Sean Hamacher Elizabeth Hinnant English 1101 10 November 2013 A New Look on Health Smoking is one of the worse

voluntary actions that people commit to damage their own health. It is especially tragic since most smokers begin this negative behavior in the adolescent stages of their life. Ninety percent of smokers began before the age of twenty-one. For this reason, changing this ad into a phone application would more effectively reach this group in today’s society of technology. This application will allow users to insert their information about their smoking habits and see the effects it is having on their health. This transformation will make this ad more accessible to the youth while also being interactive and directly relating to each user on a personal level. The first reason for changing the cigarette ad from a picture to a phone application is that it makes it much more accessible to the public. Most of the youth in today’s society has a smartphone and are constantly checking it throughout the day for texts, phone calls, games and much more. With the boom of technology in the past years, things like magazines, posters, and newspapers are all going virtual and becoming more eco-friendly. This means that it is very unlikely that teenagers are going to go and pick up a magazine, see the ad and take the time to read it and interpret it. It would also cost the company more money to print the ad to successfully affect as much of the youth in the nation as possible. With a phone app, they just have to develop it then make it free to whoever wants it. This will allow teenagers to download it to their phones and have it wherever they go. They may check their phone for a new text, see the app, and open
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it to see what it is. The average person checks their phone 110 times a day making it much more likely for them to see the cigarette app and use it. The second biggest reason for converting this ad into a phone app is that it will make it interactive for its users. When reading something or looking at a still image it is hard for it to be interactive for whoever is looking at it. They cannot physically change the image or actually see the actual effects of it. With an app on an interactive interface, the user can really see the message in action and change it with the flick of a finger. Users will be able to enter their personal information on their smoking habits. For example, they can put in their age, weight and gender then when they started smoking, how many packs of cigarettes they smoke a week and what type. From there the app will be able to calculate the results of how much harm has been done to their bodies and compare it to a database of health records. This will allow them to see the true effect that smoking is having on their bodies and how much harm they are doing to themselves. The image of the two cigarettes will still be in the app; they will start as two fresh cigarettes and represent the smoker’s life. With the more cigarettes the user smokes and how often the two cigarettes with begin to burn lower and lower showing how much of their life is being wasted away due to smoking. Users will be able to update their information however frequently they want which will in turn update how much the cigarettes have dwindled down and how many more days of their lives have ticked off. However, the user can set reminders to pop up telling them to not smoke that day or send positive encouragement telling them that they are stronger and can withstand the temptation. The third and final reason for this makeover is that in directly relates to the user on a personal level. Young people today think they are invincible and that certain risks do not apply

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to them since they are young and healthy. They could read the original ad, which has a message on it saying, “One person dies every eight seconds from smoking” and simply think that just means other people and not them or that it will never actually happen to them. With this application when the user puts in their personal information and smoking habits, they will receive data unique to them and them only. It will show them just how bad smoking really is for their health and all the repercussions from it. Now teenagers will not be able to deny the fact that they will not be negatively affected. They will receive medically accurate facts to them personally and their lives. Instead of just being told its wrong, they will actually be putting in what they do and see how their choices have shortened their life span. This undeniable information will hopefully turn the light bulb in their head and help them change their poor choices. Technology will continue to evolve and old-fashioned ways of advertising and entertainment like magazines and newspapers will become less and less common. In order to keep up with this constant evolution companies are going to have to change with it. Changing this ad into a phone application not only hits home for its users but also makes it much more accessible in this day in age.
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