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Flat Panel Speakers

Next Generation Plane Wave Speaker with MCMA Technology
‐Multi Cell Microtransducer Array‐

Leading Company of Plane Wave Speaker


resources. speakers anywhere at conference halls. Idealistic planar waves can be created by putting many micro-cells on polymer molecule vibrating diaphragm. This makes events such as concerts and theatrical events come alive. This technology is quite different from conventional cone speakers due to its sound waves (spherical wave and plane wave). . You can fully enjoy clear sounds. transportation cost and storage cost. Highly Recyclable Recycling rates: Cone speakers 35%-65%. Extreme temperatures range from -20 degrees to 220 degrees.5% (maximum depending on products) The benefits of being light and compact can curtail necessary energy. The amount of space that can be saved by using our speakers can be very advantageous for various applications. Conventional box speakers are usually called "Cone Speakers". MCMA (Multi Cell Microtransducer Array) Technology The MCMA Transducer was developed by our company and has already granted patents in Japan and other countries. Thus. FPS Flat Panel Speakers use "Plane Flat Panel Speaker Conventional Cone Speaker wave" technology. will change the way people view acoustic sound forever. FPS's new generation speakers are composed of our newest flat speaker unit. This groundbreaking theory. Minimum Acoustic Feedback Planar wave speakers are much less susceptible to acoustic feedback. One can place Waveform of sound is Our company name FPS is stands for Flat Panel completely different Speakers. FPS speakers 99. They generate spherical waves that will lose its strength the further it travels. Our FPS speaker can weight only one/fifth the weight of other professional speakers. our products is very eco-friendly. The thinness of our speakers makes the speakers look very trendy. Our speakers can create the ideal planar waves based on our advanced FPS patented technology. True Sound Plane wave speakers can reproduce clear higher tones easier than conventional cone speakers. This enables us to create Sound waves are very directional Sound waves carry in all direction sound with only 7mm~15mm of thickness. Quick Rising Time Compared to conventional cone speakers. school auditoriums and meeting rooms. such as vocals. "MCMA". FPS Flat Panel Speaker is the 21st century’s speaker unit. Our speakers can be used in places where moisture and heat will not be a factor on its performance. instrumentals and the theatre. sounds created by planar wave speakers rise ten times quicker. without the fear of feedback. Lightweight and Compact A car audio speaker system using cone speakers can weight up to 11 kg while our FPS speakers only weight 2 kg. High Water Resistance Our vibrating diaphragm uses waterproof materials.The New Sound Characteristics of the Plane Wave created by FPS Characteristics of the Plane Wave created by FPS Strong Directivity Plane wave sound have lower attenuation since the wave advance only to the forward and easy to control the sound spreading area. The MCMA planar wave technology broadens the functions of sound. The theory Plane Spherical Wave Wave behind cone speakers has been unchanged for about eighty years.

Spray nozzle effect requires the design of the sound wave to show a rediant form that limits the optimal sound fields.Less than 1/5 The acoustic energy of sound source shows in a nonlinear form. Application is endless due to its size. Principle of operation Sound Quality Singular voice coils. ompact. Line source 1/R  (R is distance) 5m distance . Sound Field Installation Flexibility Decay by distance Application is limited due to its resistance to heat and moisture. Flat Panel Speakers delivers comfortable sound from close to far distance. . Minimum acoustic feedback Sound atmosphere Gentle to human being ■ For Elderly people with hearing difficulty ■ For paging at hospitals without   distracting others Plane wave speaker is gentle to people. loyal to the original sound…. Rich and clear sound that is full of life. those are the outstanding characteristics of our Flat Panel Speakers.Application of the Characteristics Differences between Cone & FPS Places with congestion noise High directivity. durability and far reach clear sound effectively function on the places with noise. Facilities having high ceiling produces reverberation. This is achieved by linear sound waves. such as church. Core is 7mm~15mm thick. etc. gymnastic hall. magnet diaphragm vibration (effective sound) diaphragm incorporated with lead circuit vibration (effective sound) vibration (effective sound) sound current magnet sound current Sound pixel type with multiple voice coils.1/25 Water resistance In Humid places ■ BGM at swimming pools ■ BGM at Spas Water and humidity resistant Flat Panel Speakers Suitable for Aquarelated facilities. sound comes from glass surface) adaptive to various uses Propagation section (Sound wave) High fidelity reproduce of original sound True Sound Concert ■ For Acoustic concert ■ For Classical music concert Suitable for concerts focussed on the quality of original sound. weight and resistance to heat and moisture. ■ Outside use Station yard and platform Busy downtown Outdoor event Outdoor large-sized monitor ■ Places many people get together Facilities for entertainment Hospital waiting lounge Far reaching clear sound without feeling noisy near speakers Endurable. Sound Produce The characteristics of plane wave enable new sounds produce. We can deliver clear and comfortable sound with less reverberation. Places with reverberant noise Flat Panel Speaker Cone Speaker Clear & Easy to listen anywhere Less reverberation is the advantage of Flat Panel Speaker. True sound reachable over a distance with acute directivity. Point source 1/R2 (R is distance) 5m distance . ■ Faintly hear birds song ■ Different sound from speakers set side by side ■ Unexpected sounds produce Utilizing strait ahead sound and reflection (ex. Mid and high pitched sound output comes from both sides of the speaker.

