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Meet Siona Fernandes: The fighting danseuse
Sumantra Maitra


iona Fernandes still likes to be known as a Goan girl who studied the art of Bharatanatyam for 17 years under the Gurukul system. Born a catholic, she embraced this art form which is based on mainly hinduism but is now a believer of buddism, all of which are her roots and Indian origin. “My journey has been one where life has shown me that if your carry your strengths in the times of weakness you will always find victory in the end!” She completed her masters in psychology in Bangalore University, and decided to visit her father soon after, here in New Zealand. After getting a job at the Auckland city mission as a social worker and her work permit, she followed what was her dream, and eventually represented New Zealand in the Olympics in Boxing, and has never been home since. “This country has provided me with other opportunities, such as a current practicing career in the fitness industry, my training in the NZ army defence force , as a medic and infantry qualified soldier, and undoubtedly my boxing. Coming from India, it’s a lot less busy here both population and lifestyle, very similar to Goa, so I quiet enjoy it here, however Bangalore had a lot more going for me , as in studies and dancing and sport, while it’s hard to find that

“I believe this is my call, to dance and inspire others around me and show them how!”
“Yes, India is about color. And the festival was full of it. being the biggest minority communities in Auckland I wish to be welcomed in assisting the people live better lifestyles and address their health concerns, promoting better wellbeing within this community if not already. Ayurveda is the best form of nutrition yet very little of us follow this due to poor lifestyle choices. I wish to renew this natural form of medicine and hence my trip to India in Jan 2014 will include a study qualification in Ayurveda to bring it back to our community here.” Her future plans ahead, is to find support to help her perform shows in the country and community and inspire the youth and those who seek a better lifestyle, be it through dance or other forms of fitness best suited to them. “I believe this is my call, to dance and inspire others around me and show them how!”

momentum here.” When it comes to being influenced, she think s of two people in my life, one my dance Guru, Prof M.R.Krishnamurthy, and secondly David Tua, who truly showed me the reasons behind the art of boxing. Participating in the games was an experience of a lifetime having shared 3 months of intensive training with the most amazing athletes in the world, learning various training systems and understanding different natures of coaching. London was an athlete’s paradise to most, but to her it was a test of will for glory. “After my bout, the experience of the closing ceremony was moving, knowing that all these athletes work so hard and suffer so much pain, for glory, that’s worth dying for.” She still is fixed to her roots. The style of

Bharatanatyam she practices is Kalakshetra style, founded by Rukmini Devi. It’s more rigid in its style calling for clear distinct flow of movement that cannot be altered. “I was 6 year old when my mother put me into dance class” she remembers, “I topped the merit list and was given a scholarship for further study within the country and got admitted to Kalakshetra in Chennai, however, being a goan got the better of me and I struggled to adjust to the lifestyle and cuisine at the school!” The past 6 years have been very busy and productive for her sporting career and passions. The frequent travelling left little free time to be involved in culturally. However this year was her first celebration of Diwali on Queens St, which incidentally made her realize that how long there was no color in her life.

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Diwali stamps celebrate diversity at the festival of lights


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o mark the 2013 Diwali festival of lights, Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi MP has presented Prime Minister John Key and Ethnic Affairs Minister Judith Collins with specially designed NZ Post stamps at the Parliamentary celebration this evening. “Diwali allows all New Zealanders to share in the colour and heritage of India and it’s fantastic to see so many diverse Kiwis embracing this celebration,” Mr Bakshi said. “To reflect this fusion of Kiwi and Indian culture, this year we have specially designed stamps with a New Zealand fern and Diwali symbols” added further It is an honour to have presented these

symbolic stamps to the Prime Minister and Ethnic Affairs Minister here at Parliament as we celebrate this wonderful festival with members of New Zealand’s Indian community. Indians have a long-standing history in New Zealand, with the first Indian migrants arriving in the late 1800s. Since then Indian Kiwis have become vital contributors to New Zealand’s social, cultural and economic fabric. “Diwali, alongside other Indian and ethnic celebrations, have become permanent fixtures on New Zealand’s cultural calendar, with Diwali celebrated at Parliament for a number of years and Kiwis of all origins joining in the celebrations”, Mr Bakshi said.

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New taxpayers lobby group on the horizon
Jordan Williams determined to spread awareness about tax wastage

Ramayan in Human Physiology – Auckland Lecture highlights breakthrough discovery



he meeting with Jordan Williams was arranged with the editorial team of Indian Weekender. Here was this happy looking man, the rising star in constitutional activism in New Zealand, sitting in our office to talk about his newest venture, Taxpayers.org.nz, a lobby group about lower tax and old school libertarianism. The inevitable question was, how did he come up with this idea, and what was the inspiration. “It was Experience in the UK of meeting of similar network – Taxpayers Alliance., why not here?” His argument is simple and valid. There is a huge gap here to represent the interests of all New Zealand taxpayers. Massive cost over runs and wastage. Awareness is needed and that is exactly what this union is inclined to deliver. “Our aim is clear, to ensure that tax payers’ money is not wasted and we will work with any political party to ensure this as an independent watchdog,” he said. But how does he define waste? Clearly what is waste to right wing of the political spectrum is necessity to the left, and vice versa? “We’re working on categorising it into appropriate spending, excessive spending and dumb spending.” “Like for example Student loans are okay, but should be given to people who really need it. Or the example of dumb spending is the Drive Social

campaign. I mean, they are spending taxpayer’s money to tell people to be good to each other? It is ridiculous!” There is a specific structure around the issues that the Union will scrutinize. The membership based organization hopes to become New Zealand’s largest. “The membership fee currently is five dollars. We are funded by members and donors,” said Mr. Williams. They’re planning to upgrade it to a think tank in the future. He is certain this will not conflict with the organization’s vision to remain independent as he says that corporates are treated the same as members. The Union is different from other lobby groups as it is one voice dedicated to representing the interest of all tax and rate payers. The setup is democratic, funded by funders (corporate donors) and members. “We pick and choose the issues quite carefully and are treading quite carefully now. We will have publications in 2 years’ time.” In this way, Williams believes that a need gap in the political field is being filled. “Future plans include thorough scrutiny of public spending, a journal and gaining a strong voice as an independent lobby group.” - IWK Bureau

special lecture by an international expert is being held in Auckland at the beginning of December to throw fresh light on the role of Vedic Literature in connecting the constituents of the universe with the make-up of our own bodies. The speaker will be Dr Tony Nader MD Phd, a medical doctor who was chosen by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to assume leadership of the worldwide Transcendental Meditation organisation which he did after the passing of Maharishi early in 2008. His Auckland lecture will outline his breakthrough discovery by establishing a clear correlation between the characters and events of the Ramayana and every part of our own physiology. “It will serve as a revelation to those who desire a greater understanding of the unity underlying all that makes us human,” says Gary P. Kaplan, M.D., Ph.D., Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology at Hofstra University School of Medicine His desire to gain total understanding of the human mind and body—of consciousness and physiology—led him to the study of Maharishi Vedic Science and Technology under the guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. On the basis of his knowledge of physiology, Dr. Nader successfully correlated each aspect of the Vedic Literature to a specific area of physiology, with the conclusion that human physiology is the expression of Veda and the Vedic Literature. This is the subject matter of his first book,

Human Physiology: Expression of Veda and the Vedic Literature. In appreciation for his achievements in illuminating Vedic Science in the light of modern science, Dr. Nader was honoured by Maharishi in the year 2000 with the title ‘Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam’ and given responsibility for guiding the Global Country of World Peace, the umbrella name for the global TM organisation. In his most recent book, Ramayan in Human Physiology, Dr. Nader’s scientific analysis finds the ancient epic of the Ramayan to be a precise scientific description of how our body functions and evolves. This analysis is the basis of the lecture he will be giving at Auckland’s Langham Hotel in Symonds Street between 1-4pm on Sunday, December 1st. Dr Nader himself states that study of physiology in terms of the structure of the Veda is that revelation of our scientific age which raises the individual dignity of human beings to the cosmic dignity of the universe. He says there is nothing beyond one grand field of consciousness, which holds: body is mind – matter is intelligence – physiology is consciousness. Dr. Nader received his M.D. degree from the American University of Beirut. His Ph.D. is in the area of Brain and Cognitive Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and he completed post-doctoral work as a Clinical and Research Fellow in Neurology at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School. - IWK Bureau

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Yogathon 2013 breaks records


New Zealand completes 104,337 Surya Namaskars
two years ago that the national target has been so close. It was indeed a great achievement that the participants took the count beyond the 100,000 mark”, said Ms Komal Shah, National coordinator for Yogathon 2013. The ages of participants in Yogathon NZ 2013 varied from late 70s to teens and children. Kushagra, a five year old from HSS Pakuranga,

ealth for Humanity’ Yogathon 2013 that was recently organized by Yogathon NZ had a big community support. It broke the previous records and crossed 100,000 Surya Namaskar (sun salutations) repetitions for the first time. Yogathon NZ is a division of Hindu Council of New Zealand. It has been organising annual

Yogathon since 2011. This year it took place from 12th to 26th October at various cities and towns. Participants throughout the country performed Surya Namaskars according to their abilities, kept a count and reported their totals to Yogathon New Zealand team. The aim was to complete 108 000 Surya Namaskar (sun salutations) repetitions by participants from all over New Zealand over a two week period. “This is the first time since the launch of ‘Health for Humanity Yogathon’ in New Zealand

performed 379 Surya Namaskars which was remarkable. Yogathon aims to create awareness of the practice of Yoga and its health benefits. During Yogathon, the organising committee tries their best to connect interested New Zealander to a yoga teacher or centre that can teach Sun Salutations and basic yoga at no cost. This is the third year of the Yogathon event, and the team is incredibly humbled by the overwhelming public support. - IWK Bureau



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Two years full scholarship for Indian Students at ICA
IWK Bureau


nternational College of Auckland (ICA) formally inaugurated Wenceslaus Anthony Excellence Scholarship today at a prestigious ceremony held at the ICA campus. Mr Qaiser Rashid – Dean of ICA compered the function with Mr James Zhu – Principal ICA, opening the function with a welcome speech. His Highness Prince of Arcot, Nawab Mohammad Abdul Ali and His Excellency Deputy High Commissioner of India Mr Sanjay Verma formally inaugurated the scholarship. The scholarship is named after Mr Wenceslaus Anthony who has been Chairman of the ICA Local Advisory Board for the past seven years. The scholarship covers full tuition fee for two years for an overseas student from India each year. In his inaugural address, His Highness Nawab Mohammad Abdul Ali emphasized on the importance of education in order to promote peace and harmony across the globe. He acknowledged and praised that the ICA scholarship will go a very long way towards transforming individuals who are not able to bear the high costs of studies due to the education business model of these days. His Excellency Deputy High Commissioner for India Mr Sanjay Verma mentioned that the scholarship would bring two government relations more close. He encouraged and congratulated ICA for the generous allocation

of the scholarship each year. Dr Rajen Prasad and Mr Kanwaljit Bakshi, members of the New Zealand Parliament acknowledged ICA’s contribution towards the wider ethnic communities and the role played by Wenceslaus in building relationship between India and New Zealand. Mr Bhav Dhillon, Chairman of the scholarship committee provided the detailed overview of the Wenceslaus Anthony Excellence Scholarship. He assured that quality and integrity shall be adhered while granting this prestigious merit cum need scholarship in India. Mr Bhav Dhillon, spoke of Wenceslaus association with James and ICA from New Lynn for over 7 years now. Wenceslaus focus was on quality, students support, professional faculty and continuous

improvement. Wenceslaus philosophy was not only providing Education but in the totality development of the student. It has been purely on an honorary basis because of his passion for education and the openness of James to take advice and implement. The scholarship Committee comprises of the Chair and Rev.Dr.N.Casimir Raj S.J -well respected and leading Jesuit Management Academician in India and the Principal of ICAJames Zhu. Mr Wenceslaus Anthony mentioned in his talk that he was pleased ICA was meeting its corporate social responsibilities. “I am only humbled to see the scholarship named after my name,” he further said. He went on to remind the gathering that the students have left their

home Country and have come to New Zealand and they need the support of the Community too. He concluded by encouraging the students with a verse from the poem that they should NEVER QUIT“DON’T QUIT” When things go wrong as they sometimes will, When the road you’re trudging seems all up hill, When the funds are low and the debts are high And you want to smile, but you have to sigh, When care is pressing you down a bit, Rest, if you must, but don’t you quit. Various businesspersons and professionals from various sectors participated in the inauguration.

