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1ab|e of Contents
Letter Irom 1he Ld|tor .................................................................................................................................... 3
8I1S 1ask System ............................................................................................................................................ 4
Þersona||ty Þrof||es II ...................................................................................................................................... S
Irom the 8|og ............................................................................................................................................... 44
Adventure: 1he Þarab|e of St. kam ............................................................................................................... 62
System I|ags of the Lmpty Çuarter ............................................................................................................... 73
A|ternate Un|verse: When Þower |s Impotent ............................................................................................. 140
Lega| ........................................................................................................................................................... 141

Issue #23, W|nter 2013. Vers|on 11.
lounder: !ason “Flynn” Kemp. LdlLor: 2003-2010
Cur webslLe: www.sLellarreaches.com

Cover ArL: AlmosL all sLarshlps exlLlng [umpspace wlLhln a prevlously exlsLlng ob[ecL dle. 1he !"#"$%&'"( lodged
wlLhln an Lnlnslsh asLerold, ls a celebraLed excepLlon. This graphic is titled “Unknown Planet” © Camille Kuo
See her work aL hLLp://camllkuo.devlanLarL.com/arL/unknow-ÞlaneL-1860949
Cover LayouL: Alvln W. Þlummer
ConLrlbuLlng ArLlsLs: MaLLhew ALLard, 8lll Carr, uon uavls, umlLry uublnsky, Cabrlel Cadoš, Clorglo Crecu,
!eremlah Pumphrles, !urek, Camllle kuo, MaLhleu, Zenuel Mesadon, !ose AnLonlo Cchoa, WlkLor Chman,
Sandara. llag ArLlsLs: Alkarl, 8ullMoose1912, Leonardo Þlcclonl de Almelda, ueLecLlveÞ, domesLro, fexes, lranz
LrnsL, Chrls CuLzman, CreaLÞaperWolf, 8yan ChrlsLopher ParLlgan, PaydenLheflrsL, Adrlan lorga, !ed, lan knlel,
LuxorCZ, MarlanSlgler, neeLhls, n[ldo, nlls nlcolal, Þamale, Wllllam 8ldha Þerung, ÞM, 8arayn, Luls Salcedo,
SoarlngAven, SÞ8, Max SLahman, LevenLe Szekeres, Vasiľ, Zlegenpl, Zlfker
ConLrlbuLlng AuLhors: Alvln W. Þlummer
LdlLor/LayouL ueslgn: Alvln W. Þlummer

1he 8I1S 1ask System, alLhough modlfled Lo lnclude 1raveller 120 dlfflculLy classes, has been provlded wlLh
permlsslon by 8r|t|sh Is|es 1rave||er Support (8I1S). lLs presence here does noL consLlLuLe any challenge Lo Lhe
rlghLs for Lhls sysLem, and we graLefully acknowledge uomlnlc Mooney and Andy Lllly for Lhelr generoslLy ln
allowlng our use of Lhls sysLem Lo allow fuLure advenLures Lo be wrlLLen ln such a manner as Lo be more useful Lo
all publlshed 1raveller rules seLs.

lor more lnformaLlon on 8l1S, check ouL Lhelr webslLe aL hLLp://www.blLs.org.uk/

1he Ste||ar keaches fanzlne ls publlshed wlLhouL charge or cosL under Lhe approprlaLe lalr use and Cnllne pollcles
publlshed by Lhe varlous holders of Lhe 1raveller llcense. lor ease of reference and as requlred by Lhese lalr use
pollcles, Lhe approprlaLe LexL of Lhese pollcles ls lncluded ln Lhe legal secLlon aL Lhe end of Lhls publlcaLlon.

CopyrlghL of Crlglnal MaLerlal:
All orlglnal maLerlal ln Lhe SLellar 8eaches fanzlne noL deslgnaLed as Cpen Came ConLenL, or noL oLherwlse
proLecLed under Lhe copyrlghLs of oLher enLlLles, ls copyrlghL © 2013 by Lhe orlglnal auLhors and arLlsLs, as
ldenLlfled ln Lhe byllne wlLh each arLlcle or conLrlbuLlon.

no porLlon of Lhls fanzlne may be reproduced ln any form or by any means wlLhouL permlsslon ln wrlLlng from Lhe
author or artist holding that specific content’s copyright.

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@#""#& 9&=A >*# BC2"=&
CreeLlngs, lellow SophonLs:

A broad varleLy of arLlcles are provlded ln Lhls lssue of Ste||ar keaches!

llrsL, Lhere ls a selecLlon of lnLeresLlng characLers for Lhe 8eferee Lo use ln hls campalgn. 1hey lnclude:
A !ullan ÞroLecLoraLe SLar Ceneral wlLh 8lood vargr problems,
A planeL-bound prop plloL veLeran, ready Lo head ouL Lo Lhe sLars,
A gas glanL sLarmerc from a noble famlly from Core secLor, glvlng a hand Lo Lhe embaLLled SecLor uuke,
A successful merchanL who could afford early reLlremenL decldes Lo help ouL a scholar, asklng annoylng
quesLlons of susplclous and well-armed locals,
A [ump-capable cosmeLlc surgeon, lured by a golden opporLunlLy across Lhe Lesser 8lfL lnLo Lhe Lyrannlcal
Pegemony of Lorean,
1he greaLesL archaeologlsL ln Lhe Slx SubsecLors – who has never lefL hls homeworld,
A burnL-ouL, rulned, abandoned celebrlLy – looklng Lo make one lasL gamble on a dlsLanL hope,
A by-Lhe-book vargr pollce offlcer from Lhe sophlsLlcaLed 8ukadukaz 8epubllc, senL Lo lend a hand Lo Lhe
anLl-vargr prlmlLlves of Lhe lmperlal LmpLy CuarLer,
A CorporaLe SysLem AdmlnlsLraLor, puLLlng Lhe word ouL for free Lraders Lo do some fasL LransporL work,
whlle Lhe lull ln plraLe acLlvlLy lasLs,
A capLaln of a fueller for hlre, looklng Lo rake ln Lhe cash whlle Lhe raklng ls good, and wllllng Lo rlsk hls
luck among Lhe sLars yeL agaln Lo reach hls dream,
A !ullan vargr Admlral, ln a pollLlcal dance LhaL could place a ma[or world ln hls walLlng hands – or leave
hlm gasplng for alr ln Lhe plLlless vold,
And a famed lrlllLok sculpLor, ln Lhe wrong parL of Lhe galaxy, searchlng for a way ouL.

Also lncluded ln Lhls lssue are a few excerpLs from Lhe blog, provldlng addlLlonal background deLall and
developmenL noLes for Lhe LmpLy CuarLer.

With “The Parable of St. Ram”, the PCs are places in an uncomfortable position. As world-bound horsemen durlng
Lhe Long nlghL, Lhey musL [ourney Lo reLrleve a fanLasLlc arLefacL, overcomlng unfamlllar mounLalns, fendlng off
wolves… and then dealing with spacefaring Vargr raiders with bows and swords. As characters in a greater story,
desLlned Lo help shape a ma[or rellglon of Lhe Slx SubsecLors, whaL Lhey do has consequences…

“System Flags” is an article thaL helps flesh ouL Lhe unlverse wlLh all sorLs of flags. noL Loo much Lo say here – buL
Lhere ls a falr blL Lo *"", being the largest article in the issue…

“When Power is Impotent” is a different Lake on Lhe CuarLer, whlch assumes a less compeLenL lmperlum.

A brief mention of a Traveller’s Tale: hLLp://www.worldhum.com/feaLures/Lravel-sLorles/crawllng-Loward-
bangalore-20130108/ “Crawling Toward Bangalore” by Clay Shivers. CuesLlons on how Lrue or false, sLereoLyplcal
or accuraLe Lhls sLory ls can have an lmpacL on Lhe game. 1he 1raveller, llvlng and deallng wlLh sLrange people on
sLrange new worlds, musL ofLen make crlLlcal declslons based on rumours and half-LruLhs: how far he should LrusL
a glven sLory, and whlch Lale-Leller ls worLh glvlng an ear Lo, could easlly be Lhe decldlng facLor ln hls conLlnued

8eadlng ahead,
Alvln W. Þlummer
LdlLor, Ste||ar keaches fanzlne

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E,>! >%+F !G+"#A
From pg. 8, BITS Writers’ Guidelines June 1999. Copyright ©1999, BITS. All Rights Reserved.
T20 Open Game Content from the article “Extending the Task Resolution System to T20” Copyright 2003, Jason Kemp.

MegaTraveller (MT), Traveller: The New Era (TNE) and Marc Miller’s Traveller (T4) all use a graduated system of task difficulty
raLlngs – Average, Difficult, Formidable, etc. ‘Classic’ Traveller (CT) and GURPS Traveller (GT) use modifiers to the task rolls
lnsLead. 1raveller 120 (120) uses dlfflculLy classes (uCs) Lo deflne LargeL numbers for sklll checks. 1he 8l1S 1ask SysLem provldes
a slmpllfled common ground for all Lhese rule seLs, uslng dlfflculLy raLlngs wlLh correspondlng Lask modlflers for C1 and C1 and
uCs for 120 as shown ln 1able 1. 1he means by whlch specLacular (C1: crlLlcal) success or fallure are achleved are deflned by Lhe
rule seL used. Slmllarly, Lhe CM should apply Lhe rules for speclal Lasks – opposed, co-operaLlve, hasLy, cauLlous, eLc. –
accordlng Lo Lhe rule seL used. As always, Lhese are only guldellnes – Lhe CM may alLer any Lask roll as approprlaLe Lo enhance
Lhe game.

8l1S 1ask
C1 1argeL
C1 1argeL
Lasy Lasy (AuLo) Lasy (1u) +6 Lasy Slmple -4 10
Average Average (2u) Average (2u) +3 Average 8ouLlne -2 13
ulfflculL ulfflculL (2.3u) ulfflculL (2.3u) 0 ulfflculL ulfflculL 0 20
lormldable lormldable (3u) lormldable (3u) -3 lormldable ulfflculL +2 23
SLaggerlng lmposslble (4u) SLaggerlng (4u) -6 lmposslble lormldable +4 30
lmposslble (3u) Popeless (3u) -9 lmposslble lmposslble +6 33
Popeless (6u) lmposslble (6u) -12 lmposslble lmposslble +8 40

Lx. Marla Charles ls forglng a complex documenL, whlch Lhe CM rules ls a SLaggerlng Lask. Marla has lorgery-4 (C1: lorgery-16,
120: lorgery +18) and Lhe relevanL aLLrlbuLe (M1, 14) ls ln1 10 (1nL: ln1 9, 120: 13).
C1: 1ask success ls normally 2u + Sklll >= 8. Marla requlres 2u + lorgery >= 12 (8 + 4 for SLaggerlng dlfflculLy). AlLernaLlvely, Lhe
CM may prefer Lo apply Lhe LargeL modlfler as a negaLlve modlfler on Lhe dlce roll, l.e. 2u + 4 – 4 >= 8.
M1: SLaggerlng dlfflculLy is equivalent to MT’s Formidable (15+), thus the task is 2D + Skill + (Stat / 5) >= 15. For Maria this is: 2D
+ 4 + 2 >= 13.
1NL: Staggering difficulty is equivalent to TNE’s Impossible, thus the task is d20 <= (Skill + Stat) X ¼. For Maria this is d20 <= 3,
l.e. (9 + 4) / 4 rounded down.
14: Maria requires 4D <= INT + Forgery. (Note that T4’s Staggering rating of 3.5D is ignored.)
G1: Marla requlres 3u <= lorgery + 1argeL Modlfler, l.e. 3u <= 16 – 6.
120: Marla requlres d20 + 18 >= 30. (noLe LhaL Lhe ln1 modlfler ls already facLored lnLo Lhe sklll check.)

1ask deflnlLlons should always be used sparlngly – Lhe CM should be able Lo deflne Lhe dlfflculLy and requlred skllls and
equlpmenL for mosL Lasks uslng common sense. Where sLrange skllls or equlpmenL are needed, Lhese can usually be llsLed,
without requiring a full task definition. Where a full task definition is required, use the following format (you don’t need Lo use
Lhe bold or lLallcs formaLLlng, plaln LexL ls flne):

1o flnd a boar:
ulfflculL 8econ (C1: 1racklng), or
ulfflculL PunLlng (120: Þ/PunLlng), or
lormldable Survlval
+1 ulfflculLy lf rldlng aL full gallop.
+1 ulfflculLy lf losL.
-1 ulfflculLy lf movlng slowly.
!"#$%&$'(&) !'$$#++: 1hey have surprlsed a boar and have one round Lo acL before lL reacLs.
!'$$#++: 1hey have found boar Lracks and can begln followlng Lhem.
,&-(')#: no Lracks found.
!"#$%&$'(&) ,&-(')#: 1hey have become losL.

+1 ulfflculLy lndlcaLes a harder Lask (e.g. an Average Lask becomes ulfflculL) whereas –1 ulfflculLy ls an easler Lask
(e.g. ulfflculL would become Average).

NC1L: 1hls sysLem has been exLenslvely play-LesLed buL suggesLlons for reflnemenLs are always welcome.
!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# H
6#&+=3%$2"G 6&=<2$#+ ,,

On their way to the stars… This graphic is titled “Speedy” © Iosó Anton|o Cchoa.
See h|s work at http:]][osea302.dev|antart.com]art]Speedy-38S678S27

Star Genera| G|gguk|m||ke Ly|hr
uÞÞ 7A9CC7, Age 43, Mlxed vllanl
Skllls: Admln-3, CombaL 8lfleman-3, CombaL Lnglneer-2, Mechanlcal-2, CompuLer-2, 8oboL Cps-2, Medlcal-2, Crav
vehlcle-1, 1acLlcs-1, Leadershlp-1, uemollLlons-1, SLealLh-1, 8econ-1, lorward Cbs-1, Survlval-0, ÞlsLol-0, Song-0,
Peavy Weapons-0, 8oomerrang-0

Languages: !ullan Angllc

1ools & Alds: Ceneral Lylhr ls usually unarmed, buL usually has an alde or Lhree hoverlng around hlm – qulLe
posslbly lncludlng Lhe ÞCs.

vlsual: SLar Ceneral Lylhr ls man wlLh an average bulld, buL moves llke a fasL, alerL hunLer: parLly a geneLlc
aLLrlbuLe, parLly an lnherlLance from hls low-C homeworld. Pls mlllLary bearlng ls second naLure afLer over Lwo
decades Lo servlce, and hls dark green & llghL grey SLar Ceneral unlform slLs naLurally on hls frame. Pls overall look
ls deflnlLely Mlxed vllanl – recedlng sandy blond halr, green eyes and falr skln from Lhe Solomanl Slavs, and an
above-average helghL and sllghLly sunk-ln eyes from Lhe vllanl.

Cpenlng 1heme: Andreas WaldeLofL, “1he SLage ls SeL”, Luropa unlversalls lv

SLar Ceneral Lylhr halls from Lhe world of kadrlus, locaLed wlLhln Lhe 8ukadukaz 8epubllc (ln 993 lmperlal: hex
0338, C344A98-9 vecLor/Amdukan). lor over LwenLy years he has served wlLhln Lhe SLar Leglon as a ground
offlcer, wlLh hls sLrong ablllLles as a soldler and a bureaucraL keeplng hlm ln good sLead. Soon afLer hls promoLlon
as SLar Ceneral, he was Lasked wlLh malnLalnlng & organlzlng Lhe defence of Lhe khasLok ClusLer.

Khastok Command, the Star General’s charge, includes not only the Khastok Cluster proper – 8yeggra, khasLok,
Aerrvok, Zoukhe, and lrlkrough – buL Lhree ouLlylng sysLems, unaeng, uku and uedzoen. MosL of Lhe populaLlon ls
locaLed on lrlkrough, and mosL of Lhe sysLems are prlmarlly vargr. 1he 1echnology level bounces beLween 7 and 8
ln Lhe maln, and Lhe sLarporLs and llvlng sLandards are generally beLLer than you’d expect for these sysLems (Lhank
lkonlc wealLh, Lrade, and subsldles for LhaL).

1hls daLa ls Laken from Lhe 993 worksheeL, provlded wlLh Ste||ar keaches #19, avallable aL
www.sLellarreaches.com. All Lhe sysLems are wlLhln Lhe 8ukadukaz 8epubllc, a member sLaLe of Lhe !ullan
ÞroLecLoraLe. Þlease refer Lo Lhe lssue lLself for more deLalls on race and rellglon.

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# I
Name nex UÞÞ 1rade Þ8G Stars kace ke||g|on
lrlkrough 0912 C467732-8 Ag 8l v:7 8:1 824 k4v* M6v lrag. lkonaz-P
8yeggra 0711 876839C-7 Ag nl v:0 624 C3v Mlx.vll vllanl-8
Zoukhe 0813 C63A37A-8 nl Wa v:0 102 C7v lkonaz lkonaz-8
khasLok 0811 A313483-A lc Lo nl v:3 424 k9v M7v* lkonaz lkonaz-C
unaeng 1013 u664437-4 Lo nl v:7 922 M9lll l9v* lrlllLok lkonaz-P
uedzoen 1110 L340336-3 ue Lo nl Þo vw 312 k6v Suedzuk lkonaz-P
uku 1211 821238A-7 lc Lo nl v:6 400 l3v* M7v lrag. lkonaz-C
Aerrvok 0812 u424111-7 Lo nl v:9 303 (k0v M4v) Cvag. lkonaz-8

Cf Lhese elghL sysLems, Lhree have a populaLlon of 100,000+, and Lhree have a populaLlon of less Lhan 1000
sophonLs. 1hls ls a falrly poor reglon, buL Lhe leadlng world of lkon ls so asLonlshlngly wealLhy LhaL welfare cheques
and flnanclal redlsLrlbuLlon allows for a comforLable 1L 14 llfe on mosL worlds, regardless of Lhelr locally
susLalnable Lech level. khasLok ls one of Lhe few excepLlons wlLhln Lhe 8epubllc, preferring the ‘poor but free’
llfesLyle for culLural/hlsLorlcal reasons.

naLurally, Lhe ÞCs are meanL Lo work Lhe SLar Ceneral, as aldes and advlsors, or as speclallsLs. 1here are Lwo ma[or
dlrecLlons Lhe sLoryllne can go: culLural conLacL/exploraLlon, and mlllLary/dlplomaLlc. Cne slde can be emphaslsed
over Lhe oLher, you could sLarL wlLh a culLural focus, and Lhen shlfL Lo mlllLary, or sLarL wlLh Lhe acLlon, and Lhen
work wlLh Lhe locals durlng Lhe cleanup.

MosL mlllLary LhreaLs lnvolve 8lood vargr ralders from Lhe SsllnLhls Cap. As Lhe SLar Leglon ls a sLrong and effecLlve
organlzaLlon, aLLacks by Lhe Suedzuk vargr are rare: buL Lhey do occur, especlally aL unaeng, uku, and uedzoen:
uedzoen ls especlally known for Lhe frequency and sLrengLh of 8lood vargr sLrlkes, even crlppllng and desLroylng
SLar Leglon and 8epubllcan warshlps on occaslon (see Ste||ar keaches #20, page 39). ln conLrasL, several solld SLar
Leglon squadrons keep khasLok especlally free of plraLes, as Lhe sysLem ls a local cenLre of Lrade.

As a ground offlcer, SLar Ceneral Lylhr ls aware LhaL Lhe mosL llkely polnL for a dlrecL planeLary lnvaslon ls uedzoen.
CurrenLly, Lhere ls a relnforced baLLallon on LhaL world of 3000 hosLlle Suedzuk ‘8lood’ vargr, resupply can be
difficult. The General’s forces of ~35,000 are deployed as follows (001-993 lmperlal):

Name nex UÞÞ So|d|ers
lrlkrough 0912 C467732-8 9,000
8yeggra 0711 876839C-7 3,000
Zoukhe 0813 C63A37A-8 3,000
khasLok 0811 A313483-A 10,000
unaeng 1013 u664437-4 1,000
uedzoen 1110 L340336-3 3,000
uku 1211 821238A-7 400
Aerrvok 0812 u424111-7 0

Cf Lhe Lwo brlgades of SLar Leglon soldlers on khasLok, only one ls kepL ln sLandard readlness: Lhe oLher ls kepL as a
reserve, Lralnlng, and emergency relnforcemenL force.

1here are Lwo ma[or LhreaLs
the Star General (and thus, the PC aide’s to the Star General) worries abouL:

Well, 1L A would seem qulLe wealLhy Lo Amerlcans of Lhe early 2010s, buL once food, healLh, and shelLer ls handled, poverLy ls more of a
sLaLe of mlnd and a comparaLlve vlewpolnL Lhan anyLhlng else. lor example, Lhe vasL ma[orlLy of welfare reclplenLs ln Lhe WesL are
wealLhler and healLhler Lhan Lhe klngs of Lhe early 1700s...
1he 8eferee can always lnserL a LhreaL from an unexpecLed dlrecLlon, [usL Lo keep Lhe ÞCs on Lhelr Loes.

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# J
Lhe ever-presenL posslblllLy of a Suedzuk aLLempL Lo drlve ouL Lhe ÞroLecLoraLe from uedzoen (wlLh ample supporL
from Lhe Suedzuk populaLlon),
and Lhe less llkely buL more crlLlcal LhreaL agalnsL khasLok, Lhe cenLre of local Lrade & local wealLh, and Lhus Lhe
focus of Suedzuk envy and bloodlusL.

lf Lhe ÞCs are focuslng on Lhe flrsL Lask, Lhey can be falrly sure LhaL Lhe local SLar Leglon force can hold Lhe world,
wlLh one soldler per planeLary hablLanL (male, female, and cubs). 1hey are llkely Lo even hold Lhe world agalnsL a
comblned assaulL of boLh Lhe Lyplcal Suedzuk raldlng group and a local assaulL. 8uL lL would be greaL lf someLhlng
can be done abouL reduclng Lhe hosLlllLy of Lhe lnhablLanLs, so Lhe garrlson can [usL focus on [usL +&" LhreaL

./-(# %/# ")#012-3&3%(4 5&)6) 71)(0 18 9)-:)1'6/ 2&4 (11:+ +%)&36# %1 %/# #4#+ 18 & ;#))&3 18 %/# (&%# <=

$#3%')4> %/# &$%'&( %#$/31(164 -3 '+# 71'(0 1"#)&%# 13 2'$/ %/# +&2# ")-3$-"(#+ &30 :3173 +$-#3$#? @30 -8 41'
7#)# &A(# %1 +#% '" & 7-)#(#++ -3%#)3#% 3#%71):> 41' 71'(0 &$%'&((4 A# &/#&0 18 %/# $')B#C
9)-:)1'6/> DDE 92"#)-&(? This graphic is titled “Last Day on Mars” © Cam|||e kuo.
See her work at http:]]cam||kuo.dev|antart.com]art]Last-Day-on-Mars-8229191

1he local garrlson ls Lough enough Lo hold Lhelr own: and lL ls perfecLly permlsslble Lo [usL run Lhe ÞCs Llme on
uedzoen as a sLralghL mlllLary advenLure, capped wlLh a flghL agalnsL boLh local hosLlles and a ma[or lnvaslon from
off-world ralders. Powever: whlle clued-ln ÞCs are well aware of Lhe 8lood vargr drlve Lo klll *+,"-./&0, Lhey also
know LhaL LhaL Lhe Suedzuk are *"&-/"&- 1%$%&+/2*. lf Lhey can geL some of Lhe local packs Lo haLe Lhelr vargr
nelghbour more Lhan Lhe off-world ÞroLecLoraLe forces – noL easy, buL posslble – lL would be a good sLep ln geLLlng
some of Lhe pressure off Lhe garrlson. 1he golden prlze LhaL Lhe SLar Ceneral $"%334 wanLs, Lhough, ls Lo have mosL
or all of Lhe local Suedzuk vargr packs unlLe 5/-. Lhe ÞroLecLoraLe garrlson %0%/&*- off-world Suedzuk vargr. 1hls

No, genocidal operations are not an option. It’s been done multiple times by Republican forces – Lhe Cvaghoun vargr who lead Lhe
8epubllc have a cold, vllanl-llke haLred of Lhe Suedzuk – buL new Suedzuk packs have always re-esLabllshed Lhemselves on Lhls world. 1he
ÞroLecLoraLe mlllLary LhaL have been lnvlLed by Lhe 8epubllc Lo handle Lhls problem are lnLeresLed ln Lrylng someLhlng 2/66"$"&-.

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# K
should Lake qulLe a blL of work Lo pull off: buL lf Lhe ÞCs do reach Lhls mark, SLar Ceneral Lylhr wlll make cerLaln Lo
puL Lhem on Lhe fasL Lrack Lo promoLlons, command poslLlons, and prlme posLlngs.

lf Lhe ÞCs are worklng on Lhe second problem, Lhe maln lssue ls complacency. 1hanks Lo Lhe solld SLar Leglon Su8
squadrons guarding this system, there hasn’t been a successful Blood Vargr planetary raid on Khastok ln decades,
and no Suedzuk plraLes (as opposed Lo lawfully reglsLered and llcenced Cvaghoun & lkonaz plraLes) has been
spoLLed ln-sysLem for years and years. 1rue: Lhe Mlxed vllanl locals remaln raLher more alerL Lhan Lhe average
Solomanl would be, belng less easlly bored wlLh rouLlne Lhan oLher sophonLs.
8uL Lhe Lwo ÞroLecLoraLe brlgades
are manned by all sorLs of sophonLs, and are much more prone Lo slacklng off.

1hls ls regreLLable, as Lhe locals are only armed Lo 1L-10 levels, whlle Lhe ÞroLecLoraLe mlllLary are equlpped aL 1L-
14. As mosL of Lhe Suedzuk geL Lhelr weapons from Lhe 1L-10 sysLem of SsllnLhls, Lhe ÞroLecLoraLe garrlson Lends
Lo overconfldence. 1he 8eferee may declde Lo lure Lhe ÞCs Lo Lhe same level of smugness Lhe local ÞroLecLoraLe
mlllLary has, and even send a few easlly defeaLed Suedzuk ralders for Lhe ÞCs Lo crush.
lncompeLence can Lhen be
rewarded ln Lhe form of a ma[or planeLary sLrlke by mulLlple squadrons of hlgh-Lech Suedzuk packs: sure, Lhey wlll
sLeal everyLhlng noL bolLed down (and yes, Lhey boughL bolL-cuLLers), buL Lhey are 6%$ more lnLeresLed ln palnLlng
the planet a bright, bright red…

Closlng 1heme: Andreas Waldetoft, “Choose Your Path”, Europa Universalis III

2hong|| Çuan 8|ángb|áng (鐘離權彪彪!
uÞÞ 6386CA, Age 26, Mlxed vllanl
Skllls: navlgaLlon-3 (AeronauLlcal), Þrop AlrcrafL-2, PellcopLer-1, Swlmmlng-1, SLealLh-1, Mechanlcal-1, LlecLronlcs-
1, Survlval-1, 1acLlcs (Þrop AlrcrafL)-1, vacc SulL-1, lnsLrucLlon-1, Llalson-1, Shlp 1acLlcs-1, Screens-1, CompuLer-1,
ÞlsLol-0, LlngulsLlcs-0

noLe: All skllls are aL 1L 3, lncludlng screens (1L 3 chaff)... excepL for Lhe CompuLer sklll, aL 1L 14.

Languages: lrashl Plndl (naLlve), Larly lmperlum Chlnese (wrlLLen only, Cld lmperlal Core characLer seL)

1ools & Alds: Cne cheap 1L-14 lrashl/Angllc LranslaLor (verbal/wrlLLen), and one purlolned servlce revolver

vlsual: uesplLe hls name, Zhongll has noL Lhe sllghLesL Chlnese look abouL hlm. 1here are sLrong LralLs showlng hls
vllanl and WesL lndlan herlLage Lhough, from hls vllanl deep hollowed eyes and flne faclal feaLures, Lo WesL lndlan
nappy halr and brown eyes: Lhe dark brown skln could be of elLher race. Pls cloLhlng flLs hls culLure – llghL shlrL,
cummerbund, dark panLs, and sandals – lf of beLLer maLerlal Lhan average, slgnalllng hls superlor soclal sLaLus
(warrlor casLe). Whlle Lhere ls some LasL lndlan blood flowlng ln hls veins, it doesn’t show up in physical features…

As personal aldes, advlsors, and/or asslsLanLs Lo SLar Ceneral Lylhr, Lhe ÞCs have already experlenced some career success, and Lhe
8eferee should encourage Lhelr LhlrsL for even more honours and auLhorlLy.
1hls excludes Þure vllanl (who never seem Lo geL bored of anyLhlng) and Lhe 8wap (who are raLher zealous abouL all Lhe deLalls, all of Lhe
Llme.) As mosL lmperlal clLlzens are acLually Mlxed vllanl, acLually ,""-/&0 Lhe characLers 1raveller players roleplay would be raLher
unsettling. Don’t ask about the 3,500-year language & culLure gap, or Lhe number of vllanl loanwords ln lmperlal Angllc.
Cf course, most PCs won’t bother to ask “Why are weak Suedzuk raids being launched against a world they 7&+5 is heavily guarded?”
1he ÞCs who 2+ ask Lhls quesLlon should geL a falr shoL aL vlcLory ln Lhe comlng baLLle.
8onus polnLs lf lncompeLenL ÞCs are recelvlng awards for unlL readlness 8999*- as the sirens begin to blare…

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# L

;/# 0#$#"%-B#(4 "')# A('# +:-#+ 18 F)0'&&3> DDE 92"#)-&(? This graphic is titled “The Island” © Cam|||e kuo.
See her work at http:]]cam||kuo.dev|antart.com]art]the-Is|and-19S917268

Cpenlng 1heme: Anonymous (ca. 1300): “lalalalan. !oculaLores upsallensls.”

8orn on urduaan/udusls u87A862-3 ln Lhe small Lown of Achabbalr, Mr. Zhongll
was ralsed Lo appreclaLe and
follow anclenL Chlnese culLural mores of Lhe early lmperlum of cenLurles ago, desplLe Lhe compleLe lack of Chlnese
blood ln hls lrashl/WesL lndlan famlly. Llvlng on a waLer world, swlmmlng came naLurally Lo hlm: hls youLhful
lnLeresL ln all Lhlngs mlllLary (and naLural mlschlevousness) helped hlm wln hls sLealLh sklll.

Pe Lrled lnlLlally Lo enLer Lhe Alr Academy of hls world, locally-run desplLe Lhe world belng a formal colonlal
possesslon of Shamokln (Ley SecLor/1003 A34399u-L: “Didshep” in 1103). 8elng chosen for a non-mlllLary casLe
Zhongll was re[ecLed, and was lnsLead rouLed for Lechnlcal school. Pe dld well enough here, buL pulled some
sLealLh-based and soclal englneerlng sLunLs Lo geL lnLo Lhe local A1CC
. 8uL when he was ready Lo graduaLe, he
applied to the Air Academy… and was again rejected, due to his caste.

Zhongll dld noL glve up. Showlng remarkable deLermlnaLlon agalnsL Lhe force of lnflexlble vllanl/LasL lndlan
aLLlLudes, Zhongll mounLed slx more aLLempLs Lo enLer Lhe academy, and was re[ecLed each Llme. 8uL on Lhe
sevenLh, Zhongll managed Lo skllfully leverage boLh Lhe Shamokln colonlal admlnlsLraLlon and Lhe sympaLhy of
Pouse 8ruce (Lhe lmperlal noble famlly ln charge of Lhe sysLem) ln Lhe servlce of hls cause.
llnally, hls LenaclLy
was deemed to be “worthy of a warrior”, allowing his reclassification into the warrior caste and permission to
enLer Lhe Alr Academy.

AfLer graduaLlng, he worked as a navlgaLor ln LransporL propeller and hellcopLer crafL
, wlLh some cross-Lralnlng as
a plloL. Pe was promoLed Lo a full plloL for prop LransporLs, and was en[oylng hlmself
unLll a frlendly Shamokln
offlcer arranged for some hlgh-Lech compuLer Lralnlng for Lhe man.

noLe LhaL hls famlly name ls Zhongll: Chlnese names are wrlLLen wlLh Lhe famlly name flrsL. Also, Lhe lasL Lwo characLers of hls name are
lncorrecL: see hLLps://en.wlklpedla.org/wlkl/8lang_blang_noodles for deLalls.
CasLe ln lrashl culLure follows vllanl pracLlce, noL Solomanl: so lL ls chosen by Lhe communlLy when you come of age, and ls noL lnherlLed.
“Air Officer Training Corps”, not “Attack of the Clones”. Officially.
1he lrashl race orlglnaLes from Lhe unlon of Lhe vllanl and LasL lndlan races of lrash.
1he famlly esLaLe of Pouse 8ruce ls dlsplayed on Ste||ar keaches #19, page 43.
?es, Lhere are hellcopLers aL 1L 3 (1930s-40s), wlLh one class acLually servlng ln Lhe Search & 8escue funcLlon ln World War ll.
Zhongll loves Lo regale anyone who llsLens wlLh Lhe colourful deLalls and oddlLles of flylng props and roLors ln Lhe LalnLed aLmosphere of
urduaan. 1he dlfferenL shades of Lhe skles, Lhe skllls needed Lo navlgaLe and plloL Lhe varlous layers of Lhe aLmosphere, undersLandlng Lhe
varlous Lypes and denslLles of alrborne parLlculaLe maLLer (lncludlng pure clear alr sLreams), how Lo cllmb and descend Lhrough Lhe
aLmospherlc layers, Lhe use of Lhe nose and Lhe ears, LemperaLure and clouds Lo deLecL and elude super-hurricanes on a water world… all
Lhls ls now a parL of who he ls, no maLLer how far he geLs from Lhe homeworld.

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 54

Cnce hls eyes were opened Lo hlgh Lechnology and Lhe wonders of Lhe sLars, Zhongll was deLermlned Lo see whaL
else Lhe greaLer unlverse had Lo offer. unable Lo speak a word of Angllc (or vllanl, for LhaL maLLer), Zhongll
reslgned hls commlsslon, soon managed Lo locaLe and flnagle a 1L-14 lrashl/Angllc LranslaLor from a deparLlng
Shamokln bureaucraL, and ls now deLermlned Lo geL Lo Lhe sLars, no maLLer whaL.

Closlng 1heme: 1rlLon 1rombone CuarLeL, “uomlne, Lxaudl CraLlonem Meam.”

S|r ¥usef Idatnus k
uÞÞ 4863L8, Age 27, Mlxed Sylean

Skllls: CombaL 8lfleman-3, Zero-C-2, Crav 8elL-1, ÞlaneLary Sclence (Cas ClanLs)-1, vacc SulL-1, 8ockeL/Crenade
Launcher-1, luslon 8lfle-1, Pandgun-1, 1acLlcs (Alrborne Crav 8elL)-1, 1acLlcs (8oardlng)-1, Mechanlcal-1,
lnLruslon-1, lnsLrucLlon-1, 8econ-1, LlngulsLlcs-1, PlsLory (lamlly)-1, AcLlng-1, Admln-0, Crav vehlcle-0, CompuLer-0

Languages: Sylean (naLlve), Angllc (Core dlalecL). Note that Sir Yusef’s commanding and authoritarian Core accent

– common enough for hls class – ls /&-"&*"34 aggravaLlng Lo Lhe Cushgusl.

1ools & Alds: lamlly rlng,
lamlly helrloom plsLol. Slr ?usef also ls masLer of a nlmcha mercenary shlp, ls Lhe
commandlng offlcer of her assaulL Leam (Lralned prlmarlly for gas glanL operaLlons), and has a personal
manservanL/valeL/bodyguard/backup braln.

vlsual: 8esldes looklng qulLe heavyseL llke mosL heavy-worlders – and so decelvlng Lhe unpracLlsed eye lnLo
overesLlmaLlng hls sLrengLh – and belng lefL-handed, Slr ?usef doesn’t have any uniquely Sylean traits.
uark halr,
bland faclal feaLures, lightly tanned skin… you might as well say “The suspect is not wearing a hat. Repeat: NO
HAT.” One thing that is surprising: despite his weight, Sir Yusef is $"%334 aglle, fasL, and alerL.

1he mosL sLrlklng facL abouL Slr ?usef ls LhaL hls behavlour ls someLhlng of an ldloL savanL, buL of a parLlcular Lype.
Pe has greaL recall of facLs, dependlng on hls cyberwear for supporL, buL hls acLual lnLelllgence ls qulLe low.
Powever, Lo be a good soldier you don’t necessary have to be /&-"33/0"&-, [usL 1$+6/'/"&-: and Slr ?usef can
deflnlLely lead by example, really knows Lhe Lools and LacLlcs of hls Lrade, has greaL slLuaLlonal awareness, and has
no lack of physlcal courage, lnsLlncLual undersLandlng, or luck.

Cpenlng 1heme: Tears for Fears, “Gas Giants”

As can be seen ln hls uÞÞ, ?usef was concelved an lmbeclle: and ln Lhls case he happened Lo be concelved wlLhln a
noble house LhaL 1) forbade geneLlc Lherapy or oLher alLeraLlons for Lhe unborn and yeL 2) also forbade aborLlons.

AcLually, Sylean/Solomanl. 1he Syleans have a cerLaln hosLlllLy Lo Lhe vllanl and Lhelr many, many aLLempLs Lo eradlcaLe Sylean culLure
durlng Lhe long cenLurles of Lhe llrsL lmperlum, so Lhere are very, very few Sylean/vllanl famllles.
1here are several models LhaL Lhe 8eferee can use for Lhe Core accenL. Whlle many 8eferees wlll have Lhelr nobles speak ln 8ecelved
ÞronunclaLlon or 8osLon 8rahmln, I’m pushing for the Beijing accent, as described here: hLLps://advenLureslnchlnese.wordpress.com/Lhe-
bel[lng-accenL/. lL beLLer flLs a peerage more heavlly rooLed ln naval command Lhan ln bloodllnes or wealLh.
The nice name for Emptyheaders, a.k.a. “Imperial residents of the Empty Quarter.” Not many Imperials feel the need to be nice Lo Lhls
sector’s relatively impoverished inhabitants. Even in the Far Future, there are people at the top, in the middle… and at the bottom.
As ls usual, Lhe famlly rlng acLs as a personal seal, and an access key Lo varlous household daLabases, command codes, and flnanclal
Cne LralL LhaL 10° of Syleans – buL noL Slr ?usef – shares ls alblnolsm. Cu8ÞS PumanlLl, page 130. noLe LhaL l lgnore Lhe Cu8ÞS
descrlpLlon for Lhe Sylean language, lnsLead uslng Lhe old 1rwords generaLor by Leroy W.L. CuaLney.

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 55
Powever, household law dld &+- forbld cyberneLlc enhancemenLs,
so aL Lhe age of 12 ?usef was flLLed ouL wlLh a
complex of blo-compaLlble chlps, granLlng hlm command of a superlor prlvaLe school educaLlon, as well as bulld-ln
sklll ln famlly hlsLory, acLlng, vac sulL usage, and handgun usage.

Note: “Tactics (Airborne Grav Belt)” represents fighting with fuslon rlfles, ln Lhe alr, wlLh grav belLs and baLLledress,
agalnsL oLher baLLledressed and vehlcular opponenLs. Pavlng a planeLary surface below you ls of only a secondary
concern for Lhe use of this skill: but in Sir Yusef’s case, there was never a ground below, [usL hlgher pressures and
more powerful alr currenLs. 1emperaLure, pressure, alr currenLs, alr denslLy, and radlaLlon are key concerns Lo be
[uggled when worklng ln a gas giant, as well as rapid 3D reckoning of everyone’s location, vecLor, and veloclLy.
Most engagements that didn’t involve boarding action was tied to long dlsLance flghLlng wlLh rockeL launchers,
shorL-dlsLance flghLlng wlLh energy rlfles, and face-Lo-face alrborne sLruggles lnvolvlng armoured flsLs smashlng
faceplaLes, yanklng off or dlsabllng grav belLs, aLLachlng sLlcky grenades, or dlrecL klcks and LwlsLs ln an aLLempL Lo
oversLress [olnLs, Lear off llmbs, or aL leasL rupLure sulL lnLegrlLy ln Lhe deadly aLmosphere.

8e[ecLed by Lhe lmperlal navy Academy, Lhe lmperlal Army, and Lhe planeLary mlllLary of hls homeworld of Þlolqu
(ln boLh 993 and 1103: Core/Core u422747-7
), ?usef was evenLually placed ln a hlgh-Lech mercenary army corps
wlLh sLrong noble Lles. 1allored Lo allow Core SecLor bluebloods re[ecLed by Lhe lmperlal servlces Lo follow Lhe
glory-or-deaLh road, lL spenL Lhe laLe 980s/early 990s ln a sLrlng of assaulLs and convenLlonal confllcLs. ?usef was
Lled Lo a speclallsL ground unlL Lralned Lo flghL ln ulLra-cold LerresLrlal envlronmenLs (Lhlnk AnLarcLlca, noL ÞluLo).
Pls good servlce ln Lhe fleld ln Lhe dlrecL employ of Lhe Lmperor, coupled wlLh surprlsed and lmpressed famlly
members lobbylng on hls behalf, opened Lhe door Lo a low-level lmperlal knlghLhood ln 990.

uecldlng LhaL Lhls unlnLelllgenL klnsman could be of some use Lo Pousehold goals afLer all, Lhe famlly Archon has
plucked Slr ?usef from Lhe blue-blooded mercenary army
, granLlng hlm command of a household mercenary shlp
and a plaLoon of householder men-aL-arms Lralned and equlpped aL 1L-14 for gas glanL operaLlons, and shlpped
hlm off Lo serve Lhe 8wap SecLor uuke of Lhe LmpLy CuarLer ln a quld-pro-quo for cerLaln favourable rullngs senlor
8wap bureaucraLs on CaplLal granLed Pouse ldaLnus.