4 x 364.9kg 15kg Color Black Silver Black Silver Black Silver Silver Silver Black Silver Black Silver OK PLS-4 FPS0105HY-02 10W 20W 82dB±3dB 8Ω 30 x 150 x 10.4 x 364.) .5 22 x 220 x 10. FPS0202N3R2 FPS0204N3R2 FPS0206N3R1 FPS0212M7R1 FPS1010M3R1 FPS1030M3F1R FPS2030M3P1R Rated Input 3W 5W 8W 7.2 75g OK PLS-2 SW-P2 FPS-C0104MN10VI FPS-C0104ST10 FPS-C0104ST08 10W 5W+5W 20W 10W+10W under 84dB±3dB 86dB±3dB 6Ω 2Ω+2Ω 22 x 220 x 10.Products . FPS1030M3F1R FPS0212M7R1 FPS0206N3R1 FPS0204N3R2 FPS0202N3R2 FPS1010M3R1 FPS2030M3P1R PL-4 PL-12 PL-2 PLS-4 Pipeline Speakers PLS-2 "Hybrid speaker" FPS0105HY-02 "Slim speaker (Stereo / Mono)" FPS-C0104MN10VI & FPS-C0104ST10 & FPS-C0104ST08 SW-P2 PL-SWB Parts No. Multiple speakers mounted vertically enhance directivity and extend effective range. (As of the end of March 2010.4 x 14. PL-12 PL-4 Rated Input 90W 30W Maximum Input 180W 60W SPL 88dB at 1m 1W 88dB at 1m 1W 86dB at 1m 1W 89dB at 1m 1W 86dB at 1m 1W 93dB at 1m 1W 93dB at 1m 1W Frequency Characteristics 140Hz-20kHz 140Hz-20kHz 140Hz-20kHz 220Hz~15kHz 220Hz~15kHz 50Hz-500Hz 30Hz-500Hz Impedance 8Ω 6Ω 12Ω 6Ω 12Ω 12Ω 8Ω Dimensions (W x L x D) φ75 x 1790mm φ75 x 610mm φ75 x 316mm φ38 x 1000 φ38 x 500 φ200 x 520 W356 x H386 x D381 Weight 6.3kg 1.0kg 2.4kg 0.7kg 5.Transducers Thin and Light Transducers Varios sound renderings are possible by assemblage of a lightweight and compact basic module.2 264.4 40 x 160 x 7.4kg 1.1 63g 65g OK PL-SW OK OK development ● Note: The above specifications are may be changes without a notice of improvement.5W 25W 75W 125W Maximum Input 6W 10W 14W 15W 50W 150W 250W SPL 78dB±3dB 80dB±3dB 82dB±3dB 82dB±3dB 86dB±3dB 82dB±3dB 89dB±3dB Frequency Characteristics 170Hz-20kHz 170Hz-20kHz 170Hz-20kHz 180Hz-20kHz 130Hz-13kHz 90Hz-10kHz 90Hz-10kHz Depends on mounting material (50Hz-15kHz) 180Hz-15kHz 180Hz-15kHz Impedance 8Ω 4Ω 6Ω 6Ω 8Ω 8Ω 6Ω Dimensions (W x H x D) mm 44 x 54 x 8 46 x 85 x 9.2 42 x 108 x 8. FPS realizes ideal line-array speaker. Superb sound with trendy looks.5 20 x 220 x 8.PL Series Professional Audio High-end line array speakers.5 160 x 160 x 15 164. The color of products may be a little differ from the actual products due to printing. Products .4 x 14.2 Weight 38g 55g 90g 90g 580g 1380g 2200g RoHS OK OK OK OK OK OK PL-2 15W 40W 20W 90W 200W 30W 80W 40W Model No.