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Docu by Minnie Vaid on Maoist sympathiser screened at Waikato Uni

aikato Department of Management communication and political science and public policy department jointly presented the screening of “A Doctor to Defend”, a documentary by Minnie Vaid, followed by a talk by the director, on 14th November. Minnie Vaid is a writer, journalist, and film-maker. She started her career with the Times of India Group, moving on to video journalism, and later to documentarymaking on issues of social justice and social change, from left of the spectrum. She has made films on whistle- blowers, women’s self-help groups, and indigenous forest conservation by Tribals. She has also written two books, one on Dr Binayak Sen and another on the human rights activist, Irom Sharmila, who has been on hunger strike from 2000. She is currently working on her third book on the people’s protest against the nuclear plant in Koodankulam, in southern India. This is a documentary about Dr Binayak Sen – who led a life as a village doctor helping poor tribals in a truly backward state in India – Chhattisgarh – for almost 30 years till he crossed paths with the state by exposing human rights abuses in even more

remote and dangerous areas. It is also alleged that he was a sympathizer of the banned Maoist movement in India. He was in jail for 2 years under charges of sedition and being a ‘fake doctor.’ Human rights activists in India and elsewhere, Amnesty International, Nobel Laureates, and thousands of supporters across the world protested against his incarceration. And the matter is still very much debatable in India and draws emotive response from both side of political spectrum. The event was attended by around 40 people, including academics, and activists. - IWK Bureau

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Marriages are made in heaven…and ‘Knotted’ on earth
The search for your true love may be too long or sometimes it is just a glance. If we talk about our Indian community where arrange marriages are preferred, being abroad, is a challenging task to find a suitable partner for their child in own community or culture. But now Indian Community can complete their search with the help of ‘Knotted’ the very first matrimonial service that works for matchmaking within the Indian Community in NZ. It is not just a matrimonial site but the matchmakers have a much more personalized approach to every registration made to them. Once a person is registered with Knotted, he is being called up for a personal session to gather all the desired requirements and preferences. Based on details, further meetings are fixed up that can be extended to take final decisions. The matchmakers keep in touch regularly to help meeting the right person. “When it comes to human compatibility human intuitions always beats computer algorithms so we believe in personal approach rather that just working online” says Nidhi Chadha, matchmaker, ‘Knotted matrimonial services’. The ‘Knotted’ team talked about the youth and have stable careers in NZ. Therefore finding the perfect match becomes challenging, when referred to all the desired requirements. Maximum number of people go for horoscope matching as it is a longstanding tradition and hence matchmakers work accordingly to provide full satisfaction to the clients. But there are also a large number of people who are open to inter caste marriages as well. To most of whom personalities, family backgrounds, careers and compatibility are far more important. As per Khushi Bhandari, matchmaker, ‘Knotted’ says, “All Indian communities are roping in for registrations. Majority of them are from North Indian community from India residing in NZ, Fiji Indian community from NZ and Australia, Mumbai and Gujarati community residing in Auckland & Wellington, South Indian community, Muslim (Sunni) community from Auckland, Sri Lankan as well as Nepalese clients”. Being a new and first Indian matrimonial service in NZ, it is doing great and has already arranged lots of successful matches and looking forward to make more successful hookups. If you want to get knotted please visit ‘knotted.co.nz’ or contact: Nidhi Chadha, contact no: +642102172425, email: nidhi@knotted.co.nz or Khushi Bhandari, contact no: +64210486462, email: khushi@knotted.co.nz

challenges they are facing in their work. All clients opting for the service want quick turnovers. But the team also educates them about the time taken in the process of finding the perfect match. All the clients are highly eligible bachelors in the prime of their

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Five years delivering for New Zealanders
Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi


ive years ago, a combination of a domestic recession, the Global Financial Crisis and poor government-decision-making meant New Zealand was teetering. Government spending under Labour had risen 50 per cent in five years. Families were battling high inflation and mortgage rates of over 10 per cent. One in five teenagers were leaving school unable to read and write properly. Forecasts for unemployment were growing. New Zealanders wanted change. They wanted greater security, and better prospects. They wanted policies that they knew made economic sense. They turned to National. The day after we were elected, we got to work. And we haven’t stopped working since. A Global Financial Crisis and devastating Canterbury earthquakes would have knocked back the most robust of economies, and the most resilient of people. But the Government and New Zealanders have persevered. We have worked together and it’s that combination of effort and direction which has got us to the much stronger position we enjoy today. As the economy grows, we are seeing new

jobs being created, and unemployment falling. New Zealand is among the top handful of countries for growth in the developed world. Inflation is at record lows. So are mortgage interest rates. The Government is on track to surplus. We’ve made big improvements to the public services families rely on – like healthcare and education. More surgery is happening than ever before, and parents with children at primary school, under our Government, are actually entitled to know how they’re going. It’s taken five years to reach this point, and there is so much more to come. Our clear four-point plan is working. We’re responsibly managing the government’s finances, because that’s our job. We’re building a more competitive and productive economy, because that will provide more opportunities for job-seekers whether they’re just entering the workforce, or whether they’re gradually moving out of it. It will also provide more security for all of us if there are any more unexpected shocks. We’re delivering better public services, because taxpayers deserve to see results from their taxes. And we’re rebuilding Christchurch because it needs to be done. We know things are still tough for lots of people, but five years after we were first elected, the economy is in much better shape, prospects are good, and the future is brighter.

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A True Cultural Banquet
IWK Bureau


ilms are playing increasingly important role in establishing and maintaining cultural connect for many Asian and Polynesian communities who have chosen to make New Zealand their home. The stories and visuals build bridges for people from different ethnic groups and communities to share their history, lifestyle, thinking and feeling, also to exchange their cultures. It has improved culture understanding, and made Auckland a more colorful society.

Night ( 4 Nov), Korea Night (5 Nov) and India Night (6 Nov). The audience not only enjoy the films, but also had a great time attending the event. They wore their own ethnic costumes, mixed and mingled with people from various communities at the cocktails function. The performances of Japanese Tamashi drummer, Chinese folk music, Korean and Indian folk dance presented before some of the showcases have added special colors to this Festival. The event turned out even more suprising as 2 lucky draws were made every day sponsered by Telecom together with Samsung

A Reserve Bank Act that will deliver jobs is needed
Winston Peters


For the first time, Telecom Asia Pacific Film Festival was held in Auckland. The one week festival immensed from 31st October in Rialto Cinema, Auckland. The Film Festival was organized by New Zealand Asia Trust, a nonprofit organization, with mission to promote Asian culture in New Zealand and improve culture understanding cross different ethnic groups in the region. New Zealand Asia Trust is a young organization which is committed to culture exchange by bringing more events to this multi-culture society. It presented 12 specially selected films from China, India, Korea, Vietnam, New Zealand and Hong Kong, including the premier of “Ghost Bride” - New Zealand supernatural romance, the prize winning film “Miracle In Cell No.7” from Korea, “Ranjhana” from India, and the latest 3D blockbuster “Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon” from China. Apart from showcase of 12 well selected films, the Festival is also the first event that has engaged different Asian communities in three feature nights during a week-long event, being China

he high New Zealand dollar is crippling our manufacturers and exporters. Most weeks, we read or hear stories of another business that has had to lay off staff or close up shop for good. There may be several reasons why, but there is one commonality – the high New Zealand dollar has made it that much harder to compete. Recently, our Reserve Bank of New Zealand (Amending Primary Function of Bank) Amendment Bill had its first reading. Unfortunately, it was voted down 59-61. The legislation was critical because no other single economic policy initiative would have delivered so much in terms of benefits to the New Zealand economy. The purpose of our Bill was clear. We need a Reserve Bank Act that will deliver jobs, grow exports and achieve price stability. The current Act remains rooted in the 1980s with a focus only on inflation – and this has been immensely damaging to our export-dependent economy. It is clear to see that the current Act is not

working. We have an overvalued exchange rate which has resulted in numerous companies closing. Our productive capacity as a country is shrinking. Many countries treat their exchange rate as a fundamental economic parameter – that the exchange rate must be at a level that serves the wider national interest. Critics say that a lower dollar may put prices up. But isn’t it better to have a short, incremental movement to a lower dollar than a complete collapse? The blunt truth is that our chronically overvalued dollar is eroding our prosperity and living standards. Parliament had the chance to make a difference that Wednesday night. Unfortunately, 61 temporarily elected politicians chose not to make a real difference for the better.

All Asian communities have banded together through this event. The Indian MP, Chinese consul general, Japanese consul general, president of Korean society, director of Japanese society, local board member of Auckland Council, and other community leaders and media merchants like Lee Kum have attended and supported this Festival.



“Do you support the Government selling up to 49% of Meridian Energy, Mighty River Power, Genesis Power, Solid Energy and Air New Zealand?”
Time is running out to enrol. You must be enrolled by Thursday 21 November to receive your voting paper in the mail, otherwise you’ll miss out. Check your enrolment details online at elections.org.nz or at a local PostShop. If you’re not enrolled or have changed address you need to enrol now. It’s easy!
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Indian migrants visa applications to be reassessed
Mr Stone points out that allowing partners to join international students is a great way for New Zealand’s education sector to market courses to overseas students who pay around three times the fees of national students. NZAMI played a major role in building the professionalism of the immigration industry in New Zealand and protecting the rights of migrant applicants.

he Ombudsman acted upon submissions by immigration advisers and New Zealand Association for Migration and Investment related to the cases, where Some 480 visa applications from potential Indian migrants declined by Immigration New Zealand (INZ). Despite appearing to comply with the requirements temporary entry visas were rejected of the partners of student or work visa

NZAMI played a major role in building the professionalism of the immigration industry in New Zealand and protecting the rights of migrant applicants.
holders already here in New Zealand. All This follows investigations by the Chief Ombudsman into how these applications were assessed by INZ’s New Delhi and Mumbai offices and are being re opened for reassessment. Mr Stone says these potential migrants have applied for visas because our immigration policies allow for partners of foreign students and workers to come to New Zealand to join them. In the majority of cases the student partner has already come to New Zealand and invested tens of thousands of dollars in an education here. Just recently Government announced plans to encourage growth in New Zealand’s education sector. New Zealand migration and corporate relocation specialist, has also beaten off competition from 165 countries to be named the Cartus Global Destination Service Provider of 2013 at a major convention attended by more than 2500 delegates in Dallas, Texas recently. “We’re very proud of Woburn International’s achievement in winning this award. Our organization aims to build the the professionalism of the immigration industry in New Zealand, and this award shows NZ advisers can be world-beaters when it comes to service,” explains NZAMI chair, Walter Stone. - IWK Bureau

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Sudima High Tea on 6th December a special event for all ages
he Sudima Hotel at Auckland Airport is holding a special event on Friday 6th December – a fairytale high tea for mothers, daughters and friends everywhere with the proceeds going to Make-A-Wish. Tickets are now on sale for what promises to be a delightful afternoon event. Annabel Lush, Fundraising and Marketing Manager for Make-A-Wish explains “We enjoy a great partnership with the Sudima Hotels and are delighted to be involved in this special event. We are inviting “princesses” of all ages to take part” Make-A-Wish grants the very special wishes of children aged 3-17 throughout New Zealand who have life threatening medical conditions to bring them hope, strength and joy at such a challenging time in their lives. These are children like Simoné, aged 12 who has a tumour on her spine. Her wish is to have a fabulous holiday in Melbourne as she has a friend living there. Simoné is an amazing baker and spoils her family with her treats. When asked if she could invent something, she replied that she would build a house made of rainbow cake! Simoné will be coming to the High Tea with her mum “We thought that this would be the perfect event for Simoné with her love of baking cakes” said Annabel. “she has had a tough few months with hospital stays and treatments so we are looking forward to making a fuss of her”. As well as the high tea, guests will receive a goody bag and be able to purchase gifts for the holiday season ahead.