8lanca nazarlo sLands aL Lhe end of Lhe world.
1he flrmamenL above ls as blue as Lhe summer skles of her chlldhood, mlrrored ln Lhe waLers of 3%
'%32"$%, buL where Lhe sky she remembers were bounded by mounLalns, here on Sky Lhere ls no real horlzon, only
a llne of whlLe cloud. 1he whlLe llne shades lnLo a dlffuse graylsh fog LhaL, as 8lanca looks down, grows
progresslvely murkler, unLll Lhe sky dlrecLly below ls Lhoroughly dark and opaque.
She remembers whaL ulnh Lold her abouL Lhe ways Sky could klll her. WlLh a large enough parachuLe,
8lanca lmaglnes, she could fall for hours, drlfLlng Lhrough Lhe layered clouds, before flndlng her end ln heaL or
pressure or Lhe [aws of some monsLrous denlzen of Lhe deep alr.
lf Lhls should go wrong, 8lanca cannoL lmaglne a beLLer way Lo dle.
—From the short story “Finisterra”, by David Moles, in 1he ?ears 8esL Sclence llcLlon:
1wenLy-flfLh Annual CollecLlon

1hls ls odd: mosL lmperlal noble famllles are ":%'-34 opposlLe, permlLLlng aborLlons, geneLlc Lherapy (Lo flghL all LhaL lnbreedlng!), and
even clonlng (desplLe commoner opposlLlon), buL sLrongly forblddlng cyberneLlc enhancemenLs.
1L 7 isn’t hlgh-Lech: buL Lhe lmporLed Lechnology ls a loL more sophlsLlcaLed Lhan Lhe locally produced producLs. And lL /* ln Lhe cenLre
of the greatest empire in human history…
lf you suspecL LhaL Lhls mercenary army exlsLs prlmarlly Lo lnsure LhaL less-Lhan-deslrable sons are permlLLed Lo dle a glorlous deaLh on
Lhe battlefield, you’re right. The Imperial Army isn’t so hard-up for recrulLs LhaL lL musL accepL men wlLh room-temperature IQs… aL leasL
ln 993 lmperlal, only Lwo years lnLo Lhe Solomanl 8lm War.
;6 '+9$*" 8wap bureaucraLs remalns as lncorrupLlble as ever. 8uL Lhen agaln, admlnlsLraLlve bureaucraLs have a cerLaln leeway ln
lnLerpreLlng Lhe regulaLlons, and Lhe ma[or 8wap creches would $"%334 like to solidify the Bwap hold on the Sector Throne…

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 5/

G3# 18 Sir Yusef ‘s chosen battleground+H Lidack, one of Nulinad’s gas giants? I# 2&4 #B#3 8-30 %-2# %1 B-+-% %/#
3#&)A4 J('# K4# I1%#(> 13 %/# 2113 18 L-0&$: @-%$/ MSte||ar keaches NOP> "&6# QORQ<S> DD< 92"#)-&(?
1h|s graph|c |s t|t|ed “Saturn Image”© Matthew Attard. Please visit his gallery at

As of 001-993, Slr ?usef ls onboard Lhe SoLfedlLha-class sLarshlp </,'.%, and ls due Lo arrlve aL
nullnad/nullnad/LmpLy CuarLer aL ~30-993, where lL wlll place lLself aL Lhe dlsposal of SecLor uuke
ueLhwabLakebwebwakawa for a Lhree-year perlod. 1he SecLor uuke has a falr number of plans for Lhls valuable
mlllLary asseL: Lhere are few oLher hlgh-Lech moblle asseLs avallable aL hls dlsposal. 8reaLhLaklng assaulLs on gas
giant mining installations, however, isn’t the first thing that leaps into his mind…

Closlng 1heme: 1ears for lears, “LlemenLal”

(Note: all starships are created with High Guard Shipyard (various versions), created by Andrew

Ship: Nimcha Class: Sotfeditha
Type: Mercenary Cruiser Architect: Alvin Plummer
Tech Level: 13

C-6231361-330000-24000-0 MCr 395.830 600 Tons Agility: 1
Bat Bear 2 22 Crew: 47 Fuel: 198 Tons
Bat 2 22 TL: 13 EP: 18

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 50
Cargo: 32 Tons Passengers: 3 Marines: 30
Craft: 2 x 50T Modular Cutters
Fuel Treatment: Fuel Scoops and On Board Fuel Purification

Architects Fee: MCr 3.958 Cost in Quantity: MCr 316.664

600 tons standard, 8,400 cubic meters, Cone Configuration

Pilot, Navigator, 3 Engineers, Steward, Medic, 6 Gunners, 4 Flight Crew, 30 Marines

Jump-3, 1G Manoeuvre, Power plant-3, 18 EP, Agility 1

Bridge, Model/6 Computer

6 Hardpoints

2x Single Beam Laser Turrets organised into 2 Batteries (Factor-2),
2x Single Fusion Gun Turrets organised into 2 Batteries (Factor-4)

2x Single Sandcaster Turrets organised into 2 Batteries (Factor-3),
Armoured Hull (Factor-3)

2x 50-ton Modular Cutters (Crew of 2)

198 Tons Fuel (3 parsecs jump and 28 days endurance)
On Board Fuel Scoops, On Board Fuel Purification Plant

27 Staterooms, 4 Low Berths, 1 High Passenger, 2 Middle Passengers, 32 Tons Cargo


MCr 399.788 Singly (incl. Architects fees of MCr 3.958),
MCr 316.664 in Quantity

99 Weeks Singly, 79 Weeks in Quantity

Despite the completely different look the Nimcha-class mercenary cruiser has from the Broadsword-
class ships, the basic functionality is much the same: carry a platoon of soldiers across the
stars, with two modular cutters as the primary interface. The Nimcha is an inferior ship in most
it only bears six turrets instead of eight,
has one G of acceleration vs. the Broadsword’s 3-Gs,
has Agility-1 vs. Agility-2 (top agility: this may decline depending on loadout),
lacks the two ATVs and the air/raft on the Broadsword,
has only 32 tons of cargo vs. the Broadsword’s 80 tons,
and had no extra fuel for onboard craft, while the Broadsword has 48 tons in reserve.

On the other hand, the Nimcha-class cruisers are armoured (Factor-3 vs. Factor-0; are built to a
higher standard (TL-13 vs. TL-12); has better computers (Model/6 vs. Model/5); has four low
berths vs. none for the Broadsword, and bears slightly more staterooms (27 vs. 25). The Nimcha is
also substantially cheaper… but you get what you pay for.

Both ships are Jump-3 capable, and bear two modular cutters. The Sotfeditha has one module
dedicated to troop transport (easily reconfigurable for cargo transport), and the other is a
dedicated boarding module.

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 5D
kesearcher L|md Namco
uÞÞ 67A8l9, Age 39, Solomanl
Skllls: CompuLer-2, SLreeLwlse-2, 8roker-2, Llalson-2, 1rader-1, vacc SulL-1, Small 8oaL-1, Pandgun-1,
Commo-1, Shlps 8oaL-1, unarmed CombaL-1, Crav vehlcle-0, Wheeled vehlcle-0, LquesLrlan-0

Languages: 1ransform Angllc

1ools & Alds: 8esldes a 1L-13 LranslaLor for all Lhe ma[or Slx SubsecLor human languages – 1ransform Angllc, lndlan
Lngllsh, Modern vllanl, Pebrln Arablc, lrashl Plndl, nullnad Plndl, and Lazlsarl – Mr. namco also carrles a hlgh-Lech
daLapad. Cn hls hlp ls a slug plsLol, and ln varlous pouches ls a cool selecLlon of fancy ammunlLlon he never geLs a
chance Lo use: a plasLlc body plsLol ls sLrapped hldden on hls lower leg. Pe also wears body armour under hls shlrL/
vesL/poncho dress Lyplcal for hls reglon on Lhe world of Cook: buL Lhls armour ls geared Lo defeaL knlfe sLabs, noL
bulleLs or laser flre.

vlsual: 1hls eLhnlcally Anglo-AusLrallan man ls bullL large and Lough, wlLh a bull neck and meaLy flsLs: buL hls eyes
Lwlnkle wlLh good humour, and Lhe laugh llnes on hls face are a slgn of a hearLy and acLlve llfe, well-llved. 8esldes
Lhe shlrL/vesL/poncho ouLflL, loud-paLLerned panLs, and solld spacer booLs, Mr. namco ofLen has some exoLlc peL
or other nearby, but he doesn’t keep any for long.

Cpenlng 1heme: Plroshlma, “1lme on Lhe nlle”

8orn and bred on Cooke, Mr. namco was ralsed ln a flshlng vlllage, learnlng Lo plloL a small moLorboaL around Lhe
local lslands before learning to drive. (He never did learn to swim, though…) Pe Lrled Lo geL lnLo college, buL
desplLe hls sharp mlnd he was unable Lo pass Lhe enLrance exams: so he shlfLed Lo hls second cholce, merchanL
school. Here, he succeeded, but after graduation he struggled to get into a ship’s crew… any crew, any ship. But in
Lhe end, he dld manage Lo crack a local frelghLer lnLerface llne runnlng Lhe shorL Cooke-Pebrln [ump. Pe bullL a
repuLaLlon as a handy man Lo have around – especlally when you need Lo move a loL of producL fasL – and grew
lnLo a respecLed Lrader. Whlle namco dld spend a llLLle Llme on deck, hls flrsL love ls and wlll always be sales: so he
spenL a year or Lwo on many worlds connecLed Lo Lhe Lrade hub of Pebrln, lncludlng Sahale, 8a[an, Shulku, AnaLa,
Kirulan, and of course Hebrin herself. (When possible, he avoided postings on his homeworld of Cooke: “I already
know LhaL place llke Lhe back of my hand. Send me somewhere &"5!”)

Whlle he cerLalnly has solld flnanclal success on mosL of hls sales posLlngs, hls mosL rewardlng glg was ln Lhe
speculaLlve Lrade. AdmlLLedly, ln hls flrsL Lhree shoLs on Lhese venLures, he was lefL wlLh noLhlng buL worLhless
empLy craLes Lhe flrsL Llme, compleLely rlpped off by a Shadow CarLel fronL Lhe second Llme, and, Lrylng hls hand
wlLh Lhe Pegemony, barely broke even afLer runnlng some serlous rlsks. 8uL Lhe fourLh Llme, Lhlngs flnally wenL
smooLhly, leavlng hlm wlLh a faL payoff and enabllng hlm Lo reLlre comforLably.

unforLunaLely, reLlremenL bored hlm ouL of hls skull. Lven vlslLlng all Lwelve of hls renLed-ouL hlgh-end aparLmenLs
on slx worlds (and one space sLaLlon) Lurned lnLo [usL anoLher rouLlne… so namco declded Lo geL Lhe answer Lo a
question that has been bugging him for a long time: “Just how many derogatory names and ethnic slurs are there
in the Six Subsectors, anyways? I’ve collected at least seventeen crass terms for my own admlLLedly odd Lrlbe of
whlLe aLhelsLs, and that’s aL a Llme when nobody has a real haLe-on for us!”

Already, namco has already collecLed and organlzed all Lhe dlsparaglng Lerms hls own world of Cooke has for
ouLslders, from Lhe wrong sorL of off-world aLhelsL Lo Lhe frlendllesL local lrlllLok vargr Lo Lhe coldesL of Lhe Arzula
vlslLors from across Lhe Lesser 8lfL. Pe has managed Lo Leam up wlLh an lnLeresLed professor of a local unlverslLy
(wlLh llnks Lo Lhe lmperlal lnLersLellar ScouL Servlce) who has provlded some good meLhodology sLandards, and wlll

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 5H
Lry Lo derlve some sorL of Lheory from Lhe daLa namco ls deLermlned Lo gaLher and documenL properly.
namco ls well aware LhaL mosL LmpLyheads dlsllke unwanLed quesLlons from off-world strangers, but he’s closed
more Lhan a few sales wlLh some dangerous customers: “It’s nothing that I haven’t faced before – and anyways, lf
you just want to deal with nice people with sensible credit trails, you’d be smart to stay out of the Quarter!”

Whenever he can swlng lL, Mr. namco llkes Lo go rldlng on blpedal ghovas (a generlc name for rldlng llzards ln Lhe
LmpLy CuarLer), especlally clslnLs (plcLured ln Ste||ar keaches #12, page 16). He can’t seem to make the leap in skill
Lo LquesLerlan-1, but that hasn’t stopped him from trying whenever possible.

Closlng 1heme: Hiroshima, “The Golden Age”


T'+% 81) %/# U14 18 -%> V&2$1 +12#%-2#+ +7-%$/#+ 8)12 6/1B&+ %1 1(0R+$/11( /1)+#+> -2&6-3-36 /-2+#(8 %1 A#
an Australian explorer on the exotic Terran homeworld, when “horses were the fastest you could ever go,
#B#)4 +/-" +&-(#0 13 %/# 1$#&3 A('#> &30 %/# /#&B#3+ 7#)# %/# )#&(2 18 %/# +%&)+ alone.” ;/-+ "&)%-$'(&) 6)&"/-$
7&+ 8)12 /-+ %)&B#(+ 7-%/-3 %/# I#6#2134> 8)12 %/# +')")-+-36(4 8)-#30(4 &30 (&-0RA&$: @)W'(& 71)(0 18 @A'-+/>
DXP 92"#)-&(? This graphic is titled “Journey On” © Iosó Anton|o Cchoa.
See h|s work at http:]][osea302.dev|antart.com]art]Iourney-Cn-400S69S47

uesplLe hls lnLelllgence and greaL knowledge, Mr. namco knows that he can’t solve the core problem of rampant tribalism; and he’s
qulLe aware LhaL Lhlngs are acLually a loL beLLer now Lhan ln prevlous cenLurles, when Lhere was rampanL kllllng and vlolence, when now
mosL are saLlsfled wlLh merely calllng each oLher nasty names behind each other’s back. Still, at least he can collect the evidence, so
oLhers can solve Lhe puzzle. A good memorlal for all Lhe Lraders he knew who dled ln Lhe fleld, frlend and foe allke, vlcLlms Lo Lhe harsh –
and perhaps, [usLlfled – local aLLlLudes. (1here are $"%*+&* why Mr. Namco wears body armour and is always armed…)
The song’s sentimental, yes, but it’s still true… and peace naturally leads to increased profit and reduced losses, as a trader of Mr.
Namco’s caliber well knows.

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 5I
Surgeon M| Sh|khashah|
uÞÞ 87C98A, Age 30, Solomanl
Skllls: Medlcal-3, 8lology-1, SLreeLwlse-1, 8roker-1, Admln-1, 1rader-1, ÞlloL-1, Ship’s Boat-1, Cambllng-1,
CompuLer-1, Crav vehlcle-0, Laser weapon-0, vacc SulL-0, Chess-0

Languages: 1ransform Angllc

vlsual: A solldly bullL young man, wlLh a reassurlng alr of compeLence desplLe hls youLh. Pe has a general near
LasLern look abouL hlm: whlle nearly pure Solomanl, he has boLh Arab and LasL lndlan ancesLors llberally scaLLered
throughout his family tree. He dresses in sensible clothing, complete with doctor’s smock and sLeLhoscope (sLlll
wldely used LhroughouL Lhe Slx SubsecLors). Pls few elecLronlc Lools are generally hldden ln pockeLs, and deslgned
Lo flL a 1930s-1980s aesLheLlc (including the 1960’s SLar 1rek/SLar Wars vlslon of Lhe fuLure), raLher Lhan Lhe lÞod,
SLar 1rek: 1he nexL CeneraLlon or laLer far fuLure look.

(ÞS: WhaL Lhe clLlzens of Lhe lar luLure Lhlnk ls “ancient Terran” isn’t always accurate.)

Cpenlng 1heme: Paul Simon, “Boy in the Bubble”

Surgeon Shlkhashashl spenL hls early years on Cudlna, Lhe anclenL lmperlal reposlLory world
for Lhe LmpLy
CuarLer. Cn Lhls vllanl world (wlLh sLrong 8wap seasonlng), Lhe mosL soughL afLer poslLlons are ln Lhe exLenslve
lmperlal bureaucracy, wlLh openlngs ln Lhe even larger planeLary bureaucracy belng an accepLable replacemenL.
1he young Shlkhashashi’s quick mind rebelled against these mind-kllllng organlzaLlons, and lnsLead focused on Lhe
compllcaLed blologlcal sysLems LhaL enLranced hlm. 8efore he even lefL hls Leenage years, he managed Lo snag a
medlcal scholarshlp wlLh CharlLy LlC
ln unlverslLy, and developed lnLo an ouLsLandlng and skllled young surgeon,
wlLh a speclal focus on cosmeLlc surgery.

AfLer graduaLlon, he surprlsed hls sponsors by decllnlng a hlgh-pald poslLlon wlLh CharlLy LlC (and evenLual
clLlzenshlp on Lhe world of CharlLy herself), preferrlng Lo Lry and sLrlke ouL on hls own wlLh an old frlend, CapLaln
1arlq, wlLh hls own aglng PosplLal Shlp, Lhe !-%$* %&2 !-$/1"*.
CharlLy saw Lhe Surgeon as a compeLlLor, and
forced hlm Lo choose Lo elLher become a conLracLor wlLh CharlLy or Lo geL ouL of nullnad subsecLor. lndependenLly
mlnded as always, Surgeon Shlkhashashl headed ouL Lo Lhe Pebrln Maln, leavlng Lhe relaLlve safeLy of nullnad
space behlnd.

lor a year, he dld remarkably well: even wlLh Lhe scrounged-up medlcal equlpmenL, Surgeon Shlkhashashl dld very
good work and made very nlce money
, enough Lo flnally pay for a proper sLarshlp overhaul, and begln Lo geL
beLLer equlpmenL. 8uL word goL ouL LhaL he was prosperlng: so hls suppllers sLarLed Lo squeeze hlm more, and Lhe
Shadow CarLel – a powerful lnfluence ln Pebrln subsecLor – came a-knocklng. Pe declded Lo pay up raLher Lhan
offer free cosmeLlc surgery,
so he can worry less about pirates, but the Surgeon resents the protection racket’s
cuL lnLo hls proflLs.

1hls ls deslgned Lo flL wlLh hls sLrongly Solomanl pracLlce – more below – buL Lhe vllanl deflnlLely respecL hls aLLlLude as well.
“Repository World” means “llLeral ,+9&-%/&* of bureaucraLlc forms and paperwork, mlcroflches, Cus, daLacrysLals, and clay LableLs, Lled
Lo all Lhree lmperla. So Much Administrivia… but if you know what you’re looking for, a genuine gold mine of information!”
For more on Charity, see “Empty Quarter Echo” by Jeff M. Hopper and “Adventure: Sand Castles” in Ste||ar keaches #S.
Charity LIC likes to focus on high profit activity whenever possible. “Fixing a broken nail of a princess for 50,000 credits? No problem!
ulsLrlbuLlng cheap, llfe-savlng medlclne Lo mllllons of lll chlldren, pups, and haLchllngs across Lhe Slx SubecLors? Well, lL depends on Lhe Þ8
1hls ls a classlcal alluslon Lo a famous pre-spaceflight Terran nation: much as we may name a boat “Assyrian Glory” Loday. It’s been
-.+9*%&2* of years since the Declaration of Independence…
1he facL LhaL hls cllenLs llke the “beautiful clone” look – see hLLp://koLaku.com/blame-phoLoshop-for-koreas-beauLy-queen-clones-
482283894 for Lhe orlglnal sLory (and Lhe real LruLh: “Pictures Lie”) – isn’t Surgeon Shikhashashi’s problem.
A wlse cholce: surgeons who glve new ldenLlLles Lo CarLel offlcers have an unforLunaLe Lendency of dlsappearlng abrupLly.

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 5J

!%':)4: +%-(( (-:#+ %1 )#2-3-+$# &A1'% /-+ (-%%#)2&%#+ &30 /-+ "'"/110 /12# -3 %/# @6B#%/ +4+%#2>
& 2#2A#) 18 %/# Y13+%#((&%-13 18 Gzakagz (in 1105, it’s the ‘Constellation of Z1#:/13’)
– -%+#(8 & 2#2A#) 18 %/# T'(-&3 [)1%#$%1)&%#? M93 DDEH @6B#%/\I-)&:'\@20':&3 O]EE> Y===^]QR@S?
_#"-$%#0 /ere as it was in Stukryk’s 41'%/, in the 960’s Imperial.
This Public Domain graphic is titled “L-5 Space Colony” by Don Dav|s
See h|s work at http:]]www.f||ckr.com]photos]61S49047QN03]S601S20094]

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 5K
On a trip to Udusis, Shikhashashi’s friend (and owner of the !-%$* %&2 !-$/1"*) had a ma[or hearL aLLack. CapLaln
1arlq was forLunaLe Lo have a surgeon on hls shlp when Lhe hearL aLLack occurred: buL, feellng hls morLallLy
drawlng closer, he declded Lo reLlre and spend Lhe years he has lefL wlLh Lhe famlly he pracLlcally never saw. Pe
also cashed ouL hls share of Lhe shlp ownershlp, Lo pay for Lhe long Lrlp back Lo hls homeworld of Cudlna
have someLhlng exLra Lo llve on when he geLs Lhere.)

1he fasLesL bldder wlLh Lhe mosL ready cash on hand was an lrlllLok vargr, by Lhe name of SLukryk. A Lrader from
the Hegemony of Lorean, he felt that Surgeon Shikhashashi’s skills were wasted in Lhls parL of Lhe lmperlum, whlle
Pegemonlo humanlLl – Arzula and 8eLa allke – would be willing to pay top dollar ‘for an exotic Imperial surgeon
with his amazing abilities, found nowhere else in the Hegemony!’ Moreover, the Star Legion and the Hegemonio
fleeLs were qulLe good aL suppresslng plraLes, compared Lo Lhe absenL lmperlal navy and Lhe scaLLered and sparse
Colonlal fleeL: Lhls means fewer securlLy and danegeld expenses, and more money for proflLs and relnvesLmenL.

ÞC lnvolvemenL can go mulLlple ways:
as crewmen of Lhe !-%$* %&2 !-$/1"*, wllllng Lo mlgraLe Lo a hlghly auLhorlLarlan and humanlsL sLar emplre
to escape the chaos of the Imperial Empty Quarter, but uncertain of the ship’s new owner;
as Lhe Pegemonlc asslsLanLs of SLukryk. MosL are vargr, members of Stukryk’s pack, and serve as his right
hand, counsellors, and defenders. A few are human, and acL as represenLaLlves ln lnLensely anLl-vargr
areas where the Vargr can’t go at the risk of their lives.
as medlcal workers wlLh Surgeon Shlkhashashl, looklng forward Lo more and beLLer equlpmenL and beLLer
pay, buL wlLh Lhe dawnlng awareness LhaL Lhey are exchanglng one seL of known LhreaLs for an enLlrely
dlfferenL seL of unknown dangers,
as lmperlal sLarmercs, pald Lo help defend Lhe !-%$ %&2 !-$/1"* as Lhey make Lhe [ourney Lo Pegemolc
space. noLe LhaL mercenarles are noL offlclally allowed Lo operaLe wlLhln Lhe Pegemony, so some fancy
legal footwork will be needed: “Put that Admin skill to work!” Interactions beLween Lhe Lyplcal
mulLlspecles lmperlal unlL and Lhelr Arzula/Mlxed vllanl all-male counLerparLs should prove lnLeresLlng:
language dlfferences – 1ransform Angllc vs. Arzula-A and –8, say
– belng Lhe leasL of Lhem.

Closlng 1heme: Jan Hammer, “Evan”

(Note: The Stars and Stripes is a member of the Helper II class, described in
Stellar Reaches #14, page 85-86)

Ship: Stars and Stripes Class: Helper II
Type: Hospital Ship Architect: Alvin Plummer
Tech Level: 12

H-2611122-050000-00000-0 MCr 83.212 200 Tons Agility: 0
Bat Bear 1 Crew: 13 Fuel: 42 Tons
Bat 1 TL: 12 EP: 2

Cargo: 8 Tons Passengers: 6 Low: 20
Craft: 1 x 2T Air/Raft, 1 x 1T Ground Buggy, 1 x 4T Ambulance G-Carrier
Fuel Treatment: Fuel Scoops and On Board Fuel Purification
Backups: 2 x Model/1 Computers

Architects Fee: MCr 0.832 Cost in Quantity: MCr 66.570

Why noL [usL capLaln hls lree 1rader back home? llrsL, speed: may llners can pull !ump3 or !ump4, buL a lree 1rader has only !ump1.
8elaLed Lo speed ls safeLy: you wanL Lo send as llLLle Llme ln plraLe-lnfesLed space as posslble.
A parLlal dlscusslon of crosslng Lhe Lesser 8lfL ls avallable ln Ste||ar keaches #9, “Ikonic Voyage”, page 31-32
Ck, Ck, a klnd 8eferee can permlL some !ullan Angllc knowledge. Cr elecLronlc LranslaLors...

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 5L
200 tons standard, 2,800 cubic meters, Flattened Sphere Configuration

Pilot, Engineer, Steward, Medic, Gunner, 8 Medical Crew

Jump-1, 1G Maneuver, Power plant-1, 2 EP, Agility 0

Bridge, Model/2 Computer, 2 Model/1 Backup Computers

HARDPOINTS: 2 Hardpoints


2x Triple Sandcaster Turrets organised into 1 Battery (Factor-5)

1x 2-ton Air/Raft, 1x 1-ton Ground Buggy, 1x 4-ton Ambulance G-Carrier

42 Tons Fuel (2 parsecs jump and 28 days endurance)
On Board Fuel Scoops, On Board Fuel Purification Plant

15 Staterooms, 20 Low Berths, 2 High Passengers, 4 Middle Passengers,
20 Low Passengers, 8 Tons Cargo

1 Hospital Ward (15 tons, Crew 6, 0.050 Energy Point, Cost MCr 0.100),
1 Medical Lab (4 tons, Crew 1, 0.030 Energy Point, Cost MCr 0.080),
2 Autodocs (2 tons, Crew 0, 0.030 Energy Point, Cost MCr 0.300),
1 Analysis (4 tons, Crew 1, 0.025 Energy Point, Cost MCr 0.200)

MCr 84.044 Singly (incl. Architects fees of MCr 0.832), MCr 66.570 in Quantity

57 Weeks Singly, 46 Weeks in Quantity

The Helper II-class hospital ship is a TL C Beowulf, but the cargo area has been refitted as a TL
D medical centre. It is a small but highly capable medical centre, for use by the Iper'mar in the
Imperial Empty Quarter. The Hospital Ward holds a surgery theatre, a trauma centre, an intensive
care unit, and a ward of five beds.

Unlike most Helper II refits, the Stars and Stripes is outfitted to please a feminine clientele,
rather than act as a utilitarian field hospital. Soft pastel colours, gentle curves, light
flowery fragrances are the order of the day, outside of the sterile surgery ward. There is also a
strong “Ancient Terra” vibe going on, with the 1950s-1980s music, the largest collection of
Patrick Nagel prints to be found in the sector, and not a single holograph, computer display, or
robot to be seen in patient-accessible areas (outside of the surgery theatre). Wireless
transmissions are blocked out/scrambled, quite deliberately. The local Solomani find the setup
quite charming: one wonders how the Arzula will see it…

SupplemenLal 1heme: Boney M, “Nightflight to Venus”

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# /4
Marqu|s Dr. A|| Ia||ood hau|t kangara[an
uÞÞ 686ACu, age 48, Solomanl Arab/LasL lndlan
Skllls: Archeology-3, PlsLory-4, 8esearch-2, 8lfleman-2, LlngulsLlcs-2, lnsLrucLlon-1, Sophonology-1, Legal-1, Peavy
Weapons-1, 8oboL Cps-1, Survlval (ueserL)-1, Wheeled vehlcle-0

Languages: 1ransform Angllc (naLlve), 8ule of Man Lngllsh (anclenL),
8ule of Man Arablc (anclenL)

vlsual: hault Rangarajan’s slim face shows the signs of both his Arabic and East Indian heritage… and also the
weaLherlng effecLs of Lhe deserL wlnds. WlLh a wlry bulld, hls frame Lends Lo be losL ln Lhe volumlnous dark deserL
ralmenL haulL 8angara[an prefers. AfLer all Lhese years, Lhe observanL eye can sLlll deLecL someLhlng of Lhe mlllLary
bearlng abouL hlm.

SclenLlflc ulscoverles: 8reakLhrough x1, Ma[or x1, Mlnor x4

@ +#$%-13 18 %/# (-3:#0 2#6&(1"1(-+ %/&% 6-)0+ 2'$/ 18 I#A)-3? ;/# A'-(0-36 -3 %/# 81)#6)1'30 -+ %/# 8-#8 18 /&'(%
`&36&)&U&3 -3 /-+ $&"&$-%4 &+ 92"#)-&( J&)13 18 5-3%#&)> &30 8-3&3$#+ 2'$/ 18 /-+ )#+#&)$/? 1h|s graph|c |s t|t|ed
“New Babel” © Dm|try Dub|nsky. See h|s work at http:]]e|hor.cgsoc|ety.org]portfo||o]pro[ect-deta||]93S164

noLe: haulL 8angara[an has an Ponour lmperlal 8arony on Pebrln, hls homeworld, and ls a 8ank Marquls, awarded
for hls archaeologlcal dlscoverles. 1he baronlal LlLle does have a revenue-generaLlng flef aLLached Lo lL, and ls for
llfe, buL unllke mosL Ponour LlLles, lL ls &+- inheritable… unless %&+-."$ breakLhrough dlscovery ls made! 1he
Marquls LlLle ls Lled Lo hls research responslblllLles, and ls for llfe: buL no land ls aLLached Lo lL. Llke all 8ank LlLles, lL
ls noL lnherlLable.

uesplLe hls fame across Lhe Slx SubsecLors, haulL 8angara[an has &"#"$ lefL hls homeworld of Pebrln.

Cpenlng 1heme: Stephen Warbeck, “Writing the Proof”

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# /5
In the Þersona| Þast
8angara[an was born and ralsed ln a mlddle-class famlly of scholars. A brlghL boy, he excelled ln hls classes – boLh
onllne and ln Lhe flesh – and easlly passed Lhe enLrance exams Lo enrol ln Lhe uuchess lmanl Sclence Academy on
Pebrln. Powever, due Lo a medlcal calamlLy, hls famlly was no longer able Lo supporL hlm: buL Lhere was a
scholarshlp avallable, for Lhose who were wllllng Lo glve slx years of hls llfe ln Lhe servlce of Lhe vllanl-sLyle
bureaux LhaL now rules Lhls LradlLlonally Arab world. 8angara[an accepLed Lhe scholarshlp, flnlshed hls sLudles ln
archaeology, and [olned Lhe lnfanLry. Pls lnLelllgence and work eLhlc sLood ouL enough Lo obLaln a poslLlon as a
General’s Aide, which later led to a command position in a front-llne brlgade. Whlle Lhls was broadly peaceLlme
servlce, Lhere were enough deploymenLs – malnly Lo conLaln vargr
/Arab clashes, and suppress Lhe 8ed Pebrln
Squads (Lhe revoluLlonary/LerrorlsL LhreaL of LhaL era) – Lo keep Lhlngs llvely.

In the D|stant Þast
uesplLe some LempLlng offers Lo remaln ln Lhe Pebrln Army, 8angara[an declded Lo flnally resume hls archaeology
sLudles, earnlng hls docLoraLe ln 981 lmperlal. Pls good servlce Lo Lhe Pebrln governmenL helped hlm galn prlvaLe
and governmenLal granLs, flnanclng hls lnvesLlgaLlon of Lhe early 8ule of Man era Pebrln – when lL was a mlnor lf
promlslng sysLem of Lhe 8ule of Man, a.k.a. Lhe Second lmperlum

;/# 6)#&%#+% &)$/&#1(16-$&( 8-30 13 I#A)-3 -3 %71 $#3%')-#+> +')"&++-36 -3 +-63-8-$&3$#
%/# )#0-+$1B#)4 18 %/# a1+b'# 18 @( ;/&)%… %/# `'(# 18 a&3 #)& _&:/(& J&%%#)4 18 [&)%-$(# @$$#(#)&%1)+?
!/173 &+ 18 DXE 92"#)-&(> 3#&)-36 %/# #30 18 2&U1) #c$&B&%-13?
This graphic is titled “The Dunes” © W|ktor Òhman.
See h|s work at http:]]beere.dev|antart.com]art]1he-Dunes-3S290040S

1here are a surprlslngly large number of vargr on Lhe deserL world, around 10° of Lhe planeLary populaLlon. 8uL whlle Lhe Arablc
Pebrln of Lhe pre-Pebrln 8ebelllon era sLlll shapes Lhe publlc lmaglnaLlon, Lhe real Pebrln – wlLh bllllons of Mlxed vllanl, mllllons of 8wap
and vargr, and Lhe ebblng force of Lhe lslamlc rellglon – awalLs dlscovery and publlc recognlLlon. An analogy can be found comparlng
lnLerwar 8rlLaln wlLh Lhe 8rlLaln of 2013, wlLh Lhe old sLereoLypes sLlll grlpplng Lhe publlc lmaglnaLlon.
1hls ls a Solomanl-domlnanL reglon of space, so few call Lhe former 1erran governmenL Lhe 8amshackle Lmplre…

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# //
8efore Lhe dlscovery aL Cebel el-Zurgh, near Lhe uakhla Casls, lL was felL LhaL Lhere was no ma[or lndusLrlal
neLwork or manufacLurlng capaclLy on Pebrln ln Lhe early 8ule of Man (8ule of Man: -2210 Lo -1776 lmperlal,
“early Rule of Man” is about -2210 Lo -2100 lmperlal). Powever, 8angara[an dlscovery of (and furLher research aL)
Lhe losL uakhla 8aLLery of ÞarLlcle AcceleraLors has revoluLlonlzed Lhe undersLandlng of Lhe early 8ule of Man
economy, mlllLary proflle, and economlc acLlvlLy for Lhls parL of Lhe LmpLy CuarLer.

In the Þresent
uesplLe Lhe accolades, Lhe respecL, Lhe money, and Lhe ma[or honours Lhe now Marquls haulL 8angara[an has
galned, he remalns focused on uncoverlng more of Lhe dlsLanL pasL. lor example, Lake Lhe dlscovery LhaL secured
hls repuLaLlon: Lhe masslve parLlcle acceleraLors LhaL were obvlously meanL Lo sLrlke down vargr caplLal shlps (as
Lhey were bullL by 1errans durlng Lhe legendary vargr Þlllaglng, -2400 Lo -1700 lmperlal).

Llke mosL ma[or dlscoverles, a hosL of quesLlons followed Lhe Cebel el-Zurgh flnd. LxacLly how ma[or was Lhe vargr
LhreaL durlng Lhls Llme? uld Lhey sLage a heavy rald every decade – every generaLlon – every year? uld Lhe 1errans
(or the sparse Vilani inhabitants of the time) detect any early differentiation of the Vargr species, into today’s
Cvaghoun and Suedzuk?
WhaL was so valuable abouL early Pebrln LhaL lL was worLh lnvesLlng a heavy planeLary
defense lnsLallaLlon? And why was Lhe early lndusLrlal neLwork of Pebrln compleLely losL, even Lo Lhe 8ule of Man
records on Cudlna?

While today’s pirate threat is but a nuisance compared Lo Lhe vargr Þlllaglng of anclenL Llmes – or even Lhe
endemlc local plracy of Lhe lmperlal Clvll War era, a mere Lhree cenLurles ago – it’s still stifling the Marquis’
research. 1hankfully, Lhe plraLes aLLacklng Pebrln – and LhreaLenlng her vlLal lce shlps, needed Lo quench Lhe LhlrsL
of Lhe bllllons on Lhls deserL world – have had Lhelr heads handed Lo Lhem (especlally Lhose Lreasonous navy
offlcers!), so Lhe Marquls has a lengLhy laundry llsL of researchers, equlpmenL, and messages for Lhe LrusLworLhy
Traveller to fetch for him. The money is solid, but the patriotic Marquis’ understanding of ,+2"$& llfe and Lrade
beyond Pebrln ls raLher skeLchy... 8uL ask hlm abouL vargr mlgraLlon paLLerns durlng Lhe helghL of Lhe Long nlghL,
over a Lhousand years ago, and he’ll 7&+5 Lhe answer cold!

keferee: lf Lhe ÞCs lack a sLarshlp, Lhe Marquls haulL 8angara[an can comforLably flnance Lhe charLer a Lyplcal lar
1rader. A lar 1rader ls necessarlly 1L 8+ (for Lhe [ump2 englnes), buL Pebrln ls a 1L 9 sysLem, so Lhe local shlpyards
can’t produce one: the PCs will have to go out and find one that is available first! If no one is selling at the main
sLarporL – 8aroneL Slr !asser el Chachem lmperlal SLarporL (Ste||ar keaches #21, page 18) – they’ll have to leave
Lhe system…

Closlng 1heme: Michael Gettel, “Sacred Site (in Ruins)”

1he lrlllLok are a man-bred race of vargr, durlng Lhe laLer Long nlghL perlod.
Cudlna has served as an lmperlal ueposlLory of bureaucraLlc records for all Lhree lmperla…

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# /0

The Marquis’ 1%/#) 2&U1) 0-+$1B#)4H %/# (136R+1'6/% a1+b'# 18 @( ;/&)%> %/# B#)4 8-)+% 21+b'# )&-+#0 -3 %/#
K2"%4 d'&)%#)? J#81)# %/# 0-+&+%)1'+ I#A)-3 `#A#((-13> +'$/ & 0-+$1B#)4 71'(0 /&B# A##3 &3 1""1)%'3-%4 81) &
"17#)8'( 1'%A')+% 18 )#(-6-1'+ 8#)B1') &$)1++ %/# 71)(0> &30 "#)/&"+ &(( 18 %/# !-c !'A+#$%1)+? J'% 317e
;/# %1" 18 %/# 3ews cycle for a day or two… and then largely forgotten A4 &(( A'% %/# "-1'+?
This graphic is titled “Worship” © Cam|||e kuo.
See her work at http:]]cam||kuo.dev|antart.com]art]Worsh|p-19S9121S3

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# /D

Kavita “Kav” Suryadevara
uÞÞ 889878, Age 23, Solomanl
Skllls: SLreeLwlse-2, lnLruslon-2, Carouslng-1, Pandgun-1, Wheeled vehlcle-0, CompuLer-0, Muslc-0, LlngulsLlcs-0

Languages: 1ransform Angllc, nullnadlan Plndl (wrlLLen only)

vlsual: A sLaLuesque young woman wlLh a hardened face, wearlng dlngy cloLhlng and bearlng an unpleasanL
aLLlLude. As Mlss Suryadevara has recenLly been released from prlson, she has no valuables and llLLle money, only
Lhe skllls ln her head, hosLlllLy Lo Lhe world and people around her… and a distant hope in mind.

Cpenlng 1heme: Tears for Tears, “Memories Fade”

Mlss Suryadevara was born lnLo a mlnor LlLled famlly: noL lmperlal noblllLy, buL a member of one of Lhe mlnor
planeLary houses of Lhe local nullnad peerage. Whlle she en[oyed her chlldhood, she grew Lo deLesL her dlsLanL
faLher and her fllghLy, Llmld moLher, and sLrongly rebelled agalnsL Lhem. LvenLually, Lhey gave her a large sum of
money – 300,000 Cr – and casL kavlLa Suryadevara ouL of Lhelr land and Lhelr llves, permanenLly dlsownlng her.

1he money was qulLe subsLanLlal for a Leenager, so lL Look a full Lhree years before Suryadevara compleLely blew
Lhrough lL. Suryadevara revelled under Lhe aLLenLlon of Lhe paparazzl, buL when Lhe money was gone and Lhe
famlly remalned unmoved, Lhe press hounds slmply abandoned whaL had become [usL anoLher lmpoverlshed
Leenager. She was warned before she lefL LhaL she would be kllled lf she was seen agaln on famlly properLy, buL
she didn’t believe it until she actually tried to reconnect with her family.
AfLer recoverlng from her wounds, she
sLruggled Lo geL back on her feeL: buL desplLe her earller fame, Surydevara could only flnd menlal work.

To get more money with less sweat, she turned to crime. Surydevara’s skill in breaking into secure buildings was
falrly respecLable, buL evenLually she pressed her luck Loo far: unable Lo remove all her geneLlc Lraces, she was
ldenLlfled and arresLed by one of Lhe local pollce SecurlLy Agencles
, and convlcLed by Lhe governmenL. SenLenced
for Len years, Surydevara was placed on probaLlon afLer four years, Lhanks Lo Lhe good word Lhe warden gave on
her behalf, as a reward for Lhe sexual favours she gave hlm.

lL ls now 001-993, and we find Miss Surydevara, now a free woman, walking past the “Prison Area: Do Not Pick Up
Hitchhickers” sign with 200 Cr in her pocket. She’s still fairly good-looklng, desplLe Lhe prlson years, but she’s tired
of whorlng herself ouL Lo powerful men. Surydevara ls lnLeresLed ln flnally geLLlng off Lhe homeworld she haLes,
and go somewhere else, somewhere pure and clean. In prison, she’s heard of a world like that: Rasu, where the
people are of one mind, dedicated to bringing a whole world to life, and there’s no crime whatsoever.

