fifteen European countries and employs a workforce of 760.

The future consists of innovative power and environment-friendly mobility. The company has accepted present challenges and is intensively involved in the preparation and advancement of energy concepts for the environment-friendly mobility of today and tomorrow. Together with a market-adequate expansion policy, this is a clear indication that in the years to come Banner will continue to play a major role in the automotive sector.

Against the background of global warming and the further indications of a shortage of fossil fuels, the European automotive industry has set itself ambitious targets with regard to a reduction in CO2 emissions. In response, Banner offers two differing types of further develContact: Günther Lemmerer, Marketing and PR Banner GmbH Banner Strasse 1;4021 Linz-Leonding (A) Tel. +43/(0)732/38 88 – 21550; Fax Ext. 61550 Mobile +43/(0)676/873 81 550 E-mail:

owing to the fact that the family-owned company also pursues a policy of continuous growth. Fax Ext.bannerbatterien.4021 Linz-Leonding (A) Tel. 80Ah and 95AH performance class batteries are being delivered to the production plant in Zuffenhausen for the 911 www. According to estimates. These companies include names such as Audi.lemmerer@bannerbatterien. Dethleffs. which operates virtually permanently at the limit of its capacity. Austria. Contact: Günther Lemmerer. Moreover. Banner manufacturing is concentrated in a single plant in Linz-Leonding. where the Porsche Cabrio. Banner was able to sell over 700. Boxster and Cayman models are manufactured. Mitsubishi. These sales clearly indicate that a growing number of automotive producers are turning to top quality Banner batteries for first fitting. which primarily supports starter batteries as a second battery in vehicles with extremely high energy requirements. The Banner brand will certainly gain additional status through this partnership. which was required primarily for high-potential AGM batteries. 61550 Mobile +43/(0)676/873 81 550 E-mail: guenther. As of now. Caterpillar. In the 2011/2012 financial year. In concrete terms.000 AGM batteries and current automotive industry demand for these batteries remains strong. Liebherr.” Production capacity enlargement. . These two batteries are supplemented by the Banner Running Bull BackUp. Banner’s commercial CEO: “We are proud of the fact that we have obtained Porsche as a new customer. Andreas Bawart. Banner is also supplying the premium class manufacturer Porsche with AGM starter batteries.Media Info oped lead batteries consisting of the AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries for micro-hybrid vehicles (the Banner Running Bull AGM power pack for family and premium class cars) and the EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) for small cars with start/stop functions (Banner Running Bull EFB). Volvo and VW. Jungheinrich. Therefore. not to mention a number of special machinery manufacturers. Marketing and PR Banner GmbH Banner Strasse 1. BMW. This resulted in an increase in production of 20 per cent. by 2020 roughly 90 per cent of all the new vehicles produced will be equipped with start/stop systems and therefore will either be fitted with an AGM or an EFB battery for the related energy supply. Banner is providing Running Bull AGM batteries to VW Osnabrück (the former Karmann). 70Ah. a record sum of over EUR 25 million was invested in additional plant and storage capacity in the period from 2010 to 2012. +43/(0)732/38 88 – 21550. Mercedes. Porsche – a new OEM reference customer. Kässbohrer.

Fax Ext.bannerbatterien. Mitsubishi. The European market absorbs a total of 65 million starter batteries annually.4. BMW. www. African and Asian states via direct importers. +43/(0)732/38 88 – 21550.4021 Linz-Leonding (A) Tel. France. As opposed to the preceding financial year. Kässbohrer. The family-owned firm. Photo captions 1) Competence: 75 years of battery design and production experience 2) Modern production: AGM batteries are manufactured using high-tech systems 3) The company management: Andreas Bawart. VW. Marketing and PR Banner GmbH Banner Strasse 1. Germany. 61550 Mobile +43/(0)676/873 81 550 E-mail: guenther. which are also characterised by the Banner logo. Hungary. employs a workforce of around 760 across Europe. Commercial CEO (r. in 2011/12 total Banner sales revenues rose by more than five per cent to EUR 237 million. the Czech and Slovak Republics. Volvo.bannerbatterien. Banner products are sold in more than 50 . Romania.lemmerer@bannerbatterien. Austria. On a sales basis. the Netherlands. Denmark. In Austria. whereby some 40 million go to the free retrofitting market. Banner is the number four in the European starter battery branch and during the last financial year. the company plant in Linz-Leonding manufactured and sold four million batteries. steadily expanding producer of top quality starter batteries. has been manufacturing batteries for all types of vehicles since 1937. most experienced and important brands in the battery production field. the UK. Caterpillar und Jungheinrich. Banner batteries are used for the first fitting of numerous models from Audi. Switzerland. which is headed by Andreas Bawart and Thomas Bawart.Media Info Banner is Europe’s no. Technical CEO Banner at a glance Banner GmbH is an innovative. Bulgaria and Turkey dealers are served via Group sales companies with a total of 28 branches. Russia. Liebherr. The company. Further information is available under: www.0 million starter batteries annually and thus numbers among the oldest. Banner produces and sells over 4. Future-oriented technology and outstanding quality underline the international reputation of these exemplary products with “buffalo power”. Poland. Skoda. Moreover.) and Thomas Contact: Günther Lemmerer. which is based in Linz-Leonding.

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