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Pepper Snapple Group Flag Football Tournament

“Building Communities, One Play at a Time” Introduction

Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Inc. is one of the world's leading beverage companies but the needs of the community have always been a major concern of ours (Leadership team, n.d.). Since August 2010, our company has acknowledged our social responsibility to communities across the world and started an “action nation” that will improve living conditions (Philanthropy, n.d.). We plan to accomplish our goal by targeting the following four areas: fit and active lifestyles, environmental initiatives, emergency relief, and community celebrations. Our philanthropy team, which is fully integrated into our business, will target these issues through the use of awareness programs with volunteers and donations. Recently, it has been brought to our attention that homelessness is a growing problem for the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area. As a solution to remedy this unfortunate situation, our team has proposed a flagfootball tournament to raise awareness and donations. All of the proceeds, including Dr. Pepper's matched funds, will be donated to Habitat for Humanity. The premier non-profit organization has agreed to build a homeless shelter in the DFW area that will not only provide a place of refuge but also help people regain control of their lives with job search programs. Our flag football tournament will be highly promoted through a variety of media sources and take place during the fall of 2013. We are sure that our event will be a commercial success that will raise a considerable amount of money that will benefit homelessness in DFW. Background: Homelessness is an issue occurring in every state. All areas attempt to prevent and avoid homelessness. Texas, and particularly the Dallas area are not exceptions to this problem. There are numerous reasons for the current situation including loss of jobs, high housing costs, along with the lack of or insufficient living income, physical or mental illnesses, domestic violence...etc. The specific reason that leads to an individual becoming homeless isn’t of high importance when in reality, once a person no longer has a roof over his/her head, help is necessary. According to the Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance (MDHA), “the total homeless population number remains basically level, 5,783 in 2011 compared to 5,750 in 2010 with 31% of those becoming homeless last year.” This information identifies two major problems:  The high number of existing homeless people  The high percentage of people who became homeless in just a year These alarming facts respectively point out the persisting problem and its constant nature. Evidently, homelessness is not an issue that can be resolved at once and stopped forever. To solve this matter, it takes much more than solely government support or the actions of a few nonprofit organizations. In this case, everyone’s efforts and all forms of support are essential. Even if you feel that the little you can do won’t be enough help, it is imperative to realize

that the small amounts that each person contributes add up, potentially causing a large different. Although such an impactful difference doesn’t end the issue of homelessness, even if one person’s life is change for the better, it is still meaningful. Some may argue that there are too many organizations targeted to helping resolve issues such as homelessness; however, such efforts should not seize, as it is evident that homelessness is still present in society. Specifically, the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group (DPS) is well known for its cause related marketing and charity. DPS’s idea of working for the well being of different communities is not simply to gather annual monetary donations, but also to discover new methods in helping society. For instance, they offer volunteer hours and set goals that need to be achieved. The DPS Action Nation program was established in August of 2010 (Dr. Pepper Snapple), and it holds the ambition to “contribute a total of 100,000 volunteer hours and attain an annual giving level of $10 million in charitable cash donations, with the majority of support focused on fit and active lifestyles, environmental sustainability, emergency relief and community celebrations” (Dr. Pepper Snapple). This campaign has already done a lot for the global environment and society. So far, with DPS’s conservational initiatives, the environment has taken steps forward by the company’s involvement and actions to be responsible for recycling and preservation. In addition, DPS has enhanced living conditions of society with the drive for a fit and active lifestyle, through the development and renovation of children’s playgrounds along with the newly established Emergency relief and community celebrations. DPS is one “of 36 companies to be part of the ADGP”, and in 2011, the group made an influence as it helped:  “Respond to 131 disasters nationwide.  Provide 6.7 million meals and snacks to those in need.  Supply 2.6 million relief items, including everything from cots to first-aid supplies.  Open more than 1,000 shelters.” Knowing how big of problem homelessness is for the Dallas area, and how DPS is involved in helping such concerns in the society, our group of college students believes that DPS is the perfect company that obtains the expertise, experience, and resources to help end homelessness. Taking into account DPS’s previous partaking in organizing sporting events, we have come up with an idea for DPS to further expand their charitable work. This could be accomplished by organizing a football tournament, which would allow a large amount of people to be involved in a significant cause helping those in the Dallas area. Our fundraiser would not only collect money to help those in need of shelter, but it would also inspire others to actively participate along with us for the benefit of this cause.