Closlng Lheme: Yoko Kanno, “Date of Rebirth”

1here are many nullnadlan Lales abouL vengeful relaLlves and lovers, preLendlng Lo ask forglveness whlle ploLLlng vlolence. Mlnor Pouse
Suryadevara Lakes such sLorles serlously.
For more on this, see the “Retirement” adventure, Ste||ar keaches #8.
?es, Lhe warden could have glven her a smaller reward for someLhlng as cheap as sex, buL he llked Lo feel magnanlmous, and wanLed Lo
build a good reputation for himself among the prisoners. “You help me, and I help you. You hurt me…”
8asu ls beLLer deLalled ln Ste||ar keaches #18, page 14. Suryadevara 7&+5* that it’s one of those Law Level: Insane worlds, but she
simply doesn’t '%$", not anymore. But then again, you can always make your own Rasu, to fit your storyline…

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# /H

The tough old town of Pattamundai, Surydevara’s haunt
&8%#) /#) 0&4+ 18 8&2# $)&+/#0 &30 A')3#0?
This graphic is titled “City View” © G|org|o Grecu. See h|s work at http:]]shards.cgsoc|ety.org]ga||ery]

Cully loyle ls my name
And 1erra ls my naLlon
ueep space ls my dwelllng place
1he sLars my desLlnaLlon
from 1he SLars My uesLlnaLlon, by Alfred 8esLer

Uedk Uegsoung, kukadur Þo||ce Serv|ces
uÞÞ 8L8AA6, Age 28, Cvaghoun vargr
Skllls: Crav vehlcle-2, AcLlng-2, SLreeLwlse-1, lorenslcs-1, lnLerrogaLlon-1, lnflghLlng-1, Scrounge-1, ulsgulse-1,
8econ-1, SLealLh-1, LlngulsLlcs-1, CompuLer-0, Laser Weapon-0

Languages: lkonaz vllanl (naLlve), !ullan Angllc

vlsual: 8ullL Lough, sLrong, and aglle, uegsoung has a herolc vargr bulld – buL hls sLance, dress, and body language
weakens Lhe effecL, reflecLlng hls ho-hum Charlsma. vargr faces are noL as expresslve as human ones, so you have
Lo read hls whole non-verbal sLance and behavlour Lo sense Lhe dlsappolnLmenLs ln hls llfe, lnsLead of readlng Lhe
worry lines, weary eyes, and balding dome a human copper would have. Still, there’s still some spirit left in him:
when Lhe clrcumsLances are rlghL, uegsoung can rlse Lo Lhe occaslon: Lhe 8eferee should Lhen add 1u6 Lo hls
Charlsma, as a Lemporary boosL.

lmperlal convenLlon ls Lo glve Lhe rank of capLaln Lo anyone capLalnlng a vessel. 8uL, uegsoung [usL doesn’t have the charisma to get
that rank among the Ikonaz…

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# /I

CyberneLlcs: uegsoung has been augmenLed, buL noL wlLh addlLlonal sLrengLh or speed. (“1haL awesome aglllLy ls
pure naLural vargr geneLlcs”, he would say proudly). lnsLead, he ls able Lo [ack lnLo hlgh-Lech 1L L neLworks – buL
noL as a sollLary hacker. Pe ls *911+*"2 Lo work as parL of vargr hunLlng Leam ln cyberspace, who he would
seamlessly merge with as a unified networked mind… but alone, he can’t do diddly-squaL. Lspeclally ln Lhe lmperlal
LmpLy CuarLer, where Lhere are very few compuLer neLworks he can properly sLreLch hls legs, so Lo speak.

WlLhouL Lralnlng as an lndependenL operaLor – never mlnd hacklng – he’s just an extremely sophisticated user
accounL, wlLh no more prlvlleges and access Lhan Lhe sysLem admlnlsLraLor chooses Lo glve hlm. 1L C-and-less
compuLer sysLems are slmply Loo sLupld for hlm Lo [ack lnLo dlrecLly, and 1L u neLworks are very cramped and
slugglsh. lull-fledged 1L L neLworks are nlce and roomy, buL Lhe only lmperlal LmpLy CuarLer sysLems he could
really ‘run freely’ in as a full user is the main Imperial Navy network on Lhe SecLor CaplLal of nullnad (and Lhere ls
no way he’s getting access to -.%-), and Lhe maln publlc neLwork on ushmlgad – “A small island of civilization, in an
ocean of smell-blind ignorance!”

Cpenlng 1heme: Yoko Kanno, “Player”

Among the C|v|||zed Wor|ds
uegsoung was someLhlng of Lhe black sheep ln hls pack, more lnLeresLed ln Lhe low-charlsma world law
enforcemenL Lhan ln Lhe hlgh-charlsma work of defylng all sorLs of laws – preferably, ln a specLacularly publlc,
recklessly llfe-LhreaLenlng manner. uegsoung resoluLely defled hls maLes ln Lhe pack, drlven Lo aL leasL Lry Lo
proLecL Lhe lkonaz – a.k.a. all Lhe sophonLs of lkon, human and vargr
allke – from Lhose who would defy Lhe rules
LhaL blnd everyone LogeLher. lorLunaLely for hlm, hls old alpha male maLes over-reached Lhemselves, pulllng a
desLrucLlve sLunL LhaL dlspleased Lhe masses: Lhe Llde of publlc oplnlon LhaL suddenly desLroyed hls maLes broughL
uegsoung lnLo law enforcemenL as an acclalmed hero.

llLLlng lnLo Lhe new pack was hard work for uegsoung, especlally when Lhe ever-flckle eye of Lhe publlc Lurned
elsewhere and uegsoung had Lo face all sorLs of sLaLus-challenges [usL Lo sLay ln Lhe force. 1hanks Lo a loL of hard
work, a conslsLenL refusal Lo challenge hls leaders (whlle successfully defendlng hls place ln Lhe pack hlerarchy
from lesser challengers), and Lhe solld lf undersLaLed supporL of Lhe vllanl underllngs, uegsoung was able Lo hold
on Lo flnally geL a measure of accepLance ln Lhe pack. Pe was never able Lo play Lhe pollLlcal game llke a real pro,
so he never goL Lhe charlsma he really deserved, buL uegsoung goL resulLs, whlch made hlm useful Lo Lhe pack.

Pe dld some greaL work wlLh hls Leam ln Lhe vasLness and complexlLy of lkonaz cyberspace, buL afLer Lhe
accolades, mosL of hls speclallzed equlpmenL and programs was sLrlpped from hlm, and Lhe unlque sklll seLs wlped
from hls mlnd. uesoung challenged Lhe declslon, and falled: buL hls flghLlng was charlsmaLlc/lmpresslve enough Lo
caLch Lhe aLLenLlon of one of Lhe 8eglsLered WlLnesses Lo Lhe flghL. 1he 8eglsLered WlLness, a pollce capLaln for
the interstellar government, later reviewed Uegsoung’s impressive police record and less-Lhan-lmpresslve rewards.
AfLer uegsoung was flnlshed heallng up, Lhe commander offered hlm a place as a squad leader under hls auLhorlLy.

Among the Ignorant 8arbar|ans: Þo||t|cs
Slnce Lhe sLarL of Lhe Solomanl 8lm War, Lhe lmperlum has been worklng varlous dlplomaLlc channels Lo keep Lhe
wealLhy, hlgh-Lech, advenLure- and charlsma-seeklng vargr of Lhe 8ukadukaz 8epubllc from pushlng lnLo Lhe
lmperlal LmpLy CuarLer – especlally as Lhe only forces now avallable are lnadequaLe local warshlps. 1he SecLor
uuke has very llLLle pull wlLh Lhe far more powerful ÞresldenL of Lhe 8epubllc, buL Lhe Archduchy of AnLares ls
beLLer able Lo pressure Lhe 8epubllc Lo make some efforL Lo keep Lhe hlgh-Lech plraLe packs on Lhelr slde of Lhe

By ‘Vargr’, I mean the Vilani-culture Ovaghoun. “The bred-for-obedlence, charlsma-free lrlllLok vargr can clearly never be -$934 lkonaz –
even a scenL-bllnd .9,%& can see LhaL!”

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# /J

KB#)413# &(7&4+ 2&:#+ & A##(-3# %1 %/# 2&-371)(0H A'% -8 41' &)# 7-((-36 %1 7&30#) & A-%> 41' $&3 0-+$1B#)
7130#)+ -3 '3#c"#$%#0 $1)3#)+? J&-c> -3 %/# !')161%& +4+%#2> DDE 92"#)-&(?
This graphic is titled “Mezzanine” © Gabr|e| Gadoš.
See h|s work at http:]]p|pper-svk.dev|antart.com]art]Mezzan|ne-34S646969

1he lmperlal MlnlsLry of !usLlce resenLs Lhe facL LhaL noL everyLhlng Lhe ;#$$"+2 crew knows abouL lmpendlng
plraLe acLlvlLy ls belng shared, and some spacers speak darkly of an unofflclal alllance beLween Lhe 8epubllcan
governmenL and Lhe ma[or plraLe packs Lo selze Lhe lmperlal sysLems when Lhe Llme ls rlghL. lrom Lhe 8epubllcan
polnL of vlew, Lhelr flrsL duLy ls Lo proLecL Lhelr fellow vargr from Lhe unreasonable demands of Lhe lmpoverlshed,
unclvlllzed LmpLyheaded blgoLs, and Lhelr second duLy ls Lo lnsure LhaL Lhe 8ukadukaz 8epubllc’s name and image
shlnes brlghLer and brlghLer over Llme. An unofflclal Lhlrd duLy ls Lo supporL local pro-vllanl culLures, whlle
aLLacklng Solomanl culLure: Lhls lncludes sLrong supporL for Lhe Solomanl 8lm War, and vlgorous asslsLance wlLh
anLl-Solomanl ÞarLy work (as compared Lo nomlnal and llmlLed asslsLance agalnsL Lhe lkonaz vargr plraLes

Among the Ignorant 8arbar|ans: Þersona|
Cne small parL of Lhese efforLs ls Lhe ;#$$"+2 (shorL for ;#$$"+2=+#0."/&776+"7%&), a 600-Lon 8ukadur Þollce
Servlces paLrol shlp, whlch has been reasslgned Lo work ouLslde of Lhe 8epubllc. CapLalned by uegsoung, lL ls
Lasked Lo asslsL Lhe SecLor uuke ln llmlLlng and resLrlcLlng lkonaz plraLe acLlvlLy wlLhln Lhe Slx SubsecLors. 1he
;#$$"+2 ls noL permlLLed Lo aLLack plraLes dlrecLly (excepL ln self-defense), buL lL does provlde dlplomaLlc and
emlssary servlces Lo medlaLe lnLeracLlons beLween Lhe local lmperlals and Lhe vargr.

uegsoung has been able Lo malnLaln a hlgher Charlsma level Lhan Lhe Lwo oLher Cvaghoun vargr onboard – an
Lmlssary and a 8epubllcan navy offlcer – so he remalns capLaln of Lhe shlp. 1he Cvrreod ls crewed by 8epubllcan
law enforcemenL offlcers, all lkonaz vllanl.
As uegsoung values Lhe wrlLLen dlrecLlons of hls governmenL more
Lhan Lhe unspoken/pollLlcal subLexL, he has worked Lo asslsL Lhe lmperlum agalnsL all plraLes, lncludlng Lhose from

1he lkonaz have a long hlsLory of enmlLy vls-a-vls Lhe bloody-mlnded Suedzuk vargr plraLes, and wlll work hard Lo help Lhe lmperlum
crlpple Lhem when posslble. Whlle useful, Lhls ls noL exacLly whaL Lhe lmperlum had ln mlnd: Lhe low-Lech and muLually hosLlle Suedzuk
broadly use 1L 8 corsalrs – no more advanced Lhan Lhe Colonlal navy warshlps – whlle Lhe hlgh-Lech and excepLlonally well-organlzed
lkonaz ÞlraLes (vllanl and vargr) are a less specLacular, buL far more dangerous LhreaL Lo lmperlal Lrade & auLhorlLy. Moreover, Lhe low-
Lech colonlal fleeLs can handle Lhe low-tech Blood Vargr, but can’t deal with the Ikonaz.
As Lhe vllanl are wlLhouL Charlsma, Lhey can never capLaln Lhe vessel.

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# /K
Lhe 8ukadukaz 8epubllc.
1hls has led Lo occaslonal frlcLlon wlLh Lhe Lwo oLher Cvaghoun, Lmlssary
Counfhodzfhoeng and LleuLenanL SankoeLhu, llrsL 8epubllcan navy. unllke Lhe oLher vargr, uegsoung ls beLLer
aLLuned Lo Lhe vlews of Lhe vllanl crew, who Lend Lo slanL Lhelr acLlons and reporLs Lo supporL uegsoung.

uegsoung has yeL Lo order Lhe shlp Lo open flre on an lkonaz plraLe, led by Cvaghoun vargr. lL wlll be lnLeresLlng Lo
see whaL happens when he does.

Closlng 1heme: Brian Tyler, “Clutch Then Shift”

noL every 1raveller player has access Lo vargr generaLlon, so Lhe Lmlssary and Lhe navy offlcer are deLalled below.
AddlLlonal descrlpLlon ls up Lo Lhe Þlayers, or Lhe 8eferee.

Lmlssary Counfhodzfhoeng, on conLracL
uÞÞ 3u8784, Age 24, Cvaghoun vargr
Skllls: Llalson-2, Admln-1, lorgery-1, ulsgulse-1, Crav vehlcle-1, Laser Weapon-0, CompuLer-0

Languages: lkonaz vllanl (naLlve)

Lm|ssar|es: lndlvldual bargalners or arblLraLors employed by vargr governmenLs and oLher powers. 1he
fragmenLaLlon of vargr socleLy has resulLed ln a sLrong need for lnLermedlarles who can asslsL ln resolvlng
dlspuLes. – from 1raveller: Allen Module 3: vargr. lreebooLlng LncounLer wlLh Lhe Wolves of Space,
page 9

@ 0-364 +#7#) '30#) & 0-364 $-%4? Z&:/&+#:> DX= 92"#)-&(? 1h|s graph|c |s t|t|ed
“Sewers” © Cam|||e kuo. See her work at http:]]cam||kuo.dev|antart.com]art]Sewer-370S92S08

Uegsoung’s failure to play the political game has cost him plenty in hls career: buL unllke many vargr socleLles, Lhe Cvaghoun place
*+," value ln sLrlcLly obeylng orders-as-wrlLLen, so he remalns useful Lo hlgher auLhorlLles.

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# /L
LleuLenanL SankoeLhu, 8epubllcan navy
uÞÞ 7984C2, age 26, Cvaghoun vargr
Skllls: Crav vehlcle-3, lnflghLlng-1, Small 8oaL-1, LlngulsLlcs-1, navlgaLlon-0, Laser Weapon-0, Sub-machlnegun-0,

Languages: lkonaz vllanl (naLlve), Modern vllanl

Ship: Ovrreodzovgheinkkfoekan Class: Dii
Type: Patrol Architect: Alvin Plummer
Tech Level: 14


T-6344681-000000-40003-0 MCr 565.938 600 Tons
Bat Bear 3 3 Crew: 28 Agility 3
Bat 3 3 TL: 14 Fuel 286 tons

Cargo: 7 Crew Sections: 1 of 28 EP: 36
Craft: 1 x 6T G-Carrier, 1 x 2T Air/Raft, 1 x 30T Ship's Boat
Fuel Treatment: Fuel Scoops and On Board Fuel Purification

Architects Fee: MCr 5.659 Cost in Quantity: MCr 452.750

Detailed Description

600 tons standard, 8,400 cubic meters, Cylinder Configuration

Pilot, Navigator, 5 Engineers, Medic, 6 Gunners, 4 Flight Crew,
10 Police Investigators

Jump-4, 4G Manoeuvre, Power plant-6, 36 EP, Agility 3

Bridge, Model/8 Computer

6 Hardpoints

3 Triple Missile Turrets organised into 3 Batteries (Factor-3),
3 Triple Beam Laser Turrets organised into 3 Batteries (Factor-4)


1 6-ton G-Carrier (Crew of 2),
1 2-ton Air/Raft (Crew of 1),
1 30-ton Ship's Boat (Crew of 1)

286 Tons Fuel (4 parsecs jump and 28 days endurance, plus 10 tons of additional fuel)
On Board Fuel Scoops, On Board Fuel Purification Plant

15 Staterooms, 7 Tons Cargo


MCr 571.597 Singly (incl. Architects fees of MCr 5.659),
MCr 452.750 in Quantity

99 Weeks Singly, 79 Weeks in Quantity

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 04
The Ovrreodzovgheinkkfoekan is a Rukadur Police Services patrol ship. Usually, it remains in the
Rukadukaz Republic, fighting crime… ‘crime’ defined as illegal organizations led by an in-
sufficiently charismatic Vargr, or by any non-Vargr.
The Rukadur Police Services focuses on the
various interstellar mafias that annoy the more powerful, legitimized mafias
that are part of
the Rukadur government. Because of the rather turbulent nature of Vargr politics, these
organizations can fall in and out of the government rather rapidly; but the rate of the rise and
fall is restricted by Vilani mores and the required red tape.

Note that the Rukadur Police Services rarely take on pirate ships directly. They are more likely
to provide emissary services, between, say, the Star Legion and the licensed Pirate packs.

S|r Adm|n|strator Maa|eger Chatter[ee
uÞÞ 8868l8, Age 30, Mlxed vllanl
Skllls: Admln-2, LlngulsLlcs-1, Ceology-1, 1racked vehlcle-1, Mlnlng-1, 8rawllng-1, Wheeled vehlcle-0, CompuLer-0,
SLreeLwlse-0, vacc SulL-0

Languages: lndlan Lngllsh (naLlve), 1ransform Angllc

vlsual: A sLocky, solldly-bullL lrashl (vllanl/LasL lndlan), whose sLralghLforward and sharp language Lends Lo
obscure hls hlgh educaLlon – ln a reglon of space where educaLlon ls ofLen looked on wlLh susplclon. 1he knlghL ls
dressed ln a seml-vllani bureaucratic style, and is usually found with a datapad that he’s reviewing when he’s not
LhreaLenlng a slacklng employee.

T'+% &31%/#) 0&4 &% %/# 2-3#> (-6/%R4#&)+ 8)12 /12#? a--3&6-> DX= 92"#)-&(?
This graphic is titled “Shift Change” © Ierem|ah numphr|es. See h|s work
at http:]][-humphr|es.dev|antart.com]art]Sh|ft-Change-186633162

LnLrepreneurlal (ahem) lkonaz vllanl would have fllled ouL all of Lhe proper paperwork, and so are by deflnlLlon legal. 1he local lrlllLok
vargr have llLLle charlsma and llLLle Lolerance for paperwork, so Lhey are Lhe ones LhaL are usually under Lhe hammer: Lhe exacL resulL Lhe
bureaucraLlc procedure was deslgned Lo produce.
noLe LhaL Lhe goal of every Cvaghoun mafla (lllegal buslness neLwork) ls Lo become a fully leglLlmaLe buslness – wlLh an armed
enforcemenL branch – LhaL en[oys legal monopolles from Lhe planeLary and/or lnLersLellar governmenL.

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 05

Cpenlng 1heme: Penguin Cafe Orchestra, “Perpetuum Mobile”

A Þast 8etter Left |n the Þast
8orn on lrash lnLo a cadeL branch of a noble famlly, ChaLLer[ee ls 22
ln llne Lo Lhe successlon of Lhe uucal Lhrone
of 1lLansLorm, Ley SecLor. 1he llkellhood LhaL he wlll ever geL anywhere &"%$ Lhe Chalr of SunllghL ls ouLrageously
small – and a good Lhlng Loo. Slr Maaleger’s family has chosen Lo puL a good 20 parsecs beLween Lhelr currenL
resldence on lrash and Lhe subsecLor Lhroneworld of khlmdlre/1lLansLorm/Ley SecLor for some very good

Pe was educaLed aL home – a modesL esLaLe, wlLh only elghL bedrooms – by a small coLerle of off-world LuLors
from Pebrln whlch serve a good secLlon of mlnor noblllLy/unLlLled corporaLe execuLlves on lrash. AfLer hls formal
presenLaLlon Lo SocleLy by hls faLher as a Man of Lhe Pouse, ?ogesh LxLracLlon & 8eflnery (?L8), a resource
company that supplies the more rare metals and elements to Yogesh’s robot manufacturers, accepted Slr
Maaleger lnLo Lhe execuLlve sLream. Slr Maaleger ls one of a half-dozen lmperlal knlghLs currenLly belng groomed
by ?L8 for senlor poslLlons, Laklng Lhe place of local barons and baroneLs who are servlng Lhe Lmperor ln Lhe
Solomanl baLLlespace.

Þromoted to Þrob|em-So|ver
unllke some of Lhe more reflned lmperlal knlghLs, Slr Maaleger has adapLed well Lo Lhe rough-and-Lumble
corporaLe culLure of ?L8. AfLer supervlslng varlous lesser mlnlng operaLlons and a sLlnL ln sales, Slr Maaleger has
been promoLed Lo a presLlglous poslLlon, ÞlaneLary AdmlnlsLraLor and effecLlve lmperlal noble
of Mllnagl/?ogesh,
a sysLem where almosL all Lhe lnhablLanLs, permanenL and Lemporary, are employees or dependenLs of ?L8. 1he
Lyplcal problems he faces lnvolve labour peace and geLLlng Lhe workers Lo work: workers who are very dlfflculL Lo
flre ouLrlghL, and raLher expenslve Lo replace.

Cn Lhe plraLe fronL, Slr Maaleger has had Lo grudglngly cough up ‘protection fees’ more Lhan once, buL aL leasL
Lhey were Shadow CarLel afflllaLes malnly lnLeresLed ln Lhe money, lnsLead of 8lood vargr looklng for
‘enLerLalnmenL’. 8uL paLrol shlps under Lhe aegls of Pouse uwlvedl, a.k.a. Lhe uuke ?ogesh, are rumoured Lo be
puLLlng LogeLher a proper convoy Lo geL some of Lhe sLored ores ouL of hls warehouses and lnLo ?ogesh facLorles,
whlle Lhe Lazlsar SysLem ulrecLoraLe ln Clmushl subsecLor – Lhe mlllLary powerhouse ln Lhls parL of space – ls
supposed Lo be organlzlng a sweep Lo help ouL ?ogesh subsecLor, Lo bulld on recenL successes ln Pebrln subsecLor.
“It’s about time!”

lor now, plraLe acLlvlLy ln Mllnagl sysLem has dropped Lo pre-war levels, and Slr Maaleger lnLends Lo explolL Lhe
lull Lo Lhe full. Pe has mlners Lo feed, llfe supporL sysLems Lo malnLaln, and mlnlng equlpmenL Lo refurblsh and
replace: and lf a free Lrader can offer more lmmedlaLe cash (or barLer beLLer deals) Lhan Lhe roboL corps on
?ogesh, Lhen he isn’t going to pass it up. He’s even interested to see if the PC’s laser or missile turret is for sale, for
Lhe Llme Lrouble comes knocklng agaln: lL would be nlce Lo glve plraLes Lhe rewards Lhey have acLually "%$&"2…

Closlng 1heme: 1revor !ones & 8andy Ldelman, “ÞromenLory”

Knights aren’t actually nobles, and Slr Maaleger has noL been glven Lhe 8ank 8aron auLhorlLy he ls effecLlvely uslng. (As no Archduke has
auLhorlLy over Lhe LmpLy CuarLer, 8aronlal appolnLmenLs are slower and more Ledlous Lhan ln oLher lmperlal secLors.) 8uL aL Lhls polnL ln
time, people aren’t too picky on semantics and formal precedence, and are willing to take what they can geL. 1he actua| lmperlal 8aron of
Mllnagl was lasL heard Lo be a Ma[or ln Lhe lmperlal Army, somewhere ln ulaspora SecLor, dolng someLhlng wlLh weapons deslgn, LesLlng,
and production…

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 0/

;/# Y&)A-3-% ;#2"(# $12"(#c 13 L&W-+&)> $#3%)# 18 %/# 2131%/#-+%-$ !/-)6& a4+%#)-#+> DD= 92"#)-&(? .-%/ &3
#c$('+-B#(4 313/'2&3 81((17-36> (-3:#0 %1 Z-:/'+/#6- M-%+#(8 & 5-(&3- )#-3%#)")#%&%-13 18 9+(&2S>
%/# !/-)6& &)# %/# $(1+#+% :3173 &(-#3 B&)-&3% 18 %/# /-6/(4 /'2&3-+%-$ @A)&/&2-$ )#(-6-13+?
This graphic is titled “Finally” © Iosó Anton|o Cchoa.
See h|s work at http:]][osea302.dev|antart.com]art]I|na||y-402S96174

Capta|n Ltheny kaervo[
uÞÞ 8A87A8, Age 30, Mlxed vllanl
Skllls: Ship’s Boat-3, ÞlloL-2, vacc SulL-2, navlgaLlon-2, SLreeLwlse-2, Lnglneerlng-1, naval ArchlLech-1, Admln-1,
CompuLer-0, Laser Weapon-0, Crav vehlcle-0

Languages: 1ransform Angllc

vlsual: Whlle CapLaln xaervo[ looks llke a Lyplcal muscular, no-neck Lhug, Lhere ls someLhlng abouL hls bearlng LhaL
suggesLs hls deLermlnaLlon Lo be beLLer Lhan LhaL. 1here are sLlll Lraces of hls brlef mlllLary servlce wlLh Lhe Lazlsarl
Directorate Navy in his bearing as well. Otherwise… Lan-sklnned, grey eyes seL ln deep hollows, on Lhe porLly slde
(boLh muscle and faL), wlLh Lhe odd early-onseL Lazlsarl baldlng paLLern. Pe dresses llke a no-nonsense Lazlsarl
spacer as well: llLLle flash, loLs of solld funcLlonallLy.

Cpenlng Lheme: Hans Zimmer, “Ga kopano ÞarL lll - 1he !ourney”

Up From the ‘Hood
8orn and badly ralsed ln a chaoLlc, lmpoverlshed famlly, xaervo[ wenL Lhrough more ln hls flrsL dozen years Lhan
most would in their lifetimes. Earning his own bread from the age of six, Xaervoj’s life was changed when he saw a
spacer ln Lhe company of some unpleasanL local characLers ln hls nelghbourhood. Pe declded rlghL Lhen and Lhere
LhaL he was golng Lo be a spacer Loo, and began hls long march Lo space rlghL away – by begglng one of Lhe local
grandmas Lo Leach hlm Lo read.

“Respected” is a local title within the Imperial Empty Quarter. WlLhln Lhe area, lL can be LreaLed as a form of second-raLe lmperlal
knlghLhood. lnLeresLlng, lL ls someLlmes held ln hlgher esLeem Lhan a proper lmperlal knlghL among Lhe local LmpLyheads, desplLe Lhe lack
of official recognition and honour: “See? One of our people made good!”

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 00
1he gheLLo xaervo[ llved ln evenLually came Lo Lhe aLLenLlon of Lhe vllanl-sLyle bureaucracy LhaL runs Lhe planeL,
and Lhere was a brlef buL feroclous blood-leLLlng as ulrecLoraLe forces desLroyed Lhe local gangs – and a loL of
lnnocenL llves, as well. (1he vllanl have a fondness for collecLlve punlshmenL.) All of Lhe survlvlng locals were
reglsLered and LesLed for useful skllls and apLlLudes, lncludlng Lhe 13-year-old xaervo[. 1he ulrecLoraLe declded Lo
puL xaervo[ on a sclence speclallsL Lrack, buL he was unable Lo keep up wlLh Lhe workload, so lnsLead, he was made
an enslgn of Lhe Lazlsarl ulrecLoraLe navy.

Lnslgn xaervo[ dld very well Lhere, obedlenL Lo hls orders, Laklng hls responslblllLles serlously, looklng ouL for hls
, and showlng no lack ln bravery or aggresslon. 8uL he managed Lo persuade hls Clan-asslgned ulrecLoraLe
overseer – Lhe famlly bureaucraL ln charge of hls career, and Lo a large degree hls llfe
– LhaL he would beLLer
serve Lhe communlLy as a merchanLman.

Cver Lhe lasL flve years, xaervo[ worked ln Lhe Ll 1reme fueller fleeL as a plloL and navlgaLor, asslsLlng sLarshlps ln
need of fuel… at a price. When the Imperial Navy pulled out in 991,
Lhlngs sLarLed Lo geL [umpy. 1wo shlps of Lhe
fleeL were desLroyed before Lhe Ll 1reme owners flnally allowed Lhe fuellers Lo be (llghLly) armed. 8uL for xaervo[,
Lhe red-leLLer day was 31-992, when hls shlp was aLLacked by a lone vargr plraLe over karzana.

To their credit, the sandcasters did a good job in stifling the Vargr’s laser fire… but the fuel tank was still empty. So,
Lhey had Lo elLher scooL over Lo Lhe gas glanL Lo refuel, wlLh Lhe plraLe pecklng aL Lhem all Lhe way, or sLay ln
Karzana orbit, hoping that a friendly will jump in and join the fight. (Karzana’s crippled starport had no useful fuel
or space warfare asseLs herself).

xaervo[ Lalked lL over wlLh hls capLaln, and declded Lo felgn a hlL Lo Lhe manoeuvre drlve, leLLlng hls shlp drlfL ln
space. 1he shlp sLlll refused Lo surrender, so Lhe plraLes declded Lo board Lhe shlp, and handle Lhlngs Lhe hard way.
Cne of Lhe shlp gunners was ex-Lazlsarl Army, who organlzed Lhe defense of Lhe shlp from boarders, snlplng from
the ship’s hull (with the occasional assistance of a ship laser or sandcaster). Xaervoj used his piloting skills to keep
Lhe large shlp swlnglng erraLlcally abouL as Lhe boarders closed, refuslng Lo glve Lhe boarders Lhe nlce faL landlng
plaLform Lhey were expecLlng.
He didn’t power-up and leave Lhe area – Lo keep up Lhe preLence of a crlppled shlp
– buL kepL hls shlp danclng 89*- ouL of grasp.

AfLer a good Lwo hours of Lhls, Lhe LvA-sulLed boarders flnally had enough – or, more correcLly, Lhelr llfe supporL
had enough – and Lhe survlvlng plraLes were forced Lo reboard Lhelr corsalr, and leave ln search of easler prey.
xaervo[ refuelled aL Lhe gas glanL wlLhouL lncldenL, and – afLer selllng some of Lhe fuel Lo Lhe sLarporL aL a Lldy
proflL – reLurned home Lo Lazlsar as a mlnor celebrlLy.

The Sector Duke awarded Xaervoj with the title of “Respected” for his actions, news of which boosted the moral of
many sLarfarers ln Clmushl subsecLor, Lhe Ll 1reme llne also made xaervo[ a capLaln of hls own vessel, Lhe
>"5%"%. Powever, several of Lhe vargr plraLe packs have made lL known LhaL xaervo[ wlll pay for hls lnsolenL
reslsLance wlLh hls llfe, spaceslde or dlrLslde.

And llsLenlng Lo Lhe senlor non-coms. ?es, xaervo[ was a commlssloned offlcer, buL he knew hls llmlLaLlons. Coupled wlLh hls ablllLy Lo
plck up new lnformaLlon fasL, he managed Lo do very well ln Lhe navy, and could have done even beLLer, lf he wasn’t so independent-
1he Lazlsarl governmenL ls a masslve conservaLlve pappy sLaLe, as opposed Lo Lhe masslve WesLern llberal nanny sLaLe. ln Lhe WesL, Lhe
SLaLe supposed Lo dellver servlces, proLecL Lhe populaLlon from all harm, and lnsure equallLy for all. Cn Lhe oLher hand, Lhe Lazlsarl Þappy
SLaLe aims to “put everyone in their proper place” where they can serve the society best, given their personality and their skills. 1hls
lncludes Lhe governmenL mlcromanaglng Lhe career, wages, and Lralnlng of all clLlzens, as well as rellglous bellefs, famlly formaLlon, soclal
poslLlon, and culLural mores.
1he lnLeresLed reader ls dlrecLed Lo Ste||ar keaches #20, “Distant Wars and Local Piracy, 993 Imperial”, for more information.
Xaervoj’s proudest moment as a pilot was when he managed to clip one of the boarders with the wing of his ship, nice and hard. no
doubL, -.%- fllLhy dog ls sLlll ln a LlghL, fasL orblL around karzana…

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 0D

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 0H
Y&ptain Xaervoj’s wife, Crecee, walking the family pooch on Aandii. Crecee is a Cooke native, and the main
)#&+13 %/# Y&"%&-3 -+ -3%#)#+%#0 -3 21B-36 %/#)#? @+ & !1(12&3- M18 @36(1RY#(%-$ @'+%)&(-&3 0#+$#3%>
-3+%#&0 18 %/# '+'&( @)&A 1) K&+% 930-&3 #c%)&$%-13S> +/# 3&%')&((4 (-:#+ /#) "#%+?
This graphic is titled “Treasure Expedition” © Iurek.
See h|s work at http:]]so|art|st|c.dev|antart.com]art]1reasure-Lxped|t|on-413386304

1hls has had a number of consequences for CapLaln xaervo[, among Lhem, hls wlfe Crecee, a spacer herself, has Lo
remain on Lazisar until this threat blows over. “We can’t have the kids lose both parents at the same time!” Crecee
was a very compeLenL shlp’s engineer, and her replacements so far have not been up to snuff.

Lazlsar ls a heavlly conLrolled, ‘observe your neighbour’ society, and it’s unlikely that Vargr pirates would try to bite
hlm on Lhe homeworld: buL lL '+932 happen. Much more llkely ls some aLLempL ln space, or when CapLaln xaervo[
ls ln an allen porL. Whlle a Lough and smarL capLaln, xaervo[ ls lnexperlenced ln gun flghLlng, or even hand-Lo-hand
1hls needs Lo change fasL, elLher by Lralnlng, bodyguards, or boLh.

ln Lhe meanLlme, CapLaln xaervo[ has work Lo do, shlps Lo fuel up, and proflLs Lo rake ln if he’s ever going to buy
hls dream spread. WlLh rumours of plraLe aLLacks on Lhe deep space Caravanserles,
demand for [ump-capable
fuellers ls golng Lo splke, meanlng a once-ln-a-llfeLlme chance to rake in the credits… and maybe hit the pirates one
more Llme!

Closing theme: Chicago, “Wishing You Were Here” hLLps://www.youLube.com/waLch?v=lLu2uS_lbzC

1hlngs were really bruLal when he was young… buL LhaL was 18 years ago, ln whaL seems Lo be anoLher llfeLlme.
See “Empty Quarter Echo”, Ste||ar keaches #6, page 23 by !eff M Popper for deLalls on Caravansarles.

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 0I
Captain Xaervoj’s appl-$&%-13 %1 )#+-0# 7-%/-3 & )#+%)-$%#0R&$$#++ &)%-8-$-&( )&-3W13# -+ +(17(4 7-30-36 -%+ 7&4
%/)1'6/ %/# "(&3#%&)4 A')#&'$)&$4? !/1'(0 %/#4 8-3&((4 1"#3 %/# 011) %1 /-2 &30 /-+ 8&2-(4>
he’s already picked out the plot he wants on dry Lazisar. 1h|s graphic is titled “Wonderland” © Cam|||e kuo.
See her work at http:]]cam||kuo.dev|antart.com]art]Wonder|and-2S216701

Ship: Dewaea Class: Usronnus
Type: Tanker Architect: Alvin Plummer
Tech Level: 11

T-A521252-030000-20000-0 MCr 544.734 1.2 KTons
Bat Bear 4 1 Crew: 25 Agility 1
Bat 4 1 TL: 11 Fuel: 944

Cargo: 7 Crew Sections: 2 of 13 EP: 24 Shipboard Security Detail: 1
Craft: 1 x 2T Air/Raft, 1 x 1T Wheeled Car
Fuel Treatment: Fuel Scoops and On Board Fuel Purification

Architects Fee: MCr 5.447 Cost in Quantity: MCr 435.787

Detailed Description

1,200 tons standard, 16,800 cubic meters, Sphere Configuration

12 Officers, 13 Ratings

Book 5 Crew Breakdown

Command section: 7 officers and 4 ratings;
Engineering section: 1 officer and 1 rating;
Gunnery section: 1 officer and 5 rating;
Flight section: 1 officer and 1 rating;
Service section: 1 officer and 1 rating;
Medical Section: 1 officer

Jump-2, 1G Manuever, Power plant-2, 24 EP, Agility 1

Bridge, Model/5 Computer

10 Hardpoints

2 Single Beam Laser Turrets organised into 1 Battery (Factor-2)

8 Single Sandcaster Turrets organised into 4 Batteries (Factor-3)

1x 2-ton Air/Raft (Crew of 1),
1x 1-ton Wheeled Car (Crew of 0)

944 Tons Fuel (2 parsecs jump and 28 days endurance, plus 680 tons of additional fuel)
On Board Fuel Scoops, On Board Fuel Purification Plant

17 Staterooms, 7 Tons Cargo


MCr 550.181 Singly (incl. Architects fees of MCr 5.447),
MCr 435.787 in Quantity

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 0J
123 Weeks Singly, 99 Weeks in Quantity

The Dewaesa spent half of her 64 years of service in the employ of the Ka-aswa system guard,
providing assistance and fuel to misjumping merchantmen. Later, she was sold, and changed hands
among the various Bwap trading lines, working to rescue marooned ships and pinch-hitting as a
mobile fuel farm, to avoid certain ridiculously overcharging caravansaries. Badly shot up by
pirates in 991, she was patched up on Lazisar, and sold to the El Treme fueller line for a

Even including the cost of retrofitting everything from Bwap to human specs, the ship has proven
to be worth the rather small sum spent to buy her, and then some. Before she left the crew to
care for the kids (and avoid the elevated pirate threat), Crecee was able to get the engines and
the antigrav to behave, and had fixed up most of the wiring and mechanical quirks the refitting
guys missed. However, there are still occasional reminders of the previous Bwap occupants that
crop up at unexpected times.

If the 993 trading season works out well, Captain Xaervoj is going to push the ship owners to
spring for some double-turret missiles for the ship. He feels that just blocking the shots of
pirates only enrages them more: they need to have their nose punched before they’ll get off his
case. Other captains of the El Treme line disagree: they think that drawing blood makes a ship a
charismatic challenge, but just blocking shots bore the Vargr pirates, reducing drama and any
benefit in the victory.

In any case, everyone is thankful that the Lazisar Directorate Navy is doing a good job in
keeping most of the bad boys out: even with the fleet gone, the pirate threat is no worse than it
was back before the war. Still, the bad times in Yogesh subsector might start seeping rimward, so
it pays to be careful out there.

Adm|ra| 1s|groenoung
uÞÞ 9LACCu, Age 38, Cvaghoun vargr
Skllls: A1v-2, 8lfleman-2, LlngulsLlcs-2, Crav vehlcle-1, CompuLer-1, Song-1, PunLlng-1, Lnergy Weapon-1, CombaL
Lnglneer-1, LlecLronlcs-1, Crav 8elL-1, Shlp 1acLlcs-1, 1acLlcs-1, Shlps 8oaL- 1, 8rlbery-1, lnflghLlng-1, vacc SulL-0

Languages: lkonaz vllanl, krlksafugk (a lrlllLok vargr Longue)

vlsual: A faL and aglng vargr, wlLh grey halr around Lhe muzzle and Lhe eyes, callouses on hls elbows, and a falr
number of visible tumours under his skin. The old black coat of fur isn’t as brlghL and shlny as before, and
1slgroenoug isn’t interested in dying it properly. Despite all this, he still walks and talks like a high-sLaLus alpha
vargr – and is treated as such. The uniform and the length of his Vuraaik (Kriksafugk: “awards/honour/kills”) chain

Cpenlng Lheme: Andrea Cuerra, “La Casa vuoLa” hLLps://www.youLube.com/waLch?v=71xu0l8S7Z?

Cn the koad to Command
As a Cvaghoun vargr, 1slgroenoung was never llked or LrusLed on hls prlmarlly lrlllLok homeworld of 8yegh Aengz.
1he Cvaghoun vargr may rule Lhe greaLesL world of Lhe 8ukadukaz 8epubllc – lkon – and wlLh Lhelr vllanl allles
may domlnaLe Lhe 8epubllc ln every way: buL Lhey are careful Lo make Lhe slgns and symbols of Lhelr rule on 8yegh
Aengz a low proflle affalr. 1he lrlllLok are noL Lhe besL of flghLers, buL Lhere are a LC1 of Lhem on Lhls world, and
even Lhe hlghesL charlsma Cvaghoun ls wary of presslng hls auLhorlLy pasL Lhe breaklng polnL here.

naLurally, as soon as he reached hls ma[orlLy 1slgroenoung enllsLed ln Lhe planeLary mlllLary: almosL compleLely
sLaffed by lkonaz off-worlders, Lhey were glad Lo have a pack broLher who was ralsed on-world, could speak one of

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 0K
Lhe ma[or local languages, and had some klnd of handle on Lhe psychology of Lhe local lrlllLok vargr. Pe spenL so
much Llme alLernaLlng beLween ground operaLlons and space warfare, he [oked abouL belng an honorary Marlne!