China’s national day celebrations in Auckland

at 10:00 AM. Its President Dr. Anwar Ghani would be a part of the panel of New Zealand’s Transnational Links with the Muslim World with other Ministers and officials of New Zealand government. Moreover TV3 Journalist Mr Ali Ikram will present closing commentary.

102nd National Day of the Republic of China [Taiwan] 102nd National Day of the Republic of China [Taiwan] was celebrated in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Albert Street, Auckland on 10th of October. In the celebration ‘Al Haj Mohamed Iqbal’ representative of ‘World Muslim Congress’ in New Zealand since 1972, also made his valuable presence at the occasion along with Mr. Lincoln Ting The Director General of The Taipei Economic and Cultural in NZ.

Fiji Indian Cultural Workshop
SAFVPN (Safer Aotearoa Family Violence Protection Network) is a network made up of member organizations and individuals who are committed to promoting wellbeing and prevention of violence in the families or its members. This organization provides information, support and learning about family violence prevention. Believing that every individual has the right to live in safe nurturing environment without a fear of violence, a Fiji Indian cultural workshop on 29th of November at Manukau Room, Auckland Council 31-33 Manukau Station Road, Manukau has been organized.

To find out more and to book your tickets (only $30 for adults and $10 for children), please contact Rakesh on rakeshc@sudimaauckland.co.nz or call 09 551 8888 For more information on Make-AWish and the magical wishes that are granted, go to www.makeawish.org. nz or contact 0800 807080 Or Annabel Lush, Make-A-Wish Annabel@makeawish.org.nz 021 738 990

World Muslim Forum Conference in New Zealand
Office of Ethnic Affairs within the Ministry of Internal Affairs of New Zealand has arranged for wide participation of people from diverse background to join World Muslim Forum conference. The conference promoted by New Zealand Government missions to enhance its Building Bridges Program started in 2005. The event would be at Aotea Square in Auckland City on 23rd Nov 2013. The program aims to create better connections, meaningful collaboration and open communication to support the maintenance of New Zealand’s social harmony. This comes in the background of New Zealand’s economy that is contributed by significant trade relations with Muslim world. Registration starts in the morning at 9:15 AM, and Minister of Internal Affairs, Judith Collins will deliver opening address

Divyesh Naidu –a super talented drum player
Divyesh Naidu is a talented drum player who made upto the finals of Balmora Talent Show also exhibited his talent at New Zealand’s Got talent this season. The boy was one of the entrants from the various ethnic groups at the quest. Being a Kiwi-Indian is a real advantage for him where the wonderful blend of two cultures is an additional value and having the best of both worlds.

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Aussia – Kiwi MPs detained in Sri Lanka, Tamils protest


ri Lankan immigration authorities briefly detained an Australian and a New Zealand politician on a fact-finding mission into alleged human rights abuses, officials said. Immigration officials held Australian Senator Lee Rhiannon and New Zealand MP Jan Logie shortly before they were to hold a press conference about their mission, an opposition Sri Lankan lawmaker said. “They were accused of breaching visa conditions, but they had ‘special projects visas’ to be in Sri Lanka on a fact-finding mission,” Tamil lawmaker M. A. Sumanthiran told AFP. An immigration official confirmed the pair were detained briefly at their hotel room for questioning, but declined to give details. Sumanthiran of the Tamil National Alliance said the pair had been questioned because the government was “paranoid” about foreigners looking into the country’s dismal rights record. “Publicly, the government says anyone can come here and see for themselves, but actually they don’t want the world to know what is happening here,” he said. He said the two were eventually freed because they were scheduled anyway to leave the country on Sunday. The pair had travelled to the island’s former northern war zone to look into cases of human rights abuses, four years after government forces crushed Tamil rebels to end a decades-long separatist war.

The move came less than two weeks after Sri Lanka kicked out two Australian media rights activists who were meeting local rights activists. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has already said he will not attend the November 15-17 Comonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will also skip the summit over the alleged war crimes by Colombo, a government source said in New Delhi Sunday. Sri Lanka faced censure at the UN Human Rights Council over its failure to probe allegations that up to 40,000 civilians were killed by its troops in the final months of the battle with Tamil rebels in 2009, charges the country has denied. - IWK Bureau



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India to host hockey WC in 2018
top properties to England and India. I would also like to congratulate all of the National Associations that submitted bids for these events. The standard was exceptionally high, making the decision extremely hard for the FIH Executive Board, ” Negre said. The women’s tournament in England is scheduled to take place from July 7 to July 21, 2018. The men’s event in India is planned for Dec 1 to Dec 16, 2018. “Both the Men’s and Women’s Hockey World Cups 2018 will feature an increased 16-nation field of participants, confirming the growing interest and development of the sport. Next year’s hugely anticipated Rabobank Hockey World Cup, which takes place in The Hague, Netherlands during the first two weeks of June, will see twelve men’s and twelve women’s teams competing in a mammoth double event, read the FIH statement. Indian had hosted the hockey World Cup in 2010.

he International Hockey Federation (FIH) has announced that India will host men’s hockey World Cup in 2018. England will host the women’s World Cup in the same year. “We are delighted to announce that England and India will host the Hockey World Cups in 2018. England Hockey were successful in their bid to host the women’s showpiece, with Hockey India winning the race to host the men’s equivalent,” the FIH said in a statement. The announcement was made by FIH President Leandro Negre during a special ceremony at Lausanne city in Switzerland on Thursday evening. “I wish to offer my sincere congratulations to England Hockey and Hockey India on their successful bids to host the Hockey World Cups 2018”, said Negre. “The quality of both bids was truly extraordinary, and the FIH is greatly looking forward to bringing its


Kareena kapoor khan honored in London
industry. Kareena has acted in several blockbuster hits like kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Jab We Met, Golmaal 3, 3 Idiots and many more. The actress looked extremely happy while receiving the award and she expressed her affection with London and her great grand mother, who belonged to London as well. Kareena choose to wear Indian Salwaar Kameez of Grey color, a low hair bun along completed her look. She looked extremely elegant and pretty in her attire and looked representing the beauty of Indian outfits.

sian ethnic weekly has honored Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan in the House of Commons in London for her contribution to global entertainment industry. Leading NRI MP Rt Hon Keith Vaz, Chairman of Britain’s Home Affairs Committee, presented a framed golden colored plaque to the 33-year old actress. Others who were honored by the same ethnic newspaper are singer Kimberley Walsh and magician Dynamo (Aka Steven Frayne) for their contributions to the global entertainment


India lends helping hand to super typhoon hit Philippines
faith on the people and government that, with their collaborative efforts, they would be able to come out of this unfortunate situation. Within coming days more shipments containing relief materials would be allocated to help affected people as much as possible including water treatment, house building and other items necessary for relief and rehabilitation. At least, 10,000 people estimated to be killed by Typhoon Haiyan. - IWK Bureau

ndia has offered its helping hand to the Typhoon Haiyan hit Philippines. As per the reports more that 8,00,000 people have been ravaged by the massive destruction occurred. Understanding the need of the affected areas, India has sent an aircraft containing 15 tones of relief material to Philippines on Tuesday. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh also offered Indian assistance and said that everyone knows how difficult it would be for any nation to come out of a disaster of this magnitude but he has full


Indian PM Singh is the World’s most powerful Sikh

 Jathedar Singh Sahib Giani Gurbachan Singh, current religions head of Sri Akaal Takht Sahib, the supreme religious authority of the Sikhs based in Amritsar, is listed third.

He is followed by Chief Minister of Punjab Parkash Singh Badal, who ranks 4th.

 Ajaypal Singh Banga, president and CEO, MasterCard Worldwide, USA is ranked 8th on the list while Rabinder Singh, High Court Judge, Royal Courts of Justice, UK is 9th.

 - IWK Bureau

rime Minister Manmohan Singh has been listed as the world’s most powerful, influential and contemporary Sikh.

According to the “Annual Sikh 100” list, the world’s first comprehensive ranking of the most powerful, influential and contemporary Sikhs in the world brought out by the Sikh Directory, 81-year-old Singh is “highly acclaimed as a thinker and a scholar”.

 Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia, 69, ranks as the second most powerful Sikh on the list, released last

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Heart is always for India: Sachin
A day after retiring from cricket, the God of the Gentleman’s game, Sachin Tendulkar, journeying back the cricketing lane of an illustrious 24-year-long career in the 22 yards, sharing his desire to help youngsters, always pray for India and dedicating his Bharat Ratna to his mother and millions of other Indian mothers who sacrifice for their children. In an exclusive interview Sachin talked about his journey so far: It has been a dream journey for me. I have no regrets. This was the right time to stop. It was an enjoyable journey. Even though I am not physically playing for India, my heart will always pray for India. On his mother, family: I think this award [Bharat Ratna] is for my mother and I would go a step forward and say like my mother there are millions and millions of mothers of India who sacrifice many things for their children. My family has always encouraging words for me. I was able to do well since school since balance was maintained at home. Like any other Indian family we would buy sweets and offer to almighty [for good performances] and the process continues. On son playing cricket: As a father of Arjun Tendulkar I would request you to spare him. Let him enjoy cricket.. I do not want to put pressure on him, neither should you. Let him do his own and let him enjoy cricket. That is what I expect. First morning after retirement: I woke up at 650 in the morning according to my body clock and made myself tea. I suddenly realised that I don’t need to quickly have a shower and go for a match. I had breakfast with my wife. I responded to the SMSes I got thanking them for all the support and good wishes for last 24 years. The morning was very much relaxed. Special moments in career: I think the first moment they said earlier that when I went on the wicket and I stood before 22 yards I realised that this is the last time I am standing in front of a packed stadium actually being part of Indian team, this will never again. And that was really emotional and I could not control tears. Knowing that, the fact that I would never have a cricket bat in hand playing for India. It was really, really emotional. While I was shaking guys with most of the guys, including the West Indian guys, I was in tears and did not look up as I did not want anyone to see my face that way. It is hard to express how I feel but the decision was correct. When two years back we won World Cup it was the best moment. God showed me that day and that has to be a special moment. Yesterday was a special day for me too. I do not know how to react. I think it was really, really special. The disappointing moment is 2003 World Cup when we reached final and playing so well and yet we failed to overcome the final hurdle. Cricket in Olympics? Asked on whether lead a campaign to include cricket in Olympics, he said: As I said that it has been 24 hours I retired and you are already engaging me into various other things. Give me some time to breathe. We will talk about it.

