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Shoma Chaudharys pathetic response (in Press Conference) to Rape allegation against Tarun Tejpal The moment I confronted

Tarun about this very very angrily, he had a different version, but I demanded an apology over this. The moment I confronted Tarun about this he had a different version. It was also decided that he would step down, because even if it was consensual, it was a transgression of his role. I have only acted in victim's interest. Overrode Tarun Tejpal's version of events I confronted Tejpal very angrily when I heard. He gave a different version of events: I asked for an unconditional apology immediately. Matter resolved within three days Tarun Tejpal had digressed, as a leader had betrayed faith of all journalists After the letter was leaked, it was not possible to take any action the victim said she accepted the apology and felt no further need for vengeance But now victim has said that she's not happy, so both versions will be presented before committee The crime has happened to the girl, not to society, I answer and take care of her I am not here to defend or judge, I am here to address the issues of the girl Contrary to everything you all have said, she only wanted an institutional response Tarun Tejpal is in the country, he will speak to the committee now Why will Tarun Tejpal run away, he will address the committee. How is the editor of Tehelka stepping down an attempt to hush up events? There are other ways of dealing with things rather than the criminal prosecution route Second Round of statements by Shoma Chaudhary I feel betrayal and vitriol but on different grounds. I had asked for an unconditional apology.

I am not going to put out Tarun's version. It will be put before the committee set up. An apology was given to the journalist and the very next day the letter was set down. If it is going to the legal domain then it needs to be investigated. Media has jumped to conclusions. It hasn't bothered to cross-check. I had absolutely no knowledge of the event until three days ago. I admit and accept that Tehelka did not have a committee on the Vishaka guidelines None of this was meant to be leaked. Journalist was looking for institutional redressal. If it had not been leaked, I would have put out a statement for public consumption. The moment my colleague said she was disappointed a committee was set up. I have been going by journalist's request and it is surprising the world is jumping to conclusions The committee is being set up on Vishaka guidelines. Why should I leave an institution if someone else is accused of sexual assault A conclusion has to come from the committee. Am a little surprised you find this inadequate. If I had been given time to choose my responses I would have chosen my words more carefully. I have not been able to address the crazy media propaganda that is going on. I was devastated. You listen to what I am saying. To seek justice doesn't always have to come from a punitive or legal way, the journalist wanted an institutional response. Rajdeep are you a journalist?... I am asking you not to speculate on this. Whatever is the necessary action... Every mechanism that is in place will take its course. am unequivocal about that. The NCW has approached me and I will speak to them. Criminal action is the journalist's prerogative.

Now that my actions have disappointed journalist, a committee has been set up. I don't feel I owe a responsibility to the public at large but to the journalist. I was devastated by the journalist's account I don't think this involves Tehelka in any way. It involves him in an individual capacity. On Nov 25 the Aarushi Talwar judgement is out. The media has done so much harm to the Talwars I hope as a nation and as journalists we are committed to factuality. Maybe I should speak in Spanish to make things clearer... To my understanding I was trying to do right. I am not here to judge the event before it is investigated. Now that it is in the public domain the other version needs to be heard. There is another version that I have overriden. A committee will look into it and come to their own conclusions. I didn't even cross check her versions until I had a unconditional apology from Tarun. Once the committee comes to its conclusion it will take its course