Event Schedule Day 1: 11/17 7 AM 8 Employee Arrival Event Setup Team Arrival/Check In Breakfast @ JC Penney Club Review of Rules/Regulations Games begin Day 2: 11/18 8 AM 9 Employee Arrival Setup Arrival/Check In Breakfast Review of Day 2 schedule Games Begin

9 10 11 12 PM Lunch @ InTouch Grille 1 Games Resume 2 3 4 Closing/Day 2 Schedule Posted Start cleanup/tear down

10 11 12 PM Lunch 1 Games Resume 2 3 4 Event Closing Cleanup

The flag football tournament will be a two-day event, hosted at the Dr. Pepper Ballpark in Frisco. The ballpark has a capacity of 10,316 people, and is conveniently located only 2.5 miles from the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group corporate office (Courtesy of Google Maps). Day 1 will kick off on Saturday, November 17th at 8:00 AM. The event will continue through Sunday, November 18th and finish at approximately 4 PM each day. Choosing Dr. Pepper Ballpark allows us to utilize a company asset and cut down on overhead costs. The timeslot we chose is also perfect because it doesn’t conflict with the Frisco Roughriders game schedule, and will not interrupt with normal operations. November 17th/18th is also the weekend directly prior to Thanksgiving, meaning football will be a prime public interest. Parking for the event will be $5 in the VIP parking lot, and directions to the ballpark can be found online. From 8 AM-9 AM, teams will be required to check in at the JC Penney Club, where breakfast will be catered. At this time, teams will review the rules and receive two meal tickets per team member. There will be an hour break from 12-1 PM for lunch at the InTouch Grille, but team members will be allowed to redeem their meal tickets at anytime throughout the day. Games begin at 9 AM, and will continue until 4 PM. Each game will be twenty-five minutes, with five minutes in between for set up/switching teams (or for a three minute overtime if necessary). The bracket will be organized into preliminary, quarterfinal, semifinal, and final rounds. Four games will be held at a time (Approximately 8/hour), ensuring that all fifty teams get to

play. Day 1 games will include the preliminary and quarterfinal rounds, in turn deciding which teams progress within the winner’s bracket and how they will match up on Day 2. Day 2 will be conducted in the same fashion as Day 1, hosting the semifinal and final rounds; Teams will still be required to check in and breakfast will be served in the JC Penney Club. However, games will begin at 10 AM and run until 4 PM. The loser’s bracket will be conducted from 10 AM-12 PM, with the winner’s bracket taking place later-from 1-4 PM. We feel that having a loser’s bracket is especially important: It guarantees that every team plays at least twice and is allowed a second chance at winning. Prizes for the winning teams (Losers bracket included) are as follows:  1st Place: Monetary contribution from Dr. Pepper to Habitat for Humanity*, 10 $1000 Scholarships for the winning organization to distribute accordingly**, and a 1 year free supply of Dr. Pepper for the organization 2nd Place: 2 $1000 Scholarships for Organization**, 1 Year free supply of Dr. Pepper for Organization 3rd Place: 1 Year free supply of Dr. Pepper for Organization

 

*Dr. Pepper will contribute $10,000 ($5,000 for loser’s bracket) plus $1 for each point scored by the winning team throughout the tournament. **Scholarships for the loser’s bracket will be $500 rather than $1000. Throughout the day, corporate sponsors and executives will be allowed to converse, relax, and/or network within the JME Luxury Lounge. Additionally, Dr. Pepper Products will be provided free of charge for all attendees, and can be found at all concession stands. This event will also provide a great way for Dr. Pepper to get customer opinions on existing products, get recommendations for future products, etc. Staffing Proposal Alex Summers, Karina Silva, Jackie Nguyen, Bilyana Katronska and Alejandra Hernandez will coordinate the staffing for the flag football event. We are going to coordinate three main groups: Food and Beverage, Operations and Volunteers. Operations will be divide into six sections: Parking Coordinator, Ticket Scanner coordinator, Security Coordinator, Janitors Coordinator, Host/VIP team and First Response Team Coordinator. Food and Beverages will be broken down to three sections: Concessions, catering team for Breakfast and catering team for Lunch. A key role for our staffing is the volunteers, divided into four sections: Registrations/Check in, Game Officers, and Field set up crew. Our plan is to get our volunteers through Dr. Pepper Snapple Group employees because the company has nineteen thousand employees (source). Our goal is to have enough volunteers to cover more than 50% of our staff to help for the cost effectiveness of the project, operations is going to have two volunteers for the parking Coordinators they would be in charge of the parking

security, and parking cover; two volunteers to operate the ticker scanner for the spectators. We are going pay for the services of the security team they are going to be in charge to maintain everybody safe and secure, they have to be alert for any suspicious activity, the first response team and janitors they would be in charge of cleaning after the event is complete. We would hire a total of thirteen external people for operations. The volunteers would have different roles starting with the registration stand; they would be in charge of enrolling each team, taking their payment, and entering their names into the system. The supervisors will be in charge of hosting the event; ten more volunteers would be in charge of setting up the fields for the matches. Food and beverages division would be in charge of the concessions, and catering for breakfast and lunch eight volunteer responsibility would be the catering for the flag football teams the meals would be serve at the JME Luxury Lounge and JC Penny Club. Finally our concessions volunteers would be distribute in 10 different locations selling goods for the viewers.