A daY afTER SacHin’s RETiREmEnT

School of ICT School of Design School of Business School of English and Foundation Studies

We salute the Legend


Sachin you carried the expectations of over a billion people for close to a quarter of a Century. You broke every and any record and brought a billion smiles every time you stepped on the cricket pitch. We wish you well in your 2nd innings. From all the cricket fans in New Zealand and from all of us at:



“The match starts much, much earlier than the actual match”

~ Sachin Tendulkar ~
For more info about us call: 274-7823 e-mail: info@ethc.co.nz • visit: www.ethc.co.nz



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Quick facts about the legend
Sachin Tendulkar was born April 24, 1973 in Bombay, India. Often considered cricket’s greatest batsman, he was from a middle-class family, the youngest of four children. His father was a professor while his mother worked for a life insurance company. Named after his family’s favorite music director, Sachin Dev Burman, he was given his first cricket bat at the age 11, Tendulkar was just 16 when he became India’s youngest Test cricketer. In 2005 he became the first cricketer to score 35 centuries (100 runs in a single inning) in Test play. In 2007 Tendulkar reached another major milestone, becoming the first player to record 15,000 runs in one-day international play.
• Praveen Amre bought Sachin Tendulkar his first pair of international quality cricket shoes. During his school days, Sachin grew his hair and tied a band around it to copy tennis legend John McEnroe. When Sachin was 14, Sunil Gavaskar gave him ultra-light pads. The pads were stolen when he was at U15 camp in Indore. Sachin wanted to be a fast bowler but was rejected by Australian great Dennis Lillee at Chennai in 1987. Lillee told the young Tendulkar to focus on his batting. The other youngster turned away by Lillee along with Tendulkar was Sourav Ganguly. Sachin was a ball boy during the 1987 World Cup semi-final between India and England at Wankhede Stadium. • • Sachin Tendulkar is unique in scoring a century on debut in Ranji Trophy, Irani Cup and Duleep Trophy. Sachin had to wait for 79 matches for his first ODI century on Sept 9, 1994. By that time he had scored seven Test hundreds. Only Indian to be in Wisden All Time 11. Also in Bradman’s alltime Test 11, being the only current player of the present generation. Sachin was without a bat contract during the 1996 World Cup in which he emerged as the highest run-getter. Sachin was conferred an honorary rank of the Indian Air Force in 2010, making him the first sportsperson to be conferred a rank by the IAF and the first personality with no aviation background to receive the honour. • Sachin bats right-handed, bowls with his right-arm, but writes with his left • Sachin has played 146 Tests with Rahul Dravid, 122 with Anil Kumble, 120 with VVS Laxman and 103 with Sourav Ganguly, the other contemporary greats. Was the first batsman to score a double century in ODIs (200* against South Africa at Gwalior on Feb 24, 2010). Sachin Tendulkar with Sourav Ganguly holds the world record for the maximum number of runs scored by the opening partnership. They put together 6609 runs in 136 matches that include 21 century partnerships and 23 fifty run partnerships. The 21 century partnerships for the opening pair is also a world record. First foreign player in Yorkshire county team. He averaged 46.52 with the bat in his stint with the county team. Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid hold the world record for the highest partnership • • • over in ODIs is 24 off New Zealand’s Chris Drum at Hyderabad in 1999-00. Sachin hit one six, four boundaries and a couple. The four extras made it a 28run over for team India. Sachin Tendulkar spoke to his favourite music star, Mark Knopfler, the lead guitarist of the rock band, Dire Straits for the very first time during a programme he was doing for the ESPN network. It was Sachin’s birthday and it turned out to be a happy surprise for him.

hand. Only Indian cricketer to have a waxwork at Madame Tussaud Museum. • • Only batsman to have scored at least TWO centuries against ALL other Test playing countries. • • Highest number of Test centuries (51), overtaking Sunil Gavaskar’s record (34) in December 2005 vs Sri Lanka in Delhi. Seven centuries in 2010 are the most by an Indian batsman in a calendar year. 1562 runs scored by Sachin in Test cricket in 2010 are also the most by an Indian batsman in a calendar year. Has the distinction of scoring most fifty-plus innings (51 centuries and 67 fifties = 118) which remains the world record for any batsman.

• S a c h i n Tendulkar made his Test debut in 1989 against Pakistan in Karachi. In the same match, Pakistani pacer Waqar Younis also played his first Test match ever. Sachin Tendulkar was the first batsman to be given out by the Third-umpire. In 1992, on the second day of the Durban Test, a Jonty Rhodes throw caught Tendulkar short of the crease. After watching TV replays he was adjudged out. The first brand which Sachin Tendulkar endorsed was the health drink ‘Boost.’ He was seen alongside Kapil Dev in many of their ad films, the start of which happened in 1990. Sachin became the most-capped Test player after overtaking Steve Waugh’s record of 168 Tests.

in ODIs when they scored 331 runs for the second wicket against New Zealand in 1999-00 at the Hyderabad. The most runs Sachin has scored in one

Sachin Tendulkar Timeline
1973: Born April 24, Mumbai. 1988: Scores 100 not out in his first first-class match for Bombay against Gujarat in the Ranji Trophy becoming the youngest cricketer to score a century on his first-class debut, aged 15 years and 232 days. 1989: Makes Test debut for India against Pakistan in Karachi at the age of 16. Makes ODI debut against Pakistan but is dismissed by Waqar Younis without scoring a run. 1996: Leading run scorer at World Cup played in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka with a total of 523 runs. 1997: Named Wisden Cricketer of the Year. 1998: Scores his first double century for Mumbai against Australia in the Brabourne Stadium. 1999: Involved in India’s highest runscoring ODI partnership with Rahul Dravid as the pair put on 339 against New Zealand. In the same match, he records the highest individual ODI score in Indian history with an unbeaten 186. 2003: Named the Player of the Tournament at the 2003 Cricket World Cup and scores 673 runs, the highest by any player in the tournament.

1 9 9 0 : Scores maiden Test century against England at Old Trafford. 1992: At the age of 19 he becomes the first overseas-born player to represent Yorkshire. 1994: Claims his first ODI century against Sri Lanka in Colombo after 79 one-day matches.

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Top 5 lessons of life by Sachin Tendulkar
1. I hate losing and cricket being my first love, once I enter the ground it’s a different zone altogether and that hunger for winning is always there. 2. I hate losing and cricket being my first love, once I enter the ground it’s a different zone altogether and that hunger for winning is always there. 3. Critics haven’t taught me my cricket, and they don’t know what my body and mind are up to. I get 0.5 seconds to react to a ball, sometimes even less than that. I can’t be thinking of what XYZ has said about me. I need to surrender myself to my natural instincts. My subconscious mind knows exactly what to do. It is trained to react. 4. There are over 200 million illiterate women in India. This low literacy negatively impacts not just their lives but also their families’ and the country’s economic development. A girl’s lack of education also has a negative impact on the health and well-being of her children. 5. I always had a dream to play for India but I never let it put pressure on me. I have never tried to compare myself to anyone else. I want to give my six hours of serious cricket on the ground and then take whatever the result.

World’s view of Sachin
Usain Bolt was an unknown kid in the Jamaican backwaters. The Berlin Wall was still intact, USSR was one big, big country, Dr Manmohan Singh was yet to “open” the Nehruvian economy. It seems while Time was having his toll on every individual on the face of this planet, he excused one man. Time stands frozen in front of Sachin Tendulkar. We have had champions, we have had legends, but we have never had another Sachin Tendulkar and we never will. - Time Magazine • Sachin is a genius. I’m a mere mortal. - Brian Lara • When Sachin Tendulkar travelled to Pakistan to face one of the finest bowling attacks ever assembled in cricket, Michael Schumacher was yet to race a F1 car, Lance Armstrong had never been to the Tour de France, Diego Maradona was still the captain of a world champion Argentina team, Pete Sampras had never won a Grand Slam. When Tendulkar embarked on a glorious career taming Imran and company, Roger Federer was a name unheard of; Lionel Messi was in his nappies, • I actually feel very embarrassed because I rejected him as a fast bowler. I think I did him and the game of cricket a favour. - Dennis Lillee • I saw him (Sachin) playing on television and was struck by his technique, so I asked my wife to come look at him. Now I never saw myself play, but I feel that this player is playing much the same as I used to play, • Beneath the helmet, under that unruly curly hair, inside the cranium, there is something we don’t know, something beyond scientific measure. Something that allows him to soar,

and she looked at him on television and said yes, there is a similarity between the two...his compactness, technique, stroke production... it all seemed to gel. - Sir Donald Bradman • There will never be another Sachin Tendulkar. - Muttaiah Muralitharan • Cricketers like Sachin come once in a lifetime, and I am privileged he played in my time. - Wasim Akram • There is no shame being beaten by such a great player, Sachin is perhaps only next to the Don. We won with ten, but lost to one. - Steve Waugh to roam a territory of sport that, forget us, even those who are gifted enough to play alongside him cannot even fathom. When he goes out to bat, people switch on their television sets and switch off their lives. - BBC

2005: Overtakes Sunil Gavaskar’s record of the highest number of Test centuries by claiming his 35th against Sri Lanka in Delhi. 2006: Overtakes Kapil Dev claiming the record for the highest amount of Test appearances for India with 135.

2007: Edges past Brian Lara’s world record of runs scored in Tests away from home with 5,751 runs. The first player to score over 15,000 ODI runs during a match against South Africa in Belfast. 2008: Plays a record-breaking 417th ODI match against Australia. Highest run scorer in Test cricket, passing

Test against Sri Lanka in Colombo to overtake former Australia captain Steve Waugh. Becomes first batsman to hit 50 Test centuries, achieving the feat against South Africa in Centurion. Becomes the first man to score 15,000 Test runs during Test series against West Indies. Lara’s previous mark of 11,953, when he reaches 16 in the first innings of the second Test against Australia. 2010 Scores the first double century in oneday international history, hitting an unbeaten 200 against South Africa. Becomes most capped player in Test history, making his 169th Test appearance in the third 2012: 100th international century in an Asia Cup match against Bangladesh, the first player ever to do so. Announces retirement from one-day international cricket. 2013: Final Test match against the West Indies.



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“Thank you for all the memories!”


feel I am quiet lucky in my life I could meet some great people due to my profession. Out of that some were connected with glamour, film, music, corporate, business entrepreneur and so on. One day I was covering one event at Shivaji Park, Mumbai I was really thrilled that time because Sachin was to come and play. Since childhood my son Karan played cricket and Sachin is god for him. So Karan was with me at that time. Karan was so indescribably glad. Still that picture with Sachin is screen saver of not only his mobile but for his life. Second time lucky enough get opportunity

Son Karan with Sachin

at his wedding reception in Mumbai. He arrived sharp at 7 am along with his secretary and then pin drop silence on the set that shows the respect. Creative people started briefing him and he was so calm and listening carefully without any attitude. During the filming he was so cooperative, professional ,very humble, friendly as if he knows everyone in the unit since long time. He made everyone comfortable. He was on the set for six hours. Those six hours in my life are like academy where I could learn so many things and to others as well who were on the set.

Recently when Indian cricket team visited New Zealand. Indian team was in the net for practice at Lincoln University. While writing about Sachin one thing I have noticed that it is always better to write about him in your mother tongue because some places just can’t find the appropriate word to justify the incidence and emotions. I would like to conclude with few words saying ‘ Thete kar maze julti ’ Thank you for wonderful and precious memories in my life which will be stored very proudly and permanently. - Padmakar Shevde


Bharat Ratna for Sachin Tendulkar
ndia’s iconic cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, who hung his boot ending his glorious 24 years career, got a fitting farewell as the government announced to confer Bharat Ratna, the highest civilian award of India. The Prime Minister spoke to Sachin Tendulkar and wished him all success in what he chooses to do after his retirement. He hoped Tendulkar would continue his association with the world of sport and the people and renew his service to the nation. “Shri Sachin Tendulkar is undoubtedly an outstanding cricketer - a living legend who has inspired millions across the globe. During the last 24 years, since the young age of 16 years, Shri Tendulkar has played cricket across the world and won laurels for our country. He has been a true ambassador of India in the world of sports. His achievements in cricket are unparalleled, the records set by him unmatched, and the spirit of sportsmanship displayed by him exemplary. That he has been honoured with several awards is testimony to his extraordinary brilliance as a sportsman,” read the government release.

British PM gives Sachin a special gift


ritish Prime Minister David Cameron on Thursday said he has sent a photograph as a gift to retiring Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar which shows the cricketing icon coming off the Old Trafford Cricket Ground in Manchester after scoring his first Test century in 1990. Posting the picture on his Twitter homepage, David Cameron tweeted: “India transfixed by @sachin_rt’s final test match. Today I sent him this pic of his 1st century in the UK.”

