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1st Magnitude

Special Item Line of Sight Casting Time Intimate Materials Special Knowledge Obvious Technique Hour Power Ritual Cleansing Wounds

Casting Requirements 2nd Magnitude
Special Item Rare Ingredients Permanent Focus Casting Time Ritual Sacrifice Lunar Personal Ordeal Wounds

3rd Magnitude
Personal Ordeal Ritual Sacrifice The Stars Are Right Place of Power Demonic Transform. Wounds

Cantrips: recover 4 power at noon and midnight 1st Magnitude: recover 4 power at noon or midnight 2nd or 3rd Magnitude: recover 4 power per lunar month (choose phase) 3rd Magnitude: lose one power permanently

Alchemist [Artificer] Assassin [Slayer] Barbarian [Savage] Beggar [Vagabond] Blacksmith [Metalsmith] Dancer [Tumbler] Farmer [Peasant] Gladiator [Champion] Hunter [Tracker] Magician [Sorcerer] Mariner [Seaman] Merchant [Trader] Mercenary [Warrior] Minstrel [Poet] Noble [Courtier] Physician [Healer] Pirate [Buccaneer] Priest [Druid] Serving Wench [Courtesan] Scribe [Scholar] Sky Pilot [Airman] Slave [Thrall] Soldier [Guard] Thief [Rogue] Torturer [Gaoler] Worker [Laborer]

10' range

10' range

10' rng

10' range 10' r

At 0 -1 to -5 -6 Out but stable Out, bleeding, -1 per round Dead
20' range

Alchemy Difficulty

Calamitous Failure If nat. 2 + bonus still fails Mighty Success If nat. 12 + bonus still succeeds: Defeat # of rabble = to dmg Max dmg + 1D6 vs. NePiC Legendary Success Bump from a mighty success: Defeat # of rabble = to dmg + 1D Max damage + 6 + 1D6 vs. NePiC Advancement Points
Attributes Combat Career Flaw Boon new value + old value (-1 to 0 for 2 AP) new value +1 (-1 to 0 for 2 AP) new value (new career cost 2 (for 0 rank) remove a flaw for 2 AP new boon from race 2 AP, any boon 3 AP

DODGE - spend action for +2 defense PARRY - use action vs. 1 attack, roll vs. 9 + attack bonus AFTER THE BATTLE - heal half lost LB, [+ heal ranks] HEALING - one per day of light activity [+ heal ranks] TWO WEAPONS - extra attack or parry at -2 to each RUN - 2x movement [spend action on movement] SPRINT - 4x movement [must run on previous round]

Luck of the Gods--re-roll Bump a Success--one time per action Shake off Wounds--one wound; use action; heal 1D6 Defy Death--out but not dead Twist of Fate--fill in details or spell component