5kg Black 91dB at 1m 1W 250Hz-10kHz W851 x H330 x D90 16.Vision & Station Shibuya109 Event Vision Parler Shop Kanamachi Station Yodobashi Vision Akiba LABI Shinjuku Model BM-3001BH (one side) BM-3001WH (both side) Impedance Input SPL Frequency Dimensions mm Weight Color BM-6001BH (one side) BM-6001WH (both side) BM-6002WH (both side) [ ] 170Ω・・・(60W) 330Ω・・・(30W) 670Ω・・・(15W) ※you can choose 3 of selection above. It is very eco-friendly.Products .5kg Black 89dB at 1m 1W 250Hz-10kHz W500 x H330 x D90 12. Type 3001 :8Ω (75W) . (98% of material recycling rate) Keio Inogashira line Shimokitazawa Station JR Sobu line Ryogoku Station Copyright © 2010 FPS INC. Type 6001 :8Ω (125W) .BM Series 100V transmittal high impedance type speaker Existing speaker auxiliary type (small-sized) BM-3001 Regular type mediumsized) BM-6001 Directive strengthening type (large-sized) BM-6002 Vision of Okinawa Major Delivery Case . Leng ht of P rm: latfo Abo ut 30 0m :A tform bout 200m Leng 〈 JR Sobu line Inage Station 〉 ht of Pla One side direct vent type Double-sided direct vent type . Type 6002 :4Ω (250W) . Sound pressure distribution image (example of JR East Japan platform) Transmits clear and accurate information to passengers without interference from the adjacent platform. All Rights Reserved. 85dB at 1m 1W 250Hz-10kHz W500 x H232 x D90 9. and impedance and rated input power are as follows. the end H separates from a part number name. Reduction of initial and running cost due to resistance heat and moisture.5kg Black JR Musashino line Nishifunabashi Station JR Ome line Ome station Lala Square Utsunomiya ※Shipment by low impedance specification is also possible by hope.  Please ask for details. In that case.

Kyoto University Waseda University NASDA Conference Hall Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Akiba Tokai University Joshibi University of Art and Design Aoyama Gakuin University NHK Studio Fuji TV Hall .Major Delivery Case . Hall CEATEC Environment Expo Yokohama Daisekai Sport Club Sendai Aquarium Nagoya Nishitetsu Grand Hotel Company Hall X'mas Event Aoi Blackboard MFG.Commercial Facility & Event & Hall Marunouchi street light Tokyo Midtown Marunouchi BLD.

Ltd. 1999 JPY 167. Principle of Corporate Activity Bank of Yokohama Tokyo Branch Resona Bank Nihonbashi Branch Mizuho Bank Nihonbashi Branch Sumitomo Trust & Banking Tokyo Office Social Company Promote social contribution applying the Cause-Related marketing method. Servicizing Company We will provide service as "Function". Flat Panel Speakers .fps-inc. USA TEL :+1-213-617-9006 FAX :+1-213-617-1252. Headquarters :  Tokyo Main Office : U R L : Date of Establishment : Capital : Autorized Shares : Executive Officcers : 2093 ■ FPS HONG KONG Rm1504.426 shares) (As of the end of March 2010) Chairman President & CEO Board Member Takahisa Suzuki Masashi Hori Shinichi Kawai Masanori Yamada Toshiya Machii Auditor Financial Institutions : Akira Hayashi Yuichi Takami  Yoshihiko Torii Technology & Science Maintain its leading-edge technology based on global patents. 135-0051 Japan TEL :+81-3-5665-6951 FAX :+81-3-5665-6956 http://www. We hope to play a significant role in creating a society where people can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere with crisp and clear sound. URL:http://www. Koto-ku. TEL: +852-2838-1702 FAX: +852-2838-3120 Manufacturing Company : FPS Manufacturing Co.450.usfps. 503-2291 Japan TEL :+81-584-72-0180 FAX :+81-584-72-0185 2-16-5 Edagawa. Hong Kong. Cameron Commercial Centre. Shareholders List Manager : Sumitomo Trust & Banking Overseas Office : ■ FPS USA 123 Onizuka Street #102 Los Angeles. Causeway Bay. board members and employees. Ogaki city May 17. California 90012.000 shares (Issued: 17. Our development of planar wave sound can provide a truly original and natural sound.Company Philosophy Company Profile FPS INC. President & CEO Masashi Hori We aim to become a global standard when it comes to Flat Panel Speakers by using our advanced technology. Our Company strength stems from maintaining a close relationship with our shareholders.. Efficient Company Focus on using our maximum potential output while using minimal products and investments. FPS INC.000 (As of the end of March 2010) 458-468 Hennesy Road.

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