There isn’t a Vargr alive who doesn’t love the )&$#+ – &30 @02-)&( ;+-6)1#31'36
-+ 31 #c$#"%-13C This graphic is titled “Race” © Iosó Anton|o Cchoa.
See h|s work at http:]][osea302.dev|antart.com]art]kace-221216992

Cver Lhe years, 1slgroenoung grew more accompllshed as an offlcer, galnlng experlence ln supporLlng SLar Leglon
operaLlons wlLhln Lhree parsecs of 8yegh Aengz. Coupled wlLh some good Þ8 wlLhln and ouLslde of Lhe Armed
lorces, he was able Lo secure for hlmself hls presenL poslLlon as Commander-ln-Chlef, lnner SysLem lorces, Lhe Lop
operaLlonal poslLlon wlLhln Lhe sysLem.

At the 1op
unforLunaLely, afLer worklng so many years Lo reach Lhe Lop, Lhe Admlral ls now bored, bored, bored. 1he sysLem
ls aL peace, wlLh Lhe lrlllLok locals and the Ikonaz overlords staying out of each other’s way. Thanks to Byegh
Aengz’s lsolaLed asLrologlcal poslLlon, Lhere are no real LhreaLs Lo sysLem securlLy.

8ored vargr makes for dangerous vargr. WlLhln Lhe rullng Cvaghoun clrcles of Lhe world, Lhere ls loose Lalk of
forclbly replaclng Lhe currenL lkonaz vargr/vllanl [unLa wlLh a new seL of faces – and 1slgroenoung’s name has
been menLloned more Lhan once ln Lhese consplracles. Cfflclally, Lhe Admlral conLlnues Lo lnslsL on hls loyalLy Lo
Lhe currenL vargr/vllanl Leam rullng Lhe sysLem. 8uL unofflclally, he ls ln lndlrecL negoLlaLlons wlLh sulLable

The humanist Hegemony of Lorean’s military often alternate between ground and space operations as well, so lL may be LempLlng Lo
compare Tsigroenoung’s career with a Hegemonio officer’s. Don’t do it in the Admiral’s presence: llke mosL 8epubllcans, he sees Lhe
Loreans as an undeclared enemy of hls people and naLlon.

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 0L
Cvaghoun vargr and vllanl parLners, malnly ln Lhe language of velled slgnals, lmplled meanlngs, and suggesLlve
symbols. 8lghL now, 1slgroenoung ls focused on lnsurlng Lhe loyalLy of hls lnner clrcle, and Lhe capLalns and crews
of Lhe ma[or combaLanLs and unlLs under hls command.

Closlng Lheme: James Newton Howard, “Flow Like Water”

Ship: Kzonkr'roukh'dhdo'ka'ou Class: Lislovs
Type: Battle Boat Architect: Alvin Plummer
Tech Level: 14

BB-P9017HZ-L06608-009S0-0 MCr 38,879.000 50 KTons
Bat Bear 7 C1 Crew: 467 Agility 1
Bat 9 F1 TL: 14 Fuel 3500

Cargo: 213 Tons Passengers: 9 Crew Sections: 50 of 10 Frozen Watch: 23.5 EP: 3,500
Marines: 100 Fitted as Flagship: Accommodation for Admiral and ten staff
Craft: 4 x 50T Boarding Craft, 4 x 50T Cutters, 1 x 20T Gig
Backups: 1 x Model/8fib Computer 2 x Factor 6 Nuclear Dampers 2 x Factor 6 Meson Screens
Substitutions: Z-50

Architects Fee: MCr 388.790 Cost in Quantity: MCr 31,103.200

Detailed Description

50,000 tons standard, 700,000 cubic meters, Buffered Planetoid Configuration

42 Officers, 325 Ratings, 100 Marines

Book 5 Crew Breakdown
Command section: 7 officers and 18 ratings;
Engineering section: 8 officers and 72 ratings;
Gunnery section: 14 officers and 123 ratings;
Flight section: 1 officer and 20 ratings;
Service section: 10 officers and 90 ratings;
Medical Section: 2 officers and 2 ratings;
Marines: 100

470 low berths / 20 per Frozen Watch = 23.5 FW

No Jump, 1G Manoeuvre, Power plant-7, 3,500 EP, Agility 1

Bridge, Model/8fib Computer
Fitted as Flagship: Includes accommodation for Admiral and ten staff
1 Model/8fib Backup Computer

Spinal Mount, 24 100-ton bays

Meson Gun Spinal Mount (Factor-S), 15 100-ton Particle Accelerator Bays (Factor-9)

9 100-ton Repulsor Bays (Factor-8),
Nuclear Damper (Factor-6),
Meson Screen (Factor-6),
Armoured Hull (Factor-20)

2 Nuclear Damper Backups (Factor-6),
2 Meson Screen Backups (Factor-6)

4x 50-ton Boarding Crafts (Crew of 2),
4x 50-ton Cutters (Crew of 2),
1x 20-ton Gig (Crew of 1)

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# D4

3,500 Tons Fuel (28 days endurance)
No Fuel Scoops, No Fuel Purification Plant

270 Staterooms,
470 Low Berths,
3 High Passengers, 6 Middle Passengers,
213 Tons Cargo


MCr 39,267.790 Singly (incl. Architects fees of MCr 388.790),
MCr 31,103.200 in Quantity

188 Weeks Singly, 150 Weeks in Quantity

Named after a famous early Vargr Diaspora proto-Ovaghoun Admiral-King, the Kzonkr'roukh'dhdo'
ka'ou was built in Byegh Aengz’s innermost asteroid belt, using one of the three modular
construction yards owned by Rukadukaz Republic concerns. (All three are now owned by the famous
Irilitok Vargr shipwright packs of Guezdhe, and can be found throughout the Julian Protectorate.)
The Rukadur did consider upgrading Byegh Aengz’s starport to handle the work, but were loathe to
do any further technology transfers to an Irilitok-dominated system.

Unlike the locally-produced, TL A warships and system defense boats, not a single local Irilitok
Vargr can be found on the high-tech Kzonkr'roukh'dhdo'ka'ou. It is primarily staffed by Ovaghoun
Vargr, with Vilani crewmembers
scattered in various low- and mid-level positions. As the onboard
Marines are high-charisma positions, only Ovaghoun Vargr are permitted in these positions.

As the buffered asteroid is expected to play the heavy-duty Line of Battle position, she has
nothing but the biggest ship-mountable meson gun at this tech level, and major secondary weapons.
Vargr demand for some mobility on their warships forced enough power to get an Agility-1 rating.
As the primary military asset for the defense of this high-pop world, is unlikely that the
Kzonkr'roukh'dhdo'ka'ou will ever leave the 100-diameter region of Byegh Aengz.

Note that Byegh Aengz is only at TL A: if necessary, the Ovaghoun/Vilani crew onboard the TL E
Kzonkr'roukh'dhdo'ka'ou could burn down every Irilitok city all on her lonesome, and there isn’t
a single thing the entire local TL A military establishment could do about it. The threat isn’t
spoken, or even hinted at. It doesn’t need to be.

Supp|ementa|: Strength vs. Ag|||ty
lf you’ve been watching the UPP’s go by, you’d notice that Vargr strength can routinely equal the strength of
humans, even Lhough Lhe average vargr ls a blL weaker Lhan Lhe average human. Cn Lhe oLher hand, Lhe average
vargr aglllLy ls sharply hlgher Lhan human aglllLy.

Raw strength matters in warfare, even modern warfare. It’s needed in unarmed combat, in carrying loads, in
loadlng shells, ln shovlng obsLacles aslde. Powever, Lechnology has a way of reduclng Lhe lmporLance of naLural
sLrengLh (from Lrucks Lo powered armour), whlle lncreaslng Lhe lmporLance of naLural aglllLy (from daLa enLry Lo

So ln consequence, Lhe vargr plloL can ouLmanoeuvre an equally-skllled human plloL, Lhanks Lo hls aglllLy.
Also, avold snlper duels wlLh Lhe vargr, as you wlll probably lose.

unllke Lhe Pegemony of Lorean and Lhe local governmenLs of Lhe lmperlal LmpLy CuarLer – buL llke Lhe lmperlal mlllLary forces lLself –
boLh male and female vllanl are permlLLed Lo serve ln mlllLary poslLlons wlLhln mosL 8ukadukaz 8epubllc mlllLarles. Cenerally under Lhe
waLchful eye of Ovaghoun officers, quick to step in when the ‘90% boredom’ part shifts to the ‘10% fame-and-glory’ opportunity.

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# D5

Supp|ementa|: Ikonaz 1act|cs
1he Cvaghoun vargr have accepLed Lhe culLure of Lhelr vllanl sub[ecLs for a long Llme, and Lhelr mlllLary sLraLegles
and LacLlcs have lnLegraLed boLh vlewpolnLs lnLo a raLher leLhal whole. 1here ls a sLrong preference for Lhe vllanl
Lo play Lhe predlcLable heavy hammer, wlLh Lhe Cvaghoun leveraglng Lhelr menLal and physlcal aglllLy Lo pull off
some cunnlng sLraLagem, bolL-from-Lhe-blue flanklng manoeuvre, or sllck decepLlon Lo klck Lhe enemy off-balance
– and leL Lhe dlsclpllned, Lough vllanl soldlers flrsL pound, Lhen shaLLer Lhe weak polnL, Lhen meLhodlcally grlnd Lhe
enemy lnLo dusL. Whenever posslble, Lhe lkonaz vargr wlll Lake ouL Lhe senlor command of Lhe enemy and/or ellLe
unlLs Lhemselves, buL Lhey are wllllng on occaslon Lo have hlghly Lralned & lmpllclLly LrusLed vllanl earn LhaL
honour lnsLead... lf a greaLer prlze can be selzed elsewhere. The Referee can’t go too far wrong if he keeps in mind
“Vargr=Agility & Situational/1acLlcal Awareness, Vilani=Strength & Discipline”.

A raLher good lllusLraLlon can be found in the 1990 movie “Red October”, where a Russian sub commander has
declded Lo defecL, and Lhe 8usslan navy has declded noL Lo leL LhaL happen:

“Hmm. Russian attack subs are &+5 *-%-/+&"2 +66 "#"$4 ?%*- @+%*- 1+$-A B"C$" 91 ."$"A
D." <"5 E"$*"4 /* ,+#/&0 91 -." '+%*- 5./3" -." F9**/%&*( %*/2" 6$+, +#"$ GH I"%$
Joxtrots, have a row of subs and several surface groups.”
“That's a lot of firepower.”
“For a rescue team, yes. Ther"C* *+,"-./&0 "3*" *-$%&0"A D."4C$" 9*/&0 *+&%$ %* /6
they're looking for something, but nobody's listening.”
“What do you mean?”
“At their speed they could run over my daughter's stereo and not hear it.
They’re not searching for Ramius. They’re driving him.”
“Driving him where? B.%- 2+ 4+9 ,"%&K”
LM+/&-* -+ -." F9**/%& *9N* 5%/-/&0 6+$ F%,/9* &"%$ -." O,"$/'%& 1+$-*AP
“The hounds to the hunters. Your sub captain's going to make it to America.
He's going to die within sight of it.”

!usL lnserL ellLe Cvaghoun vargr klllers as Lhe subs walLlng for 8amlus, and Lhe rellable vllanl as Lhe masslve forces
drlvlng hlm forward, and you have a good baslc model for 10-23° of lkonaz mlllLary sLraLegy – vary and season Lo

kroz Ih|khtrovsh
uÞÞ 4C6A93, Age 30, lrlllLok vargr
Skllls: SculpLure-4, vacc SulL-2, Þersuaslon-2, PlsLory-1, lnflghLlng-1, Zero-C-1, Wheeled vehlcle-1, Small 8lade-1,
Sensor Cps-1, LleLronlcs-1, Mechanlcal-1, Pandgun-0, Crav vehlcle-0

Languages: Modern vllanl, 8rakfugk (an lrlllLok vargr Longue, common wlLhln Lhe Aslmlklglr ConfederaLlon – Lhe
senlor member of Lhe !ullan ÞroLecLoraLe.)

vlsual: A brown/black furred Vargr, Fhikhtrovsh’s Irilitok breeding – blg eyes, shorL snouL, more uprlghL posLure,
frlendly LemperamenL – ls somewhaL sofLen and burred by Lhe Cvaghoun slde of her llneage. uesplLe her looks and
her Cvaghoun name, her *,"33 ls deflnlLely lrlllLok – and so that’s how the Ikonaz treat her. She insists on dressing
as a hlgh-charlsma vargr she would be aL home, lgnorlng Lhe palnful local mockery Lhe local Cvaghoun Lhrow aL
her ln reLurn. Per body and face are slowly accumulaLlng a collecLlon of scars, souvenlrs when Lhe mockery geLs
more aggressive than usual… but her ears and tail remain whole, a grim source of personal pride.

ln addlLlon Lo a ceramlc double-claw (LreaL as a small knlfe), lhlkhLrovsh ls never wlLhouL her LranslaLor (Lo Lalk Lo
Lhe lkonaz vllanl-speaklng locals).

Cpenlng Lheme: Pat Metheny Group, “Follow Me”

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# D/

Fhikhtrovsh’s B-((&6# -3 %/# +:-#+ 18 @+-2-:-6-)> DX= 92"#)-&(?
This graphic is titled “Skycity” © Cam|||e kuo.
See her work at http:]]cam||kuo.dev|antart.com]art]Wonder|and-2S216701

8ack nome
lhlkhLrovsh ls noL naLlve Lo Lhe 8ukadukaz 8epubllc, her home (and her human ÞaneL
) ls back on Lhe caplLal of
Lhe !ullan ÞroLecLoraLe (and Lhe Aslmlklglr ConfederaLlon) Aslmlklglr/Amdukan (ln 993 and 1103: A684A87-L). ln an
lnLersLellar culLure where Lhe vargr and Lhe humans llve ln harmony – wlLhouL one domlnaLlng Lhe oLher, as ln Lhe
8ukadukaz 8epubllc – lhlkhLrovsh grew lnLo a famous sculpLor, uslng varlous fasL-growlng crysLals, meLal
fllamenLs, and low-C/zero-C envlronmenLs as Lhe raw maLerlals for her popular arL. uesplLe her subsLanLlal wealLh
and acclalm, lhlkhLrovsh prefers Lo work as a crewman on Lramps and small lnLerface llnes. urlven by Lhe Lrade
wlnds, she evenLually enLered Lhe 8ukadukaz 8epubllc, ready and eager for new experiences…

keach|ng Cut
…which she has lived to regret. Her usually high charisma levels (peg it at about A) is not nearly as high as it would
be back ln Lhe core of Lhe ÞroLecLoraLe, as Lhe Lyplcal hosLlllLy/unfrlendly neglecL Lhe Cvaghoun have Lo Lhe local
lrlllLok ls ampllfled by magnlLudes when faclng a hlgh-charlsma lrlllLok.
undersLandlng someLhlng of how Lhe
Cvaghoun Lhlnk, lhlkhLrovsh declded Lo seLLle on Lhe sLrongly lkonaz world of vekhaeLak, Lo acL as an ambassador
and brlng peace beLween Lhe Cvaghoun and Lhe lrlllLok. vekhaeLak ls a relaLlvely low-Lech world, where Lhe lkonaz
lnhablLanLs – malnly Cvaghoun packs and Lhelr vllanl alds and servlng famllles – depend on lkonlc subsldles and

lor more on ÞaneLs, please see Ste||ar keaches #4, page 10.
A slmllar analogy can be made, lf an arlsLocraLlc, hlgh-charlsma lkonaz vargr – comforLable wlLh commandlng humans and vargr allke –
resided in the Imperial Empty Quarter. It’s a good thing that humans can’t easily read Vargr body language, lf Lhey could, such a vargr
wouldn’t last a day on some Solomanl-domlnaLed worlds and clLles. The psychological reasons for the racial hostility are outlined in “Tribe
vs. Tribe in the Empty Quarter”, Ste||ar keaches #18. Capsule summary: Lhe human-servlng lrlllLok resemble Lhe human-lmlLaLlng
Ovaghoun a little too close for comfort, like a twisted, mocking mirror…

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# D0
Lransfers Lo flnance Lhelr 1L-L llvlng sLandards. WlLh a repuLaLlon for humlllLy compared Lo Lhelr lmmensely proud
and wealLhy relaLlves back on lkon, lL seemed Lo be a good place Lo feel ouL Lhe posslblllLy of reconclllaLlon.

To make a long story short, it didn’t happen. The Ovaghoun ignored what lhlkhLrovsh was saylng, and lnsLead
focused on who she was – and Lhey didn’t like what they saw. noL one llLLle blL.

uesplLe her money, desplLe her repuLaLlon aL home, all Lhe locals seem Lo be lnLeresLed ln was Learlng her down.
They haven’t out rightly tried to kill her, at least not yet… but this is a zero law level world, and more than once,
lhlkhLrovsh has been [umped and mauled a blL before belng leL go. now, she goes nowhere wlLhouL her handy
double-claw… but she avolds golng ouL when Lhe crowds are Loo Lhlck, or when Lhey smell wrong.

Despair… and Hope
lhlkhLrovsh can see where Lhls ls golng, and Lhe ablllLy of her repuLaLlon and her fame Lo shleld her LhroaL and her
llfe looks Lhlnner and Lhlnner. She senL ouL an urgenL message Lo her pack, her varlous ex-maLes and grown pups,
and her Panet to get over here and give her a hand: but it’s a long journey, and a lot can happen in the months
before any of Lhem arrlve. A coverL local vllanl ally has promlsed Lo flnd a shlp Lo geL her off-world: lhlkhLrovsh
cerLalnly has Lhe money Lo pay, buL Lhe Lhree Llmes Lhere was a deal, lL was suddenly called off aL Lhe lasL mlnuLe.

8uL aL lasL, she has caughL a break. Amazlngly, Lhere’s an independenL world, Palla, domlnaLed by a Solomanl
upper class LhaL has Laken up Aslmlklglr cusLoms and culLure, whlch are more Lhan wllllng Lo Lake her ln, and would
pay rlchly for her arL. And – her vllanl frlend added – there’s an lndependenL lmperlal Lrader, due Lo arrlve soon
who would be happy Lo accepL Lhe bundles of cash lhlkhLrovsh ls wllllng Lo pay Lo geL her Lo Palla pronLo. lf she
can hold out for just a few more weeks…

Closlng Lheme: Pat Metheny Group, “The Truth Will Always Be”

At the starport, waiting… V'(-3&0> DDE 92"#)-&(? This graphic is titled “Ore Haulers” © Ierem|ah numphr|es.
See h|s work at http:]][-humphr|es.dev|antart.com]art]Cre-nau|ers-336231643

a.k.a. “The PC as the cavalry, once again…”

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# DD
9&=A "*# E$=7

l have a hablL of comlng up wlLh some new ldea, or a
new vlewpolnL, and wrlLlng lL ln Lhe SLellar 8eaches
blog, www.sLellarreaches.com. Lnough of Lhese llLLle
noLes have accumulaLed Lo bullL up an enLlre arLlcle ln
Lhe fanzlne: so leLs geL sLarLed!

1he followlng excerpLs have been edlLed and redacLed
from Lhe orlglnal posLlng, ?ou can now lnserL ?ou1ube
vldeos lnLo Word 2013 documenLs, buL l have chosen
noL Lo.

As l am addlng posLs Lo Lhls blog on an ongolng basls, l
had Lo plck a sLarLlng polnL and work backwards from
Lhere: Lhus, SepL 1, 2013 ls Lhe sLarL daLe, wlLh May 7,
2013 Lhe cuL-off daLe. unforLunaLely, Lhls excludes
lnLeresLlng posLs llke Lhe SepL 8 posL, on Lhe Lewls
Model of CulLures. Cr Lhe use of Lhe Lndless as a model
of Lhe AnclenLs.

I also had to hammer down the focus, to “explicit
pointers on the culture of the Empty Quarter.” This was
Lo fllLer ouL Lhe large plle of sclence-orlenLed arLlcles,
llke AbouL Þeople ln 1raveller (on Lhe slze of posslble

Such ls llfe.

SepL 1, 2013

1hls posL has no scl-fl scenes: lnsLead, Lhese are vldeos
LhaL geL more lnLo Lhe hearL of roleplaylng. AfLer all,
Lhe spaceshlps and roboLs are [usL props, Lools Lo show
what’s really going on.

[LxcerpLs from Lhe movle Seven Samural]

Cne vldeo ls on Lhe dlfference beLween real warrlors
and posers. 1here are qulLe a loL of posers ln Lhe poor-
buL-prldeful lmperlal Slx SubsecLors, and even more ln
Lhe Charlsma-drlven, vargr-domlnanL 8ukadukaz
8epublic. But posers don’t come through when the
chlps are down, so it’s important for PCs to spot the

lf you do you [ob, and lf you do lL well, you geL Lo lose
the right way. There aren’t any grand battles or
clashlng fleeLs ln Lhe LmpLy CuarLer, noL even ln a Llme
where much of Lhe lmperlal mlllLary ls embrolled ln Lhe
mosL masslve galacLlc war slnce Lhe llnal War of Lhe
Ancients. Instead, there’s banditry, raiders, and piracy –
and Lhe llmlLed forces LhaL local worlds and
communlLles can scrounge LogeLher.

[Aslde: aL leasL Lhe local culLures are noL flghLlng each
oLher! ÞlraLes are Lemporary, buL your nelghbour ls
always there…]

[LxcerpLs from Lhe movle 1wenLy-four Lyes]

8ehlnd even fasclsL sLaLes llke Lhe Pegemony of Lorean
(or lmperlal !apan) lle a loL of dead men, and Lhe sad
women who loved Lhem. noL so much ln Lhe 1hlrd
lmperlum: Lhe chalns of obllgaLlon Lhere are more
famlllal, feudal and clannlsh Lhan ln Lhe sLyle of Lhe
1oLal SLaLe.

?es, l admlL LhaL Lhese men are slnglng of Lhe [oys on
dylng for Lhe Lmperor. 8uL lmperlal !apan – wlLh one
race, one sLaLe rellglon, one Longue, and a very close-
knlL hlsLory and culLure – makes a very poor model for
Lhe mulLlculLural, mulLlllngual, polyLhelsLlc 1hlrd

It’s not even a good fit for the Hegemony of Lorean –
where Lhere are Lwo rullng races (Arzula and
uamlaerlLe), one low-proflle supporLlng race (vllanl,
offstage in the Star’s End sector), one widespread
servant race (Irilitok Vargr), and two lower races (‘Beta
humaniti’ and the hated Suedzuk Vargr). But the Arzula
have a culLure LhaL resembles Lhls on Lhe worlds Lhey

1he sad scene of a moLher Lelllng her chlldren LhaL Lhelr
faLher would never come home was a common scene
ln Lhe Pegemony, afLer Lhe end of Lhe Lra of Porror.
noL so common Loday. 8uL Lhe memory llngers, and
every Pegemonlo famlly has far darker Lales from LhaL
grlm era.

[LxcerpL from Lhe movle 8an]

never mlnd Lhe noL-so-hoL acLlng, Lhe gralny fllm, and
Lhe poor sound. When your homeLown ls belng overrun
by pirates and raiders, it’s going to feel like this.

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# DH
lorLunaLely, Lhe plraLes ln 993 are noL so sLrong Lo
brlng Lhls klnd of ruln Lo Lhe ma[or worlds. Lven mosL
towns on most minor worlds don’t have anything
worLh sLeallng ln Lhe Slx SubsecLors. 8uL lf you do have
something… watch out!

(never mlnd Lhe Suedzuk plraLes, who have been
known Lo slaughLer small Lowns and seLLlemenLs [usL
because lL brlngs Lhem [oy.)

AugusL 22, 2013

A demographlc map plnpolnLlng Lhe locaLlon and race
of every Amerlcan can be found here:

When you’re done playing with it -
“Ain’t it awesome what technology can do today?”
“I hear the NSA has one that updates your current
location in real time, too!”
- head back here.

OK, let’s 1rave||er|ze lL!
1he lmperlum doesn’t really keep these demographic
maps on an organized basis, as they just aren’t
lnLeresLed ln lndlvldual daLa. lmperlal granularlLy Lends
Lo cenLre on Lhe lndlvldual soverelgn world as Lhe
fundamenLal basls of Lhe lmperlum, noL Lhe slngle

Cf course, lndlvldual world governmenLs, corporaLlons,
eLc have Lhelr own pollcles.

1he Solomanl ConfederaLlon sees Lhlngs very
dlfferenLly. Whlle pollLlcally lL ls an assoclaLlon of
varlous lndlvldual worlds and small lnLersLellar
governmenLs, aL Lhe very core lL ls a race-based
organlzaLlon. Legally, every slngle pure-race Solomanl ls
auLomaLlcally a member of Lhe Solomanl ÞarLy, and so
is under the Party’s protection.

So, lL ls cerLalnly posslble LhaL Lhere are raclal
demographlc maps on every slngle planeL wlLhln Lhe
ConfederaLlon. 8uL Lhe legend ls fundamenLally
dlfferenL. 1he ÞarLy holds ln-house raclal dlfferences –
black, whlLe, aslan, eLc – Lo be lnLeresLlng, buL
secondary lnformaLlon. 1he core of Lhe census ls
beLween pureblood Solomanl (llghL blue doLs: Lhe ÞarLy
has a sofL spoL for LhaL colour) and all oLher sophonLs (a
range of colours).

1he SecreLarlaL – Lhe represenLaLlve leglslaLure of Lhe
Solomanl ConfederaLlon – and cerLaln Supervlsory
CommlLLees can be absoluLe maelsLroms of lnflghLlng,
shouLlng maLches, flsLflghLs, and Lhe occaslonal duel
when it comes to the “all other sophonts” dots.

Should Lhere be speclal colours for 93° – 99.99° pure
Pow abouL 30.01° Solomanl?
WhaL abouL humanlLl? Þure vllanl? Mlxed vllanl?
1erran-descended races? 1erran-upllfLed races? vargr?
ArLlflclal pureblooded Solomanl races?
And yes, small wars have been foughL over Lhese lssues
– and more Lhan once. 1he ÞarLy has been able Lo sLlfle
Lhe larger ouLbreaks, Lhough: all Lhe ma[or ÞarLy
leaders have had ample experlence ln herdlng LogeLher
Lhe hlghly lndependenLly-mlnded races, culLures, eLc
LhaL make up Lhe Solomanl.

(The term ‘herding cats’ has fallen out of favour ever
slnce Lhe Aslan 8order Wars.)

AugusL 18, 2013

Þerhaps Lhey are noL very creaLlve soclally or culLurally,
buL Lo be Lhe klnd of powerhouses Lhey are descrlbed
ln Cu8ÞS: lnLersLellar Wars, Lhey goLLa have

[?ouLube MaLh vldeo on why 0.999 = 1)

(..whlch probably helped Lhem ln lnvenLlng Lhe [ump
engine, BTW…)

!uly 26, 2013

1ough 1lmes: When nobles and Worlds leel Lhe


I finished up The Last Days of Big Law: You Can’t
lmaglne Lhe 1error When Lhe Money urles up and a
reflecLlon on ueLrolL. 1ough sLuff.

l always felL LhaL Lhe LmpLy CuarLer was LradlLlonally
Lhe lmperlal SecLor where dreams wenL Lo dle. 1hls
isn’t really true anymore: even with the threat of the
Shadow CarLel and Lhe absence of Lhe lmperlal navy,
Lhlngs are deflnlLely beLLer Lhan usual ln Lhe enLlre
secLor. 1he Musllms and Lhe Plndus of Lhe Slx
SubsecLors have largely shlfLed Lhelr focus from

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# DI
secLarlan flghLlng Lo money-maklng, and Lhe Pegemony
ls clearly less bruLal Lhan ln earller years – 1sosoe

Cn Lhe oLher hand, even ln a Llme when small dreams
are growlng anew – desplLe Lhe efforLs of Lhe CarLel Lo
subverL and wlLher Lhem – Lhere are a few places
where Lhe money ls drylng up. lmperlal nobles are noL
ln Lhe same pllghL as modern lawyers, buL Lhere are
varlous lesser arlsLocraLs – usually, Lhose lnvolved ln
lnLersLellar Lrade & commerce – who are feellng Lhe
blLe of decllnlng Lrade. Mlnor groups of forelgn
advenLurers, unaLLached Lo any ma[or Lrlbe ln Lhe
reglon, are seelng Lhelr buslness dry up: Lhere ls
lncreaslng pressure Lo choose a slde, or face problems
from all sldes.

1he closesL Lhlng Lo a Lrue ueLrolL flnanclally ls Lhe
sysLem of 8elumar, under lnslsLenL aLLack from plraLes.
8uL Lhe problem ls Lemporary: one day, someday, Lhe
navy wlll reLurn, and Lhe plraLes wlll flee. udusls ls
more of a splrlLual cousln of ueLrolL, buL – desplLe Lhelr
greaL lmpoverlshmenL and crlmlnal lssues, Lhe soclal
dlvldes Lhere are sofLer: noL human vs vargr, buL some
humans and some vargr agalnsL oLher groups of
humans and vargr. And even here, Lhe world ls
baslcally unlLed wlLh some squabbllng agalnsL off-
worlders, raLher Lhan dlvlded agalnsL each oLher.

SLlll, Lhere are deflnlLely quoLes from boLh arLlcles LhaL
are asklng Lo be reflLLed Lo Lhe 1raveller unlverse.

Comlng noble 1rouble

“Stable” is not the way anyone would describe
a legal career Loday. ln Lhe pasL decade,
Lwelve ma[or flrms wlLh more Lhan 1,000
parLners beLween Lhem have collapsed
enLlrely. 1he survlvlng lawyers llve ln fear of
sufferlng a slmllar faLe, drlvlng Lhem Lo ever-
more humlllaLlng lengLhs Lo edge ouL rlvals for
business. “They were cold-calling,” says the
lawyer whose flrm once Lurned down no-
name clients. And the competition isn’t just
exLernal. ÞarLners rouLlnely make plLches
behlnd Lhe backs of colleagues wlLh Lles Lo a
cllenL. 1hey hoard work for Lhemselves even
when lL requlres Lhe experLlse of a fellow
parLner. 1hey selze credlL for buslness LhaL
younger colleagues brlng ln.

And Lhen Lhere are Lhe lndlgnlLles lnfllcLed on
new lawyers, known as assoclaLes. 1he odds
are lncreaslngly long LhaL a recenL law-school
grad wlll flnd a [ob. llve years ago, durlng a
recesslon, Amerlcan law schools produced
43,600 graduaLes and 73 percenL had
poslLlons as lawyers wlLhln nlne monLhs. LasL
year, Lhe numbers were 46,300 and 64
percenL. ln addlLlon Lo Lhe emoLlonal Loll
unemploymenL exacLs, lL ls ofLen flnanclally
rulnous. 1he average law sLudenL graduaLes
$100,000 ln debL.

Translating this into Noble culture: “Sophonts who
were accusLomed Lo a llfe of prlvllege and comforL sLarL
feellng Lhe screws LlghLen and LlghLen – and begln Lo
hear some bones break and snap.” Most of the real
anLl-Solomanl purges were llghLly sldesLepped by local
nobles, who had no heslLaLlon ln cuLLlng Lles Lo Lhe
ÞarLy. A greaLer deal of paln occurred durlng Lhe Þanos
SeLLlemenL of 873 (SLellar 8eaches #12) whlch,
comblned wlLh Lhe fallure of Lhe Pebrln 8ebelllon,
broke Arab noble domlnance forever: buL LhaL was
over a cenLury ago.

1he nobles who feel paln now suffer dlrecLly Lo Lhe
more sLrlngenL, anLl-corrupLlon pracLlces of SecLor
uuke ueLhwabLakebwebwakawa. 1he local culLure ls
face-orlenLed, and geared Lo leveraglng personal
relaLlonshlps, buL Lhe SecLor uuke wanLs everyLhlng
done sLrlcLly by Lhe book. 1he deLalls of whaL happened
Lo LhaL spare 30 mllllon credlLs never maLLered before:
buL lL does now, wlLh some powerful Solomanl famllles
faclng a blLLer humlllaLlon before Lhe 8wap uuke, and
in the public eye. The Sector Duke’s detailed eye for the
money, hls parLlal bllndness Lo off-Lhe-books lnLrlgue
and lnformal alllances, and hls underesLlmaLlon of
Solomanl prlde, Lhelr LhlrsL for revenge, and haLred of
Lhe CLher, ls bulldlng up Lo someLhlng blg and bad.

(And even now, Lhere ls an endless drlve Lo subverL
and/or undercut many of the Sector Duke’s
bureaucraLlc rules and regulaLory mlnuLlae. Moreover,
as a bureaucraL on Lhe Lop of a huge bureaucraLlc
pyramld, SecLor uuke ueLhwabLakebwebwakawa ls
rellanL on a sLeady flow of accuraLe, deLalled
lnformaLlon, someLhlng LhaL cannoL be depended on ln
an lnLersLellar Clvll Servlce rlven wlLh brlbes, famlly
connections, and tribal alliances…)

1he sLrong supporL of Lmperor Cavln and Lhe favour of
hls vllanl allles proLecL hlm even now, buL Lhe llsL of
hosLlle local nobles conLlnues Lo grow and Lhe number
of hls allles slowly shrlnk ouLslde of hls core 8wap &
vllanl backers.

Comlng ÞlaneLary 1rouble

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# DJ
I know an old woman who hasn’t opened her
windows in a decade, afraid that what’s
ouLslde wlll cllmb lnslde. lnslde, Lhere ls Lhe
sLale odor of dead alr.

l know anoLher woman who called me abouL
a corpse lylng ouLslde her wlndow for slx and a
half hours. 1hls was because of cuLbacks aL Lhe
morgue. no dlgnlLy ln deaLh here. 1hey do lL
beLLer ln 8aghdad.

1he laLesL Lrend? When a person ls murdered,
he ls Lhrown lnLo an abandoned house, and lL
ls seL on flre. 1here are Lens of Lhousands Lo
choose from.

l know of an 11-year-old boy who was shoL,
Lhe bulleL golng clean Lhrough hls arm. 1he
cops sLuffed hlm ln Lhe back of a squad car
and rushed him to the hospital. That’s how we
do lL. 1here was no ambulance avallable.
AbouL Lwo-thirds of the city’s fleet is broken
on an average day.

l know a cop who drlves around ln a squad car
wlLh holes ln Lhe floorboards. 1here ls no
compuLer, no alr-condlLlonlng, Lhe odomeLer
readlng 147,000 mlles. Pls bulleLproof vesL has
explred. Pls pay has been cuL 10 percenL.

l knew a flreflghLer who dled ln a flre, buL noL
from Lhe flre. Pe dled when Lhe roof of an
abandoned house collapsed on hlm and hls
breLhren could noL flnd hlm because hls
homlng alarm was broken and dld noL sound.
Pe suffocaLed.

ln our Lown, Lhe 911 dlspaLch sysLem recenLly
wenL down for 13 hours, and no one seemed
Lo glve a damn. When Lhe sysLem ls runnlng,
Lhe average walL ls 38 mlnuLes. llreflghLers
can’t use hydraulic ladders on fire trucks to do
their jobs unless there is an “immediate threat
to life.” In a fire — lmaglne LhaL. 1he ladders
haven’t been inspected in years.

lf Lhls were new ?ork, Lhese sLorles would
have rlcocheLed around Lhe world. 8uL Lhls ls
ueLrolL and, of course, nobody glves a damn.
Lven here people have been condlLloned Lo
accepL Lhese Lhlngs as normal, a nulsance, Lhe
buzz of a fly.

AL one Llme, Lhls descrlpLlon of grlm, sLeady decllne can
be echoed across many worlds of Lhe LmpLy CuarLer,
wlLh only a few word changes here and Lhere. 1hlngs
are acLually beLLer now on many worlds, and perhaps
Lhe Slx SubsecLors wlll flnally see Lhe surge of
prosperlLy afLer Lhe currenL 8lm War has ended, and
Lhe navy reLurns Lo guard Lhe spacelanes.

8uL for now, Lhlngs are golng Lhe wrong way ln some –
noL all, noL even mosL – worlds. 1he CarLel someLlmes
manages Lo sLrangle or weaken Lrade, and LhaL means
Lhe money and Lhe Lools needed for llvlng also geLs
squeezed. 1hey are faclng a loL of reslsLance compared
Lo Lhe lmperlal Clvll War era, so Lhere ls sLlll a greaL
deal of Lrade Lo be had: buL everyone ls more careful
with who they talk to, more likely to ‘double-up for

1he CarLel squeeze ls sLlll lmperfecL, as of 993. A lack of
lnflghLlng among Lhe local worlds – especlally along Lhe
Plndu/lslam and Solomanl/vllanl dlvldes – means Lhe
plraLes rarely geL Lhlngs all Lhelr own way, and
someLlmes face a unlfled response LhaL Lhey musL back
down on. 8uL Lhe Shadow CarLel flngers conLlnues Lo
probe for weak spots…

WhaL remalns unspoken ls whaL happens when Lhe
hlgh-Lech vargr ralders of Lhe 8ukadukaz 8epubllc
begln Lhe feasL – a dreaded force, whlch only Lhe
lmperlal navy can maLch. A navy LhaL ls hundreds of
parsecs away now, and llkely Lo remaln dlsLanL for
years Lo come.

!uly 3, 2013

CrafflLl lound ln a 1ldy vllanl CheLLo

“Obey the Rules”

?es, Lhere really are vllanl gheLLos, especlally ln
Solomanl-domlnanL worlds, and deflnlLely wlLhln Lhe
1erran ConfederaLlon. As of 993 – durlng Lhe Solomanl
8lm War – Lhese areas are rabldly pro-lmperlal [usL
abouL everywhere ln CharLed Space.

Why do Lhese gheLLos exlsL?

CheLLos can be volunLary, as Lwo separaLe peoples
choose Lo llve ln dlfferenL areas, Lo reduce Lhe chance
of confllcL. 1hey are more llkely Lo be economlc, as
Group A simply can’t afford to live with Group B due to
houslng prlces. lL ls also posslble LhaL Lhey are legally
enforced, as Croup A bans Croup 8 from llvlng ouLslde
of Lhelr zone.

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# DK

1he vllanl are generally hardworklng, law-abldlng,
LradlLlon-mlnded conformlsLs who llke Lhe corporaLe
llfe, and as such are unllkely Lo be kepL ouL of Lhe nlce
nelghbourhoods because of flnanclal lssues. 1he may
choose Lo llve separaLely from oLher sophonLs, Lo more
easlly bulld a consensus and beLLer llve Lhe LradlLlonal
llfe amongsL Lhemselves. 1hls ls falrly common on Lhe
more plurallsLlc worlds of Lhe lmperlum, where Lhe
vllanl make up a subsLanLlal mlnorlLy, buL are noL
powerful enough Lo bulld a pro-vllanl pollLlcal/culLural
consensus . If they can’t get everyone to conform, then
Lhey wlll slmply conform amongsL Lhemselves.

lL ls posslble LhaL Lhls could lead Lo a breakdown ln
planeLary unlLy. 8uL – as Lhe vllanl have 1) Lhe money
for Lhe pollLlcal brlbes, 2) values a slngle unlfled fronL
when faclng ouLslders – whaL has proven a more
common resoluLlon ls LhaL Lhe vllanl recognlzes a slngle
planeLary governmenL, buL reglonal lndependence on
culLural/rellglous/flnanclal lssues (buL noL raclal lssues:
culLural conformlLy ls Lhe demand, noL pure bloodllnes
or Lhe Cne 8ace docLrlnes LhaL Lhe Solomanl love).
Cuebec ln Canada ls a falr analogy, or Lhe auLonomous
provlnces of Spaln for a mulLlnaLlonal model. 8uL noL
that of China: that’s just a thin mask for Han

(lncldenLally, fake auLonomy ls a very common LacLlc
among Lhe Solomanl. Worlds where Lhe vllanl openly
call the shots don’t bother with such flimsy preLences.)

1he vllanl, llke Lhe Solomanl (and every oLher
superculLure and Ma[or 8ace less Lhe uroyne), are
unrelenting expansionists. On the one hand, they don’t
have a large lndlgenous area Lo call Lhelr own –
excludlng Lhe vllanl CulLural 8eglon. Cn Lhe oLher hand,
Lhey have a pervaslve lnfluence wlLhln Lhe 1hlrd
lmperlum, Lhe mosL powerful lnLersLellar sLaLe ln
exlsLence. Moreover, Lhelr lnfluence ls on Lhe rlse, and
– ln 993 – Lhe lmperlum ls openly aL war wlLh Lhe
Solomanl ConfederaLlon. Also, Lhey have a sLrong hand
ln several of Lhe largesL megacorporaLlons around – Lhe
real power behlnd many uucal and 8aronlal Lhrones,
and very lnfluenLlal wlLhln Lhe lrldlum 1hrone. 1hls
neLwork of lnLersLellar power can make lLself felL on
any world wlLh a large vllanl mlnorlLy.

WhaL Lhls means ls LhaL, when Lhe world governmenL
decides to get it’s hands on the wealth of the Vilani in
Lhe name of unlLy/LquallLy/lreedom/WhaLever,
there’s going to be a fight. Off-world forces are llkely Lo
geL lnvolved. And Lhe vllanl may well wln.


