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Horizontal cylindrical test heater

Box test heater

November 2009 edition

Also radiant wall burners. CO. Recirculation of water inside cooling system is guaranteed by an electric pump connected with a recirculation bath of 12m3. Following this principle ICE. heat release of burners to be tested is approx. UV scanners etc. with a draft at burner level of approx. Website : www. special burners for incinerators burners and firing tube burners can be tested.) or ignition devices. View of burners test rig November 2009 edition . CO2. O2 etc) • Temperature in combustion chamber • Noise levels • Flame stability at different draft and excess air It is also possible to test ancillary equipment such as pilot burners. Our furnace is horizontal cylindrical. from gas only to multiple firing burners.5m with wall thickness of 6 mm. shape and stability can be achieved by using one of the 9 sight ports provided on combustion chamber (6 on sides). A number of variables can be recorded during the tests such as: • Flame length and shape • Emissions (NOx.r. built its own burners test rig. flame detection equipment (ionisation amplifiers. stringent regulations on pollutant emissions in flue gases made imperative to lower NOx and CO levels in burner performance. This allow test at site temperature instead of higher temperature normally reached in furnaces without heat transfer. ranging from standard round flame to flat flame shapes. Moreover.5m and external dia of 2. which has to goal to produce state of the art combustion equipment. COMBUSTION CHAMBER CHARACTERISTICS Max.l. with a length of 8. To help simulating site conditions (heaters with radiant process pipes) a cooling system with water coil gas been added. in city of Cremosano (CR) A broad range of burners can be tested. Chimney is made of three section for a total height of 8. 2 in front and 1 in the back). To increase draft an electric fan with injector (placed inside chimney) can be added to reach 15 Burners • Elevated/Ground flares • Ignition / Flame detection systems • Water bath heaters • BMS systems / fuels skids INTRODUCTION Constant updates on the production program is the basis to be constantly competitive. Flame monitoring of .c.International Combustion Equipment S.0 MMKcal/hr.E-mail : info@it-ice.w. Our company has at its disposal a test area placed aside its production facility.5 m. 4. Sample ports are available for connection with flue gas analyzer or temperature transmitter Heater wall is insulated with 100mm of ceramic fibre and heater floor with 200mm of concrete cement to withstand a maximum continuous temperature of 1200°C.

following variables can be measured : • Gas flowrate by means of a metering station with flowmeters.International Combustion Equipment S. • Fuel gas pressure near burner by means of a pressure gauges. • Air fan on stack to induce draft in combustion chamber. Combustion air pressure drop thru the burner is measure by means of water column gauges. The reading point is located at the end of the combustion chamber. • Gasoil boiler to produce steam at 10 barg and 185°C capable o 250 k/h of satured steam which is used as atomising medium with oil burners and gasification system system for CH4 and C3H8 packages. NO and NO2 by GREENLINE MK2 flue gas analyser equipped with electrochemical amperometric cells.P.) • H2 (hydrogen) • CO / CO2 (carbon monoxide/dioxide) • O2 (oxygen) Any other mixture is available upon request. • Double tank system for water cooling.l. The air pressure drop across the burner could be measured by differential pressure between burner windbox and combustion chamber.E-mail : info@it-ice. Website : www. due to ceramic fibre internal lining. to 1200°C max. • Front plate for burner housing. complete of stack and water coil system and recirculation pump to control temperature (limited. Due to the characteristics of combustion Burners • Elevated/Ground flares • Ignition / Flame detection systems • Water bath heaters • BMS systems / fuels skids FUEL COMPOSITION & VARIABLES For burner tests a wide range of gaseous & liquid fuels can be used : • CH4 (natural gas – methane) • C3H8 (L. 6 all around). the burner can be tested only in horizontal . Flue gases composition will be measured by vol percentage of O2. • • Package of gas bottles for CH4 / H2 / LPG with pressure reducer and steam heater. Staged fuel burner gas Heavy Oil flame Raw burner gas flame November 2009 edition . The flame shape and dimensions can be easily checked through the existing sight ports (nr. before the connection to the stack. The temperature of the flue gases will be measured by Cr/Al thermocouple and temperature digital gauge from sample point of combustion chamber. • Various sizes of combustion air fans (for forced draught burners).r. • Heavy naphta • Diesel Oil • Liquid streams On fuels. TEST RIG DETAILS The test plant used for gas & oil burner demonstration includes near all equipment necessary to realize the requested working conditions: • Combustion chamber.

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