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Session Objectives  Determine when to apply a joint efficiency "E" in pressure vessel design Eng. Ibrahim Eldesoky 3 .  Solve sample problems Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www. CIC-Egypt.  Determine the correct "E" value based on joint type and degree of radiography.  Review and understand the terms joint "category“ and "type".  Review ASME stamping requirements when radiography is performed.

com Eng.  UW-3 Welded joint category.Referenced Code Paragraphs  UG-27 Shells under internal under pressure. Ibrahim Eldesoky 4 . pressure on the concave side.  UW-12 Joint efficiencies  Table UW-12 Maximum allowable joint efficiencies  UG-116(e) Required marking (nameplates or direct stamping) Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www.  Figure UW-3 Illustration of Welded Joint Location. CIC-Egypt.  UG-32 Formed heads.

com Eng. Ibrahim Eldesoky 5 .UG-27 Thickness of Shells Under Internal Pressure An efficiency value "E" applies only to shells under internal pressure. CIC-Egypt. Pressure Shell in tension Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Shell in compression Www.

or the efficiency of ligaments between Eng. Ibrahim Eldesoky 6 . Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www. whichever is less. or the efficiency of appropriate joint in cylindrical or spherical shells. CIC-Egypt.E = joint efficiency for.

com Convex Eng. Pressure on the Concave Side E = lowest efficiency of any joint in the head.UG-32 Formed Heads and Sections. CIC-Egypt. for hemispherical heads. Ibrahim Eldesoky 7 . this includes head-to-shell joint tension Pressure compression Concave Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www.

Ibrahim Eldesoky 8 . CIC-Egypt. Pressure on the Concave Side Example: Vessel subject to internal pressure Convex Head Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Concave Head Eng.UG-32 Formed Heads and Sections.

 Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www. Eng. B. but not the type of joint.  Joints included in each category are designated as A. C or D. Ibrahim Eldesoky 9 .The term Category as used herein defines the location of a joint in a vessel.  Categories are assigned based on the type and degree of stresses imposed at various locations within a vessel.

Ibrahim Eldesoky 10 .com Eng. CIC-Egypt.Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www.

to nozzles. nozzles. sumps). CIC-Egypt. transitions in diameter. or nozzles.  any joint in a sphere. or to communicating chambers. transitions in diameter.  circumferential welded joints connecting formed heads other than hemispherical to main shells.  (b) Category B  Circumferential welded joints within the main shell. Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Eng. communicating chambers (eg. or to communicating chambers.  circumferential welded joints connecting hemispherical heads to shells. formed or flat head or side plates in flat sided vessels. communicating chambers or transitions in diameter. (a) Category A  Longitudinal joints within the main shell. Ibrahim Eldesoky 11 .

CIC-Egypt. Ibrahim Eldesoky 12 Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) . Head attachment examples Category A joint any joint in a sphere hemi head to shell Category B joint Cylindrical straight flange (skirt) formed head other than hemi Eng.

spheres. tube sheets. flat sided vessels. Van Stone laps. or flat heads to:  main shells.(c) Category C  Welded joints connecting flanges. to formed heads. Ibrahim Eldesoky 13 . and nozzles to communicating chambers Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www. to nozzles or to communicating chambers. to heads.  to transitions in diameter.  Any welded joint connecting one side plate to another side plate of a flat sided vessel. (d) Category D  Welded joints connecting communicating chambers or nozzles to: main shells. transitions in Eng. CIC-Egypt.

 Types 1 through 3 are butt joints. Only type 1 and 2 butt joints may be radiographed in order to improve efficiency. Types 7 and 8 have no assigned efficiency.  Type 1 has the highest efficient. type 6 has the lowest efficient. CIC-Egypt. types 4 through 6 are lap joints. Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Eng. Type 7 is a corner joint and 8 is an angle joint. Ibrahim Eldesoky 14 .Joint Types  8 Joint types are identified.

both sides must be visible Examples: Type 2. Eng. Ibrahim Eldesoky 15 . butt welded with backing Fig.Examples: Type 1. CIC-Egypt. Butt welded.1 sketch (k) "joggle joint" Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) backing left in place Www.

double full fillet lap joint Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www.Examples: Type 3. single welded butt welded without backing not viewed internally Eng. Ibrahim Eldesoky 16 . CIC-Egypt. small diameter pipe or assemblies with space or visibility restrictions Examples: Type 4.

single full fillet lap joints with plug welds Plug Weld Examples: Type 6.single full fillet lap joint without plug welds Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www. Eng. Ibrahim Eldesoky 17 .Examples: Type 5.