1he vllanl are noL always ln a poslLlon Lo have Lhelr
own chunk of land on a glven world. ln Lhe lmperlum,
Lhey may feel comforLable enough wlLh Lhe Mlxed
vllanl LhaL domlnaLe Lhe lmperlum Lo broadly merge
wlLh Lhe mainstream. Or, the “autonomous Vilani
district” isn’t really that distinct from the rest of the
world, as a ma[orlLy of Lhe populaLlon endorse much or
all of vllanl culLure, such as Lhe paLernallsLlc corporaLe
llfe, Lhe preference for consensus-based confllcL
resoluLlon, eLc.

ln a hlghly Solomanl reglon llke Lhe LmpLy CuarLer, Lhe
vllanl may be forced lnLo cerLaln clLy dlsLrlcLs, elLher as
a separaLe casLe (a la lndla) or as dhlmml (a la Arabla).
1he vllanl are good wlLh money, so Lhey Lend Lo rlse Lo
a hlgh-sLaLus casLe among Lhe LasL lndlans. 1hey have
zero lnLenLlon of abandonlng Lhelr rellglon, language,
or LradlLlons, so Lhey Lend Lo be qulLe well-armed
among Lhe Arabs.

(1he vllanl look ouL for Lhe vllanl, and Lhere are several
reglonal successful vllanl worlds wlLhln Lhe Slx
SubsecLors, so ouLslder asslsLance ls a facLor here. Cn
Lhe oLher hand, Lhe megacorporaLlons are weaker ln
Lhe Slx SubsecLors Lhan elsewhere – there simply isn’t
much proflL ln belng here.)

1he vllanl and Lhe 8wap geL along famously, and are
qulLe llkely Lo argue bureaucraLlc mlnuLlae [usL for fun.
vllanl gheLLos here are malnly for envlronmenLal
reasons, Lo avold Lhe 8wap envlronmenLal preference
for sLlfllng humldlLy. Cn Lhe oLher slde of Lhe Lesser
8lfL, Lhe vllanl are honoured members of Lhe
Pegemony of Lorean: Lhey really [usL have
nelghbourhoods and quarLers here, noL Lrue gheLLos.
As Lhey are allgned wlLh Lhe Pegemon, Lhey are agalnsL
Lhe local lnsurgenLs, so Lhese areas are well-guarded on
hosLlle worlds. 8uL ouLslde of Lhe mlllLary, Lhey are noL
ofLen found ln 8eLa CuadranL: Lhey prefer Lo remaln ln
their part of Star’s End sector, where they have near-
compleLe domlnance.

1he vllanl wlLhln Lhe 8ukadukaz 8epubllc culLurally
domlnaLe everyLhlng ln slghL. Slnce Lhey goL Lhe
crushlng culLural vlcLory Lhey always seek, Lhere are no
Lrue vllanl gheLLos: Lhere are [usL vllanl wearlng vllanl
robes, and vargr wearlng vllanl robes. ln Lhe eyes of
Lhe vllanl, Lhe race of Lhe bureaucraL ls a mlnor deLall:
lL ls Lhe 1radlLlon LhaL maLLers.

!une 21, 2013

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# DL

1he lndusLrlal 8evoluLlon of Lhe Mlddle Ages

Let’s say it once again: low-Lech does noL mean
mlndlessly lgnoranL.

CuoLed from Coodwln on Lew, quoLed from Lhe 8lonlc
MosqulLo, quoLed from Lhe Medleval Machlne:

1he medleval perlod wlLnessed one of Lhe
more rapld advances ln Lhe lnLroducLlon of
machlnery ln Luropean hlsLory. 1hls could noL
be accompllshed wlLhouL Lhe effecLlve Lamlng
of energy. 1he mosL common meLhod was Lhe
mlll – prlmarlly waLer buL also wlnd. 1hese
mllls would grlnd corn, crush ollves, Lan
leaLher, make paper, eLc. Whlle Lhe 8omans
uLlllzed Lhe mlll, lL was noL nearly Lo Lhe exLenL
uLlllzed ln Lhese laLer perlods. 1he relaLlonshlp
ls lnverse Lo Lhe use of slaves ln Lhe economy
– Lhe lncreaslng use of Lhe mlll corresponded
wlLh Lhe drasLlc reducLlon of slavery durlng Lhe
Mlddle Ages.

“Don’t use slaves… use water instead!” ”Great idea in
Lurope, noL so good ln Lhe dry worlds of Lhe LmpLy
Quarter…” “I don’t hear the Bwap complaining!”


Mlnlng was an lmporLanL aspecL of Lhe
medleval economy. 1he mosL lmporLanL
subseL was sLone quarrylng, whlch Lhe auLhor
suggesLs was more lmporLanL posslbly Lhan all
oLher forms of mlnlng comblned.


Mlnlng was also lmporLanL Lo Lhe
developmenL and use of lron. 1he use of lron
was lncreased greaLly durlng Lhe medleval
perlod, replaclng bronze whlch was more
heavlly used durlng 8oman Llmes. Lvery
medleval vlllage had lLs lron smlLh – lL was
common pracLlce for every horse and plough
anlmal Lo be shod.

When seLLllng a world, you are golng Lo need Lo flnd
some mlneral and sLone deposlLs. Lven wlLh nanoLech,
3u prlnLlng, LransmuLaLlon, and all Lhe resL – whlch ls
noL avallable ln Lhe 1970s scl-fl unlverse of 1raveller – lL
could sLlll be cheaper/energy efflclenL Lo [usL dlg lL ouL.

1he Þre-8enalssance 8enalssance Man

Cne of Lhe more hlghly valued professlons ln
Lhe LhlrLeenLh and fourLeenLh cenLurles was
LhaL of Lhe archlLecL-englneers, so-called, as
Lhere was no real dlsLlncLlon aL Lhe Llme
beLween whaL are Loday mulLlple professlons.

An lndlvldual ln Lhls fleld would have Lhe skllls
of Lhe archlLecL, sLrucLural englneer, varlous
speclalLles of mechanlcal englneerlng, and Lhe
general conLracLor. Pe was consldered Lhe
masLer of all phases of Lhe consLrucLlon

Clmpel offers brlef gllmpses lnLo several
examples of Lhls and oLher Lypes of hlghly
skllled lndlvlduals. MosL noLable of Lhese
examples ls 8oger 8acon. Among many oLher
accompllshmenLs, 8acon wroLe of greaL shlps
and flylng machlnes – noL unllke Lhe leLLer
from Leonardo Lo Lhe uuke of Mllan. 8acon ls
referred to specifically in one of Leonardo’s

Low-Lech, lgnoranL, yeL curlous explorers noslng
around your sLarshlp may noL sLay low-Lech and
lgnoranL for long. SomeLhlng Lo remember when
vlslLlng Lhe lmpoverlshed LmpLy CuarLer.

1lme WalLs for Lhe Medleval Man

1he medleval mlnd was lnvenLlve and
mechanlcally mlnded, as has been
demonsLraLed by varlous examples
LhroughouL Lhls book. Clmpel aLLrlbuLes Lhls Lo
the medieval belief in progress, “a concept
unknown to the classical world.” He quotes
8ernard of CharLres:

“We are as dwarfs mounted on the shoulders
of glanLs, so LhaL alLhough we percelve many
more Lhlngs Lhan Lhey, lL ls noL because our
vlslon ls more plerclng or our sLaLure hlgher,
buL because we are carrled and elevaLed
higher thanks to their gigantic size.” (Page

Such aLLlLudes led men Lo accepL lnvenLlons as
normal, and Lo assume LhaL new lnvenLlons
would conLlnue Lo come forLh. ÞrlesLs would
slng Lhe pralses of lnvenLlons ln church.

Cne lnvenLlon sLands ouL above Lhe resL, LhaL
of Lhe mechanlcal clock. 1he near LasL and lar
LasL prevlously knew of sun dlals and waLer-
drlven clocks. Whlle lL ls ofLen consldered a

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# H4
fool’s errand to identify in history the first
lnvenLor of someLhlng, Lhere ls much LhaL
polnLs Lo Lhe (non-waLer-drlven) mechanlcal
clock havlng been lnvenLed ln Lhe monasLerles
of Lhe Mlddle Ages.

Clmpel clLes Lewls Mumford, who sees ln Lhe
mechanlcal clock Lhe key lnvenLlon of Lhe
enLlre lndusLrlal revoluLlon:

“The clock, noL Lhe sLeam englne, ls Lhe key
machine of the modern industrial age…. In its
relaLlonshlp Lo deLermlnable quanLlLles of
energy, Lo sLandardlzaLlon, Lo auLomaLlc
acLlon, and flnally Lo lLs own speclal producL,
Lhe clock has been Lhe foremosL machlne ln
modern technics….” (Page 149)

1hls ls a problem ln Lhe LmpLy CuarLer. Sure, Lhey have
Llme-pleces, from waLer clocks Lo aLomlc clocks. 8uL
Lhe culLure sLlll largely runs on Arab 1lme, or lndlan
1lme. (1hlngs are dlfferenL ln Lhe vargr/vllanl
8ukadukaz 8epubllc and Lhe Pegemony of Lorean.)
1echnology ls noL as lmporLanL as your Llme
preference, ownlng loLs of sLuff and Lechnologlcal
gadgeLs ls no subsLlLuLe for self-dlsclpllne, low Llme
preference, and a pro-progress vlslon of Lhe fuLure.

The “Dark” in the Dark Ages

1here ls a sLereoLype of Lhe Mlddle Ages,
encompassed in the term “Dark Ages.” While
Lhe Lerm has fallen ouL of favor wlLh scholars,
“Dark Ages” still paints a picture within the
malnsLream communlLy: war, famlne, plague,
and rellglous lnLolerance lncludlng wlLch

1hls sLereoLype flnds lLs rooLs ln Lhe
fourLeenLh cenLury – Loward Lhe end of Lhe
perlod of Lhe Mlddle Ages. Clmpel descrlbes
Lhe CondemnaLlon of 1277 as Lhe beglnnlng of
Lhe end for Lechnologlcal advancemenL and
lnLellecLual quesLlonlng LhaL marked Lhe
Mlddle Ages. 8lshop 1empler condemned
“219 execrable errors which certain students
of Lhe laculLy of Lhe ArLs have Lhe LemerlLy Lo
study and discuss in the schools.” (Page 182-

ln so dolng he slowed Lhe progress of sclence
and reason ln Þarls – Lhe ALhens of Lhe
LhlrLeenLh cenLury. (Þage 183)

WlLh Lhe condemnaLlon, Clmpel descrlbes Lhe
beglnnlng of wlLch hunLs and burnlngs –
someLhlng unknown Lo Lurope for much of
Lhe precedlng cenLurles. Cbvlously, Lhe
exploraLlon of new ldeas would be relaLlvely
subdued ln such an envlronmenL.

AddlLlonal ma[or shocks occurred: a
devasLaLlng famlne ln 1313 – 1317, Lhe
Hundred Years’ War began in 1337 (a war
beLween Lhe by now cenLrallzed klngdoms of
Lngland and lrance – and noL lnvolvlng Lhe
sLlll relaLlvely decenLrallzed cenLral and
easLern Luropean lands), and Lhe 8lack ueaLh,
from 1347 – 1330.

Most interesting is Gimpel’s description of
currency devaluaLlon by Þhlllp Lhe lalr of
lrance, beglnnlng ln 1294. Þhlllp was
lnsLrumenLal ln Lurnlng lrance from a feudal
socleLy Lo a cenLrallzed sLaLe (apparenLly he
felt that William’s descendants needed a
proper enemy).

War and rellglous lnLolerance has cerLalnly held back
Lhe LmpLy CuarLer ln her hlsLory. AnLl-pslonlc haLred
and raclal sLrlfe has had lLs say as well. 8lghL aL Lhls
momenL (993 lmperlal) plracy, LhefL, and murder ln Lhe
sLar lanes are weakenlng Lhe bonds of Lrade.

Still, it just isn’t as bad as it was during the Imperial Civil
Wars or the Julian War. That’s progress, of a sort.

!une 19, 2013

llrsL, a llLLle Lale abouL urlveSavers Lo seL Lhe scene.

[WalLs a blL.]

Now, let’s fit this TL 9 recovery shop into the Imperial
LmpLy CuarLer.

llrsL, where can we puL lL? l suggesL a locaLlon wlLh a
large enough markeL – say, more Lhan 10 mllllon
sophonLs – Lo supporL lL. 1here are a falr number of
lmperlal 1L 9 sysLems wlLh Lhls populaLlon and above:

Pebrln, Cudlna, Lnlnslsh, Arakaad, Lukaau, Cooke,
8a[an, AbabaL, lndara, Slblkaar

now, whaL unusual Lhlngs can we Lhrow aL Lhls
unassumlng workplace, perhaps noL Lo dlsslmllar from
where uear 8eader works?

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# H5

vargr ralders break ln from orblL, searchlng for daLa
polnLlng Lo a prlme Lreasure Lrove. l hope that it’s the
raLher clvlllzed lkonaz plraLes, lnsLead of Lhe 8lood

1he sysLem mlllLary hands off a Lyplcal 1L 11 drlve from
a capLured vargr ralder for your Leam Lo puL LogeLher,
and lf posslble decrypL. 8reaklng lnLo a compuLer drlve
Lwo Lech levels above your grade ls golng Lo be fun,
nevermlnd Lhe fanLasy of cracklng LhaL encrypLlon
level. 8uL lf Lhe Chlnese – noL known for Lhelr cuLLlng
edge Lechnology – can pull off all sorLs of u.S. flshlng
expedlLlons, maybe you can Loo, wlLh a llLLle laLeral

And Lhe Lyplcally seml-chaoLlc vargr are noL known for
Lhelr sLrlcL lnformaLlon dlsclpllne. 1hls does noL help
much wlLh Lhe vllanl-Lralned Cvaghoun, who ofLen uC
Lake a dlsclpllned vlew of lnformaLlon securlLy.

(Cn Solomanl worlds) AfLer some serlous
flnanclal seLbacks – a vargr rald, new hlgh-
Lech compeLlLlon, Lhe collapse of a bank and
much of the business’ financial reserves,
decllnlng demand and a local recesslon-
depresslon, a ray of hope appears. A
dlsLlngulshed genLleman makes a dlscreeL
offer Lo Lhe ÞCs buslness owners/securlLy
offlcers/Lop Lechs. Pe has a few frlends who
admlre Lhe ÞCs work, and are wllllng Lo help
push Lhem Lo Lhe nexL level ln daLa recovery.
ln reLurn, Lhey elLher
1. have a few jobs that needs to be handled ‘on
Lhe side’, outside of regular channels and/or
2. wanL Lo lnsure LhaL a few hlghly LalenLed
Lechnlclans are hlred – Lechnlclans LhaL were
prevlously re[ecLed due Lo suspecLed SolSec
8emlnd Lhe ÞCs LhaL Lhls could be Lhe only way Lo save
Lhe buslness, and come back Lo beaL Lhe compeLlLlon.

(8eferee: SolSec may well be wllllng Lo shove Lhe ÞCs
company into bankruptcy, and then buy the company’s
asseLs for a song. lf Lhe ÞCs have no connecLlon wlLh
Lhe lmperlal governmenL, Lhey may Lhen choose Lo
offer Lhe PCs their old jobs back, ‘with new
management’. As the Imperium is at war with the
Solomanl ConfederaLlon aL Lhls Llme, Lhe SolSec
agent(s) can’t afford to break cover: even the passive
supporL of cerLaln nobles wlll qulckly evaporaLe lf Lhey
are caughL ln Lhe spoLllghL. 1he ÞCs had beLLer be
prepared for reLallaLlon before Lhey even LhreaLen Lo
splll Lhe beans.)

1o geL Lhose faL governmenL conLracLs, your
Lop-fllghL daLa cenLre needs Lo reLaln lLs
securlLy clearance. (Lspeclally on Lhe hlgh-law-
level Lnlnslsh asLerolds, Arakaad, a planeL on a
permanenL war fooLlng slnce Lhe vargr
Pillaging; or the Ababat government, with it’s
close connecLlons Lo boLh Lhe lmperlal navy
and Lhe Musllm 8roLherhood.) 8uL one day,
dolng governmenL work, you dlscover some
preLLy dark dolngs on one of Lhelr hard drlves.
WhaL klnd of prlce are Lhe ÞCs wllllng Lo pay Lo
geL publlc aLLenLlon on lL? 8ecause Lhere WlLL
be a price…

A vargr 1L 9 drlve ls provlded for Lhe ÞCs daLa
recovery cenLre Lo brlng back Lo llfe by Lhe end
of Lhe week, before Lhe Lrader moves on Lo
new markeLs. 1he 1L ls Ck, and noLhlng ls
encrypLed – buL Lhe sLandards and formaLs
used are llke noLhlng your Leam has ever seen.
“Hey – l found a manual! Anyone here can
read… whatever this is? How about these two
oLher vargr-looklng franLlc doodllng
languages? Anyone? Anyone?” How do you
approach Lhe problem? WhaL shorLcuLs do you
use, and when do you lnslsL on dolng Lhlngs
Lhe slow way?

The ‘Shadow Cartel’ has taken an interest in
Lhe klnd of work you are dolng, and have
prepared an offer you can’t refuse. You don’t
know if it’s just a bunch of thugs using the
Cartel’s name, a competitor trying to push you
off Lhe cllff, or Lhe real deal. WhaL
!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# H/

;)&B#((#)+ +/1'(0 (11: 1'% 18 %/#-) 7-3017 21)# 18%#3?
This graphic is titled “Anathema” © Gabr|e| Gadoš.
See h|s work at http:]]p|pper-svk.dev|antart.com]art]Anathema-932S2144

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# H0

now? Can you LrusL law enforcemenL, or have
Lhey been corrupLed by CarLel money – or
fearful of CarLel warshlps and plasma-armed
air/rafts? If they can’t do anything, how about
Lhe local lmperlal noble? And lf Þroper
Authority can help you, it’s time to turn to
AlLernaLlve Measures – buL whlch one? 1he
Amerlcan lndlan mercenarles? 1he Musllm
8roLherhood? 1he 8wap Cuardlans of Crder?
1he vllanl? Þerhaps Lhe cyborg mlllLanLs of
Pebrln can provlde a hand – but at a price….
(and aren’t they supposed to be with the
CarLel?) Cr hold your nose, and spend Lhe cash
Lo bulld your own prlvaLe corporaLe army, or
aL leasL a few properly equlpped plaLoons?

!une 19, 2013

Þrlnces, Þaupers, and Slr lrancls urake

(8orlng buL necessary preamble aL Lhe Lop, cool sLuff aL
Lhe boLLom.)

Þrlnces and Þaupers
CPAÞ1L8 l. 1he blrLh of Lhe Þrlnce and Lhe
ln Lhe anclenL clLy of London, on a cerLaln
auLumn day ln Lhe second quarLer of Lhe
slxLeenLh cenLury, a boy was born Lo a poor
famlly of Lhe name of CanLy, who dld noL wanL
hlm. Cn Lhe same day anoLher Lngllsh chlld
was born Lo a rlch famlly of Lhe name of
1udor, who dld wanL hlm. All Lngland wanLed
hlm Loo. Lngland had so longed for hlm, and
hoped for hlm, and prayed Cod for hlm, LhaL,
now LhaL he was really come, Lhe people wenL
nearly mad for [oy. Mere acqualnLances
hugged and klssed each oLher and crled.
Lverybody Look a hollday, and hlgh and low,
rlch and poor, feasLed and danced and sang,
and goL very mellow, and Lhey kepL Lhls up for
days and nlghLs LogeLher. 8y day, London was
a slghL Lo see, wlLh gay banners wavlng from
every balcony and houseLop, and splendld
pageanLs marchlng along. 8y nlghL, lL was
agaln a slghL Lo see, wlLh lLs greaL bonflres aL
every corner, and lLs Lroops of revellers
maklng merry around Lhem. 1here was no Lalk
ln all Lngland buL of Lhe new baby, Ldward
1udor, Þrlnce of Wales, who lay lapped ln sllks
and saLlns, unconsclous of all Lhls fuss, and noL
knowlng LhaL greaL lords and ladles were
Lendlng hlm and waLchlng over hlm–and noL
carlng, elLher. 8uL Lhere was no Lalk abouL Lhe
oLher baby, 1om CanLy, lapped ln hls poor
rags, excepL among Lhe famlly of paupers
whom he had [usL come Lo Lrouble wlLh hls

lL ls surprlslngly, how useful works seL ln Lhe 16Lh
cenLury can be for a sclence-flcLlon sLory seL ln Lhe 33Lh
cenLury. Þrlnces wlll sLlll be born, Lhelr blrLh wlll sLlll be
a cause of greaL celebraLlon ln Lhelr klngdoms, and
Lhere wlll sLlll be paupers, whose occaslon for blrLh wlll
noL qulLe be so celebraLed.

?es, l am maklng some assumpLlons: for one, LhaL Lhere
wlll be an arlsLocracy ln Lhe fuLure. Well, a good case
can be made LhaL Lhe days of monarchy dled ln World
War I. On the other hand, Pareto’s Law is going to be
acLlve ln Lhe far fuLure, [usL as much as ln Lhe dlsLanL
pasL. 1raveller makes Lhe reasonable assumpLlon LhaL
Lhe baslc sLrucLure of power ln Lhe pasL wlll be much
Lhe same ln Lhe fuLure, wlLh a few label swlLcheroos –
sclenLlsLs for prlesLs, Lhe ÞarLy for Lhe Þeerage, eLc.

lormallLles MaLLer ln CourL

Now, it’s up to the Referee to decide on the flavour of
Lhe culLure ln a glven world. Cold-eyed essenLlallsLs
tend to believe that ‘power is power, and how it justify
themselves is beside the point.’ But this is
fundamenLally false: lL really does maLLer whaL Lhe
[usLlflcaLlons are, aL leasL Lo Lhe ÞCs. 1o conLacL Lhe
local lmperlal noble, do Lhey have Lo walL monLhs for
an appolnLmenL? ÞuL Lhelr LlckeL ln a loLLery? Þay a flaL
fee Lo a funcLlonary? Þay a huge brlbe Lo a noble famlly
member? Make Lhelr case before a medla clrcus? Serve
in the noble’s military for a year and a day? Complete a
quesL? ConverL Lo Lhe 1rue lalLh? Þrove LhaL Lhey have
aL leasL four years of honourable servlce ln Lhe
Emperor’s forces? (“And one more mlnuLe Lo speak
with His Lordship for every additional year of service.”)

And don’t forget the consequences of ignoring the
rules. lor example, Cueen LsLher fasLed Lhree days
before enLerlng Lhe presence of klng xerxes: and when
he saw her, he was pleased enough Lo exLend hls
scepLre Lo her, allowlng her Lo speak. noLe LhaL she
was hls wlfe, and she sLlll was gambllng wlLh her llfe Lo
meeL hlm wlLhouL an lnvlLaLlon:

All the king’s servants and the people of the
king’s provinces know that any man or woman
who goes lnLo Lhe lnner courL Lo Lhe klng, who
has noL been called, he has buL one law: puL

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# HD
all Lo deaLh, excepL Lhe one Lo whom Lhe klng
holds ouL Lhe golden scepLer, LhaL he may llve.
?eL l myself have noL been called Lo go ln Lo
Lhe klng Lhese LhlrLy days.

WlLhouL a doubL, Lhere wlll be 1ravellers who wlll
desplse Lhese formallLles. 8uL Lhe forms and Lhe
formallLles are lmporLanL, as Lhey underscore Lhe
sLaLus of Lhe lmperlal Lord. 1he hlgher Lhe noble, Lhe
sLronger Lhls rule holds: PL commands, ?Cu obey.
Challenglng Lhls ln Lhe very face of Lhe lmperlal noble ls
a dlrecL aLLack agalnsL hls rlghL Lo rule – and dependlng
on Lhe pollLlcal envlronmenL, Lhe survlval of hls famlly –
and 1here Wlll 8e Consequences.

1rue: some nobles are less sLrlcL abouL Lhls Lhan oLher
nobles, dependlng on Lhe culLure and Lhe personallLy
of Lhe noble ln quesLlon. 8uL all demand a cerLaln level
of respecL, and dlsrespecL slmply musL be punlshed, or
Lhe noble wlll elLher flnd hls orders lgnored, or he wlll
be replaced by someone who does command and
enforce respecL. Also: whlle nobles have proven Lo be
remarkably adepL aL gaLherlng planeLary powers, Lhey
generally don’t rule a world as a formal part of their
lmperlal domaln: Lhey conLrol Lhelr flef, Lhe planeLary
sLarporL, and are Lhe lmperlal [udges and masLers of
nearby space ouLslde of Lhe 100-dlameLer zone of Lhe
maln world.
8eferee Peadwork

ueLalls maLLer ln Lhe sLory LhaL ls Lold: lL fleshes ouL Lhe
world for Lhe ÞCs as Lhey Lravel ln lL. lor example, here
are some quesLlons Lo answer, lf you wanL Lo reLroflL
Mark Twain’s The Prince and the Pauper to Traveller

WhaL does lL mean Lo be a Þrlnce? WhaL does
lL mean Lo be a Þauper? Pow masslve ls Lhe
soclal dlsLance beLween Lhem? 1he
Lechnologlcal dlsLance?
ls lL even posslble for a Þauper Lo successfully
preLend Lo be a Þrlnce? lf so, how?
ls Lhe Þrlnce and Lhe Þauper even Lhe same
specles? 1he same culLure? 1he same rellglon?
uo Lhey speak Lhe same language?
ls Lhere a rlLual LhaL permlLs Lhls? ln many
culLures, a klnd of role reversal ls permlLLed
once a year, where some lucky pauper geLs Lo
be prlnce for a day.
WhaL lf Lhe Þrlnce wanLs Lo go slummlng?
WhaL lf he drops Lhe rlghLs and responslblllLles
for a day or a year? ls Lhls even posslble? Also:
A Lord of an unlnhablLed moon who plays Lhe
pauper for a year ls ln a far dlfferenL poslLlon
Lhan Lhe youngesL son of a dynasLy rullng a 1L
l world of bllllons who plays Lhe pauper for a
day. 1he flrsL wlll have hardly any lmpacL aL all:
Lhe second could easlly be a scandal LhaL rocks
Lhe subsecLor.

1he lun SLuff

MenLal LxperlmenL #1: place Lhe early modern
klngdom of Lngland on a low-Lech world of Lhe
lmperlum. Make Lhe ÞCs Lhe hlred hlgh-Lech servanLs
of Lhls planeLary klngdom.

Remember: You can’t change [usL one Lhlng. 1he
crypLo-1uLor dynasLy ls golng Lo lnslsL on havlng Lhose
marvellous hlgh-Lech Loys, buL keeplng Lhem worklng ls
a dlfferenL maLLer. MosL llkely, Lhey are golng Lo make
a masslve Lechnologlcal leap, ln Lhe sLyle of Afrlcan
naLlons LhaL moved dlrecLly from mallmen on
horseback Lo mlcrowave Lowers and cell phones. 1he
source of elecLrlclLy for Lhe enLlre klngdom can be a
clapped-ouL sLarshlp wlLh a worklng power planL. (WlLh
some local nobles valulng Lhelr secreL porLable solar
panels and baLLerles more hlghly Lhan Lhelr 3,000-man
1L 3 personal army.)

MenLal LxperlmenL #2: lf Lhe vllanl Lmplre chose Lo
nose around a few more parsecs rlmward, Lhey may
well have chosen Lo brlng ln Lhose nolsy and unruly 1L 3
1errans onboard, lf only Lo expand Lhe markeL. 8uL as
Lhelr local represenLaLlve, Lhey would noL have chosen
Lo work wlLh Lhose Llny, facLlous, and far Loo lnnovaLlve
klngdoms of Lurope. lnsLead, Lhey would have bullL an
alllance wlLh Lhe Mlng uynasLy, masLers of Lhe largesL
and wealLhlesL emplre on LarLh, wlLh a culLure LhaL ls a
far beLLer flL wlLh Lhe vllanl culLure.

now, seL Lhe ÞCs as compaLrloLs of Slr lrancls urake,
who – llke Lhelr 8ullng Lady, Cueen LllzabeLh – have
some serlous problems wlLh Lhls seLup, and have
declded Lo change a few Lhlngs. WlLhouL geLLlng Lhe
proper permlsslons.

(8eferee bonus polnLs lf you can work lnLo Lhe
campalgn !esulL mlsslonarles and Cda nobunaga.
lundlng for Lhe venLure wlll be provlded curLesy of Lhe
Spanlsh, as always.)

!une 8, 2013

1) Movle Llme 2) Loners

Wanderlng AsLerolds and Lhe lmperlum

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# HH

1he 1L 8/9 space culLure deplcLed wlll have a more
dlfflculL Llme Lhan Lhe average 1L 12 lmperlal world,
and, glven enough lead Llme, even a dlrL-poor 1L 3
sysLem can [usL call up Lhe lmperlal navy, a SLarmerc,
or (someLlmes) an energeLlc wanderlng free Lrader Lo
handle Lhe problem.

Cf course, Lhe 8eferee could sLlll lnserL dlfflculLles. lor
example, a pure Solomanl lmperlal world of 993 could
have real dlfflculLles flagglng down an lmperlal shlp Lo
do some sLeady Lugglng, as 1) mosL of Lhe lmperlal
navy ls busy elsewhere and 2) mosL of Lhe pure
Solomanl naval offlcers & crew are currenLly flghLlng
under a dlfferenL flag, and Lhe large number of
vllanl/Mlxed vllanl spacers sLlll around are very
resenLful of Lhe Solomanl, and are qulLe wllllng Lo leL
certain requests “get lost in the paperwork”.

A lrlend ln need

ln Lhe lmperlal LmpLy CuarLer, Lhere ls a long and
strong tradition of ‘we look out for ourselves’, so the
Plndus, Musllms, and Amerlcan lndlans (and Lhe
8waps, Lhe vllanl, and Lhe klkhushegl bellevers) all
have Lhelr own unofflclally allgned forces who can
proLecL Lhelr worlds.

(noL so long ago, Lhey were offlclally allgned, and more
Lhan wllllng Lo wage hlgh-Lech Lrlbal wars agalnsL each
oLher. 1hls deflnlLely lncluded Lhe Musllm Arab-allgned
local lmperlal mlllLary – lL was falrly resLralned ln whaL
lL could acLlvely do, buL deflnlLely blased ln lLs acLlons,
rullngs and acLlvlLles.)

lL ls Lhe poor and alone slngleLons who have Lo worry
Lhe mosL abouL rogue asLerolds Lhe mosL (and rogue
pirates, rogue plagues, rogue nobles…). In 993, the
premlere example ln Lhe Slx SubsecLors are Chlnese-
domlnaLed Shulku: Sashar also has few frlends. 1he
oLher unlque lmperlal sysLems – Cooke, 8ommel,
ushmlgad, 8asu, are capable of defendlng Lhemselves.

1hey have Lo be, ln Lhls parL of Lhe lmperlum.

1he unlque

SurogoLa ls a speclal case. lL ls a Lrue loner, enLlrely
populaLed by a small populaLlon of arachnold sophonLs.
1he local llfeforms are very hosLlle, and render Lhe
world uncolonlzable. 1he sophonLs are Loo few Lo have
caused any Lrouble, and so Lhey have no powerful
enemles wlLh long memorles. (A huge beneflL Lhls parL
of space!) Moreover, Lhey are Loo poor – and Lhe
planeLs llfeforms Loo hosLlle – Lo make lL a worLhwhlle
ob[ecL for plracy.

(1here ls someLhlng worLh sLeallng: Lhe SurgoLans
Lhemselves. 1hey are qulLe skllled ln medlcal
LreaLmenL, and Lhere are people who would llke Lo
sLeal and enslave one for Lhelr servlces. SLlll, looklng for
Lhese bloLech masLers ln a blologlcal hellzone, on Lhelr
own Lurf, ls slmply begglng for a nasLy and sudden

ln a Lough nelghbourhood, even Lhe weakllngs keep a
few dlrLy shlvs on Lhelr person.)

llnally, Lhe lmperlal lnLersLellar ScouL Servlce has a
paLernallsLlc lnLeresL ln Lhe survlval of small and weak
culLures, an lnsLlncL LhaL Lhe lmperlal hlerarchy
supporLs. Long ago, Lhe llSS chased down and
desLroyed Lhe very few asLerolds or comeLs whlch had
a hlgh probablllLy of lmpacLlng Lhelr small parL of Lhe

!une 7, 2013

ueleLeMe, lncepLlon Servlces, and a CerLaln vargr

ueleLeMe ls a servlce LhaL – for a reasonable fee –
removes your presence from Lhe lnLerneL.

1hls ls a funcLlon LhaL every ÞC should have on speed
dlal. Any reasonable 8eferee should be ready and
wllllng Lo Leach Lhe 1raveller ÞC why he should be able
to contact them at a moment’s notice.

naLurally, 1raveller belng 1raveller, Lhere should be
Internet deletion “special services” that can reach
Lhose dlfflculL-Lo-reach spoLs, such as lmperlal MlnlsLry
of !usLlce daLabases and closed noble servers. AL a
reasonable prlce.

(Whlch Lhese servlces plan Lo [usL Lake Lhe money and
run, whlch are balLs seL by Lhe Mo!, and whlch acLually
deliver? That’s for the Referee to know, and the PCs to
flnd ouL all on Lhelr own. l hope they like surprises…)

Psions being psions, there can also be “unusual
deletion services” that reach into the targets mind and
selecLlvely erase unforLunaLe memorles. l wlll leL you
guess [usL how lllegal Lhls klnd of work ls ln Lhe sLrongly
anLl-pslon 1hlrd lmperlum.

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# HI
CLher pslons provlde exLracLlon and lncepLlon servlces,
depending on the client’s reliability and ability to pay.
Whlle money ls lmporLanL, cllenL dlscreLlon ls [usL as
valuable: Lhe Mo! of 993 does noL Lake klndly Lo Lhelr
exlsLence, and – even lf you are a LeleporLlng
mlndreader – you really don’t want to get on any of
Lhelr llsLs.

(1he lmperlum of 1103 – runnlng Lwo secreL Þslonlc
lnsLlLuLes herself – ls raLher more LoleranL of pslons
Lhan Lhe hardcore lmperlum of 993.)

uÞÞ 798Au8, age 31, Cvaghoun vargr
Skllls: SLreeLwlse – 3, lnLervlew – 2, Crav vehlcle – 2,
CompuLer – 2, lorgery – 2,
!ack-o-1rades- 2, lnLruslon – 1, LlngulsLlcs – 1, Crav 8elL
– 1, Pandgun – 0

Languages: lkonaz vllanl (vargr ÞronunclaLlon), Angllc
(1ransform ulalecL)

Thoer’kurga’ongoe (his friends call him Thoe-grr)
dresses only ln Lhe laLesL vargr fashlons of lkon. As he
currenLly resldes on lmperlal nullnad, lL Lakes monLhs
for Lhese hlgh-Lech Lhreads Lo arrlve aL hls penLhouse
sulLe. Lven so, he makes every efforL Lo dress llke Lhe
hlgh-charlsma vargr he ls.

1hoe-grr and hls neLwork of assoclaLes, conLacLs, and
allles help Lo remove unwanLed lnformaLlon from
lnconvenlenL daLabases across Lhe lmperlal LmpLy
CuarLer, speclallzlng ln 1L L lmperlal daLabases. AL Lhe
rlghL prlce, he can conLacL someone wllllng Lo dlve ln
Lhe run-of-Lhe-mlll 1L 8 daLabases as well. 8ecause of
Lhe low-Lech naLure of many worlds of Lhe lmperlal
LmpLy CuarLer, he knows experlenced professlonals
who can alLer 1L 6 compuLer Lape drlves, 1L 3 punch
cards, and even 1L 3 wax seals.

8efore he bullL hls neLwork slx years ago, he was a
member of a lkonaz vargr crlmlnal rlng whlch
dlslnLegraLed due Lo lnLernal power sLruggles. 1hanks
Lo chance and a cerLaln unsavoury buL necessary
cholce, he was one of Lhe few survlvors of LhaL dlsasLer.

now, he ls Lhe head of hls own dlscreeL deleLlon
servlce, en[oylng unofflclal (buL very real) legal
lmmunlLy due Lo provldlng asslsLance Lo Lhe planeLary
governmenL of nullnad, asslsLance LhaL ls beLLer LhaL
Lhe lmperlum remaln bllssfully unaware of.

1he Shadow CarLel:
1hoe-grr ls one of Lhe regular conLracLors of Lhe
Shadow CarLel, and has en[oyed Lhe flnanclal awards
LhaL a frlend of Lhe CarLel has. unforLunaLely, Lhe CarLel
ls slowly buL surely squeezlng hlm for more work aL
lower prlces. 1hoe-grr wanLs Lo Leachlng Lhe CarLel LhaL
he ls an lndependenL operaLor, noL some boughL
lackey: but while he has the brains, he doesn’t have the
muscle Lo make Lhe lesson sLlck.

1hls ls where the PCs come in…

May 31, 2013

1he luLure: 1allorlng Web Searches

“It will be very hard for people to watch or consume
someLhlng LhaL has noL ln some sense been Lallored for
them.” – Lrlc SchmldL, Coogle

It’s rather hard for Referee’s to model tailoring: he will
have to think what is the personality of my PC?” and,
when Lhe ÞC does a search on a compuLer, glve Lhe ÞC
whaL he Lhlnks Lhe ÞC wanLs.

Advlse for PCs: On Law A+, TL 8+ systems, don’t do any
searches for “psionics”. To a lesser extent – say, Law C
sysLems – “Solomani Party” isn’t particularly wise
either in the 1105 Imperium. It’s waving a red flag in
Lhe 993 lmperlum, where Lhe Lmperor ls aL war wlLh
Lhe Solomanl ConfederaLlon, and bllllons of Solomanl
are ln lnLernmenL camps.

lf you musL, do lL on Lhe varlous prlvacy-focused
underneLs. 1he 8eferee should make lL a sLruggle Lo
flnd Lhese underneLs on hlgh-level law worlds, buL
wldely known and avallable on low-level law worlds.

Cn low law-level worlds – especlally law level 1 or 0 –
you can geL away wlLh a loL publlcly. (noLe LhaL very
few or none of Lhese worlds are vllanl-domlnaLed, so
looklng for Solomanl lnfo ls qulLe easy.) 8uL someLlmes,
prudence ls a necesslLy, especlally when lL comes Lo
pslonlcs: here, lL ls Lhe general populaLlon LhaL haLes lL,
and you may well run lnLo non-governmenLal groups
wlLh a good grasp of Lechnology, some money, and
some muscle.

1he lmperlum ls noL a pollce sLaLe, and Lo Lhe cosL-
consclous noblllLy, such Lhlngs are [usL Loo expenslve
and inefficient to run; so there won’t be men with
lmperlal unlforms waLchlng your every move onllne.
8uL, Lhere wlll cerLalnly be pollce-sLaLe worlds Lo look
ouL for.

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# HJ
Also, Lhe lmperium just doesn’t have the personnel to
seL an onllne waLch for mosL persons of lnLeresL. Lven
wlLh daLa vacuumlng, somebody has Lo acLually sorL
Lhrough all of LhaL [unk, klck ouL Lhe numerous red
herrlngs, and geL Lhe gold. 1hese people are very
expenslve, and Lend Lo be resLrlcLed Lo acLlve, vlolenL,
‘clear and present dangers’ to the Imperium. But if the
ÞCs really angered a really powerful lndlvldual, Lhey
had better be prepared to pay the price for it…

8uL frankly, LhaL depends on Lhe
noble/CorporaLlon/nCC. Some llke Lo mlslead you wlLh
false lnformaLlon and fake frlends, oLher prefer Lo send
klllers, sLlll oLhers llke Lo wrap you ln red Lape, oLhers
seL up honey Lraps and planL lncrlmlnaLlng evldence,
and Lhere are always opponenLs who slmply wanL Lo
buy you off. noL Loo many speclallze ln bulldlng an
onllne proflle of your acLlvlLles before acLlng, buL Lhey
do exist….

May 23, 2013

The many roads to Vland…

An excerpL from Zero Pedge:

ueference Lo auLhorlLy. SLudles have shown
LhaL people defer Lo auLhorlLy, parLlcularly
durlng exLreme crlses. SLanley Mllgram
conducLed Lhe mosL famous experlmenL lnLo
Lhls ln 1963. 1he conLexL for Lhe experlmenL
was LhaL afLer World War 1wo, many
wondered how ordlnary people could commlL
unspeakable crlmes. Mllgram soughL Lo LesL
Lhls ln a laboraLory Lo see how far people
would go when an auLhorlLy flgure ordered
Lhem Lo hurL anoLher human belng. 1he
shocklng answer was: very far. Whlle an
exLreme example, Lhe lesson for lnvesLors ls
LhaL many people wlll ofLen do whaL an
auLhorlLy flgures Lells Lhem Lo do, elLher
overLly or oLherwlse.
ConformlLy, or Lhe herd prlnclple. 1he besL-
known sLudy on Lhls was done by Solomon
Asch ln Lhe 1930s showlng LhaL people wlll
deny evldence from Lhelr own eyes Lo flL ln
wlLh oLhers. 1hls suggesLs LhaL groups exerL a
Lremendous lnfluence over lndlvldual declslon
Croup conformlLy. A corollary of Lhe above ls
LhaL people conform more sLrongly wlLh
oLhers LhaL are ln Lhe same group as Lhem. lf
your an economist, you’re more likely to
conform wlLh Lhe Lhlnklng and acLlons of oLher
CulLural conformlLy. CollecLlvlsL culLures,
parLlcularly ln Asla, are more conformlsL ln
Lhelr behavlour. 1hls ls because non-
conformlLy ls seen as devlance. Average
conformlLy raLes range from 23-38° ln
collecLlvlsL culLures compared wlLh 14-39° ln
so-called lndlvlduallsL culLures. 1hls explalns
much about Japan…
Adherence Lo soclal norms. CLher people
affecL us even when they’re not there. Studies
by 8oberL Claldlnl suggesL LhaL mosL people
are sLrongly lnfluenced by Lhlnklng abouL how
oLhers would behave ln Lhe same slLuaLlon,
particularly if they’re unsure how to act. For
lnsLance, a declslon abouL wheLher we buy
lnLo Lhe sLock markeL ls ofLen lnfluenced by
society’s view of such a purchase. That makes
for bad lnvesLlng!