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Hindus upset over Australian Ganesh-Lakshmi beer


Five Indian-Americans win in local elections in US
ndian-Americans have once again affirmed their growing importance in US politics with at least five members of the community emerging victorious in the recently concluded state legislatures and local body polls. The most significant victories came in the state of New Jersey, where rising Indian-American political star Raj Mukherji became one of the youngest members of State Assembly and will join fellow Democrat and veteran leader Upendra Chivukula. Mukherji, 29, a first-time Democratic nominee for the 33rd Legislative District, had won the primary election in June by a 36-point margin. Nellore-born Chivukula has been a member of the New Jersey assembly since 2002. Chivukula, 63, was the first South-Asian American in the 120-member state legislature and the highest ranking South-Asian elected to office in New Jersey. Meanwhile, in the state of New Hampshire, 52-year-old Democrat Latha Mangipudi defeated her rival Peter Silva in a special state representative election by a 18-point margin. Democrat Sapana Shah won a berth in the Edison Municipal Council of New Jersey. The 36-year-old lawyer has been working with the Edison Board of Education since 2011. Martin Rao is now the only remaining IndianAmerican in the Council and was the only incumbent to return to office. - IWK Bureau


n upset US-based Hindu group has urged Brookvale (New South Wales, Australia) based “Brookvale Union” brewery to apologize and withdraw its ginger beer carrying juxtaposed images of Hindu deities Ganesh and Lakshmi, calling it highly inappropriate. Label at this ginger beer bottle juxtaposes image of Lord Ganesh’s face and Goddess Lakshmi’s body, besides displaying various other Hindu religious symbols. In Hinduism, Lord Ganesh is worshipped as god of wisdom and remover of obstacles and is invoked before the beginning of any major undertaking. Lakshmi is the goddess of good fortune

and beauty and is also known as ‘worldmother’. Moksh (liberation) is the ultimate goal of Hinduism. Brookvale Union, reportedly first founded in 1950, and said to be “always open”, defines itself as “Complex yet simple, safe but dangerous, smooth yet sharp, light but loose”. Its Ginger Beer comes in 500 mL bottles in a box (also carrying same GaneshLakshmi juxtaposed image) of 12 and is described as “Spicy yet mild, dry but wet, smooth yet sharp, tight but loose…”. - IWK Bureau

NRI Socialist wins Seattle Elections


eattle City Council candidate Kshama Sawant, a “Socialist Alternative” candidate, has unseated four-term incumbent Richard Conlin, with the latest batch of mail-in ballots nearly tripling Sawant’s lead to 1,148 votes. Voters in left-leaning Seattle, where police recently handed out snacks at a large marijuana festival and politicians often try to out-liberal each other, are close to electing a Socialist candidate to the City Council. Following the latest ballot count Tuesday night, Kshama Sawant had a 41-vote lead over 16-year incumbent Richard Conlin. - IWK Bureau

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Let’s avoid controversy over Bharat Ratna

“Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”
(1917 – 1963) Former President of USA

– John F. Kennedy


he Bharat Ratna is the greatest civilian award given by the Republic of India. Please note that I mention the Republic of India and not the Government of India. It is not the Government’s personal property. The Bharat Ratna has the strictest of all selection criteria, and is given to only a handful of people since the independence from British Colonial rule, and the birth of modern Indian state from the ashes of Second World War and independence movement. The sole criterion is that a person will be selected for this award, based on his contribution to the Indian republic, based on his lifetime achievements. He is going to be a “Ratna” (Jewel) of “Bharat” (India). The selection of Bharat Ratna award inevitably and irrefutably puts the recipient a league above his fellow countrymen. He is not equal to any and every Indians, his contribution in any specified field is worthy of making him one of the crown jewels of our Republic. Recently Sachin Tendulkar and CNR Rao won this highest civilian award. Interestingly Sachin Tendulkar is the first sportsperson to win this award, as sportspersons were surprisingly not awarded Bharat Ratna thus far…although there is no hard and fast rule not to. However, there can be no question on whether Sachin Tendulkar deserved Bharat Ratna or not. He is probably the greatest ever representative in the whole world, in the sport which is arguably most popular in India and he inspired millions in their otherwise dull and boring regular life, and filled them with hope. When everything looked down, people could hope that Sachin is in the pitch and the tides will soon be turned. No sportsperson could inspire that feeling in the history of modern India. CNR Rao, unlike Tendulkar, is not however known to the mass. That doesn’t make him any less worthy. He is one of the finest scientific minds in India and has won almost all International awards except Nobel Prize. He has honorary doctorate from over 40 Universities across the Globe. However, interestingly this award is also the center of controversy among the garrulous political circle in India. Recently some upstart said that Lata Mangeshkar, the eminent singer and cultural icon of India should be stripped off her award as she “dared” to support Narendra Modi, the Prime ministerial candidate who is incidentally from the opposition party. Now other politicians are asking their old and veteran party leaders to be considered for Bharat Ratna, reason being, Tendulkar played and took money for it…and nothing for free or benevolent and community spirit in mind. It is a ridiculous argument to say the least, ‘cause whichever way you look at his contribution to the country, you cannot find a contemporary who has done more for the country. Politicians are not the only ones. Some activists are claiming that if Sachin Tendulkar is getting the award why not Dhyan Chand, the legendary hockey player during the glory days of Indian, sorry British Indian hockey. The argument has merit…no one can question Dhyan Chand’s talent or contribution either, but the people who are making this claims, don’t necessarily have the best interest of the country in their mind. Make no mistake, all these made up controversies are happening for petty sound bites and media fame, with a bit of regionalism mixed in it. That is wrong. Let’s keep Bharat Ratna out of politics, and cheap point scoring games. It is the last things in India which is above the petty bureaucratic and sloth decision making, or Soviet type political appointments and nominations. Unlike the Padma awards, Bharat Ratna still means something, something to all Indians; the recipients can still be termed idols in our country, those people who the masses can look up to. Any controversy will dilute the award and make it cheap. - Sumantra Maitra

My Sachin Story
Arnab Ray


ll of us have a Sachin story. For a generation and perhaps even more, he is the thread that runs through so many of our memories. Of faces, people, blurry TV screens, sleepless eyes, cheers, gaalis, of sitting-atone-place-and-not-moving-lest-we-jinx, clenched fists, pumped arms, spilled Pepsis, crumbs on shirts, smiles, tears, desperation, and elation. This is why all of us feel that we know him. It’s strange really, this kind of personal relationship with an abstract entity, abstract in that we do not really know him. Kind of the relationship those of faith have with God. No wonder then that that word is used in association with him, so often. No wonder that his passing leaves many empty, as if the string has been yanked out and our memories are now bouncing free, like colorful beads on the floor, and we fear that some of them will roll underneath the bed, never to be found. Here’s my Sachin story. My Sachin story began even before he started playing Test cricket. Sportstar, which was our window to the world of cricket, (along with Sportsworld and Sportsweek and Indian Cricketer) brought tidings of this precocious talent, whom recently-retired Sunil Gavaskar had said was as good technically as him but with many more strokes, one boy by the name of Sachin Tendulkar. Why, I had thought, he is almost my age, just a few years older. The cricketing firmament was then dominated by uncle-types, the Vengsarkars, and the Maninder Singhs. For the first time, here was someone from our age-group making it into the team, and he played cricket just the way a schoolboy wants cricket to be played, not the walking-drive of Dilip Vengsarkar or the boring chapati shot of Shastri, but full-blooded, with lofted shots, hooks and pulls and booming drives. The older uncles, watching TV alongside, would periodically cry out, “He is a taroo” ( swashbuckler), “Does not have the technique of Gavaskar” and “Would he able to play that Chepauk pitch like Vishwanath?” and I rolled my eyes, like teenagers do, thinking to myself “What do they know?” The time was mine, the world was mine and Sachin was me,

the projection of my aspirations on a scale I could scarcely comprehend, and every criticism of him was now personal, striking straight to the heart. I wanted to believe. In myself. In Sachin. That as long as he is there, there is hope. That it doesn’t matter what the rest did. That no one else mattered. Then I got older. I became cynical. With everything. Gods were for kids. Why doesn’t he win more matches for India? Why does he accumulate runs? Why has he cut out that swivel pull? Why does he fail in critical matches? What about that Ferrari? And when will he retire? In all this, I forgot the connect between him and me, and that what I saw in Sachin was myself reflected, calculating, without the carelessness of youth, intensely conscious of what is no longer possible, but persisting on. And what I saw I did not like. So I still cheered, perhaps out of force of habit, but I also sniggered. Wax statue. Hah. 199 Kgs of rose petals. Please. Now that he is leaving (or gone, depending on when you are reading this), I am glad in a way. Because Sachin is now firmly in the past. And the great thing about the past, at least for me, is that I don’t question it in the way I do the present nor fear it the way I do the future. I do not care any more, how effective Sachin was in chases, or whether he should have retired in 2011, or whether he was the greatest batsmen of the modern generation or not. Because he is now in that happy place, the place where old loves and broken bicycles go. Where you don’t remember the falls and the jolts, the heartbreaks and the longing. Where no questions are asked. Where everything is fuzzy and comforting and tastes of Chocobar. And where it is always two wickets down and Sachin in. - Arnab Ray is an author from Kolkata, currently residing in USA, where he is a research scientist at Maryland University. This excerpt is from his tribute to Sachin Tendulkar in his blog.

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The ludicrous Western media criticism of Indian Mars Mission
Balaji Viswanathan


ust as soon as the Indian Mars Rocket sped off, the Western journalists who marveled the moon walk in their childhood are engaging the Indians in an unnecessary provocation. And these are not coming from cheap tabloids, but reputed media houses. It is not the criticism that rankles, but how crudely they are hitting below the belt. “India Mars Mission to Launch Amidst Overwhelming Poverty” Apparently the other countries engaging in scientific research face no poverty. Apparently, space has something to do with poverty. Apparently, it is between funding ISRO and solving poverty. You cannot do both. No sir, no. Next time, when you write about something that Britain did well, sure to remember to randomly incorporate the poverty of Birmingham and the riots of London into the title. “England wins 10 Olympic golds amidst all the poverty” “NASA begins its moon mission despite failing to manage hurricane relief” “European Space Agency launches a satellite despite the inability to control religious riots in Paris and Tottenham, London”. CNN didn’t even pretend to hide the racist idea. “Is India’s Mars mission the latest escalation in Asia’s space race? For a country like Australia, the space aspirations are extremely pragmatically driven. On the other hand, a country like Malaysia is intent on putting astronauts in space -- that’s very prestige-oriented.”

Apparently, brown people’s ambitions to reach space is not pragmatic enough. Apparently, the $75 million spent on the Mars mission is the only thing that keeps us from building toilets. Guardian makes a thinly-veiled threat. “ISRO to launch India’s first spacecraft to Mars. Critics of Britain’s aid programme in the country have also been angered by the mission. The UK gives India around £300m each year.” Britain threatens to pull its aid. This is ghastly.

If this author lived at the time of Renaissance, s/he might have written: “Newton, Michelangelo and da Vinci are wasting time instead of building toilets.” This is monumental for us Indians. Imagine how the Americans felt when they first landed on moon. This is a landmark work for Indian scientists and I am filled with pride, just as the 1960s Americans were filled with pride as Armstrong made his stride. Sure, America had plenty of

Imagine the potential it has for the humanity if we could launch 100s of inexpensive missions in our search for alternative life forms and alternative planets. 4 years ago India helped confirm that there is water on moon - the confirmation of which has eluded global researchers for 5 decades.
What would India do without all these do-gooder British aid? The Indian economy of 1 trillion pounds was badly depending on these 300 million pounds that comes with no strings attached. We are an ungrateful bunch, aren’t we? We are supposed to surrender our national priorities and research work and listen to our ex-colonial masters for a paltry 300 million. Economist is more subtle but equally racist. “How can poor countries afford space programmes? What if the 16,000 scientists and engineers now working on space development were deployed instead to fix rotten sanitation?” Someone from Oxford wants to know why don’t we all Indians work on toilet research? issues in 1969 - Vietnam war, civil rights, inflation, unemployment. But, those negative news could wait another day. It was time to enjoy the moon. ISRO is already using the technology to help other countries put their equipments in space (for a lucrative fee, of course). If we continue to innovate in cost and speed, we could become a big hub for space projects. That would mean employment for 1000s of engineers and lot of foreign $$. India successfully launches Indo-French, 6 foreign satellites India needs to prove its technological capabilities as it is building up the technology hub of the future - not just space, but everything. If you could launch a Mars mission at the cost of setting

up ERP in an enterprise, you could build anything. There are both direct and intangible effects of this demonstration. This would really benefit India’s tech companies. India needs to spend on research to master the science of the future. NASA had plenty of spinoffs resulting out of its space program that advanced other fields such as medicine, apparel, food and navigation. China, Japan and Russia have had to abort Mars missions in the past 2 decades due to launch failures. That is an outstanding engineering feat worth of salute. Imagine the potential it has for the humanity if we could launch 100s of inexpensive missions in our search for alternative life forms and alternative planets. 4 years ago India helped confirm that there is water on moon - the confirmation of which has eluded global researchers for 5 decades. This mission sent to detect methane could be the start of a new life for Indian science. We need our Renaissance. We can be drooling in our pee or we can start to create something. We have to start breaking the chain of poverty by thinking outside the box. That would mean boldly assertive. People in other walks of life can surely draw inspiration from our scientists. This day is so refreshing although I have zero connection with anything ISRO did. If we can reach Mars, we can do anything - from politics, arts to science & sports. - Balaji Viswanathan writes for Quora’s finance blog Zingfin. This post is abridged and was originally published in Quora. The comments are the opinion of the author.

