A WGL Company.


Water Tunneling and Bloomingdale Area Replacement Project

Washington Gas is working in conjunction with the DC Clean Rive/s - First Street Tunnel Project and will be relocating natural gas mains in the Bloomingdale area. washington Gas will also take this opportunity to upgrade mains and services as we work to provide safe and reliable natural gas service. The selection of mains and services to be replaced is based on a number of criteria including age of pipe and leak history as well as other factors.

First Street Pipe Replacement Program Whot residents should expect.
Crews will install a new plastic gas main, by direct burial under the sidewalk in the west side First Street between U and V Streets.


The new main will be tied in to an existing main and charged with gas. 5ervice crews will then start the replacement of existing services. Prior to the actual start of the service replacement, customers will be contacted by a technician to schedule the date of their service replacement.
Every effort will be made

to minimize disruption to homeowners' properties.

will be off during the service replacement, but no longer than one day.

Relighting of gas appliances will be done after the service replacement is completed. customers m ust allow the seNice crews access to all gas appliances to ensure a safe restoration of gas service.

Restoration crews will do temporary property and sidewalk restoration immediately following each service replacement.
Final restoration of property and sidewalk will commence after all services on the block are completed as weather conditions allow. Washington Gas will work restore the area to as closely to as-found condition as is possible.
Services on the east side of the block will be scheduled for replacement at a later date. Please refer to the Washington Gas notification letter for more information on this project and

on restoring your new gas service.
Thank you for your patience during this pro.iect.


Project Sched ule:


Nov. 2013


Together with DC Water First Street Tunnel project

Streets Affected
First St NW Adams St N

Adam St NW

WSt NW USTNW N Nottingham St 2"" st Nw



Thomas St TSt NW
Flagger Pl

Proiect Scooe Install: Direct Bury/lnsert



4" PLA
Direct Bury/lnsert 2" ?LA Number of
Customer Services






We constantly study our gas pipeline system to be sure it meets our service expectations-in neighborhoods both old and new. As part of our ongoing
commitment to ensure the safest, most reliable delivery of natural gas to all of our valued customers, we wlll be replacing portions of our pipeline system in communities across Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. your neighborhood is one that will benefit.
The pipelines that bring natural gas into your home or business are often made

nfrastructure lmorovement Proiect Direct Bury or Insert Main Line. Replace of Change Over Service. lmprove Safety. Increase Reliability. lmprove Services.

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emission.

Project Contacts: Frank Frost
Telephone: (703) 750 4391

Email: ffrost@washsas.com Bill Bailey

steel or cast iron. Just like other important parts of the infrastructure in our Email: wbailev@washsas.com communities, such as highways and bridges, age and condition can impact their safety and reliability. While your current system has performed well, it is now time John Barmore to replace the pipelines, usually with much longer lasting, specially-designed, Telephone: 703-966-0595
plastic pipe. Email: ibarmore@washgas.com


Telephone: 703-965-9316

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