Ah, Lhe [oys of vllanl culLure!

May 23, 2013

Coogle x, and Lhe lmperlal 8esearch CenLre

1he lmperlum has a falr number of research sLaLlons
across her LerrlLory. 1o geL a feel of whaL could be
golng on Lhere – besldes Lhe usual mlllLary sLuff – a
recent article on Google [X], Google’s research lab,
could be of lnLeresL.

A few excerpLs:

LasL lebruary, AsLro 1eller, Lhe dlrecLor of
Google’s (GOOG) secretive research lab,
Coogle x, wenL Lo seek approval from Chlef
LxecuLlve Cfflcer Larry Þage for an unllkely
acqulslLlon. 1eller was proposlng LhaL Coogle
buy Makanl Þower, a sLarLup LhaL develops
wlnd Lurblnes mounLed on unmanned, flxed-
wlng alrcrafL LeLhered Lo Lhe ground llke a klLe.
1he sLarLup, 1eller Lold Þage, was seelng
promlslng resulLs, and, he added proudly, lLs
proLoLypes had survlved all recenL LesLs lnLacL.

Page approved Google X’s acquisition of
Makanl, whlch was belng compleLed for an
undlsclosed amounL aL press Llme. Pe also had
a demand. “He said we could have the budget
and the people to go do this,” Teller says, “but

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# HK
LhaL we had Lo make sure Lo crash aL leasL flve
of the devices in the near future.”

As Lhe polymaLh englneers and sclenLlsLs who
work Lhere are fond of saylng, Coogle x ls Lhe
search giant’s factory for moonshots, those
mllllon-Lo-one sclenLlflc beLs LhaL requlre
generous amounLs of caplLal, masslve leaps of
falLh, and a wllllngness Lo break Lhlngs. Coogle
x (Lhe offlclal spelllng ls Coogle [x]) ls home Lo
Lhe self-drlvlng car lnlLlaLlve and Lhe lnLerneL-
connecLed eyeglasses, Coogle Class, among
oLher lmprobable pro[ecLs.

The PCs should be helpful in the “breaking things”

Coogle x seeks Lo be an helr Lo Lhe classlc
research labs, such as Lhe -ManhaLLan Þro[ecL,
whlch creaLed Lhe flrsL aLomlc bomb, and
8leLchley Þark, where code breakers cracked
Cerman clphers and gave blrLh Lo modern
crypLography. AfLer Lhe war, Lhe splrlL of Lhese
efforLs was capLured ln pasLoral corporaLe
settings: AT&T’s (T) Bell Labs and Xerox (XRX)
ÞA8C, for example, became synony-mous wlLh
breakLhroughs (Lhe LranslsLor and Lhe personal
compuLer among Lhem) and Lhe lnablllLy of
each company Lo caplLallze on Lhem.

That was last century. NASA’s budget has been
cllpped by 11 percenL slnce 1990. Companles
are pulllng back on baslc research as well,
preferrlng Lo buy dlsrupLlve lnnovaLlon when
they see it in startups. “I’m pessimistic,” says
!ohn Seely 8rown, Lhe former dlrecLor of
PARC. “It’s shocking how much research is no
longer belng done. We have no undersLandlng
of how fasL Chlna ls caLchlng up. l Lhlnk we are
a very complacent nation.”

NOT good for the country. I don’t believe that scientific
advances can be sLopped even lf all Lhe blg labs were
shuL down, and lL could be beneflclal Lo break ouL of
the “centralized corporate lab” mindset, but it still
doesn’t smell right.

In the Imperium, I have no doubt that it’s the huge
megacorporaLlons, wlLh Lhe lmperlum and some of Lhe
wealLhler famllles, LhaL are Lhe ma[or drlvers of
lnnovaLlon. CulLe a loL of Lhe work done lnvolves small
creaLlve companles belng snapped up when Lhey sLarL
geLLlng proflLable.

ln Lhe old days, Lhe vllanl love of paLenLs could sLomp
ouL lnnovaLlon. lor example, lL was kodak LhaL
lnvenLed Lhe dlglLal camera – buL, Lo preserve Lhelr fllm
buslness, Lhey declded Lo suppress lL. ln Lhe classlc Zlru
Slrka, Lhe megacorporaLe equlvalenL of kodak could
Lake ouL a paLenL on lL, Lhen work Lo sLomp ouL any
compeLlLor from developlng Lhe Lechnology. (vllanl
patents don’t expire.)

1hrun had grown dlsenchanLed wlLh Lhe pace
of academla, where professors are moLlvaLed
Lo publlsh papers raLher Lhan bulld producLs.
Pe sLarLed Lhe self-drlvlng car pro[ecL aL
Coogle ln early 2009. Þage and 8rln gave hlm a
LargeL: 8ulld one LhaL could flawlessly drlve
1,000 mlles of open Callfornla hlghways and
serpenLlne clLy sLreeLs. 1hrun and hls Leam of
a dozen englneers meL LhaL goal ln 13 monLhs.
1helr car successfully navlgaLed Lhe [ammed
sLreeLs of Los Angeles and Slllcon valley, and
Lhe lower span of Lhe San lranclsco-Cakland
8ay 8rldge, where Lhe car had no CÞS

1he lmperlum does noL permlL unmanned [umpshlps Lo
operaLe ln her space. l wonder lf Lhe Solomanl
ConfederaLlon could sLeal a march on Lhe lmperlum ln
Lhls area. lL could compleLely ellmlnaLe mls[umps,
which is a major drain on interstellar commerce…

ln lLs early years, Thrun’s intuition and Page’s
and Brin’s interests guided the agenda. It was
Teller who first articulated X’s mission, in a
conversaLlon wlLh Þage. 1eller was Lrylng Lo
put more definition behind the lab’s purpose
and asked Þage, Were Lhey a research cenLer?
no, LhaL sounded borlng, Þage -responded.
Were Lhey an lncubaLor for new com-panles?

Finally Teller asked, “Are we taking
moonshots?” Page replied, “Yes, that’s it.”

1hls could well be Lhe reason for lmperlal 8esearch
CenLres. MoonshoL pro[ecLs LhaL proclalm Lhe power of
Lhe lmperlum – much as Lhe orlglnal moonshoL
sLrengLhened Lhe power and repuLaLlon of Lhe unlLed
SLaLes (whlle sendlng a message Lo Lhe SovleL unlon).
1he Lmperor or Lhe Armed lorces may well be
lnLeresLed ln cerLaln unlque concerns LhaL Lhey wanL
investigated “in-house”. Or the Scouts could be on
some wlld goose chase, and need Lhe labs Lo elLher
prove or disprove their strange theories…

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# HL
Teller has turned his sky’s-Lhe-llmlL Lhlnklng
into Google X’s most visible export. LasL March
he spoke aL Lhe SouLh 8y SouLhwesL
lnLeracLlve conference ln AusLln, 1ex., Lelllng a
packed auditorium, “The world is not limited
by lC. We are all llmlLed by bravery and

I happen to believe this… but I would add selfishness as
well. We can’t always be brave, creative, or selfless –
and it isn’t even wise to always be so. But, we should
push Lhe llmlLs.

When he’s not evangelizing for Google X,
1eller spends much of hls Llme surveylng new
ldeas for Lhe lab. AbsurdlLy ls noL a barrler Lo
conslderaLlon. 1eller and colleagues say
they’ve spent time contemplating levitation
and LeleporLaLlon. 1he laLLer was nlxed as an
area for furLher sLudy ln parL because any
unlque lLem LhaL you would wanL Lo
LeleporL—a Þlcasso, say—would have Lo be
compleLely desLroyed before lL could be
reconsLlLuLed on Lhe oLher end.

Well, that wouldn’t stop the Imperium. But it would
limit the applications…

lor now, x wlll Lake on Lwo or Lhree new
moonshots a year. “If there’s an enormous
problem wlLh Lhe world, and we can convlnce
ourselves LhaL over some long buL noL
unreasonable perlod of Llme we can make LhaL
problem go away, then we don’t need a
buslness plan,” Teller says. “We should be
focused on maklng Lhe world a beLLer place,
and once we do LhaL, Lhe money wlll come
back and find us.”

l wonder lf Lhe lmperlum ls qulLe so broadmlnded.
Þrobably noL: vasL emplres work Lo preserve
Lhemselves, flrsL and foremosL. 8uL someLlmes, Lhey
can surprlse.

Aprll 28, 2013

Movle nlghL: Cn 1he 8each (wlLh wordy afLerward)

LxecuLlve Summary: lL would be raLher lnLeresLlng,
havlng a 1930s AusLralla lnLeracL wlLh a sprawllng
lnLersLellar emplre, bargalnlng Lo rebulld Lhelr world.

[?ou1ube vldeo: Cn Lhe 8each]

LengLhy AfLerward, wlLh 1raveller AppllcaLlons: ln Lhls
movle, a world ls sLarLlng Lo dle afLer a ma[or nuclear
war has unleashed a wave of heavy radloacLlve fallouL.
lL sLarLed wlLh a nuclear war ln Lhe norLhern
hemlsphere, buL Lhe wave of aLomlc polson conLlnues
Lo move souLh, and wlll evenLually klll all llfe on earLh.

lrom Lhe klnda-reallsLlc 1raveller perspecLlve, l doubL
Lhls would occur, alLhough lL could wlLh heavy usage of
cobalL nuclear weapons, or gamma-ray armed warshlps
attacking a world with a thin or no atmosphere. What’s
far more lnLeresLlng ls Lhe calm, peaceable, faLallsLlc
way Lhe planet’s inhabitants handle their impending
doom. 8ellevlng LhaL lL ls polnLless Lo head souLh and
aLLempL Lo evade Lhe fallouL, everyone slmply relaxes,
en[oys Lhe AusLrallan sun, and when Lhe Llme comes
swallows Lhe governmenL-supplled sulclde pllls. Cf
course, l belleve LhaL nelLher Lhe Arabs & LasL lndlans
of Lhe 1930s, noL Lhelr dlsLanL descendanLs ln Lhe
LmpLy CuarLer, would glve up LhaL easlly. 8uL Lhe
vllanl? 1he 8wap?

If I ever did adapt the movie, I’d let the more southern
reglons of Lhe planeL survlve, uslng only Lhe sLandard
hydrogen/thermonuclear weapon: but they’d still have
Lo deal wlLh fallouL. Modern warhead ylelds have made
cheaper klloLon warheads popular, as modern LargeLlng
Lechnology permlLs more preclse placemenL (megaLon
warheads remaln deployed). LffecLs of a nuclear wlnLer
would be downplayed, buL Lhe paln of communlcaLlon
and LransporLaLlon dlsrupLlon would be serlous.

AdvenLures would focus on Lhe lnLersLellar response Lo
Lhe dlsasLer, ma[or lmperlal law enforcemenL acLlon, as
lL ls lllegal for local governmenLs Lo have nuclear
weapons (never mlnd use Lhem), and helplng Lhe
survlvors geL back on Lhelr feeL. 1here are varlous
prlvaLe groups LhaL wlll remove fallouL and damp Lhe
radloacLlvlLy, for a prlce. 8losphere repalr ls avallable,
buL aL an even hlgher prlce. Pow Lhe locals pay for lL
wlll be up Lo Lhem.

1he local uucal famlly may well help ouL, buL agaln only
on a quld pro quo basls: few lmperlals are golng Lo be
sympaLheLlc lf you ruln a perfecLly good world for some
alry-falry rellgo-ldeologlcal reason, and even Lhe
raclallsLs (see: Solomanl) and corporaLe warrlors (see:
vllanl) prefer a go-slow approach: less Cermany 1942,
more Anglo seLLlers of 1exas 1820s.

1he mosL llkely resulL for such a world ln Lhe lmperlal
LmpLy CuarLer would be Lo sell Lhe norLhern
hemlsphere Lo a wealLhy concern, allowlng Lhem Lo
seLLle Lhe land ln reLurn for cleanlng up Lhe mess. 8uL,

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# I4
many LmpLyheaded sysLems are qulLe naLlonallsLlc/
xenophoblc, and wlll prefer Lo leL Lhe radloacLlve
reglons roL Lhan allow ouLworlders Lo seLLle lL, even lf
Lhey promlse Lo geL rld of Lhe radlaLlon ln reLurn for
settler’s rights. Few traders are interested in raiding the
radloacLlve rulns of a 1930s-Lech world, buL Lhe reflned
meLal of Lhe dead clLles mlghL be proflLable lf scrubbed
of radlaLlon.

May 7, 2013
Þroof: vargr ln Medleval Lurope

Looklng aL Lhe scl-fl speculaLlons of Lhe mlddle ages, lL
looks llke Lhe hard-core medleval ChrlsLlans would
insist that “Yes, the Vargr DO have souls!”

Somebody needs Lo geL Lhem hooked up wlLh Lhe
Solomanl: lL would be lnLeresLlng Lo see whlch hard-
core fanatic persuades who. I’m rooting for the
Medleval folks myself, lf only Lo see zero-Lech pale
people ouLmuscle a sprawllng lnLersLellar emplre of
brown-sklnned Lypes enLhralled wlLh Lhelr own
superlorlLy, uslng noLhlng more Lhan Lhelr LaLln blbles,
rock-hard deLermlnaLlon, and Lhe soll of 1erra ground
underneaLh Lhelr flngernalls.

“You call yourself a Son of Terra? You weren’t even
born here! l never wenL faLher Lhan Lhree mlles from
my naLlve vlllage, l have been a farmer-slave Lo MoLher
LarLh for Lhe enLlreLy of my llfe, and l know far more
about the Will of God than you ever will!”

“Solomani Morality? What’s that about? Pouring down
Lhe flre of Lhe sun from on hlgh because Cod made you
ln one shape, and Cod made Lhe oLher guy ln anoLher
shape? uo you Lhlnk LhaL pleases Lhe Þrlnce of Þeace?

8onus polnLs lf Lhe Medleval folk Lurn Lhe Solomanl
ConfederaLlon lnLo Lhe welrdesL ChrlsLlan Lheocracy of
all Llme.

8eferee: LhaL plcLure of Lhe dog-headed people ln
mlddle-ages Lurope ls screamlng for a crazy advenLure
ln Lhe 1raveller unlverse. Þerhaps you should be Lhe
one Lo wrlLe lL, run lL, and publlsh lL!

(Io||ow|ng graph|c: @3 -3%#)#+%-36 +-%# 81) &3
&0B#3%')#> -8 41' &+: 2#? ;/# A&))#3 71)(0 18 !&%&)&>
Z&&3&0& +4+%#2> DDE 92"#)-&(. 1h|s graph|c |s t|t|ed
“New Moon” © 8||| Carr.
See h|s work at http:]]bc1967.cgsoc|ety.org )

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# I5
!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# I/
>*# 6%&%N$# =< !"O (%A

;/# 41'36 a'/&3-0 a1')&0> 13 /-+ U1')3#4 %1 A#$12# %/# 8&21'+ Z-:/'+/- %/#1(16-&3 @)#&+#%/? .-%/
/-+ "&$: )1A1% a&:-3> /# /&+ +#% 1'% 13 & %)#: %1 %/# +%&)"1)% )'-3+ 18 /-+ 3&%-B# 71)(0 18 @+:&&%/?
93 @_ EE<= MRO<== 92"#)-&(S> 0##" -3 %/# L136 V-6/%> (1$&( /'2&3-%- 7&+ "(&%#&'-36 &8%#) & +/&)" )#$1B#)4
$')B# -3 %/-+ "&)% 18 %/# K2"%4 d'&)%#)> 7-%/ & (-B#(4 #$1312-$ )#$1B#)4 &30 #B#3 !;L )&2+$11"+ 13
&0B&3$#0 I#A)-3> &30 %/# +(17 &30 +"1)&0-$ )#%')3 18 %#$/31(16-$&( +:-(( 13 #B#3 %/# "11)#+% 71)(0+
– +1 (136 &+ %/#4 +')B-B#0 %/# 5&)6) [-((&6-36? 1h|s graph|c |s t|t|ed “1racks” © Sandara.
See her work at http:]]sandara.dev|antart.com]art]1racks-397S16234

It Was a Dark and Very Long Night...
1hls advenLure ls seL ln a Llme long before Lhe
usual Solomanl 8lm War era Ste||ar keaches
usually focuses on. 1hls Llme perlod, referred Lo as
‘Lhe Long Night’, lasLed abouL 1700 years, coverlng
Lhe perlod beLween Lhe collapse of Lhe Second
lmperlum and Lhe rlse of Lhe 1hlrd.

8y Lhls Llme, Au 3320 (Lhe lmperlal daLlng sysLem
hasn’t been invented yet), the worst of the Vargr
Þlllaglng had become only a blLLer memory: vargr
ralders were no longer found ln Lhls corner of
space – or any oLher [ump-capable sLarshlp, for
LhaL maLLer. lor cenLurles, all lnLersLellar conLacL
was by radlo and laser, buL S1L ramscoops from
Pebrln were agaln bravlng Lhe eLernal nlghL of Lhe
sLars, sLarLlng ln 2981. As of 3320, [umpdrlve
Lechnology had yeL Lo be regalned reglonally, buL a
PebrlnlLe ramscoop – manned by a crew of
Lraders, sclenLlsLs, Sunnl lslamlc mlsslonarles, and
a few hlghly-Lralned men-aL-arms – mlghL vlslL a
noLable world once a generaLlon, and a
LransmlLLed message from Lhe sLars more ofLen
Lhan LhaL.

1he ÞCs ln Lhls advenLure have never even
lmaglned leavlng Lhelr naLlve world of AskaaLh (ln
Au 3320: x663873-4). 1he mosL powerful emplres
on AskaaLh aL Lhls Llme were cenLred on Lhe
wesLern shores of Lhe Sea of lllamenLs, and
conLrolled abouL 20° of Lhe planeLary surface aL
Lhe Llme. 1he ÞCs are born and bred far from Lhe
mosL dlsLanL ouLposLs of Lhese WesLsea emplres,

noLe LhaL Lhe humans had Lhelr neLwork, and Lhe (generally
hlgher-Lech, buL weaker ln numbers and mlllLary muscle) 8wap
had Lhelr own lnLersLellar neLwork. MosL lmporLanLly, Lhe 8wap
had reLalned more Lechnology Lhan men dld, lncludlng (on
Marhaban) Lhe secreL Lo [umpdrlve and a few preclous
[umpshlps, coverLly puL Lo work (see: “UFOs”). As Lhe daLe ls
3320, Lhe xenophoblc and envy-drlven 8wap purges (31
– 38

cenLurles) were sLlll rolllng on, unpredlcLably buL feroclously:
buL does noL affecL Lhe ÞCs ln Lhls advenLure.

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# I0
near Lhe souLhern pole of AskaaLh, and have yeL Lo
see a worklng flrearm. Members of a 1L 2 nomadlc
horse-rldlng culLure, dependenL on Lhe llvesLock
Lhey herd from one pasLure Lo anoLher, Lhe sLars
are only a source of fear and dread, as Lhe home of
klllers wlLh Lhe heads of wolves. 1he 8ule of Man,
abode of Lhe gods, was long ago devoured by Lhe
wolf-headed demons, Lhe 1urnlk-speaklng men of
Lhe Colden Crass musL flee wlLh Lhelr herds, lf Lhey
hope Lo survlve Lhe flre-breaLhlng sLeel dragons
LhaL Lhe wolves llve ln. So goes Lhe sacred Lales:
and many sLlll belleve ln Lhem, lnscrlbed ln sLone
plllars seL before every worshlp clrcle and druldlc

The Doomwatch
1he ÞCs are members of Lhe uoomwaLch, a small
group of Lhree Lo slx men, always led by a female
druld, who lnvesLlgaLes clalms of Lhe reLurn of Lhe
klllers from Lhe skles. 1helr duLy, should Lhey verlfy
Lhelr reLurn, ls noL Lo flghL Lhe demons, buL Lo glve
warnlng Lo Lhe drulds and Lhe bannermen of Lhe
nomadlc clans. uslng smoke slgnals, sacred 1L 3
flreworks, mlrror slgnalllng, and Lralned messenger
, Lhe warnlng wlll spread LhroughouL Lhe
vasL expanse of Lhe Colden Crass ln [usL a few
days. 1hey are based ln Lhe 8lackwood Camp, a
vlllage cenLred on druldlc worshlp and sLudy.

1he ÞCs are armed wlLh good swords, padded cloLh
armour, a shorL bow wlLh 20 arrows, Lwo spears,
and Lwo [avellns each. 1hey are also Lralned ln Lhe
use of all Lhls equlpmenL, and are all good rlders,
havlng been rldlng horses slnce Lhe age of four. As
rellglous warrlors, Lhe ÞCs have been Lralned Lo
read and wrlLe ln Lhe local language of 1urnlk: ÞCs
wlLh an lnLelllgence of 12+ are also able Lo read
(buL noL speak) Lhe sacred language of lng Llsh.
1hey also know a loL of rellglous lore regardlng Lhe
wolf-headed demons: Lhe hlsLorlcal legends of
Lhelr aLLacks are falrly rellable, so Lhey know Lhe
wolf-heads have maglc-powered flylng carrlages,
and have shorL [avellns LhaL – lnsLead of belng
Lhrown – splL flre and unseen deaLh wlLh Lhe
sound of Lhunder.

OK, so the ‘birds’ are more llke huge, bug-eyed dragonflles.
Don’t sweat the details: at least the horses the PCs ride are real
horses, and the ‘cattle’ they herd – more Lhan 80° moose,
geneLlcally speaklng – do behave llke real caLLle, sort of…
Whlle Lhe druldess LhaL leads Lhem ls armed wlLh a
mysLerlous glowlng sword, Lhe lead ÞC carrled one
of Lhose flresLlcks Lhe demons carry. no druld has
managed Lo geL Lhe Lhlng Lo splL deaLh, and nelLher
has Lhe ÞC, buL who knows: lf Lhey play wlLh lL
enough, Lhey mlghL geL Lhe maglc Lo work

lL has been many long years slnce Lhe wolf-heads
and Lhelr sLeel dragons have cursed Lhe Colden
Crass, and Lhe uoomwaLch have Lo occaslonally
face a blL of rldlcule from Lhe populace. As lL ls,
Lhey have spenL far more Llme flghLlng brlgands,
avenglng aLLacks on Lhe drulds, and proLecLlng Lhe
sacred groves from vandals Lhan pracLlclng
scouLlng and sklrmlshlng LacLlcs agalnsL Lhe
demons. Cnly Lhe occaslonal false alarm ls lefL Lo
remlnd Lhem of Lhelr orlglnal mlsslon: LhaL, and Lhe
odd space vlslon from Lhe druldess, usually Lled
wlLh smoklng cerLaln herbs naLlve Lo Lhe planeL.

A Star Falls on the World
As Lhe long wlnLer seLLles on Lhe land, one of Lhe
messenger ‘birds’ buzzes around before landing
near Lhe ÞCs, camped ln Lhe woods. lL bears a
message, dlrecLlng Lhe ÞCs Lo lnvesLlgaLe a glowlng
sLar LhaL has fallen hlgh ln Lhe C-Len MounLalns,
above Lhe SLaLloncraLer valley. AfLer grouslng
abouL belng senL on anoLher wlld caLLle chase –
lnsLead of geLLlng real acLlon, llke hunLlng bandlLs –
Lhe ÞCs saddle up.

1he 8eferee may Lhrow a predaLor or Lwo aL Lhe
ÞCs ln Lhelr eleven-day [ourney,
buL by and large
Lhe real dangers are envlronmenLal, noL Lhe
wlldllfe. All Lhe ÞCs know Lhelr woodcrafL, buL Lhelr
survlval skllls are geared Lo Lhe endless plalns of
Lhe Colden Crass and Lhe cold flaL deserLs LhaL
border Lhelr homeland, noL Lhe mounLalnous
Lerraln of Lhe far norLh. 1he C-Lwo and C-flve
ridges aren’t too bad for seasoned horsemen, buL
Lhe C-nlne and C-Len ranges are Serlous 8uslness:
it’s likely thaL Lhelr horses wlll break a leg, LhaL
Lhey wlll be caughL wlLhouL shelLer ln a heavy
bllzzard, wlLh llmlLed food ln Lhelr packs and noL
much Lo forage locally (for men or for horse), LhaL
Lhey wlll wasLe Llme on dead-end paLhs as Lhe

Cne day, an explorer or lnLrepld Lrader from one of Lhe 1L 4
emplres wlll show Lhe ÞCs Lhe lmporLance of ammunlLlon. 8uL
that day hasn’t arrived yet…
lor deLalls on rldlng dlsLances, see

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# ID
LemperaLure geLs colder, and Lhe wlnds more
cuLLlng. And Lhe ÞCs – born and bred on pralrles
LhaL sLreLch Lo Lhe horlzons – have never even
."%$2 of an avalanche or a rockslide…

1he ÞCs who geL Lo Lhe SLaLloncraLer valley wlll
recognlze lL as Lhey come down Lhe rldge
lmmedlaLely faclng lL: Lhere are sLlll sLeel debrls
sLlcklng ouL of Lhe craLer, where a 8ule of Man
space sLaLlon came crashlng down afLer a wolf-
head sLrlke ln Lhe LasL Age of Lhe Cods. As Lhey
pass Lhe holy slLe ln sllence, Lhey now have Lo spoL
Lhe llLLle green/blue gllnL LhaL ls Lhelr desLlnaLlon
(it’s much easier to locate at night, or when the
mounLaln range ls wrapped ln shadow durlng
sunseL). lorLunaLely, Lhere are several broad and
accesslble ways up Lhe mounLaln, maklng Lhe flnal
push up Lhe C-Len range far more forglvlng Lhan
Lhe hlghlands Lhe ÞCs have prevlously passed. up
here, though, there’s noLhlng for Lhe horses Lo eaL,
and only snow for waLer.

8efore presslng on, Lhe ÞCs – led by Lhe druldess –
should confer on [usL whaL Lhey plan Lo do as Lhey
near where Lhe klllers, Lhelr flresLlcks, and Lhelr
sLeel dragon are llkely perched. Agaln: Lhe ÞCs
have never seen a flrearm, buL Lhey know LhaL lL
shouLs and lL kllls and malms wlLh an lnvlslble
punch. AlLhough Lhey bear swords and arrows and
perhaps daggers, sllngs and bolos, Lhey know LhaL
Lhey are [usL Lo observe and reporL, noL flghL a
baLLle Lhey would mosL llkely lose.

;/# 0)'-0#++ (#&0+ %/# [Y+ %1 %/# $)&+/ +-%#> +71)0 -3 /&30? @_ EE<= MRO<== 92"#)-&(S?
1h|s graph|c |s t|t|ed “Seed” © Sandara. See her work at

1he craLer sLands ln muLe LesLlmony on Lhe
dangers Lhe maglc-weldlng demons hold for all
men of Lhe Colden Crass. lf even Lhe Cld Cods
could be felled by Lhem, Lhen mere morLals llke
Lhemselves besL be cauLlous.

The Space Flower
As Lhe ÞCs rlde cauLlously Lo Lhe sLrange llghL, lL
becomes obvious that this object doesn’t resemble
any of Lhe greaL-flnned dragons laborlously drawn
on parchmenL by Lhe drulds of Lhe 8lackwood
Camp (and carefully memorlzed by Lhe ÞCs).
lnsLead, lt resembles a kind of flower… a metal
flower, glowlng wlLh Lhe same green-blue llghL LhaL
Lhe druldess’ sword has!

CuesLlonlng Lhe druldess leads Lo no good
answers: she knows LhaL her sword ls holy, from no
worldly meLal, buL how Lhe meLal was found or Lhe
sword forged, she has no ldea. 1he druldess who
gave lL Lo her clalmed LhaL lL daLed back even Lo
Lhe 1lme of Lhe Cods, buL Lhls asserLlon always

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# IH
seemed false Lo her: everyone knows LhaL Lhe Cld
Cods dld noL have swords, buL had Lhelr own
flresLlcks [usL llke Lhe wolf-headed demons dld!

lnvesLlgaLlng Lhe flower, Lhe druldess and Lhe ÞCs
flnd a sLrange mechanlcal egg seL ln Lhe mlddle of
Lhe flower. 8uL before Lhey can Lake Lhe egg, a
pack of wolves (noL wolf-headed vargr ralders)
sLarL noslng around. lorLunaLely, Lhey are wary of
humans, and can be scared off or foughL off well
enough by Lhe ÞC band.

AfLer reLrlevlng Lhe egg for druldlc sLudy, Lhe ÞCs
have Lo plan whaL Lhey are Lo do nexL. 1hey
cerLalnly found someLhlng sLrange from Lhe skles,
but it wasn’t the wolf-heads Lhey were looklng for.
lf Lhey ÞCs wlsh, Lhey can conLlnue Lo rlsk llfe and
llmb (and sLarvaLlon and avalanches) looklng for
Lhe demons from space – but won’t find them
here. When Lhey are ready, Lhey head home.

The Fight: Blood and Smoke
lL ls whlle on Lhelr way home LhaL Lhey see ln Lhe
dlsLance a column of smoke, emerglng from
someLhlng LhaL crashed lnLo Lhe world. 1hey may
approach, or elude lL as Lhey deslre.

lf Lhe elude lL, Lhere are no resulLs ln Lhls
advenLure. 8uL lf Lhe 8eferee seLs a campalgn wlLh
Lhe uoomwaLch, Lhey Lhen hear of rumours of
wolf-heads sLalklng Lhe barren wasLes of Lhe C
hlghlands, especlally beLween Lhe C-Lwo and C-slx
ranges. 1hey may bear flresLlcks, buL reporLs are
uncerLaln: Lhe ÞCs are Lo flnd Lhe real sLory, and
reporL back Lo Lhe 8lackwood Camp. lf – and only lf
– Lhe wolf-heads have no flresLlcks or dragon, may
Lhe ÞCs aLLempL Lo capLure or klll Lhem.

lf Lhe ÞCs declde Lo rlde Lo Lhe column of smoke,
Lhey wlll evenLually see Lhe crashed sLarshlp
clearly. Sharp reporLs wlll be heard: Lhe ÞCs have

llrearm Lechnology ls avallable Lo Lhe dlsLanL 1L 4 WesLsea
emplres on Lhe planeL: buL salLpeLer ls ln shorL supply on Lhls
world, and only a few local sclenLlsLs and snlper/assasslns have
access Lo lL. 8lghL now on Lhls world, flndlng a solld source of
nlLer would make a man wealLhler Lhan flndlng a gold mine…
naLurally, Lhe people of Lhe Colden Crass knows noLhlng abouL
Lhls: buL Lhey mlghL should WesLsea expedlLlons hlre a few
snlpers along wlLh Lhelr halberd, sword, and poleaxe soldlery.
(Cannon of course ls non-exlsLenL aL Lhls Llme.)
lf anyone Lold Lhe uoomwaLch LhaL men 2"3/N"$%-"34 seeded
Lhese wolves on Lhe world, Lhey would have laughed Lhem Lo
been Lralned Lo respecL Lhe lnvlslble deaLh, so Lhey
wlll know Lo avold maklng Lhemselves a clear

1he 8eferee needs Lo declde lf Lhe vargr lnvolved
are Blood Vargr (“We’re just here for the killing…
and a little stealing… but mainly the killing”) or
lkonaz (Cvaghoun vargr – who follow vllanl culLure
– and Lhelr vllanl servanLs and aldes). 1he flghL
goes dlfferenLly, dependlng on Lhe opponenL.

If the foe are Suedzuk…
1he ÞCs face 2u6 survlvlng 8lood vargr ralders,
wlLh only a llmlLed amounL of rlfles and
ammunlLlon. 1hls crew ls Lhe vlcLlm of a mls[ump,
and has been casL far from Lhe human worlds of
8eLa CuadranL, Lhe LmpLy CuarLer, currenLly
domlnaLed by Lhe Suedzuk vargr, famous for Lhelr
blood-red Llnged fur (and excepLlonally
vlolenL/paranold aLLlLudes). 1helr [ump englne and
power planL never fully recovered from Lhe
mls[ump, and Lhelr wounded shlp flnally gave up
Lhe ghosL as Lhey enLered AskaaLh, where Lhe ÞCs
are locaLed.

1he vargr have enough ammunlLlon for 10 rounds
of combaL (one mlnuLe): Lhey have 8egular morale
and Lralnlng, so Lhe ÞCs llves are mosL deflnlLely ln
danger here (and Lhelr horses may well be shoL ouL
from under Lhem). AfLerwards, Lhough, Lhe vargr
have only Lhelr claws (naLural or sLeel), daggers,
and LeeLh. When Lhey run ouL of ammo, Lhey wlll
know LhaL Lhey are golng Lo dle, and Lhey prefer Lo
dle flghLlng. 1he ÞCs who successfully evaded Lhe
vargr flre can charge on Lhelr horses, uslng Lhelr
spears, arrows, and swords Lo cuL down Lhe

1he ÞCs may aLLempL Lo capLure lnsLead of klll. 1he
vargr wlll noL co-operaLe, buL Lhey may felgn
surrender Lo geL a human close enough for a kllllng
sLrlke Lo Lhe LhroaL or Lhe belly. 1he vargr are
aglle, buL noL parLlcularly sLrong, so Lhey may be
successfully wresLled Lo Lhe ground and have Lhelr
muzzled, paws, and legs sLouLly Lled LogeLher.

1he acLual '%1-9$" of a wolf-headed demon from
blackesL space wlll guaranLee permanenL renown
and fame Lo Lhe ÞCs lnvolved. Chlldren wlll be
named afLer Lhem long afLer Lhe 1hlrd lmperlum ls
founded, and Lhelr Lale wlll grow Lo be parL of Lhe
local sLarlore.

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# II
1he 7/33/&0 of Lhe space lnvaders wlll earn a loL of
respecL Lo Lhe ÞCs, and songs wlll be sung of Lhelr
deed for several generaLlons. Many hlsLorlans of
Lhe lmperlum yeL Lo come wlll dlspuLe Lhelr
exlsLence, buL concluslve evldence wlll be
uncovered – aL Lhe slLe where Lhe vargr ralder
crashed – LhaL wlll deflnlLely prove LhaL Lhey Lruly
llved, and were noL [usL myLhlcal heroes of Lhe
Long nlghL.

lf Lhe ÞCs successfully flee afLer sufferlng heavy
casualLles, Lhey wlll evenLually be senL wlLh a fresh
force of uoomwaLch rlders, Lo flnlsh Lhe [ob
properly. lL ls qulLe llkely LhaL a capLaln of a local
clan wlll [oln Lhe ÞCs, wlLh hls own force of a dozen
armed rlders or so.

lf Lhe ÞCs dle Lo Lhe lasL man, Lhelr broLher
uoomwaLchs evenLually burns Lhelr bodles on a
funeral pyre, and Lhelr names lnscrlbed ln Lhe
druldlc rolls of Lhe Ponoured uead. More Lhan a
Lhousand years from now, when lmperlal
researchers examlne Lhe rellcs of Lhls long-losL
world, Lhey mlghL puzzle over Lhelr names
lnscrlbed on a memory sLele ln a long forgoLLen
language before movlng on Lo Lhe nexL puzzle.

;/# 71(B#+ &))-B# 81) %/# :-((H A'% the helpless egg is not alone…
@_ EE<= MRO<== 92"#)-&(S? This graphic is titled “Seed2” © Sandara. See her work at

If the foe are Ikonaz…
1he ÞCs face 2u6 survlvlng lkonaz ralders – boLh
vargr and vllanl - wlLh only a llmlLed amounL of
rlfles and ammunlLlon. 1hls crew ls Lhe vlcLlm of a
mls[ump, and has been casL far from Lhe lkonaz
Sphere of Alpha CuadranL, Lhe LmpLy CuarLer.
1helr [ump englne and power planL never fully
recovered from Lhe mls[ump, and Lhelr wounded
shlp flnally gave up Lhe ghosL as Lhey enLered
AskaaLh, where Lhe ÞCs are locaLed.

1he lkonaz have enough ammunlLlon for 10 rounds
of combaL (one mlnuLe): Lhey have 8egular morale
and Lralnlng, so Lhe ÞCs llves are mosL deflnlLely ln
danger here (and Lhelr horses may well be shoL ouL
from under Lhem). AfLerwards, Lhough, Lhe vargr
have only Lhelr claws (naLural or sLeel), daggers,
and LeeLh: Lhe vllanl only have Lhelr flsLs and
daggers. When Lhey run ouL of ammo, Lhey wlll
know LhaL Lhey are golng Lo dle, and so wlll prefer
Lo surrender lf Lhey can. 1he ÞCs who successfully
evaded Lhe lkonaz flre can charge on Lhelr horses,
uslng Lhelr spears, arrows, and swords Lo cuL down
Lhe survlvors: buL Lhe druldess – lf she survlved Lhe

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# IJ
lnlLlal clash – wlll order Lhe ÞCs Lo cease flre and
accepL Lhe surrender. ulsobedlence Lo a dlrecL
order from a druld are grounds for dlsmlssal from
Lhe uoomwaLch, aL Lhe very leasL.

The captured crewmen cannot speak the PC’s
naLlve language of 1urnlk, or read or wrlLe ln lng
Llsh. none of Lhe ÞCs know lkonaz, or Cld Plgh
vllanl: noL even Lhe mosL learned of Lhe drulds of
Lhe Colden Crass know of Lhese Longues. SLlll,
some communlcaLlon ls posslble by body gesLures.
AfLer Lhe ÞCs have handed over Lhe prlsoners ln
Lhelr home base of Lhe 8lackwood Camp, Lhe
advenLure ls over: buL Lhe 8eferee may deLermlne
whaL happens Lo Lhem. Þerhaps Lhe prlsoners are
ceremonlally kllled ln Lhanks Lo Lhe Cld Cods, and
Lhelr corpses offered ln a burnL offerlng Lo Lhe
woods or carefully dissected by ‘late
medieval/early renaissance’ druids. Or they may be
LreaLed well, LaughL Lo speak ln 1urnlk (and/or Lhe
more bralny drulds can earn Lhe dual-specles
lkonaz language), and Lhe Lales of Lhe Lamed
demons carefully enrolled lnLo Lhe druldlc llbrary.

1he acLual '%1-9$" of Lhese demons from space
wlll lnlLlally galn Lhe ÞCs greaL renown. Some of
Lhls fame wlll sLlck wlLh Lhe ÞCs for a llfeLlme: buL
because Lhese prlsoners are a loL more clvlllzed
Lhan Lhe 8lood vargr, Lhe end resulL ls noL so much
Lhe conquesL of evll, buL a sLrange new dlscovery.
lf Lhe vlslLors are noL kllled, buL lnsLead
communlcaLlon ls esLabllshed (wlLh good
LreaLmenL, and wlLh lmproved fluency ln a shared
language), Lhen an expanded vlew of Lhe unlverse
around Lhem ls galned, lnsLead of [usL a sLralghL-up
vlcLory over allen lnvaders.

1he very facL LhaL Lhe human vllanl are wllllng
servanLs under Lhe wolf-headed demons wlll send
ma[or shockwaves ln druldlc Lheology. LxpecL aL
leasL a good cenLury of debaLe (aL leasL!) as
rellglous Leachlngs are ad[usLed Lo flL Lhe new

lncldenLally, Lhe planeLary populaLlon of AskaaLh
(Lhe world Lhls advenLure ls seL) are 1erran Arabs
who have forgoLLen 1erra, Arabla, and even lslam,
by Lhls polnL ln Llme: Lhey have no recollecLlon on
whaL a vllanl ls. So elLher
“The wolf-heads are obvlously allen, and
so are obvlously evll: buL Lhe fake people
only show Lhelr alleness ln subLle ways,
and so are obvlously Lhe more dangerous,
more corrupting threat facing us.”
“The wolf-heads have mlnds, and acL llke
belngs who can reason and avold needless
desLrucLlon, noL as wlld anlmals or
demons. And Lhey work wlLh humans who
5/33/&034 serve Lhem: Lhls does noL make
Lhe wolf-heads good, buL cerLalnly, Lhey
are not simply evil.”

Whlch aLLlLude becomes Lhe domlnanL one among
Lhe senlor druld leadershlp wlll be heavlly
lnfluenced by Lhe words of Lhe ÞCs.

lf Lhe prlsoners are well-LreaLed enough, and lf a
shared language can be bullL, Lhe lnLellecLual
rewards for the PC’s people are immense. 1he
prlsoners are wllllng Lo speak candldly of Lhelr
home, Lo speak of llfe ln a Lrue lnLersLellar
clvlllzaLlon (ruled by conquerlng vargr, Lhemselves
belng conquered by a vllanl culLure Lhey deeply
admlre), and even aLLempL Lo share Lhelr Lechnlcal
knowledge – buL none of Lhe survlvors are
sclenLlsLs, or Lralned Lechnlcal exchange/upllfL

1he 7/33/&0 of Lhe space lnvaders ls a loL easler Lhan
3"%$&/&0 from Lhem, and Lhe bards care far more
for vlolenL deeds Lhan LhoughLful conslderaLlon.
Many hlsLorlans of Lhe lmperlum yeL Lo come wlll
dlspuLe Lhelr exlsLence, buL concluslve evldence
wlll be uncovered – aL Lhe slLe where Lhe lkonlc
ralder crashed – LhaL wlll deflnlLely prove LhaL Lhey
Lruly llved, and were noL [usL myLhs of Lhe Long
nlghL. 1he mlx of human and vargr bones ln Lhe
crash slLe wlll evenLually draw a wealLhy, hlgh-Lech
Leam of vargr & vllanl rlLuallsLs from lkon, who
have come Lo glve Lhe proper vllanl rlLes Lo Lhe
dead ancesLors.

lf Lhe ÞCs successfully flee afLer sufferlng heavy
casualLles, Lhey wlll evenLually be senL wlLh a fresh
force of uoomwaLch rlders, Lo flnlsh Lhe [ob
properly. lL ls qulLe llkely LhaL a capLaln of a local
clan wlll [oln Lhe ÞCs, wlLh hls own force of a dozen
armed rlders or so.