No safe haven for Hindus in Pakistan
Chikita Kodikal


he year of 1947 was one of the major defining moments of Indian and Pakistani history. Although it has been 65 years since the partitioning, terror still haunts the minority Pakistani Hindus daily. In the May Issue of ‘India Today’, Bhavna Vij-Aurora shed light onto the devastating impact caused to Pakistani Hindu women who were ‘marked’, abducted, raped and then forcibly converted to Islam in an act gain back at least some of their respectability while in the marriage. One such case that struck the media was that of Rinkle Kumari. On the 26th of March, Rinkle dared to do the impossible. After her abduction by a man by the name of Naveed Shah, she made a bold plea for help to the highest court in Pakistan. However, unsurprisingly, Pakistani political affiliation influenced the suppression to her demand for closure. The suffrage of the Pakistani women within the Hindu minority population triggered the mass migration to places such as Nepal, Sri Lanka and even India. The Province of Sindh in Pakistan is the home to 90% of Hindus. It was mentioned in the article, ‘No Country for Pakistani Hindus,’ ‘that an average of 25 girls each month meet Rinkle’s fate in Sindh alone’. These women and their families are rendered helpless and made to shift irrespective of their financial instabilities. These people have neither the numbers nor the political clout to provide them with even the slightest assurance of their safety which in itself is a humanitarian right

displaced. According to the Delhi Foreign Region Registration also known as the FRRO, till mid 2011- an average of eight to ten families migrated per month. However, the stats have rapidly increased since the past twelve months to 400 families attempting to settle in India alone. Post 1947, Hindus accounted for 15% of the Pakistani population, whereas now there has been a drastic decline to a mere 2% in a population of 170 million due to the killings, mass migration and forced conversion. In an age where Humanitarian Rights are put under the lime light of every global and economic issue, Pakistani and Indian politicians don’t cease to play the blame game with their bait. The number of Pakistani Hindus that flee from Pakistan come to India just to find themselves in another bottomless pit of despair. After the rape of his 14-year-old sister, 31-year-old Pujari Lal came to Khanna in Punjab where he is still being denied citizenship, despite marrying a local resident. “It has been 13 years but I still have not become a citizen of India. My papers have come back a dozen times with some objection or the other. I have already spent Rs 20,000 in the process and have run out of money” replies Mr Lal. Another similar case is that of Jamuna Devi, migrating from Bahawalpur in Sindh she and her family settled on the outskirts of Jodhpur in Rajasthan. The settlement in which they lived in had absolutely no electricity or sources of clean water that practically formed a situation that was humanly impossible to survive in irrespective of which community lives there. The lack of hygiene influences the high rate of illnesses within

the region. Jamuna Devi mentions, “There are mosquitoes and insects all over. When our children fall ill, the Government hospitals refuse to give us medicines, saying we are Pakistanis.” While there are some organisations that provide a temporary home for Pakistani Hindus, the lack of funds provided by the government cause a deliberate repetition of the poverty cycle. Young girls such as 3-year-old Rani who lives in Majnu Ka Tilla Refugee camp, will be yet another victim of the government’s inadequate decision making. Limited education and exposure to necessary resources will drag her back in to facilitate the poverty cycle in India along with the other children who deserve the prospect to secure a future of opportunities and not a life of endless pleading. The Indian betrayal has incarcerated Pakistani Hindus for no fault of their own. Even after several years of fleeing, people like Om Lal Pishori who fled Pakistan along with six other families still ‘remain foreigners in the land where they sought salvation.’ The only reason behind no political assistance to Pakistani Hindu Refugees is that they don’t account for the vote bank Indian politicians desperately desire to stay in power. Avinash Rai Khanna, Rajya Sabha MP from Punjab mentions this himself, ‘ The suffering of the Pakistani Hindu families has not become a political issue in this county because it does not win elections. Ironically, the problem of a section of Indian’s majority community is nobody’s problem.’ The European Organisation for Pakistani Minorities also known as the EOPM recently reported that soldiers within the Pakistani Army abducted minority women to

use as sex slaves. Even the Pakistani’s National Human Rights Commission in 2011 confessed that the minority populous weren’t safe in Pakistan. And to top it off the Pakistani police don’t recognise these cruelties and therefore let their offenders off the hook. MP Avinash Rai Khanna of the BJP party is one of the few politicians that raise questions about the plight of those persecuted. In response to the questions raised, E. Ahamed the Minister of State mentioned on the 22ndMarch, “The Government has taken up the matter with the government of Pakistan it has stated that it looked after the welfare of all its citizens, particularly the minority community.” ‘India Today’ writer, Bhavna Vij-Aurora states in her article that, “a secular India’s MEA accepts Pakistan’s claims at face value. They claim that since India does not endorse any religion, it cannot be seen as speaking for Hindu’s in Pakistan.” So the question that rises from this is that does India really have to endorse a religion in order to provide any sort of humanitarian assistance to its public? With politics and financial instability dictating their lives, Pakistani Hindus find it close to impossible to envisage a ‘safe’ environment for themselves and their families, presently. This cover story is yet another hard-hitting fact of reality. Both India and Pakistan are not to blame; rather it is the incompetency of their political parties that fail to provide swift action, leaving these communities playing piggy-in-the-middle, for possibly the rest of their lives. - The opinion expressed here is solely of the author and not of Indian Weekender.



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CNR Rao wins Bharat Ratna, India’s highest Civilian award
hile everyone knows about Sachin Tendulkar’s retirement and winning Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian award, one of the greatest brains of India also won the same. CNR Rao is an eminent scientist and a well recognised international authority on solid state and materials chemistry. He is currently the Head of the Scientific Advisory Council to the Prime Minister of India. He has published over 1,400 research papers and 45 books. Rao’s contributions to solid state and materials chemistry have been recognized by most major scientific academies around the world through conferment of memberships and fellowships. He has been honoured with several national and international awards including Hughes Medal by the Royal Society in 2000, and he was first recipient of the India Science Award in 2004. Some of the major areas of his research are transition metal oxide systems, (new synthesis and novel structures, metal-insulator transitions, CMR materials, superconductivity, multiferroics etc), hybrid materials and nanomaterials including nanotubes and graphene. He has received Honorary Doctorates from many Universities such as Bordeaux, Caen, Colorado, Khartoum, Liverpool, Northwestern, Novosibirsk, Oxford, Purdue, Stellenbosch, Universite Joseph Fourier, Wales, Wroclaw, Notre Dame, Uppsala, Aligarh Muslim, Anna, AP, Banaras, Bengal Engineering, Bangalore, Burdwan, Bundelkhand, Delhi, Hyderabad, IGNOU, IIT-Bombay, Kharagpur,Delhi and Patna, JNTU, Kalyani, Karnataka, Kolkata, Kuvempu,

Princes Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall’s visit to Delhi

Lucknow, Mangalore, Manipur, Mysore, Osmania, Punjab, Roorkee, Sikkim Manipal, SRM, Tumkur, Sri Venkateswara, Vidyasagar, and Visveswaraya Technological University. “I heard about it (award) when I was at the Thiruvananthapuram airport in Kerala to board a flight to Bangalore. I spoke to the prime minister (Prime Minister Manmohan Singh) and thanked him for the honour. I feel basic science is getting its due now,” Rao told reporters at the city airport. Urging the government to put in place enough infrastructure and allot more funds for research, he said: “India should become one of the top five countries in research. We should be able to compete with South Korea and China.” Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh telephoned Prof Rao and wished him many more years of continued service to nation and the world of science, said a press release from the Prime Minister’s Office. - IWK Bureau


Lovingly invites you to the

Birthday Celebration Of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

he British royal couple Prince Charles along with the duchess of Cornwell, Camilla is on a nine-day trip to India. Starting their journey from Uttarakhand, they landed Delhi on the third day of their visit. They went to slum school where children presented the Prince a big cake to celebrate his 65th birthday, which falls on 14th of November. The couple also visited the Akshardham temple and, offered roses and garland. Charles and Camilla went to Katha Lab School in Govindpuri slum of south Delhi. Charles’s British Asian trust and Katha India help providing education in the slums. The couple went round the school where children presented Charles and Camilla with

assorted origami. Charles also appreciated schoolteachers for their work and said he was “ very impressed” with the school’s bilingual approach and focus on lifting people from poverty. The couple also gave their best wishes to all the members of the Katha India members and the children. The Duchess of Cornwall looked extremely elegant in her light cream Indian attire. She met Self Employment Women’s Association (SEWA) and British High Commissioner James Bevan. The couple later had a private lunch with Vice President Hamid Ansari and later President Pranab Mukherjee in the Evening. The couple looked extremely happy with their journey made to India. - IWK Bureau

Day & Date: Saturday, 23rd November 2013 Time: 6.00pm to 9.00pm Venue: Epsom Girls Grammar School 14 Silver Rd, Epsom, Auckland

All Welcome
Programme includes: Orchestra, Drama , Talk, Dance and Devotional Singing
For Details Contact: Sharda Deo :270 0917 Murali Kruthiventy :479 2401 Ravi Grover: 815 1670


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EU Emphasises Support to Sugar Sector at Opening of Sugar Research Institute of Fiji

Indians should not bask in success stories: Former Indo-Fijian PM


he European Union (EU) has emphasised the importance of research in increasing the competitiveness of Fjii’s sugar industry, particularly as the sector prepares itself for future challenges. “The challenge for research and extension remains immense to assist the farmers and the stakeholders to turn the sugar industry around and the EU is ready to assist,” EU Ambassador Mr Andrew Jacobs said during the opening of the new buildings of the Sugar Research Institute of Fiji (SRIF) in Drasa today. By the end of 2013, EU direct support to research in the sugar sector will amount to Euro 3.3 million, for applied research in breeding, seed cane supply and to find ways to promote the institute’s financial sustainability. In addition, another Euro 1 million is foreseen for SRIF to continue its research work on the development of new sugarcane varieties, more resistant to diseases, droughts and floods and with higher yield in sugar and potential for co-generation. Highlighting the importance of agriculture in the context of poverty reduction and its role in protecting against the impact of climate change, particularly for the Pacific, Mr Jacobs emphasised the need for improved land management practices through rehabilitating crop and pasture land, developing agro-forestry models and developing and disseminating sustainable agricultural technologies and land


use systems. “Part of the response lies in agricultural research for development. The EU is ready to take up the challenge of agricultural development and has placed agriculture as one of the priorities in its new agenda for change. Our contribution to agriculture and in particular agricultural research in developing countries, will significantly increase in the near future,” Ambassador Jacobs said. “This is what we have started to do in Fiji with the first contribution to the Sugar Research Institute of Fiji. This is part of an overall funding of some Euro 1.3m as a first EU grant to the Institute that was contracted in 2006. This has been developed in consultation with sugar industry stakeholders and is in line with the National Adaptation Strategy, developed in 2006.” - IWK Bureau

ormer Fijian prime minister of Indian-origin Mahendra P Chaudhry has appealed to the Indian Diaspora to guard against being deluded by certain success stories and thinking that “all’s well everywhere”. Chaudhry’s comments came while he was delivering a keynote address at the Seventh Regional Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas (PBD) in Sydney yesterday. “Indian Diaspora is by no means a homogeneous entity. Let us not be deluded by the success stories of some sectors into thinking that all’s well everywhere,” he said. He said an Indian Diaspora conclave like PBD Sydney was a welcome opportunity to connect with other people of Indian heritage in the region and to meet and intermingle with delegates from India and elsewhere to discuss issues of mutual concern. “It also reflects an awareness of our region’s growing importance and, hopefully, signals that India is keen to strengthen and expand her presence in the Pacific. As a power bloc in the Asia Pacific region, India’s appeal lies in her long tradition

of non-alignment, her democratic governance and her adherence to values that uphold human dignity and liberty,” Chaudhry said. On trade and commerce, the Fijian politician said that “small as Fiji is, several of our own businesses have of late begun investing in India as joint venture partners. Conversely, an Indian bank, two insurance companies and a paint manufacturing company have long been established in Fiji”. India’s exports to Fiji last year totaled around 70 million Fijian dollars compared to Fiji’s exports of around 10 million Fijian dollars, he said. “We are small - less than a million, viewed against the 25 million or so, that make up the Indian Diaspora today. Nonetheless, we have our own uniqueness,” he said, adding that the Indo-Fijian community comprises migrants who left India post independence in search of greater opportunities in the more developed societies of Australia and New Zealand. - IWK Bureau

