I have thoroughly enjoyed my affiliation with Prime Prep Academy and will continue to volunteer my services to the school

in any way possible as my schedule permits. However, with the increased desire to give more of myself to my family and the DFW community in other ways (particularly through ministry), I think it is appropriate for me to take the final steps back to focus more of my attention on the same. I thank our school Superintendent Mrs. King-Sanders for her vision, passion, leadership and dedication to the children in the communities we serve. I also thank our Board Chairman, T. Christopher Lewis, Esquire for his sagacity, wisdom and high level of commitment to this organization. His character, integrity and strong will can guide Uplift Fort Worth, CDC to new and exciting heights. Amid challenges and distractions, he has stayed the course and continues to epitomize the vision of the organization. The other members of our Board have been wonderful to work with and I know they will continue to uphold the highest standards of the organization.

In August 2013, I notified our Board President of my desire to step down and focus on spending more time with my family and in ministerial work. He graciously honored my request with the understanding that I would work in a noncompensated capacity to assist the school with critical start – up and operational phases to ensure a smooth school opening. Therefore, once these start up operations where in place, I then focused my attention on advising, consulting, training, and assisting at the request of other members of the school leadership team.

All the teachers, staff members, parents, volunteers and other associates I have had the pleasure to work with over the years have been awesome and I will truly miss our daily interactions and efforts to achieve the best for the school. It is my desire that the school continue to strive for “Excellence in Every Aspect” and hope for its long-term success. Respectfully Submitted, DL Wallace

Prime Prep Academy has been extremely fortunate to have Mr. D. L. Wallace a part of this organization. He and his team took on the daunting task of opening three campuses in two different cities from drafting the charter, securing the facilities, engaging with the community and developing critical partnerships. His efforts ensured a successful inaugural year. I am well aware of the immense time he has put into his position. He spent countless hours of training, research, and implementation to get these schools off the ground. I know that he was exhausted at the end of our first campaign, but he did our organization a huge favor by volunteering his time, energy, and resources to help this second school year get off to a great start. We are very thankful to Mr. Wallace for all he’s done to help Prime Prep Academy. His presence, energy, intellect, and unique drive will be sorely missed. Although Mr. Wallace had drastically scaled back his involvement this year, he was always readily available any time the organization needed him. I am confident that Mr. Wallace will succeed in any endeavor he chooses from this point forward. It has been a true honor and privilege to work with him.

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