Pow would 4+9 Leach sclenLlflc prlnclples, rellglous scrlpLures
(…or Vilani traditions…), or modern Western history to 12

cenLury nomadlc horsemen – whose language you have Lhe
mosL fllmsy of grasps on?

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# IK
lf Lhe ÞCs dle Lo Lhe lasL man, Lhelr bodles are
evenLually found and burned on a funeral pyre by
Lhelr broLher uoom-guards, and Lhelr names
lnscrlbed ln Lhe druldlc rolls of Lhe Ponoured uead.
More Lhan a Lhousand years from now, when
lmperlal researchers examlne Lhe rellcs of Lhls
long-losL world, Lhey mlghL puzzle over Lhelr
names lnscrlbed on a memory sLele ln a long
forgoLLen language before movlng on Lo Lhe nexL

[&)% 18 %/# GR)&36#+ 18 @+:&&%/? 1h|s graph|c |s titled “Seed2” © Mathieu.
See h|s work at http:]]md-arts.dev|antart.com]art]Unrestr|cted-Mounta|n-Stock-k-34S624216

Appendix: From History to Legend
When Lhls campalgn ls over, l am assumlng LhaL
Lhe ÞCs wlll wanL Lo reLurn Lo regular lmperlal 8lm
War-era roleplaylng. l suggesL LhaL Lhe sLory of
whaL Lhe ÞCs dld here be reflecLed back Lo Lhe ÞCs
of Lhe lar luLure ln a recognlzable way, ln one of
Lhe rellglous LexLs of Lhe klkhushegl. 1hls would be
ln one of Lhree forms:
A parable of Cood vs Lvll (Lhe Suedzuk
A parable on Lhe 1rlumph of Wlsdom over
War (Lhe lkonaz are spared),
A parable of Lhe 1ragedy of War (Lhe
lkonaz are kllled – and perhaps even Lhelr
vllanl servanLs – as Lhey are noL
dlsLlngulshed from Lhelr blood-LhlrsLy
Suedzuk couslns).

1hls would be a (locally famous) klkhushegl
parable, “The Parable of St. Ram”, of the Book of
AreaseLh, ln 1he CommenLarles of Lhe 8lmward
SLars. Exactly who ‘St. Ram’ ls, l leave Lo Lhe
8eferee: perhaps one of Lhe ÞCs, perhaps Lhe
unnamed druldess, perhaps one of Lhe vllanl
crewmen (nonhumans cannoL become salnLs
wlLhln Lhe Solomanl-lnfluenced klkhushegl
rellglon), or even someone compleLely dlfferenL.

1he k|khush| vlewpolnL: 1here ls buL Cne Cod: buL
Lhe laws of Cood and Lvll for men, need noL apply
Lo Lhe oLher souls LhaL Lhe AlmlghLy has wroughL.
So, we have no rlghL Lo [udge oLher specles by
human standards, for good or ill.”
1he V||an| vlewpolnL: “One Tradition for all minds,
everywhere: regardless of race, regardless of
blology, regardless of delLy!”

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# IL
1he So|oman| vlewpolnL: “The Laws of God apply
+&34 Lo Lhose made ln Pls lmage. All oLher
sophonLs are slmply noL Pls concern, unless Lhey
harm His People.”
1he Vargr vlewpolnL (Lhlrd person here): Cnly a
small mlnorlLy of Lhe vargr belleve ln an
omnlpoLenL, omnlsclenL delLy: buL Lhose who do
see Lhe 2"6/&/-/#" Apex ÞredaLor. 1here ls only one
posslble resulL from meeLlng such a belng – deaLh.

CerLaln lnLerpreLaLlons of Lhe parable remaln
consistent though: “A low tech force, led by a
woman wlLh a glowlng sword, defends an allen egg
from wolves.” Details to be debated thousands of
years ln Lhe fuLure lnclude:
Are Lhe wolves [usL normal wolves, or
vargr? ls lL noL obvlous LhaL Lhe egg
represenL Lhe nonhuman sophonL,
aLLacked by Lhe sophonLs of 1erra –
human and vargr allke?
Þerhaps Lhe druldess defendlng Lhe allen
egg was noL Solomanl, buL really a Mlxed
Vilani who didn’t know her long-losL
orlglns? And cerLalnly, Lhe very facL LhaL
she was ‘a woman with a sword’ marks
her as more vllanl-culLure Lhan 1erran-

1he parable of SL. 8am does noL menLlon
whaL happened Lo Lhe egg! 1hls ls
someLhlng LhaL a modern lmperlal
archaeologlcal expedlLlon should uncover:
and l know Lhe rlghL bellevlng noble/
lndusLrlal Lycoon Lo ask for fundlng and

Appendix: From Solomani Islam to Mixed
Vilani Kikhushegi
As a vllanl off-shooL of lslam, klkhushegl
recognlzes Lhe auLhorlLy of Lhe Curan and Lhe
8lble: buL as Lhese are 3%-"$ Lhan Lhe respecLlve
vllanl LexLs, Lhey are by deflnlLlon 3"**
%9-.+$/-%-/#". “The older the religious belief, the
older Lhe LexL, Lhe more sacred it is,” and Vilani
bellef sysLems are clearly older Lhan any 1erran

And yeL, klkhushegl ls noL a branch of vllanl
8lLuallsm or AncesLor Worshlp. unllke Lhe vllanl

1he key drlver for vllanl equallLy beLween Lhe sexes was noL
Lhe Solomanl concepLs of democracy or egallLarlanlsm.. lL was
Lhe early vllanl dlscovery of "3"'-$/'/-4.
bellefs, lL ls sLrlcLly monoLhelsLlc, belleves ln llnear
Llme (raLher Lhan cycllc Llme), and sees Lhelr slngle
CreaLor Cod as Lhe llnal !udge of all sophonLs as
well. 8oLh heaven and hell are LaughL Lo be eLernal
sLaLes, raLher Lhan Lemporary forms of belng
and Lhe unlverse ls seen as movlng Lo a llnal
uesLlny, lnsLead of a cycle of blrLh-collapse-reblrLh.
A form of resurrecLlon of Lhe dead – a concepL
compleLely allen Lo Lhe sLandard vllanl docLrlnes –
ls also avallable Lo Lhe unlquely devouL and falLhful
Lo Lhe CreaLor and !udge of All. Lven Lhe rlLuals
have a sLrongly lslamlc flavour, lnsLead of Lhe
sLandard vllanl pracLlces.

Whlle noL as polnLedly anLhropocenLrlc as Lhe
Solomanl rellglons, non-humans are noL permlLLed
Lo [oln Lhe klkhushegl rellglon proper, buL are
lnsLead expecLed Lo subscrlbe Lo an allled bellef
sysLem, Lhe poly-sophonL Shlrga MysLerles. Many
core bellefs and pracLlces are shared beLween
klkhushegl and Shlrga bellevers, and as of 993 Lhe
Shlrga rellglon ls growlng qulLe sLrongly among
non-humans ln Lhe Slx SubsecLors, even as Lhe
klkhushegl rellglon sLagnaLes, or even sllghLly
decllnes ln numbers.

Appendix: Story-weaving
Cne of Lhe ma[or forces shaplng Lhe early
developmenL of klkhushegl were Lhe confllcLlng
vlews on non-human sophonLs. 1he Musllms,
much llke Lhelr ChrlsLlan and !ewlsh breLhren (and,
of course, agnosLlc Solomanl ÞarLy raclal docLrlne),
assume Lhe supremacy of Man over all, and
Solomanl Men over oLher men. 1he vllanl puL Lhe
sLress on 8lghL 8ehavlour raLher Lhan 8lghL
AncesLry, and are qulLe wllllng Lo accepL
nonhumans as equals – so long as Lhey Conform Lo
vllanl behavloural and LhoughL paLLerns.

1he klkhushegl declded Lo spllL Lhe dlfference, ln a
manner of speaklng. nonhumans are assumed Lo
have eLernal slgnlflcance and worLh ln Lhe eyes of
Lhe CreaLor Cod, buL Lhelr paLh leads along a
dlfferenL road Lhan Lhe paLh for humans. 1hey
musL flnd Lhelr own way Lo Lhelr own Þaradlse: buL
lf asked, we humans can cerLalnly help Lhem along
Lhe way, as we are boLh under Lhe same Cod.

vllanl rellglous auLhorlLles vary greaLly on Lhe quesLlon of
relncarnaLlon, bellef ln heaven and hell ls uncommon ln vllanl
clrcles, buL noL unheard of Lhanks Lo cenLurles of 1erran, Lhen
Solomanl lnfluence.
!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# J4

@ DDE 92"#)-&( $12"'%#) 210#( 18 7/&% 71'(0 A#$12# %/# !/)-3# 18 !%? `&2> (1$&%#0 13 %/# +"1% 18 %/#
J(&$:7110 Y&2" 2#3%-13#0 -3 %/# [&)&A(# 18 !%? `&2> 1B#) <=== 4#&)+ &61? .-%/ %/-+ 210#( – ")1'0(4
0#+-63#0 13 3&%-B#RA'-(% ;L X $12"'%#)+ – %/# +/)-3# 7-(( A# A'-(% &8%#) %/# (1$&( +%&)(&3#+ &)# &6&-3 +&8# 81)
%/# %)&3+"1)% 18 %/# 3##0#0 2&%#)-&(+ &30 +:-((#0 %)&0#+2#3?
This graphic is titled “Temple of Zen” © Zenuel Mesadon. See his work at

Whlle Lhls was wrlLLen lnLo rellglous law and
docLrlne – lncludlng whaL would laLer become Lhe
klkhushegl PadlLhs – several klkhushl shugllll

“Sacred cooks”: the analogue of a purity-focused prlesLly casLe
ln Solomanl culLures, Lhe shugllll casLe alone can lawfully reflne
polsonous vllanl organlc maLLer lnLo llvlng bread and meaL for
Lhe masses, even ln hlgh-Lech vllanl culLures. ln vllanl-
lnfluenced klkhushegl, Lhe shugllll reLaln Lhelr food funcLlons,
but also control ‘spiritual food’ – Lhe klnd of legends, Lales, and
songs lL ls lawful Lo Lreasure and medlLaLe on, belng free of
splrlLual polson – as well as ‘physical food’. Slnce Lhe
developmenL of Lechnologlcal personallLy ad[usLmenL and
rewrlLlng, cerLaln shugllll casLes have been ln charge of

were lnsLrucLed Lo creaLe sLorles Lo more naLurally
propagaLe Lhese LruLhs, ln lmlLaLlon of Lhe
endurlng sLorles, parables, and proverbs of Lhe
ChrlsLlan 8lble. (CLher klkhushl LexLs would follow
the “law code” model of the Quran, and the
“circular hymn/tale”, “paradigmatic model” and
the “analectic model” framework of the Vilani

promoLlng PealLhy 1houghL as well: buL never fear, offlclal
procedure ls ALWA?S followed.

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# J5
LvenLually, a serles of parables, organlzed ln Lwo
cycles were wrlLLen. 1hese sLorles were grounded
ln old Lales LhaL are belleved Lo be hlsLorlcally Lrue,
and have been as verlfled as much as posslble by
respecLed archaeologlsLs and hlsLorlans. Cne cycle
of Lhese sLorles, Lhe Þarable of SL. 8am, was
wrlLLen by AreaseLh hlmself, and ls parL of Lhe
8ook of AreaseLh, wrlLLen durlng Lhe Long nlghL.

Cne of Lhe mosL famous Lheologlan/bards of Lhe
Lazlsarl secL of lslam – Lhen vlgorously reshaplng
lLself lnLo Lhe klkhushegl rellglon – AreaseLh
gaLhered Lhe varlous Lales LransmlLLed Lo Pebrln
by klkhushl and Moslem Lravellers by radlo and
laser, furLher redlsLrlbuLed Lhe maLerlal Lo scholars
on-world and off-world (lncludlng Sunnl Pebrln),
and began Lo weave Lhls daLa lnLo sLorles LhaL
would lasL generaLlons, conveylng Lhe baslc
hlsLorlcal facLs of Lhe maLLer from a klkhushl

Appendix: The Afterlife
1he afLerllfe as Lhe Abode of Lhe AncesLors ls very
lmporLanL Lo Lhe vllanl mlnd: whenever Lhe dead
are punlshed or rewarded ln Lhe afLerllfe ls noL
nearly as lmporLanL. 1he vllanl – an ever-pragmaLlc
people – do noL worshlp because of reverence, buL
ln respecL of LradlLlon, ln dread of Lhe unknown,
and/or ln order Lo geL someLhlng from Lhe splrlL

1helr pragmaLlsm naLurally leads Lhem Lo
desLrucLlon: “There is a way that seems good to a
man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.”
SLlll, llke Lhe Moslems, Lhe (flcLlonal) vllanl (and
Lhelr culLural kln llke Lhe klkhushegl) are beLLer off
Lhan WesLern aLhelsLs
: Lhey have a reason Lo
prefer llfe Lo deaLh, a bellef ln ob[ecLlve reallLy, a
flxed law code – “unpredictable law is just another
word for tyranny” – and enough hope ln Lhe fuLure

Whlle klkhushegl has no lndependenL rellglous LexL – uslng
anclenL vllanl and Solomanl ones (Lhe Poly 8lble and Lhe Curan)
lnsLead – lL does have several auLhorlLaLlve '+,,"&-%$/"* on
Lhese LexLs. Much llke Lhe !ewlsh 1almud or Lhe CaLhollc
LradlLlon (or Lhe Amerlcan ConsLlLuLlon, for LhaL maLLer), Lhe
commenLarles holds greaLer 69&'-/+&%3 auLhorlLy ln Lhe llfe of a
bellever Lhan Lhe acLual LexL does. “Never mind what the words
say… so long as I get to decide what the words mean, what
ldeas should be emphaslzed (or slmply read ln), and whaL
beliefs should be discarded!”
?%*-"$& aLhelsm – ln Lhe sLyle of 8uddhlsm and cerLaln forms
of Plndulsm – ls a dlfferenL keLLle of flsh, and ls noL addressed
Lo wllllngly sacrlflce ln Lhe here and now Lo beneflL
unseen fuLure generaLlons.

1hls ls opposed Lo Lhe modern vlslon of Lhe
lnevlLable heaL deaLh of Lhe unlverse (and Lhus Lhe
futility of life: “In the long run, we are all dead. Any
other claim is nothing but a religious delusion!”)
Lhe abandonmenL of Law ln Lhe name of Þower &
and Lhe loss of falLh ln elLher Þrogress (a
8lbllcal concepL) or SLablllLy (Lhe LradlLlonal goal of
Lhe AnclenL Creeks, Lhe AnclenL LgypLlans, Lhe
lndus ClvlllzaLlons… and the Vilani of Traveller).

Reflections on the Far Future: Paradise
lL has been clalmed LhaL supernaLural rellglons are
prlmarlly focused on Lhe afLerllfe of Lhe lndlvldual.
1hls ls supposed Lo be a ma[or flaw, compared wlLh
naLurallsLlc rellglons, wlLh Lhelr focus on Lhe SLaLe
as Lhe source of naLlonal Peallng and SalvaLlon.

l see lL as a feaLure myself, as Lhe modern SLaLe ls
lnnaLely evll ln lLs bureaucraLlc drlve for power
wlLhouL responslblllLy.

1he dream of unlversal LquallLy ln a unlversal
Lmplre ls gone now. 8oughly 20,000 Afghans were
able Lo defy a naLlon wlLh half Lhe mlllLary
spendlng ln Lhe world – and Lhls was before Lhe
days of cheap 3u prlnLed weaponry. nelLher Lhe
mllllon-sLrong army of Chlnese censors, nor Lhe
$32 8llllon+ spenL yearly on Lhe nSA, can sLop Lhe
fuLure from happenlng. noL even Lhe lawyers can
do LhaL, as open-source Androld conLlnues Lo
undermlne lawyer-backed Apple.

8loLech can do a loL Lo lmprove our llves. 1he 3u
ÞrlnLer ls an amazlng lnvenLlon, and wlll only
conLlnue Lo develop ln Lhe comlng decades.
l belleve LhaL some form of Cold luslon/LLn8/

…and to control the black population: see “Forty Years
A nlce llLLle arLlcle from norLh flLs ln here, lllusLraLlng how
bureaucracy leads Lo Lhe emasculaLlon of boys aL school and
responslblllLy-avoldlng men ln llfe: “Schools without Tag”
.cfm lorLunaLely, Lhe bureaucraLlc drlve Lo bankrupLcy puLs an
end to the process… eventually. (Waves Lo von Mlses)
See hLLp://LeaparLyeconomlsL.com/2013/11/13/androld-

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# J/
new llre
ls on lLs way to mass production… and
even lf noL, [usL Lhe conLlnued developmenL of
solar power and envlronmenLally frlendly coal
planLs wlll do [usL flne.

All of Lhese are [usL maLerlal Lools, Lhough. 1hey
may be used Lo lncrease wealLh, buL noL brlng
abouL Þaradlse.

Mlndwlplng and personallLy consLrucLlon can do lL,
for vllanl deflnlLlons of Þaradlse (read:
comprehenslve conformlLy). lf your vlslon of
Þaradlse lnvolves 72 vlrglns, you wlll be able Lo
Lake your plck of vlrLual reallLy or androlds ln a few
decades. lf your deflnlLlon of happlness ls sLrlcLly
maLerlallsLlc – such and such elecLrlcal lmpulses aL
such and such a parL of your braln – Lhe perfecL
glzmo for you wlll arrlve before Lhe end of Lhe 21

cenLury. And lf you [usL wanL company, easy sex,
loLs of beer, a full belly, and a roof over your
head… even the death of the Welfare State won’t
sLop Lhe progress of sclenLlflc advancemenL,
leadlng Lo overwhelmlng maLerlal abundance from
klcklng ln afLerwards – for everyone. A Lrue Peaven
on LarLh, for any reasonable maLerlallsL – and Lhe
solld ma[orlLy of rellglous folk – wllllng Lo leL go of
Lhe deslre Lo conLrol all men, everywhere, lor
1helr Cwn Cood.

All Lhe pleasures you wanL... all Lhe food... all Lhe
healLh... Lhe ablllLy Lo make any maLerlal good you
deslre... whaL else could you dream of?

I’m waiting for something else, myself. lor one
Lhlng, l suspecL LhaL men slmply wlll noL leL go of
Lhe lusL for power over oLhers, even glven every
posslble maLerlal deslre – and even lf vlolenL acLlon
only has a 1° chance of success.

And – wlLhln a cenLury or a mlllennlum – when all
armles are dlsbanded, and vlolence force ls
someLhlng only shorL-slghLed prlmlLlves lndulge ln?
1here are always lles and decelL, cruel weapons
LhaL wlll be useful for qulLe a long Llme Lo come.

`#8(#$%-13+ 13 %/# ,&) ,'%')#H [1(-%-$+
Lven Lhe mosL rlghLeous man has some flaw, even
Lhe mosL godly and noble among us has some
crlppllng sln LhaL wlll hold hlm back from compleLe

l llke Lo keep ln Louch wlLh hLLp://www.e-caLworld.com - now
[olned by hLLp://fuLurlngworld.com
excellence. As Lechnology lncreases, so wlll our
power: and Lhe amounL of evll and sln LhaL can be
LoleraLed wlll conLlnue Lo decrease and decrease.
8y analogy, a bladesmlLh maklng swords ln 1400
could LoleraLe greaLer flaws, weaker sLandards and
more weapon mlsLreaLmenL Lhan a gunsmlLh ln
1900 – or a bullder of hoverlng warboLs ln 2100.

So, l belleve LhaL Lhere wlll come a Llme when a
fuLure socleLy LhaL can creaLe and desLroy almosL
anyLhlng aL wlll, wlll slmply noL be able Lo LoleraLe
any wlckedness. ln Lhe fuLure, serlous desLrucLlve
power wlll be avallable Lo anyone wllllng Lo make a
moderaLe efforL, so everyone musL be exLremely
eLhlcal & rlghLeous.
And no, by 2100, decency by
99.9999% of the population simply won’t be good

1hls culLure wlll noL have Lhe ablllLy Lo save lLself
or enforce Lhe requlred morallLy wlLhouL Lurnlng Lo
pollLlcal Lools LhaL have repeaLedly falled, over and
over and over agaln. Some are clearly beLLer Lhan
oLhers – llberLarlanlsm yes, LoLallLarlanlsm no – buL
noL one can meeL Lhe level of perfecLlon needed.
kllllng and enslavlng mlnds wlll be as useful as
SLallnlsm, fake gods llke Lhe CulLure Mlnds wlll be
as worthless as today’s Rule by CerLlfled LxperLs.

Cf course, as a ChrlsLlan l belleve LhaL our hearLs
musL change. nelghbour musL help nelghbour, buL
Lhls acL of love musL be done volunLarlly, or lL ls
less Lhan worLhless. “Theft by majority vote” just
isn’t going to cut it, as effective resistance Lo
AuLhorlLy grows drasLlcally easler, whlle socleLy
becomes far more dlfflculL Lo conLrol. ÞollLlcal
MasLers wlLh promlses Lo Save us are becomlng as
obsoleLe as Lhe horse emplres and Chlnese
mandarlns, regardless of Lhelr rellglous, sclenLlflc,
or egallLarlan cover sLory.

8uL dlsclpllng, Leachlng, changlng hearLs, one by
one, nelghbour Lo nelghbour, wlLhouL Lhe llluslon
of pollLlcal power as a qulck-flx savlour – wlLhouL
Lhe demonlc blasphemy of MasLers clalmlng Lo
serve Cod whlle only servlng 1hemselves – LhaL wlll
work. ?es, lL’s a long, hard, tough road. But it’s the
only one lefL Lo us.

Conslder: how much damage could Lwelve men do ln Lhe
mlddle ages, compared Lo Loday? (PlnL: 9/11). now, exLend Lhls
a few decades, wlLh sophlsLlcaLed wldespread knowledge and
ever-cheaper technology, and useful if weak AI…
!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# J0
!G+"#A 9$%7+ =< "*# BAP"G Q-%&"#&

1he standard of nouse Lentu||, a powerfu| dynasty of the ear|y 1h|rd Imper|um. Desp|te the ext|nct|on of the
nouse, there rema|ns a w|despread sent|menta| attachment to th|s dynasty across the S|x Subsectors, an
|mportant subsector rema|ns named after them, and the most |oca||y be|oved of the a|| the Lmperors,
Angu|stus, ha||s from th|s dynasty.
1h|s |s a|so the f|ag of Sab|ra, a wor|d ded|cated to the memory of th|s
great Imper|a| dynasty.

ArLlsL: Adrlan lorga, www.adlorga.Lumblr.com, Llnk: hLLp://drlq.devlanLarL.com/arL/WW-Logo-217821349

There’s a lot of flags here, courtesy of the “CreaLlve Commons ALLrlbuLlon-noncommerclal-Share Allke 3.0
License”, and Þubllc uomaln maLerlal. All flags are aLLrlbuLed Lo Lhelr creaLor wlLh Lhelr Lag/name and a llnk.

1here are Lhree large sLarnaLlons wlLhln Lhe LmpLy CuarLer – Lhe 1hlrd lmperlum, Lhe 8ukadukaz 8epubllc (a
full member-sLaLe of Lhe !ullan ÞroLecLoraLe), and Lhe Pegemony of Lorean (an AssoclaLe Member of Lhe
ÞroLecLoraLe). All Lhree four lnLersLellar powers have offlclal symbols, as opposed Lo offlclal flags: Lhe lmperlal
SunbursL, Lhe !ullan Pelm (paLLerned afLer Lhe AnclenL Creek helmeLs), Lhe uouble-claws of Lhe lkonaz (a
verslon ls currenLly used by Lhe 8ukadukaz 8epubllc), and Lhe Lnclrcled SLarshlp of Lhe Pegemony of Lorean.

none of Lhese flags are deplcLed below. Þerhaps anoLher Llme.

1here ls a rumour LhaL occaslonally resurfaces ln cerLaln lllegal clrcles, LhaL 8egenL ArbellaLra – among Lhe greaLesL of Lhe Lmperors,
who ended Lhe lmperlal Clvll War and founded Lhe currenL Alkhallkol uynasLy – had all survlvlng members of Lhe LenLull uynasLy kllled
during her ‘search’ for them. While this writer assumes such rumours to be false, you may choose otherwise: hard evidence of Lhls would
lead Lo wldespread dlsconLenL and anLl-lmperlal dlsconLenL ln Lhe lmperlal LmpLy CuarLer, whlch reveres Lhe LenLull uynasLy. lf Lhls
rumour ls proven Lrue, and a legitimate member of the Lentuli resurfaces (after four centuries!), all sorts of consequences kick in… in the
mlddle of a ma[or war agalnsL Lhe Solomanl.

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# JD
1he kukadukaz kepub||c
1he 8epubllc ls domlnaLed by Lhe vargr, who belng colourbllnd generally used oddly-coloured flags
: buL Lhls
ls nC1 Lrue of Lhe SLreamers of Lhe 8epubllc. As Lhe vargr – orlglnaLlng from canlne sLock – have Lhe
equlvalenL of deuLeranopla colour-bllndness, Lhe SLreamers use boLh Lhe human (l.e.: lkonaz vllanl)
vargr colours.

(Only the blue and yellow colours are equally shared between humaniti and the Vargr. Vargr “purple” is a bit
washed ouL, buL noL Loo bad. Creen looks llke a dark yellow, and red and orange are percelved as slmllar dull
shades of yellow – a plLy. 1he 8lood vargr – wlLh Lhelr red-Llnged pelL – probably can’t tell what’s all the
exclLemenL abouL when a human sees Lhem: buL Lhey know enough Lo flghL or run.)

lor example, when used durlng warLlme, Lhe Lalls of Lhe sLreamers are blood-red: yet the Ikonaz Vargr can’t
see the ‘red’. They just know that red ls a powerful colour ln Lhe eyes of all humans – Solomanl, vllanl,
Zhodanl, even Lhe haLed ?lleans and Arzula – and so Lhey geL Lhelr servanLs Lo use LhaL colour for Lhe same
reasons they use human skulls in their pirate symbols: “It’s all about the charisma!”
lL also lmpllclLly
recognizes the importance of the Vilani in Ikonaz culture, and in a real way symbolizes the ‘sharing’ of
charlsma beLween Lhe lkonaz vargr and Lhe lkonaz vllanl ln Lhe 8epubllc.

no 8epubllcan flags are deplcLed ln Lhls arLlcle, due to a lack of ‘pennant’, ‘streamer’ or ‘banner’ flags available
Lo Lhe wrlLer. uue Lo vllanl culLural lnfluence, scenL ls dellberaLely downplayed as a LerrlLorlal marker among
Lhe Cvaghoun, unllke mosL vargr.

1he negemony of Lorean
MosL of Lhe Pegemony of Lorean ls only slowly shlfLlng Lo proper cloLh flags: for a very long Llme, red-flecked
Suedzuk vargr pelLs were used as Lhe flags of varlous worlds and organlzaLlons, sewn lnLo varlous shapes and
paLLerns. Cnly Lhe flnanclal pressure of Lhe Menderes CorporaLlon – closely allled wlLh Lhe !ullan governmenL,
whlch ls grounded ln human-vargr amlLy – has drlven Lhe Loreans Lo +66/'/%334 abandon Lhe use of vargr pelLs
as flags among lLs member worlds and organlzaLlons… excepting the Home Systems, in Arzul Sector. 1he
LmpLy CuarLer sysLems, whlch dlsllke Pegemonlc rule and look favourably on lmperlal culLure, have been
among Lhe flrsL Lo Lake up lmperlal sLyles of flags – made of cloLh, noL skln.

vargr-ruled worlds wlLhln Lhe Pegemony of Lorean do malnLaln flags, buL only Lo avold shame when compared
wlLh human-ruled sysLems. AmongsL Lhemselves, and below Lhe radar of Lhe humans, Lhe vargr worlds of Lhe
Pegemony malnLaln a seL of speclflc scenLs aLLached Lo each world (lf lrlllLok vargr) or pack (lf Suedzuk vargr).
1hls scenL ls especlally sLrongesL aL Lhelr sLarporLs and cenLral governmenL palaces, leglslaLures, courLs, and
mlllLary lnsLallaLlons. (As canlne descendanLs, Lhe vargr can smell far beLLer Lhan Lhey can see.)

1he 1h|rd Imper|um
1he vllanl, wlLh Lhelr sLrong emphasls on unlLy, didn’t tolerate sub-naLlonal LerrlLorlal symbols before Lhe nLh
lnLersLellar War and Lhe fall of the Ziru Sirka: a good analogue is the People’s Republic of China, with only a
few offlclal flags, almosL all Lled Lo naLlonal organlzaLlons, noL clLles or provlnces. (Pong kong and Macau
excepLed). Powever, Lhe few endurlng hereLlcal movemenLs wlLhln Lhe Zlru Slrka favoured varlaLlons of sLars

lor an example of a colour-bllnd flag, see Lhe flag of null lsland, hLLp://www.nulllsland.com/flag.hLml noLe LhaL up Lo 8° of all men, and
0.3° of all women, of norLhern Luropean ancesLry are colour-bllnd. A nlce selecLlon of ralnbows, modellng Lhe effecL of colour-bllndness,
can be found here: hLLps://en.wlklpedla.org/wlkl/Color_bllndness#ClasslflcaLlon
8e careful here: whlle Lhe vllanl are humans (lgnorlng Lhe clalms of Lhe Solomanl ÞarLy for Lhe momenL), how Lhey classlfy colours can
easlly dlffer from Solomanl norms. lor example, Lhe !apanese word ao (あお) includes both “blue” and “green”, which are separated in
Lngllsh-speaklng culLures: and boLh groups are as Solomanl as Lhey come (desplLe one language belonglng Lo a naLlon belng even more
‘racially pure’ than the most demandlng ÞarLy sLandards, and Lhe oLher language llnklng an ouLrageously mlsh mashed hodgepodge of
wlldly dlvergenL Solomanl races – and sLands aL Lhe rooL of lmperlal Angllc, as well!)
lnLeresLlngly, Lhere ls an analogous sLory ln regard Lo Lhe lmperlal SunbursL, as Lold ln Lhe lmperlal Lncyclopedla, page 28-29. 8uy your
copy here: hLLp://www.rpgnow.com/producL/429/M1--Mega1raveller-lmperlal-Lncyclopedla?lL=1

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# JH
on a black or blue sky as Lhelr symbol: Lhls creaLed an unusual level of sympaLhy, when meeLlng wlLh Amerlcan
sLar Lraders from Lhe 1erran ConfederaLlon. 1here ls currenLly a llmlLed conLroversy on who has Lhe besL clalm
on Lhe sLars-on-a-fleld symbol flrsL, wlLh Lhe vllanl havlng far older arLefacLs Lhan Lhe Solomanl, buL Lhe
Solomanl havlng clear precedence ln offlclal usage: Lhe vllanl have a sLrong respecL for +66/'/%3 sLaLus.

AfLer Lhe 8ule of Man was esLabllshed, Lhe vllanl (already deep ln decadence) had greaL dlfflculLy ad[usLlng Lo
Solomanl 1erran norms, buL one of flrsL changes Lo be broadly accepLed was Lhe use of local flags and
symbology. 1he mosL aggresslve vllanl dldn’t want to lack a local symbol or flag to rally around, but couldn’t
use Lhe black & red vllanl Cval: accordlng Lo vllanl LradlLlon, lL was avallable for use only by Lhe Lmperor, and
Lhe anLl-1erran groups slmply could noL vlolaLe LradlLlon, Lhe very reason for Lhelr exlsLence! Moreover, lL
annoyed Lhe hard-core LradlLlonallsLs LhaL Lhe 1erran sysLems all had local flags Lo dlsplay Lhelr prlde, buL Lhe
vllanl had none.

uurlng Lhe second half of Lhe 8ule of Man – when Lhe rule of Lhe 1erran Lmperors was clearly fraylng aparL –
Lhe mosL respecLed vllanl famllles flnally Look up Lhe 1erran cusLom of flags Lo rally Lhelr forces behlnd (more
ofLen Lhan noL, as Lhey led vllanl rebelllons agalnsL 1erran rullng houses). Soon enough, Lhe less augusL vllanl
followed sulL. 8y Lhe Llme Lhe Long nlghL was over, Lhe vllanl had become as proud ln Lhelr naLlonallsLlc flag-
wavlng as Lhe 1errans Solomanl were.

8a|kan|zed Wor|ds
When the world’s government is divided, Lhe flag shown ls LhaL of Lhe mosL powerful mlllLary power or
mlllLary alllance on LhaL planeL (l.e. elLher Lhe unlLed SLaLes of Amerlca, or nA1C ln 2013), and noL any
mulLlnaLlonal organlzaLlon wlLhouL LaxaLlon, leglslaLlve or mlllLary auLhorlLy (l.e. Lhe unlLed naLlons). 8e
advlsed LhaL Lhe sLrongesL unlfled mlllLary power ls noL &"'"**%$/34 a naLlon: corporaLlons, rellglous
organlzaLlons, gangs & plraLes, mercenarles, advenLurous lmperlal nobles, even sclence counclls and llfe
supporL unlons have all aLLalned Lhls poslLlon aL varlous worlds and varlous Llmes. Powever, lL ls 9*9%334 an
ordlnary sysLem-sLaLe, world-sLaLe, or naLlon-sLaLe LhaL has Lhe hlghesL mlllLary rank on a glven world.

Also, l wlll suggesL LhaL glvlng dlfferenL parLs of a world dlfferenL flags adds Lo Lhe flavour and Lhe hlsLory of
any glven world. 1hls can even be Lrue ln one-world governmenLs, where dlfferenL planeLs, asLerolds, and
sections of a word (provinces, states, districts, prefectures, cities… or even religions, races, corporations, and
clans) have Lheir own flag. Some states, such as today’s China, suppress such symbols in the name of unity:
such suppresslon would be [usL anoLher reason for a flghL ln Lhe Slx SubsecLors.

Why A|| 1h|s Lffort for I|ags?
Malnly, Lo lncrease Lhe ablllLy of Lhe seLLlng Lo hook Þlayers and 8eferees allke. A flag suggesLs a hlsLory for
Lhe world, a splrlL LhaL rules Lhe orb. 1hls emoLlonal and vlsual llke speaks more Lo Lhe ÞCs Lhan Lhe more
facLual – buL less evocaLlve and lmaglnaLlve – uWÞs LhaL are llsLed.

Lven 8eferees have Lo Lhlnk carefully, Lo lnLerpreL whaL Lhe uWÞ – an alphanumerlcal Lag, llke 800097C-u –
acLually means. (ln Lhls case, Lhe cenLre of Lhe sysLem populaLlon ls a heavlly lnhablLed asLerold belL, wlLh a
good sLarporL (unable Lo make lLs own l1L sLarshlps, buL able Lo make lesser spaceshlps) bllllons of people,
balkanlzed lnLo varlous soverelgn governmenLs, wlLh a loL of resLrlcLlve rules verglng on Lhe frankly oppresslve,
wlLh a raLher good Lechnologlcal base.) unless you have been playlng 1raveller for far Loo long, Lhe uWÞ ls
slmply meanlngless aL flrsL glance.

ln conLrasL, show a plcLure of Lhe SLars and SLrlpes, Lhe unlon !ack, eLc., and you geL an lmmedlaLe reacLlon.
Þeople have 2/"2 for flags, buL no one has dled for a crypLlc alphanum sLrlng. So, glvlng a world a flag helps
wlLh brlnglng a world Lo llfe, for Lhe ÞCs and Lhelr unlverse. 1hese brlghL and lnLeresLlng symbols noL only
spark loyalLy, paLrloLlsm and love ln real llfe, buL are also LoLems for Lhe communlLy, Lhe world, even (ln Lhe
case of Lhe lmperlal SLarbursL) a sLaLlsLlcally slgnlflcanL porLlon of Lhe galacLlc arm. 1helr sheer number and
varleLy suggesLs Lhe complexlLy and depLh of Lhe local reglon of space. llnally and cerLalnly noL leasL, flags
help spark Lhe lmaglnaLlon of 8eferees an Þlayers allke, whlle pushlng up Lhe verlslmlllLude of Lhe seLLlng

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# JI

ArLlsL: Vasiľ, Llnk: hLLp://commons.wlklmedla.org/wlkl/llle:ArL_ls_8eslsLance.svg

(lL should be noLed LhaL Lhls flag ls acLually a 1L 14 ob[ecL, wlLh Lhe four pleces of Lhe flag held LogeLher by a form
of elecLromagneLlsm. 1he fabrlc lLself has some very unusual properLles... whlch ls lefL for Lhe 8eferee Lo descrlbe.)