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Dealing with personal grievances
grievance and then employee cannot take grievance to the Employment Relations Authority unless there are exceptional circumstances. If an employee has been given notice of dismissal during a trial period, a personal grievance may not be raised for unjustified dismissal unless the personal grievance was about discrimination or harassment. Process: In all cases, the parties should seek to first resolve the matter at the workplace level. Both the employee and the employer may wish to seek advice on how to deal with the specifics of the case. If a problem can’t be resolved, parties can go to mediation, either through the Department of Labour’s mediation services or through independent mediators. If this does not resolve the problem, employers or employees can go to the Employment Relations Authority for a determination. If either party is dissatisfied with the determination of the Employment Relations Authority, the issue can be taken to the Employment Court. The Employment Relations Authority or Court must consider the test of justification which assesses the fairness of an employer’s decision in relation to disciplinary action. For instance, before dismissing or taking action against the employee, did the employer: • Having regard to the resources available, sufficiently investigate the allegations against the employee • Raise his or her concerns with the employee • Give the employee a reasonable opportunity to respond to those concerns • Genuinely consider the employee’s explanation (if any) in relation to the allegations. An employer’s action cannot be viewed as unjustified solely because of mistakes made in the prescribed process, if those were minor, and they did not result in the probability of the employee being treated unfairly. Remedies for personal grievances: Reinstatement The Employment Relations Authority may order that an employee be put back in his or her previous position or a similar one that is not worse for the employee. Interim reinstatement The Authority can order the employee to be reinstated until the personal grievance is heard, if the employee asks for this. The Authority may impose conditions when ordering reinstatement. Reimbursement If an employee has lost wages or other money as a result of the grievance, the Employment Relations Authority can order the employer to pay all or part of the lost amount. Unless the Authority thinks that the employee was partly to blame, it must order the employer to pay at least all lost money up to three months’ ordinary time wages, and may award more. Compensation The Authority may order the employer to pay money to the employee for: • Any effects on the employee personally, such


personal grievance is any grievance that an employee may have against his or her employer or former employer in respect of unjustifiable dismissal, other unjustifiable action by the employer to the employee’s disadvantage, discrimination, sexual or racial harassment, duress connected with membership or non-membership of a union, or non-compliance with Part 6A of the Employment Relations Act. If an employer has not followed the correct procedure or did not have a genuine reason for an employee’s dismissal, under employment law, an employee may have a personal grievance claim of unfair dismissal. The Employment Relations Act gives all employees the right to pursue a personal grievance if they have any of the following complaints: • Unjustifiable dismissal • Unjustifiable action which disadvantages the employee • Discrimination • Sexual harassment (by someone in authority or by co-workers) • Racial harassment • Duress over membership of a union or other employee organisation. To bring a personal grievance for unjustified or unfair dismissal against an employer, an employee must start by raising the grievance with employer. There is a time limit of 90 days to do this. It is important for an employee to take action quickly. If an employee does not submit personal grievance within 90 days the employer does not have to consider the

as humiliation, loss of dignity or injury to his or her feelings • The loss of any benefit which the employee might reasonably have expected if the grievance had not arisen. Recommendations in cases of sexual or racial harassment When an employee has been sexually or racially harassed, the Employment Relations Authority may make recommendations to the employer on what to do about the harasser. This may include transfer, disciplinary action, or helping to change his or her behaviour to prevent them harassing again. The Authority can also recommend any other action to prevent further harassment of the employee or any other employee; for example, that the employer develop and implement an educational programme in the workplace or adopt a formal harassment policy. Contributory fault The Authority must reduce the remedies if the employee is found to be partly at fault in a grievance case - For any further queries, or any employment matter, please contact Raj Pardeep Singh / Ashima Budgoojar Kenton Chambers Lawyers Level 8, 300 Queen Street, Auckland Central. Ph: +64 9 358 1900, Fax: +64 9 358 1903 raj@kentonlaw.co.nz / ashima@kentonlaw.co.nz Website: www.kentonlaw.co.nz


“Conversations about community in ECE” – research conference
ew Zealand Tertiary College’s 2013 research conference “Conversations on community in early childhood education” held on November 8 was a great success with our highest ever number of early childhood delegates in attendance. The day-long conference was convened by NZTC’s Senior Lecturer of Research Dr Chris Naughton and featured conversations around communities of teachers, children, educators and online learners. Before the keynote address commenced, NZTC’s Chief Executive Selena Fox challenged the attendees to “make a new friend today and grow your community… and take home a new idea to share to your community.” Heather Durham and Nicole Paulsen from Helensville Montessori addressed the delegates sharing a story of how their centre has embraced ideologies from the Move, Act, Play, Sing (MAPS) research project. The project inspired them to plan what became a very successful ‘playing together’ event, where they hired the local town hall and invited families and the wider community to act out the story Giraffes Can’t Dance. Twenty speakers from tertiary institutes around Auckland and local community groups then shared thought-provoking ideas and findings on a wide range of community-related topics, including: The conference celebrated local and international communities, with attendees




Children in a community of learners: encouraging respectful interactions Pauline Bishop (Unitec) Hand in hand: early childhood learning and neighbourhood development Kim Conway, Caty Ferguson (Playdays) Gifted children in the ‘inclusive’ community of teacher education Melanie Wong (MIT) Becoming more informed about the voices of parents Helen Lane, Sujatha Gomathinayagam (NZTC) Move, Act, Play, Sing (MAPS) Marjolein Whyte, Jacoba Matapo, Tiffany Liao (NZTC) Issues and opportunities in early learning participation for Auckland Susan Warren (COMET), Teena Abbey (Auckland City Council) A dance is revealed Adrian Smith (Choreographer) Tongan and Samoan Dance Nanisi Mabbs and Heleine Feki (NZTC) Romanian Dance Mihaela Enache (NZTC) Authentic assessment in early childhood settings Anna Niles (NZTC) Connecting people to place Marnie Prickett (Wai Care) Quality teacher-parent partnership matters in early childhood education: a teacher’s perspective Thecla Moffat (NZTC) I colour the frog green Lucia Davis (Auckland City Council) Complementary evaluation: ERO and the ECE community working together Mary-Louise Stocker (ERO) Growing communitie Virginia Best (Garden to Table Project) Beginning a conversation: laying the foundations of a learning community Oriel Kelly (NZTC) And they lived happily ever after… weaving connections through storytelling Pearl D’Silva (NZTC) Shaping identity in the online community Sean Dolan (NZTC) Drama and storytelling: creating communities Molly Mullen (University of Auckland)

embracing the opportunity to take part in traditional Tongan, Samoan and Romanian dance workshops. Attendees were also treated to a beautiful performance of Indonesian keybar dancing. Delegates came together for the final session where NZTC Lecturers Roimata Rokx and Carla Hedgeman invited attendees to help create a large poi out of wool to represent the weaving together of the ideas and communities explored at the conference. On behalf of NZTC, we would like to thank everybody who contributed to the success of our 2013 research conference, either as a speaker or attendee. For more information on studying one of our specialist early childhood programs, please email us at international@ nztertiarycollege.ac.nz

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‘I am very happy with my marriage’
Farhan Akhtar has teamed up with Vidya Balan for Shaadi Ke Side Effects. Sreya Basu chats up with the actor in Mumbai as he gives some serious relationship advice


veryone is talking about your unusual pairing with Vidya Balan in Shaadi Ke Side Effects. How is she as a co-star?

What do you have to say about the ‘understanding’ factor in a marriage? Marriage too eventually is a relationship between two people. And everything is constantly work in progress. You are constantly getting to know each other, involving with each other. So every single day can’t be an amazing day. There are many amazing days but there are also times when you don’t see eye to eye or you don’t agree with each other. You have to be mature and adult about it and realize it is just a problem now. It can be discussed, spoken about and it will go away. As long as you care for each other, there is no problem that cannot be solved. You are known for your sense of humour. Does that help you when you have fights at home? Always. which I learnt from this film … in a marriage, when you make mistake, say sorry, when your wife makes mistake, you say sorry as well. This is a mantra to ensure a long and fruitful relationship. There is a proverb which says - shaadi ka laddoo, jo khaye woh pachtaye, jo na khaye wo bhi pachtaye. What do you have to say about it from your real life experience? It has been over 12 years I am married (to Adhuna Bhabani Akhtar). So I have tasted the laddoo long back. And to be honest I don’t regret tasting the laddoo as I am very happy with my marriage, touchwood. What has your marriage taught you? When things are not problematic, you should not try to fix anything. You are always multi-tasking … you are an actor, director, producer and singer. What do you prefer doing the most? It is a tough question. I enjoy doing all these things. - TWF

As everyone knows Vidya is an extremely talented actor, a strong performer and I had a wonderful time working with her. I always look forward to working with people who are good at what they do, hungry about their work, willing to learn and listen like you. She is amazing. Did the comedy come naturally borrowing effects from your own married life or you just went by the script? I don’t want to sound too academic about things. But you draw everything from the script and then you draw from the ambience and atmosphere created on the set. When you want to feel good about every scene you are doing, there is a certain level of discussion that happen before shooting that scene. You really don’t want to over rehearse comedy as that can take away the actual fun from it. As it is, the film has a very smartly written script and the dialogues are very, very witty. Is there an advice that you would like to give all married and about-to-get-married men? Yes, I have one piece of advice … something






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‘Ek Sham Aap Ke Naam’ ‘Operation Ishq Mohabbat’ witnessed great success turns nostalgic for all

t was a scintillating evening for all, when legends like Mohammad Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle and a few others were brought to life on Saturday, 9th of November at Mt. Roskill Intermediate School, Auckland. The Bollywood musical show ‘Ek Shaam Aapke Naam’ was a melodious and thrilling 4 hours show, where evergreen songs of the legends were reproduced by some of the emerging talents of Auckland. The show had something for everyone and captured songs in various moods. The performing artists were Arif, Joseph, Viraj, Shyamal, Vidya, Kanika, Saima, Shrisha, Shikha and Guncha. All have strived to re-live the roles of their idols and tried to put the audience in a retrospective mood. The performances were in solos as well as duets along with some ‘Jugalbandi’ to give a dash of spice. Joseph and Vidya, gave tribute to ‘Kishore Da’ and ‘Lata Ji’ and with their intensifying performance brought the audience on their feet. Arif proved a perfect voice of Mohammad Rafi Sahab who came up with some touching numbers of the legend. Ashaji’s classics were well justified by Guncha. Shyamal came up with a tribute to ‘Manna Dey Sahab’ with ‘Yari Hai Imaan Mera’. Viraj, was the voice of Mukesh with the right touch. The show host, Roopa also lightened the moods of the attendants with some hilarious jokes and shayari contest. Rohan and Indu, winners of a contest on Hum FM were introduced and


given an opportunity to perform in front of music enthusiastic audience. With the collaborative efforts of the show organizers, Arif Zia and Mr. Ahmed of Creation group (NZ) Ltd. (a nonprofit organization) and media partners Indian Weekender, the show became a great hit. - IWK Bureau

t was a scintillating evening for all, when legends like Mohammad Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle and a few others were brought to life on Saturday, 9th of November at Mt. Roskill Intermediate School, Auckland. The Bollywood musical show ‘Ek Shaam Aapke Naam’ was a melodious and thrilling 4 hours show, where evergreen songs of the legends were reproduced by some of the emerging talents of Auckland. The show had something for everyone and captured songs in various moods. The performing artists were Arif, Joseph, Viraj, Shyamal, Vidya, Kanika, Saima, Shrisha, Shikha and Guncha. All have strived to re-live the roles of their idols and tried to put the audience in a retrospective mood. The performances were in solos as well as duets along with some ‘Jugalbandi’ to give a dash of spice. Joseph and Vidya, gave tribute to ‘Kishore Da’ and ‘Lata Ji’ and with their intensifying performance brought the audience on their feet. Arif proved a perfect voice of Mohammad Rafi Sahab who came up with some touching numbers of the legend. Ashaji’s classics were well justified

by Guncha. Shyamal came up with a tribute to ‘Manna Dey Sahab’ with ‘Yari Hai Imaan Mera’. Viraj, was the voice of Mukesh with the right touch. The show host, Roopa also lightened the moods of the attendants with some hilarious jokes and shayari contest. Rohan and Indu, winners of a contest on Hum FM were introduced and given an opportunity to perform in front of music enthusiastic audience. With the collaborative efforts of the show organizers, Arif Zia and Mr. Ahmed of Creation group (NZ) Ltd. (a non-profit organization) and media partners Indian Weekender, the show became a great hit. - IWK Bureau