UW-12 Joint Efficiencies Table UW-12 gives the joint efficiencies "E" to be used in the formulas of this Division for joints completed by gas or an arc welding process. a joint efficiency depends only on the type of joint and the degree of examination of the joint and doesn't depend on the degree of examination of any other Eng.  The user or his designated agent [U-2(a)] shall establish the type of joint and the degree of examination when the rules of this Division do not mandate specific requirements. CIC-Egypt. Ibrahim Eldesoky 18 . Except as required by UW-11(a)(5). Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www.

Ibrahim Eldesoky 19 .(a) full radiography (b) spot radiography (c) no radiograph (d) seamless pressure vessel sections and heads (e) welded pipe or tubing (f) welds completed by pressure welding processes Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Eng. CIC-Egypt.

 UW-12(c) No Radiography  Per column (c) of Table UW-12 Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www. Ibrahim Eldesoky 20 . UW-12(b) Spot radiography  Per column (b) of Table UW-12  Performed per UW-52* [see UW-11(b)] * Minimum one film (at least 6 inches long) per welder for each 50 foot increment of deposited weld metal. Eng.

com Eng.80 for welds completed by any of the pressure welding processes listed in UW-27(a). CIC-Egypt. Ibrahim Eldesoky 21 . UW-12(f) Pressure Welding Processes  A value of E not greater than 0. Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www. a value not greater than that listed in column (b) of Table UW-12 shall be used. except when the requirements of UW-11(a)(5) are not met.  UW-12( a) Full Radiography  Use the efficiency specified in column (a) of Table UW12.

such as UW-9(d). shall not be used to satisfy the rules for spot radiography. Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www. Ibrahim Eldesoky 22 .  UW-52(b)(4) Radiographs required at specific locations to satisfy the rules of other paragraphs. meet the requirements for spot radiography per UW 2. and UW-14(b). UW-11(a)(5) applies to all Category A or D butt welds in vessel sections and heads designed per UW-12(a). UW11(a)(5)(b). in which case:  (a) Category A and B welds connecting vessel sections or heads shall be Type 1 or 2 of Table  (b) Category B or C butt welds which intersect category A butt welds in vessel sections or heads. CIC-Egypt. or connect seamless vessel sections or heads shall as a Eng.

 UW-12(a) Full Radiography  Use column (a) of Table UW-12. in which and all Category A welds are type 1. Formed head other than hemi Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www. use column (b) of Table Hemi head Eng. Ibrahim Eldesoky 23 . except when UW11(a)(5) is not met.  UW 12(d) Seamless Vessel Sections and Heads  are considered equivalent to welded parts of the same geometry. CIC-Egypt.

or 0.0 UW-11(a)(5)(b) spot RT not met.0 when the spot radiography requirements of UW 11(a) (5)(b) are met.85 Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www. CIC-Egypt..UW-12(d) can't. Ibrahim Eldesoky 24 . E = 1.. E= 0. For calculations involving circumferential stress in vessel sections or for the thickness of seamless heads. Formed head other than hemi Hemi head UW-11(a)(5)(b) spot RT performed. E= 1.85 when they are not Eng.

0 UW-11(a)(5)(b) spot RT not Eng. E= 0. (eg. and the requirements of UW-12(d) applied. but treated like seamless [UW-12(d)] UW-11(a)(5)(b) spot RT performed. * Manufactured in accordance with a material specification permitted by this Division.UW-12(e) Welded pipe or tubing* shall be treated in the same manner as seamless.85 Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www. ERW pipe) Welded. E= 1. CIC-Egypt. not fabricated by the vessel manufacturer as a vessel part. but with the allowable tensile stress taken from the welded product values of the stress tables. Ibrahim Eldesoky 25 .

Ibrahim Eldesoky 26 .com Eng. CIC-Egypt. marking shall be applied under the Code symbol as follows:  RT-1  RT-2  RT-3  RT-4 Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www.UG-116(e) Required Marking  When a vessel has been radiographed in accordance with UW-11.

when the complete vessel satisfies the requirements of UW 11(a)(5) and when spot RT rules of UW 11(a)(5)(b) have been applied. Hemi head Eng. CIC-Egypt. (29mm). Full radiography of all pressure retaining butt welded joints.UG-116(e) Required Marking RT-l. Formed head. Other than Hemi Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www. except Category B & C butt welds in nozzles and communicating chambers that neither exceed IMPS 10 (DN 250) nor 1-1/8 in. Ibrahim Eldesoky 27 .

com Hemi head Eng. when only part of the complete vessel has satisfied the radiographic requirements of UW-11(a) or where none of the markings RT-1. Ibrahim Eldesoky 28 . Other than Hemi Hemi head RT-4. Other than Hemi Cairo Inspection Company (CIC) Www. or RT 3 are applicable Formed head. CIC-Egypt.UG-116(e) Required Marking RT-3. RT-2. Formed head. when the complete vessel satisfies the spot radiography rules of UW-11(b).

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