ArLlsL: LevenLe Szekeres, Llnk: hLLp://deaLhpwnle.devlanLarL.com/arL/Chad-372037089

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# JJ

ArLlsL: LevenLe Szekeres, Llnk: hLLp://deaLhpwnle.devlanLarL.com/arL/LarLh-140622333


ArLlsL: LevenLe Szekeres, Llnk: hLLp://deaLhpwnle.devlanLarL.com/arL/1alwan-140621330

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# JK

ArLlsL: nlls nlcolal, Llnk: hLLp://federalrepubllc.devlanLarL.com/arL/lasclsL-newfoundland-209386064


ArLlsL: LevenLe Szekeres, Llnk: hLLp://deaLhpwnle.devlanLarL.com/arL/lraq-122808083

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# JL

ArLlsL: Zlegenpl, Llnk: hLLp://commons.wlklmedla.org/wlkl/llle:llag_of_Þoland_AL1.svg


ArLlsL: LevenLe Szekeres, Llnk: hLLp://deaLhpwnle.devlanLarL.com/arL/lraq-ll-193439187

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# K4

ArLlsL: domesLro, Llnk: hLLp://hosmlch.devlanLarL.com/arL/llag-of-WesLern-Slovak-reglon-398648263


ArLlsL: Zlfker, Llnk: hLLp://zlfker.devlanLarL.com/arL/llag-of-Lhe-Luraslan-unlon-263633109

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# K5


ArLlsL: LevenLe Szekeres, Llnk: hLLp://deaLhpwnle.devlanLarL.com/arL/LarLh-ll-347438210


ArLlsL: LevenLe Szekeres, Llnk: hLLp://deaLhpwnle.devlanLarL.com/arL/8urma-138439300

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# K/

ArLlsL: lranz LrnsL, Llnk: hLLp://fexes.devlanLarL.com/arL/uLe-naLlon-140983317


ArLlsL: LevenLe Szekeres, Llnk: hLLp://deaLhpwnle.devlanLarL.com/arL/LarLh-lll-347438610

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ !"#$$%& (#%)*#+ !"#$$%& (#%)*#+ !"#$$%& (#%)*#+
ArLlsL: fexes, Llnk: hLLp://fexes.devlanLarL.com/arL/ConfederaLed

ArLlsL: Luls Salcedo, Llnk: hLLp://cybereaglewarrlor.devlanLarL.com/arL/LmlraLe

,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450
6%7# 6%7# 6%7# 6%7# 80 80 80 80


!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 89

ArLlsL: Leonardo Þlcclonl de Almelda, Llnk:


ArLlsL: Wllllam 8ldha Þerung, Llnk: hLLp://nederblrd.devlanLarL.com/arL/8epubllc-of-Pyderabad-187303167

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 8:

ArLlsL: Wllllam 8ldha Þerung, Llnk: hLLp://nederblrd.devlanLarL.com/arL/8epubllc-of-Mysore-187067181


ArLlsL: neeLhls, Llnk: hLLp://neeLhls.devlanLarL.com/arL/Þrusslan-CommonwealLh-flag-126743909

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 8;

ArLlsL: ÞM, Llnk: hLLp://dlglLallsmlsmycause.devlanLarL.com/arL/Scandlnavlan-unlon-llag-AL1L8nA1L-2-406624977


ArLlsL: neeLhls, Llnk: hLLp://neeLhls.devlanLarL.com/arL/nS-8equesL-flag-164340333

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!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 88

ArLlsL: Þamale, Llnk: hLLp://commons.wlklmedla.org/wlkl/llle:Þamale_llag.[pg


ArLlsL: LevenLe Szekeres, Llnk: hLLp://deaLhpwnle.devlanLarL.com/arL/llag-of-Pllldon-8edux-123386938

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 8=

ArLlsL: nlls nlcolal, Llnk: hLLp://federalrepubllc.devlanLarL.com/arL/1enere-8epubllc-271249800


ArLlsL: ueLecLlveÞ, Llnk: hLLp://deLecLlvep.devlanLarL.com/arL/llag-of-Lhe-CLLawa-8epubllc-277336033

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# =4

ArLlsL: fexes, Llnk: hLLp://fexes.devlanLarL.com/arL/Callfornla-lree-SLaLe-140983437


ArLlsL: Zlfker, Llnk: hLLp://zlfker.devlanLarL.com/arL/unlLed-8epubllc-of-1erra-113343048

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# =5

ArLlsL: SoarlngAven, Llnk: hLLp://soarlngaven.devlanLarL.com/arL/Slaverla-flag-397031838

>. <"%%".$3

ArLlsL: 8arayn, Llnk: hLLp://rarayn.devlanLarL.com/arL/8ourbonlc-Þollsh-Lmplre-llag-233242988

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ArLlsL: nlls nlcolal, Llnk: hLLp://rarayn.devlanLarL.com/arL/Þroshao-llag-278394010


ArLlsL: Wllllam 8ldha Þerung, Llnk: hLLp://nederblrd.devlanLarL.com/arL/lederal-8epubllc-of-Arabla-204197730

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# =9

ArLlsL: neeLhls, Llnk: hLLp://neeLhls.devlanLarL.com/arL/LoAn-flag-144841383


ArLlsL: LevenLe Szekeres, Llnk: hLLp://www.devlanLarL.com/arL/kalerlan-Clvll-llag-and-Lnslgn-126331860

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# =:

ArLlsL: LevenLe Szekeres, Llnk: hLLp://deaLhpwnle.devlanLarL.com/arL/llag-of-Pllldon-120377293


ArLlsL: nlls nlcolal, Llnk: hLLp://federalrepubllc.devlanLarL.com/arL/AusLralla-271373246

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# =;

ArLlsL: Wllllam 8ldha Þerung, Llnk: hLLp://nederblrd.devlanLarL.com/arL/Andamans-and-nlcobars-130609814


ArLlsL: SoarlngAven, Llnk: hLLp://soarlngaven.devlanLarL.com/arL/lcehelm-flag-363700199

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# =<

ArLlsL: domesLro, Llnk: hLLp://hosmlch.devlanLarL.com/arL/Amlke[o-381362139


ArLlsL: Wllllam 8ldha Þerung, Llnk: hLLp://nederblrd.devlanLarL.com/arL/unlLed-8epubllc-of-SemlLes-98480967

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ArLlsL: SoarlngAven, Llnk: hLLp://soarlngaven.devlanLarL.com/arL/SouLh-vold-flag-verslon-2-403960989


ArLlsL: Max SLahman, Llnk: hLLp://hLllden42.devlanLarL.com/arL/Amerlcan-Lmplre-1ake-1wo-178701316

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ArLlsL: nlls nlcolal, Llnk: hLLp://federalrepubllc.devlanLarL.com/arL/1he-8ahamas-302846988


ArLlsL: LuxorCZ, Llnk: hLLp://commons.wlklmedla.org/wlkl/llle:llag_of_Slln.svg

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 54/

ArLlsL: nlls nlcolal, Llnk: hLLp://federalrepubllc.devlanLarL.com/arL/1rlpollLanla-and-Cyrenalca-263071418


ArLlsL: Chrls CuLzman, Llnk: hLLp://allensquld.devlanLarL.com/arL/AlL-llag-kosovo-02-297274187

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ArLlsL: neeLhls, Llnk: hLLp://neeLhls.devlanLarL.com/arL/Þarlah-ConfederaLlon-194737387


ArLlsL: MarlanSlgler, Llnk: hLLp://commons.wlklmedla.org/wlkl/llle:llag_of_Ll_Carmen_del_vlboral,_AnLloqula.svg

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ArLlsL: neeLhls, Llnk: hLLp://neeLhls.devlanLarL.com/arL/8aron-s-Alllance-flag-166061130


ArLlsL: nlls nlcolal, Llnk: hLLp://federalrepubllc.devlanLarL.com/arL/Arab-flag-209387101

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ArLlsL: LevenLe Szekeres, Llnk: hLLp://deaLhpwnle.devlanLarL.com/arL/llag-of-Aerlann-120377796


ArLlsL: SoarlngAven, Llnk: hLLp://soarlngaven.devlanLarL.com/arL/8hlne-Llbe-federaLlon-flag-339901618

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ArLlsL: LevenLe Szekeres, Llnk: hLLp://deaLhpwnle.devlanLarL.com/arL/llag-of-Aerlann-8edux-131740393


ArLlsL: Zlfker, Llnk: hLLp://zlfker.devlanLarL.com/arL/llag-of-Lhe-Luropa-Confederacy-263603313

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 54<

ArLlsL: 8arayn, Llnk: hLLp://rarayn.devlanLarL.com/arL/ÞosL-ApocalypLlc-1ennessee-llag-279308421


ArLlsL: LevenLe Szekeres, Llnk: hLLp://deaLhpwnle.devlanLarL.com/arL/8elarus-193461641

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ArLlsL: 8arayn, Llnk: hLLp://rarayn.devlanLarL.com/arL/Mundus-Marlana-llag-v2-231878977


ArLlsL: nlls nlcolal, Llnk: hLLp://federalrepubllc.devlanLarL.com/arL/MacarlsLan-Musllm-Pungary-283196161

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ArLlsL: neeLhls, Llnk: hLLp://neeLhls.devlanLarL.com/arL/new-Angllan-ConfederaLlon-flag-244948933


ArLlsL: neeLhls, Llnk: hLLp://neeLhls.devlanLarL.com/arL/1he-CoallLlon-flag-164283303

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ArLlsL: LevenLe Szekeres, Llnk: hLLp://deaLhpwnle.devlanLarL.com/arL/llag-of-Csslar-120378931


ArLlsL: neeLhls, Llnk: hLLp://neeLhls.devlanLarL.com/arL/AmsLerdam-8emnanL-llag-148837034

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 555

ArLlsL: nlls nlcolal, Llnk: hLLp://federalrepubllc.devlanLarL.com/arL/CommonwealLh-of-vlrglnla-1-209386790


ArLlsL: n[ldo, Llnk: hLLps://commons.wlklmedla.org/wlkl/llle:llag_Croland.[pg

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 55/


ArLlsL: !ed, Llnk: hLLps://commons.wlklmedla.org/wlkl/llle:llag_of_ÞorLo_Claro.svg


ArLlsL: Alkarl, Llnk: hLLps://commons.wlklmedla.org/wlkl/llle:unlLed_SLaLes_clvll_flag.svg

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 550

ArLlsL: lan knlel, Llnk: hLLp://aurlkan.devlanLarL.com/arL/1he-flag-of-Auron-82393399


ArLlsL: nlls nlcolal, Llnk: hLLp://federalrepubllc.devlanLarL.com/arL/Morocco-239932126

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 559

ArLlsL: LevenLe Szekeres, Llnk: hLLp://deaLhpwnle.devlanLarL.com/arL/1urks-and-Calcos-188421171


ArLlsL: neeLhls, Llnk: hLLp://neeLhls.devlanLarL.com/arL/1roplco-flag-143937767

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 55:


ArLlsL: 8yan ChrlsLopher ParLlgan,
Llnk: hLLp://paladlnofLhesun.devlanLarL.com/arL/llag-of-Lhe-klngdom-of-Crlmea-291322242


ArLlsL: Luls Salcedo, Llnk: hLLp://cybereaglewarrlor.devlanLarL.com/arL/PashemlLe-klngdom-of-Calllee-324382613

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 55;

ArLlsL: 8yan ChrlsLopher ParLlgan,
Llnk: hLLp://paladlnofLhesun.devlanLarL.com/arL/llag-of-ZlnLell-294829309


ArLlsL: PaydenLheflrsL, Llnk: hLLps://commons.wlklmedla.org/wlkl/llle:llag_of_Lhe_klngdom_of_Andala.png

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 55<

ArLlsL: nlls nlcolal, Llnk: hLLp://federalrepubllc.devlanLarL.com/arL/PuSP-88?1-283034994

ArLlsL: neeLhls, Llnk: hLLp://neeLhls.devlanLarL.com/arL/PW-flag-of-Lngland-1066-1097-201821874

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 558


ArLlsL: 8arayan, Llnk: hLLp://rarayn.devlanLarL.com/arL/Þeloponneslan-Lmplre-llag-278491783


ArLlsL: SoarlngAven, Llnk: hLLp://soarlngaven.devlanLarL.com/arL/klngdom-of-8ohemla-flag-361360160

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 55=

ArLlsL: neeLhls, Llnk: hLLp://neeLhls.devlanLarL.com/arL/8reLonla-lreelancer-flag-140477292


ArLlsL: LevenLe Szekeres, Llnk: hLLp://deaLhpwnle.devlanLarL.com/arL/CnLarlo-149630340

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 5/4
Notable Imperial Systems outside of the Empty Quarter
1here are Lwo parLlcular sysLems LhaL have a sLrong lmpacL on Lhe LmpLy CuarLer, excludlng Lhe pollLlcal cenLres of
CaplLal/Sylea (1hlrd lmperlum), Aslmlklglr (!ullan ÞroLecLoraLe) and uamlaer (Pegemony of Lorean). Shamokln ls a
very powerful world, wlLh a hlgh populaLlon and hlgh Lechnology. lL ls Lhe effecLlve source of whaL few hlgh-Lech
goods Lhe lmperlal Slx SubsecLors can geL lLs hands on. ln 993 lmperlal, Shamokln also happens Lo own Lwo
colonles wlLhln Lhe lmperlal LmpLy CuarLer – urduaan and !aleel.

Cf course, Lhe coreward slde of Lhe Lesser 8lfL can access elLher lkon – an lmmensely powerful, vargr-ruled world
wlLhln Lhe LmpLy CuarLer – or uamlaer, Lhe hlgh-Lech cenLre of Lhe Pegemony, locaLed noL far from lLs LmpLy
CuarLer holdlngs.


ArLlsL: SoarlngAven, Llnk: hLLp://soarlngaven.devlanLarL.com/arL/Laerla-and-vold-flag-verslon-2-403960978

noLe LhaL, by 1103 lmperlal, Shamokln would be renamed uldshep.

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 5/5
ln conLrasL, Lhe Lyplcal lmperlal LmpLyhead has a haLe/envy relaLlonshlp wlLh AnLares sysLem, ln Lhe nelghbourlng
AnLares SecLor. AnLares – boLh Lhe sysLem and Lhe secLor – ls of lmporLance Lo Lhe enLlre lmperlum, and ls Lhe
rullng Lhroneworld of Lhe vargr Archduke of Lhe uomaln of AnLares. 1o say LhaL Lhls graLes on Lhe generally
lmpoverlshed, pollLlcally lrrelevanL, sLrongly humanlsLlc, hlghly anLl-vargr Solomanl populaLlon wlLhln Lhe Slx
SubsecLors ls Lo puL lL very mlldly.


ArLlsL: neeLhls, Llnk: hLLp://neeLhls.devlanLarL.com/arL/8roLherhood-Cf-SLeel-flag-131121829

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 5//
Household Flags of Notable Imperial Families Houses

E,"7 1N 43$(#"=$"63=#3=#"6"#" R3R"R"R"$(#"61R3KS
93M$1' 4+63 T 4+63 ;3.$+,-

ArLlsL: CreaLÞaperWolf, Llnk: hLLp://greaLpaperwolf.devlanLarL.com/arL/llags-of-1ouhou-Wakasaglhlme-

*1$3 1. E,"7 C%"73
lL should be noLed LhaL Lhe flags of Lhe varlous uucal Pouses also serve as Lhe formal flags of Lhelr demesnes. lor
example, lL ls Lhe flag of Þeo-e-a-a-aLhwako-ep, as Lhe famlly LhaL rules Lhe LmpLy CuarLer, whlch hangs
from Lhe roof of Lhe Leshandl Mekharm, Lhe greaL hall ln Lhe lmperlal Þalace LhaL leads Lo Lhe CcLagon, a.k.a. Lhe
1hrone 8oom of Lhe 1hlrd lmperlum

*1$3 1. H+/R,-.3"73
All buL one of Lhe noble famllles llsLed here can be found ln 9$3,,"' 03"M(3% #20.

8ud-lineage U’r U’r Katai is the only Noble House (for odd definitions of ‘House’) not listed in 9$3,,"' 03"M(3% #20.
uurlng Lhe year 993 lmperlal, Lmperor Cavln wlll make Lhe surprlse announcemenL of Lhe enfeoffmenL of U’r U’r
kaLal, a respected liaison between the Imperium and the Surogotans, as Baron of Surogota. This marks a ‘coming
of age’ for the species, as a Surogotan will bear the Imperial Mandate for the first Llme ln Lhe mulLlple mlllennla of
llvlng under Lhe Lhree human lmperla.

See Traveller’s Digest, #9, page 27. 1here are qulLe a number of unrecognlzed !"##"$%& flags for Lhe Slx lmperlal SecLors, buL Lhey are
noL dlsplayed here.
“But the Vilani aren’t really…”

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 5/0
E,"7 1N ?I3/ 1N @1+%3 !+2++S 4+63 *+,-."/

ArLlsL: CreaLÞaperWolf, Llnk: hLLp://greaLpaperwolf.devlanLarL.com/arL/llags-of-1ouhou-Shou-1oramaru-

E,"7 1N ?.11K 1N @1+%3 4#-I3/-S 4+63 8173%(

ArLlsL: CreaLÞaperWolf, Llnk: hLLp://greaLpaperwolf.devlanLarL.com/arL/llags-of-1ouhou-lchlrln-kumol-399433627

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 5/9
E,"7 1N <-3, 1N @1+%3 937+./"$S 4+63 :-2+%(-

ArLlsL: CreaLÞaperWolf, Llnk: hLLp://greaLpaperwolf.devlanLarL.com/arL/llags-of-1ouhou-Sel[a-kl[ln-394911869

E,"7 1N 9"U' 1N @1+%3 J32-FS 4+63 @3='-.V @"/"/ 1N @1+%3 J32-FS A1+.$ @3='-.

ArLlsL: CreaLÞaperWolf, Llnk: hLLp://greaLpaperwolf.devlanLarL.com/arL/llags-of-1ouhou-kasen-lbarakl-386749703

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 5/:
E,"7 1N OB", 1N @1+%3 A("./'"$'3S 4+M(3%% C/+%-%S W-%M1+.$3%% &'"%(

ArLlsL: CreaLÞaperWolf, Llnk: hLLp://greaLpaperwolf.devlanLarL.com/arL/llags-of-1ouhou-Clrno-389339923

E,"7 1N X"$#"R#"=61 S A1+.$ D"'("=".

ArLlsL: CreaLÞaperWolf, Llnk: hLLp://greaLpaperwolf.devlanLarL.com/arL/llags-of-1ouhou-ualyousel-394381386

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 5/;
E,"7 1N O$'1 1N @1+%3 ;3%--"%-S A1+.$ ;"F-%"'

ArLlsL: CreaLÞaperWolf, Llnk: hLLp://greaLpaperwolf.devlanLarL.com/arL/Crlglnal-llag-13-403833691

E,"7 1N ?6++%(7+ 1N @1+%3 &%-%("2%"/"'S D"'U+-% <"2+%(7"'

ArLlsL: CreaLÞaperWolf, Llnk: hLLp://greaLpaperwolf.devlanLarL.com/arL/llags-of-1ouhou-Mononobe-no-luLo-

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 5/<
E,"7 1N 8"%2-. 1N @1+%3 D"-S H"'1.3%% A("'-$5

ArLlsL: CreaLÞaperWolf, Llnk: hLLp://greaLpaperwolf.devlanLarL.com/arL/llags-of-1ouhou-8ln-kaenbyou-392278301

E,"7 1N L"5" 1N @1+%3 ?'+."M(","2S H"'1.3%% 4"'+6"

ArLlsL: CreaLÞaperWolf, Llnk: hLLp://greaLpaperwolf.devlanLarL.com/arL/llags-of-1ouhou-Mlnorlko-Akl-394911833

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 5/8
E,"7 1N 1N @1+%3 :31'73$1.S H"'1. :1=-

ArLlsL: CreaLÞaperWolf, Llnk: hLLp://greaLpaperwolf.devlanLarL.com/arL/Crlglnal-llag-13-uual-llag-324003880

E,"7 1N 0"I-$ 1N @1+%3 ="("/+'S H"'1. &./"'"

ArLlsL: CreaLÞaperWolf, Llnk: hLLp://greaLpaperwolf.devlanLarL.com/arL/llags-of-1ouhou-MlnamlLsu-Murasa-

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 5/=
E,"7 1N 41'-% S H"'1.3%% 01223,

ArLlsL: CreaLÞaperWolf, Llnk: hLLp://greaLpaperwolf.devlanLarL.com/arL/llags-of-1ouhou-Seklbankl-386040809

E,"7 1N L"$-. 1N @1+%3 ;+'7"/"7-7S H"'1. W-K".

ArLlsL: CreaLÞaperWolf, Llnk: hLLp://greaLpaperwolf.devlanLarL.com/arL/llags-of-1ouhou-Pong-Melllng-397304237

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 504
E,"7 1N &77+7"6(-% 1N @1+%3 C'"7%(56(-6(-S H"'1..3%% C%(2-7"/

ArLlsL: CreaLÞaperWolf, Llnk: hLLp://greaLpaperwolf.devlanLarL.com/arL/llags-of-1ouhou-uLsuho-8elu[l-364618399

E,"7 1N C'Y1%%"6 1N H+/Rlineage U’r U’r KataiS H"'1. 9+'171$"

ArLlsL: CreaLÞaperWolf, Llnk: hLLp://greaLpaperwolf.devlanLarL.com/arL/llags-of-1ouhou-?amame-kurodanl-

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 505

Other Flags and Symbols of Note

Iper’mar Nation

ArLlsL: CreaLÞaperWolf, Llnk: hLLp://greaLpaperwolf.devlanLarL.com/arL/llags-of-1ouhou-Llkl-Shlkl-?amaxanadu-

1hls nomadlc group of Lechnologlcal ellLlsLs are expanded on ln 9$3,,"' 03"M(3% #5, “Minor Races of Charted Space:
The Iper’mar”

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 50/
J"KR"R#3#"6"R"$"K"%S $(3 H#"K :+"'/-".% 1N O'/3'

ArLlsL: CreaLÞaperWolf, Llnk: hLLp://greaLpaperwolf.devlanLarL.com/arL/SCÞ-loundaLlon-288878143

1hls ls Lhe 8wap organlzaLlon holdlng back Lhe plraLes across much of 8wap space. As Lhe law enforcemenL/
mlllLary arm of Lhe 8wap, Lhey acknowledge and respecL Lhe rule of Lhe Lmperor, and submlL Lo hls auLhorlLy.

uependlng on Lhe properly flled and formaLLed documenLaLlon, as always.

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 500
J(3 H"..3' 1N C.-1.

ArLlsL: CreaLÞaperWolf, Llnk: hLLp://greaLpaperwolf.devlanLarL.com/arL/CusLom-llag-2-Wolf-237479324

As Lhe war banner of Amerlcan lndlans wlLhln Lhe LmpLy CuarLer, use of this flag has not been authorized… yet.
varlous mercenarles and braves remaln under Lhelr own auLhorlLy, and have noL been placed under a slngle eLhno-
naLlonal command. lf serlous plraLe ralds sLrlke Amerlcan lndlan worlds, a pan-Lrlbal councll ls llkely Lo brlng all Lhe
mlllLary forces and assoclaLed mercenary groups under one auLhorlLy, Lo beLLer defend Lhelr worlds and famllles.

A ma[or vargr lncurslon would requlre hlgh-Lech weaponry Lo repel, and such shlps (and Lhe Lralnlng Lo use Lhem)
are noL easlly found ln Lhe lmperlal Slx SubsecLors. AssorLed mercenary groups are keeplng an eye ouL for such
equlpmenL, as Lhey could easlly make Lhe dlfference beLween llfe and deaLh for Lhelr homeworlds.

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 509
A("'-$5 ;&A

ArLlsL: CreaLÞaperWolf, Llnk: hLLp://greaLpaperwolf.devlanLarL.com/arL/llags-of-1ouhou-Llrln-?agokoro-

CharlLy LlC ls an lmporLanL lnLersLellar medlcal servlces corporaLlon, found on boLh sldes of Lhe Lesser 8lfL. 1hese
people have pull ln more noble, CorporaLe and MlllLary clrcles Lhan you can lmaglne. 1read carefully.

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 50:
9("/1# A"'$3,

ArLlsL: CreaLÞaperWolf, Llnk: hLLp://greaLpaperwolf.devlanLarL.com/arL/CusLom-llag-1-237478348

8ecenL ralds on known Shadow CarLel sLrongholds – especlally Lhe successful sLrlkes of Pebrln – has uncovered
formal flags bearlng Shadow CarLel symbols. lL ls unknown lf Lhls lmplles pollLlcal goals for Lhe CarLel, or lf Lhe flags
are only for unlL coheslon.

<-'"$3 952=1,%S K'3R91,12".- 0-2 X"'

ArLlsL: SÞ8, Llnk: hLLp://sLraLomunchkln.devlanLarL.com/arL/Space-ÞlraLe-Lmblem-Comparlson-400176668

8efore Lhe sLarL of Lhe Solomanl 8lm War – and Lhe wlLhdrawal of Lhe SecLor lleeL – Lhese were Lhe LradlLlonal
symbols of Imperial pirates, showing their ‘rank’ as determined by their respect within the pirating community.
From left to right: “No-Nothin’”, “Heavy Hitter”, “Dreaded”. The rise of the Shadow Cartel has broken the old ways,
buL some plraLes refuse Lo kneel, and sLlll use Lhe old symbols. (See 9$3,,"' 03"M(3% #14, page 61, “Crewboss
Waddah bin ‘Ubadiah a;’Beja” for the story of one of these men.)

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 50;
J(3 9(-3,/ 1N <"2+%(7"'

ArLlsL: CreaLÞaperWolf, Llnk: hLLp://greaLpaperwolf.devlanLarL.com/arL/1he-Wlngs-of-lreedom-411781232

Mercenarles and sLarmercs ln Lhe employ of Lhe Marquls Þamusghar are permlLLed Lo fly Lhls flag whlle ln hls
servlce. (Only family Household forces are allowed to fly the Marquis’ own flag.)

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 50<
?%%1M-"$-1. 1N @1K3
ArLlsL: CreaLÞaperWolf, Llnk: hLLp://greaLpaperwolf.devlanLarL.com/arL/CusLom-llag-10-uove-237483896

noLe: Lhls flag ls noL flown by any mlllLary unlL, buL shlps of Lhe AssoclaLlon of Pope (founded by Slr Andrew
Sandla, see 9$3,,"' 03"M(3% #21, page 30-31, for more deLalls) may be armed wlLh sandcasLers, decoys, and oLher
non-desLrucLlve weapons.

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 508
J(3 D+%,-2 H'1$(3'(11/
ArLlsL: LevenLe Szekeres, Llnk: hLLp://deaLhpwnle.devlanLarL.com/arL/?emen-203128344

1he Musllm 8roLherhood can be found LhroughouL much of lmperlal Space, lncludlng Lhe LmpLy CuarLer. Cenerally
lnvolved ln charlLy, educaLlonal, pollLlcal, and paramlllLary acLlvlLy, Lhey are currenLly engaged ln bulldlng up an
lslamlc response Lo currenL plraLe lncurslons wlLhln Lhe LmpLy CuarLer.

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 50=
J(3 D1%$ 93'3.3 O'/3' 1N $(3 Z+33. 1N @3"I3. – X"' >.%-7.
ArLlsL: LevenLe Szekeres, Llnk: hLLp://deaLhpwnle.devlanLarL.com/arL/War-Lnslgn-of-!erusalem-280823318

1he 1oklLre-based, lmperlal CaLhollc, women-only Crder provldes boLh 8lessed Culdes (lay preachers) and Shlnlng
Swords (defenders of sacred slLes, and bodyguards for local clergy). AddlLlonal deLalls are avallable ln 9$3,,"'
03"M(3% #8, “Campaign Seed; Sacred Mission”.

1o uphold Lhe feudal obllgaLlons Lhey have sworn before Lhe Lmperor, varlous mlllLary asseLs are belng Lransferred
to Imperial authority, notably the NJ Borm Battle Cruiser: these vessels ‘fly’ the War Ensign of their religious order.

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 594
>$"#&3%"# ?32@#&+#A
1*#3 6BC#& 2+ ,DEB"#3"

Guns are not Power
An arLlcle from 1he naLlon
suggesLed a posslble alLernaLe vlew of Lhe Slx SubsecLors: a reglon where lmperlal
AuLhorlLy ls a loL more LheoreLlcal Lhan acLual. 8especL fades when Lhe money and Lhe guns of Lhe meLropolls –
a.k.a. Lhe lmperlal CenLre – are lnsufflclenL/unable Lo geL Lhe resulLs lL wanLs.

ln Lhe unlverse l wrlLe ln, Lhe lmperlum ls compeLenLly managed wlLhln Lhe secLor. lmperlal mlghL ls coupled wlLh
Lhe wllllngness Lo use lL, and boLh are Lled Lo a conslsLenL, predlcable pollcy LhaL local auLhorlLles can LrusL and
respecL. Lven wlLh Lhe lmperlal navy gone, Lhe local cenLres of power are all pro-lmperlal Lo a greaLer or lesser
degree, and Lhe leglLlmacy and Lhe auLhorlLy of Lhe lrldlum 1hrone ls unquesLloned.

1hls can be drasLlcally revlsed or lgnored, lf Lhe 8eferee wllls lL. Þerhaps Lhe lmperlum has been pushlng 8wap and
vllanl Loo aggresslvely above Lhe oLher local culLures, and when Lhe blg guns are pulled ouL, Solomanl vengeance
belngs. Cr agaln, Lhe lmperlum has been pushlng up megacorporaLe lnLeresLs over local hosLlllLy, and Lhe shallow
rooLs of megacorporaLe power are revealed Lo be whaL Lhey are, when lmperlal aLLenLlon ls drawn elsewhere.

You can even set up a rerun of current American policy in the Middle East… or Soviet policy in Afghanistan… or
8rlLlsh policy on the NorthWestern Frontier, “The "&'('$)* Frontier Wars”.
nearly all 1raveller players are from
Lhe WesL, so nearly all are prone Lo make Lhe same errors of arrogance and prlde LhaL WesLern powers have been
maklng slnce Lhe 8aLLle of 1euLoburger Wald.

Þreclsely how Lhe ÞCs Lrlp up – underesLlmaLlng Lhe hosLlllLy of Lhe locals, mlsundersLandlng Lhe complex local
pollLlcs, overesLlmaLlng Lhelr Lechnlcal superlorlLy, focuslng on Lhe sympLoms raLher Lhan Lhe fundamenLals,
mlsLaklng foes for frlends, a poor undersLandlng of whaL money !)$$"+ buy, assumlng Lhey have more Llme Lhan
Lhey really have, or geLLlng Loo closely bound Lo a mlsbehavlng ally *waves Lo 1914 Serbla* – ls noL as lmporLanL as
seelng how qulckly Lhe ÞCs can recover from Lhelr mlsLakes. Learnlng from Lhelr mlsLakes ls rare enough Lo be
worLhy of a greaL reward afLer Lhey leave Lhe secLor. Þerhaps leavlng Lhe secLor ', Lhe reward!

1he 8eferee can also play up the “ignorant, impoverished, incompetent religious racist fanatics” angle nice and
sLrong. Þlaylng Lo Lhe Þlayers prlde and casual assumpLlons ls Lhe easlesL way Lo poslLlon Lhem -.,+ ,"…

“A World in Which No One Is Listening to the Planet’s Sole Superpower”, hLLp://www.LhenaLlon.com/arLlcle/176409/world-whlch-no-
1he auLhorlLy of Lhe 8wap SecLor uuke, noL so much. ln addlLlon Lo Lhe race angle, he’s itching for a proper purge of local corruption,
buL LhaL would sLep on " ,1$ of powerful Loes – and sLarL a sequence of evenLs LhaL wlll end badly for all concerned.
AcLually, Lhe lmperlal-Zhodanl Wars beLLer flL Lhe 8oman-ÞarLhlan wars, hLLps://en.wlklpedla.org/wlkl/8oman–ÞarLhlan_Wars, Lhan Lhe
8rlLlsh lndla lronLler Wars, hLLps://en.wlklpedla.org/wlkl/MlllLary_hlsLory_of_Lhe_norLh-WesL_lronLler. 8uL, Lhe 8rlLlsh wars beLLer flL
Lhe Slx SubsecLors, especlally lf you assume a hosLlle !ullan ÞroLecLoraLe endlessly smuggllng ln arms, money, and Lechnology, lnsLead of
the friendly one I assume in “Official Traveller”
!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 595
Traveller T20 and Classic Traveller Fair Use Policies

Verbatim from Far Future Enterprises’s Fair Use policy, which could be found aL
“1he 1raveller game ln all forms ls owned by lar luLure LnLerprlses. CopyrlghL 1977 – 2008 lar luLure
LnLerprlses. 1raveller ls a reglsLered Lrademark of lar luLure LnLerprlses. lar luLure permlLs web slLes and
fanzlnes for Lhls game, provlded lL conLalns Lhls noLlce, LhaL lar luLure ls noLlfled, and sub[ecL Lo a wlLhdrawal of
permlsslon on 90 days noLlce. 1he conLenLs of Lhls slLe are for personal, non-commerclal use only. Any use of
lar luLure LnLerprlses's copyrlghLed maLerlal or Lrademarks anywhere on Lhls web slLe and lLs flles should noL be
vlewed as a challenge Lo Lhose copyrlghLs or Lrademarks. ln addlLlon, any program/arLlcles/flle on Lhls slLe cannoL
be republlshed or dlsLrlbuLed wlLhouL Lhe consenL of Lhe auLhor who conLrlbuLed lL.
1raveller ls copyrlghL by and of lar luLure LnLerprlses, and lLs use here ls by permlsslon.

Verbatim from Quicklink’s Fair Use policy, which can be found at http://www.travellerrpg.com/falruse.hLml:
“The Traveller game in all forms is owned by Far Future Enterprises. Copyright 2002 QuikLink Interactive,
lnc. 1raveller ls a reglsLered Lrademark of lar luLure LnLerprlses. CulkLlnk permlLs web slLes and fanzlnes for Lhls
game, provlded lL conLalns Lhls noLlce, LhaL CulkLlnk ls noLlfled, and sub[ecL Lo a wlLhdrawal of permlsslon on 90
days noLlce. 1he conLenLs of Lhls slLe are for personal, non-commercial use only. Any use of QuikLink Interactive’s
producL ldenLlLy, copyrlghLed maLerlal or Lrademarks anywhere on Lhls web slLe and lLs flles should noL be vlewed
as a challenge Lo Lhose copyrlghLs or Lrademarks. ln addlLlon, any program/arLlcles/flle on Lhls slLe cannoL be
republlshed or dlsLrlbuLed wlLhouL Lhe consenL of Lhe auLhor who contributed it.”

GURPS Traveller Online Policy

From Steve Jackson Games’ online policy, which can be found at

Some of Lhe maLerlal presenLed here ls Lhe orlglnal creaLlon of Lhe conLrlbuLlng auLhor, lnLended for use wlLh Lhe
Cu8ÞS sysLem from SLeve !ackson Cames. 1hls maLerlal ls noL offlclal and ls noL endorsed by SLeve !ackson Cames.

Cu8ÞS ls a reglsLered Lrademark of SLeve !ackson Cames, and some of Lhe arL here ls copyrlghLed by SLeve !ackson
Cames. All rlghLs are reserved by S! Cames. 1hls maLerlal ls used here ln accordance wlLh Lhe S! Cames onllne


1he followlng LexL ls Lhe properLy of Wlzards of Lhe CoasL, lnc. and ls CopyrlghL 2000 Wlzards of Lhe CoasL, lnc
(“Wizards”). All Rights Reserved.

1. Definitions: (a) “Contributors” means the copyright and/or trademark owners who have contributed Open Game
Content; (b) “Derivative Material” means copyrighted material including derivative works and LranslaLlons
(lncludlng lnLo oLher compuLer languages), poLaLlon, modlflcaLlon, correcLlon, addlLlon, exLenslon, upgrade,
lmprovemenL, compllaLlon, abrldgmenL or oLher form ln whlch an exlsLlng work may be recasL, Lransformed or
adapted; (c) “Distribute” means Lo reproduce, llcense, renL, lease, sell, broadcasL, publlcly dlsplay, LransmlL or
otherwise distribute; (d) “Open Game Content” means the game mechanic and includes the methods, procedures,
processes and rouLlnes Lo Lhe exLenL such conLenL does noL embody Lhe ÞroducL ldenLlLy and ls an enhancemenL
over Lhe prlor arL and any addlLlonal conLenL clearly ldenLlfled as Cpen Came ConLenL by Lhe ConLrlbuLor, and

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 59/
means any work covered by Lhls Llcense, lncludlng LranslaLlons and derlvaLlve works under copyrlghL law, buL
specifically excludes Product Identity. (e) “Product Identity” means product and product line names, logos and
ldenLlfylng marks lncludlng Lrade dress, arLlfacLs, creaLures characLers, sLorles, sLoryllnes, ploLs, LhemaLlc
elemenLs, dlalogue, lncldenLs, language, arLwork, symbols, deslgns, deplcLlons, llkenesses, formaLs, poses,
concepLs, Lhemes and graphlc, phoLographlc and oLher vlsual or audlo represenLaLlons, names and descrlpLlons of
characLers, spells, enchanLmenLs, personallLles, Leams, personas, llkenesses and speclal ablllLles, places, locaLlons,
envlronmenLs, creaLures, equlpmenL, maglcal or supernaLural ablllLles or effecLs, logos, symbols, or graphlc
deslgns, and any oLher Lrademark or reglsLered Lrademark clearly ldenLlfled as ÞroducL ldenLlLy by Lhe owner of
the Product Identity, and which specifically excludes the Open Game Content; (f) “Trademark” means the logos,
names, mark, slgn, moLLo, deslgns LhaL are used by a ConLrlbuLor Lo ldenLlfy lLself or lLs producLs or Lhe assoclaLed
products contributed to the Open Game License by the Contributor (g) “Use”, “Used” or “Using” means to use,
ulsLrlbuLe, copy, edlL, formaL, modlfy, LranslaLe and oLherwlse creaLe uerlvaLlve MaLerlal of Cpen Came ConLenL.
(h) “You” or “Your” means the licensee ln Lerms of Lhls agreemenL.

2. 1he Llcense: 1hls Llcense applles Lo any Cpen Came ConLenL LhaL conLalns a noLlce lndlcaLlng LhaL Lhe Cpen
Came ConLenL may only be used under and ln Lerms of Lhls Llcense. ?ou musL afflx such a noLlce Lo any Cpen
Came ConLenL LhaL you use. no Lerms may be added Lo or subLracLed from Lhls Llcense excepL as descrlbed by Lhe
Llcense lLself. no oLher Lerms or condlLlons may be applled Lo any Cpen Came ConLenL dlsLrlbuLed uslng Lhls

3.Cffer and AccepLance: 8y uslng Lhe Cpen Came ConLenL ?ou lndlcaLe ?our accepLance of Lhe Lerms of Lhls

4. CranL and ConslderaLlon: ln conslderaLlon for agreelng Lo use Lhls Llcense, Lhe ConLrlbuLors granL ?ou a
perpeLual, worldwlde, royalLy-free, non-excluslve llcense wlLh Lhe exacL Lerms of Lhls Llcense Lo use, Lhe Cpen
Came ConLenL.

3.8epresenLaLlon of AuLhorlLy Lo ConLrlbuLe: lf ?ou are conLrlbuLlng orlglnal maLerlal as Cpen Came ConLenL, ?ou
represenL LhaL ?our ConLrlbuLlons are ?our orlglnal creaLlon and/or ?ou have sufflclenL rlghLs Lo granL Lhe rlghLs
conveyed by Lhls Llcense.

6.noLlce of Llcense CopyrlghL: ?ou musL updaLe Lhe CCÞ?8lCP1 nC1lCL porLlon of Lhls Llcense Lo lnclude Lhe exacL
LexL of Lhe CCÞ?8lCP1 nC1lCL of any Cpen Came ConLenL ?ou are copylng, modlfylng or dlsLrlbuLlng, and ?ou
must add the title, the copyright date, and the copyright holder’s name to the COPYRIGHT NOTICE of any original
Cpen Came ConLenL you ulsLrlbuLe.

7. use of ÞroducL ldenLlLy: ?ou agree noL Lo use any ÞroducL ldenLlLy, lncludlng as an lndlcaLlon as Lo compaLlblllLy,
excepL as expressly llcensed ln anoLher, lndependenL AgreemenL wlLh Lhe owner of each elemenL of LhaL ÞroducL
ldenLlLy. ?ou agree noL Lo lndlcaLe compaLlblllLy or co-adapLablllLy wlLh any 1rademark or 8eglsLered 1rademark ln
con[uncLlon wlLh a work conLalnlng Cpen Came ConLenL excepL as expressly llcensed ln anoLher, lndependenL
AgreemenL wlLh Lhe owner of such 1rademark or 8eglsLered 1rademark. 1he use of any ÞroducL ldenLlLy ln Cpen
Came ConLenL does noL consLlLuLe a challenge Lo Lhe ownershlp of LhaL ÞroducL ldenLlLy. 1he owner of any ÞroducL
ldenLlLy used ln Cpen Came ConLenL shall reLaln all rlghLs, LlLle and lnLeresL ln and Lo LhaL ÞroducL ldenLlLy.

8. ldenLlflcaLlon: lf you dlsLrlbuLe Cpen Came ConLenL ?ou musL clearly lndlcaLe whlch porLlons of Lhe work LhaL
you are dlsLrlbuLlng are Cpen Came ConLenL.

9. updaLlng Lhe Llcense: Wlzards or lLs deslgnaLed AgenLs may publlsh updaLed verslons of Lhls Llcense. ?ou may
use any auLhorlzed verslon of Lhls Llcense Lo copy, modlfy and dlsLrlbuLe any Cpen Came ConLenL orlglnally
dlsLrlbuLed under any verslon of Lhls Llcense.

10. Copy of Lhls Llcense: ?ou MuS1 lnclude a copy of Lhls Llcense wlLh every copy of Lhe Cpen Came ConLenL ?ou

!"#$$%& (#%)*#+ ,++-# ./0 123"#& /450 6%7# 590
11. use of ConLrlbuLor CredlLs: ?ou may noL markeL or adverLlse Lhe Cpen Came ConLenL uslng Lhe name of any
ConLrlbuLor unless ?ou have wrlLLen permlsslon from Lhe ConLrlbuLor Lo do so.

12. lnablllLy Lo Comply: lf lL ls lmposslble for ?ou Lo comply wlLh any of Lhe Lerms of Lhls Llcense wlLh respecL Lo
some or all of Lhe Cpen Came ConLenL due Lo sLaLuLe, [udlclal order, or governmenLal regulaLlon Lhen ?ou may noL
use any Cpen Came MaLerlal so affecLed.

13. 1ermlnaLlon: 1hls Llcense wlll LermlnaLe auLomaLlcally lf ?ou fall Lo comply wlLh all Lerms hereln and fall Lo cure
such breach wlLhln 30 days of becomlng aware of Lhe breach. All subllcenses shall survlve Lhe LermlnaLlon of Lhls

14. 8eformaLlon: lf any provlslon of Lhls Llcense ls held Lo be unenforceable, such provlslon shall be reformed only
Lo Lhe exLenL necessary Lo make lL enforceable.

13. CCÞ?8lCP1 nC1lCL
Cpen Came Llcense v 1.0 CopyrlghL 2000, Wlzards of Lhe CoasL, lnc.
u20 SysLem 8ules and ConLenL CopyrlghL 2000, Wlzards of Lhe CoasL, lnc., AuLhors !ohnaLhan 1weeL, MonLe Cook,
Sklp Wllllams, based on orlglnal maLerlal by L. Cary Cygax and uave Arneson.
120 – The Traveller’s Handbook Copyright 2002, Quiklink Interactive, Inc. Traveller is a trademark of Far Future
LnLerprlses and ls used under llcense.
Modern SysLem 8eference uocumenL CopyrlghL 2002-2004, Wlzards of Lhe CoasL, lnc., AuLhors 8lll Slavlcsek, !eff
Crubb, 8lch 8edman, Charles 8yan, Lrlc Cagle, uavld noonan, SLan!, ChrlsLopher Þerklns, 8odney 1hompson, and
!u Wlker, based on maLerlal by !onaLhan 1weeL, MonLe Cook, Sklp Wllllams, 8lchard 8aker, ÞeLer Adklson, 8ruce
8. Cordell, !ohn 1ynes, Andy Colllns, and !u Wlker.
All orlglnal Cpen Came ConLenL from “Stellar Reaches, Issue #23” Copyright 2013, ConLrlbuLors: Alvln W. Þlummer


1he uWÞs provlded ln varlous arLlcles are deslgnaLed as Cpen Came ConLenL. 1he 120 lnformaLlon conLalned ln
Lhe 8l1S 1ask SysLem ls deslgnaLed as Cpen Came ConLenL. Any and all oLher maLerlal derlved from Lhe SysLem
8eference uocumenL, Lhe Modern SysLem 8eference uocumenL and the Traveller’s Handbook is designated as
Cpen Came ConLenL.
1he remalnder of Lhls documenL ls consldered Closed ConLenL and conLalns ÞroducL ldenLlLy belonglng Lo
lar luLure LnLerprlses. no challenge of Lhelr copyrlghL ls lnLended by lLs lncluslon here.