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Amitabh Bachchan launches “Destiny” album


DESTINY, features legends Pankaj Udhas, Anup Jalota, Talat Aziz, three of the most renowned artistes in the Ghazal world as well as the young Sumeet Tappoo .
the Indian diaspora. His multiple album releases, his ever growing international fan base and his successful live concerts and performances around the world is testimony to his increasing popularity. Each artist brings their own unique individual style, to create a masterpiece album and a collector’s item for both lovers of Ghazal and music all over the world. He offered his heartfelt gratitude Saregama for having him as part of this prestigious album. The legendary film star also paid tribute the three senior singers and their contribution towards music over the last three decades. - IWK Bureau

ecognized as the biggest album of 2013, DESTINY, features three legends Pankaj Udhas, Anup Jalota, Talat Aziz,three of the most renowned artistes in the Ghazal world as well as the young Sumeet Tappoo . The album was launched by none other than the superstar of Indian Cinema, Mr. Amitabh Bacachan in Mumbai. The evening commenced with welcome speeches by Saregama. Managing director Mr. Surya Mantha & Vice President Mr. Adarsh Gupta and were deeply honoured with the release of the album. Mr. Gupta delightedly spoke highly of the three legends and the new young lad following the steps. Anup Jalota, Pankaj Udhas and Talat Aziz expressed their gratitude for the album and were happy for their collaboration. All three legends paid homage with Urdu “Shayari’s” to Mr. Bachchan and offered their sincere gratitude for his presence on the night. Sumeet, the new artist spoke about his journey from Fiji to India. His passion for music and his dreams. He is fast making a name for himself in the Indian music industry. Hailing from the Fiji Islands, Sumeet lends a youthful perspective and a fresh new voice to the album so as to attract the next gen Through out

Bollywood Diary
‘Krrish 3’ breaks record, collects 228 crores in 15 days. ‘2015’ Eid booked for Salman Khan’s movie

One of the most acclaimed movie of recent times, The Lunchbox, has released in Zurich, a unique event indeed for a Hindi film. “It’s freezing over here. But Zurich is gorgeous. We’re promoting the film here for a weekend release,” lead actor Nimrat Kaur said from Zurich. The Swiss media and movie lovers are reportedly agog about this unconventional love story between two bereft souls in Mumbai who never meet. ”It’s amazing over here,” said Nimrat, adding: “After The Lunchbox releases here in Zurich this week, we are off to Berlin to promote the film there. We’ll be in Germany for a week. Then we proceed to France to promote the film in French cities for a week.”

‘Krrish-3’ starring Hritick Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut and Vivek Oberoi, has earned 2.44 crores within 15 days of its release. The superhero saga seems to be breaking all box office records. Just a couple of days after beating ‘3 idiots’ second week box office collection, now it has over taken Shahrukh Khan’s blockbuster ‘Chennai Express’ which earned 2.27 crores at the box office. The film is expected to earn move revenues in next few weeks despite the release of Sanjay Leela Bhansal’s ‘RamLeela’ on 15th November. The superhero earned 33 crores in the second week, making it the highest second week grosser ever.

Salman Khan, whose all movies released on Eid (Wanted, Bodyguard and Ek tha Tiger) earned him a lot of success and money at the box office has now planned to release his upcoming movie ‘Kick’ produced by Sajid Nadiadwala on 2014’ day of Eid. Influenced by superstition the actor seems in no mood to give away his lucky charm to any other actors. He has booked the same date for two years for his movie release. As per reports Salman is also acting in his ‘Being Human’ productions movie that is expected to release in 2015’s ‘Eid’ While rival actor Shahrukh Khan ‘ Chennai Express’ released on ‘Eid’ this ia blockbuster and smoothly entered the 200 crore club. Shahrukh now also seems desirable of releasing his movies on ‘Eid’.

The Lunchbox reaches Zurich
Irrfan Khan and Nimrat Kaur’s film might have missed the Academy but there are other achievements to celebrate for this film’s cast.

Waheeda Rehman to get 1st award celebrating 100 yrs of cinema
Information and Broadcasting Minister Manish Tewari on Sunday said a new award has been

instituted to mark 100 years of Indian cinema and the first award will be conferred to yesteryear Bollywood actress Waheeda Rehman. Rehman will be conferred the Centenary Award for the Indian Film Personality of the Year at the IFFI festival in Goa on Nov 20. “Award has been instituted to mark 100 yrs of Indian Cinema It would be an annual feature Consists of cash component of 10 lacs & a citation,” Manish Tewari tweeted. “Congratulations to Waheeda Rehman ji for being conferred the Inaugural Centenary Award for the Indian Film Personality of the Year2013,” he said. This award will be accorded the same importance as the Dadasaheb Phalke Award which honours a film personality for excellence in cinema every year. Waheeda Rehman is the recipient of the Padma Shri award in 1972 and the Padma Bhushan in 2011. She bagged the National Award for Best Actress in 1971 for ‘Reshma Aur Shera’, and Filmfare Awards for Best Actress in 1966 for ‘Guide’ and in 1968 for ‘Neel Kamal’.



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Black Grace - Outreach Rehearsals – Xmas Verses Bollywood Dance Nite
The night will feature DJ Jimmy who will make the night special by providing a superb sound system & laser lights. part proceeds will be donated to ‘St.John’s.

Where: Manukau Room, Auckland Council
31-33 Manukau Station Road, Manukau

When: 2nd December 2013 to 2nd February 2014 Where: Aotae centre, 50 Mayoral Dr.,

Muslim world forum
• No fee • Pre Registration required • Live discussion and debate on wide ranging prospective for collaboration between Muslims and non-Muslims in New Zealand. • Website: the office of ethnic affairs.

When: 7th Dec, 7.30 pm onwards Where: Grey lynn community centre, 510
Richmond road , Grey lynn

South Asian Development Festival
The South Asian Development Festival, the first ever of this kind here in Australasia, is a development festival for writers and actors of South Asian descent to create, workshop and develop new work for stage and screen produced by AGARAM Productions. To register and book your spot for the 2 day (14th & 15th Dec) Monologue writing workshop email: akulapadma@gmail.com Media Contact: Padma Akula akulapadma@gmail.com 021 069 7015

Fiji Indian Cultural Workshop
Black Grace and THE EDGE proudly present ‘Xmas Verses’, for tickets and show information visit www.ticketmaster.co.nz or www.blackgrace.co.nz. Building mainstream services understanding and responsiveness to family violence within Fiji Indian communities. The workshop programme includes: • The Journey from India to Fiji • The Journey from Fiji to New Zealand • Settlement in New Zealand • Case studies • Questions + Answers RSVP to: SAFVPN-P: 092789266/E:info@ safvpn.org.nz/manager@safvpn.org.nz for catering purposes, any dietary or access requirements

When: - Saturday, 23 November 2013, 9:15 am-2:30 pm Where: Aotae centre, 50 Mayoral Dr.,

Details: Thursday 21 November 12.30pm – 1.30pm, Auckland Art Gallery
Friday 22 November 10am -11am, Otara Music and Arts Centre 1pm - 2pm, Pah Homestead, TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre

Family violence campaign
Organised by counties Manukau Police. The campaign is to promote safety and awareness around family violence For registrations contact Gurpreet Arora, South Asian Liaison Officer Counties Manukau Mob: 021-191-0461 DDI: 09-263-2776

When: Dec 9 – Dec 15 2013. Where: TAPAC – 100 Motions road,
Western Springs Entry: Free

When: Friday 29th November, 2013. 9.00 am registration table opens 9.30am start – 1pm



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Sanjay Bansali’s new colourful leela
Rajesh Krishnamurthy


anjay Leela’s latest “Leela” Ram Leela has been quite eagerly awaited by all concerned. Astute as Sanjay L Bansali is, he chose to release his baby in between the releases of the big guns so that he doesn’t have to fight for the audience eyeballs and their pocket with the likes of an SRK or Hrithik. And by Jove! He seems to have done it. The first day collections (INR 16 crore) are of epic proportions when compared to his previous trips to the box office with Devdas ($53 crore lifetime collections, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam and Black (both with lifetime collections of 32 crores each). The thing with SLB is that he mounts his films on a large scale. Ram Leela does not fail to disappoint on this score. However he seems to be experimenting with what is virtually a new genre for Bansali, one of violence blood & gore .In Ramleela he takes the well-worn love story; call it Romeo & Juliet, Heer-Ranjha or Shirin-farhad if you will and adds “khandani dushmani” of centuries to it and voila you have a modern Ramleela that has nothing to do with the original story of “Maryada Purshottam Lord Ram”. Infact what surprises me is that the so called “moral & religious police” have not raised their voice at what might

drinks and bottles come crashing down, is quite visual treat mainly because of it’s novelty. Ranveer and Deepika make a good Jodi as the indianised Romeo-Juliet, lending beauty, brawn and vulnerability to the story at just the right moments. From a Southern belle to a Guajarati chori, Deepika has straddled the change with ease. She gives a competent performance and is quite rightly flying at the very top of the numbers stakes in Bollywood. Ranveer’s opening is almost Salman like, what with the flashing of his chiselled body and killer dance moves. He displays the brute and the softness in equal measure and does justice to his role as Ram. Ram Leela should propel him upwards in Bollywood. The songs of the film grow on you and are to be seen rather than just heard. Verdict: 3 stars from me. Even if you are not a fan of violence on screen, Ramleela is worth a watch if only to see the beauty, vibrance and color of India’s most progressive state. Surprisingly the NRI audiences worldwide seem to be lapping it all up. - Rajesh Krishnamurthy is a writer, columnist and film reviewer based in Auckland. His reviews are also available on his blog www.matineefilms.blogspot. co.nz

well be perceived to be an affront if not an insult to the crores of Indians in india and abroad that revere Lord Ram and his consort Sita. Coming back to the film the cinematography is awesome. S Ravi Verman the cinematographer uses his beautifully textured visual treatment of the story to put the “extra” that makes the end

product quite extraordinary. SLB is a good director who has a clear vision and an arresting storytelling style. In Ram Leela he demonstrates this once again. In this one, menace and passion go hand in hand,thanks to the story writing duo of Siddharth and Garima. The sequence, in which the Rajadis and Saneras, sitting across each other play with their guns as



Ruby’s Kitchen
By Ruby Dhillon

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

4- big potatoes peeled and sliced 2tbsp- cornflour to sprinkle Oil for deep frying 1-onion chopped 1tsp- garlic paste 1tsp- chilli flakes 2tsp- soy sauce 2tsp- white vinegar 2tsp- chilli paste 1tsp- sugar 2tsp- cornflour mixed with 2tsp water 11/2tsp- salt or according to taste 1tbsp-oil for cooking

Method • • • • • • • • Peel, slice and wash potatoes with cold water. Half boil the potatoes and drain them on kitchen paper. Sprinkle the 2 tbsp cornflour on the potatoes and keep them aside. Heat oil to deep fry the potatoes. Fry the potatoes until golden brown in colour. Heat oil in a pan fry onions until translucent, add garlic paste, stir, add chilli paste, stir, add chilli flakes, soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, salt and stir. Add fried potatoes to the mixture, mix well then add 2tsp cornflour mixed with 2tsp water over the potatoes (while adding cornflour to the potatoes keep stirring the potatoes). Serve hot.


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