Blood Transfusion Facts

What is a blood transfusion? A blood transfusion is when you revive new blood of the same type through an IV line inserted into one of your veins. Why do doctors use blood transfusions? They do this if someone loses blood in a surgery or in ury. This also happens when the body cannot produce healthy blood. !" general facts on blood transfusions# • • • • • • • • • Blood transfusions save over five million each year. They are used for several treatments. $afe blood can only be assured though regular donations. Willing unpaid donors are !""% of supplies in &" countries. 'very year !"( million blood donations are made globally. )ore people donate in high income countries. Blood that is donated should be screened for different blood disease types. *ne unit of blood can be used for multiple patients by separating the components. If an unnecessary transfusion occurs patients are at ris+ for many different things.

,eligion safe alternatives# $ome religions don-t allow blood transfusions. The two religions are .ehovah-s Witness and Islam. Though there is a operation that is used by these two religions. This is called /ell $alvage. This procedure is used in surgery and transports the blood from the body through a filter cleans it and pumps it bac+ in to the body. Though useful in surgery this procedure cannot treat leu+emia or some in uries. Why religions do not use regular transfusion# • /ertain religions do not use these because in Acts !0#1" it instructs not to eat drin+ or receive blood. Thou it does not directly say anything about blood transfusions that is how the religion perceived it and more modern doctors have accepted that.

Supplying affordable transfusions and treatments

'li2abeth3 4er+en 1&5"" 1ll Ave $' /ovington3WA 56"71 !!8!08!9 :ear ,eader# 'very second someone needs blood for surgery. The From Blood to ;ife group is a non profit organi2ation that ta+es all donations and has a goal to supply affordable transfusions and treatments for people in surgery3 patients with blood illnesses or any other case that someone needs blood. This group advocates for the right to life and give people another chance at life. They also have stations in 0" countries this is because people in developing contrivers have less assess to clean blood than people in high income countries. They offer the </ell $alvage= treatment for people of strict religion or beliefs. This treatment is safe but does not help with some severe diseases li+e leu+emia or in uries This group with many organi2ations including the World >ealth *rgani2ation and support the W>* pro ect and hope to be part of it. They hope partners with Americas Blood /enters and ?ational institutes of health. They will give individuali2ed care to all people to ensure their comfort while in our care. All of the blood donations will be screened for a variety of blood diseases including >IV8AI:$. In some cases transfusion is the only option if some one wants to live. This is hard for many religions that is why they are constantly wor+ing to find a safe blood alternative for .ehovah-s Witnesses and other religions that don-t allow transfusions. They also supply to mothers having ma or blood loss during child birth. This is one of the main causes for death in pregnancy. Though the need for blood is universal many patents are not getting the blood they need to survive that is why they have donation centers across the globe and hopes to ensure safe blood for patients across the globe. )ore people donate in high income countries so people in low income countries are not getting the blood they need to live. That is why they ta+e yearly trips to these countries and supplying transfusions to these people and giving them a chance to survive. When or if you have a reaction to a transfusion we will stop the and contact your pediatrician to ensure your safety. We also have specific procedures to ma+e sure you get the right blood the first time and get bac+ on trac+ within a matter of hours $alutations# 'li2abeth3 4er+en