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Question 1. Briefly describe the business, its product /service and the market it will serve.

Also identify the needs it will fulfill. (150 words max) Answer. Keeping the idea of fulfilling a need in an innovatively delicate and wantful way in our mind, we have brought forward our business plan of a “mobile café”; to be called “café and tour (CAT)”. The business will be commenced as a partnership, for all 5 members of our group will pool our resources and utilize our technical expertise to bring forth success to this enterprise. CAT’s basic aim will clearly be providing quality food, coupled with the inducement to enjoy beautiful Islamabad as the double decker goes on. With the upper deck for families and the ground deck for other parties, CAT’s bus will, regularly, follow specific routes within Islamabad and some of its beautiful outskirts e.g. Daman-e-Koh etc. “Café and tour” will thus serve the middle and upper class of Islamabad, a city whose residents are comparatively richer and will rightly satisfy the two needs of food and travel in an innovative yet effective way. Question 2. What will be your main sources of revenue? (100 words max) Answer. Being a mobile “café”, it’s natural that greater income of “CAT” would be generated from daily sales of the wide range of food items that would constitute of both light food items like coffee, salads and shakes etc. and heavy sustenant food as well; both local and foreign. However, to promote sales, further services would be brought into practice too. For a city where partying is a routine, hanging out is a tradition and relationships lurk around every corner we have planned some services exact as the specific target audience (youngsters and couples) could demand; provision of cakes with texts upon them, decoration of tables for special occasions (upon reservation) and playing of melodic music (upon financial request) etc. would eminently increase the cash inflow. Question 3. What are the primary resources required for your business and how do you plan to finance them? (100 words max) Answer. Primarily, a legal right of operation from CDA (Capital development authority), a bus, the café furniture, fixture and fittings, chefs, and food supplies would be required to get the business started. Finance for such operations and long-term assets could be raised internally (by the partners themselves) and externally (by the help of any third-party). The partners can inject their personal savings, convince their parents or any other friends to invest, and can issue a loan from a financial institution in place. The sum of money can would be reduced as the bus would be hired or leased instead of being purchased in full. Question 4. How much growth potential will your idea offer (expansion plan)? (100 words max) Answer. “CAT” is capable of both internal and external growth. After an enough time span, after which sales would breakeven and profits would flow in, more finance could be directed to expansion of the business.

Additionally. “CAT” can initially expand its service by hiring another double decker bus in the same city.Internally. make room for international expansion (transforming “CAT” into a global enterprise). What will be your unique selling point or competitive advantage? (100 words max) Answer. “CAT” brings about a concept of eating that has never been implemented before. delicious food and amiable service staff. there would be a higher chance of emergence of customer loyalty. with these comparative advantages “CAT” would attract local and foreign tourists more than other traditional cafes and the chances of success would be higher. the café could increase its range of products whilst externally. the system of WIFI could be installed onboard to achieve consumer satisfaction. Thus. . Question 5. because of the growing need of internet. Further financial gains would make it affordable to buy business’s own busses and finally. consumers would tend to try the “Mobile café” because of the incentive of enjoying outside environment and with its prestigious and decorative interior. Instead of eating in the same environment continuously. followed by expansion of services into other metropolises such as Lahore and Peshawar.