High-pressure steam generator


5E005 – Version 001 – Date 21.03.2012

e. The design of the heating surfaces and the heating surface loads can be taken from the data table. Typical areas of application Food industry. • The smaller NCB types can be transported in a standard container. especially in the edible oil industry. Advantages of the NCB • Maximum efficiency by generation of turbulence at the convection heating surfaces • No tube reduction in the tube cages so that an optimum natural circulation is ensured in all operating modes • The tube cylinders are installed without tension in a flue gas-tight boiler jacket. The NCB ensures even in the case of a failure that no impermissible contamination of the heated medium can occur.when installed according to our specifications only has to be filled with feed water once and is then ready for operation for months or years without needing to refill it.g. Two cylindrical tube cages inserted one inside the other form the heating surface. margarine and other fats. The advantage of this hermetically tight system is that the high-pressure steam generator . the heat consumers must be arranged above or with greater or less lateral offset to the NCB. Because of the natural circulation principle. The condensation then flows to the NCB by gravity as a result. The coarse and fine fittings and the safety valve are also vacuum-tight. this is not guaranteed with mineral heat medium oils.High-pressure steam generator Series: NCB – natural circulation steam boiler up to 100 bar operating pressure The NCB high-pressure steam generator is suitable for generating high temperature process heat. The tube cages are made from diaphragm walls or smooth tubes. . The steam generator is designed as a three-pass boiler. • Process and design In this system the NCB forms a hermetically tightly closed unit with the heat consumers and the connecting steam and condensation lines. production of edible oils.

2002 also according to DGRL 97/23/EC.05. Ghost etc. SQL China. The construction inspection and pressure testing of the NCB is carried out by TÜV Southern Germany and if necessary. Vincotte. selection of materials as well as manufacture and equipping of the NCB high-pressure steam generator follow the technical Guidelines for Steam Boilers (TRD).Scope of delivery and accessories The NCB natural circulation boiler is delivered complete with the following equipment and accessories: • 3-pass boiler with external heat insulation of mineral wool and aluminium sheet casing Accessories • • • • High-pressure 3-piston pump with V-belt drive in modular construction Fine and regulating fittings Switch cabinet Burner: type-approved gas. oil or two-fuel burner The accessories are installed and wired completely ready for operation if this is technically possible for the transport. additionally by expert organisations such as Stoomwezen. Technical data NCB . Manufacture The calculation. as of 30.

5 m below level 4 TASH LASL PASH PC PI Overtemperature flue gas Low water level Overpressure alarm Pressure regulator Pressure gauge Level 4 Condensation level heat exchanger . expansion 0.Flow diagram Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Boiler contents Plus 20% safety content at max.


energy and process engineering.she-group.SH+E Group ranks among the world's leading suppliers in the fields of water.com . Phone +49 7748 9200-777 info@she-group.com www. the SH+E GROUP has executed projects in more than 160 countries. Based on its global presence.

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