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Subject: Two-Faced Saudis
Date: Tuesday, April 03, 2007 9:42 AM

BlankI've been calling the Saudi's two-faced for a few years now....

.......really makes one wonder, what is going on behind the [Bushshite]


...listening to reports, you will have heard, that for the first time in the IRAQ
[II] war, that the insurgents have only been successful in shooting down us
helicopters, in the past two months. Before that, the Americans/Brits have been
flying largely unscathed....That, however, has dramatically changed. Why, you
might inquire......

While I've discussed this theory via private circles, this is the first I've seen
of it in the "main" stream media.


Two-Faced Saudis

Posted 4/2/2007

War On Terror: We get the sense the Saudis grin and kiss us on both cheeks when we
walk into their palaces, then spit on the ground the moment we leave. The latest
affront is over Iraq.

It turns out our "close ally" King Abdullah, in a speech before fellow Arabs, has
condemned our presence there as "illegitimate." The harsh tone shocked U.S.
officials who were under the impression the king was cooperating with our efforts.

"In beloved Iraq, blood is shed among brothers in the shadow of an illegitimate
foreign occupation," Abdullah carped at the annual Arab summit in Riyadh.

Such a statement could have come from the lips of Saddam Hussein, who threatened
Abdullah's regime. But removing that threat next door apparently wasn't good
enough for Abdullah. He wants us infidels to remove ourselves, before the job is

The slight proves again our ally's duplicity, and our own naivete in continuing to
trust him. It's not merely an issue of semantics.

We actually thought the Saudis might have our backs in Iraq. But the reality may
be that they're working against us there � and may even be sponsoring the
insurgents killing our troops. Abdullah's remarks add weight to reports that Saudi
is funding the insurgency next door.

As we've noted, the Iraq Study Group, in a throwaway line deep in its report,
stated that "funding for the Sunni insurgency comes from private individuals
within Saudi Arabia." Separately, the Associated Press has reported that the
Saudis are "giving millions to Sunni insurgents in Iraq and much of the money is
used to buy weapons, including shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles."

Sunni fighters say they've bought stockpiles of Strela missiles

with the Saudi cash. Strelas have been blamed in a series of attacks on U.S.
helicopters in Iraq, including a CH46 Sea Knight shot down over Anbar province,
which borders Saudi Arabia.

The Saudis also are manning the insurgency, something we've been pointing out for
the past two years. Pentagon figures show the vast majority of suicide attackers
and foreign terrorists inside Iraq are Saudi citizens.

If King Abdullah shares the jihadists' view that we are infidel occupiers, it
should come as no surprise that he would give the nod to their attacks on our
troops. No less than the chief justice of Saudi Arabia's Supreme Judicial Council
has been taped exhorting young Muslims to go to Iraq to wage jihad against U.S.

Americans know precious little about the man we're depending on to help fight al-
Qaida and other Muslim terrorists in Saudi Arabia. Who is King Abdullah? For
starters, he's much more devout than his late brother, King Fahd. Last year he
ordered Saudi newspapers to stop publishing pictures of women. He's also a Jew-
hating hothead, seeing "Zionist hands" behind everything bad.

Not surprisingly, he supports Hamas and has let the terror group set up offices in
Saudi Arabia. He also has OK'd fundraisers for families of Palestinian suicide

Last week, the king called for an end to the international boycott of the new
Palestinian government. The U.S. and Israel want the boycott continued. Abdullah
also abruptly canceled an appearance at a White House dinner set this month in his

It's worth remembering that Abdullah also turned down an invitation to the White
House less than four months before the 9/11 attacks. Then, as now, he was angry
President Bush was siding too closely with Israel over the Palestinian issue.

Within a few weeks of 9/11, Abdullah cut off ties to Washington, shocking the Bush
administration. "From now on, we will protect our national interests," he told the
White House through his ambassador, "regardless of where America's interests lie
in the region."

In essence, he was warning that from that day forward Saudis would go their way,
and Americans could go to hell.

The major unanswered question of 9/11 is just what was the full extent of Saudi
Arabia's role. What did Abdullah know, and when did he know it?

After 9/11, the Saudis expressed shock over the attacks, and vowed to help us
fight the terror network they funded from its infancy. But since then, all signs
indicate the Saudi government still sponsors terror.

Sadly, the White House has continued to reward it. Abdullah asked for entry into
the WTO and got it. He asked for visas to deploy 20,000 more young Saudi men here,
and he got them, too.

State-sponsored terror substantially increases the likelihood of successful and

more lethal attacks within the U.S. How many times must we be double-crossed by
the Saudis before we wise up and play hardball?

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regards....Todd & Brenda
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