Flag Football Budget Count Direct Costs Flag Football Tournament Compensations Every point scored/Estimated Monetary contribution/1st place Monetary contribution/2nd place Subtotal Rate Total

2000 10 2

$1 $1,000 $500

$2,000 $10,000 $1,000 $13,000

Labor Costs 50 games (20 hours total labor time) Food & beverage Sales Associates 8 Janitorial Services Associates 5 First Response Team 2 Security Officers Team Package 6 Building Operations Team 5 Subtotal Supplies Flag football sets Flag football belts Footballs Cones Subtotal Catering Service Subway platters Water bottles Subtotal Total Direct Costs Indirect Costs Taxes on supplies 8.25% tax Taxes on Subway Platters 8.25% tax Total Indirect Costs Grand Total: $22,146.33

$8/hr $8/hr $30/hr $10/hr $8/hr

$1,600 $800 $1,200 $1,200 $800 $5,600

6 50 6 50

$19.99 $2.99 $16.96 $2.51

$119.94 $149.50 $101.70 $125.50 $496.64

500 1000

$5.25/ea $2,625 $3.98/24packs $167.16 $2,792.16 $21,888.80

$40.97 $216.56 $257.53

Budget Explanation Tournament Compensations. It would be easy to hand out a check or a monetary amount to a generous organization such as Habitat, but it is important to also get the community involved. We want to serve as an example for others to follow. As behalf of our duty to assist Habitat, we plan on giving monetary contributions in appealing ways. If you give us authorization, we have decided as part of the project to match every point that is scored at the games at a rate of $1. We would also give monetary contributions that would be given to Habitat as scholarships. These contributions would be for the winning organizations that come in 1st and 2nd places. The winning organizations will get a year free supply of Dr. Pepper items, which will be part of our sampling department, not affecting our cost. Labor Costs. We are expecting to have many volunteers; therefore we have limited our labor budget. Our labor for the 50 games we are planning on having only consists of 28 employees. Twenty-three of these employees will be actual employees of the stadium. The food and beverage Sales Associates will basically direct volunteers and will take care of charging the correct amounts in these areas. The janitorial Sales Associates will make sure everything is clean during the games, also cleaning the facility before and after the event. We have included a first response team, in case of any injuries we might have. We have included a team of Security Officers of six people, in case of any unwanted altercation between players. The building Operations team is necessary in case of any power outrage, or technical problems we might have during the games. This will consist of five assistants of the stadium’s operations department, and their primary duty is to be monitoring the building throughout the day. The rest of the personnel needed for the project will consist of volunteers from inside and outside our company. Supplies. We have narrowed down our supplies, and we are only including the essentials. If any of the players would like to provide their own equipment such as particular shoes, or their own flags, they are more than welcome to. Catering Services. We would like to accommodate our players as much as possible, as they are a major attribution of our project. We will be having catering service from Subway. It will consist of a 6” sandwich, a bag of small chips, and a cookie, for each of the 500 players. The platters will each be $5.25. As for the drinks, we will have 42 packs of water bottles for our players and for volunteers. There will also be available soft drinks from our sampling department for the players. These are basically all of our costs related to the event. Please note that our affiliation with the Dr. Pepper stadium will save us money because we do not have to worry about rental fees. There are also no fees required for advertising, as we are using our Facebook, twitter and YouTube channel to request people to join this generous event.

Authorization Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Inc. is positive that our professionally executed flag football tournament will be a great success with an estimated profit of $20,000. More importantly, it will bring the DFW community together by playing towards a common goal: helping those without a place to live. Our event will be able to foster community unity and compassion in a creative way that hasn’t been done before. Habitat for Humanity’s involvement will further our success by using the funds to build a homeless shelter in the DFW community. Our team is excited to be involved in projects that will effectively allow us to meet two of our main goals: emergency relief and community celebrations. The monetary contributions and extensive amount of volunteers will definitely provide aid and promote community involvement. Our company has made the commitment to not only serve our community with our excellent products but with our philanthropic actions (Philanthropy, n.d.). Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Inc. can host the tournament during the fall of 2013 but our marketing team must immediately begin the necessary promotions and advertisements for the event. Therefore, we are asking the Dallas Chamber of Commerce to provide an amount, which is half of the cost for our tournament, by December 1, 2012 to do so. We hope that the Chamber will see our tournament's great potential and invest in a guaranteed success.

Larry D. Young
Larry D. Young, President & Chief Executive Officer

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